21 Book of Mormon Valentine Memes for Your Special Someone


Sick of the cliché slew of Valentine’s Day cards? Third Hour has got you covered! From your favorite Book of Mormon heroes (and villains), here are our top 15 Valentine memes, plus a few more from our creative readers. Enjoy!

1. Nephi

1 Nephi 1:1

2. Lehi

1 Nephi 8

3. Laman and Lemuel

1 Nephi 16

4. The Liahona

1 Nephi 16:28

5. King Noah

Mosiah 19

6. Alma the Younger

Mosiah 27

7. Ammon

Alma 17

8. Wife of King Lamoni

Alma 19:5

9. Captain Moroni

Alma 46

10. Teancum

Alma 62

11. Gadianton

Helaman 6

12. Samuel

Helaman 13

13. Brother of Jared

Ether 2:17

14. Akish

Ether 8-9

15. Shiz

Ether 15: 28-31

Reader Submissions

16. Abinadi

17. Ammon

18. Anti-Nephi-Lehis

19. Brother of Jared

20. Daughters of Ishmael

21. Stripling Warriors

Have you thought of any other clever Book of Mormon Valentine memes? Share in the comments below! And make sure to download a free printable of our Valentines Memes here to share with your special someone.


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