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  1. Still_Small_Voice

    The future

    I disagree. There are many oppressive governments that have taken far more from their people then the current United States government in history. But there is a corrupting rot in the Federal government and in some State governments. Many things won't get better until a larger number of people turn to God and ask [Him] to heal our land.
  2. Still_Small_Voice

    What to expect from the 2020 April general conference

    I would also really like to see The Family, A Proclamation to the World and The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles added to the Doctrine & Covenants scripture.
  3. Still_Small_Voice

    Career Change - Advice?

    I am a Level 2 Information Technology Technician. My job duties are mainly the following: * Computer operating system installs * Data back up from personal computers * Software installation and troubleshooting * Computer hardware troubleshooting * Warranty claims for hardware replacement With my wages and my wife's income we make enough to survive and save some toward retirement. Wage information I have found is just too general financial information to get a specific financial picture since the cost of living varies so much across the country. Then there is debt people incur to pay for items they want. If you make $110,000 per year but have a $4,500 per month home mortgage, pay a $1,500 per month for two car payments, have a boat you financed at around $900 per month and other multiple debts you are paying on then you are not doing so good financially.
  4. Still_Small_Voice

    Ideas for surviving in "bunker mode"

    Sorry this happened to you Backroads. I really hope you get all of your money back. This re-affirms a belief I have on keeping some cash in your house hidden safely for situations like this. If you can in the future get $500 to $1,000 in cash reserves in your house. Keep a few fifties, and some twenties, tens and about fifteen one dollar bills for bad situations. Also do what others have suggested and talk to your Bishop about your situation. I hope all works out well for you.
  5. Still_Small_Voice

    It is time...

    I was thinking it was time to change the oil in my car or time to go out to the shooting range. I was wrong.
  6. Still_Small_Voice

    So who’s going?

    The day came and went and nothing spectacular happened as I thought. A bunch of basement dwellers who would not get off the sofa to go for a two mile walk were going to storm Area 51 where deadly force is authorized to protect the borders. Yep no surprise.
  7. Still_Small_Voice

    Ezra Taft Benson was right.

    These people may attend church or church socials but they are not in the Kingdom of God. Hopefully they will repent and turn to God so Christ may heal them before they depart this mortal life.
  8. Where does most of the Earth's Oxygen come from? Scientists agree that there’s oxygen from ocean plants in every breath we take. Most of this oxygen comes from tiny ocean plants – called phytoplankton – that live near the water’s surface and drift with the currents. Like all plants, they photosynthesize – that is, they use sunlight and carbon dioxide to make food. A byproduct of photosynthesis is oxygen. Scientists believe that phytoplankton contribute between 50 to 85 percent of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere. They aren’t sure because it’s a tough thing to calculate. Read more if you find this subject interesting at:
  9. Still_Small_Voice

    The average American 401(k) balance by age

    Do not also forget to figure in inflation (the devaluing of the America dollar). About every 18 to 20 years your money loses half of its purchasing power.
  10. Still_Small_Voice

    No Guns in Sacrament Meeting—We Mean It This Time!!!

    Personally I do not care if other good people ignore what this new policy says about firearms. It is a feel good provision that will do nothing to stop someone who wants to maliciously hurt others. If you feel the desire to carry a firearm in church and have the proper training to do so no one is going to search you and very likely no one will know. Do whatever the LORD reveals to you on the subject.
  11. Still_Small_Voice

    No Guns in Sacrament Meeting—We Mean It This Time!!!

    KScience, just so you know the United States and the United Kingdom count murders differently according to the information I found. In the United States we count murders that are unsolved and have no convictions, but the United Kingdom does not. If a murder has no conviction or is unsolved they do not count it in the United Kingdom. This also makes comparing the murder rate like comparing apples and oranges in these two countries.
  12. Still_Small_Voice

    Secular Society

    Wrong thread. Deleted
  13. Still_Small_Voice

    The average American 401(k) balance by age

    Rejoice with me! I just got a letter in the mail from my company. It said that we would get a profit share from our company that I work at. I will be given around $1,350 deposited into an Individual Retirement Account. This made me very happy today. I do not ever remember getting a profit share from any company that I have worked at before.
  14. Still_Small_Voice

    No Guns in Sacrament Meeting—We Mean It This Time!!!

    Get used to it sadly. As the Second Coming of the LORD gets closer war will be poured out upon all nations according to my understanding of the LORD's word. Men's hearts will grow cold and many shall hate one another. But he that remains steadfast and endures to the end will be saved in the kingdom of God.
  15. Still_Small_Voice

    No Guns in Sacrament Meeting—We Mean It This Time!!!

    The People of Ammon also made a covenant that they would never take up arms against their fellow men again. I never intend to make a covenant like this. I will defend my family or loved ones if I must even unto bloodshed. Killing in self defense is an extreme but it is not against the commandments of God nor is it a sin.