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  1. I have recently been pondering over, what I perceive to be, two incompatible doctrines (teachings) that we sometimes harbor about life and the plan of salvation. First of all we espouse the true doctrine that through the atonement of Jesus Christ everything can be made right (from an eternal perspective) so long as we remain faithful. Every loss, hardship, unfairness, and pain we experience in life can and will work to our good in the end. Every single one! And yet at the same time we sometimes think (speaking from personal experience) that God has a definite detailed plan that maps out every step of our individual lives (at least the big ones) that we need to follow in order to be successful in this life as though agency only exists in terms of accepting or rejecting this detailed day to day plan and that our own personal preferences take a back seat to what God has essentially already foreordained for us. But this kind of thinking, in my mind, completely voids the reality of the first doctrine. Now I probably didn't do a very good job of explaining that so let me add some clarifying comments. Does God have a plan for us his children as a whole and as individuals? Yes. Does he lead and direct us in life if we are willing to listen? Yes. But is it all as detailed and specific as we sometimes want to make it out to be? I don't know and I lean towards probably not. For example, let's say a 40 year old husband and father of five children decides to go sky-diving and his parachute doesn't open and he dies. Let's also say that there was no spiritual impression telling him not to go skydiving and that this man was worthy of such an impression if there were to be one. So, is his death an expression of divine will or is it possible that it was just accident, a result of his choice to go skydiving and that had he not made that choice he could have possibly lived for another 40 years? The common view by I think most would be to say "It must have been his time" as though this man's choice was irrelevant and inadvertently implying at the same time that the atonement could not have made up for his untimely death unless the Lord intended for it to be so. Now maybe it was his time to go. But is it possible that the Lord simply allowed him to make his own choice and live (no pun intended) with the consequences knowing that the atonement would see his family through life in his absence? I think yes that is possible. My point in all this is that while God can and does direct us we need to take much greater accountability for our choices because God's plan for us leaves a lot of room for us to make decisions (sometimes huge one) without his intervention that could greatly impact our lives and the lives of others. Am I right in this way of thinking or do you believe that God will direct us in all the major decisions of life or at least protect us in them?
  2. laronius

    Questions about LDS rules

    Your struggle is not unique to you. I think we all feel that tug-a-war within us between what the Book of Mormon calls our spiritual side and the natural side of us. We can know something is right but that doesn't mean we want to do it. Our hearts and minds often don't align and that leads to the frustration you mention. But in answer to your question, yes the Lord wants us to keep his commandments even if we don't feel like it. But that doesn't mean we are doomed to a life of frustration and feeling torn inside. The scriptures teach us about how through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can have a change of heart so that our desires do align with what we know to be right and true. I think this is the true peace that Christ offers us. Peace from that internal conflict. So exercise some faith and strive to keep the commandments even though part of you doesn't want to but also go to the Lord and seek this change of heart. We define the Lord's grace as an enabling power. As you turn to the Lord he will grant you this power to be able to keep his commandments and to find great joy in the process.
  3. laronius

    Miracle Not Understood???

    I have received impressions before about things that would shortly happen and they did but they were things that in and of themselves were very minor and had no benefit to them other than learning how the Spirit works with me. I think we underestimate how much the Lord is willing to take us into his confidence in important matters so he uses the less important matters to try to train us up.
  4. laronius

    Why Eternal Progression?

    I love his books but I am afraid of starting that series because of what won't get done that should get done as I'm reading those massive books. 😄
  5. laronius

    Why Eternal Progression?

    I am reminded of the Joseph Smith quote: “A man filled with the love of God, is not content with blessing his family alone, but ranges through the whole world, anxious to bless the whole human race.” I think this is the earthly application of what it means to live an exalted life or life like God. A person filled with this kind of love is never truly satisfied with what they have accomplished, notwithstanding the great joy it has brought, because so long as creation continues so does that internal drive to exalt that creation continue. This person also sees eternity as none too long because every day is filled with great meaning and purpose. As for me, I know I am not there yet. All too often I am content to let the world go on its merry way but at times I do get a glimpse of that kind of life and it urges me on.
  6. laronius

    Ward Boundary Changes

    You need to overcome the regret you feel. You did the best with the information you had and apparently the Lord did not feel it vital for you to be in a ward with more youth otherwise he would have directed you differently. Try to find peace in the knowledge that the Lord felt your current situation was acceptable to meet your families needs and that there must be compensatory blessings in store for your kids. That doesn't mean it won't be difficult for them but the Lord is mindful of them. But in the meantime you need to keep those negative feelings at bay and not let Satan smother your peace and happiness.
  7. I have absolutely no problem with people saying they know the church is true, even little kids. In Alma 32 Alma points out that knowing is a relative term. A person can come to know something through the workings of the Spirit and yet have it not be a perfect knowledge. So when a person testifies that they know the Church is true all they are saying, at the very least, is that this truth has been planted in their soul and has sprouted therefore they know that it is of God. But it's not a perfect knowledge. Perfect knowledge is that which is necessary for eternal life and is the fruit produced by that seed of Faith but only after much care and diligence.
  8. laronius

    Can you please help me respond??

    This disagreement is really just a symptom of a much larger question that has to do with faith and works. My guess is he believes that we are saved by merely accepting Christ as our Savior. So any other act/work is merely optional including baptism. So if you are to gain any traction with this guy (as unlikely as that is) it will be done by addressing the larger more fundamental question.
  9. I think CV75 does a good job of pointing out examples in the scriptures we're healing does not come right away or at all. Not all physical trials will be overcome in this life regardless of the amount of faith of the sufferer. But you specifically mention addiction as a trial. I do believe that any physical trial that impedes our ability to keep the commandments can be overcome in this life and the Lord will help you do it. But it's unlikely that a removal of the addiction will occur all at once as there is a great deal to be learned from the struggle. I think the two big keys are deep humility (as in sincere Thy will be done deep) and exactness and great diligence in doing the things you are supposed to be doing. Let the struggle sanctify your heart and I think the body will follow.
  10. A while back we had some homeless people coming into our building while we were having sacrament mtg and they would go into the kitchen and prepare themselves a meal. Then they would pop popcorn in the microwave. Imagine sitting in the chapel and the smell of popcorn comes drifting in. And you thought the sacrament bread tasted good, this was down right distracting. This went on for about three weeks before we realized what was happening and told them they can't turn our church into a movie theater.
  11. I know there is security at temples but I have never seen them at the entrance (at least the ones I've been to). Though perhaps it depends on where the temple is located. I personally have no problem with someone who open carries as they are usually the ones who can be trusted with them. And in some locations, such as your ward, it's not a big deal. But in most wards it would be a distraction. I guess my bigger beef is with the idea that is implied in all this that this policy could not have been inspired. That puts us on ground far more dangerous than not being able to pack a gun for two hours out of the week.
  12. I would disagree. When Jesus said that those who live by the sword perish by the sword he was not commenting about whether we should defend ourselves or not but where do we put our trust in the end. Is it in the Lord or in ourselves? In priesthood ordinances, especially in the temple, we are being asked to leave the world behind and to stand in holy places, recognizing that only the Lord can save us in the way that matters most.
  13. Comparing insulin to guns doesn't jive for me, but whatever. So I have a question for you. Do you feel it appropriate to pack a gun as you participate in ordinances in the temple, the endowment for example?
  14. The statement also says: “Churches are dedicated for the worship of God and as havens from the cares and concerns of the world..." Bringing your gun to church is not leaving your concerns of the world behind. Can violence find us at church? Sure, but the last I checked the Lord is more concerned about how we live than how long we live.
  15. Now that sounds like a plausible scenario. I suspect that the amazing experience that is to be the next General Conference will have far more to do with how we prepare than what they actually do at conference. No different than before except we are being told in advance where to focus our preparation efforts. So in other words those with oil in their vessels will have an amazing experience and those without oil will see just another conference.