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  1. pam

    Christmas Party

    When I was activities chairman in my ward we always did a ham dinner. The ward provided the ham. I then had a budget for potatoes to do baked potatoes. I bought the potatoes and the foil and got volunteers to bake them for me. Oh also the butter, plates, utensils etc. We had potluck on everything else like salads, desserts, vegetables etc. We just did water for a drink. I did have some money for some centerpieces. We had a contest to see who would get to take those home. I put numbers randomly on the bottom of the paper plates. If they had a number that corresponded with a number on a centerpiece, they got to take it home.
  2. pam


  3. pam

    Me Again...

    Message sent to you
  4. pam

    Me Again...

    Unfortunately the email rarely goes out for them to reset it
  5. pam

    Me Again...

    It would be easier to just have me change your password for you so you can use the old account.
  6. What a great attitude towards the power of repentance and forgiveness. It's refreshing to read something positive regarding this situation rather than the bitterness.
  7. My nephew is in the Laoag Philippines mission. He was out there for 3 months and the natives there said he was speaking the language better than some that have lived there their entire life. He comes home in July of next year.
  8. pam

    Looking for 2 quotes

    I don't know if what you are looking for is found in this talk. But it comes pretty close:
  9. pam

    Faith and Repentance

    Absolutely. Thank you for the reminder.
  10. pam

    I am an LDS Card Counter.

    This might be generally but I could see and I know there have been cases that temple recommends were denied and disciplinary action has been taken. When the gambling addiction has gotten to a point that other responsibilities are not being met. Especially when it comes to the financial responsibility of children.
  11. pam

    I am an LDS Card Counter.

    I just saw the comment about the Bishop as being somewhat of an, "Oh by the way."
  12. pam

    I am an LDS Card Counter.

    Actually the OP states gambling vs investing.
  13. pam

    I am an LDS Card Counter.

    I doubt you would ever hear that announcement in General Conference as the Church has always been very vocal regarding gambling.
  14. pam

    I am an LDS Card Counter.

    After reading this I'm not sure what you want to hear from us. Did you want to hear that it's okay to gamble?
  15. pam

    For Pam: Hobby Lobby

    It's a shame that that isn't a Hobby Lobby.