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    The trinity = the family

    Me too, Tem.
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    The trinity = the family

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    How do epidemics/pandemics stop?

    Did I miss the post where someone said racism doesn't exist? Did somebody post that racist acts don't happen? MG, this is what I was talking about earlier with hyperbolic statements. I can tell that you're writing sarcastically, but I can't tell how much racism you think is getting manifested here. I can't tell if you think it's systemic via corporate and governmental policies or if it's widespread in Western (or even Asian) cultures beyond the norm (see your article's description of Japan's treatment of Chinese people), or if they're only in pockets. LP, this proves @Vort's latest post (and the portion of mine that saw the "racist" argument as exaggerated). You're well-read. You're not ignorant of the Corona virus and it's effects. Why did you have no idea? Is it because racism just seems normal to you and it took these articles to recognize how insensitive you're being? Or is it because you don't know any Chinese people? Or is it because you just haven't seen any of this "normal" behavior first-hand? Just to add to the anecdata, I just spoke with some of my coworkers from China. Their families back in China are dealing with the disruption the virus has brought but are healthy and still ok economically. I asked if they've been treated any differently since the outbreak, and they said no. One even said that he'd read an article online about how Chinese people are getting treated "in Europe (in Italy)" and said he's not experiencing anything like that.
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    How do epidemics/pandemics stop?

    That's just it though. Maybe I don't frequent the right parts of the Internet and maybe I listen to the wrong radio shows, but I'm not hearing anyone tell me to run to the hills. Sure, you're employing some hyperbole here, but I haven't heard any of the myths from your infographic. I have yet to hear anyone tell me the corona virus is "the most dangerous virus". I have been told that it's largely confined to China, and specifically the Hubei province. I have been told it has a 2% fatality and that it spreads as readily as your standard cold. Because of this, I have been told to take preventative measures. I have not been told to "buy a hazmat suit". I have been told to wash my hands, cough into my sleeve, and work remotely for 2 weeks after traveling from China. I haven't been told about the origins of this virus. I have not been told to "blame China" (as a nation) or dirty Chinese students (or other insensitive statements about international students). I have not been told to panic, or even disrupt my life. Other people with plans to travel to/from China do experience disruptions, but it doesn't look to affect more than 4-6 months of plans. MG, the problem with your exaggerated statements is that 1) via Poe's law they become indistinguishable from denialist arguments and a) essentially are encouragement to disregard the simple preventative measures that are getting shared. Additionally, b) any agreement we have on reasonable preventative measures are lost in the exaggeration. 2) The pendulum can also swing the other way. By saying there is a panic, you convince those who trust you to look for that panic. If you're an influential person then you create the very panic you're speaking out against.
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    How do epidemics/pandemics stop?

    How Y2K came an went without anything more disastrous than the movie Entrapment: ~4-10 years before the event companies started noticing that future events (such as graduations and card expirations) were scheduled to happen 96 years ago. Some specialty shims were written for the code. ~2 years before the event, companies had the prescience to realize this would affect a lot more things and started looking for complete, systematic fixes over their entire code base. COBOL (and other seemingly obselete) programmers were paid a premium and pulled out of retirement to patch things up. ~1 year before the event, companies sent out patches to their code consumers to fix code that had been released to production. Companies upgraded their systems based on the patch dependencies ~3 months before the event, consumers were encouraged to change the date/time on their computers to verify that all necessary patches had been applied and the system would work Jan 1, 2000. The night of the event, tech workers were in office or on call monitoring their web sites and tech stacks. Jan 1, 2000 12:05 AM, tech workers cheered loudly when their systems didn't crash Jan 1, 2000 12:45 AM, consumers drunkenly mash keys on the keyboard and shake the mouse and let loose a silly grin since the computer still works. What I learned from it was that when a known disaster is just on the horizon, experts get to work on a solution, inform the public on ways to mitigate the risk, and a conscientous public applies those recommendations. Do this and there's little panic, little looting, little chaos even when the disaster is at its peak. Don't do this, and you roll the dice. Applying safety measures and risk management are not panicking, nor are they the results of panic. I would argue that in many ways they prevent panic.
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    How do epidemics/pandemics stop?

    I loved it so much that I got the commemorative zipper.
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    Iowa Caucus

    I raise my question again.
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    The Corona Virus

    Something you might want to share with the parents on that forum:
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    Women and Priesthood Power

    Now that people have explained priesthood, can we get an explanation on women?
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    For those of you not watching the Super Bowl....

    Is that a bruhny?
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    David Snell article: Why, David?
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    David Snell article: Why, David?

    Fun fact: Just as "flammable" and "inflammable" both mean "capable of getting caught on fire" (or, "flammable"), "infallible" also means "flammable".
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    The Corona Virus

    The current treatment is telling infected people to grin and beer it.
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    The Corona Virus

    It's a portable cone of silence!!!!!
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    What’s the last movie you watched?

    That's because Dolittle talks to animals.
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    Fasting - some questions

    Did a strawman kill your parents? Is that why you're pummeling it so mercilessly? This was more addressed towards those unmarried women, but the principle holds true. NO BLESSING will be denied to any worthy individual. Just because one is handicapped or disabled does NOT make them unworthy. If President Hunter is contradicting what Vort is saying, then not only are righteous single women blessed with eternal marriage and an eternal family, these single sisters are also blessed to rear their own biological children in this life! Do you think that's what President Hunter is saying? Or do you think rearing your own children in this life is not one of the blessings of marriage in mortality?
  17. The article in the second link can be found here.
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    Exciting news about CNN!

    Brie Larson? Is that you?
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    BYU to allow same-sex dancing at annual competition

    I just read over some of the rules. My reading of this is that the leader has to stay leader for the duration of the competition, and the follower has to stay the follower throughout the competition. I think just by allowing the same-sex partners the boundaries will be pushed and it will not remain this way. And just to add to the doom and gloom, NDCA can't very well allow same-sex partners to change without allowing traditional couples the same advantage. TFP won't have to worry about cross-dressers this year, but I think this is going to be pushed. For starters, 2 ladies dancing in ball gowns will have a disadvantage to 2 men dancing in tail suits who will have a disadvantage to a tail suit/ballgown couple. A twirl with tails just isn't as eye-popping as a traditional gown, and fancy footwork can be easily lost in 2 layers of ballgown.
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    BYU to allow same-sex dancing at annual competition

    For me it's orthogonal. BYU should have taken a moral stand for the reasons already covered by other posters. Separately, I question the NDCA's decision to open it up. My preference would be if NDCA was to open it up, it create a separate dance category to allow for same-sex categories. It's similar to the creation of new music genres, but note that by listing them as a separate genre they are being categorized and classified as different. Both cha cha and foxtrot can be danced to a 4/4 beat, but only one is allowed in International Ballroom and the other exclusively in International Latin. The change allows for enough differences that they should be judged separately.
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    BYU to allow same-sex dancing at annual competition

    I'm glad @The Folk Prophet weighed in since I thought of him immediately when I saw the OP (I also thought of him when Cats came out, I can't count the number of times he's seen it). I agree with others that I wish BYU had taken a stand and not hosted. My thoughts on this are larger than BYU. Ballroom dance as sport and art comes out of longstanding tradition and culture. The Tribune makes it clear that the professed purpose of this change is to allow gays to compete in a way comfortable to them, but inadvertently makes an argument for the core purpose. Ballroom dance has rigid gender roles and (as TFP mentioned) this will destroy them. TFP called out the costuming question, but additionally we have the issue of who leads. If I watch a couple perform, I know immediately who will hold his hand up and who will twirl. This change allows for more artistic creativity where a couple can transition the lead during a move, coming out with the other partner leading. The sort of changes this opens up can be creative, it can be artistic, but it is not traditional ballroom dancing. Summoning my inner Len Goodman, it's "too much razzmatazz for my taste."
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    Revelation- How does it REALLY work?

    Just for @zil I'll bring out my old signature.
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    Fasting - some questions

    Let's talk about the blessings of baptism. And let's say that a person's disability is having died in 1720. Is that person denied any blessing simply due to that disability? Let's say the person is baptized vicariously inherits the Celestial kingdom. In that case there is no blessing in the eternities that will be denied this person. But any blessings baptism gives us in mortality has been denied this person because of this disability. The only way I can see to argue against it is to say that baptism does not uniquely provide any blessings in mortality. I think @Vort is making a similar case for fasting.
  24. @LiterateParakeet and other Sanders supporters, Do you see a repeat of the 2016 Primaries? When the DNC servers were hacked it showed that the fix was in, and the DNC was rigging the Primaries in Hillary's favor - even going so far as to give her the debate questions ahead of time. This last debate the moderator seemed skewed in Warren's favor. The moderator asked a follow-up question of Warren that completely disregarded Sanders' response. Is this a repeat of 2016?