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  1. pam


    I'm seriously with you. My thought is if we have to wear them we might as well have some fun. I have some from tacos, to Eggos, to mardi gras masks on fabric to cactus and llamas. Got my holiday fabrics out of my storage unit to start on those eventually.
  2. pam


    I started an etsy shop and I've been busy sewing masks this weekend. I was curious as to preference of most because I can make one without the pocket in about 15 minutes but the pocket one takes me about 40.
  3. pam


    Curious as to what the preference is. It's a business question for me. This is not open for debate of masks vs no masks. Those comments will be deleted.
  4. pam

    A message to Shania Twain...

    Don't you mess with my girl.
  5. This thread is now closed. Any future threads regarding masks will be closed down immediately.
  6. pam

    Sabbath Worship from Home

    To add to what NT posted above, let's please keep from publicly calling people sock puppets and trolls etc. I worry that sometime we will get someone new who sincerely has a question and might get accused of being a sock puppet and never comes back. Let us try to be a little more Christ like.
  7. pam

    Texas: Contagion and Masks

    You can be a carrier and never have actually shown signs or come down with it.
  8. pam

    Texas: Contagion and Masks

    According to the CDC they still aren't sure. They are doing testing on monkeys but no conclusive findings yet. So to be safe, I'd still wear a mask.
  9. pam

    Desire to read scriptures

    Have you tried an audio version that you could just follow along with?
  10. pam

    So It Begins

    I have hated the thought of getting older and my life time running out. Now I'm kind of looking forward to it. Sad to say but it's how I feel these days.
  11. Did we want to have 2 threads going regarding Elder Bednar's thoughts on this?
  12. pam

    Triumph In The Midst Of Chaos

    The Navy chow hall picture disgusts me. I'm totally a Navy girl. Down to the bones.
  13. pam

    Triumph In The Midst Of Chaos

    The Air Force does not have aircraft carriers.
  14. I was waiting for someone to bring me into this. But then again, I did post about this on facebook which you probably saw.