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  1. @JohnsonJones A previous poster referred to the revelation in the Doctrine and Covenants to show that the early implementation for the Law of Consecration had the member voluntarily deed their property to the bishop as agent of the Church, who in turn deeded a "stewardship" back to the person. The Joseph Smith Papers editors note that the execution was limited in scope and duration. "Not all features of consecration were implemented, and many members of the church were never invited to practice consecration as outlined in the scriptures." I've searched for examples of these deeds either to the bishop or from the bishop and have turned up empty. The closest I can find is 1) general land transactions and 2) dissolving the United Firm. For 1) every Kirtland transaction and Missouri transaction I see involves the exchange of land for money. For 2) I haven't found the deeds, but Revelations in Context says Whitney's store stewardship was deeded to him after the Firm was dissolved. Is this what you were talking about with the deeds not actually being deeded? Or are you talking about something else? As a historian, I would appreciate it if you would provide sources for your claims that Consecrated properties were communal and theocommunistic in practice.
  2. For what it’s worth, missionaries who regularly review mission standards should know what to tithe on and what not to tithe. There was a similar statement in the old (white) missionary handbook.
  3. @romans8 You've gotten some feedback, have you updated your understanding of Lehi's dream? What about after reading Nephi's guided tour?
  4. There’s something about mentioning pointers that makes it seem meta — or maybe it happens even before that. I “like”d your post to let you know that I saw what you did there, but I wanted you to know that I also saw what you did there.
  5. Is this a seasonal thing for you? October is "time to play with palindromes month"? Or.... Or maybe you're life is a palindrome and April 2018 was your mid-point.
  6. The “B.” in Benoit B. Mandelbrot stands for “Benoit B. Mandelbrot”.
  7. Amateur. I’m chartering an expedition to the solar ice caps.
  8. Mine’s pretty great! I will “fulfill many prophecies spoken of concerning the last days”. Not to brag or anything, but being “of Magog” must come with some pretty nice perks.
  9. Nephi shows that there’s at least 3 layers of interpretation to Lehi’s dream. The first, as you note, is the personal path to salvation that invariable leads to the Savior. The second is a large scale explanation that centers on Jesus’ birth, the gospel message, apostasy, restoration, and Christ’s return. Nephi only explains some of this because he refers to John’s Apocalypse. The third is familial, tracing Nephi’s descendants and their covenant relationship with the Lord. The highlight is when they are visited by the Savior, followed by a period of apostasy, and a prophesied day of renewal and restoration. There may be other interpretations, but these are the ones Nephi gave.
  10. Tau is better. Come at me bro!
  11. President Benson invited members to use our talents to tell Book of Mormon stories in new media:
  12. Not quite manga, but there was a graphic novel created based on the first half of the Book of Nephi. I don’t know if more was created. huh, that’s not the one I was talking about… That’s the one.
  13. Nephi came to a similar understanding while reading Isaiah 29. Ignorant of Ezekiel, he comments that joining these two sticks directly leads to the two nations joining. One additional note is that the theme of the restoration of Israel is revisited in the two-stick prophecy. Just prior to that there is a vision of the valley of dry bones. This is often taken to directly represent the restoration of Israel and indirectly represent (for Christians at least) the resurrection. The repitition with the two sticks also has the primary and secondary representation but without latter-day revelation remains incomplete.
  14. The 3 Nephites have this explained to them. They are free sorrow “save it be for the sins of the world” (3 Nephi 28:9). This sounds like the compassion you speak of. But they are separated from the sorrow of pain and death and I’ll-fortune and such.
  15. We already found it. We have the Lord’s appendix.
  16. That’s some range she had.
  17. And that’s how we conclude that hell is endothermic.
  18. Will it be a global burning or a local one?
  19. Shortly after this clip Mom shows up with a spatula and beats the living daylights out of Dad before dancing triumphantly over her cookie dough.
  20. I’m not sure how fair a comparison those clips were. Hulk and Hawkeye are comparing movie effects and choreography against a tv series, isn’t it? And Black Widow is movie v. movie, but White Widow’s weak, goofy landing was done intentionally to mock Black Widow’s signature landing style. I can’t compare Wakanda to Iron Man because I didn’t even know that one was happening (happened?).
  21. I remember that place! I was standing in the yard looking through the window. I was really impressed with … that chandelier.
  22. My Modest Proposal is to have more children harvest the potatoes.