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  1. JohnsonJones

    JohnsonJones Gospel Topics thread

    Mosiah Chapter 15 has a something which many have commented is an extremely strong support of the Trinity belief. It explains how the Father and the Son are one. In our Church we believe that Jesus Christ is the Father and the Son, but normally not related in the same way that it seems to imply in this chapter. We believe he is the Father because he is the creator of this earth, even if we do not believe he is the Father of our Spirits. Thus, he is also known as the Father. In Mosiah, it comments he is the Father because he was conceived by the Power of God, and the Son because of the Flesh. If we combine both it indicates that he is being called the Father because he is the Creator of the Earth and us, and in this it is also his will for the atonement and his mission in that role. The Son because he descend to this earth in the Flesh to redeem us. As both he has the ability to break the bonds of Sin and Death. Because he is God he is able to atone for our sins and resurrect, because he was also mortal he could die which allowed him to resurrect himself. If left to ourselves, we would all die spiritually and physically. We cannot overcome either ourselves. It is only through the atonement that the Lord overcame both for us, and thus we can live again and live with him. 2. For his obedience Abinadi suffers death, which really is more a condemnation of King Noah and his Priests. One does believe which is Alma and he goes to preach others. He baptizes himself and another, but it implies he already had the authority. To me this indicates that Alma had been ordained a Priest, or even a High Priest under the correct authority originally, but the corruption in King Noah's court had corrupted the proper order of things. It also indicates that even if we fall away, if we repent, we can have all our blessings that we have received. Each of us (well, at least I do) sin everyday despite our best efforts. In this, each of us our condemned, but as we can be redeemed through repentance and faith on the Lord Jesus Christ, we also are able to retain those blessings (including the Priesthood authority granted to us) throughout the week as long as we continually repent and strive to follow him.
  2. JohnsonJones

    COVID update

    I did not watch it personally, only read the news stories, but for once, I am in agreement with Trump if the New Stories are correct. Trump disagreed with the CDC director when the CDC director said that masks would be more effective than a vaccine. Trump said the vaccine would be more effective. NOW, if enough take the Vaccine, it will be far more effective than wearing masks in my opinion. You give it to all the kids and college students, even at 80% effectiveness, that achieves herd immunity among them. Right now I see the young as the primary infection vectors. Of course, if everyone refuses to take it, or schools do not force students to have it, then obviously the vaccine will not be as effective, but hopefully there will be enough to take it to have it as effective for society. Trump proposes that he will have 100 million doses by the years end. I don't know if that will come about or not. The CDC director thinks it may be the second or third quarter next year before the vaccine is widely available. I HOPE that Trump's statement of how many doses of the vaccine are available WILL be available.
  3. JohnsonJones

    JohnsonJones Gospel Topics thread

    I have missed a couple days here, so I will surmise some of my writing more briefly overall. 1. The story of Zeniff. I'm not sure if his was a righteous desire or not, but he himself seemed to try to lead the people in righteousness, and in doing so allowed them so degree of prosperity. It is interesting how quickly they fell into iniquity after his death. It was not long until his own son led the people and society into a more wicked way. It reminds us how quickly our own society has fallen to wickedness, and how quickly it could happen to our own families if we are not careful. 2. Abinadi comes and preaches to the people. They do not want to listen to him. I wonder how often we hear what our leaders and General Authorities say, but choose not to listen ourselves. I have notes on chapter 15, but I am going to lump them in together with more from Abinadi in my next post.
  4. JohnsonJones

    Eternity, infinity, and limits

    When we think on our mortality, will a human body ever be able to exist inside the sun on it's own. If we were left on our own, as we are, would our bodies ever be something other than what they are now? We hypothesize, we think, and conjecture, but perhaps physically it is impossible for our mortal bodies to do certain things no matter how much time is given. We can advance forever in our own sphere, but we cannot exceed our sphere. A comparison would be that of ants. Could an ant ever be a human in this mortal world? Could they ever construct a space ship? They can advance and increase in their own kind and way, but their own limitations prevent them from exceeding what man can do. What if we took a higher level animal such as a Dog or Monkey. They can emulate what a man can do, they can even imitate, but they will never be able to be or do what man is able to do today. Unless they changed (evolved as science would put it) into something greater, they will never be able to accomplish what men do today, a thousand years ago or even two thousand years ago in architecture, buildings, or science. In a similar vein I imagine the differences in the degrees of glory. Nothing prevents one from advancing in learning and experiences in the Telestial or Terestrial Kingdoms, each in their sphere, but much like ant or a dog or a monkey, they are limited by their own physical being. There are bodies telestial, bodies terrestrial, and bodies Celestial. They each can increase in their own way, but they are all different as well, with the greater have greater potential as a consequence of it's fabric of creation than those that are lesser. In my opinion.
  5. JohnsonJones

    Who Was that Rich Man?

    Unrelated but similar. I used to read a LOT of Yahoo news articles, specifically because they had comments which allowed you to get a bigger picture of what people were thinking rather than the biased articles written by Yahoo. Apparently Yahoo didn't like dissent. They have stopped comments in their articles. I no longer read Yahoo as much.
  6. JohnsonJones

    How would you answer this?

    Looking just at the US... Well, the US and many other nations have public education. You could argue that it promotes idleness, but an uneducated population generally is less productive than one that is educated. I suppose they all could be farmers and miners and have an economy where no one has anything no matter how hard they work, but education seems to promote productivity. The US military is almost entirely socialist in it's approach (Basic Food and Shelter are provided, uniform allowance, healthcare for all, etc), and though one could argue it promotes idleness, it is FAR more productive than most of the rest of the world in what it does, and probably more successful (90% of businesses fail afterall) in it's mission than most businesses. The US transportation builds roads and provides one of the biggest roadway networks in the world (socialism in it's very usage), and I would say that the ability to travel to work actually promotes the opposite of idleness, but one's opinion can vary. Looking at the LDS Church... The Missionary program is a very socialistic program (for the younger elders and sisters, not older couples). I guess it is in the eye of the beholder whether that promotes idleness or not. General Authorities also operate under what would be classified as a socialistic program today (each has equal benefits, not pay, to provide for the necessities of life). Do you consider it promoting them to be idle? Or do you think it allows them to be more productive than they would be without it?
  7. Morals have changed since I was young. There are two different types of kisses (actually more than that, but for simplicity, we'll say two different types). (1) Chaste kisses given to show affection, such as that in greeting (at least in some nations in Europe, though normally not the US unless between family members) or to show family love, and (2) those that are given to show a deeper lust and romantic love. Which type of kiss is being given. If it is a quick chaste kiss to show welcome to a friend or family that is FAR different than a romantic kiss. For those with high morals, the ideal used to be (when this old foggie was a young lad) that you didn't kiss anyone until you were either seriously dating or engaged at a minimum. Normally if giving one a kiss it was a chaste kiss goodbye on the doorstep (so, one quick kiss, not a make out session) which would not offend parents if seen. Before my time, I hear that kissing was even scandalous, and holding hands was the proper way to do things (maybe) if dating. In THAT LIGHT The entire make out culture, or making out seems rather immoral to me, though I know I had a daughter or two that kissed boys more romantically than not when they were dating (and out of the house and in no disapproving Dad could lecture them later). However, I'm from an prior generation and things seem to have changed in the world. Something to remember though... The world's morals and views of things may change...but God is unchanging.
  8. JohnsonJones

    JohnsonJones Gospel Topics thread

    Reading the next chapters of Mosiah one portion stands out to me this morning. 1. We call our prophets, Prophets, Seers and Revelators. WE find out that a Seer is greater than a Prophet, being both a Revelator and a Seer. This indicates, that all three are separate items. On that note, what are prophets, seers, and revelators? A prophet is Church Website - Prophet Gospel Topics - Prophets the Word Revelator is harder to find on the Church site, though it has some connections on the Bible Dictionary. Thus, it seems a revelator can get revelations and as such, reveal the truth by these revelations. A Seer is greater than both, being both and more. Mosiah 8:16-18 I have heard that we all are prophets in a limited degree, at least those who have received a testimony for themselves of the truth found in the gospel by the Power of the Holy Ghost. We have received personal revelation in this, and by this can know the true character of the Lord. It is not something that makes us THE PROPHET, as in the prophet of the Church, but prophets in that we have been called to be members of the Church in these latter days and as such should bear our testimonies while involved with missionary work or at testimony meeting to strengthen the members, or whenever the spirit itself prompts us to do so. Our calling as such are much more personal and limited, though the bearing of our testimony can stand as witnesses of truth in our day. If we receive callings in the Church, we also can be called to be teachers, and as such, if we have truth revealed to us by the Holy Ghost that is in conjunction with our calling, prophets in that way. Once again, we are not THE PROPHET, but a more limited form within the authority granted unto us by the Lord. In a similar way we may receive revelations, though I'm not sure if this would make one a revelator. These revelations we receive through the Holy Ghost are for our personal lives in general, and can help guide us personally. Occasionally it may extend to family and if a calling such as a Bishop, to our ward...though these may be less often than others. We are NOT seers though, and we are NEVER prophets, seers, and revelators. There are 12 called that have these keys for the Church, but only ONE holds and is the one that can dispense them at any one time. They are THE Prophet, Seer, and Revelator for the Church. They are also normally called the President of the Church. That would be President Russel M. Nelson today. Seers have things greater than the others, and from appearances seem to normally be in a great leadership position over most of the Saints or members of the Church or those that follow the Lord. There is some indication that Seers also may have in their possession certain stones given to them of the Lord, though which greater manifestations, revelations, and knowledge come through. These may be seer stones, or urim and thummim or otherwise. This allows them to see more, and all that is hidden as well as which is hard to understand. They can translate and if possible and needed, know ALL things.
  9. JohnsonJones

    Pastor with Prophetic Vision

    Well 2020 has been quite the year in the US with the pandemic, the Protests, and now the Fires. There is smoke all the way across the nation now from the fires on the West Coast. My wife warned me that there was going to be a smoky day out, but from a cloud of smoke that apparently is traveling eastwards.
  10. JohnsonJones

    Getting Out of a Business Partnership

    Many friendships (and marriages even) even over money. Money seems to be a great divider between people at times. Those who were previously friends cease to be, and those who were friendly turn antagonistic...all over money. In your instance, I would say get out post haste unless you have a contract signed and relationships officially recognized. Without the paperwork organizing a business, there should be NO business ideas implemented. Without official paperwork organizing and specifying various relationships and agreements things can quickly go south. I know it can cost money to do so, but the value of it means that the situation that you describe is less likely to occur. When things are spelled out, it is a LOT harder to change the conditions already notated. If you do not wish to get out, GO TO A LAWYER AND GET THE PAPERWORK WRITTEN. It should have been done before any equipment was even stored on your property. In a business venture, do NOTHING without paperwork to back it up. If they are unwilling to have such paperwork it is a sign of either corruption or bad faith (in my opinion). It could be that by withdrawing, your friend is no longer your friend. This may happen sooner than later anyways, because without legal protections, there is no legal understanding that can bridge the gap between people when they want to go their different directions. Unless they want to sign paperwork explicitly discussing the what, who's, where's, hows, and why's...they aren't your friend (in the business anyways) in the first place or have a vast misunderstanding of the reasons why such paperwork is normally needed in the first place.
  11. JohnsonJones

    JohnsonJones Gospel Topics thread

    Starting with Mosiah...we see King Benjamin getting old and passing the reins of the rulership to his son Mosiah. 1. I find his counsel to leaders (indirect counsel) from his example inspiring. He mentions that he works with his own hands for his own support. That we do not question the beggar, but try to give if we can or if we cannot, feel as if we would if we could. (more on that below). Today we see most leaders not working as Benjamin mentions he did. They sit in lofty offices or palatial workspaces to make rules and regulations on their underlings without really getting in the dirt with others. Instead of trying to help others it is all about getting more wealth and status. King Benjamin also notes that if we do seek wealth than it will be to help the Kingdom (of the Lord) and to help others...not ourselves. I fall into the trap that I want to leave as much for my children as possible, but that's not what the sermon is teaching here. If I were to be a better person, it would be to help others and the Lord rather than I and my progeny. 2. The necessity of the atonement. We, as ourselves, cannot be saved. WE CANNOT do it ourselves, this is why a Savior was needed. The Savior is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Father of heaven and earth, the Creator of all things and he is the one through which we can have salvation through faith on his name. We can repent and have faith in him to receive salvation. 3. One part of chapter 4 strikes me on this read through. We need to teach our children the gospel and the right way to do things. It makes me wonder how good a job I have done, and how much I could have done better. 4. We are all as beggars before the Lord. He gives what I see as both a truth and a parable at the same time. He talks about how we need to help the beggar if asked...and then uses that as a direct comparison on how we are also all beggars before the Lord. 5. In the Church I have heard the first principles and ordinances are Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, Second is Repentance, third Baptism by Immersion and Fourth the Gift of the Holy Ghost by the Laying on of Hands. After this, I often have heard that we then must endure to the end. In Chapter 5 of Mosiah verse 15 he basically says this exact thing. The people have heard his message, accepted under Covenant the Lord, and now he urges them to remain steadfast. This is true in our lives as well. Once we have taken those steps in the gospel we must endure to the end. It is not a sprint, but a marathon.
  12. JohnsonJones

    JohnsonJones Gospel Topics thread

    The Books of Jarom and Omni and the words of Mormon are short books in the Book of Mormon. 1. Jarom mentions that their laws were exceedingly stricts. I have seen very strict laws in the Middle East and upon reflecting on those laws and the state of people in relation to the US, I think at times perhaps strict laws of morality keep people more righteous than when laws become more lax. In the Middle East in many of the nations where the laws are exceedingly strict, I could lose my wallet (and in fact have done so) with several hundred dollars in it, and the wallet would be returned with all the money still in it. I have not had this happen in the US, on occasion when it was lost (or stolen) it never had any of the money in it from before. The safety of items and other protections are there because of the strictness of the laws. Jarom also mentions how the people remain righteous and abiding (well the Nephites, the Lamanites are not doing so) in the commandments for 200 years! 200 Years is a long time. If we went back in time, that would mean from 1820 until today (2020). Joseph Smith said that the people in his day were as wicked as those during the days of Noah (I'd have to double check that, but I think it was Joseph Smith), however, from all accounts they were still more righteous in general then the people in the United States today. Just imagine if they had remained as righteous as they were in 1820 (though still wicked, as I noted above) to now! Most of the problems we have with the immorality, the breaking up of the family, and many other moral difficulties our society is currently engaged in would no longer be large problems we are dealing with (at least I am thinking so). In this way, perhaps strict laws that enforce moral values are necessary to keep a people moral, or perhaps it works the other way around. A moral people have strict laws to enforce morality and as they become more immoral, the laws enforcing such become less strict. 2. Omni has many various people write. Obviously the space on the records is getting much shorter. I wonder why they could not make more plates, but perhaps there was something about the plates that they could not recreate themselves. Perhaps at the time they lacked the technology or knowledge to do so? Whatever the reason, the space seems to be getting short and the notations are shorter. It shows that they are keeping their genealogy and a sort of journal. My take away of this is the importance of keeping our own records, from our journals to our Genealogy. 3. The words of Mormon talk to his son and mention the inspiration he has in making the records he is abridging as well as these small plates he found that he is putting at the end of his records (and Book of Nephi 1 and 2 and the other small plates were found after the rest of the Book of Mormon were complete, but nicely fill in the lost 116 pages, almost as if the Lord knew what would happen...which he did). I wonder if the 116 pages were ever restored, if we would be able to compare and organize things against the records on the small plates that we already have. It could be interesting. Nonetheless, even as we do not have it, I think it talks about the importance for each of us to keep our own records. If something should happen to me, my wife has many journals filled that account for her's and my life. I, though I have journals, have been much more brief in my accounting. They could still be something to fall back on should anything happen to her records though, so we have two records that talk about our lives. I also have my genealogy which I think will be important for my children, both online and hard copy.
  13. I have not seen the shows that Disney is putting out recently, though we do have a Disney account for the kids to watch, we have been careful in what shows are allowed. I have heard that there are Disney shows that are pushing several agendas upon children these days...though maybe not as obvious as the Netflix film this thread is about.
  14. JohnsonJones

    Alma 30:7-11

    It depends on how far they extend the regulations pertaining to the law or court rulings. For example, when they dictate that churches or religious institutions must open their doors to perform or allow such things to be performed directly against the religious beliefs of those churches or institutions, that is forcing people to live contrary to their moral conscience. For example, in California... Southern California Law Review 2018 The Purposes of Anti-discrimination Law Here we have someone with personal religious beliefs. The author feels that if one clearly identifies their discriminatory attitude in regards to their business, they should be allowed to do so. The assumption made by the author is that the backlash publicly will be enough to make it so most will not choose this route. The question then is if the law should allow one to have such beliefs and should force such beliefs to capitulate to legal judicial requirements. For example, in this day, could we allow racism to do the same thing if one was open about it or would this be a road to travel. Nevertheless, both in this and with racism or other forms of discrimination, the law clearly in some cases infringes upon someone's moral conscience. If someone truly feels that religiously they should believe in one manner and act in such a way (for example, they do not feel they can morally be a photographer for a wedding, or perhaps bake a cake specifically and artistically designed for a specific wedding, or perhaps they are racist and feel they cannot sell certain items to certain groups of people, or many other beliefs people may have which can go from mild to extreme), then any law that forces them to act or perform otherwise would be forcing them to live contrary to their moral conscience. Now, some of these are more mild in what they do, while others are more extreme, but for comparisons, sometimes the extremes are more useful in pointing out how far these things may go to make it apparent at the limitations they are placing upon people.
  15. JohnsonJones

    Freedom, Family, and The Gospel

    All his children are considered his children, not just those who are exalted. There are those on earth who have chosen him as their Deity and thus have chosen to be his children. After this life, all those who end up in the Kingdom of Heaven will be his children, not just those who are exalted (At least in my understanding). In many homes children have different expectations and responsibilities according to their ability and reliability and what they choose to be or do. The same are with his children and thus there are many various places and houses readied for his children.