24 Hilarious Scripture Memes That You Need in Your Life ASAP

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1. When you know you need to keep paddlin’, but you got tiny arms ?

2. TBH, Ether probably wished he could zoom away from that situation like Thomas

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3. Trying v. hard to recall when Mormon made a Simpsons cameo??? Looks so real

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4. Over, it is not

5. BRB we busy making “BFF” bracelets

6. ((internally screaming))

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7. NOT COOL, Dad!!!!

8. King Noah’s spitting image… I’m SHOOK ?


9. Old Testament Refresher Course 250

10. The best pick-up line

11. Are Tom and Teancum actually the same person??? Asking for a friend

12. L8r g8rs ✌️

13. When people say you’ll find yourself in the scriptures…

14. The best Sunday of the year

15. Three words: Calm down, y’all

16. Literally CANNOT argue with this logic

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17. Dustin/Nephi always spoutin’ out wisdom

18. The prophecy is fulfilled

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19. I understand Joseph on a whole new level

20. Not interested, but thx 🙂

21. I’m just following Paul’s admonition!!

22. Get some new material, L&L

23. *Checks watch for 2890381st time*

24. Cause you KNOW Nephi coulda laid down some sick burns


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