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  1. mikbone


    Dude, think I would have stayed home. Shopping in that rain is crazy. I know that a year supply of food can be a challenge. But comeon, everyone should have an 8 hour food supply. Send that rain to the West coast.
  2. mikbone

    "For I gave them to another"

    From our perspective Heavenly Father’s motivation is love and respect for life. I would venture that Lucifer and his host, as well many of our brethren do not share those same thoughts and feelings.
  3. mikbone

    "For I gave them to another"

    https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/revelation-15-march-1832-dc-81/1#historical-intro Looks like we are not sure who actually crossed out Gause's name and replaced it with William's. Looks like some pretty informed brethren thought that Oliver Cowdery did the deed. Not sure that I mischaracterized what occurred. Possibly my flippant question about pitting my children against each other? Sometimes I write things to get a response... The above is my point. The Lord gives us blessings. If we do not live up to our responsibilities and fall from our exaltation those blessings go elsewhere. I love this statement. David Bednar - We Will Prove Them Herewith (October 2020 Sat Morning Session)
  4. From this week's CFM Doctrine and Covenants 81 is a revelation to Brother Gause, instructing him in his new calling and promising him blessings for serving faithfully. But Jesse Gause did not serve faithfully. So Frederick G. Williams was called to replace him, and Brother Gause’s name was replaced with Brother Williams’s name in the revelation. I was reflecting on how often this occurs within the Gospel, and whether it is a good thing. And, is it ok for me to pit my children against each other for my blessings? Parable of the Talents Matthew 25: 14-30 Firstborn blessing going to Issac, Jacob, Ephraim, and Manassah D&C 132:39 What think ye?
  5. My wife tells me that she fell in love with me on one of our first dates. We were at a restaurant and the table was covered with butcher paper. When I sat down the butcher paper was in my lap and I noticed that the table was unsteady because the table leg on my left side was too short (it wobbled and tilted as pressure was applied). So I tore off the excess butcher paper folded it a couple times and shoved it under the short leg. She kinda looked at me in awe and I shrugged.
  6. I remember way back in junior high being taught the Bering Straight Human migration model. It is interesting how biased and thoughtless us human can be. Here is a more recent “scientific” summary https://www.nps.gov/bela/learn/historyculture/other-migration-theories.htm The Atlantic Martime route sounds interesting.
  7. mikbone


    /rant on I'm actually a bit of an expert on this. When I decided to become a surgeon I had to choose a major that allowed me to fulfill the Med School requirements, prepare for the MCAT, and allow me to get good enough grades while working out and competing on the Track & Field team. I found the school of Food Science and Nutrition @ BYU! I knew I had made the correct decision when I walked into an upper-level class (with the pre-req of O Chem), and found myself and 19 other girls standing around kitchenettes tasked with making oatmeal cookies. This is the problem. Businesses must keep shareholders happy by making a profit. Because American consumers are happy to purchase and eat peaches that taste like hockey pucks we are hosed. Peaches that look pleasant but taste horrible have a long shelf life. They look good on the display table and resist bruising. They can be transported long distances without spoilage. This scientifically bastardized peach is profitable, it makes shareholders happy. Look at the corn industry https://nebraskacorn.gov/issues-initiatives/your-food/field-corn-vs-food-corn/ One might be dismayed to realize that less than 1% of corn grown in our country ends up on a wholesome kitchen table dinner plate. Most of the corn that we grow is inedible - unless processed. It is turned into fuel for automobiles, livestock feed, High Fructose Corn Syrup or abominations like... In France, they have standards for food like bread and cheese. https://www.french-waterways.com/protected-french-foods/ They protect their wholesome food. We don't. Do you know how many good peaches I can find in my local grocery store???? That's Right ZERO. Do you know how many variations of Oreos you can find in my local grocery store? Do you know how many variations of Oreo cookies there are? The answer might disgust and amaze you. https://medium.com/@mail_81120/85-oreo-flavors-the-complete-list-of-all-oreo-flavors-38ecee49d165 The connection with pornography is scary. Eventually, Food Scientists might be able to produce a peach that tastes good, is both visually appealing, and is shelf-stable. I doubt it will happen within my lifetime. And I hope it never happens. Scientists are not good at being God. We make mistakes. There are always consequences and side effects. See Monsanto. https://www.organicconsumers.org/campaigns/millions-against-monsanto I am sure that the scientific industry will also be able to produce an android that has artificial intelligence and performs all the functions that most people desire. But science will never be able to make an android that can make a family. You can't be sealed for time and eternity to an android. And to finish, here is a wonderful montage by Jon Stewart on the current COVID madness. My favorite line. "I think we owe a great debt of gratitude to science. Science in many ways has helped ease the suffering of this pandemic. Which was more than likely caused by science"
  8. mikbone

    Anchors Aweigh!

    learn something new every day. I incorrectly assumed it meant drop anchors, its time for shore leave. Don’t try to contact me, I’ll be busy taking care of business 😉
  9. mikbone


    These are Good. Dont be fooled by these counterfeit peaches.
  10. mikbone

    Endure to the end

    John 5:17 But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work. Alma 13 6, 16 "that they might enter into the rest of the Lord" Moroni 7:3 "by which ye can enter into the rest of the Lord, from this time henceforth until ye shall rest with him in heaven."
  11. mikbone

    Endure to the end

    He and we are the same. He has just progressed further. Heavenly Father has a different perspective. Right now, to us it appears like enduring forever. To him it's probably just eternal progress and fun.
  12. mikbone

    Endure to the end

    I can't see Heavenly Father giving up any time soon...
  13. mikbone


    About 30 years ago I was on a business trip as a shoe salesman in a four-state territory (lots of travel). Anyway, I was getting hungry and stopped at a roadside fruit stand in Georgia. When I got out of the car the scent hit me like a ton of bricks. PEACHES! The stand was pretty busy and the owner was working with one misshapen peach at a time and a pocket knife. He would hand a slice of peach to a person in line and then they would hand over $20 and receive a brown paper bag with a dozen peaches. When it was my turn, I accepted the dripping slice and ate it with gusto. Apparently, I had never eaten a real peach previously... It exploded in my mouth and the flavor was so intense. I gladly handed over the Jackson and returned to my car. I ate 2 more peaches before starting my truck. And 30 minutes later I had eaten the whole bag. My hands were wet and sticky. The driving wheel was wet and stick. My white collared shirt was a disaster and I had to go thru the luggage in the bed of the pickup truck to get a new shirt and towel off with a baby wipe. It was glorious. I have been chasing that day ever since. I have never been back to Georgia. But occasionally I will go into a grocery store and look at a geometrically stacked display of peaches. The shapes are all perfect, the peach fuzz is pleasant to the touch, and the unblemished skin is that wonderful collage of sunset colors. Finally, when I get home I unpack and then try out the peach - it's never as good. And sometimes the fruit has a similar texture and taste of a baseball. It's ALWAYS a disappointment. But I do it over and over. Occasionally I will find a passable peach, about once every 4-5 years when a truckload of tree-ripened peaches hits a local store and you can smell them when you hit the door. Plenty of customers comment about the smell and are busy filling plastic bags. But 95 out of 100x times the peaches are garbage. Better for throwing at your enemies than eating. And no matter how long they rest on your counter or fridge they never ripen. Every single time this happens I feel cheated. Cheated that I fell for the same old trick. They look good on the outside, but they are not real. And not only did I fake myself out again with unrealistic expectations, I wasted my hard-earned money. Almost to the level of self-loathing. Will I ever figure this out?! This week I was thinking about peaches and comparing the experience to more important things in life like: True love and sex within the bounds of an eternal marriage vs. pornography Prayer, and scripture study vs. the philosophy man and social media Healthy lifestyle and diet vs. overeating, processed foods, fad diets, prescription medications, workout equipment, etc
  14. mikbone

    Endure to the end

  15. mikbone

    Summer plans?

    Its 115F outside. The pool was a darn near requirement to save the marriage.