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  1. Jamie123

    Reminded of Anatess...

    If you're not careful, Grunt, you're going to be the "medium" through whom we all communicate with Anatess!
  2. Jamie123

    Prisonchaplain retiring...from prison chaplaincy

    Happy retirement! 🤗 Maybe you'll find a nice quiet country parish and live in a quaint parsonage with roses round the door, and preach sermons to sweet old ladies who'll invite you to tea and feed you their delicious cakes. 😁 My own retirement is still a decade away, but I'm already dreading the thought of it. But of course I'm not a prison chaplain!
  3. Jamie123

    Reminded of Anatess...

    If you're still in touch with her, please say hi to her from me and tell her she's missed.
  4. Jamie123

    Radical Orthodoxy

    I think every "movement" is an idea of "what we're all supposed to be doing anyway". "The Oxford Movement" maintained the Church had become too worldly, and Christians needed to get sacred again. The "Abolitionist Movement" thought that people (not just people who wore the "abolitionist" badge) shouldn't keep slaves, and ought therefore to free them. The Nazi movement thought that Aryans were the "Master Race" and should expand and that other races should make "lebensraum" for them. I guess if you agree with "radical orthodoxy" you're "in the movement".
  5. I finally finished the last chapter of the last Thomas Covenant book! The Last Dark has been sitting part-read on my bookshelf for several years and I finally worked myself up to finishing it. I have very mixed feelings about The Last Chronicles. I raced through first two books: The Runes of the Earth and Fatal Revenant, loving every page. (They weren't quite on a par with the wonderful First Chronicles - which I totally love - but they weren't far off.) FR ends on an amazing cliffhanger, so you can imagine how much I anticipated Against All Things Ending coming out. When it came however, what an anticlimax! All anyone does for the first 100 pages is stand about and talk. It picks up after that, but somehow the spell of the first two books was gone. I slogged my way through it though, and again, it ends on a pretty good cliffhanger... ...and again the next book disappoints. The first two thirds of The Last Dark seemed to meander around without raising much excitement in me. I can't quite put my finger on why: some of the chapters are quite good in themselves, but somehow the whole thing still doesn't work. Maybe it was me who'd changed. Anyway, I have to give it to Stephen R. Donaldson - the last third of the last book did grip me. Still, I was fearing an "all manner of things shall be well"-type ending (The Land has passed away like Narnia in The Last Battle, but HEY! Here we are in "heaven" and our friends who we thought had died are waiting to meet us!) Yes OK - there was some of that - but it wasn't the Narnia rehash I was dreading. Characters we'd loved and lost stayed dead. Grief was not trivialized. I'd be interested to know if anyone else who's read these books feels the same way about them - or is it just me? P.S. I found this cool tongue-in-cheek picture of all the characters, by Zorm, who's painted a lot of other similar pictures. (Note Lord Foul's "fang eyes" in the background!)
  6. Jamie123

    The election

    Indeed. And the worst insult for an Iranian is to call him an Arab. (To really annoy him, pronounce it Ey-Rab.)
  7. Jamie123

    The election

    Why didn't he cross your signature out and put his own in next to it?
  8. Jamie123

    The election

    If I meet any Europeans I'll ask them! Stupid thing to say actually since most of my colleagues are Europeans. We have two Germans, two Greeks, one Frenchman, one Italian, and the head of school is Polish. We also have an Iraqi, a Canadian, another guy who is either US or Canadian (I don't usually notice the difference - unless I'm particularly listening for the "ou"), and two Indians (though one of them might be a Pakistani - I'm not sure). Seriously though, thanks for the post - some interesting insight there
  9. Jamie123

    The election

    Whereas if they were liberal they would put their dislike of Trump above truth, evidence and the law? But since they're conservatives, we need not fear! What faith! Just to put some context to my "Lord Denning" comparison: This was from 1980, when he dismissed an action against the police by six then-convicted terrorists (all of whom were later exonerated): To paraphrase: "If these guys are telling the truth, it must follow that the police were dishonest: right or wrong, it's better not to open that particular can for fear of the worms that might be inside!" Denning was about as conservative as any judge has ever been. (Unless you want to count Judge Jeffreys!) Margaret Thatcher called him “probably the greatest English judge of modern times”.
  10. Jamie123

    The election

    So long as they don't do so in the spirit of Lord Denning (who was so concerned that the police should "be seen to be" honest that he didn't want police corruption investigated - just in case it turned out to be true). If the election really was messed up, people need to know that.
  11. Jamie123

    The election

    Are you sure that's the word you mean to use?
  12. Jamie123

    Why I hate You Tube

    It's a device for forwarding packets
  13. Jamie123

    The election

    8:08am, London, UK. Biden winning 238 to 213. Not my election of course, but I'm keeping an eye on it My only comment: why two such old men? They should be taking it easy, playing golf and reading stories to their grandchildren.
  14. Jamie123

    Why I hate You Tube

    Including me 😛 There might be many ways of pronouncing certain words - but my way is the correct way! Neyyya!! 😆 Seriously though, it doesn't bother me at all when Americans use US pronunciations. What does irritate me is when British people imitate them. Another example is "aluminium", which in British has five syllables. Americans say it with four (skipping over the last "i"), which is fine for them, but it's annoying to hear British youngsters talk about "aluminum". Interestingly my wife is American, and she says "root" and "rooter". But she's from the north east.
  15. Jamie123

    Why I hate You Tube

    I'm sitting here in the lab right now, pretending to work, and listening to a colleague discussing "routers" with a student. And every time the student says "router" he pronounces the first syllable so as to rhyme with "doubt". Now there IS a word "router" - spelled the same as a networking router - which IS pronounced that way. It is a device for cutting slots in pieces of metal or wood. This is what it looks like: THE kind or router he means is pronounced so the first syllable rhymes with "hoot" or "loot" or "coot". But of course he's been watching YouTube videos...by Americans...who pronounce the word wrongly, and that's how he genuinely thinks it should be pronounced. He says it so casually...ROWTER, ROWTER, ROWTER... It drives me into such fit of apoplectic I can hardly control myself!