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  1. Thanks for the input, guys. Yep, he's younger. I haven't been single very long...I ended a long relationship with a nonmember guy a little while back. But at 27 I feel positively ancient in my ward, which is very small and very young. There are a few guys my age who are my friends but I don't see anything more. It seems really, really hard and improbable to find an LDS guy who I like, who likes me, who is single and in his late 20's. It feels like a horrible lottery. So then this guy rolls around -- worthy priesthood holder, genuine, personable, someone I feel spiritually in tune with and get along with....and it's the most awkward and unlikely set of circumstances ever. Seems so not fair. And makes me feel like such a doomed weirdo.

    Anyways. I won't make this a full-length confessional. Thanks :huh:

  2. I am a sister in a Young Single Adult ward and I am trying to cope with having a crush on one of our full-time missionaries. I work closely with the missionaries and the ward mission leader so I'm around them a lot, and BAM, it's hitting me. There is no way I would ever tell him or anyone in the ward while he's serving, or even hint at it -- totally out of line. But it's a constant struggle for me to keep from being overly friendly or betraying myself.

    What bothers me even more is that he's going home (several states away) in a few weeks, and it breaks my heart to think of never seeing him again. So I friended him on Facebook (his full name is right on the front of his notebook, ok!) with a little message saying hi, knowing he wouldn't see it until after his mission. Now I'm worried that that was the wrong thing to do, although I can't very well take it back.

    So I don't know what my actual question is.... I don't know how to even TRY to see if something could progress after his mission. No clue how to broach that topic. Advice needed. Thanks guys.