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  1. Still_Small_Voice


    Yesterday I threw my back out beating the dirt out of carpets. Then I am grateful this happened to me. I was walking in the Walmart parking lot later at night and tripped and fell. After landing on my right side I was not injured except for a minor bruising of my right foot. When I woke up today about two-thirds of the pain I was feeling in my lower back was alleviated. Edit: Five hours later and my back is hurting even less and I am feeling even better. It is strange that a fall could help heal you.
  2. Still_Small_Voice


    I'm grateful for the Holy Ghost that gives us revelation of God's divine will. I am also grateful for the freedom and liberty we have in many places in the United States. Most days I pray for the preservation of liberty as I believe that freedom is rare and it is fragile.
  3. Still_Small_Voice

    Reminded of Anatess...

    I liked Anatess. In the past I had some personal conversations with her on the forums. It is sad to me she is not here anymore.
  4. Still_Small_Voice

    Trump 2024?

    I agree. Puerto Rico should be its own sovereign country in my opinion. Edit: They would not ever petition to be a sovereign nation though unless things got really bad in the United States.
  5. Still_Small_Voice

    More BSA misery

    I personally know three women that were raped or sexually assaulted. Only one was molested by a member of the Church who I believe was ex-communicated. Never heard what happened to him. I hope this is not common among Latter-Day Saints.
  6. Still_Small_Voice

    The election

    I dislike when people call our government a Democracy. It is not. We have a Constitutional Republic. Democracy governments are short in their lives and violent in their deaths from what I have learned.
  7. Still_Small_Voice

    The election

    Scott, search for this video on YouTube: Election 2020 CHAOS: Is There Still Hope for Trump? It should be the top result in the search. They talk about election in minutes 1 to 25 and from minute 45 to the end.
  8. Still_Small_Voice

    The election

    I posted this video earlier on this subject. They explain it in minutes 1 to 25 and from minute 45 to the end. Search for this video on YouTube: Election 2020 CHAOS: Is There Still Hope for Trump? Edit: I removed the old weblink because it was not working.
  9. Still_Small_Voice

    The election

    Why do you think they wanted mail in voting? I believe one side is finding out how many more ballots they need for Biden to win and then they suddenly appear. In some States 90% or more of ballots that appear while they were counting are for Biden. Is not that very suspicious? It is quite easy to do voter fraud on mail in ballots. They are the most vulnerable of all voting systems.
  10. Still_Small_Voice

    The election

    I am deleting this post because the weblink I previously posted does not work. Admins, feel free to delete this post.
  11. Still_Small_Voice

    The election

    We are going to need the LORD to walk through the trials of fire that will very likely come upon many of us in the next seven to ten years in my opinion.
  12. Still_Small_Voice

    The election

    It is sad to me to see the great state of Arizona has been turned blue mostly now in my opinion. They ruined California with their voting and now they move to Arizona and vote for Democrats. Why did you leave California if it was so bad to vote the same beast in? I left California and New York for liberty and I vote accordingly.
  13. Still_Small_Voice

    The election

    It's so close in North Carolina as of November 4th 2020 in the morning. I am very curious to see what happens to the electoral college votes in North Carolina.
  14. Still_Small_Voice

    Turkish rescuers pull girl from rubble 4 days after Earthquake

    It is a miracle in my opinion to survive that long in the rubble of a building. The LORD very likely has plans for this little girl in mortality.
  15. Turkish rescuers pull girl from rubble 4 days after Earthquake by: Nexstar Media Wire and The Associated Press Posted: November 3rd 2020 IZMIR, TURKEY (Associated Press) — Rescuers in the Turkish city of Izmir pulled a young girl out alive from the rubble of a collapsed apartment building Tuesday, four days after a strong earthquake hit Turkey and Greece and as hopes of reaching survivors began to fade. Wrapped in a thermal blanket, the girl was taken into an ambulance on a stretcher to the sounds of applause and chants of “God is great!” from rescue workers and onlookers. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca identified her as 3-year-old Ayda Gezgin on Twitter. The child had been trapped inside the rubble for 91 hours since Friday’s quake struck in the Aegean Sea and was the 107th person to have been pulled out of collapsed buildings alive. After she was pulled from the rubble, little Ayda called out for her mother, in video of the rescue broadcast on television. But Ayda’s mother did not survive. Her body was found amid the wreckage hours later. Her brother and father were not inside the building at the time of the quake. Rescuer Nusret Aksoy told reporters that he was sifting through the rubble of the toppled eight-floor building when he heard a child’s scream and called for silence. He later located the girl in a tight space next to a dishwasher. The girl waved at him, told him her name and said that she was okay, Aksoy said. “I got goosebumps and my colleague Ahmet cried,” he told HaberTurk television. Read more at: