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  1. askandanswer

    Bible or Shakespeare?

    Sounds like he was even more clever than I thought!
  2. askandanswer

    Bible or Shakespeare?

    Is this further evidence that Shakespeare plagiarised?
  3. askandanswer

    Craziest situation ever

    2 v or not 2 v - that is the question.
  4. askandanswer

    Thanks, anti-vax movement...

    The solution is simple - buy shares in the companies. Then you start to profit from their practices and they are no longer a problem.
  5. askandanswer

    Craziest situation ever

    It doesn't matter how much money a Canadian might have, or how little money an Australian might have, the Australian will always be at least double the worth of the Canadian - or anyone else.
  6. askandanswer

    Craziest situation ever

    Move to Australia Escape the cold and the snow and re-learn what the Sun looks like. And where the church is truer than it is in Ontario.
  7. askandanswer

    Top 6 Greatest LDS Athletes

    Here is what one scripture says about human trafficking Exodus 21:7 ¶ And if a man sell his daughter to be a maidservant, she shall not go out as the menservants do. And here is what another scripture says about lying 2 Nephi 9:34 Wo unto the liar, for he shall be thrust down to hell. This is not a comment on the morality or immortality of lying or human trafficking. Its an observation on the limitations of using single verses of scripture to answer complex questions which is something I see from time to time. Elsewhere, I’ve heard it suggested that there is not a lot of value in comparing the evilness of one type of sin against another because they are all bad and the Lord cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance so whether its lying or human trafficking doesn’t really matter in an eternal sense. But I’ve also heard that murder, adultery and denying the Holy Ghost are indeed more evil than other kinds of sins so perhaps some kinds of sins are worse than others.
  8. askandanswer

    The Prophet and all Apostles will attend Rome Dedication

    Or perhaps it might be easier and less complicated if the Lord just came back and restored the keys again.
  9. askandanswer

    Ash Wednesday "discrimination" is a Tempest in a Teapot

    What do you mean? Are you trying to fool us into thinking that you've had more than one thought this year? Give it up mate, no one will ever believe that!
  10. askandanswer

    A generous Fast Offering

    Well the colour of the flesh makes me think they could be from an allosaurus but the curvature of the bones makes me suspect a carnotaurus.
  11. askandanswer

    A generous Fast Offering

    Here is an equation that my father used to use to calculate his fast offering (He was an accountant) Weekly shopping budget divided by 7 days per week, divided by three meals per day times two meals, since we fast for two meals. The “generousity” comes from the fact that the calculation is based on the whole of the shopping budget, and not just the food component. It's a simple process to modify the equation to take into account older, earning children living at home who should be paying their own fast offering.
  12. askandanswer

    Urim and Thummim vs. the Anti-Mormon's

    So what's your count on the number of stones and/or other devices that Joseph used to translate the plates?
  13. askandanswer

    Urim and Thummim vs. the Anti-Mormon's

    How would you know how many words are in a post?
  14. askandanswer

    Matthew 12:40

    I checked my hard copy of the scriptures and there was nothing to indicate that this was a translation error, although that doesn't prove anything either way as I suspect that there are many unfootnoted/uncorrected translations errors.