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  1. Elective abortion is not treated as murder. That doesn't mean it isn't murder, only that it is not being so treated at the moment. It is dangerous to take open statements about policy decisions such as the one quoted here as some sort of pronouncement of eternal doctrine. Many took the policy about blacks of African descent not receiving Priesthood blessings as a statement of eternal verity or worth or something, and look where that led. The policy was correct and true, but it didn't mean what some wanted to say it meant. Same with elective abortion not being treated as murder. Same with homosexual relations not being treated as prima facie evidence of apostasy.
  2. Vort

    Misbehaving Children

    What ever happened to parents cleaning up their children's mess? What kind of parent hears about his child's misbehavior and says, "Not my problem"? What is wrong with these people? Maybe it's a California thing. That's probably it.
  3. Vort

    Local policy

    Just like all the best doctors. Patient: Dr. Mikbone, am I gonna...die?! Mikbone: Well, duh. What, you think you're immortal or something?
  4. Vort

    Why Do We Bless Our Food?

    I don't buy his reasoning. When we bless the sacrament, we don't actually bless it ourselves through the authority of the Priesthood. Rather, we ask God to bless and sanctify it. I ask a blessing on the food, and sometimes request my wife or a son or daughter to do so. At this time, I believe that "blessing food" and "asking a blessing on food" are the same thing.
  5. NEWS FLASH: Man uses his money to attract women NEWS FLASH 2: Women are attracted to man with lots of money I'm just astounded at the revelatory depth of these news flashes. What next?
  6. Vort

    Why Do We Bless Our Food?

    I like what's been said, especially @CV75's insight. I personally tend to agree with your and @scottyg's comment. I always offer thanks for my food, and I usually ask a blessing on it. I agree that that seems redundant—food is itself a blessing—but that's how I was taught. As others have mentioned, when we "bless" the sacrament, we are actually invoking God's sanctification upon it, so that we too can be sanctified. I like the idea that we specifically set apart and sanctify that which enters a temple, and since our bodies are temples of God, it makes sense to sanctify that which enters it. But in doing so, we should be ever more reminded that we are in fact literal temples of God, perhaps the most literal temples of all, and that we should be sanctified in all we do, not merely eating, lest we be like the ancient hypocritical Pharisees. (For the record, serving for a short time as a counselor in a bishopric was likely the closest I will ever get to being a bishop.)
  7. Vort

    This Week in Onion News!

    I have it on good authority that horse urine tastes better than cat urine. Perhaps relative taste preference should not be the standard.
  8. I started the Fat Loss Ultra (FLU) Diet five days ago. As of today, I'm down FIVE POUNDS! That's a pound per day, folks! What other diet can promise you such results? The FLU Diet is absolutely the real thing! Interested? Come on over to my house and I'll cough on you.
  9. Vort

    Should i quit my job?

    You're in the competitive adult world of professional retail, not junior high school. When you're having a problem that affects your performance, you need to talk to your manager about it. This is an important skill to develop, so you might as well start now. Put cutesy nonsense like "snitches get stitches" behind you and address the problem.
  10. Vort

    Should i quit my job?

    There has been a determined and focused push for at least the last 20 years in educational circles to obsolete the gender-neutral "he". It's a sad thing, but there you have it.
  11. Vort

    Missionary age soon to be 16yrs old!

    The downside is, you have to drive the kid everywhere. Cure worse than disease?
  12. I would point out that no Superman comic book, movie, or TV series from before 1980 has aged well. Superman as originally envisioned is anachronistic, raising PC hackles the world over.
  13. Vort

    This Week in Onion News!

    That was actually pretty funny.
  14. Those who know me immediately recognize the pinpoint accuracy of that still.
  15. Vort

    Old TV shows

    Re: Mores' insight: I have nothing against Judge Judy. When I've seen her, she's been great. But I loved Wapner. That show was actually kind of fun to watch, in a trashy sort of way.