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  1. Vort

    Was Jesus married

    No. God is a Being. God is a Father. God is an individual. God means Father, not President.
  2. Vort

    Was Jesus married

    Jesus Christ was not a "demigod", any more than he was an Olympian, a Titan, or a wood nymph.
  3. Vort

    Lame Jokes, the Sequel

    "That tire is composed of various strips of material bonded together, one on top of another," Tom implied.
  4. Vort

    Lame Jokes, the Sequel

    "The German woman is my father's wife," Tom Muttered.
  5. Vort

    Lame Jokes, the Sequel

    "237 plus 14 equals 251," Tom added.
  6. Vort

    Lame Jokes, the Sequel

    "I made him a member of the Church," Tom confirmed.
  7. Vort

    Lame Jokes, the Sequel

    "Kansas," Tom stated flatly.
  8. Vort

    Lame Jokes, the Sequel

    "So, am I back in the Church singing group?" Tom inquired.
  9. Thank you for the service you've rendered. I believe your efforts have made the world a better place than it otherwise would have been. That's maybe the highest praise most of us can hope for.
  10. Vort

    Lame Jokes, the Sequel

    "Game fowl again?" Tom groused.
  11. Vort


    I had no idea. But I'm happy to be living in the future. This will tank Elon Musk's stocks.
  12. Vort

    Radical Orthodoxy

    There is nothing in the brief write-up that I find reason to dispute. However, I will not follow such a movement, even if I agree with its stated principles. I will follow our leaders. If and when they embrace or extol the idea of "radical orthodoxy", then I will, too. Until then, I will follow the path I see before me, and the name I will give it will be simply "the gospel".
  13. Vort

    Make the Forums Great Again

    All our excess comes from Texas.
  14. Vort

    Lame Jokes, the Sequel

    "That sounds like 'third' in some Latin language," Tom said tersely.
  15. Vort

    Spiritual Bypassing

    Yeah, I agree, it's baloney. The idea of "spiritual bypassing" as described in the opening sentences is probably correct. As human beings, we wrongly use all sorts of explanations and thinking, including the idea of spirituality, to explain away or hide from harsh realities. But the specifics of this idea as developed in the article are pure nonsense. Someone took a simple truth and grafted onto it all their doubts and insecurities, and the result is this "spiritual bypassing".