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    I despise the loathsome Salt Lake Tribune

    Arrested for prepping for Independence Day?!!
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    Missionary Work

    Genealogy being what it is, if someone has a descendant 3000 years later, it's almost certain that everyone living at that time is a descendant. But what you'll probably hear most often in the Church is that those who are not naturally descended from Israel are adopted into one of the tribes so they still have a birthright blessing. In the source you linked, #10 has this to say: "All people can be gathered to Israel, either by direct descent or by adoption, which happens when they are baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost." You don't need to be concerned. It is quite likely that you are already directly descended from Israel, and your patriarchal blessing will declare it. But even if you aren't, when you are baptized you will be adopted in and still be able to lay claim to those blessings.
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    Mary’s age

    Would that make it not true? Sounds like it's universally true for everyone!
  4. For the Church's official back then, see here. For the legal arguments being made against it see the links here.
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    Mary’s age

    It's time to face it: The church in meridian times is not transparent. The official narrative says nothing about Mary's age. The church literally buries any other sources that state her age. The source that traveler cites has entire chapters missing! The meridian church has whitewashed its history!
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    Christmas Music

    A younger mordorbund may have performed The Restroom Door Said "Gentlemen" with his siblings at a ward Christmas function..... A younger mordorbund may have also thought the song is better if the singer uses a falsetto note for the second syllable of "behind".......
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    Neither the Bible nor the Book of Moses state that the mark was passed on to Cain's posterity. There are non-LDS traditions that such a mark was 1) black skin and 2) passed on to his posterity to Ham's posterity (because it's supposed that Ham's wife descended from Cain), but neither of these are strongly supported in scripture.
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    Essential Oils, Do they work?

  9. mordorbund

    Prince Andrew

    Well it did not go over well. I don't know what went wrong, I thought my presentation persuasive.
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    If the Earth were hit by a comet...

    Soooo......... is my Moon-Earth fire pole still lethal?
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    Playing with opposite gender--primary age

    I think it's great that you're already thinking of the standards in For the Strength of Youth. About every other year our family has a Family Home Evening on church milestones. At 8 you're baptized, 12 you perform baptisms for the dead, 14 you can attend dances, at 16 you can date, and at 18 you're own your own (with priesthood ordinations sprinkled in for the boys). This sets the framework for the ongoing reinforcement of our family standards. I'd recommend you also determine what your family standards are and move forward with those. I imagine your daughter has a bedtime that you were able to set without worry about if other parents thought you prudish. Do the same with your other family standards. Since that particular standard at hand is concern about young dating, I'll mention a resource for your consideration. The Church has published a A Parent's Guide to aid parents as a sort of sex-ed (including hygiene, social respect, and of course reproduction) broken down by age brackets. And as long as I have this mike, I'll post some of my own observations on young children. At age 4-5, girls start forming "power triangles". It's a social dynamic where girls try to be the queen bee (and part of the primary power triangle) and exercise power over other girls. The malicious form (these groups don't have to be malicious, but those are the ones to look out for) of this has the queen bee playing power games at the expense of other girls - within her own triangle by including and excluding girls that had been excluded and included before, and over others in general. Even though your daughter is older than this, this dynamic never really goes away, so train your child on how to navigate her integrity inside and outside of these groups. At this age boys have a physicality they aren't sure what to do with. The training they need from this age onward is they don't use their strength (strength will grow into other power and influence, but we start with strength) to hurt others. And they use their strength to help and defend others. And just like you taught your daughter how to handle herself when other girls are abusing their social cache, you should also teach your daughter how to handle herself when boys abuse their physical strength. At age 6-7, girls start bringing boys into the power triangle. The boys aren't really part of the triangle, but they can be brought in or out as a way to show power. Additionally, they begin to show interest in experimenting with more advanced forms of relationships. They begin to look into the boyfriend/girlfriend dynamic. That's not to say your daughter is, but she certainly has friends who are claiming to have a boyfriend. At this stage, what a boyfriend is/does is nebulous but significant. It's a clear milestone! At this age it's probably better to focus on what sort of one-on-one behaviors are socially appropriate and which are not. At this age boys are learning more about the social hierarchy among boys. I don't believe I've noticed one initiate the bf/gf dynamic, but they'll go along with it if asked. At 8-9 boys will begin bringing girls into the social dynamic. Having a girlfriend becomes a status symbol. Not that your daughter's friend views it like this, but there are boys she knows at this age who are experimenting with this new social relationship. She may be approached for a date or to be someone's girlfriend and should know how to handle that scenario. At 10-12 girls learn that sex is power. They notice that boys wear a goofy look when they sit too close. They notice older women with their makeup get what they want. As with social and physical cases earlier, they need to be taught not to abuse this power and to recognize examples of that abuse. I haven't observed much beyond that, so after the next few years you're on your own.
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    Prince Andrew

    Wish me luck! I'm off to inform the missus that I've formally adopted this title for domestic use.
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    Ward Boundary Changes

    Based on your location, I'm thinking your response was actually
  14. mordorbund

    Faith vs. Knowledge

    I would probably phrase it as
  15. The OP seemed to be more about testifying of the Church's truity, but since the topic of the "I know" phrase is getting focus I'll gladly step on my soapbox. Most people who raise criticism with the "I know" testimony affirmation overestimate how much they (the critic) actually know. I would dare say that the average saint has more and greater evidence that God speaks to prophets, that the priesthood is God's power, that God answers prayers, and yes, even that the Church is true, than they do that Earth is spherical, that is goes around the sun, that the city Chicago exists, or even of the Civil War. Elder Oaks shared some relevant remarks on this topic (see section II in particular):
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    Hook, line and sinker

    Yeah, AI is a great buzzword, but you need to realize that the Pacman ghosts are AI.
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    Did Face to Face answer questions?

    Yup, YW will get the same amount as always and the savings in YM budget will finally go to the EQ.
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    Did Face to Face answer questions?

    And just how did you manage to get your motorsickle up there on the high dive?
  19. I was recently thinking about some passages in Josephus' The Antiquities of the Jews that talk about a Jewish temple in Heliopolis, Egypt (13.3.1-2 & 13.10.4). Apparently, the Onion temple (named after Onias who built it) was patterned after the Jerusalem temple (I estimate it's about 100 BC), had a course of Levites and priests operating it, and was perceived as a fulfillment of Isaiah 19:19. Do Jews view this temple as a valid temple accepted by the Lord (or at least acceptable to the Lord)? Or is this viewed as an apostate temple?
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    Important Taylor Swift graph

    Taylor Swift. @The Folk Prophet was trying to incorporate her corpus into a stage musical.
  21. Maybe something more along the lines of this? Dangit! I still got there!
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    Not believing in the traditional Christ

    Not your voiced question, but prompted by the thread title and the quote you shared, here is what Latter-day Saints believe about Jesus Christ:
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    Impeachment witch hunt.

    Wait, are you saying that congresscritters are using the power of their office to dig up dirt on a rival 2020 candidate? I'm told that's an impeachable offense.