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  1. mordorbund

    Tax refunds

    Are you a member of the Tea Party? I hear they’ve been yanked around by the IRS in the past.
  2. mordorbund

    Neuro's seitch for fremen fanboys

    And just like that, I've reached my limit for contributing to this thread.
  3. mordorbund

    Temples And Protection

    Some time ago I saw a video giving a guided virtual tour through the ancient tabernacle. Although the ritual described was different from the rituals we have today, it showed that the underlying meaning remains largely the same though the symbols themselves have been changed. If I were a helpful person I would link to the video so @Jonah and others could watch it for themselves.
  4. mordorbund

    Temples And Protection

    You've gotten responses to your questions in this thread, but I'm not sure if these responses actually answer your questions since there's always another waiting in the wings. Perhaps we should take a step back and ensure we're really communicating with each other. Would you mind taking a moment and sharing your understanding of ancient temple worship? 1. What were the major physical and liturgical elements of the temple? 2. How did a person participate in temple worship? 3. What salvific effect, if any, did temple worship have? Could the average Israelite be saved without participating in temple worship? 4.How did temple worship change for the New Testament church? Did any elements continue?
  5. mordorbund

    Texas: Contagion and Masks

    So........ after 2 weeks moving buddy won’t have to bother wearing a mask since he’s already been through the ringer, right?
  6. mordorbund

    Temples And Protection

    Fun fact: because of the symbolism of the temple at the time of Jesus, pre-Restoration women cannot get into heaven. Access is only limited to the ancient high priests 😪.
  7. mordorbund

    Temples And Protection

    I posted a link to a video. It will take less than 10 minutes to view.
  8. mordorbund

    Ignorance is sad, but stupid is unfixable

    Between Dick Wolf and this lady’s former boss, is it time to make off-hours political expression protected speech?
  9. mordorbund

    Temples And Protection
  10. mordorbund

    Safely Passing The Sacrament These Days

    Not true. There are very few people still alive from 1920. I would say a super minority.
  11. All the articles I've read about the murder has the area rebranded as Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone. That's right, the Occupation is running a CHOP block! The article you link says the police met some resistance on Saturday when they tried to enter the CHOP block. It says they're continuing the investigation, but it wasn't clear to me if they were able to do it within the site.
  12. mordorbund

    Atlantis......... Was it real?

    My son got how to for Christmas and has read it several times over. He kept telling me that he wanted how to II for his birthday. I looked on various bookseller sites and couldn't find it. I asked him how he knew about the book and he showed me that it's referenced in a footnote on one of the pages. Yes, a Randall Munroe footnote. In 1,000 years, if the book survives and his website doesn't, historians will discuss the secret knowledge of Munroe's missing work. Atlantis is a Randall Munroe footnote by Plato.
  13. mordorbund

    Some good from Affirmative Action?

    Thomas Sowell has been talking about this for decades.