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  1. It is not uncommon for me to pray for people I see on the bus or the side of the road, whose names I never get, and who I will likely never see again. Does this make them my real friends? What about the guy who I intended to try to get to know on more than a superficial level, but my shyness kept getting the better of me until he got a new job and I haven't seen him since, though I did pray for his success at said new job?
  2. SilentOne

    Third Hour forum get together

    It should be doable for me if in Salt Lake. Utah County could be tricky.
  3. SilentOne


    So the idea is that anything created at a time when slavery was accepted is automatically offensive? I guess we have some historical landmarks to demolish.
  4. I tried just letting this be, but my desire for accuracy has me almost twitching. Article of Faith 11: Also, in the probably vain hope that somebody who can edit articles will see this, it would be nice if "world of wisdom" in the last paragraph could be changed to "word of wisdom".
  5. SilentOne

    Benefits of Cuddling

    You had me considering it for a minute or so. Then I remembered I don't even like briefly hugging people I'm not very close to.
  6. This was a source of frustration for me for many years. Then I started drinking the regular sodas and taking extra insulin, though I will still frequently choose Fresca over the other stuff when given the chance.
  7. There is a link in the actual article that does, in fact, lead to a site selling realistic-looking dolls.
  8. The right arm, for most of us.
  9. From the press release: I'd have to get those top 10 reasons before entering, and they'd have to be very good ones. Because what I see is that he is leading with his millionaire status, which implies he thinks his money is his most important attribute and/or he thinks that is what I as a woman find most important. If #1, we would not get along. And #2 is insulting. Or maybe he just wants a woman who values his millionaire status, in which case I'm not the one for him. I hope, and sort of think, that is not an accurate impression, but it's strong enough that I would never even consider applying (or whatever the correct term is for this situation). Plus the whole responding to a personal ad on a billboard feels unsafe to me, though I can't figure out exactly why that would be worse than personals columns (do those still exist?) or online dating.
  10. SilentOne

    Doesn't sit well with me

    And then said pastor (or whatever religious figure he is) can be roasted for his geographic illiteracy instead! Edited to add: Just messing around. I have high regards for @MormonGator.
  11. SilentOne

    People of the Covenant - Ask a Jew

    It actually isn't in the current hymn book, but is a popular suggestion to be brought back in the next one.
  12. SilentOne

    Power of Love

    Well, this post wasn't quite what I expected.
  13. The link is working for me now. Interesting.