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  1. mordorbund

    BYU classroom lecture

    You see everyone, it really is straightforward. We can leave this matter up to the chastity lawyers and they can assure us that there really is nothing wrong with holding hands or kissing as part of a homosexual relationship. The legal experts have informed us It's all perfectly corban.
  2. mordorbund

    Home Schooling: Time to Jump In?

    I graduated homeschooling in the South in the late '90s with about 16 other people, so my parents didn't have all the resources that're available now. We lived on several acres of land so my typical day was to wake up, go to seminary, come home, read a module and answer the questions in the back. Do this for 1 or 2 modules and then work on an extended project for one of the longer modules (I remember scaling up a mural for a scene from the Book of the Dead, book reports, working a mini-loom, among others). Then go outside and help Grandpa with the garden, the plumbing, or whatever project he was working on. When lunch rolled around we'd usually watch some video from the library about one of the modules we were studying. Then either do another workbook (if it wasn't finished in the morning) or go outside and play with the dog/mow the lawn/shovel the sand off the front walk. I can't tell you much about the administrative challenges my parents faced except that we didn't have access to labs (which made high school chemistry and physics challenging) and my brother (who had an interest in sports) wasn't able to be part of a school league. Oh, and when I applied to college and they wanted to know which percentile I was in my mom took my coursework and grades to the local high school and they said they really didn't know what to do with that. As a student, I love reading. I was already learning on my own which is one of the reasons I got pulled from public school. So even though the hands on resources were basically whatever the family could supply it worked well for me. I didn't love writing, so those assignments were where I butted heads with my mom. For my brother, he would get a mental block (not necessarily with one particular subject, just in general) and would spiral down from there. Mom's solution was to send him out for a half hour or so and try again when his brain and body cleared. I will admit that my greatest fear as a homeschooler was that my peers were learning things that I wasn't. That I was behind but didn't know it. I shouldn't have feared that. My cousin used the same math textbook I did. And his brother used the same social studies text book. But the fear was there. Oh, and because I wasn't taking a bunch of bubble chart tests all the time I needed some assistance with filling in the student information section when I took the ACT. There was another issue with the citizenship question, but that was more a problem of dividing by 0. My fears went away after a few weeks of college.
  3. mordorbund

    Help starting a garden.

    When I lived in Redmond, WA I lived in a condo with no soil. I read Square Foot Gardening, made a 2' x 4' garden box, and placed it on my patio. I stuck 2 long dowels behind the back corners and ran some twine between them for the climbing plants. The dowels slid into some hardware so I could remove them again. With a short summer season I couldn't plant tomatoes, but cherry or grape tomatoes did great. My second year I made a box frame the same size as my garden box and covered it with clear plastic. This considerably extended the planting season for me. You may want to consider something similar for your box if you're worried about the temperature. For plants, you'll notice that everyone usually starts with zucchini. I'm pretty sure that's an edible weed. I don't know anyone that loves zucchini but we all plant it because it grows. If it doesn't grow for you that tells you there's a pollination problem and you should probably focus on self-pollinating plant. One tomato plant can pollinate itself. If you don't get much wind just give the plant a little shake every now and then. Some plants behave like weeds in that you really have to watch that they stay in their own space. I love strawberries but they produce runners to try to take over. Just plant them with space in between and prune those runners when they show. The last time I planted strawberries I bought them from a local farm rather than getting them from the chain store just so I knew they worked with the local climate. Herbs are also a weedy plant and should be limited to containers. Your best plant advice will probably come from some local gardeners though.
  4. mordorbund


    That's because Someone is her daughter.
  5. mordorbund


    You might want to change this to Then my answer is no longer valid but Vort's still is.
  6. mordorbund


    I mean his sister knows the answer.
  7. mordorbund


    Someone should have gotten it by now.
  8. mordorbund

    The COVID thread

    scale logs?
  9. mordorbund

    Geek test

    Just so @Just_A_Guy doesn't feel left out.
  10. mordorbund

    Sacrament at home prep

    Did you get voted outside? Trying out the whole "remote familying" thing?
  11. mordorbund

    Behold the enemy

    Her point about safety is not the Christian one you frame it as. She doesn't encourage us to turn to God, or follow Godly principles of whatever faith you belong to. Her point is that we need a government to provide us with our safety nets. Not God. Not the individual. The government. I have 2 thoughts in relation to this mindset. First, I see this as a city mouse / country mouse dichotomy. When you move into the city you voluntarily give up some freedoms you already have simple because of how dense it is. If your freedom to swing your fist ends where my nose begins, then in the country you can use extend your arm like Inspector Gadget but in the city you might have to keep your palm open. That's just a simple density problem. My problem is when the city mice with their control over the media tell the country mice that the city system of management really is better, even in the country. And then to take it a step further and suggest that those who govern both city and country should impose laws over both that solve city problems. I think @Vort has admitted in the past that there are inherent problems with living in the city because, duh, it's a city. I'd like to hear from him what are some limitations that should be expected because of the urban environment and where he would draw the line for it going too far. My second thought is to compare the hurricane crises from the start of the Trump administration. Both Texas and Puerto Rico were hit. The news cycle quickly abandoned Texas and moved to Puerto Rico once the opportunity presented itself. Puerto Rico had the federal safety net and was dependent on the Federal government being organized enough to send out relief, and dependent on the local government being organized enough to distribute that relief (they were also dependent on the local government having that safety net, but it wasn't there so it got escalated to the Federal level). The video footage of Puerto Rico showed people the start of the local distribution chain saying "we need supplies" even as supplies sat behind them, and people at the end of the distribution chain saying "we still having gotten any supplies and we don't know what we're going to do". Footage in Texas, showed people firing up their fishing or recreational boats and helping neighbors. There may have been local safety nets, but from what I could see (and maybe some locals can confirm) the safety net was largely left to the individual - and the individual recognized that. And once the individual found himself and his family secure he extended his net to his neighbor.
  12. mordorbund

    Sacrament at home prep

    Do with this what you will.
  13. Sounds like you've been pulled over by a Mountie.
  14. mordorbund


    Say no more. I have no legal background but I'm ready to take your case. I have had a distinct abhorance for this villain since I watched him debate the former AG (whose name escapes me - looked it up, McKenna) before Inslee's election. He kept going on about how the AG would turn down free federal money. AG responds that the money isn't free, that it would only support Medicare for n years before the State had to support the program, and WA already had an insurance program for low- or no-income people that operated more effectively and efficiently. Inslee's rebuttal just repeats the original chant "free money".
  15. @MormonGator can tell you that if it was truly "the Black Card" it would just have the company logo and would forgo the title. Same rule applies for the the White Card, though that was done by a different group.