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  1. Just_A_Guy

    The Law of Consecration and Stewardship

    1) What is the source for the claim that the GAs live the Law of Consecration? (I’m not disputing it, necessarily; but this seems to be one of those things that everybody knows but no one can source.) 2) FWIW, property records in Davis and Salt Lake Counties are online, and searchable by owner name; and several members of the Q15 are on there as owning homes in their own names or under family trusts.
  2. Just_A_Guy

    Freedom, Family, and The Gospel

    Meh. A little skeptical questioning on the forums keeps our apologetic abilities sharp. A little dishonesty/disingenuity by a supposed “Christian”, reminds us of who we’re dealing with. My issue (speaking personally) is when some anti or wannabe preacher insists on making themselves the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral. Hijacking threads (as seems to have happened here), is just tacky.
  3. Just_A_Guy

    Maxwell Institute Study Edition of BOM

    I have it, and while I don’t quite understand the effusive praises heaped upon it from academic types—I have found it a useful tool in my scripture study. The official BOM edition has so many footnotes that it kind of becomes overkill, and it’s easy to tune them out entirely. In my experience the notes in the MI edition have tended to either highlight differences between the original MSS/printer’s MSS/modern edition (which as a bit of a pedant, I find fascinating), or else highlight the places where BoM authors are drawing on the Old Testament. My use of the MI edition has reiterated to me just how scripturally-literate the BoM authors were and how certain OT themes dominated their own thinking. This probably isn’t The One LDS-oriented book to buy this year. But if you’re in the habit of buying a new LDS-oriented book every month or two anyways—I’d say this would be a useful addition to your library.
  4. Just_A_Guy

    Should POTUS/Senate push through SCOTUS judge?

    Hmm. You mean, your opponents tried to get your buy-in by promising not to do something, and then they went ahead did it anyways the first chance they got? Yeah, welcome to my world. For better and for worse: the days where Democrats could flagrantly lie in their negotiations with Republicans (“gays just want to be left alone, they don’t want *marriage*!“ “gay marriage doesn’t mean you have to agree with it!” “gay marriage will certainly never have repercussions for free exercise of religion!” “just legalize the aliens who are already here and we *promise* we’ll get tough on border security!” “no, we’ll totally support the military while it goes after the SOBs who perpetrated 9/11!” “we want abortion to be safe, rare, and legal; we certainly don’t celebrate it!” “we just want to remove the statues of Confederates; of *course* we continue to revere Washington and Adams and Jefferson and Madison and Lincoln!” “We believe in treating people the same regardless of race” “We have no intention of nationalizing the health care industry!”) while simultaneously expecting Republicans to keep their own promises regardless of cost, are now over.
  5. Just_A_Guy

    Should POTUS/Senate push through SCOTUS judge?

    Dems are gonna dem. But it sounds like several GOP senators spoke carelessly in 2016 during the Garland nomination process, and now those remarks are coming back to haunt them. I know that on my Facebook feed a lot of my progressive friends are professing shock and horror that conservatives would have actually lied to them about their future agenda; and I’m just like “Hmm. You mean, your opponents tried to get your buy-in by promising not to do something, and then they went ahead did it anyways the first chance they got? Yeah, welcome to my world”. Country’s still screwed, though. The two most schadenfreudelicious scenarios are: 1). Trump tried to buy Romney’s support by nominating Mike Lee. 2). Within the next week, 3 or 4 more GOP squish-senators join Collins and Murkowski in refusing to confirm a successor for Ginsburg pre-election, whereupon Trump nominates . . . Merrick Garland, who is rejected in mid-October by a party-line vote with all Dems voting to confirm. The Dem hypocracy having been fully exposed, Trump next nominates a solid conservative who is confirmed prior to Election Day.
  6. The part I’ve bolded, is the part that caught my attention. How many girls have you had “kissing sessions” with? Of those girls, how many of the relationships turned out to be “secure”? Answer: unless you are now married, the answer is zero. You didn’t have a secure relationship with any of those girls. If you had, the relationship wouldn’t have ended. So now, you’ve got a bunch of failed relationships where either you, the girl involved—or both of you—thought it was serious and committed, and it really wasn’t. And so the breakup becomes, not an amicable parting of two good people who on further investigation simply turned out to be incompatible; but a betrayal, a reminder of unmet expectations and unkept promises. All of that leaves a mark, psychologically and spiritually. It impacts the way we bond, and the quality of future relationships. God doesn’t want us to play around with people’s emotions like that just for the sake of a cheap semi-sexual thrill. And we aren’t really doing ourselves any favors with that kind of thing, either. I’m not saying we should never kiss anyone we don’t plan to marry. But I am suggesting that physicality cannot be cavalierly transactionalized without, to some degree, stunting our ability to form and enjoy and maintain meaningful relationships in the future. Fully restoring that ability—viz, repentance—is not an easy or a pleasant or a short process.
  7. Just_A_Guy

    How would you answer this?

    My two cents, FWIW: I don’t think it’s a terrible idea in the abstract. But we have to look at how such a program would fit in the real world where a) the program would be operating in tandem with TANF and other welfare cash-assistance programs, and b) the current widespread belief that *everyone* is due a “living wage”, and the growing popularity of ideas like “universal basic income” that are not related to work at all. Current government programs, if properly used, are enough to endure that people won’t go hungry (they will certainly have other needs, but hunger isn’t one of them). And frankly, progressives over the past thirty or forty years have developed a nasty habit of lying about what they *really* want. Implementation of a modern CCC-type program that supplemented, rather than replaced, existing welfare programs, would lead me to conclude that what progressives probably really want is to lock up labor in order to muscle out management and ultimately nationalize certain key industries. Incidentally, my grandfather worked in a CCC camp in the 1930s. It was great for him, until he got into a personal dispute with his camp supervisor and became the target of some false accusations—and because it was a federal program, after getting booted from the CCC locally he was pretty much unemployable by the CCC anywhere in the country (he moved around a lot). The camp super who fired him, meanwhile, was accountable to no one.
  8. You mean, in pioneer Michigan? Or Oregon? California? Or are we still talking about Utah?
  9. (I wish I’d saved the cite, but Brigham Young actually gave some sermons/wrote some letters warning men not to marry girls who were too young. Also: While gender balances in Utah territory were more-or-less equal, gender balances in Utah *within the Church* were very much weighted towards females. As unappealing as a marriage to a fifty-year-old graybeard may have been, devout LDS teenaged girls may well have found it preferable to marriage to a younger man who was also a violence-prone miner or a hard-drinking soldier or a VD-infested traveling salesman—or who just plain couldn’t or wouldn’t make temple covenants with her. This was pre-Disney; a time in American history when “love” was perceived as a relationship you consciously created through behavior rather than a state of physical attraction/obsession that you could fall in and out of.)
  10. The Babylon Bee is on point here: https://babylonbee.com/news/new-netflix-movie-actually-murders-puppies-to-teach-that-murdering-puppies-is-bad
  11. Just_A_Guy

    Getting Out of a Business Partnership

    I completely agree with you. It’s one thing to fully find a business and then dole out one’s share of profits as one sees fit. It’s another thing to bring outsiders into the inner circle of a business where you’ll be forced to deal with their possible ineptitude/malice/graft/bad advice/inability to play nice/theft of trade secrets, etc. I’d get out now, before things get really ugly (as you seem to sense that they will). I don’t know that you need to go so far as to withdraw your moral support (or use of your shed) just because you don’t like how he plans to (ethically) develop/market a product that you know to be good. I’d be more concerned about when (or if!) I’m going to get my shed back, whether they’re going to be responsible tenants, and/or whether their use of my property may somehow create an impression that I’m involved in the venture and/or expose me to liability for any resulting debts accidents or other misadventures. So, I’d probably talk to a lawyer and to my homeowner’s insurance carrier; and if you chose to keep letting them use your shed I’d get them to sign a commercial real estate lease even if the rent is only something token like $1/month.
  12. Just_A_Guy

    The power and keys of ministry

    James was John’s brother, not Peter’s. The last sentence in the quotation you offer represents a shift in audience. It is John, not Peter, who is to be a minister for the other two; perhaps because John who—unlike the other two—will not die, and therefore can do things and go to places and times that the other two simply can’t.
  13. Just_A_Guy

    How would you answer this?

    1. I think I’ve provided this link before when that quotation was offered. It’s worth a read. 2. It’s easy to speak dismissively of the “red scare”, but Benson saw it up close and personal through his postwar humanitarian assignment. He saw the iron curtain descend. He saw free governments deliberately destabilized, families torn apart, people imprisoned and tortured and sent to slave camps, livelihoods and economies destroyed, churches involuntarily shuttered or spied upon, LDS congregations taking sacraments of potato peels because there was no bread to be had, and (though I’m not aware he ever spoke of this, it’s a statistical certainty given what we know of how Soviet troops behaved as they rampaged through Germany and Poland) women who had been raped, often repeatedly, by their socialist occupiers. The “red scare” is not some quaint quirk of 1950s Americana. Socialism, both in its “national socialist” guise and in its “communist” guise, had done more to create hell on earth than any other ideology of the 20th century—and we had a media who wasn’t afraid to come right out and say that. Moreover, if we look at the link I provided, we’ll see that even Priesthood and Church Government contained sentiments about taxation very like those that Benson expressed thirty years later. 3. Yup. This is why we can’t have nice things in the Church. 4. Agreed.
  14. We dumped Netflix about a year ago, just because their offerings weren’t that consistently great (and we wanted to wean our kids off My Little Pony). I’m not sure Disney would be an improvement—they’ve gone pretty Woke and now seem to be in the ChiComs’ pocket as well. We still have Amazon Prime, but surprisingly (given COVID) we find that neither our kids, nor we, have had a lot of interest in streaming media this summer.
  15. Just_A_Guy

    This is HUGE! Temple Prayer Roll

    I earned $20,000 last month working from home. Ask me how!!!!