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  1. The absolute necessity of having the Spirit and receiving personal revelation has been a hallmark of Pres Nelson's tenure as prophet and it seemed to be especially mentioned in this conference. "In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost." This principle has always been a key element of the restored gospel but it makes me wonder what specifically the "coming days" hold as to require such intense focus on it now. Clearly the world is becoming more corrupt. But it appears that on the horizon events will unfold that will put great pressure on any testimony that is not being constantly reinforced.
  2. For those who follow Pres Nelson on Facebook he posted this this afternoon.
  3. How did your home weather the storm?
  4. Yep, agreed. It really ought to be at the heart of our approach to living the gospel. Then there would be a whole lot more ministering going on and a whole lot less administering required.
  5. After Pres Oaks' talk I was half expecting Pres Nelson to announce some law of consecration type program or something. 😀
  6. Yeah the water appears to be cooler around Florida so hopefully that brings it's strength down a bit before landfall.
  7. How close are you to the currently expected landfall spot?
  8. Well it's taken a while for this to be relevant (not complaining) but it looks like it could impact this storm.
  9. I don't think God has or ever will set a point in time (i.e. the end of our mortal probation) where he says our fate is sealed no matter how much we might be willing to progress in the future. There is no perfect mercy in that scenario, in my mind. So that leads me to wonder if there is another reason which might allow God to make permanent assignments to kingdoms of glory following this life. We are taught that the past, present and future are always before God as one eternal now. However that is possible perhaps there was never any doubt in His mind (and possibly even ours?) where every single soul should end up or in other words how far each of us would progress and the conditions we find ourselves in this life are simply geared to further that reality. This could be one explanation of why so many followed Satan because they did not like where they were heading under God's plan for His children.
  10. I appreciate the comments so far. I don't know that I have THE answer but perhaps it pertains to the fact that multiplying and replenishing the earth was one of the original commandments, even before the Fall. In fact Adam references it in relation to his decision to partake of the fruit after Eve had. So for them having children was required to both keep the commandment and to eventually pave the way, many generations later, for the Savior to come into the world. I think it's pretty evident that any particular person's individual salvation does not rest on the fact of whether they become a parent in this life, but collectively as a race I think the commandment still stands. Also, salvation in it's ultimate sense, exaltation, is defined in part as "a continuation of the seeds forever." So eventually all such person's will in fact have to father/mother children, if not in this life then definitely in the next.
  11. JST 1 Timothy 2:14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. 15 Notwithstanding they shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety. This is the JST version where it says they instead of she. Does anyone have an opinion on the meaning of the underlined part? While childbearing is definitely a big part of the gospel we generally don't preach it's necessity for salvation.
  12. For all intents and purposes Adam and Eve were simply children while in the garden. The joy they experienced while there was real but simple. And their lack of experience and exposure to negative influences meant that joy could not mature into the much deeper and fulfilling joy only experienced by those who have had a chance to mature emotionally and spiritually. When they partook of the forbidden fruit, whether through beguilement or somewhat knowingly, I think there was a recognition that there was something more out there than what they currently had. Eve may not have understood that the cost was having to give up the innocent joy they already had whereas Adam might have had some inkling. But the point is that as paradisical as their state in the garden was, it was also very limiting. Perhaps a good analogy would be to compare the exciting young love of a newlywed couple to that deep and mature love of a couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary after a life full of ups and downs, sorrows and disappointments, but also moments of great happiness as they endure life together. There is a depth and richness there that cannot be manufactured in paradise. Paradise, like childhood, had to be left behind to pursue what can only be obtained through experience. As such, we don't celebrate what was lost but rather the chance for something far greater.
  13. I came across this article that I thought was really interesting and makes a compelling argument about what eternal progression really means, regardless of the kingdom we end up in. One problem I have with it though, at least in part, is that for it to be completely true then it kind of wouldn't matter where we ended up. But regardless I think there is some truth to the theory.
  14. If we are talking about granting mercy as purely a means for avoiding the demands of justice then mercy without conditions is the most merciful. We see this enacted on behalf of those who live without the law, such as little children. But if we are talking about mercy as a tool for progression then conditions are necessary otherwise there is no progress and the mercy has not fulfilled it's purpose.
  15. So at the Second Coming they become fried green tomatoes? Haha. JK. Yes, while often there may be a central message to a parable/allegory I think there are yet many truths that can be learned depending on it application.