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  1. Still_Small_Voice

    Like In The Days of Noah

    I am going back to the original topic. It was my understanding in the days of Noah that there was violence everywhere, a lot of wars. It has not gotten that way yet in our world but it is slowly getting worse. And there is also this: "And God saw that the wickedness of men had become great in the earth; and every man was lifted up in the imagination of the thoughts of his heart, being only evil continually." -- Moses 8:22 There are many wicked among us in America but I believe there is also a spiritual awakening going on right now turning people back to the LORD.
  2. Still_Small_Voice

    The Voice of the People

    "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." ― Benjamin Franklin
  3. Still_Small_Voice

    Mid-term election Predictions

    A federal ministry of truth they are trying to create needs to be fought against by everyone. It will nearly or completely destroy freedom of speech.
  4. Still_Small_Voice

    Mid-term election Predictions

    It has become an unholy sacrament to some people on the left. Abortions for any reason are to be celebrated. People glorying in these extremely shameful activities. It is a culture of death that I hope most Americans reject.
  5. Still_Small_Voice

    Sacrament Meeting Fail

    Open mouth and insert foot. Ouch.
  6. Still_Small_Voice

    Donny Osmond

    That is an amusing picture. Thanks for posting it.
  7. Still_Small_Voice

    What is something good that happened to you today?

    We got a 90 cents off per gallon coupon on gasoline. We bought close 17.5 gallons at close to $3.56 per gallon. Both of our cars have full tanks now.
  8. Still_Small_Voice

    Mid-term election Predictions

    What I found highly amusing was Joe Biden saying he was ready to run for the office of president again in 2024. The delusional man does not see how much he is disliked across this nation and how mentally defective and incapable he is.
  9. Still_Small_Voice

    How are all the unfilled jobs affecting you?

    From my understanding we are about to see more supply chain shortages on anything made in China. They have locked down about forty-five cities in China from another disease outbreak. As of April 19th they were still on tyrant lock downs with people not even allowed to leave their homes.
  10. Still_Small_Voice

    two questions re. the Atonement

    Sin also causes suffering. Spiritual death is caused by our sins, but consequences follow actions. Where this is sin, there will be suffering.
  11. Still_Small_Voice

    Romans 16:7 - Itching Ears

    The scriptures that the original poster put up can be easily understood. The below scriptures and many other that have "predestined" or "predestination" in them in the New Testament are in error. We know through modern revelation that there is no predestination to a kingdom of glory or hell. Ephesians chapter 1: 4 He hath chosen is in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, 5 having predestined us to be His own adopted children by Jesus Christ, according to the good pleasure of His will, 11 In Christ also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestined according to the purpose of Him who worketh all things after the counsel of His own will, 12 that we, who first trusted in Christ, should be to the praise of His glory. ================================ Whenever I read "predestined" or "predestination" in the New Testament I replace the word with "foreordained" in the verse.
  12. Still_Small_Voice

    Student Loan Forgiveness Antireligious?

    I warn my children that if you get these college loans you are likely stuck with this debt until you pay it off or you die. There is no bankruptcy (and this is immoral in my opinion). My daughter seems bound and determined to get over $45,000 worth of education at a school when she could be paying a lower cost for the same education somewhere else.
  13. Still_Small_Voice

    Elder Holland talk April 2022

    I was reading through the comments on YouTube with Elder Oaks talk reaffirming The Family, A Proclamation to the World. Most were positive but some were negative. One said they would be removing their records from Christ's Restored Church. This is a close quote on one of the comments: The truths of God and His commandments are immovable. President Oaks said exactly what needed to be said, and he did so lovingly, but without ambiguity. The scriptures teach us to pursue the atonement of Jesus Christ and become more than what we were born into this world. We all have personal struggles, many times which seem insurmountable, but we really need to choose to become something much more than we currently are. "I was born this way." Yes, perhaps that is the case. But the Lord Jesus Christ did not suffer a horrific torture and death for us to remain complacent to our state of being. He did so that our sins and imperfections are paid for if we pursue repentance. Repentance is change, it is not punishment. We really need to choose to follow the Lord's example in living the way God our Father asks us to. This will transform us from a lesser to a much greater and best version of who we really are as children of God. "Nevertheless, thou mayest choose for thyself for it is given unto thee."
  14. Still_Small_Voice

    Justice Breyer to retire

    It is not socialism I think the tyrants are aiming for anymore. They are aiming for a perverted form of capitalism that is combined with a totalitarian government. Look at the Chinese government and this is the new model in my opinion.
  15. Still_Small_Voice

    Disney wokeness

    Thank goodness there are alternative movies that do not bow to the perversion and racism crowds out there now. One is Darren Southam's Reign of Judges, A New Freedom movie coming out this year.