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  1. Wow. I've always said that Asians just never show age at all.
  2. @Carborendum let me know and I will come get one. I LOVE watermelon.
  3. Godless moved to Minnesota right before I moved here. I think he planned it that way.
  4. Wait a minute...Anatess wanted to be the gardener. hahaha
  5. I can always make arrangements to head to Houston. It's only 3 hours away.
  6. Save this date. July 17th. I will be in Utah to attend a wedding reception. I'd love to be able to get together while I'm in town. That would be the only night I have free before I head on to San Diego for a few days. Anyone interested?
  7. pam

    The Slow Return to "Normal"

    I was seriously considering purchasing a wig online.
  8. pam

    The Slow Return to "Normal"

    Since I don't have to be anywhere, why bother doing my hair?
  9. pam

    The Slow Return to "Normal"

    Moving to your 5 acres and living next door to anatess.
  10. pam

    The Slow Return to "Normal"

    Okay well now you have me thinking.
  11. pam

    The Slow Return to "Normal"

    I have a brother and a cousin that have to share on facebook every new thing they get. My brother posted a picture of his new camping trailer. My cousin immediately had to respond that they just bought a bigger one. The thing with my cousin...4 years ago they were in so much debt they didn't know how they would get ahead. Then my uncle died and left her more money than she even knew he had. Plus a house and so much more. So now she acts like she is one of the wealthy ones.
  12. pam

    The Slow Return to "Normal"

    Inslee is an idiot. I'm glad he's yours and not mine.