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  1. It reminds me of a story I once heard about Captain Cook. The Royal Navy was starting to fight scurvy (the curse of long voyages) by making all the sailors drink lime juice once a day. The sailors had seen limes being brought aboard, and had clearly heard stories about how vile the juice tasted. So they sent a deputation to the captain telling him that they would NOT under any circumstances drink it. Cook's reply was something like "YOU drink lime juice? Don't make me laugh! These limes are for officers only! They're not for the likes of YOU!" After a hasty fo'c'sle meeting, the deputation returned to the captain, saying it WASN'T FAIR and demanding that THEY be allowed to have limes, just the same as the officers. Cook, after fake show of reluctance, bowed to public pressure and everyone got their lime juice!
  2. Jamie123

    My Mid-Year's Resolutions

    Speaking of Perrin, I used to do a great Rigsby impression in the car on the way to my step daughter's parents' evening. (Her teacher was called Miss Jones - though I never quite had the nerve to "Rigsby" her to her face!)
  3. Jamie123

    My Mid-Year's Resolutions

    I'll make that my NEW YEAR resolution!
  4. I'm going to stop being a wicked man, and start being a GOOD man. I'm going to stop making obscene gestures to BMW drivers. (Yes...even when they do cut me up.) I'm going to stop looking "lustfully" at women... (well...except my wife of course) ...'coz we all know what Jesus said about that! I'm going to stop getting angry and doing Basil Fawlty impressions. I'm going to treat everyone with infinite patience. (Yes...even the most annoying people.) I'm going to stop spreading gossip. I'm going to stop making snarky comments to the effect that Meghan Markle keeps her husband under house arrest. Wish me luck. I'm going to need it!
  5. Jamie123

    How to annoy Doctor Who fans

    No problem. All part of the service!
  6. So many of my friends are ardent Doctor Who fans. I don't just mean that they watch Doctor Who. They eat, sleep, breathe and (for all I know) defecate Doctor Who. They have shelves - sometimes whole walls of shelves - covered with Cyberman masks, TARDIS dioramas, figurines of the Doctor and all his friends (and enemies), other walls devoted to signed photographs of everyone even remotely associated with the show (the one exception being Matthew Waterhouse, who is universally considered an idiot), drink tea out of TARDIS mugs, carry around "sonic screwdrivers" (which don't actually much except make bleeping noises) and will talk for hours about how Jodie Whittaker is the WORST-DOCTOR-EVER. Not because there's anything wrong with her per se, but because (according to them) none of the script writers can scriptwrite for toffee. There are (I have discovered) two sure-fire ways to wind-up a Doctor Who fan. And here they are: Never refer to the Doctor as "The Doctor". Always call him/her "Dr. Who". When they try to correct you (with the usual argument that "Doctor Who" is the name of the show, not the character), double down. Cite the fact that "Doctor Who and the Silurians" is called "Doctor Who and the Silurians", not "The Doctor and the Silurians". When they argue that that was a production error, and that the series was originally called "The Silurians", remind them that until Peter Davison (a.k.a. Tristan "The Wet Vet") took over the role, the credits at the end of each episode ALWAYS said "Doctor Who"*. (See Figure 1.) Figure 1: Pre-Davison closing titles. (Tom Baker was one of the best Doctors IMHO, but he went on a bit too long I think.) Whenever anyone does their party-piece of naming all the actors who have played the Doctor, always jump in at the end and add Peter Cushing to the list. They'll quickly tell you that Cushing's "Dr. Who" (see Figure 2) has nothing to do with what they're talking about (apart from the Daleks, the TARDIS, time/space travel, and the scripts being based - however loosely - on Doctor Who stories from the Hartnell era) and aside from Terry Nation getting some credit for the Dalek design it's a different universe. With a bit of imagination you can enjoy hours of pointless argumentation with these guys, while all your respective wives/partners convene in the kitchen to plot how they're going to kill you. Figure 2: Peter Cushing as Dr. Who, with some Daleks. *By the way, in the first series of Christopher Eccleston he was credited as "Doctor Who" as well.
  7. Jamie123

    Book of Mormon Vocabulary

    Ummm....yes I think you are more-or-less correct. Under high Zipf index SOME high-frequency words would have much higher frequencies than other high-frequency words. I suppose the best way to put it is that if you rank words 1, 2, 3... from the most frequent to the least frequent, Zipf's index specifies the rate at which the frequency drops as the rank number increases. A low Zipf index means that the frequency drops slowly, meaning that words are closer to each other in frequency. High Zipf index means that the higher frequencies are higher and the lower frequencies are lower. The crazy thing is though that Zipf's index is not a constant even within the same document - generally it tends to be lower for the high frequency words than for the lower frequencies, meaning that the frequencies of commonly used words tend to be closer to each other than the less common words words. There is another version of the law developed by Benoit Mandelbrot (the fractal guy) that accounts for this somewhat - I find it not terribly accurate for high frequencies, but it sometimes provides a "fudge factor" to make the overall model work for the emergence of low-frequency words (which are what cause vocabulary to grow). Sorry if that's not very clear but it's getting late - LOL.
  8. Two years ago I posted this: The Book of Mormon Zipf Index - General Discussion - ThirdHour Well my paper on this has finally been published in Computer Speech and Language - though for the past year it's mostly been lying on an editor's desk! You can access it in a link which I'd be happy to give you in PM (I don't want to dox myself on the open forum) but only for the next 50 days. Open access publishing is a little beyond my means, and this is not a prestigious enough journal for my employers to fork out. BTW I now have a much better model for vocabulary growth which I'm going to publish soon, but I daresay it'll be another year before that finally gets past the reviewers. The Book of Mormon does have an interesting vocabulary curve which you can see in Fig.6. The sudden spurt of new words about 40,000 words in seems to occur somewhere in 2 Nephi. Does anyone know the book well enough to suggest what might be happening here?
  9. Jamie123

    Michael Stone

    Michael Stone is a Bad Man. That's why he's in prison. Officially that statement isn't true. You can't put someone in prison simply for being a Bad Man. You have to prove that he did a Bad Thing, for which he can be punished. So officially Michael Stone is in prison because he killed a young mother and one of her children and attempted to kill another of her children (not to mention the family dog). The problem is that there was never any forensic evidence. Not a "hair nor feather" of Stone was found anywhere near the murder scene, and the experts agree that if he did do it, the lack of evidence is extraordinary. He was nevertheless convicted because another Bad Man called Mark Jennings, claimed that Stone had confessed to him. Jennings was paid a £5,000 "reward" by The Sun, and promised another £10,000 if Stone was convicted. There was a conviction, after which Jennings admitted that he'd told a pack of lies and that there had been no such confession! Well the conviction was overturned, and there was a retrial. This time the "damning evidence" against Stone came from yet another Bad Man, Damien Daley, who claimed that Stone had confessed to him while they were in prison together. Stone had asked to be put in segregation to prevent just this sort of thing, but Daley insisted Stone had shouted the "confession" to him via a hole in the wall between their two cells through which a heating pipe passed. The jury were taken to the prison, and each juror was made to lie with his or her ear next to the hole while someone in the next cell read Harry Potter stories - thus proving that it WAS possible. Well when it's a choice between releasing a Bad Man upon an innocent world, and accepting as Gospel truth the uncorroborated word of a known liar (on the basis that his story has been proved not altogether impossible) what do you do? Stone was convicted again. ("And there was much rejoicing." ("Yay.")) Well that was it - until this week: Michael Stone: Convicted killer pins hopes on shoelace DNA evidence - BBC News It seems that the murder weapon* - a bootlace which the killer had used to garrotte his victims - which the defence had wanted to test, but which the ever-truthful Police claimed had already been "tested to destruction" - has turned up! (Lying around in a police station if you please!) So I'm wondering what's going to happen now. Now I fully accept Michael Stone may be guilty. (He is a Bad Man after all!) But there are other Bad Men in the world, and what will happen if the DNA of one of them is found on this bootlace? Considering the flimsy evidence on which Michael Stone has been deprived of 25 years of his life, I won't be surprised if there's a taxpayer-funded campaign to "prove" (i.e. persuade a Bad Man-fearing jury) that he was somehow still involved, 'coz let's face it, we don't want a Bad Man back on the streets, guilty or not! No "benefit of law" for the Devil... A Man for All Seasons - The Devil Speech - YouTube *Actually one of the murder weapons. He used a claw hammer too. (Delightful story this, isn't it?)
  10. Jamie123

    Queer sister speaks at 2021 BYU Women's Conference

    Was I saying we were any better? We in the UK drove Alan Turing to suicide with the threat of chemical castration! My point was not "bad bad BYU" but "look at how things have gone from one extreme to the other!"
  11. Jamie123

    Queer sister speaks at 2021 BYU Women's Conference

    If this is the same BYU that used to electrocute the gay out of its students (or try to at any rate) then so am I.
  12. Jamie123

    I am not this mature. Are you?

    That is sad - even if it was an amicable divorce.
  13. Jamie123

    Are we alive?

    Who indeed? George Rose: he also played Alfie Doolittle in the stage version of My Fair Lady. (I bet he was great, though I've only ever seen the movie version with Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison*.) This clip has him in, together with Tony Azito as the police sergeant. I love his reaction every time his men start melting away at the thought of meeting the pirates! Pirates of Penzance - When the Foeman bares his Steel (Tarantara) - YouTube * I'm told that Rex Harrison was something of a git in real life, which disappoints me because I've always loved his screen persona. Audrey Hepburn is my all-time goddess. I used to have a huge poster of her on the wall over my desk at work.
  14. Jamie123

    Are we alive?

    I love The Pirates of Penzance! My daughter and I once performed "A Policeman's Lot is Not a Happy One" together in a Church variety show. (I played the sergeant and my daughter played all the other policemen.) I'll have to see if I can find a photo of us in our "uniforms"! On another occasion we did the "Heavy Dragoon" song out of Patience - though I rewrote the words to contain more up-to-date references (Churchill, Seinfeld and Harry Potter!) Did you ever see the movie version of Pirates of Penzance with Angela Lansury as Ruth, and Kevin Klein as the Pirate King? The police sergeant in that was hilarious!