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  1. mordorbund

    So who’s going?

    Well played USAF. Well played. Can Wikileaks publish a video of this meeting?
  2. mordorbund

    Really? The world is coming to this?

    @The Folk Prophet is such a fan that he plans on flying a drone at the pre-screening so he can see it early.
  3. mordorbund

    Lamb of God

    That distribution aligns with what I described. Were you trying to draw a contrast?
  4. mordorbund

    Psychopaths are an enemy to God?

    Ugh! Those Nazis are the worst!
  5. mordorbund

    So who’s going?

    Uh... helloooo!!! I think you guys missed the part about "naruto run". So maybe you should rework your AF defensive plan.
  6. mordorbund

    Lamb of God

    I saw the same when I searched. You can broaden your search by removing the quotes and you'll see several allusion to Christ as Lamb. What I think is worth noting is that in the Book of Mormon (as already observed) Nephi uses the term the most, while in the Bible it's his literary doppleganger John (in both his Revelation and his gospel - parallels to Nephi's vision). Joseph Smith was very clever.
  7. mordorbund

    Really? The world is coming to this?

  8. UGH! Singing in a can.
  9. mordorbund

    Polygamy Porter

    I know. My response was, "is this the new 'Peter Priesthood'?"
  10. Do these results also apply to older fathers and post-natal abortions? I have a few clumps of cells running around my yard very interested in your answer.
  11. Thanks @dsnell. It's no secret that I am a fan of Pew Research, and have cited that study a few times. I clicked the link just to see which of the stats you focus on (I tend to use the stats on marriage, family, and retention).
  12. Since you've moved on to another document, I'm going to assume that you're conceding that the first set didn't say what you intended them to say.
  13. I didn't even have to download the PDF. There's already a search function built in. I read President Grant's announcement, President Ivins' talk, Elders Pratt and Hart's excitement at the news, and Elder Roberts' praise of Ivins' talk. That search function was useful for finding when the word "Cumorah" was used. It was not very useful in explaining what any of these search results have to do with this:
  14. Maybe those boys should fight against "ageist" policies and demand compensation for their skills.
  15. mordorbund

    Really? The world is coming to this?

    On this subject, does anyone know of something similar to IMDB's Parent's Guide for theater? rates PG-13 differently than MPAA.