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  1. Just what we need: A sport that looks similar to baseball but is even more boring. What Cricket Means to Me:
  2. Yes, I think so. I believe the John 9 example is outstanding because it clearly implies a premortal life, where people might possibly sin and be born blind as a result. Funny how other religions seem just to glide right over the obvious implications of this verse.
  3. I tend to remember General Conference addresses pretty well. Elder Bednar's pickle talk was a classic. Generated lots of conversation in 2007, and not a little mockery. But I always thought the mockers were idiots, so whatever.
  4. No, but isn't a girl born with like 3,000,000 ova? I don't think menopause is caused by a woman's ovaries running out of eggs. The fact that a post-menopausal woman could become fertile again from hormone treatments suggests that she still has potentially viable ova. Unless 60+-year-old women who get pregnant do so solely through IVF.
  5. Far be it from me to lecture a practicing physician, but... I believe the average young woman has around 300,000 viable ova at puberty. If she had 24 (!) periods per year for 100 (!!) years, releasing ten (!!!) ova per menstrual cycle, she would not make a significant dent in her supply of ova.
  6. Sounds like a miraculously convenient excuse...
  7. Aircraft have strict altitude requirements for flight, with airlanes typically thousands of feet in altitude and minimum operating altitudes around cities of something like a thousand feet above the highest point or obstacle in the area. I imagine delivery drones fly at an altitude of no more than a few hundred feet. I also assume that drones will not be allowed anywhere near airfields, so there will probably be no overlap between the airspaces where the two types of vehicles/devices operate.
  8. When we talk about God, we know not whereof we speak. I'm not too concerned about the Trinitarian God being mathematically inconsistent. My problem with it is that it's not a good model of reality. As for the mortal Christ being 100% God and 100% man, I think the use of a fraction like "100%" is rather silly; but as the two things measure different quantities (if you can really call "Godliness" or "man-ness" a "quantity", which BTW you cannot), they need not sum to 100%. So if saying Jesus was 100% God and 100% man is false, it is false not because of mathematical inconsistency, but because the percent measure is absurd, like saying you love your daughter two cups and a tablespoon. (Or a bushel and a peck.)
  9. Replace my use of "vector" with "tensor". I did not mean to limit the idea to three spatial dimensions, or indeed to spatial dimensions at all.
  10. It reeks of conspiracy (the tin-foil hat kind), but I agree with #2.
  11. I have heard this many times. However, as a trained mathematician I cannot connect it to any logic that makes sense to me. It makes sense if you consider mortality and Godliness to be mutually orthogonal vectors, or perhaps not even sharing the same vector space, occupying separate non-mapping vector spaces (which I guess would be called "orthogonal vector spaces"). The statement that the mortal Jesus was both mortal and God is indisputably true, so somehow those two things must harmonize. Count me as one who considers this stuff and nonsense, or to be more specific, heresy of the most damning sort.
  12. There is a reason that President Kimball oversaw lyrical modifications that changed one of my favorite Primary hymns from "...teach me all that I must KNOW to live with him someday" to "...teach me all that I must DO to live with him someday."
  13. I agree with all of this. Here's another thing I agree with: The sexual act is not dirty or debasing or disgusting, unless we ourselves make it that way. People seem to have a huge "ick" factor with the very idea of divine sexuality. (People today, I mean. The Greeks seemed just fine with it, which frankly is one aspect of the otherwise often-perverse Greek ideas on sexuality that I rather like.) There should be no such "ick", regardless of one's conception (NPI) about divine sexuality.