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  1. Still_Small_Voice

    So It Begins

    I wish I could have been born in about the year 50 Anno Domini among the Nephites and Lamanites in the Americas. That would have been a great time to live when these people had peace and were practicing consecration and serving the LORD. I feel like the prophet Nephi who was upon his tower and praying in the book of Helaman. Oh, that I could have had my days in the days when my father Nephi first came out of the land of Jerusalem, that I could have joyed with him in the promised land; then were his people easy to be entreated, firm to keep the commandments of God, and slow to be led to do iniquity; and they were quick to hearken unto the words of the Lord— 8 Yea, if my days could have been in those days, then would my soul have had joy in the righteousness of my brethren. 9 But behold, I am consigned that these are my days, and that my soul shall be filled with a sorrow because of this the wickedness of my brethren. Helaman 7:7-9
  2. Still_Small_Voice

    Ignorance is sad, but stupid is unfixable

    This is a big reason I don't spout my comments with my real name all over the Internet. I also do not threaten attacking violence on people I do not know because of the mere words someone else says that may offend me. The arrogance of this woman is very apparent. We could all use some more humility and she certainly could use some.
  3. Still_Small_Voice

    Is This the Work of History Revisionists on George Washington?

    I believe some people are trying to re-write history on George Washington. I think they are ignoring some of his writings and picking what they want to come to different conclusions. I found this written by George Washington: Act at all times as in the presence of God, and make it the great object in all things to please Him. In order to do this, Seek first of all to gain clear views of His will and with regard to all things to be perfectly conformed to it. In doing this, Cherish no thoughts, indulge no feeling, speak no words, and do no actions, but what you really think, after all the light you can gain, will most honor God, most benefit yourself and others needs, and give you the greatest joy when they come to be exhibited before the assembled universe at the judgement day. Begin and end each day by a season of communion with God, and by a solemn and hearty commitment of yourself and all your interest, temporal and eternal, to His guidance, care and disposal. Daily read, with deep attention and fervent prayer, a portion of the word of God, for the purpose of understanding, believing, and obeying it. Never express or indulge the least degree of unkindness towards any human being, and give no needless pain to any one of the human race, or even of the animal creation. Make it your object to promote the greatest happiness, on the whole, of all upon whom you may have influence, both of the present and all future generation. Regard the hand of God in all the dispensations of His providence, and in whatsoever state He places you, therewith be content. Envy none who are above you, and despise none who are below you: but possess and manifest the utmost goodwill towards all men. I also found this from Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation, 3rd of October 1789: Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor—and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me “to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.”
  4. George Washington’s writings have long served as a guide to America’s first president—what he thought, how he made his decisions, even how he felt about his wife. But when it comes to his personal religious beliefs, Washington seems to have been a closed book—or, at least, unwilling to commit many of his own views to the page. Unlike many of his peers, including Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams, Washington never explicitly laid out his own beliefs—even as he alluded to them in passing on many occasions. With so few actual accounts to draw from, historians are mostly limited to analyzing what Washington did, to try to understand what he may have believed. The trouble is, even his most straightforward actions can be hard to read and, at times, appear contradictory. The first president encouraged his fellow Americans to show up for worship, for instance, but sometimes struggled to make it to church himself for weeks at a time. For many years, he served as a dedicated vestryman and church warden, but left services instead of taking communion. And while he peppered his writings with references to Providence, there’s comparatively little mention of God or of Jesus Christ. Read more at:
  5. I liked what someone said about these autonomous zones. They said it was like someone moving into their parents garage and saying they were their own nation while demanding their Mom give them cooked meals, do their dirty laundry and also having their parents keep paying the home mortgage, water and power bills.
  6. "Because the fight for freedom is God’s fight, and free agency is an eternal principle. It existed before this world was formed; it will exist forever. Some men may succeed in denying some aspects of this God-given freedom to their fellowmen, but their success is temporary. Freedom is a law of God, an eternal law. And, like any of God’s laws, men cannot break it with impunity. They can only break themselves upon it. So as long as a man stands for freedom, he stands with God. Therefore, any man will be eternally vindicated and rewarded who stands for freedom." -- Ezra Taft Benson
  7. Still_Small_Voice

    Brigham Young statue vandalized

    When I saw them hang a statue on a pole that was tore down in North Carolina after dragging it through the street I thought: "This is a foreshadowing of what these mobs would do to people that disagree with them if they had absolute power." I think these small violent demonstrations will die out and this will not spread. Most people in America still have some good sense.
  8. Still_Small_Voice

    SCOTUS Extends Civil Right’s Act to LGBTQ

    I think Christ's restored church will get around the homosexual marriages in the House of Lord by simply not performing marriages at all in the temples anymore. We will only do sealings and the husband and wife will need to go get married elsewhere.
  9. Still_Small_Voice

    SCOTUS Extends Civil Right’s Act to LGBTQ

    Here is an article on the Supreme Court ruling: Any organization which previously was subject to the Civil Rights Act will now be subject to this new interpretation. Brigham Young University and other organizations that are not direct religious entities are now in the United States subject to the Civil Rights Act with homosexuality and transgenderism as a protected class. I agree with you Bob Master. The lawsuits will start flying sadly.
  10. Still_Small_Voice

    A bunch of memes I just made!

    You ruined my joke that I heard from someone else and claimed as mine Anatess. Here, this is for you: 👎
  11. Still_Small_Voice

    A bunch of memes I just made!

    B.L.M. That stands for the Bureau of Land Management. 👍
  12. I believe he is talking about their future and the future of any that do not rely upon Christ. We will all answer for our sins and end up in spirit prison (hell) if we try to get to heaven on our own efforts without Christ.
  13. We read Alma chapter 5 a little while ago. Presently We are in Alma chapter 30 now. It is one of the two sections in the Book of Mormon I found that really focuses on Anti-Christs.
  14. Still_Small_Voice

    Carb's Take on Racism

    It is sad to me that racism exists in this world. We are all children of Adam and Eve so race does not matter. It is used, I think, to divide and conquer people. What race am I? Human, just like everyone else. The sin of pride is instilled in racism I believe. "Another major portion of this very prevalent sin of pride is enmity toward our fellowmen. We are tempted daily to elevate ourselves above others and diminish them." -- Ezra Taft Benson
  15. It will be next year that my wife and I will have been married for twenty years. Hopefully our marriage sealing will be sealed by the Holy Spirit in the next life if we continue faithful to life eternal. We also now have just reached one full gross year of income saved for in our emergency fund and retirement combined. Please share any milestones or goals reached if you wish.