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  1. Personally excited to hear the prophet’s council for the next 6 months this weekend.
  2. We finally got our 27.2 kWp solar array (80 panels) and Propane Kohler 30 kW generator installed. Took almost 2 years. Permits, unexpected hazards, roof repairs, excuses, rescheduling, supply chain issues. Was a bit spendy. But now I have a surplus of energy production and run the A/C whenever I want - at any temperature. Next car I get will likely be electric. PG&E (pacific gas & electric) is crazy expensive. Summer monthly electric bills over 1K are no joke. And they will turn off the power with a threat of high winds (forest fire threat / prior lawsuits) for days at a time. We had to buy a second propane tank 500 gallons dedicated for the generator. When we bought the house 2 years ago I got a used propane tank for $500. The one I bought last month cost 4K. Unbelievable… The break-even point is likely 15 years or so. But I love to watch the power production and review PG&E bills with a credit instead of 4 figure payment request. Previously I would get a warning that I was using too much energy for a single family on the 10th of the month and I would get charged on the 4th tier for energy usage. Ridiculous.
  3. BYU vs. Baylor commentary: Everyone has been talking about the Jaron hall / Jake Oldroyd hug But I thought the Sitake / Siaki "Apu" Ika was even more impressive
  4. Anyone getting excited? Il’m stoked.
  5. D&C 130 18 Whatever principle of intelligence we attain unto in this life, it will rise with us in the resurrection. 19 And if a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come. For example say I want to go to medical school. But during my first 2 years in college I acquired a 2.00 GPA. It is possible to overcome this pitfall, but highly improbable.
  6. We know that everyone who comes to earth will be resurrected. Some may feel that that is an unconditional arrangement. That is incorrect. We fought in the pre-mortal existence for this opportunity. And becaused we fought and prevailed with Jehovah, we conditionally recievied the opportunity to come to Earth, be born, tested, die, and resurrected. Where we go after the resurrection is conditional upon our performance of said test.
  7. I agree. It is esoteric doctrine to the extreme. It does no good to base your salvation on esoteric doctrine. Although, it's fun to consider the possibilities... Personally, I will base my salvation on core or eternal doctrine like Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and repentance.
  8. http://www.newcoolthang.com/index.php/some-pro-progression-between-kingdoms-quotes/
  9. Participation ribbons are given unconditionally. If mercy was given out unconditionally, you wouldn't need an omnipotent omniscient God to dispense it. A monkey in a box with a single easy button could dispense it unconditionally.
  10. Yup. Whenever we have a legitimate gospel question, we should turn to the scriptures, study, pray and then meditate and listen. Google search engine is great. But on gospel issues the Holy Ghost is vastly superior. Scripture always trumps commentary.