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  1. mikbone

    Lehi's dream and today's Sunday School lesson

    The commentary on Lehi's dream does not have any context to determine thick, thin, wide or narrow. Everyone's path is different. The Iron Rod is God's guide: the gospel, prayer, scriptures, ordinances. The Iron rod is firm and unchanging. But the path is determined by the people that walk along near the iron rod. People are always going away from the iron rod and returning, so the path has been trodden over and over by many feet. but everyone walks off the path at some point (except Christ). My path will look different from your path. Where I got off and back on is probably not very well determined. There probably is a pathway that leads up to the big and spacious building. But the path along the iron rod is well determined. Many people have clung to the iron rod while progressing toward the tree of life so it is well demarcated.
  2. From: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/assessment-for-learning-stem/0/steps/7332 a hinge is a point in a lesson when you need to check if students are ready to move on, and if yes, in which direction; a hinge-point question is a diagnostic question that you ask your students when you reach the hinge, responses to which give you evidence about what you and your students need to do next. A hinge is also a component of a door or a box. Something that allows you to pass from one place to another or open a container that safely guards precious objects.
  3. I bet the Book of Lehi sounds much more like the Book of Isaiah then the Book of Nephi. Lehi was a Prophet that lived majority of his life in Jerusalem and he was a visionary man. Nephi lived his life in the wilderness. And he was a very pragmatic man. Its no wonder that he glorified in plainness.
  4. Yup, The brethren continue to quote it in conference. They just don't use the terms KFD. Remember the documents that create the KFD are a collection of incomplete notes from 6 different sources that were taken during Joseph Smith’s April 1844, 2 hour and 15 minute general conference address. President Nelson could produce an inspired version that both enlightens and alleviates concerns of the incomplete manuscripts.
  5. I feel that there will be something spectacular for the Saints that are well versed with the doctrine. President Nelson keeps using the word restoration. My hope... That the 116 pages that Martin Harris lost have been found. I expect that the D&C will get new additions. The Living Christ & The Family a proclamation to the world. I would be thrilled if portions of the KFD are restored via revelation and canonized into a new section. New Hymnal Presented. Plus many other policy adjustments.
  6. mikbone

    Book of Mormon – Videos and Movies

    I have not been impressed with any theatrical production of the church other than a live session at the SLC temple wherein a gruff middle aged guy played Satan and did a masterful job. His only embellishment to the wardrobe was flipping up the collar of his suit. Every time I go to the temple and the movie with the Sleeve Satan starts playing I have to stop myself from laughing.
  7. mikbone

    Doctrine and Covenants 122:8

    apples to apples Be ye therefore perfect - eventually. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/general-conference/2017/10/be-ye-therefore-perfect-eventually?lang=eng Elohim designed apples spiritually. The tree that produced humanity was planted and nourished by Jehovah. I like the analogy.
  8. mikbone

    The signs of Christ's birth

    This makes a compelling argument that the magi were looking at a sign in the heaven that focused on the planet Jupiter as it moved thru the background of the constellations with conjunctions with Regulus, Leo the Lion, and Venus.
  9. mikbone

    Why Eternal Progression?

    “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” ― William Jennings Bryan
  10. mikbone

    Why Eternal Progression?

    D&C 122: 7 know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good. When one understands the setting of this scriptures, one must ask... What does the future hold for us? Why would we need such awful experiences. How can this possibly be for my good? Im my opinion, when we get to heaven we will not be presented with a cornucopia, harp, and fluffy bathrobe. More likely we get a personal Urim and Thummim with the entire library of knowledge. And some heavy duty work clothes. I can't freakin wait, for the undiscovered country.
  11. mikbone

    Why Eternal Progression?

    Every end is just a new beginning. Watch out, that light at the end of the tunnel could be an oncoming train. As a physician I see lots of patients. When people decide to slow down and stop their regular activities they start dying.
  12. mikbone

    Why Eternal Progression?

    Book 4 comes out soon. Im so excited. https://www.brandonsanderson.com/ 82% thru the 1st draft! Journey before Destination! Live it Love it Learn it.
  13. mikbone

    Mary’s age

    When one is making grave criminal charges, either directly or by broad implication as all anti-Mormon writers do, questions of evidence can be very bothersome unless one has the wisdom and foresight to avoid all such questions. Surprisingly enough this can be done rather easily [as we shall illustrate] . . . in a situation which we shall call “The House That Jack Built”: 1. It is common knowledge that Jack built a house. It is that house which we are now discussing. 2. There are rumors that a good deal of malt—very probably stolen—was stored in the house. What lends plausibility to the report is the building of the house itself—by Jack. Why a house, if not to store the stolen malt? 3. It is said that the malt was eaten by rats, and in view of the high nutriment content of malt (see Appendix A for references to scholarly and scientic studies proving beyond a doubt that malt is nutritious), there is no good reason for doubting this report. 4. The rats may very possibly have been killed by a cat, as some believe, and there is certainly nothing intrinsically improbable in the event. On the contrary, studies made at the Rodent Institute of the University of So and So, etc. . . . The report that only one rat ate the malt is of course erroneous, since the consumption of such a large quantity of malt would require many years and probably a large number ofrats. 5. That the cat was chased by a dog is only to be expected. Only a fanatic would question it. 6. The same applies to the dog’s being tossed by a cow, though it is admittedly a less common event. 7. “At any rate” (a very useful expression) we can be reasonably certain that the cow was milked by a milkmaid— what other kind of maid could it have been?—and also (since there is no good reason to doubt it) that the milkmaid, whose name may have been Bertha, was wooed by a man all tattered and torn. There are unmistakable references in the newspapers of the time (or at most a generation later) to poorly dressed men known as “tramps”roaming parts of the country. There can therefore be little doubt that Bertha was engaged in a passionate public wooing. 8. The exact date of Bertha’s marriage to hertatterdemalion loveris not known, though it may have been some time late in January 1858. Certainly the courtrecords of the time are silent on any earlier orlater marriage. 9. Though there is no direct evidence that Bertha was mistreated by the man who wooed her so passionately, there is every evidence of cruel neglect both in the proven fact that Bertha apparently had no house to live in (at least there is no record of her having a house in the county archives) and in the character of the man who married and abused her. It will hardly be necessary to point out to the student the solid advantage of such little touches as “the exact date” . . . in No. 8. Since no date at all is known, it is perfectly true to say that the exact date is not known, implying that an approximate date is known: “it may have been in January 1858″—true again, perfectly true—it may also have been in September 1902 or May 1320. Again, if there is no evidence whateverthat Bertha was mistreated (or even that she existed), it is both shrewd and correct to say that there is no direct evidence, implying, while not saying, that there is plenty of indirect evidence. Let the student check the above ten points for evidence. There is none! We have given the world a suffering Bertha and her brutal spouse without having to prove a thing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_Is_the_House_That_Jack_Built
  14. mikbone

    Mary’s age

    I know that there is limited data within the scriptures to pin-point the exact age of Mary or Joseph. But to depict them as a newlywed couple from todays standards gives me the creeps. Today people don't want to have get married and even think about having children till they are financially secure. Median age of first marriage 2019 - Men 30, Women 28 Median age of first marriage 1970 - Men 23, Women 20 Before birth control (contraceptives and abortions) many couples had much larger families than today. https://qz.com/1099800/average-size-of-a-us-family-from-1850-to-the-present/ I know that western culture is not willing to cope with truths as @Just_A_Guy mentioned. But I would like the Church to break from the mold of political correctness. I'd like to see Adam and Eve younger too. Although seeing an 70+ y/o mature woman play Eve in the Salt Lake Temple was a nice departure from the regular narrative.
  15. mikbone

    Mary’s age

    https://askgramps.org/how-old-was-mary-when-she-gave-birth-to-jesus/ We watched the new “The Christ Child” A nativity story, and I couldn’t enjoy the production as much as I should have because of the incongruity. I loved that they used the original language instead of English. But was irritated that Mary was cast as a woman in her 20’s and Joseph as a man in his 30’s.