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  1. mikbone

    Seven Archangels (esoteric stuff)

    In the LDS scriptures only Michael is labeled as the Archangel. And Joseph Smith names him as the Chief Angel. D&C 29:26, 88:112, 107:54, & 128:21. But these Seven that stand before God and who in turn will blow the 7 trumps during the second coming appear to have special callings. I like them for the dispensation leaders.
  2. “Unless you make yourself equal to God, you cannot understand God: for the like is not intelligible save to the like. Make yourself grow to a greatness beyond measure, by a bound free yourself from the body; raise yourself above all time, become Eternity; then you will understand God. Believe that nothing is impossible for you, think yourself immortal and capable of understanding all, all arts, all sciences, the nature of every living being. Mount higher than the highest height; descend lower than the lowest depth. Draw into yourself all sensations of everything created, fire and water, dry and moist, imagining that you are everywhere, on earth, in the sea, in the sky, that you are not yet born, in the maternal womb, adolescent, old, dead, beyond death. If you embrace in your thought all things at once, times, places, substances, qualities, quantities, you may understand God.” -Giordano Bruno, Italian Dominican Friar / Astronomer, burned at the stake by the Roman Inquisition, Feb 17, 1600 Sometimes I think that many of the Saints think that Jehovah and the Holy Ghost were similar to us in the Pre-mortal existence. In reality they were not like us. Jehovah was spectacularly different. He was God already. He knew the mind of God the Father. And He was like unto God Abraham 3:24. And He had already created worlds without number Moses 1:33. If you read the scriptures carefully in places it certainly appears that Jehovah had a corporeal body. See Ether 3:8, D&C 107:53-55, Moses 7:4, Genesis 6:9
  3. mikbone

    Very exciting time

    BYU name change??? And some general house cleaning of the institution. Please.
  4. mikbone

    Seven Archangels (esoteric stuff)

    Jesus Christ is the head of all dispensations.
  5. mikbone

    Fly Fishing

    I wish I lived on the coast and had time to devote to kayak fishing, spear fishing, and abalone diving. I once caught a 65# catfish with a crank antique telephone (electrical generator) and a gaf. Ruined me for fishing with a pole.
  6. mikbone

    Seven Archangels (esoteric stuff)

    My reasoning for why Peter is the leader of the 6th dispensation instead of Jesus Christ... And you must have noticed that the image I posted in the origin post of this thread lists the Twelve apostles instead of Jesus Christ as the leaders of the 6th dispensation. I was trying to associate the Seven Archangels with the dispensation leaders. Jesus Christ is God (He is supremely advanced beyond an archangel). Also in the temple narrative we see Peter acting an archangel. Joseph Smith lists Enoch as a dispensation leader and McConkie even associates him with Raphael. The real reason I made this post was to see if others associated Joseph Smith as an Archangel. I sometimes see Latter-Day Saints dismissing some of Joseph Smith’s teachings, or not even bothering to read his teachings. And this gives me concern.
  7. Perhaps you can have a relationship with God because He understands you completely. In all likelihood, your (and my) knowledge of God would fill a thimble-full of the oceans of his grandness.
  8. I don’t know his name or background. I know some of his abilities and the feelings of his influence. I don’t know the identity of the Father either. I used to know him better in the pre-mortal existence. I hope to know him though.
  9. We don’t know the identity of the Holy Ghost. But, I think he is different than us. He is not in our current stage of the Plan of Salvation.
  10. To clarify, I would state that Jesus Christ had a 100% mortal body with a spirit and intellect that was 100% divine. He possessed the priesthood power to lay down his life and take it up again. He inherited mortality from his Mother Mary, and learned divinity from his Father.
  11. Sure. But there was a time prior to our organization as spirit children of God, when we were intelligences (devoid of the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation). Of course this was a LONG time ago. And during that period of time the Character that we now know as Elohim was a man - like us.
  12. As man now is, God once was: As God now is, man may be.
  13. I believe that you have made an error in logic. Yes, the Holy Ghost can dwell within us because he is a personage of spirit. This does not however preclude the Father and Son from dwelling within us. Indeed the Son’s Light of Christ dwells within us. D&C 88:13 Take scripture verses like John 10:30, John 17:21-23, Romans 8:9-11, 2 Corinthians 13:5, etc. Jesus Christ and Elohim’s physical bodies do not dwell within us but their power, glory, and influence can. Lets be realistic. We barely understand the workings of a mortal body. We neither understand spirit matter nor resurrected bodies.
  14. http://www.larknews.com/archives/217
  15. Well, I’m not one of them. The priesthood’s power is ultimately service. I am sorry if you have been hurt by unrighteousness dominion. Please go on.