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  1. mikbone


    D&C 19: 4-12 “Nevertheless, it is not written that there shall be no end to this torment, but it is written endless torment.” Does hint at mercy. Still gonna try to do my best to keep my nose clean and try to do as much of the repentance process that I can down here on Earth.
  2. My wife was 1/2 way thru law school, while I was broke and working on Nutrition Undergrad degree. I have one ‘nice’ watch but rarely ever use it. The iphone works great as a timepiece.
  3. mikbone

    Leviticus 21:16-23

    I guess it depends on the mindset / imagination of the beholder. I have only seen one live session. It was awesome. Satan was incredible. He corrected everyones mistakes and flipped his collar up to display his contempt. Does it matter if Eve is blond, brunette, or redhead? Not for me....
  4. The church does not recognize homosexual marriage. The Family: A proclamation to the world is pretty straightforward. Thus any sexual relationship outside of a legal and lawful marriage is considered either fornication or adultery. For example, in my mission, a few years before I arrived a foursome of missionaries paired off after marring each other. Yes the crazy Elders convinced themselves that that had the authority to perform the marriage ceremony as they were branch presidents. They convinced the sister missionaries and consummated their unions. They were all excommunicated as their ‘marriages’ were neither legal nor lawful in the eyes of the Church. Homosexual marriage although considered legal by some governments does not trump the justice and government of God.
  5. This is one of the last pictures of President Thomas S. Monson. You can learn alot about a man from looking at his surroundings and seeing what he holds dear to himself. When I first saw this picture it brought me to tears. Elder Monson was called as an Apostle of the Lord in October 10, 1963. I can tell you from experience that he likely spent the majority of his last remaining months in this room. This is no doubt his favorite comfortable chair. The library behind him is full of books that he is currently reading. The walker behind the chair is his primary means of locomotion. Likely the microwave was used to reheat food that was brought in by friends or family. And family, lots of family, that really love and respect him. Notice his uniform. We believe in prosperity. Our prosperity is just different than what you usually find in the "Prosperity Gospel" https://www.ibtimes.com/thomas-s-monson-net-worth-mormon-church-president-had-no-salary-2636353
  6. mikbone

    Misbehaving Children

    Thanks, currently we are staying in the 14-15 year old class. I’m pretty tired of leaving good kids to tackle the problem children. And hearing things like, “All of your children are so well behaved - you are so lucky” Really? I excel at discipline, Sharks don’t bother killer whales. And I’m kinda irritated with the SS President even extending the calling. I’m a straight shooter and questioned where the inspiration arouse from. He stated that the Bishopric had discussed the problem... I just appreciate callings coming thru the normal process. I also mentioned that there should be 2 adults assigned to each class... If the bishopric did extend us a new calling we would accept. This just hasn’t happened yet.
  7. mikbone

    Local policy

    Yeah, I was dumbfounded too. A year later one of the Stake Presidency members praised us during an interview for doing the right thing. About the crying, you got me? I don’t notice that kinda stuff. Just what the wife mentioned. She said like four sisters were emotionally moved. We doubled the primary and brought a strong family to the ward? The following year the dynamics of the ward changed significantly.
  8. I think it was all the political buzzwords in the first paragraph that threw me.
  9. mikbone

    Misbehaving Children

    Yeah, I’m pretty familiar with classical conditioning. Its the misbehaving parents that causes the irritation and puzzlement.
  10. mikbone

    Local policy

    These are some of my favorites Patient: Can I have some more pain meds? Mikbone: No Patient: Can you just fill out these forms? Mikbone: I'm a scalpel doctor, not a pen doctor. My staff might be able to help, but if they can't, take them to you PCP. Patient: How long do I get for disability? Mikbone: Oh sorry, I'm a fix ya get ya back to work doctor, not a disability doctor.
  11. mikbone

    Local policy

    So we moved from Texas to Northern California 13 years ago. I was straight out of residency with a growing family, and because none of the homes for sale were a good fit for our family we decided to build. Because I don't really play well with others we found a site with 10 acres to limit the amount of neighbors. At that time we already had 5 children with more on the way so we didn't need a formal dining area and a second living area, we needed a big kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. We were on the coveted West side of town and found ourselves in a nice ward with a new chapel only 10 minutes from the house. Everything was fine. Then about 5 years ago, my wife strikes up a friendship with a family that lives in another ward across town. During one of their conversations her new friend states something like, "you know, according to the ward boundaries you should really be in our ward." So my wife comes home and shares this information with me. I'm like, what, nowai... We are supposed to be going to church at the stake center 23 minutes away??? Fortuitously, we had a temple interview within the month. During the interview, I took a look at the map on the wall, and sure enough - wrong ward. I asked the bishop for clarification, and he explained that many years ago a 'gentleman's agreement' had been struck and that there were about 20 or so families on the west side (mostly professionals) who corresponded to the stake center but whose records currently resided in the ward with the more convenient new building. We let him know that we don't participate with 'gentlemen's agreements' and that we would like our records to be sent to our designated ward. He was flabbergasted. We thanked him for his service and started going to our new ward the next week. When we sat in the pew at the new ward, many members cried. Then a year later, the ward boundaries were enforced for the remainder of the families. Initially there were some hard feelings, but I think that in the end we did the right thing.
  12. I am extremely wary anytime anyone (especially a politician) uses the poor or a ‘green policy’ to support their platform. Reminds me of Judas as found in John 12:3-8. Yes, we should always be wise stewards of the Earth. I can't wait to get my electric VW van. Or even better, Mr. fusion!
  13. mikbone

    Misbehaving Children

    I’m a twin. And we were hellions to our primary teachers. But if either of our parents ever heard word that we had disrespected any adult, there would be severe repercussions. And I totally agree with you. I love to teach and I don’t believe in problem kids (but I have seen way too many problem parents). I have had 3 ward callings in the past 6-7 months. 1) Gospel Doctrine - which was great, taught a whole 2 lessons. 2) Sunday School councilor - dream calling, but I skipped out on one bishopric meeting - in order to take the family to see President Nelson at a neighboring stake (I notified the ward clerk first...) 3) This new calling with the 14-15 year olds. Both the wife and I were set apart for the calling with beautiful blessings. And we have taught them 3 times. Great kids, all engaged, participate and thankful for the class. And surprisingly none of our own kids are in the class... So last Sunday, right after Sacrament meeting, the SS President approaches the wife and I in a hushed tone and presents us with the situation. There are 3 ‘sharks’ in the 16-17 year old class and the current teacher can't handle them - the SS Pres has to sit in on the class often, and he agrees that they are problem kids (one of our children are in the class but he is respectful). Anyway they have ‘tried everything and nothing works’ and the parents of the sharks won’t help - of course these parents have prominent callings in the ward... I related that because I am commonly absent (summer trauma season with call keeps me from Sunday services 2x a month), I didn’t feel comfortable abandoning my wife to the sharks, or abandoning the 14-15 year olds who we have already connected with. A minuscule part of me almost felt bad for the interaction. Missbone thanked me after we returned home. What ever happened to Manhood training?