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  1. The Book of Lehi will be read for anybody watching or listening live. A pre-recorded choir hymn will be subbed in for streaming after the fact. How many printed pages would those 116 lost ones translate to? Thinking it over, one hymn might not fill up enough time.
  2. SilentOne

    My son is opening his mission call tomorrow.

    Little Rock, Arkansas or Tacloban Mission
  3. SilentOne

    Church opposes anti conversion therapy bill

    As written, doesn't it just mean we love our kids who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans, all together?
  4. I recognized the poem immediately, but don't find the tune familiar at all. But then, I'm not your age or older.
  5. SilentOne

    New Temple Predictions

    Very close for one with Taylorsville, and right on with PNG. My family has been doing some serious speculation about exactly where the Taylorsville temple will be. Edited to add that our frontrunner is around Bangerter and 6200 South.
  6. SilentOne

    ThirdHour makes a video, apparently.

    I thought they were talking about the Spirit then.
  7. SilentOne

    What's the last book you read?

    It was long enough ago that I don't remember my feelings too well, but I think it was pretty good but spoiled a bit for me from spoilers and overly high expectations.
  8. SilentOne


    Judging from the title, the picture, and what I've read on Dan Peterson's blog, I'd say filming for a video about the witnesses of the Book of Mormon.
  9. SilentOne

    Canadian election

    When did that end?
  10. SilentOne

    Secular Society

    That village has one of, if not the, top murder rates.
  11. SilentOne

    Secular Society

    Midsomer Murders? My family has a bit of a running joke about why anybody would live in many TV settings given their murder rate. And for some long-running shows, we wonder how the town/village/whatever still exists, given how many people have already died in the originally small community. We place Midsomer mid to low in the murder rate rankings because they have a whole county, as opposed to other shows set in one particular town. But it definitely works out higher than shows set in Miami or the greater DC area.
  12. SilentOne

    Perished if they had remained

    I thought it was the two younger (Sam and Nephi) who had Egyptian names.
  13. SilentOne

    Third Hour forum get together

    Better count me out for this one. 😞
  14. @MormonGator How many of your current wives did you meet through dating sites?