Mormon Funeral Potatoes get National Recognition

A plate with funeral potatoes, peas and grilled chicken is shown with the potatoes in focus and the rest blurred in the background.
photo cred: recently published an article hailing the delicious dish of Mormon funeral potatoes, which are common to Utah, Mormons, and the Intermountain West.

In their article, the author admits that while the name “funeral potatoes” sounds morbid and creepy, she finds them to be one of the world’s greatest food creations: “If you’ve ever encountered Mormon funeral potatoes, you can attest that the salty, crispy, cheesy casserole is one of the most oddly satisfying creations that exists in America—nay, the world.”

She explains how her husband is originally from Salt Lake City and goes on to detail how the dish is commonly served at funerals and/or family gatherings.

While this may not come as a surprise to those of us who regularly engage in serving and eating this delicious dish, appears to be astounded by just how hash browns, cheese, loads of sour cream, and crushed corn flakes could be such a mouth-watering sensation.

The article then delivers a list of four restaurants you could go to in order to eat these delicious potatoes with a creative spin on them.

One of these locations, Hoof and Vine, explains why they love having this dish listed on their menus,

The decision to add funeral potatoes to our menu was a no-brainer for us …. it’s a dish that people who visit our restaurant already know and love, or it creates a fun conversation at the table (usually from out-of-town guests) …. When you think steak, you think potatoes, and we wanted to stray away from the traditional steak house baked potato and give our guests something a little more fun and inherently Utahan.

To us Utahns, the thought of going to a restaurant to get funeral potatoes might sound silly, but I guess those who can’t do (or have the spare time), buy. Either way, here’s one of my favorite recipes for funeral potatoes if you have yet to try them, and here’s the link if you would like to read more from FoodandWines’ article.

Also, just in time for Thanksgiving, The Wall Street Journal has even taken notice of our famous funeral potatoes. They may be a little late to the party, but more exposure to this delicious dish will only result in happier tummies across the country. Sounds good to me!

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