23 Best New #MormonProbs Tweets

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The #MormonProbs hashtag allows Twitter-ites to share their amusing anecdotes about what life is like as a member of the Church. Over the last six months the conversation has continued to produce some of the most belly-laugh-worthy entries in LDS comedy.

1) Stalling with Hymns

2) Visiting Teaching Ninjas

3) The Letter of the Law

4) A “Frickin” Success Story

5) Did you Hear , , , Are Engaged?

6) The Baby was Feeling It

7) The Clock Watchers

8) In the World but Not of the WOrld

9) Every Member a Dream Missionary

10) #MormonProbs at a Pronoun Level

Tweets with replies by Camiflage (@camik1989) | Twitter

11) Thematically Conjoined

12) 9 am Naps Don’t Work

13) #Multitasking

14) Grape or Cherry

15) The Struggle is Real

16) Spires, Spires Everywhere

Tweets with replies by Maria-Jose Serafin♡ (@OhhMariaaaa) | Twitter

17) Those Pics Have to Go Somewhere

Tweets with replies by Natalie Packard (@natpac8) | Twitter

18) Return to the Family Ward

19) He Lives on Drury Lane

20) Whose Son?

21) Airline Required Tank Top

Tweets with replies by This is Me (@mama_grits) | Twitter

22) Cap Sleeve Toga

23) Robert’s Rules of Order at Sacrament?

What #MormonProbs do you have? Let us know in the comments!

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