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  1. askandanswer


    Is that your Primary calling or your Exec Sec calling?
  2. askandanswer

    I'm so excited!

    I wonder if in another 13 years we will be celebrating the 2000th anniversary of the atonement?
  3. askandanswer

    Row, row, row your boat SURPRISE ENDING!!!

    Wordsworth would disagree - our life is more like a sleep and a forgetting than a dream. Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting.../Not in entire forgetfulness, / And not in utter nakedness, /But trailing clouds of glory do we come / From God, who is our home....”)
  4. askandanswer

    BYU classroom lecture

    I also have more free time than usual at the moment. I'm thinking of using it to develop a vaccine for the corona virus. Maybe as soon as I finish preparing the veggie garden for Winter......
  5. askandanswer

    I'm so excited!

    I’m just wondering if it’s a coincidence that the decay of the Nephite church commenced about 200 years after Christ appeared and now we are commemorating the 200th anniversary of His most recent recorded appearance. 24 And now, in this two hundred and first year there began to be among them those who were lifted up in apride, such as the wearing of costly apparel, and all manner of fine pearls, and of the fine things of the world. 25 And from that time forth they did have their goods and their substance no more acommon among them. 26 And they began to be divided into classes; and they began to build up achurches unto themselves to get bgain, and began to deny the true church of Christ. 27 And it came to pass that when two hundred and ten years had passed away there were many churches in the land; yea, there were many churches which professed to know the Christ, and yet they did adeny the more parts of his gospel, insomuch that they did receive all manner of wickedness, and did administer that which was sacred unto him to whom it had been bforbidden because of unworthiness.
  6. Its not an exact, one-on-one comparison, but the similarities are thought-provoking. The only plague from Egypt that I couldn’t find a recent match for in Australia over the last 6 months is the plague of lice or gnats. To find a similar plague I had to go back to 2018 when there was a flea infestation as a result of a hotter than usual Summer. The Summer we’ve just finished was hotter than the one in 2018. Water to Blood: Ex. 7:14–24 This is a pic from Mallacoota, Victoria, during the height of last Summer’s bushfires. The people of the town evacuated to the beach and the flames were so intense that when reflected in the waters of the ocean, the oceans took on the same colour as blood. Frogs: Ex. 7:25–8:15 Hitchhiking cane toads highlight 'disturbingly regular' occurrence in northern NSW Lice or gnats: Ex. 8:16-19. Heatwaves and fleas go together to make summer a nuisance for humans and pets Pestilence of livestock: Ex. 9:1–7 Silence of the lambs: NSW farmer to shoot starving flock because he can’t afford to feed them Boils: Ex. 9:8–12 Charting the COVID-19 spread in Australia Thunderstorm of hail and fire: Ex. 9:13–35. Hail storm sweeps through Canberra, damaging countless cars and smashing windows Interestingly, the hail storms happened while the bushfires were still unprecedented amounts of damage 1.8 8. Locusts: Ex. 10:1–20 Report dated 20 March from the federal Department of Agriculture about the current locust plague
  7. askandanswer

    I'm so excited!

    Perhaps a more expanded role for woman to exercise more functions currently carried out by the Priesthood, in their homes, or in their wards?
  8. One of the strong themes from the Saturday morning session was the necessity of personal revelation. This has been a strong theme from President Nelson since he was called as President. So perhaps we can do as the scriptures have taught and counsel together on this topic. What wisdom, experience, and counsel do you have that you could share here that might help others better learn how to seek, receive and act on personal revelation? It seems really clear that this is something that we all really need to get better at.
  9. Its tomorrow already here in Australia and because we normally don't have sacrament on a General Conference Sunday I'm thinking of not having it today. I note that at the moment my son is not out administering the sacrament to those without the Priesthood in their homes this week the way he has been in the last 2 or 3 weeks, but then it's only 8:40 am, so maybe its still too early for that.
  10. askandanswer

    Called to Repentance

    I can see that some problems might arise if you punish your child for speaking the truth. I suggest you ponder about Helaman 13: 24 - 26.
  11. askandanswer

    Sacrament at home Q

    My daughter is living on campus about 4 hours away. Since church at home started, she's been visiting an elderly couple who live near the chapel and being having church at home and the sacrament with them. I was surprised to hear from her a few days ago that the Stake Presidency have sent out an email stating that if you don't have a Priesthood holder in your room, you won't be able to have the Sacrament. She called the Relief Society President to confirm if she had understood the email correctly and it turns out that she had. Is something similar happening in your stake - No priesthood holder at home = no sacrament period.
  12. askandanswer

    Amusing Misreading

    Is that when you only needed one walking stick?
  13. askandanswer

    Amusing Misreading

    Another amusing misreading When I saw this I thought it was saying @pam - hot.
  14. askandanswer

    Amusing Misreading

    If only I could think of something I need to repent of..........I keep trying and nothing comes to mind. I'm a bit worried because I've heard that repentance is essential for salvation, so I guess I'll have to sin so that I have reason to repent, so then I can be saved.
  15. I'm just musing on the fact that someone known as Ironhold is participating in a discussion about nails