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  1. One thing I don't think we should do is brag at all publicly about how much food we have stored. When times get horrific who do you think people are going to go after?
  2. I feel like we just replace one big issue with another. 2020 it was COVID. Now we are dealing with high gas prices and high prices of food. No idea what next year will bring.
  3. Exactly. You have young ones still. I hate to think what it will cost when they come of age and are on their own.
  4. Better to have something than nothing at all. I think of converts who are only just learning about the importance of food storage.
  5. I have some of their food which I actually at the time found cheaper on Amazon with free prime shipping. But you have to watch it. It's not always the case.
  6. I've bought quite a bit from from Emergency Essentials. I just wanted to compare prices. I know you used to be able to purchase individual if picking up but the provident living website has changed since I last looked at it.
  7. I've ordered from the church online cases of different items. Does anyone know if you can order a variety of different items to make up a case if you are picking it up in person? Or does it all have to be the same item? @mirkwood?
  8. One of the problems here in San Antonio is pretty much HEB has the monopoly on food. Yes we have Walmart and in many ways I prefer it. Since it's a national company there is more of a variety of many items. So we don't have many options at all for the number of people who live here. Kroger is coming into the area but only as a delivery service not a brick and mortar building.
  9. Yeah eggs are ridiculous. I paid $4.48 for 12 ct this weekend.
  10. My mom told me many years ago, when she was a teenager her Stake President said in one of his talks that we will see the day when you could have a wheelbarrow full of money yet won't be able to buy a loaf of bread. I'm starting to see the full start of what he said about 70 years ago.
  11. It's all going to depend on the foreign country, Not all foreign countries have the same requirement that Brazil has and that is to have a 4 year theology study requirement to proselytize in their country. I have known a few that were converts such as yourself that only had 1-2 years of seminary and went on foreign missions. So I wouldn't let that be a factor in your decision. Besides, people in the United States need to be taught too and there is always the possibility you could get sent to a mission that would require you to learn another language. That would be awesome to me too.
  12. To answer his question the handbook doesn't say.
  13. I noticed that President Nelson has moved away from the traditional temple dedication. Meaning, for years it was President Hinckley and then President Monson when they both were the presidents of the Church. Since President Nelson was called in January of 2018, only 3 temples have been dedicated by a member of the first presidency. 2 by President Nelson and one by President Oaks. Alll of the rest have been done by apostles. I just found it interesting. I suppose with so many temples in the works, it puts an extreme burden on the members of the first presidency if they had to do them all.
  14. Some of the best comics I've seen are those with disabilities that make fun of themselves and their disability. Not that anyone is laughing at their disability but it's great to see that they can find humor even in their situation. It makes me love them more and have so much more respect than moaning about their injustice.