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  1. You have succeeded in making me ponder deeply (well, more deeply than I ever have before) whether any of our regular posters is actually named Peter.
  2. SilentOne

    Life and lifestyle stuff

    I would hope you have a wall around your house. Otherwise, you might do better to call it a pavilion.
  3. SilentOne

    A Realization I had During Ramadan Last Night

    Those aren't the options. The options are between Christ's rules for people living in the 1st century and his rules for people living now.
  4. What about wives 2-14?
  5. SilentOne

    The Justice League Movie

    Applicable Studio C videos must be posted. I'm sure that's in the forum rules somewhere.
  6. SilentOne

    How Modern Anti-Racism Hurts Black People

    A few years ago I read an article that included a question something like, "Have any of these things happened to you?" or "How many of these things have happened to you?", followed by a big long list of stuff that had happened to the black author or their friends/relatives (I don't remember exactly what the article said about that). The clear implication was that white people would have experienced few if any. There were about three that hadn't happened to me. I can definitely believe that those things happen more to black people, but what I thought the article really demonstrated was that while yes, I have never experienced life as a black woman (or man), the average black person has never experienced life as a white person.
  7. SilentOne

    The LGBT stumbling block.

    Obligatory Studio C post
  8. SilentOne

    DNA testing

    Do you have a preference as to whether your fees are paid in a lot of off-brand root beer or less of the artisanal stuff? Just in case I am ever in need of your services.
  9. SilentOne

    Errors that made you chuckle?

    @KScience What did you end up doing with them?
  10. SilentOne

    Remember This Today

  11. SilentOne

    Remember This Today

    Purposes and effects of Christ's atonement
  12. SilentOne

    Remember This Today

  13. SilentOne

    Remember This Today

  14. SilentOne

    Remember This Today

    Following the suggestion to focus on Christ's teachings today:
  15. SilentOne

    Want some Mores?

    I haven't had anything yet. So how can I have some Mores of nothing?