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  2. Roses

    Unhappily Married an emotional financial mess

    Ok..I would be a horrible person to leave him and I would be miserable if i my options are very desirable😔 Thanks for trying,I obviously don't want to leave him,atleast that's not my first choice,My kids adore him..and I don't know how to be single anymore,we have been together for 10years.
  3. MarginOfError

    Unhappily Married an emotional financial mess

    I'm sorry. I didn't realize you weren't in the U.S. (most participant here are). If you don't have access to mental health care, I don't really know what to tell you. Living with treated mental illness is hard. Living with untreated mental illness is ridiculously hard. In what I've witnessed in life, those who have chosen to stay married to someone with untreated mental illness are miserable. Those how have chosen to divorce someone with untreated mental illness are a few degrees less miserable. Those who remain married to someone with treated mental illness have the best chance at not being miserable (though they sometimes still are if there are other problems).
  4. Why is it problematic, perverse, and infantile that I find armpit hair unappealing?
  5. Roses

    Unhappily Married an emotional financial mess

    Marginoferror I completely agree with you,I know that your right about me and I am trying to figure out whats wrong with him,and what if he is mentally I'll?does depression really do that?long term?I mean has he ever been well?and if not how do I know it can be fixed?also we are both unemployed and none of us are on medical aid,and we live in a country were public health service only caters for 'real emergencies'. .even when we had jobs ,medical costs here are very I would appreciate any DIY remedies...and what if he is I'll?and do i leave? I don't know guys. I am mainly here because I need someone to talk to I guess.
  6. MarginOfError

    Unhappily Married an emotional financial mess

    The cold hard reality that you are facing is some mixture of the two following possibilities 1. Your husband is severely mentally ill 2. Your husband is an idiot. This does not exclude the possibilities of your own short comings with communication or insecurities in relationships, etc. But as far as your husband's behavior goes, my armchair psychology would peg those two issues. And I lean heavily toward the first. The things you describe about your husband sound like depression. He needs treatment. He needs therapy. The first thing I would recommend is a serious discussion with him about whether he is willing to pursue mental health treatment. Mental health treatment should be a condition of your willingness to continue the marriage. I'm serious about that. If he is diagnosed with depression and prescribed medication, consistent use of his medication should be a condition of your marriage. Based on what you've described, you should have yourself checked out too. Your struggles may be created by the stress and frustration of your marriage, or you may have something deeper going on. But it sounds like you need help, too. It sounds like your income is pretty low. Medicaid should be able to cover mental health care (it's a requirement under the ACA). Don't make a decision about the future of your marriage until both of you have had your mental health evaluated. Those are crucial elements to evaluating how you can make the marriage work. One caveat: if at any time there is threat of violence, or ideation of violence, either he must go stay somewhere else, or you must leave. That's usually pretty extreme, but it isn't the kind of thing you wait around for.
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  8. Ding, ding. The two varying pictures were to allow individual readers to judge, for themselves, if one type of hair was considered 'ugly' or not. Whether: 1. an individual has armpit hair or not 2. an individual has a mustache or not 3. an individual feels their skin is too dark or not dark enough (bleaching vs. tanning) 4. an individual feels their face is too symmetrical or not symmetrical enough 5. etc. 6. etc. Their is someone out their will see them as beautiful (see below), so please don't give up hope.
  9. Midwest LDS

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Agreed, they really were rushing into disaster. This movie was the first one to show that well, especially how Admiral Nagumo, despite being a skilled sailor, was out of his depth being in command of a carrier fleet. We got pretty lucky too when our dive bombers followed a destroyer out hunting a sub back to the fleet. Not to mention those poor torpedo bombers, God rest their brave souls, who made it possible for our dive bombers to succeed by drawing all of the fighters down after them. I was really happy the movie showed their heroic sacrifice made sure they weren't forgotten. By the way what was the name of the book you mentioned? I'd be interested in reading it.
  10. Jamie123

    Impeach This...

    ~~Trump and Anatess sitting in a tree! K.I.S.....*OOOF* Ugh Anatess! You didn't have to hit me *THAT* hard!!
  11. Ironhold

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    I have a book written by one of the Japanese naval officers who was at the battle; it's based on an early draft of his official report, and was translated & annotated by the US Navy. If anything, the film understates how badly unprepared the Japanese were for Midway. The Japanese military leaders figured that Midway would be an easy victory, and so they completely ignored anything and everything that could even hint at failure because they felt it to be unrealistic. Couple this with their poor intelligence (not only did they not realize the US had done a rush job of getting a damaged carrier operational, they hit the same carrier twice during the battle without even realizing it and presumed it sank both times), and you can see why they were so vulnerable to utter destruction.
  12. Gotta tell you, this is an indictment of our own perverse, infantilizing culture, and an example of where the feminists actually have a good point. A partially dressed woman in a seductive pose is universally recognized and is not really Godly...but the fact that she has armpit hair? News flash: In most races of human beings, adult women have axillary hair. If we find that weird or disgusting, that's a problem with us, not with women's hairy armpits.
  13. Beards & Mustaches: A favorite... ...globally speaking...
  14. Sorry my bad, wrong pic... here you go.
  15. Hair: Everyone's gonna love it
  16. MormonGator

    Is it really coming to this?

    Someone as right wing as you thinks that the John Birch society is as liberal as the ACLU. 😝
  17. prisonchaplain

    Not believing in the traditional Christ

    Again, this is a fair point. In the past some LDS apologist have accepted the henotheist label. Stephen Robinson comes to mind. Others have resisted it. I mentioned previously that one poster accepted the polytheist label. I can see that none quite fits the LDS Godhead teaching--especially when joined with belief in exaltation. Then again, that's what you get for having modern prophets and believing a restored gospel. 🤷‍♀️
  18. Mores

    Is there truth to Calvinism?

    The Lord put us on this earth for us to "act for ourselves" and not "to be acted upon." How many times have you said,"That person MAKES me so angry." ? Think about it. One can have the perspective that "I have a certain emotional makeup. And given a mixure of my emotional makeup and certain aggravating circumstances, the natural result is to become angry." This seems perfectly reasonable doesn't it? Yet, growing up, I was always told that "No one MAKES you angry. You always choose to be angry." As I child, it was wisdom I simply didn't understand or accept. But as I've grown older and wiser, the more I've grown to understand how profoundly ponderous this principle is. This is a lesson I try pass onto my children. And they likewise find it a difficult concept to accept. Yet, the older ones are coming to understand and accept it. Here is what I did not understand as a child: There is something within us that allows for choice, no matter what. But very often we simply don't exercise that power within us. Without activating that power, you're absolutely right, we have no choice. We may as well be a conglomeration of chemical reactions that will act like one domino following another. No thought. No choice. Simply a mechanical reaction following physical laws like any other machine, animal, or even inanimate object. And as long as we remain in that state, we are predestined. God has already set it in motion in a very deistic mechanism. But for those who can find it within themselves to invoke that power of choice, we find a tremendous freedom. And the more powerful the forces that would drive the more "reactionary" responses from us, the more freedom we experience when we simply choose otherwise. That is the power of choice. That is the spark of the divine within each of us. That is the part that must be allowed to grow and develop. That is what the Pearl of Great Price describes as "Intelligence". There have been some sins I've been struggling with all my life. But there is one in particular that I have recently made tremendous strides in overcoming. I had to really ponder what I had been doing differently. Had I prayed more earnestly? Had I been filling my days anxiously pursuing a good cause? Had I received a greater portion of the Spirit the past while? The simple answer that I'm sure you simply will not accept is this: I simply chose not to sin. I have always had a choice my whole life. But I always chose to give in. Recently, I've simply chosen not to. That's all. Nothing else changed. It is a startling realization of something so simple and straight forward that I find myself unable to believe it is really this simple. But it is so.
  19. That was PERFECT!!! That is what I was trying to say earlier when I quoted the "to us there is but one god." Thing and how all these others don't matter. I was just not articulating it properly. You have a beautiful mind. Thank you. Well, I think the idea behind this thread is that since we don't easily fit into any particular category, we have to tailor the existing definitions somewhat. And if we could create a new word to describe our belief, it would have this as the definition. So, let it be the word "Godhead" and have that definition combined with the First Article of Faith. I don't think many Saints would balk at that. And someone like you, outside the faith, but has some idea about our beliefs would agree that this definition describes our beliefs a WHOLE lot better than these other words.
  20. Vort

    The signs of Christ's birth

    Most appropriate.
  21. Vort

    Is it really coming to this?

    Of course those are moderate stances. Only the perversion of the term "moderate" prevents them from being widely recognized as such.
  22. Thank you. I appreciate that. Good. I think that despite any labels, we have to understand that we desire the belief to define us. We don't use labels to define our belief. This wasn't, and still is not, clear from other statements you've made. This may sound like splitting hairs. But it isn't. It is very important to acknowledge the monotheistic elements of our worship and relationship with God because it is so integral to our belief system. Your take here says, "Yes, we're not completely henotheistic. But we're DEFINITELY not monotheistic." You can correct me if I misinterpreted you. But you have repeatedly carried this motif throughout the thread. While some "definitional" elements of polytheism exist in our beliefs (remember, henotheism is just a subcategory of polytheism) the part that gives us inspiration and strength and a relationship with God is the monotheistic theme of our faith. To me, these elements are much more important to our spiritual development and our relationship with God than the legalistic shoe-horning of the label "henotheist" to our faith. Well, let me beat a dead horse. You do realize that henotheistic is just a sub category of polytheistic, right? And you do realize that such a label has nothing to do with our worship or faith, right? Finally, we agree. Thank you.
  23. Sunday21

    Essential Oils, Do they work?

    The book! The book!
  24. MormonGator

    Lakers continued

    @Dr T you may not see this till later but I'm watching the Magic-Lakers game from my couch right now. You guys look great. You are the team to beat this year, no doubt.
  25. Mores

    Progression between kingdoms?

    Uhmmm... just how many degrees removed does it have to be before you would excuse us for dismissing it as hearsay?
  26. MormonGator

    Is it really coming to this?

    Perfectly said. One of my closest friends basically has the same views as you and @Vort (not an insult, statement of fact). Him and I were talking about this a few days ago. Trumpers view him as a "moderate" just because he has manners. He's pro life, anti-gay marriage, pro gun, and like I said, very conservative. Only a lunatic would call him a moderate. Well, a lunatic and a Trumper.
  27. Mores

    The signs of Christ's birth

    Let me tell you a story. *Please note, if anyone knows the original source of this story, I'd really appreciate it. I heard it in primary as a child many years ago. And I also apologize for any errors from having heard it so many years ago.* A woman (foggy memory --- I believe she lived in England) worked in the afternoon and into the evening. She rode a bicycle to and from work. In the evening she depended on lights from people's homes to light her way home. Sometimes there were few of those lights and she depended on the moon. This was, however, during WWII. During nights where there were dangers of bombing raids, they disallowed all lights. People had blackout curtains in those days. And she had to depend on moonlight. As it happened one night, she was riding home when they announced a blackout night. She happened to get off work a bit on the later side than usual. And, wouldn't you know it, it happened to be a night of a new moon. She literally had no light by which to guide her home. She was truly afraid that she would go off into a ditch and die a lonely death. She closed her eyes (it didn't really make a difference) and prayed for safe passage home. Within a few seconds, she saw the glow headlights of some vehicle coming towards her, shining from behind the crest of the hill in front of her. Not everyone had a car in those days. So, it would be conceivable that it was a government vehicle or something. And she hoped it was a police car who could help her home. It was enough light to see the silhouette of the road and nearby obstacles. It was somewhat far. So, she calculated that it would pass her and she would be left alone in the dark. She decided to try to hail it down so that the driver might guide her home. She continued pedaling toward the vehicle, wondering who it was. It only took a minute or so before she realized that it wasn't getting any closer. It seemed to stay just beyond her clear vision. And as soon as she got home, the light vanished. What was the source of the light? What is the source of all light?
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