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  1. Here are some additional resources:
  2. John 1 (We have found the Messiah)
  3. They must have corrected it because what I see is: It Wasn’t Their Abolitionist Stance
  4. pam

    Why the Fight Over the Wall Matters

    Let's build a wall so that we're imprisoned within our own country.
  5. pam

    Why the Fight Over the Wall Matters

    Personally having grown up about 5 miles from the Mexican border, the wall is a waste of money.
  6. Luke 2, Matthew 2
  7. pam

    Youtube Apologetics

    Twas not you but a good reminder for all of us.
  8. pam

    Youtube Apologetics

    Let's keep in mind that because Handbook 1 is not available to the general public, we don't allow the quoting of it here on the forums.
  9. pam

    Sleep Paralysis or Evil Spirits?

    I second Vort's vote of sleep paralysis.
  10. pam

    The Kingdom of Heaven

    Because this thread has actually started getting into what is said in the temple (which we are not to share publicly) I'm closing this thread.
  11. pam

    More Changes to Come in 2019

    All I know is President Nelson told us to take our vitamins and get plenty of rest and hold on.
  12. pam

    Primary Ignored

    Primary still meets every Sunday.
  13. pam

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    I'm winging it on my own. I really have no idea what I'm doing. hahaha