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    Why is taco seasoning so bad?

    “I know, right! It’s so weird. 😉“ -Pace Picante
  2. mordorbund

    1 Nephi 3:7 and D&C 124: 49

    My experience with the Spirit has been similar to what you describe. And my reading of Nephi's account matches yours as well.
  3. It does depend on local culture. In Europe and North America it's the horse. The ox and ass are day laborers and on Sunday it's all about transportation. Groom the animal properly the day before and you're good to go. Of course, in South America the Llama might be more appropriate, but back in North America it would be too exotic and detract from congregational worship. I'm told that Australia has not domesticated the kangaroo, so they --- Sunday Best --- Never mind. I misread the title.
  4. mordorbund

    Lehi and the twelve visitors

    It could mean that, and it might be worthwhile for historians and archaeologists to look for pre-exilic scribal connections between Israel and Egypt (there's already a number of literary connections, with the whole of the Mediterranean sharing and borrowing culture with each other). But I think 1 & 2 taken together suggests private tutors, since Nephi's record is "the language of my father" (2) which he probably learned as he was "was taught somewhat in all the learning of my father"(1). So I'm reading this as Nephi being Lehi's personal apprentice with either personal or private lessons.
  5. mordorbund

    Lehi and the twelve visitors

    I think the key is verse 16; The 1 and the 12 are not identified in the text that we have today. That means we have to speculate as to their identities and what they directly represent. What we know from the text is that the 1 hands him a book to read and the 12 "came down and went forth upon the face of the earth". We also know what message he took away from his vision and reading: (13) Jerusalem will be destroyed (14) God's "power, and goodness, and mercy are over all the inhabitants of the earth" (14) God spares those who come to Him (19) Messiah will come and redeem the world Some possible ways this ties into the identity of the 12 beings could be: As a meta-point, the image of 1 sun-luster and 12 star-shines suggests Lehi is a new Joseph-like leader (who was accused of being a "dreamer" and also dreamed of the sun, moon, and 11 stars). The 12 beings are scattering all of Israel across the earth and Jerusalem's destruction fits in that larger context No single being represents anything at all - it is only the number 12 that's significant, representing God's power These 12 are the apostles chosen by the Messiah (in which case their names are the same as those in the New Testament) whose testimony/witness would be spread throughout the world. something else. Feel free to pick your favorite, but the important thing to Nephi seems to be the conclusion.
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    Lame Jokes, the Sequel

    For @Vort and @dprh The first is 20 and the second is 20 too!
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    Hypothetical - living arrangements

    1. Is this character based on me? If not, then why do you want to know my reaction? The important thing is that your character is consistent in his reactions. Well, that and the reaction should fit with the human condition, in which case... 2. Most people don't know how they would really act given a hypothetical. I wouldn't be the one "just following orders" but experiments show otherwise. I wouldn't just turn a blind eye to the abuses the government heaps on an unpopular group except history indicates otherwise. Usability studies exist because people don't know themselves nearly as well as they think they do. Ask them if they'd pay more for ice cream in a container with rounded corners and you'd find few that agree; put them in a grocery store with $5 and watch them behave differently. Ask them if making the "buy" button green has any affect on their purchase decision and they'll deny it; stick them on the website and watch their cart fill up and ship out.
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    1 Nephi 3:7 and D&C 124: 49

    What an interesting question. When the Holy Spirit speaks to you does he appear to you or does he speak from heaven? I can think of very few instances in scripture where the Holy Spirit takes a form, so I'm wondering if your lived experience is different. As for your question, you can read the story of Nephi and Laban here. The particular methodology is not stated - whether it was an audible voice or a "head-voice" that also resonated in his heart - but follows the standard scriptural formula of having the Spirit "speak". As you read of Nephi's interaction with the Spirit, how is it similar or different from your interactions with the Spirit?
  9. mordorbund

    Lame Jokes, the Sequel

    None of them if the connection keeps timing out.
  10. Sounds like you're looking for a variation on Morton's Fork. I don't think that's what the manuals are describing though. We belong to a global church with millions of members. There are bound to be exceptional circumstances. The question as I see it is whether a given circumstance warrants an exception to some principle. I can't find the quote (maybe I can get an assist) but Elder Oaks mentioned in an interview that as general authorities they share general counsel to the Church which we then go and implement in our specific instances. For the first example you share, the Church is teaching "this is the general counsel, if you are a special exception then you had better speak with God about whether this still applies to you." The individual is to have a council meeting with God. Just like any other council meeting counsel is offered, objections are freely raised, and direction is given. From my own experience, I've learned to embrace President Monson's love for the Mark Twain line, "you can't pray a lie." If I share with God the conflict I have over selfish reasons, I'm unable to carry my request very far. If, in the course of such counsel the Lord verifies that your specific case is an exception, then that is for you only and is not to be turned into a general principle. Not knowing any different, I assume the Lord directed Steve Young to forego his priesthood responsibility to serve a full-time mission. But that doesn't relieve me of such a duty. That said, I think Steve Young is the exception. I've had a few occasions where I've voiced my concerns and the general counsel has been reiterated as applying to my circumstance. "Steve Young played football instead of serving a mission!" "I'm not trying to figure out what God wants from Steve Young. I want to know what God wants from me!" This is a conversation I'm starting with my teenage children. Reflecting on my own life I noticed in grade school that people outside the Church had different standards than my family. As a teen I was confused that other members of the Church had different standards from my family. After graduation I was no longer confused but recognized that other members have different standards than I do. I've shared these reflections with my children so they can be prepared to uphold family standards when they see these differences. As for tithing, or energy drinks, or dating age, you have standards for your family. If it's something you're flexible on you can let you children participate in the council process, being sure to invite God in. If it's not flexible, you let them know that this is a family standard and train them to listen to God's guidance as they develop more autonomy. In a class discussion for teens, teach them what I just wrote - that it's a decision their parents can help them with as they try to ascertain God's will. If it's adults - I trust that we're all mature enough to be comfortable with our choices. Again, I don't particularly care what Brother Young has agreed with God to do.
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    Hypothetical - mail-order bride

    <sigh> I'll inform the mid- single-adult group.
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    Was Jesus married

    And if you do find it, can you clean up the family search entries? I think we have some duplicates.;q.givenName=Jesus
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    Hypothetical - mail-order bride

    What's the bulk rate? I was way off. I'll inform the mid- single-adult group.
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    I have been deceived

    We need to do all we can to protect the "athletic furries" subculture.
  15. mordorbund

    Pres Nelson: Gathering Israel

    @theplains was trying to make sense of some similar teachings. God made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that included promises to their descendants. Moses renewed these promises with them. You can read more about it in the Gospel Principles manual.
  16. mordorbund

    I have been deceived

    Ever since I've read Psalms I've felt that our hymnal is woefully lacking songs about raining vengeance on our enemies.
  17. mordorbund

    Til We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis

    I see Ansit and Orual speaking out of their ignorance - akin to hearing people talk about the "cruel" Old Testament God and "loving" New Testament God (I don't think these people have read either). I think after the divine interview Orual speaks more like the old priest. The devouring is awful and frightening, but in it you find the god's love. Like Paul's cross theology - it is shameful to have a god who was executed, but such is our salvation! These are people who have come to know the gods. Revisiting the gods' jealousy and the book's exploration of love, I found Lewis' argument deficient. I think he intended for us to see the gods working for the best interest of those they love, but the distinction isn't clear enough for me. Acting in the best interest of those they love, molding them into their best selves, these are the claims everyone in the book makes. Ultimately Orual sees that the gods have been making the same claim, but it's only different because they have the omniscience to make it true. That's not a difference in love, that's a difference in perfection (really completeness). I may need to revisit my thoughts in the previous paragraph. As I said, if the gods are just trying to make you your best self, the love they manifest is no different from any other in the book. But this idea of self-deception is an interesting one. Their role is to show you who you are - in contrast to who you profess to be. They sit there in the silence with you until you peel off the max in frustration or finally sit comfortably in your own skin. Thanks for that perspective. I also think Lewis places Fox in the bliss of the dead, but I disagree with that choice. I think that's Lewis' love of ancient Greek culture giving birth to "reason" more that anything consistent in the work. It may be that people in the 50's did not have quite so many secular "rational' thinkers as I've seen championed in the last few decades that I just don't share the same perspective.
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    Canadians are Boring People...

    Justin Bieber didn't make the list?
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    We all need some humor

    @mirkwood will take those off your hands.
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    Okay...which one of you Utahns put this up??

    The dimensions are wrong. 1:4:9.
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    Til We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis

    Is this a Lewisian way of suggesting that God's transformative (even deifying) love is manifest in both the ritualistic Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) church? Or should this be taken to mean that Lewis supposes God to use both superstitions (to use your term) and reason to draw people to Him. A variation on Alma 29:8 perhaps? Where does this put the new priest then? Are the gods working through him in the "language" of the culture? Or does he not "get it" and is leading them on the road to apostasy?
  22. mordorbund

    Prisonchaplain retiring...from prison chaplaincy

    Maybe you’ll have more influence on the inside than the outside. 😜👮‍♂️ | | | | 👮‍♀️
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    Make the Forums Great Again

    Are people really posting fewer jokes about @pams age or does she just forget most of them now?
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    Clear Communication, Sometimes LESS Clear

    I'm guessing her last name isn't Bauhaus.