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  1. Droughts seem to be hitting many areas in the world. Sadly I just got rid of almost all my water storage as we moved to an apartment recently. And in about five months we are going to move again. We sold our home while the real estate market was still decent in Utah.
  2. They disabled a normal user's access to view dislikes on YouTube. I think it is because certain people were trying to push a narrative on YouTube and a large part of the common population was rejecting it.
  3. This movie looks so awful. No interest at all from me. I saw out of 576,000 people that viewed it on YouTube only about 7,300 people gave it a thumbs up. Hopefully the film bombs.
  4. This is another follow up on this subject. A 1952 Mickey Mantle baseball card sold recently for $12,600,000. Take a look at the below website. 1952 Mickey Mantle Card Sells For Record $12.6 Million At Auction (
  5. The other day I opened some Deseret canned chili. 7 years six months past the expiration date. I smelled it and it smelled okay. I then ate the whole can without cooking it. No food poisoning. The can was stored in a cool and dry location in my cellar. I would not recommend eating food that is this long past expiration date. Probably would limit canned chili or tuna in water to less than six years if it was stored in a cool and dry place.
  6. From what I have heard, if the Chinese were to invade Taiwan they would lose many, numerous troops. It would make their military look weak with the terrible losses. If China were to invade Taiwan they would first need to bomb and shell it for a long period of time. It would take a very long time I believe before Taiwan defenses would be weakened enough for China to attempt a land invasion of troops. It would be a very long campaign that would require many Chinese resources.
  7. I have been getting bad feelings about China. It has a very large military, the largest in the world. The leadership seem obsessed with calling Taiwan part of China. In the last days before the LORD comes it would not surprise me if China was one of the main invading forces into Israel. Will they attack Taiwan soon? I hope not.
  8. A lot of good points made in that podcast Folk Prophet. Thanks for posting it.
  9. In my observation it seems Trump angered many people in the District of Columbia and they want to get him at any cost to prevent him from running again for President. It appears federal law enforcement is being used as a weapon to selectively target those who will not bow to the wishes of people running the District of Columbia. The corruption is exposed more and more as time continues. It is sad to me that those with the majority in Congress and the current executive branch do not care about the common good of American citizens. They want to raid the public treasury and get what they can while they have their time in office.
  10. If she was in a well stocked latter-day saint household her Mom would have sent the child to the cellar downstairs, got some frozen butter out, grabbed some powdered milk and some wheat from the dried food storage so she could grind it into flour. After grinding the wheat she would have made some home made bread.
  11. I heard the deficit spending amendment they want to add would require over 50% of the State legislatures to approve the deficit spending unless we had a declaration of war in effect. The more and more I look at the District of Columbia the more I see it resembles a corrupt banana republic. We have many robbers and thieves sitting in some of the highest seats of authority in this land.
  12. I love the opening line of this comedy: "For thousands of years humanity lived in peace without any murders or violence at all, and then, firearms were invented."
  13. Are the lockdowns still going on in Australia? I do know that the general population has severe restrictions on firearms use for self defense in Australia. In my opinion I would not want to live in any land that bans the common population from decent quality semi auto or pump action firearms for self defense. We live in an evil telestial world and I want weapons for protection until all the wicked are destroyed from off the Earth.
  14. I thought law enforcement officers were not allowed to serve on juries. Is that different in Utah?
  15. Women can be very emotional creatures. 😁