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  1. Just_A_Guy


    Marry me.
  2. Just_A_Guy


    This is stunningly insightful:
  3. No, CNN and the atheists are just going around saying we kill gay kids.
  4. I find the fact that the Church is ticking off the right people, strangely faith-affirming.
  5. My understanding is that this forum was started by @Heather as LDS Chat back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and eventually LDS.net became a project of the More Good Foundation and its name was changed to MormonHub, and then Third Hour. I believe the site rules are in the same form they were before the merger, though I wasn’t around then. MGF pretty much delegates the management of this forum to @pam, and for the most part she and us other mods have a pretty free hand in the management of the forum—except that I believe MGF has installed an algorithm so that when one of their columnists (which my auto-correct just tried to change to “communists”—tee, hee) publishes something, a new thread about that column automatically pops under here (courtesy of some sort of algorithm, I think).
  6. Just_A_Guy

    Seminary Curriculum switching to Come Follow Me.

    One revelation from the video clip at that link: Elder Holland uses a smart watch. Is that a Fitbit Versa?
  7. So is the surprise here that CNN has done a couple of decent articles—or that @Vort reads them?
  8. Folks who profess an interest in building “communities”—whether social progressives, or 3H officials—often have a surprising disregard for, and even contempt of, the little actions and traditions that actually forge communities and bind them together. More’s the pity. You arent going to build the Restored Gospel by running away from your founding beliefs and trying to blend in with your contemporaries. The ancient Israelites took fifteen hundred years to figure it out—but they finally did, and it’s a crying shame we can’t take some hints from them and figure out how to avoid the fleshpots of latter-day Babylon. Sorry to be so prickly here, but I just spent the last two hours analyzing police reports, victim statements, medical examiner reports—the works—from a case where a ten-year old and an eight-year-old gang-raped a five-year old, including sodomizing her with a power impact driver. The boys got the idea from their dads’ porn flicks. Accommodate the sensitivities of this miserable, self-worshipping, sex-obsessed, prophet-killing, baby-aborting culture? To Hades with that. They can accommodate us for once in their execrable lives, thank God that He has not yet poured the fulness of His wrath out on them, and consider the possibility that they ought to repent and get out of the house of horrors they’ve constructed for themselves. Has anyone considered that “Praise To The Man” is a giant and well-deserved middle finger, proudly and intentionally displayed to a modern wreck of westernized culture that refused and refuses to admit that the emperor has no clothes? If assimilation becomes our goal, we’re done. And we’ll deserve to be done. Politeness is all well and good, but in a big way we were sent to be offensive—not to hide in dark corners navel-gazing about why people don’t like us more.
  9. Sure; let’s quit saying/singing something that’s fundamentally true just because it makes Babylon uncomfortable. I’ll save that one in my “what-could-possibly-go-wrong-with-that?” file.
  10. Just_A_Guy

    Nonbeliever's questions about your faith

    Hold on, I’m still working on my ne plus ultra.
  11. Fair enough. I’m not trying to convert you; I’m just trying to help you learn the lingo so you can understand where your girlfriend *might* be coming from.
  12. Perfectly understandable; but . . . you're considering marriage with her?
  13. “Saints”, “body of Christ”, and “church of Christ” can be ambiguous terms in LDS discourse and scripture. In one sense, all sincere followers of Christ have felt some measure of His redeeming power and can be said to collectively be a part of the “church of Christ”; and this approach can be found in the Bible as well as the Book of Mormon. But our belief is that to maximize the benefits of the salvation Christ offers in the here-and-now, and to make our salvation complete through the eternities, there are certain “ordinances” (i.e. rituals or liturgies) that one needs to go through, covenants one needs to make, and lifestyles one needs to adopt. Thus, we also (confusingly) use the terms “saint” or “Church of God/Christ/the Lamb/Firstborn” to apply specifically to that group of individuals who have accepted the particular doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, have received (or are preparing to receive) its ordinances and covenants, and are sincerely trying to pattern their lives in accordance with the Church's teachings. That’s the perspective @Vort is speaking from, and frankly he’s right: if your girlfriend takes her church’s teachings at all seriously, then her relationship with the Church as an institution is probably not completely severable from her concept of her own relationship with Christ. But again: individuals will vary; and the best approach here is for you to just ask her.
  14. @Vort, your language is picturesque, as always.