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  1. pam

    Moving away when you're the Bishop

    I feel you need to to what is right for your family without worrying about the calling.
  2. pam

    Unexplained Fatigue Leads to Hating Sundays? Anyone Else?

    Once again the expected negativity. It gets really old.
  3. pam

    Hope you'll have me.

    Welcome to the forums.
  4. pam

    Unexplained Fatigue Leads to Hating Sundays? Anyone Else?

    I don't think you are the only one. I find myself extremely tired on Sundays. I think we go go go go go so much during the week that Sundays allow us that time to slow down. I think my body've had enough this week. You're tired.
  5. pam

    Lakers continued

    Still haven't given up on the Lakers eh?
  6. From a past personal experience. The one being released needs to know before it happens. I was released as Primary President and didn't have a clue it was going to happen until they released me in Sacrament meeting. I was devastated. Not to mention extremely hurt
  7. pam

    Gingerbread cookies with Pam

    @Mirkwood I already told you on facebook but it is not nice making fun of my family.
  8. pam

    Third Hour forum get together

    SHHHHHHHH You weren't supposed to notice. But truth be told, it's a Brazilian lime drink. Non alcoholic.
  9. pam

    Third Hour forum get together

    On the left starting in the front: Estradling75 Estradling75's wife Beefche Anddenex Anddenex's wife (hard to see but she is there) Right starting in the front: pam Classylady's husband Classylady Just_A_Guy The Folk Prophet
  10. Yeah a quick karate or judo chop to the head might help.
  11. pam

    Christmas Party

    When I was activities chairman in my ward we always did a ham dinner. The ward provided the ham. I then had a budget for potatoes to do baked potatoes. I bought the potatoes and the foil and got volunteers to bake them for me. Oh also the butter, plates, utensils etc. We had potluck on everything else like salads, desserts, vegetables etc. We just did water for a drink. I did have some money for some centerpieces. We had a contest to see who would get to take those home. I put numbers randomly on the bottom of the paper plates. If they had a number that corresponded with a number on a centerpiece, they got to take it home.
  12. pam