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  1. Just_A_Guy

    Test for Being Open-Minded

    The funny thing about people is that most of them are suckers for a puzzle. The cool (manipulative?) thing about the “thoughtful question” is that if framed well and posed with the right body language, it can’t help but draw people into your point of view and turn them into your ally in solving what has become a mutually vexing question. I find the technique works better in in-person oral communications; because via writing, a stubborn person can just pretend not to get the point and you get stuck down the rabbit hole of trying to clarify yourself. In person, I can usually tell fairly quickly via body language when a person is deliberately playing dumb.
  2. Just_A_Guy

    Motor oil and garments

    Wasn’t it invented by guys who were trying to come up with a compound that would force water condensate out of fine machinery, and the lubricating properties were discovered by accident?
  3. Just_A_Guy

    Motor oil and garments

    I’m no laundry guru; but my inclination would be to do as you suggest and just reserve some of the garments for work wear knowing that they are going to get stained.
  4. Just_A_Guy

    The next logical step

    Ulp. There’s that word again . . .
  5. Just_A_Guy

    The next logical step

    I seem to have struck a nerve. C’est la vie, I guess . . . a little self-knowledge can be a painful and frightening thing at first. Think it over.
  6. Just_A_Guy

    Universal Healthcare

    No, I see where you were going and think it’s actually a valid practice generally. There’s just something about That Guy in particular that tends to poison internet forum discussions.
  7. Just_A_Guy

    Universal Healthcare

    Let’s just not even.
  8. Just_A_Guy

    The next logical step

    I’m not surprised. At least since the time of the ancient Sumerians, people have known that it is possible to work oneself up into a state of religious ecstasy through the knowledge that someone else is having sex. Your experience speaks to something very fundamental about the human psyche; and if we do not recognize and account for it, we are likely to become slaves to it. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, however, has traditionally demanded that people cultivate the sense of discernment that can distinguish between communion with God versus the psychological effects of vicarious sexual release. And you are right that people who can’t or won’t acknowledge the difference, are going to have a very rough time in the Church of Jesus Christ.
  9. Just_A_Guy

    Test for Being Open-Minded

    It’s amusing to me, in the inevitable pre-hearing settlement discussions, how often defense counsel (usually a privately employed one—public defenders aren’t usually this egotistical) walk in and say “JAG, there’s just no way my client did this. Your witness is making stuff up”. It sets me up to say “well, I don’t know that either of us is in a position to say who did what—we there, we don’t know, and long ago I made peace with the fact that in these sorts of cases I’ll never really know. I can only try to draw a conclusion from the evidence we have so far. Here’s the evidence I see, and maybe you can tell me why you think the judge will draw a different conclusion than I have?” Few things will deflate bluster like a little common sense, followed by a thoughtful question. (Unless, of course, you have access to a “ban” button.)
  10. Just_A_Guy

    The next logical step

    So you don’t *really* have a problem, conceptually, with the sort of “hell” you accuse us of creating. It’s just that we are doing it to The Wrong People. In other words, the problem isn’t that we’re asking people to do extraordinarily or irrationally hard things; the problem is that you think this particular hard thing shouldn’t have to be done by this particular subset of people.
  11. Just_A_Guy

    The next logical step

    Through the nature of my work, I frequently come into contact with people who are in the unfortunate situation of being sexually attracted to children. Are we, as a society, putting them in “hell” by telling them they may not love and must remain abstinent?
  12. Just_A_Guy

    The next logical step

    Inability to act on one’s sexual predilections with the partner of one’s choice = hell? Hell? I suggest you think about that, and then consider whether you’d care to amend that statement. Because on its face, your statement suggests that as a society we condemn many, many people to “hell” every day.
  13. Just_A_Guy

    Criminal Justice Reform

    I can’t speak for all aspects of the criminal justice system, but my personal experience in Utah includes the following observations: —If a drug crime goes federal, it’s because the person was either dealing, or caught up in the same dragnet with someone who was dealing. It’s not the kids getting caught with weed for the first time, who are getting the huge prison sentences. —In the state system—at least, Utah—barring dealing, weapons, massive quantities in possession, or other aggravating circumstances, in practice you probably aren’t going to “prison” on a first-time drug charge. Here, your first offense will probably be a plea-in-abeyance on a Class A misdemeanor. Your second will be charged as a Class A, reduced to a Class B in exchange for a guilty plea, and you *may* do a month or two of jail—or maybe not. Your third will be charged as an A, and they won’t reduce; but you won’t do more than a year in jail and probably a great deal less. Your fourth will be counted as a third (since they don’t count the plea in abeyance) and then you’re likely to be charged with a felony because at that point you’re officially a “repeat offender”—and even then, the prosecutor may still wind up reducing it to an A and you will do less than a year, if you do any time at all. (In Utah, you only go to “prison” if you’ll be incarcerated for a year or more; otherwise, you are housed at the “jail”.) If you play your cards right, you’re very unlikely to go to “prison” on a drug charge until your fifth conviction at least. I realize that different places do things differently; but at least as far as Utah goes: a person who talks about all those poor drug offenders who are in prison for “one mistake”, or protests that they aren’t really “hardened criminals”, betrays a lot of unfamiliarity with the status quo. —As implied above, most incarceration of drug offenders comes from the following issues: ••Many, many repeat offenses ••Dealing ••Weapons ••Pimping ••Repeated failure to comply with the terms of probation (including, often, failing to get into or remain in treatment) after pleading to a lower charge than what the facts warranted. —I generally agree with the idea of giving judges broad discretion in sentencing—the mandatory minimum matrices that have to be used in the federal system come off as very arbitrary. But the flip side of that is that federal judges face less pressure to incarcerate dangerous prisoners, because they aren’t subject to re-election/retention votes. That has its up sides and its down sides; but the matrices exist in the first place because some federal judges were perceived as being too soft on crime. As long as you have lifetime appointments to the federal bench and literally thousands of prosecutable federal crimes on the books, there *will* be federal sentencing guidelines; and the harshness of those guidelines will wax and wane over time. —Rehab isn’t a panacea. Graduates of a really good program will see a 40% sobriety rate after five years. —I’m aware of the literature saying rehab is ultimately cheaper than incarceration, and I’m willing to go with it for now. But I’ve been (visiting) in jail, and in state prison, and in rehab clinics; and if there’s *less* money going into those clinics and programs than there is at the detention facilities, then I want to know where in Sam Hades the Corrections Division is spending its money. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see us transition to a decriminaliztion/treatment regimen for drug offenders and, ten years down the road, find that we’re spending two or three times as much on rehab as we did on incarceration.
  14. The handkerchief in question, by the way, is currently on display at the Church History Museum.
  15. Just_A_Guy

    Mormon vs Trump

    In the absence of further evidence, the Russian collusion thing seems likely to turn out to be a nothingburger. Evan McMullin has steered himself into irrelevance by insisting on dwelling in that quagmire, and other Trump challengers would be wise to learn from that example.