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  1. I still have worries about Covid-19 as well as other diseases that float around the classrooms and lecture halls. I seem to be doing well right now, which is fortunate. The virus seems to have affected my generation more than some younger ones and so I know several that died from the disease, especially at it's height. None of those who took it seriously, got vaccinated and masked up died that I know of from my personal acquaintances. There were those who were unvaccinated (even some who got Covid once, the second time got them) that passed away unfortunately. The BIGGEST problem probably was the PPP and the forgiveness of it. The amount of money given to people has probably been spent far long ago already, but that PPP...places got millions of dollars (and seeing how some of it was spent, it's on stuff that would directly affect inflation...people buying houses, cars, and other things with that PPP...AND THEN THEY FORGAVE most of it!!!). I find it ironic how many of those PPP welfare businessmen then turn around and complain about College Loan forgiveness. Hypocritical in the highest order there.
  2. If someone is wearing thick clothes (like a really thick winter coat in Utah because it's really cold there) or really high on some drugs Tasers may have minimal effect. People are killed by police with weapons in other nations as well, just not at the numbers that Americans are killed by their police forces. The problem in the US that most see with the Police forces in the United States is that the police "APPEAR" to be more trigger happy then most other first world countries. You have to go to the third world (and in many instances, really bad places in the 3rd world) to find similar statistics of police violence and deaths caused by the police. The questions that people pose is WHY are you so much more likely to die from the police in the United States than any other civilized first world nation by an order of magnitude? Many theories have been floated. Most float around the idea that the requirements to be a police officer are so much lower in the United States than anywhere else. Instead of wanting to have the highest IQ's, some departments actually limit how smart someone might be and refuse to higher those who seem extremely smart. The training in general seems to be a lower standard in regards to de-escalation and relying on your ability to communicate rather than use a weapon. Another is that some nations require a minimum of a four year degree or better just to be a police officer on top of a year or two of training whereas in the US the requirements are far lower. In many departments in the US it is a matter of a 3 to 4 month training course with no other education beyond a High School degree in comparison. Some feel it is a matter of police being too scared and focusing on protecting police officers at the expense of protecting the public. There are a whole bunch of theories, but no one really knows for certain. It could be none of those, or all of those. What it seems to be apparent though is that the United States has a policing problem unique in the First World. Their police kill a significant number of people. Far more than other First world nations by percentage wise. The question is WHY this is occurring and HOW to change this. One problem that DOES seem obvious is that many police departments have no interest in trying to change the status quo. They are happy with the status quo that American Policemen are a bigger threat to their own citizens than most other first world nations police forces. Before change can happen, those who must affect the change must decide that change is needed. Only when they decide to change something for the better and then try to figure out the best way to do it can change actually occur. There are probably some departments out there that are trying to instigate change, but in many instances they are alone in the matter with very little support from their fellow fraternity (or I suppose today, the sorority as well??).
  3. I served with one or two individuals who were foreigners when I was in that were enlisted in the US military. I did not know they could receive partial citizenship rights (though I suppose while they were in, they already had partial rights). As far as I know any who were going after citizenship were going after full citizenship. I would comment more, but most times talking about that period of my life isn't my favorite thing (or even something I normally choose) to talk about (or in this instance, write about).
  4. I am not a big fan of the show, but I suppose it appeals greatly to the younger generation. The titles, the way the characters are written, and other aspects seem to be made to appeal to the Generation X and Y as well as today's youth more than my generation. A LOT of it just seems like fiction to me. Made up. I am probably just not one that is really fond of stuff like that. It seems to have a great deal of appeal to many of the members though and it has been on BYUTV.
  5. I can't do a ton, but I wouldn't mind being called on a mission to do that, as long as I can get my retirement or my housing and food is also covered.
  6. If I recall, even Joseph Smith used materials by those who were not church members. I think one of those he used was Clarke's Bible Commentary (not the official title) when studying the scriptures. Some claim that you can see parallels or similarities between the JST and Clarke, which would not be all the unusual if he utilized it in conjunction with his own studies and seeking for revelation on the what the actual meaning of the passages should be. Just as you mention at the end there, I think the important thing is to make sure you pray and have the spirit with you to guide you in your studies to help you discern what is truth and what is not. We are taught to study from good books (which could also translate to good materials in the instance of you listening to Jordan Petersen's Genesis lectures). Just like reading the apocraphya, there may be good things to learn, but we need the spirit with us to help us discern the good and bad, the truth and what is not, from each other.
  7. In Cochise County? There were Kari Lake loyalists that were in charge of the Ballots (though no one was TECHNICALLY COUNTING the Ballots one could say). The hand recount was headed by the AUTHORIZED REPUBLICAN REPRESENTATIVE Judy Smith representing the Chair (Tyndall). The Democrats had their Chair (Montgomery) present along with 6 others from their party. Lisa Marra (Republican) is the one who actually set up the formation and procedures for this election and claimed in 2020 that it was her proudest accomplishment. The fight was actually between REPUBLICANS in the county (not between Democrats and Republicans) in regards to the validation of the votes. If anything, it was two sides of the Republicans accusing each other of corruption, the Democrats didn't have anything to do with this secret society of gadiantons plotting against those of their own party and the nation. The voting, the hand counts, who was involved, is all on the public record. I don't know WHY people are listening to Fox News or OAN instead of actually looking at the actual numbers, politcal correspondence and information themselves when it is out in the open on the internet.
  8. I don't know what their results were, but I can speak for myself. I say I am one of the resident liberals here many times. That's actually only in relation to how other individuals are. In truth, I actually lean quite conservative. I AM an independent, but my views in general lean conservative in most political aspects. I find myself voting more for democrats recently than I have ever done in my life in the past few years. It is NOT because I necessarily agree with the Democrats. In fact, in many cases I disagree with many of their stances. It's because I Disagree with the Republican candidates even more strongly. It's not over the traditional Republican values, but how extreme many of the Republican candidates have become. Take Marjorie Taylor Greene. I understand why she was elected overall (she comes from one of the areas of Georgia which still has a great deal of white supremacy in it's ranks for example). Her personal actions and morality are not things I agree with nor support. The things she goes to the extreme with politically are also not things I feel comfortable with. I do not feel comfortable nor want to vote for those who seem to be going to the far extremes. It seems that far more Republican candidates are extremists on the FAR right these days beyond anything I can support. This was NOT always so, and in fact, a mere 8 years ago it WAS NOT this way. The way they tear down people who are moral overall for those values instead of going after their political views are another. Raphael Warnock is perhaps one of the more moral candidates in Georgia. He has views I do not support, but he is a strong Christian who espouses many strong Christian views. When they went after him in regards to his morality or does not sit right with me. An even bigger example that people could probably understand is with President Biden. I actually like the President. He is disliked by BOTH sides. The reason is because he is actually a moderate. He isn't far enough to the left so many of his own party despise him. The Republicans on the otherhand seem to hate him simply because he is not a Republican. They try to claim things about him that simply are not attributable to him and then say it's his fault. It really appears it is simply because he is not on the extreme right of the political spectrum. That said, if the Democrats put someone like Ilhan Omar (or some of the others who are far left politically) as their presidential candidate, I most likely would vote for a Republican UNLESS it was an extremists or someone on the extreme far right. Unfortunately, these days, it seems that the Republican candidates are more often these extreme far right politicians rather than anything I would support. They need to put more moderate candidates out there that people like me will actually vote for. They need to actually APPEAL to voters like me (and for that matter, others as well. This entire shenanigance of wanting to take away my Social Security and imposing things that feel like they are threatening my benefits does NOT make me love the Republicans more. It also is probably not making friends with those of our more liberal sided youth either who want those social nets for the elderly). The problem is that while appealing to their base, they are getting candidates that are far too extreme to the right for the rest of the voting populace to support. Their party members need to realize that they need someone more towards the middle rather than those that have gone so far off the deep end we can't even see them from the middle! I think it's a bad situation for the Republicans when those who have typically voted Conservative are no longer a shoo-in vote. They need to realize WHY they are losing the independents and aim more for winning an election rather than simply just winning their party. As I think I said to the effect before the election, it's the independents who help decide the elections. You need them to garner those wins.
  9. The ONLY disfranchisement in Cochise county from not certifying it would have been done by Republicans to Republicans. Republicans have almost 2X the number of voters there than Democrats. There was no doubt who would get those votes. The Republicans controlled the voting, the polls, and the officials OVER it. Those running the show there were Kari Lake loyalists. This is why it makes it such a ridiculous case. The ONLY ones who would be corrupt if there was corruption there would be Republicans and, on top of that, Kari Lake Loyalists on top of that! It's like pointing to yourself and telling the court that you want to accuse yourself of a crime so that you will get a reward. It's like going to a boxing match and then shooting yourself because you think it will help you be declared a winner. The case makes absolutely NO sense at all. If anyone was disenfranchising someone it was Kari Lake and her supporters in that county. The county that had some of her greatest supporters were the ones who were behind everything. They even controlled the polling locations! That county is one of her strongholds! If there was voter fraud there, then it was actually DONE by her people! By losing the votes there the Republicans could actually LOST a seat in congress. It actively HURTS the Republican party if they had not certified the results. So why do this? They didn't DO this because it was actually voter fraud. There IS a conspiracy there, but it's not so secret. The idea is to take somewhere where they have enough control to pull off a stunt like this (so it wouldn't actually work in a place where there may actually be a question, or where Democrats may have won and a question could be raised if there was voter fraud on their part, it HAD to be done in a place where Republicans had enough control of the regulators and others in the process) and make it so that the election results in called into question. If an election is called without tallying all the votes (for example, the votes in the county never get certified) then it legitimately could be said that there was voter disenfranchisement there. The plan then, is that this causes problems for the Democrats. In fact, there WERE problems because of this. IF the Democrats let Kari Lake get away with this it would actually BENEFIT them. Some Democrats actually called to let her have her way. It could cause the Republicans to have less power in Congress. On the otherhand, it sets a dangerous precedence of voter disenfranchisement (the real danger) if they allowed it to happen that could set a pattern for the rest of the Nation to follow in deeply red counties of the United States. Such a crisis could make it so that elections on a national scale could be called into question on their legitimacy if every state had counties that were allowed to simply not certify. The best course of action then was to try to force an honest legal action rather than let it lie (ironically, for once). An election where Red counties controlled by Republicans refused to certify (ironically, these would be counties overwhelmingly Republican that were controlled by Republicans and almost no question of it going to Republican candidates) could ensure a reason that not all votes were counted. In such a case it could force a National Election (for example, the next presidential election) to have a legitimate excuse by Congress to call into question it's actual legitimacy and have it go up for a vote in Congress rather than a vote by the people for who would be President. The gamble is that if Republicans can control this, then they can force a de-legitimization of the public vote and make it a Congressional thing rather than a thing for the people and by the people. It is a way of taking the power of voting from the people and placing it and it's abilities into the hands of a few, particularly those who rule over us currently. THAT was the game Kari Lake is playing and played. Yes, it IS a type of gadianton type thing (a type of secret combination, though not so secret if you really study it), and yes, I would expect that most of those who love freedom and democracy should be outraged at such a KINGMAN type action would be taken, and even more that we have people that support such Kingmen type activity and actions today.
  10. I understood it that you were casting their votes for Democrats for some reason. Not sure why you'd put their votes for Democrats when you seem to be very conservative, but I guess that's one way to shrug the Feds off your trail... From the sounds of it, it seems to have worked for you for the past 30 years so you have that going for you...not sure I would have admitted it so openly after all that time though... (PS: Yes, the was also a joke for those who may not get it). I don't support either party as well. Mine is more that neither party really promotes what I am wanting. The Democrats seem to have tossed morality into the back seat and then dumped it out the side door as they sped off in regards to Chastity and anything dealing with that as well as other moral matters. The Republicans seem to have forgotten the entire ideal they had of smaller but effective government while at the same time also forgetting the balance they had between the social contract and the people. They seem more focused on pure unadulterated Capitalism and greed rather than espousing freedom and virtues. Recently it's gotten even worse with the Republicans. It seems that the ONLY compass they have today is to try to do the exact opposite of what the Democrats are trying to do. If the Democrats promote something that the Republicans claimed they wanted a week prior, suddenly the Republicans do a 180 degree turn and go against it! It's like they have nothing really guiding them anymore! They switch their desires on a dime it seems these days. It wasn't always this way though. It's like the 60s and 70s hit and both parties lost their way. I tend to vote conservatively, generally speaking, but that doesn't mean I see the Republicans being any better than the Democrats as one would put it. The Democrats have gone from Roosevelt (who even consulted with the Leaders of our CHURCH and based HIS social nets and programs off of the Church's system [which invariably were changed later, obviously when looking at them today] in a big impact our church had on our nation due to that) to Kennedy and the Clintons, where as at the same time we went from Eisenhower who I feel did great for all to Trump who seems to be morally the exact opposite of what the Republicans used to stand for. Today I try to vote who I think is honest, upright, and has moral standing but at times it can be difficult, even in local politics. I don't care about the party, I try to care about the person. Sometimes it comes down to who is less evil or immoral than the other rather than who is moral, an unfortunate turn of our politics today.
  11. I didn't watch the video, nor am I from Arizona. What I've read in the News was that there was a Republican district that refused to certify. Ironically, if they refused to certify by the deadline it meant that the Democratic candidate automatically won as those Republican votes would NOT be counted. The CATCH was that if they refused to certify and DEFIED state law by refusing to certify, than it could lead to a crisis. The crisis was NOT made for Arizona, but was to make a point that ALL elections EVERYWHERE could be decertified and counted as unable to be counted (similar to some ideas that were actually done in Germany so that the Nazi party would eventually gain control. Normally do not want to Godwin the thread, but the TREND is actually REALLY BAD when people seem to be taking pages out of the Nazi playbook directly) causing unrest. So, there was the double whammy. The IRONY is that it was a REPUBLICAN district. There was no way it was going to go to the Democrats and no way the Democrats could have changed the direction it was going. The only votes to be discounted were the Republican votes counted by the Republican party leaders over the voting district. This meant that the ONLY corruption there could have been from...Republican leaders. They were basically calling themselves corrupt. It doesn't mean that there isn't Democrat corruption, but the way it's been reported from Arizona isn't the way to try to prove that. This also is the PROBLEM Kari Lake is having. She says all this, but has NO EVIDENCE that can be held up in the court of Law...even from the Republican Judicial side of things. The judge is an appointee of a REPUBLICAN governor, at least from what the news is telling me. This judge dismissed the case, but she IS appealing it. It could go somewhere, it may not. Right now it is up to the courts to decide, but thus far, she doesn't seem to actually be making much headway. IF she is having this much trouble from her OWN party which in theory is on HER side, it means that she has a LONG way to fight.
  12. There could be many different things, until it occurs we may not know for sure. After it happens people will look back and see that it was obvious. Things it may be... 1. I am somewhat skeptical of how much man's influence is on Global Climate Change, but lets say for an instance that the influence man has on Climate Change is tremendous. It may not be simply due to our physical pollution of the earth, but the moral pollution that we have abounding upon it today. It is said in the scripture that the Earth is a living entity. Our sins impact it and some scripture infer that it may groan under the weight of the sins we are committing upon it. We are trespassing it with our own filthiness. It could be that these are also contributing a great deal to the physical changes as the Earth reacts to the moral offenses being committed upon it. In that light, if the temperature eventually rises greatly on an escalating measure, it could get to the point where all life would cease. If it is in response to our sin and immorality, well...the only way to reverse that would be to get rid of that immorality. Cutting it short before our immorality can kill us would be a way that the Lord's coming could preserve all life on the planet. 2. Things have changed very quickly in my lifetime. Things that we would not have been caught dead watching when I was a boy started to be something watched by many people, including many Saints in the 80s. Today, what many Saints watch on TV, listen to on the radio, and consume in their media are what we would have considered extremely sinful when I was young. It is possible that we are seeing the very elect being deceived into consuming media that is the very opposite of what the Lord intended for us to utilize our time doing. 3. We see the world has already come to the point in the Western World where what used to be considered good is now considered evil, and what used to be considered evil is now considered good. Standing for the Church principles as found in The Family: A Proclamation to the World will get you called all manner of names among today's youth. They will consider you doing great evil and great harm. On the other hand if you stand against it and proclaim principles diametrically opposed to it, they may call your statements and actions good. We are indeed in a world where evil is called good and good is called evil. It is accelerating. Think on this, it has been less than 20 years since certain things respecting our roles as men as woman have changed in the Western world. Furthermore, TV shows that would have been only allowed in hushed tones after dark are now broadcast at all times via streaming and sold blatantly in the stores (Series such as Game of Thrones which from what I understand is basically pornographic in what it presents). We are living in perilous times. I thought my family safe and that they all had strong testimonies. Just over the past few years I have found these influences are affecting my very family members. It seems that many families that one would think would have all stalwart children are now also having problems as those children and grandchildren get to be young adults. There is growing anger and resentment among the young people against churches and religion. Some try to paint it that it has always been so. It has not. This growing antagonism I could see eventually leading to all out war against those who remain faithful. In such situations among such evil it would only be a limited amount of time before the faithful were all slain. If we remember the days before the Birth of our Lord when the faithful Nephites were going to be slain if the sign was not seen soon, or the iniquity that abounded on the American continent right before his death and resurrection, it may be that we soon may face such a crisis ourselves. So, there could be many different interpretations or ways it could come about. I do not know, but I imagine those who live to see the Reign of our Lord on this Earth in the Flesh will be able to look back and see it plainly.
  13. It's called the Epstein Drive? Really? That seems...rather...notorious in some ways. I suppose no one connected any dots to that one though in the strange way people do at times. It never mysteriously dies on it's own does it? When cameras get shut off and it's guardians suddenly are not anywhere to be found? It didn't have a G (or Ghislane) series of Drives did it which is encased in a big prison but won't divulge any secrets of it's organization or anything that is there? It doesn't have the remains of a mysterious cello which seems to have roots with a (Melissa) Solomon does it? A Melissa Solomon who got their tuition paid...until they didn't? And the Cello as one of Epstein's items after it leaves or it's demise occasionally? I suppose if it was by accident than it was probably too late to change the name after the name got out in the open and associated with notoriety. Strange coincidences in life occur at times.
  14. A thought. When one has to focus on doing something in a particular way, they tend to remember it more.
  15. Of interest, the same people on the left hand side are the same ones on the right hand side.