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  1. Still_Small_Voice

    13 Rules of Success

    With financial success I would advise the following: make financial plans and do your best to implement them. If you have no financial plan you will very likely spend all your money. All your money will be gone and you will not know where it all went.
  2. Still_Small_Voice

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Burned Down

    This is such a piece of history and a beautiful ancient structure. I am so sad it has been destroyed.
  3. Still_Small_Voice

    8 Reasons Gasoline Prices Are Going Up in America

    I am glad one of my vehicles averages 34 to 41 miles per gallon. We will likely see $3 per gallon soon in Utah again soon sadly. It's sad for those who cannot afford the twenty percent and higher increase in gasoline costs.
  4. 8 Reasons Gas Prices Are Going Up -- 4-13-2019 -- By Doug Whiteman It's not your imagination: Gasoline prices have been rising fast, toward $3 a gallon in many parts of the country and even to an average $4 or more in parts of California. And we're still a ways from seeing the worst of it, because auto club AAA says prices may not peak until late May. At this rate, some families may be forced to dip into their emergency savings to keep their cars fueled. What's pumping up prices at the pump? Here are eight reasons you're paying more for your fill-ups. Read more here:
  5. Still_Small_Voice

    Your vehicle, and your route out of town

    Always keep your car gasoline tank more than 50% full in case of a panic run on gasoline. My brother gave me a 50 gallon drum to fill with water. I have a fifty gallon drum that is already that is about 85% filled but I need to fill my other one up. Water goes real fast I have learned. Mostly it is used for cleaning, bathing and the toilet. Get loads of paper plates so water will not be wasted on cleaning. Store up a decent stack of newspapers. If you cannot use the toilet crap on newspapers, dig a hole and bury them. I have not had success in toilet flushing using water on poop but I could dump water into a toilet that had been urinated in and it would clean it up real good.
  6. Still_Small_Voice

    I'm so in love with a missionary, help please!

    I hope you find much joy in the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ Kiara. God has a plan for you if you let Him into your life and He will help you make much more out of your life as you follow His commandments. After this young man's mission has ended if you wish to try and pursue him feel free. I might caution you that it is very likely things will not work out between you and him. If not there are other handsome Latter-Day Saint men that you could end up sealed to in the Holy temple of the LORD. Thank you for also making me laugh Kiara. You posted this in the Family History subject.
  7. I laughed at it too. I find it ironically amusing. It is bad though.
  8. Avon and Somerset Police are seeking a group of men who broke into a knife surrender box and took the bin's contents. The bin — which was bolted to the side of the building like a Sharps Disposal Container in the doctor's office — was filled with a bunch of knives that had recently been surrendered. What are the details? According to a report in the U.K.'s Metro, the theft took place March 13, and the suspects were caught on a CCTV camera. Police had been collecting the knives through the surrender box as a move to promote knife control, after a "52 percent spike in knife crime" over the last year. Just a day after local authorities installed the knife box, a group of men broke into the bin and stole all the knives. Read more at:
  9. I agree with Senator Mike Lee. The Green New Deal is a horrible joke. He pointed out some of the most terrible flaws in it. The most ridiculous thing I think I have heard in this is how methane released from cows is destroying the Earth.
  10. Eastern Washington state may have no choice in the future except to do the Second Amendment Sanctuaries for their county citizens that are not marked as restricted persons. It's either that path or go the route of about ten other states like California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and others.
  11. Many Washington state counties need to do what counties in Oregon, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada have done. A lot of the counties in these mentioned states have declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries for their citizens.
  12. Still_Small_Voice

    The End Is Nigh!!!

    I hope they kill the Unaffordable Care Act. It raised my health insurance premiums and medical costs. The laws did not save me the $2,000 a year Obama promised. I doubt it saved the majority of people any money on health care costs but made health care more expensive.
  13. Good old Seattle, Washington. You have the lords of Washington state and you have the common peasants. Do these city council members think they are lords of the people of Seattle? Seeing some of the legislation that has come out of Seattle in recent years this video affirms what information I have read about that place. Power corrupts.
  14. Still_Small_Voice

    New Zealand Prime Minister

    Forgive the following of my writings if it seems aggressive. The New Zealand Prime Minister is a tyrant in my opinion. (There are many of them in this world.) She said citizens should arrange to turn in the firearms banned under the new law. Did the citizens not pay money for their property? It is rightfully theirs and others have no right to take it. If a government is willing to strip away your firearms they can take anything else they want. They have already proven it in taking away property they had no right to take. She is stealing the New Zealand citizen’s property with the lies and empty promises of more security. I know the New Zealand Prime Minister is not going to give up her body guards armed with semi automatics equipped with standard capacity twelve to thirty round magazines. After all she and all the political leaders in the world are so much more important than the common citizen.
  15. Still_Small_Voice

    Parable of the Sower: Heaven and Hell?

    To me this is my understanding of the parable of the sower: Seed received by the wayside = unfruitful Seed received into a stony place = unfruitful Seed received among thorns = unfruitful Seed received into good ground brings forth fruit. The different fruitful people bring forth thirty, sixty and one hundred fold in fruit.