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  1. pam

    Same-Sex Issues

    Yep exactly. I always say if it concerns you enough to come ask random people on the internet, just go talk to your Bishop who is the one that has stewardship over you. He is the only one that can really answer that.
  2. pam

    Name of the Church

    Even more confused about who is whining. It's like the pot calling the kettle black.
  3. pam


    Yes He does listen and tend to our cares when we ask him. Beautiful poem.
  4. pam

    Top 6 Greatest LDS Athletes

    I kinda liked Brett Keisel as well. And there is also Todd Christensen and Merlin Olsen.
  5. pam

    Top 6 Greatest LDS Athletes

    YES Eric Weddle. #32.
  6. That's not funny. But seriously though. If the teacher told the students that during reading time they could read ANY book they wanted I might be a bit upset if the teacher made a deal about it. Unless the book was pornographic or something of that nature. But if they are to be reading something that is part of the curriculum and they aren't..then the teacher has the right.
  7. Making him wash it off with a wipe in front of his classmates seems like humiliation to me.
  8. Strange because as I was growing up, numerous kids would come to school with ash on their foreheads after attending mass. But it could also be I grew up in a huge population of Filipinos and Mexicans who were mainly Catholic.
  9. pam

    A generous Fast Offering

    There we go. We could have a yabba dabba do time.
  10. pam

    A generous Fast Offering

    Actually I would eat before you come. One Rib Eye isn't going to go very far. I can't feed 5000 with one steak like someone else we are familiar with. Or should be anyway.
  11. A friend of mine mentioned she would love to see a picture of the 12 Apostles next to the statues of the 12 apostles.
  12. pam

    A generous Fast Offering

    Well you know..I only eat $20 Rib eyes on fast Sunday.
  13. pam

    A generous Fast Offering

    Well I'm the only one that mentioned an amount which happened to be $20 which is the same amount that you talked about bragging etc. So naturally I assumed.
  14. pam

    A generous Fast Offering

    Why do I feel like I've just been slapped in the face?
  15. pam

    A generous Fast Offering

    It's kind of a personal thing how much one donates to fast offerings but I'll answer for me anyway. I am the only one in my household and I donate $20 a month. For one I do my biggest meal of the week on Sunday and there is usually enough leftovers to last 2-3 days. 2nd I've been on the receiving end of fast offerings and I feel like it's my way of giving back by giving what some might consider a little more.