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  1. She-Ra was always criticized for giving unrealistic bodily expectations to young girls. (You don't get big breasts AND a tiny waist - its one or the other or neither.) No one ever mentioned that no one looks like He-Man either!
  2. I remember the He-Man/She-Rah cartoons where at the end of each episode the moral lesson would be pointed out. It was usually something like "Don't kick the bad guy when he's down, even if he is a jerk" or "you won't have your grandparents forever ever, so appreciate them while you can". Not bad really, for a franchise that was mostly about selling plastic junk.
  3. He would get better business if he gave out lollipops 🍭.
  4. It occurred to me this evening for the first time - ever - that if Mother and Father Bear swapped clothes, Mother would look exactly like Father and Father and Father would look exactly like Mother.
  5. How do you fit four elephants in a Mini? Two in the front, two in the back. How do you know if an elephant's been in your fridge? Footprints in the butter. How do you know if two elephants have been in your fridge? Two sets of footprints in the butter. How do you know if three elephants have been in your fridge? Three sets of footprints in the butter. How do you know if four elephants have been in your fridge? There's a Mini parked outside.
  6. In the same noble tradition: Why didn't worms go into the ark in pears...I mean apples? Oh drat!
  7. This one always cracks me up... What do you call a boy with a paper bag over his head? Russell.
  8. Why can you never find any aspirins in the jungle? Because parrots eat 'em all.
  9. This system will allow you to classify each specimen into its correct genus and species. 1. If it looks like Paul McCartney then it's Paul McCartney. 2. If it has small round tinted glasses and you can imagine it standing next to a Japanese woman with long dark hair, and it looks like John Lennon then it's John Lennon. 3. If its playing the drums then the chances are it's Ringo. 4. If it doesn't fit any of the above categories then you can safely label it George Harrison. Another minute wasted with Jamie123! 😝
  10. What did one earwig say to the other earwig when they both fell of the wall for the tenth time that day? Earwig go again!
  11. What do you call a woman who throws all her bills onto the fire? Bernadette
  12. May autocorrect always choose hilarious replacement words when you are trying to type a serious massage.
  13. She could always twitch her nose...