Try Something New!


My mom came to visit the summer following my move to Boston. After touring the city during the week, we spent a Saturday driving up the coast to Maine stopping for lobster and lighthouses. The most memorable stop on our drive was at Nubble Light, a classic, picture-perfect lighthouse just off the rocky shoreline.

You might think the stop was memorable because of the scenery. While I highly recommend it on your drive up the New England coast, my mom and I remember this spot because we painted it. It had been years since I last painted, and, frankly, I was never good at it. Neither of us had painted a scenery before, so why not try it?

“Try it” and you may open up a lifetime of joy and rewarding accomplishment. – Elder Richard G Scott

We had tremendous fun creating nothing less than a toddler’s masterpiece! It has now become something fun we can do together, regardless of how poorly we use watercolors. Outside of painting for fun with your mom, I will admit that trying new things is a challenge.

I have quit karate and avoided dance lessons due to the frustrations of being a beginner. How do you get over the feeling of being a novice to unfold a “lifetime of joy and rewarding accomplishment”? Every semester and year we have new classes, callings, and opportunities to try new things. It is up to us to embrace what attracts us and to remain persistent. There are many reasons for keeping our eyes open to new things, but my favorite reason is taught by Elder Scott:

“Enjoy the process of discovery, not just the end result of your efforts. As you experiment with new things you will discover a great deal about yourself that likely won’t be revealed any other way.”

Success is not about the number of friends on Facebook or likes on Instagram. It is about discovering yourself, living your values, and helping others do the same. Trying new things is the paint for your self-portrait. Some colors are used more than others, but they are all a part of the finished product.

So, let’s try it!

Rhea Maynes is the Blossom Team's teacher of success principles. She is a lover of style and science. Rhea graduated from BYU in 2013 at age 20, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Psychology, with plans to join the medical field. After choosing another career path, she began pursuing finance and now works for Goldman Sachs in Investment Management. With a continued love for science, Rhea volunteers at science fairs and as a Sterlings Scholar Semi-Finalist judge. In her spare time, she travels with her husband, studies basic photography, models, practices yoga, and reads. Rhea also enjoys styling, exploring world cultures, and teaching. Rhea has found the greatest happiness in life through living the gospel of Jesus Christ and sharing Christ’s love with those around her.