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  1. Just_A_Guy

    The Hill Cumorah

    David Palmer’s In Search of Cumorah sold me twenty years ago on El Cerro Vigia (“Lookout Hill”) in southern Mexico; and I’ve seen nothing since then that really convinced me Palmer had it wrong.
  2. Just_A_Guy

    TK Smoothies

    It’ll be fascinating to see what non-Song-of-Solomon scripture you can cite for that assertion.
  3. Just_A_Guy

    TK Smoothies

    TFP, you have a nasty habit of making me think.
  4. Why do you think I care about the sexual orientation of your razor? I’m no bigot, and assure you I’d have no problem if you were using a gay razor instead of a straight one. It makes no difference to me.
  5. Just_A_Guy

    Curious Meeting

    The dialog seems to allude to a new “revelation” from Brigham Young alluding to events in the garden. One wonders whether the text of that revelation still exists.
  6. What I’m saying is that it’s one thing for an anonymous mob to come out of the darkness, destroy a press, and then melt away under cover of night. It’s quite another thing for a city council to dictate an order, countersigned by the mayor and executed by the city marshall, doing the same thing. Obviously it’s tricky business trying to get inside the collective “head” of a mob. But I know that as Latter-day Saints, we’d be much more fearful if the Houston Temple were sacked and burned by Texas Rangers as opposed to a bunch of rowdy Rockets fans celebrating a win.
  7. 1. Sorry, that should have said “done”. 2. Well, to respond to the question as-asked, I can’t think of any off the top of my head. But mob violence/vigilanteism in the antebellum US has been the subject of numerous academic treatments, some of which I’ve read and mostly forgotten decades ago. 😊 I can do a Google search, if you insist . . .
  8. 1. Sure; but I also appreciate some of the differences; such as that the act was fine by the City Council under color of law, in peacetime. 2. Yes, to a point; but denying that there were sincerely-held concerns underlying the fear and mistrust just shows our sloppiness as historians and ultimately makes us less-effective emissaries of our faith. It’s not like Joseph Smith was the only person to die of mob violence in antebellum America.
  9. Just_A_Guy

    TK Smoothies

    I would also note, @mikbone, that certain specific counsel may be wholly appropriate in some contexts, but less so others. Take your example of birth control: the doctrine, that children are an heritage from the Lord and that we need to provide tabernacles for as many spirits as we can, is unchanged; but there are social reasons why the Church can’t demand as stringent compliance to this principle as it once did. That doesn’t mean that JFS was wrong to say what he did at the time that he did to the audience that heard him say it, or that there is necessarily no value from continuing to abide by that counsel in the here-and-now. (Anecdotally, due to the medical side effects of nominally “safe” birth control methods, my family has suffered quite a lot for failing to take his counsel more seriously.)
  10. Some interesting factoids, but I’m not particularly impressed with this particular line of argument. (“It couldn’t have been A, because John Doe #1 did the same thing and was fine. Couldn’t have been B, because John Doe #2 did that too. Couldn’t have been C, because John Doe #3 also did that.” Well, great work, Sherlock; but did anyone do A and B and C, like Joseph Smith did; and what was their fate? )
  11. Just_A_Guy

    TK Smoothies

    Well, we’re assuming here that the lesser “degrees” represent final, rather than a transitory states. Which I am inclined to believe; though my understanding was that you believed the opposite. But assuming arguendo that the Church is right about that: what does it mean to “be married”? What makes the difference between a man and a woman who are in the permanent friend zone, versus a man and a woman who consider themselves—and whom God considers—“married”? The only defining characteristic of exaltation that I am aware of, is continuation of seed; and if a man and a woman don’t have that, does it really matter what they choose to call their relationship?
  12. Just_A_Guy

    The Great Secret

    Some of the ideas in the third paragraph seem to hark back to the Lectures on Faith.
  13. Just_A_Guy

    TK Smoothies

    IIRC, in context JFS alluded to a conventional Christian idea of no-gender-in-heaven, and was riffing on that in a way that could be seen as facetious (though I acknowledge that lots of Church members have taken his speculation as gospel). I agree that the idea is incompatible with the Proclamation on the Family.
  14. Just_A_Guy

    Why the Fight Over the Wall Matters

    I know this is true, because I saw it on Facebook:
  15. Just_A_Guy

    dressing endowed members for their funeral