Understanding This One Thing About the Temple


David O. McKay once said that if everyone knew this ONE thing about the temple it would be the biggest spiritual motivator of all. What was this one thing he was referring to?


The Latter-day Saints prophet David O. McKay once taught that if people understood this one thing about the temple, it would be the greatest spiritual motivation of their lives. . He said that there are few people, even temple workers, who understand the full meaning and power of the endowment. But if they did, it would make all the difference. . There’s a reason that ancient temples were either built on mountains or built to BE a mountain. It’s the same reason we refer to the temples in our day as the Mountain of the Lord. . President McKay taught that “Seen for what it is, it (the endowment) is the step-by-step ascent into the eternal presence.” . The temple is our tutorial for returning to the presence of God in heaven by spiritually ascending step by step through a process of making covenants and becoming more holy. . The oldest temples were built to mimic this process, by stepping up from room to room. In the Salt Lake Temple, it’s first the creation room, then step up to the garden of Eden room, then go upstairs to the world room, then step up to the terrestrial room, and finally enter into the symbolic presence of God in the Celestial Room. . In a lot of temples today, we no longer ascend from room to room but we still try to represent this upwards progression symbolically using other visual elements. . Knowing that God wants me to become like him and ascend into His presence to dwell forever helps me understand why he gives me certain commandments and gives me the motivation to persevere through life’s challenges. . #lds #prolds #churchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints #ldstemples #mormontemples #ldsendowment

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