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  1. SilentOne

    More Changes to Come in 2019

    You could read through our conference prediction threads for unimplemented so far speculation.
  2. SilentOne

    Merry Christmas + a question

    We do presents after a big breakfast and had no children present this year.
  3. SilentOne

    Merry Christmas + a question

    Browsing with half my attention while waiting for everybody to gather for the opening of gifts. What are you doing here?
  4. SilentOne

    Christmas Music

    These ones are particularly appropriate for tonight. I meant to get them up a bit earlier, but my computer was feeling uncooperative this afternoon. Sorry.
  5. SilentOne

    Christmas Music

    I'm indecisive tonight, so I'm posting three.
  6. SilentOne

    Christmas Music

  7. SilentOne

    Forgiveness Begets Repentance

    Grunt had a few questions I think could use a little more engagement here. So I'm going to start engaging with them. My first thoughts, not very deeply thought through because I'm planning to get to bed soon, say that an important element of forgiveness is letting go of your negative feelings regarding whatever was done to you and wishing the perpetrator well. If you have reason to suspect they will hurt you again, you remember and act accordingly. That doesn't mean you haven't forgiven them; it just means you're acting wisely. If you find yourself daydreaming about the day when they suffer for all the pain they've caused you, then I'd say you really haven't forgiven them. For something big like infidelity, I don't think you'd ever get back to the exact same place. Your relationship can eventually get as good as or better than it was, but not in the same way. This is based on what I've heard from people who know more than I do.
  8. SilentOne

    Christmas Music

    While listening to my Christmas music on shuffle tonight these two songs from The Forgotten Carols really struck me, and I felt the need to share them here tonight.
  9. SilentOne

    Christmas Music

  10. SilentOne

    Samuel and Nephi

    I wonder if the mere presence of Samuel as another witness was a major impact in anybody's decision to be baptized. I don't remember that story.
  11. I didn't answer before because but since you also said I guess I can tell you that if you want women to find you unattractive, get an obviously extremely unhealthy physique going. The easiest way to do this would be to eat constantly and exercise as little as possible. Find a motorized way to get around the house/apartment, even. You could also go for the disturbingly underweight or 1% body fat bodybuilder looks, but those seem harder to achieve. Avoid bathing and brushing your hair and teeth. Talk over people at every opportunity. Brag about everything you do well and blame somebody else for all your mistakes. Always speak to women as though you doubt they have more than a sixth-grade education, if that, and never look at their face during conversation. If you ever hear them make a good suggestion you can't ignore, talk about it as though it was originally your idea. If you follow these suggestions, you should repel most women.
  12. SilentOne

    Christmas Music

  13. SilentOne

    Samuel and Nephi

    I read the end of Helaman a few days ago and what stood out to me this time was Mortal reasoning might say, "Nephi's got that place covered. He's showing signs and working miracles, and I doubt anything I say will convince anybody he can't. I'll go somewhere else." But apparently, Samuel could reach people who Nephi didn't.
  14. SilentOne

    Christmas Cards

    What does your family do for Christmas cards? Photo cards? Year highlight letters? And if you send the type that opens, what do you write inside? My mother still writes up a summary of what everybody's been up to all year, so I get included in that. I don't write one of my own but usually send out some of the folded kind. I've traditionally written a personal message to each person I send to and right now am taking a break from figuring out what to say.
  15. SilentOne

    Christmas Music