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  1. That's why democracies are better. You get to elect whoever you want to disappoint you.
  2. mordorbund

    Revelation- How does it REALLY work?

    Wow JAG! Any girl would be LUCKY - quite fortunate indeed - to have you break up with her.
  3. mordorbund


    The Torah says Balaam was slain in battle (Numbers 31). Verse 16 says what the offense was (although Balaam did not curse Israel, off-screen he advised Balak that the Lord's favor only works on principles of righteousness, so all blessings can be negated if they succumb to temptation - so feel free to tempt). As for the reference in Jude, it's not suggesting that Balaam (or Cain for that matter) died with Korah. It's saying that all 3 are guilty of the same sin of rebellion wrapped in righteousness. The 3 examples are used as a progression. Cain rebelled, Balaam compounded the error by profiting off of it, but (as with Korah) God will destroy them (can't use Balaam as the example unless Jude wants the church accused of assigning members to be "avenging angels" (danites) since he was killed by Israelite soldiers).
  4. mordorbund

    April 2020 "a hinge point in the history of the Church"

    Fine. We'll broadcast from some valley in the middle of Missouri then.
  5. @zil I believe we need a cartoon of the school Vort opened for the men who married his daughters.
  6. mordorbund

    Not believing in the traditional Christ

    From reading previous posts, "serious error" means falling into a path that actually leads a person away from God (or at the very least impedes true worship). It happens by "diverting too far one way or the other". In this sense, worshiping God polytheistically when Israel was expressly told to leave those other gods alone seems to be a step in the wrong direction. Oh, looks like PC covered that already. First, I'll point out that if revelation says we ought to do something, then disciples are going to strive to do that regardless of whether or not the why was revealed as well. (Surely God doesn't declare a person "unworthy" simply because he has a cup of coffee in the morning, or drinks green tea for his health). Second, for the specific argument you raise, there has been further apostolic counsel given. Paul writes that nature itself grants sufficient understanding of God that even non-believers should be able to follow core principles. Oh, looks like PC covered that already. This is why I quipped "What if my belief is that serious error should be corrected, and that an incorrect understanding of God is a serious error?" You are stridently arguing against the notion of "serious error" as though belief in it is itself a serious error. Just now you compared it to "false godhood", which the revelations have a term for that: idolatry. Even if you term it differently, this sounds like a path that leads to condemnation. First off, even though you earlier correctly stated that the belief in the Trinity is 3 persons 1 being, you're here conflating the two terms. But, specifics aside, if you really want to understand why believing in a false god is a very bad thing, I suggest rereading the previous posts (not just from PC, others have weighed in as well). To those arguments I briefly add that when Jesus taught the woman at the well, he pointed out how confused her worship was (ye worship ye know not what) and testified that it was more of an obstacle (salvation is of the Jews).
  7. mordorbund

    Oregon Woman sues Church for reporting abuse

    Interesting. I was not aware that heterosexuality was ever included in the APA's DSM or the WHO's ICD-10. Would you recommend any of these treatments for homosexuals with "ego-dystonic sexual orientation" - that is, they know they are homosexual but wish they weren't?
  8. mordorbund

    Doctrine and Covenants 122:8

    That's okay. People who participate in these fora know restored scriptures (and the various editions of Gospel Principles) inside and out. We all know what you're talking about.
  9. mordorbund! Muy yum tacos!

    I am too, t'mai.
  10. mordorbund! Muy yum tacos!

    Really?! You're counting n the same as ñ? That's seems a little loose.
  11. mordorbund

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    My observation is that those cultures and societies that have a strong patriarchy are accompanied by a well-organized matriarchy. That matriarchy provides a framework where little girls learn what it means to be a woman; where young mothers learn how to rear their little children; where women support each other to "get things done"; where middle-aged (or senior depending how young people die) women receive support transitioning past child-bearing years; where seasoned and experienced women pass on their skills and knowledge. Additionally, my observation is that when people try to dismantle the patriarchy what they really end up doing is dismantling the matriarchy, and place the displaced women in the patriarchy. The patriarchy is still there - it hasn't been dismantled at all! And while some women are quite comfortable in this structure, many find it* difficult to navigate 1) because the framework was optimized over millennia for men, and 2) their support structure has been dismantled. In addition, many men are displaced in the process. As long as I'm here, I'll add that Toy Story 4 can be viewed from this perspective (of placing women in the patriarchy and displacing men) not just as a story but also as a project. In the story, Woody doesn't have a purpose anymore and has to find one. He never really does so his character doesn't really arc (except to find out he's not needed any more - perhaps Million Dollar Babying him was too dark for Pixar?). In the project, Bo Peep and her girls resolve most of the conflict, so Woody doesn't really have a role in this film either. He doesn't serve to inspire others. And even in his babysitting duties is easily forgotten. *This is the "trying to have it all" trope from so many forms of media.
  12. mordorbund! Muy yum tacos!

    He's having a stroke in Spanish. But if you wait long enough he'll come right back out of it - even if he has to switch languages to reverse it.