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  1. Vort

    The Sun: A Ball of..... Liquid???

    Progress in Physics appears to be an "alternative physics" journal dedicated to the publication of non-mainstream papers that otherwise might not see the light of day. Dr. Robitaille is a professor of radiology, not of physics. His physics theories are decidedly non-mainstream, and it seems his conclusions are rejected by the larger scientific body. Just FYI.
  2. Vort

    The Sun: A Ball of..... Liquid???

    The final sentence of the abstract: "Although other proofs exist for a liquid photosphere, our focus remains solidly on the generation of this light." I like this guy. Anyone who works such an excellent pun into his abstract deserves Nobel Prize consideration.
  3. Vort

    The Sun: A Ball of..... Liquid???

    I guess the difference between a liquid and a gas is not merely the density. Gas molecules are not bound to each other, or are perhaps very weakly bound, while liquid molecules exhibit a lot of cohesion. If you compress e.g. CO2 a lot at an elevated temperature, you can get a liquid-density substance that isn't properly a liquid or a gas. I guess that's what they're saying here; the superhot, supercompressed hydrogen nuclei must exhibit cohesion that allows them to be classified as a liquid and not just a highly compressed gas. Best guess here.
  4. Vort

    The Sun: A Ball of..... Liquid???

    I don't see how. I'm not even sure how this qualifies as news. It has been known for centuries that the sun's average density is about the same as carbon, which led some of generations past to wonder if the sun was not just a huge cinder of burning coal. Clearly, a gas or plasma is far less dense than coal. Also clearly, the sun cannot be a "solid" in any normal sense of the word. So what's dense like a solid, but not, y'know, solid? A liquid. Can highly compressed hydrogen ions (aka protons) and helium nuclei be compressed to a density that resembles terrestrial solids? Obviously, the answer is yes. I mean, there's the sun. What does that look like? Does it make sense to talk about something with the density of a solid or liquid being a "gas"? Plasma is sort of ionized gas, right? But plasma as we generally think of it isn't dense. So in the end, I guess I'm just exposing my own ignorance in asking: How is this news?
  5. Vort

    What's "Anti-Mormon" to you?

    Jim, you've already been booted from this forum at least once. You refuse to answer any questions that demonstrate the pathetic weakness of your arguments, or frankly do much of anything except throw brickbats. Why the admins allow you to stay on this forum, I cannot even guess. But you might consider doing all of us a favor, yourself included, by leaving here and never coming back. Just an honest suggestion.
  6. He made that face because the guy is wrong. I don't care if that's how the format developer says it; "Jif" is what I make sandwiches out of. It's not a Giraffical Image Format.
  7. So don't leave us hanging! Tell us! How DO augmented sixth (or maybe August 6) chords work?
  8. how a Fourier series works? Of course you have. Who hasn't? Well, here you go. Elegant, brilliant, and less than ten minutes long. (And that includes the in-video ad.)
  9. Vort

    Men as Providers

    The crossovers in the graphs occur very close to one standard deviation from the mean, which corresponds to 15 IQ points. I am not a fan of IQ scores, and I believe they have only limited predictive value. I also disbelieve that they constitute any sort of reliable and unbiased measure of underlying (and unchanging) intellectual potential.
  10. Vort

    Men as Providers

    Especially then.
  11. Vort

    Men as Providers

    Why does it strike me that this was said emotionally instead of logically? In fact, I really have to wonder what kind of logic it requires to actually voice this sort of thing in today's world. How, exactly, did you expect a statement of this nature to go over? Moreover, what exactly does it mean to "use emotion to think"?
  12. Vort

    Returning after an affair

    In addition, the bishop is the presiding high priest of the congregation and has keys of leadership and judgment over all in his ward. Note that the bishop can and does enforce discipline such a taking a temple recommend and even disfellowshipping a Melchizedek Priesthood holder. But my understanding is that in matters pertaining to the membership rights of a Priesthood holder, that must be decided by his Priesthood quorum leader who holds these keys. For Aaronic Priesthood holders, this is also the bishop, since he holds these keys for all Aaronic Priesthood quorums. For Melchizedek Priesthood holders, this is the stake president, not the bishop or elders quorum president.