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  1. mordorbund

    Let's play a game.....

    I came across a puzzle I thought was interesting. I have 2 cards, each has a 2 numbers on it (one on each side of the card). The first card has 0/1 (0 on one side and 1 on the other) and the other card has 1/2 (1 on one side and 2 on the other). I pair you with someone who's quite rational and logical (you can imagine @Vort or @zil or Vort's friend with the hawt wife). The rules go like this: There is no table talk allowed I select one card randomly and you each look at your side of the card Each of you locks in either "pass" or "play" The pass/play choices are revealed simultaneously If either player passes, we shuffle the cards and start again If both players play, the one with the higher number wins $200 from me. The one with the lower number pays me $100. We can continuing playing until someone gets bored What is your strategy if you see a 0 on your side of the card? a 2? what about a 1?
  2. Hi @john4truth. It's easier to follow your posts if you quote the post you're responding to. All you have to do is click the "Quote" link at the bottom of the post.
  3. mordorbund

    Electoral College

    HOLY COW!!!! I did not realize Canada would get so much of the vote!
  4. mordorbund

    Bible or Shakespeare?

    Shakespeare and the KJV came out of different but adjacent eras. So if you can discern the difference between beatnik and hipster slang you can probably pick up on the idiomatic differences between the Bible and Shakespeare.
  5. mordorbund

    Bible or Shakespeare? mordorbund: 28/30 ยท Scored 93% "Result: Astonishing!" mordorbund: score: 13/15 (87%) (No congratulatory result) mordorbund: 19/20 (95%) "I'm pretty sure I saw you on Jeopardy once." mordorbund: score: 9/9 (100%) "Take a bow. You know your Macbeth from your Matthew." mordorbund: 13/15 (87%) (No congratulatory result) [I found the last 4 difficult but thought them through]
  6. mordorbund

    The LGBT stumbling block.

    Just smile and say, "Well, I love a Mormon. "
  7. mordorbund

    The LGBT stumbling block.

    That assumption is unwarranted.
  8. With President Nelson speaking the native language whenever he can as part of his world tour, do you think he greeted the Pope in Latin?
  9. Historically, yes. But recently we've gotten a lot more relaxed about crosses.
  10. mordorbund

    Paying Tithing As A Married Couple

    I use the surplus system. I receive an income and pay out the necessities of life. I then pay tithing on the remaining surplus. Of course, I don't know how much I really need until I live life. To date I have paid $0 tithing but stipulate in my will that 10% of my estate is to go to the Church.
  11. mordorbund

    A generous Fast Offering

    Got a car, gonna push it with my feet now Gonna take my family out to eat now Jumbo ribs at the drive-in can't be beat now Made from brontosaurus, baby, not moo-cow - Al Yankovic, Chair of Prehistoric Studies.
  12. mordorbund

    Youtube Apologetics

    Peanut butter and jelly
  13. mordorbund

    Which Biblical Woman Are You?

    Didn't get results. Makes me think I'm the wrong kind of woman for this survey.
  14. mordorbund

    The Prophet and all Apostles will attend Rome Dedication

    That's why we can't afford to leave any behind.