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  1. Instead of funeral potatoes at funerals they'd be serving brisket and corn in a cup.
  2. Well you need to jump in more often. Especially since you've been a member for 9 years.
  3. Herrbal tea is kind of a misnomer. Instead, herbal tea is an infusion or blend of various leaves, fruits, bark, roots, or flowers belonging to almost any edible, non-tea plant. As long as it isn't coming from back or green tea leaves you should be just fine.
  4. I've heard so many times that if we are prepared we shall not fear. Is it because we relied on faith to get ourselves prepared? Therefore the results of our efforts is having no fear?
  5. Yeah I would do a lot of planning to move to Utah. It's gotten to be rather pricey. Though I understand England is too.
  6. Are you even old enough to know this song? I know Vort is.
  7. Romans8 I am glad you are here. I'm glad that you are asking questions. As long as they remain sincere and courteous then there is no problem. Just keep in mind that this particular forum section "LDS Gospel Discussion" is to discuss what we as LDS believe. It's not the forum to debate our beliefs.
  8. For those who might be a new member of the Church, or not even a member at all, or just lurking, this stands for Ezra Taft Benson who was a Prophet and president of the Church many years ago.
  9. Do you mean they are quoting when trying to edit? Because I've tried it and it lets me edit.
  10. C-diff is nothing to mess with. I've had it and I have life long friend who just got put on hospice because of it. So you take care of yourself.