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  1. Well, I was never comfortable with the idea of a nationalized healthcare system with every citizen’s critical health data being kept in a nationally-managed database—but I have to admit that even I wasn’t keeping this particular contingency in my “what-could-possibly-go-wrong?” file . . .
  2. Frankly, the decision to pay ransom (or not) depends on large part on what your alternatives are. If Moroni hadn’t known where the Lamanites were keeping the captive Nephites (or was satisfied that their prison was impregnable), he may have been much more willing to do a deal.
  3. Just_A_Guy

    More BSA misery

    AFAIK individual troops can choose whether to be integrated or coed. There are pedagogical advantages to having a boys-only or girls-only program; but at this point I see the debate as more of a social/institutional issue. There is a remarkable series of events that tends to happen when women seek entry to a previously male-dominated institution like a university, or a corporate boardroom, or a sports team, or an armed service: 1). The institution works fabulously well, giving material prosperity and/or prestige to its participants. 2). Women seek an equal share of the prestige and prosperity created by such institutions, and therefore apply for admission to those institutions. 3). The institutions resist, noting that the institutions were designed by males for males and that women may find themselves feeling out-of-place in the institutions as-designed. 4). Females reply that their own feelings are their own affair and that they aren’t looking to change anything about the institutions, but that the institutions have a moral duty to admit anyone who wants to participate in the institution as it is. 5). The institutions give in and admit females. 6). Females find themselves feeling out-of-place in the institutions as-designed, and express discontent. 7). Males in institution say “well, we told you so. If you don’t like it, leave.” Life goes on. Haha, no. Affronted women complain of institutional misogyny. Said institution engages in public navel-gazing and contrition about how it has failed to meet the needs of today’s women. Institution radically reforms, to the point that its original raison d’etre is suborned by “inclusiveness”. Bonus points for use of the terms “privilege”, “colonization”, “systemic injustice”, and/or any noun or participial adjective preceded by “cis-“. 8 ). End result: a ginormous institution that doesn’t really know why it exists and slowly exhausts its store of social and financial capital accomplishing nothing in particular—but accomplishing it in a beautifully inclusive way.
  4. Just_A_Guy

    More BSA misery

    That’s a pretty good metaphor, actually. Though people do often treat each other pretty badly in the run-up to a divorce, and I think BSA also treated the Church (and others) pretty shoddily in terms of broken promises, procedural tomfoolery in the National Council decision-making process, overpaid executives who didn’t deliver what our programs needed, and our units and their supporting wards perpetually being the subjects of squeezing—err, fundraising—via the “Friends of Scouting” program. Some of us Mormon scouters also got a bit of “you need us more than we need you!” grief from BSA flunkies; so there’s a certain element of catharsis in watching the thing implode. Seeing your nemesis finally get their comeuppance is a legitimate part of healing from PTSD, isn’t it?
  5. Just_A_Guy

    Book of Mormon Vocabulary

    Whereabouts, in 2 Nephi, is the 40,000th word? You do see more extensive quoting of Isaiah in 2 Nephi (1 Nephi quoted extensively from what textual critics would call “Deutero-Isaiah”, but in 2 Nephi we see extensive quotation from textual critics would call “First Isaiah”). You also see quotations of extensive sermons from Nephi’s father Lehi and brother Jacob, who (I believe, speaking anecdotally) have different voices than Nephi’s. (Lehi at 2 Ne 1-3, Jacob at 2 Ne 6-10, Isaiah at 2 Ne 12-24). As far as the production of the modern text goes: the scholarly consensus is that Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery produced the first part of the current Book of Mormon (1 Nephi through Words of Mormon) last. We know that early on in producing the text, Smith rotated through a wide variety of scribes; so one might expect to see a lot of new words popping up in the books of Mosiah and maybe Alma. But Smith and Cowdery had been working together for some time when they finally got around to producing 2 Nephi; and if you assume that they are the actual authors (as opposed to translators/revelators) of the text—there seems to be little reason to expect that 2 Nephi would materially differ from their earlier work product. Grant Hardy of the University of North Carolina-Asheville has written a book called “Understanding the Book of Mormon” that delves into these kinds of issues, which you may enjoy.
  6. Just_A_Guy

    Michael Stone

    An intriguing quote I came across a couple of months ago, with a number of layers of interpretation: ”The criminal justice system doesn’t exist to protect society from criminals. It exists to protect criminals from society.”
  7. Just_A_Guy

    Commercial Racism

    In most reports of anti-Asian violence that I’ve seen lately, the race of the attacker has been fastidiously omitted. I can take a guess, based on the fact that the pseudonym you offered for her is not exactly a traditional Anglo-Saxon name, but . . . yeah.
  8. Just_A_Guy

    Commercial Racism

    I’d vote for “fired”. And the company needs to be sued, and the media alerted, if you don’t get proof that it’s happened. This is not someone who was simply “uneducated” or didn’t take enough sensitivity trainings. She went out of her way to be cruel. So, make it hurt. She needs to remember you, viscerally. By the way—what was “Shayna’s” race?
  9. Just_A_Guy

    Matthew 11:29 - 30

    Actually, it wasn’t. That’s anti-Semitic claptrap that was invented by Luther and his intellectual heirs to try to gain a moral edge over their Catholic foes. Jews of the first century CE understood “grace” surprisingly well; they simply saw it as being mediated through scripture itself rather than in the form of God-made-flesh. In a parallel vein, Christians of the first century were covenant-oriented in a way that would make the modern Protestant cheap-gracers weep piteously.
  10. Just_A_Guy

    Queer sister speaks at 2021 BYU Women's Conference

    1. Good. And of course, heterosexual LDS members have the advantage that there has not been a broadly publicized, well-funded movement with support in academia and the mental health professions that has specifically targeted LDS youth and insisted that heterosexual Church members will never find fulfillment and meaning within the confines of the law of chastity. 2. How is a propensity to any sort of behavior a “choice”? I’ll agree that dispositions or predilections can be reinforced by the consequences of prior behavior—but this is also true to some degree in matters of sexual predisposition; which is one reason that the number of youth identifying as LGBTQ has (IIRC) doubled or tripled over the past fifteen years. (And also why we’ve seen numerous reports of transgender teens who, once removed from their school peer groups due to COVID, decided that they were actually cisgender after all.) Anyone who says “I am this way and I have no need to change, and you need to acknowledge that I have no need to change”, is practically by definition seeking validation. 3. “Brainwashed”? There was something wrong with them (and with all of us). They (and we) want to sin. And . . . is the modern trend of them just committing suicide, supposed to be better than whatever we had decades ago? “Better dead than closeted”—is that the mantra now? And, we’re just going to give a pass to the LGBTQ advocates (and the rest of the proponents of the sexual revolution) who for decades said “your life will never be truly fulfilling or meaningful or worthwhile unless you’re getting laid, when you want, with whoever you want”? We’re going to rewrite history and pretend that LGBTQ advocates were just fine, all along, with the Church’s insistence on celibacy for gay members; and that it was the big bad Mormon Church telling chaste LGBTQ members that they had no place among us? 4. The same as the rest of us. Our hearts. Our desires. 2 Nephi 4:31-32. Mosiah 3:19. Mosiah 5:2. Alma 5:12-14. I don’t deny that, especially in matters of sexual orientation, it can be gut-wrenchingly hard (in some cases, impossible in mortality) to completely get there. But if we don’t want that change, we’re not saints. And I think the Church membership generally is entitled to know that any given nominal member at least wants it—Mosiah 18:10, and all that.
  11. Just_A_Guy

    Queer sister speaks at 2021 BYU Women's Conference

    Granted as to bisexual folk (but then, why would they need the Church to acknowledge or accommodate them at all, if they can happily be in a straight marriage? It’s like me insisting the Church acknowledge that I could get very rich in a life of crime, while ostensibly declaring that I have no intent to ever break the law. I could do it, but . . . why?) But otherwise—You’ve never, ever, in decades of online discussion participation, seen someone suggest that the Church’s demand that gay folks *not* participate in gay sex is contrary to their emotional, psychological, or even neurological health? Is that what I am to understand you to say?
  12. Just_A_Guy

    Queer sister speaks at 2021 BYU Women's Conference

    1. I was referring specifically to the parts of your post that I had quoted. I hope many LGBTQ members are enjoying happy, fulfilling lives by seeking to be disciples of Christ and earnestly striving to follow all His commandments, not excluding (and of course, not limited to) the Law of Chastity. 2. The thing is, while I acknowledge that their situations are unique—they are not the only people who struggle with some kind of propensity for sin. What other group of people in the Church who are afflicted with a common weakness, have ever sought validation for the weakness itself and affirmed a hope that the weakness—even if not acted upon—remain a part of their mortal identity? Porn users like myself, don’t. Habitual cussers (also like myself), don’t. Bad spouses and inadequate parents (also like myself), don’t. Drug users, don’t. People who are attracted to children, don’t. Where is the theological or ecclesiastical precedent for this? 3. Yes, but teenagers have walked this road through time immemorial; including in the 1970s and 1980s when Church leaders and institutions were saying and doing some very shocking things. Yet the suicide epidemic came, not in 1975 or 1985; but in the early 2000s as the gay rights movement caught fire. The trauma isn’t in being taught sound doctrine or being held to the behavioral norms that logically flow from that doctrine. The trauma is in the tension between sound doctrine on the one hand, versus distorted definitions of self-worth and self-fulfillment and the meaning of life on the other hand. 4. I didn’t think we needed to debate the question of whether lifelong fulfillment can be found in celibacy, because your last post seemed to acknowledge—indeed, seemed premised upon—the idea that this is something that is indeed happening in the Church on a widespread basis. To the extent that a truly committed, obedient, chaste person finds ostracism in the LDS community upon announcing themselves as LGBTQ and insisting that they have no inclination to have that change—the result, I think, isn’t a factor of cultural homophobia. It’s a factor of the generalized LDS belief that it is both possible and imperative to use the Atonement to at least try to change one’s sinful nature; in conjunction with a sense of bewilderment as to why someone wouldn’t even try to use the Atonement to at least hope for a purification of their nature, while still demanding the privilege of acceptance in a community that is under covenant to do just that.
  13. Just_A_Guy

    Queer sister speaks at 2021 BYU Women's Conference

    Suzie, I hope what you say is true. But the thing is, for the last thirty years the party line has been that what you describe—a LGBTQ individual finding contented fulfillment in a lifelong commitment to celibacy—is emotionally, psychologically, neurologically, evolutionarily impossible. And a lot of us are kinda wondering why it’s so desperately important for us to know that a person is deeply tempted to commit a sin he has sworn never to commit, unless he indeed characterizes the issue as a “struggle” and wants third parties to support him in that struggle.
  14. Just_A_Guy

    No more taxes for $400k and under

    I’d shut down the thread for political discussion, but first I want to hear more about @LDSGator’s Beanie Baby collection.
  15. Just_A_Guy

    More BSA misery

    Update: Official membership figures haven’t been released yet; but scuttlebutt is that BSA youth membership is now under 750,000 as of the end of March—this, down from 2.2 million at the end of 2019 and 1.1 million as of March 2020. These are numbers the BSA hasn’t seen since the 1930s. The Church’s withdrawal, the lawsuits/bankruptcy, and COVID seem to have created the perfect storm for the BSA.