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    Temples And Protection

    I posted a link to a video. It will take less than 10 minutes to view.
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    Ignorance is sad, but stupid is unfixable

    Between Dick Wolf and this lady’s former boss, is it time to make off-hours political expression protected speech?
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    Temples And Protection
  4. mordorbund

    Safely Passing The Sacrament These Days

    Not true. There are very few people still alive from 1920. I would say a super minority.
  5. All the articles I've read about the murder has the area rebranded as Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone. That's right, the Occupation is running a CHOP block! The article you link says the police met some resistance on Saturday when they tried to enter the CHOP block. It says they're continuing the investigation, but it wasn't clear to me if they were able to do it within the site.
  6. mordorbund

    Atlantis......... Was it real?

    My son got how to for Christmas and has read it several times over. He kept telling me that he wanted how to II for his birthday. I looked on various bookseller sites and couldn't find it. I asked him how he knew about the book and he showed me that it's referenced in a footnote on one of the pages. Yes, a Randall Munroe footnote. In 1,000 years, if the book survives and his website doesn't, historians will discuss the secret knowledge of Munroe's missing work. Atlantis is a Randall Munroe footnote by Plato.
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    Some good from Affirmative Action?

    Thomas Sowell has been talking about this for decades.
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    Apartment Hunting

    Time to bring back the old signature.
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    Elsewhere in the World

    Found him.
  10. mordorbund

    Sharing and learning about personal revelation

    Thanks for the response @Jonah. Can you address the first question also?
  11. mordorbund

    Sharing and learning about personal revelation

    Are these false revelations always accompanied by a (pretended) angelic messenger or do they also come through other media that otherwise seem bona fide? How can a disciple of Christ discern between true revelation and counterfeits?
  12. mordorbund

    Triumph In The Midst Of Chaos

    If Traveler is asked about something classified he'll say "that's not accurate". Got it. Alien spaceships are "not accurate". Got it.
  13. mordorbund

    Kneeling Congress

    Nope. I bring my own. You still haven't thanked me for redecorating your lawn.
  14. mordorbund

    Kneeling Congress

    I'm gonna need someone to explain to me the rules for cultural appropriation again.
  15. mordorbund

    Simple common-sense physics problem

    The panel is 3' tall and 3' wide (even wider when the doors are open). Why not have the user face the sun but block out the sun with the box?
  16. mordorbund

    I never thought Richard Dawkins was stupid.

    - Earth, Hitler 1938
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    Spiritually Theraputic Gardening

    Lessons I've learned from my garden: The law of the harvest: I've never harvested watermelon because I've never planted watermelon. I currently have wild strawberries growing in my yard, but they are small and bitter. The law of weeds: weeds are anything I don't want in my garden. Those wild strawberries are weeds. Cucumbers are not. Mint isn't a weed except when it grows past the bounds I've set for it. Weeds require 2 skills: the ability to correctly identify a weed, and diligence in removing them. I once planted carrots, then replanted carrots, then replanted carrots because only weeds grew where I planted. Turns out I didn't recognize carrot sprouts and kept weeding them out. It's okay to let the weeds alone early on, but once you've identified that it's a weed you remove it with abandon. The law of work: I've had plants die because I did not water them enough, or planted them early but didn't make the effort to protect them from late frosts. Gardens need weeding and tending. And yes, Jacob and Zenos, sometimes that means working with dung. The law of rest: God told ancient Israel to let their land go feral once every 7 years and again once every 50. Today we practice crop rotation so the soil can perform a different work and not get burnt out in always giving the same nutrients. The land needs to rest, and the Lord will help if necessary. The law of grace: I control what I can control, but I don't control the frost, the weather, or the plants. At the end of the season I am grateful to God for what He has blessed me with. Apply how you will.
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    Because of the explanations given above, the events on the Mount of Transfiguration included an angelic manifestation/visitation when Elijah and Moses arrived.
  19. mordorbund

    Baptisms for the dead

    What an interesting question! How does it look to you when you read D&C 138, specifically looking for the term "bondage" and how it's used?
  20. Ah the slippery memory of men (blind or sighted)! I assure you no elephant has ever forgotten the tale of one of their own pawed by multiple men.
  21. Of course not. He performed with the Muppets.
  22. mordorbund

    Are LDS open to Theistic Evolutionary Theory?

    So how does that work, exactly? Polygamy?
  23. mordorbund

    Return to Church Guidelines

    The article wasn't clear about what it means in phase 1 or phase 2 when you leave your scriptures at the end of the pew.