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  1. How would YOU answer this question: I'm having a hard time with the temple. I got my endowment and I'm worried that I have made promises I don't want to keep, and that my place in the eternities is worse than I thought before. Why are women only priestesses to their husbands and not to God? Why does Eve make her covenant to Adam instead of God? I feel like the temple has placed men between me and God, and I'm worried that it's true. Why does the sealing have me give myself to my husband but not have him promise the same?
  2. pam

    God is a jealous God?

    Hahaha well it worked.
  3. pam

    God is a jealous God?

    Good job!! Take a look at what your answers produced:
  4. How would YOU answer this question? What does it mean that God is a jealous god in Mosiah 11?
  5. Thank you for just leaving it at that. I didn't want to discuss your underwear.
  6. pam

    Third Hour forum get together

    I'll post a pic of the group later today.
  7. I want to add one thing to what someone mentioned. A few names were mentioned towards the beginning of this thread that insinuated that a few had left because of the articles. Of those names I can say it wasn't the articles for the majority of them. It was other things that helped their decision to no longer participate.
  8. I'd follow his counsel too.
  9. I had a friend send me a message today on facebook asking me this: Please refrain from judgmental comments and stick to answering the question please.
  10. pam

    Third Hour forum get together

    Reservation for the 23rd at 6:30 p.m. is confirmed. This is at the Tucanos in Orem.
  11. pam

    Third Hour forum get together

    You are just jealous.
  12. pam

    Third Hour forum get together

    FYI for the English major. It's then not than.
  13. pam

    Third Hour forum get together

    @The Folk Prophet will you need a high chair or booster seat for your little one?
  14. pam

    Third Hour forum get together

    My own siblings won't even come to see me as I leave as they will be at the game. I see where their priorities are.