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  1. pam


    I had closed the thread and then noticed that JAG gave everyone a friendly reminder not long ago. Let's keep politics out of the conversation or the thread will be locked.
  2. 2020 for me personally wasn't that bad and 2021 started off really good for me. Right from January 1st.
  3. pam


    I've closed this thread as it has to to with politics.
  4. This thread is closed as we had announced earlier that for now there will be no political discussions.
  5. pam

    I have been deceived

    I have a friend that calls me a heathen all of the time.
  6. pam

    I have been deceived

    Or every time there is some thing about the way something is done or some random "Mormon" thing that isn't understood it is automatically assumed that it's a Utah thing.
  7. pam

    I have been deceived

    Well so much for that. Looks like she deleted the entire thing.
  8. pam

    I have been deceived

    Let's see if this works:
  9. pam

    I have been deceived

    Not sure how to link it from a group page.
  10. pam

    I have been deceived

    I just found this:
  11. pam

    I have been deceived

    She doesn't think that song should be in the hymnbook because it's not about God and it has offensive wording such as bands of Indians. What gets me is she also talks about patriotic songs being in the hymnbook. I can understand that one with an international church. But she says she knows how to separate patriotism from faith. But this country was founded on faith and God. But I also understand that hymnbooks in other countries don't have the patriotic songs like we have. I'm not 100% sure if that is true.
  12. I learned today that I have been deceived all of my life. Did you know that nature has nothing to do with God? Yeah neither did I. There is a conversation going on on the Third Hour Community facebook group regarding hymn #37. Someone is all bent out of shape over it.
  13. pam

    My Christmas Tradition With Pam

    Those actually came up in my memories today on facebook like from about 7 years ago.