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  1. SilentOne

    The trinity = the family

    One reason for believing that our Heavenly Mother is not the Holy Ghost is that logically, I figure she must be a resurrected, embodied person, while we are told that the Holy Ghost currently does not have a physical body.
  2. SilentOne

    Exciting news about CNN!
  3. SilentOne

    Fasting - some questions

    As a diabetic who used to not be able to fast, your plan sounds about like what I've been doing since starting using Lantus around 2003: fast completely if I can; use a not-particularly-enticing something to raise my blood sugar when I must. I never have told someone I was fasting for them, but see no reason why you couldn't.
  4. SilentOne

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Little Women. And since apparently we are reviewing movies by talking about the previews for other shows now, I will say that the previews for Mulan and Just Mercy got me interested in seeing the actual movies. All the rest seemed fine.
  5. SilentOne

    The spirit as "telepathy"...

    Yes. This is the case.
  6. SilentOne

    Christmas Music

  7. SilentOne

    Christmas Music

    That's what I heard. 4
  8. I can accept my portion through check or PayPal. Feel free to round to the nearest thousand.
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    Christmas Music

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    Christmas Music

  11. SilentOne

    Christmas Music

  12. I'd be very interested in knowing how Vermont had more people in prison than lived in the state and still managed to have one of the lowest incarceration rates.
  13. SilentOne

    Christmas Music

  14. SilentOne

    Christmas Music