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  1. Just_A_Guy

    Important Taylor Swift graph

    It’s only a “failed relationship” if you got married.
  2. BSA leadership told the Church (and numerous other stakeholders) that they wouldn’t change heir policy . . . And then they did, by ramming through a vote when they knew the Church delegation to the national board would be gone. BSA leadership told GSUSA that they wouldn’t admit girls . . . And then they did. BSA leadership heavily leveraged itself financially to build its Summit Bechtel location—which, frankly, they didn’t need; but which was a tremendous ego boost for the leadership. They have squandered vast resources of cash, property, and goodwill; leaving themselves now as socially and financially vulnerable and non-viable as they’ve ever been in their hundred-year history. And of course, the council burro-clowns are consistently about as helpful as another hole in the head; and the whole organization has been gouging its membership with useless program, manual, and uniform updates for decades. I have no idea exactly in what ways Ballard feels the BSA left the Church; but to my mind, it has little to do with gender issues specifically. It has to do with the fact that BSA leadership doesn’t believe in their own product. They are not trustworthy; they are not loyal; they are only occasionally helpful or friendly or courteous or kind; they despise obedience to any person, institution or principle worth obeying; they are unreliably cheerful; the opposite of thrifty; cowardly; filthy; and blasphemous. And in my (admittedly) limited experience with non-LDS scouting: the boys know it. They are dismissive of the vestigial character-building aspects of the program and largely see the BSA as a chance to get away from their parents and go play with knives and tell each other dirty jokes. We can, and will, do better.
  3. Just_A_Guy

    Incomplete Crime...

    No, I was toying with some of the same questions. But I believe these statutory innovations are mostly tracking/formalizing the common law approach to inchoate offenses. It’s been a few years since I took Criminal Procedure, though.
  4. Just_A_Guy

    Incomplete Crime...

    Put the knives away, @anatess2; we’re generally on the same side here. I don’t support impeachment; and I couldn’t even tell you what party or state Swalwell is from without looking it up. I have no idea if Swalwell is someone worth apologizing for or not. All I “know” is that you suggested Swalwell had betrayed a lack of even middle-school level knowledge of civics. Now, you clarify by stating that it’s because Swalwell obviously didn’t know the precise nature of Richard Reid’s convictions. I’ll let the readers judge for themselves as to whether Reid’s specific rap sheet is indeed a matter of standard middle school civics curricula; though I will note for the record that Wikipedia claims Reid went down on eight convictions (to which I have added some emphasis in bold) —Attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, —Attempted homicide, —Placing or transporting an explosive or incendiary device on an aircraft or public mass transportation vehicle, —Attempted murder, —2 counts of interference with flight crew members and attendants on an aircraft —Attempted destruction of an aircraft or public mass transportation vehicle —Using a destructive device during and in relation to a crime of violence, and —Attempted destruction of an aircraft Thus, only three of eight convictions were completed crimes; and Reid would be cooling his heel in a federal pen with or without those particular convictions. (And yeah, Swalwell’s discussion of “crime” is obviously inapposite, since one can theoretically be impeached without committing any crime at all. The salient point is that if someone tries to do something bad, and fails; that doesn’t mean we should overlook the fact that they tried to do a bad thing.)
  5. Perhaps I’m being overly pedantic (or snobbishly legalistic), but it seems to me that much of what we call “testimony” in the church could more accurately be described as “extemporaneous inspired catechism”. There’s a place for that, sure; but I think we often fail those to whom we seek to minister when we offer our catechisms to people who were starving for our testimonies.
  6. Once I start playing the “why did he say what he said?” or “what did she really mean” game, there’s no logical stopping point until sink into a sort of nihilism wherein I don’t believe anyone about anything. Speaking generally: sure, peer pressure to testify of the Church—or the Gospel—or Jesus—or one’s love for one’s family—is always a potential factor. But I think I owe it to most people to at least go into an encounter taking what they say at face value. If I want to dig a little deeper, and it’s important to me; I can always take them aside one-on-one later to ask them to clarify or provide additional perspective. Personally, I avoid the phrase “I know the church is true”—first, because I generally avoid the phrase “I know” in testimonies (I believe far more than I know); and second, because the more I parse the phrase the less I understand what “the church is true” actually means. (That the prophet is a bona fide prophet? Fine, say that. That there is safety in adhering to and living the lifestyle the Church promotes? Fine, say that. That the Church has a unique claim to divine favor and inspiration and authority? Fine, say that. But I don’t know what “the Church is true” means, anymore than I know what “the American Bar Association is true” means.)
  7. Just_A_Guy

    Incomplete Crime...

    I don’t quite follow the point you’re trying to make. If you think there’s such a thing as being punished for an “incomplete crime” in the US . . . Good. So does Rep. Swalwell, and I don’t understand why you’re reaming into him since he was fundamentally right in principle (if not in terminology or in application). If you don’t think there’s such a thing as being punished for an “incomplete crime” in the US . . . then you’re wrong. We convict for attempted murder, attempted rape, attempted battery, attempted DUI, attempted extortion . . . and on, and on, and on.
  8. Just_A_Guy

    Incomplete Crime...

    Is this an objection to form, or substance? In the US, inchoate crimes are discussed in law schools—and punished in courtrooms—daily.
  9. Just_A_Guy

    Activity Days - Out of Control

    So this isn’t Sunday lessons; it’s the midweek meetings? And, what are their parents doing there?
  10. Just_A_Guy


    The NET Bible includes the following thought-provoking note at this verse: ”God becomes Cain’s protector. Here is common grace - Cain and his community will live on under God’s care, but without salvation.”
  11. Just_A_Guy

    Not believing in the traditional Christ

    I’m not sure to what degree Joseph Smith may have taught this; but Brigham Young certainly did. This is understood from the Bible, not only by the Latter-day Saints, but also by the Christian world. Jesus Christ, first begotten of the Father, of all the rest of the children, and of all they possess, alone is the lawful heir. This is no mystery. —Journal of Discourses 6:307
  12. I had plenty of non-LDS family members who gifted me money when I left on my LDS mission; and I’ve always figured I’d do the same for them. If their ministry were explicitly anti-Mormon, I might elect in lieu of cash to give them something they could personally use no matter what they were doing (a good pair of shoes or a winter coat or luggage or something like that) . . .
  13. Just_A_Guy

    Excommunication and Sealings

    bnthome, may I respectfully ask what you think it means to be “sealed” to your children?
  14. Just_A_Guy

    What LGBTQ+ hath wrot

    Pass the CBD around!