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    Pulling internet into another structure

    Mount this on the outside of the container and drill a hole for passage of power and ethernet cable into the office. There are many options
  2. mikbone

    Pulling internet into another structure

    What you have there is a Faraday cage. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faraday_cage I have the same thing in my house, adobe walls on chickenwire. Mine is probably not as bad as yours though. But bad enough to drop gig internet down to < 10 megs just going from a central location to the office. My spirit was crushed - then I did some research. My solution: We put one unit in a central location and then purchased two CAT 7 outdoor 150’ lengths of ethernet cable. Which we used to run a dedicated backhaul to two more satellite units at each end of the house. I had a guy come in and install the ethernet cable thru the walls pretty like, but when we were done I did a speed test and pulled down 900 gigs in my office with 5 bars. Worth! The technician works putting in business ethernet / wifi systems and I had to convince him to come out to my residence. On the phone he was dismissive and just told me to get one of the mesh systems. When he did come out, he looked at the house and said “you do need my help” I have to download MRI / CT images while on call and it made a massive change. We have probably 100 different wifi units in the house (lighting, thermostats, smart appliances, sonos sound systems, pool, 4K TVs, playstations, irrigation, etc) and they all work flawlessly. Before, the 4K TVs could only play content in SD. Now I can stream 4K in multiple rooms while the kids are playing playstation online games or zoom video classes. Your internet is only as good as your weakest link. Every time I run a speedtest, I smile. You can try it without the ethernet backhaul (The AUSU mesh routers are amazing). But adding the cables in my house did the trick. Its 3AM and everyone is asleep but me. Solid green lines are the backhaul, we put a repeater in the detached garage without the backhaul and it did ok. But we dont need gig internet in the garage (just monitoring lighting, irrigation, and solar array out there).
  3. mikbone

    BYU & Big 12

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2021/09/03/big-12-conference-new-schools-join-byu-houston-ucf-cincinnati/5721822001/ It aint official yet. But looks like we will play 2022 season in the Big 12 conference. I saw lots of LGBTQ+ posts stating how we would never get invited due to our caveman ethics.
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    Yup, creation is one of the things that distinguishes us from the animals. I don't care if it is music, carpentry, code, cooking, needlepoint, whatever. The more you create the better you become at creation. If you don’t recognize your ability to create you are missing out. We are all given talents but those talents will not bloom until we nourish them. The amount of humanity that is unskilled and unaware is terrifying, imho. The following article is one of my favorites. An excellent study with sobering findings. Unskilled and Unaware of it: How Difficulties in Recognizing One's Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments, David Dunning, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Jan 2000
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    Wealth is a blessing. I am wealthy in children. It does not necessarily equal US Dollars. I found 30+ instances in the scriptures where the word wealth is used. In many of the citings, God is blessing his children with wealth. Filthy lucre on the other hand… God is infinitely wealthy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_5:3
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    Neuro's seitch for fremen fanboys

    Sure hope they green light part II. It is an Epic movie, the worldmaking, spacecraft, soundtrack, etc. 2.5 hours passed so quickly, and I was distraught when it ended. Nailed the sand liquefaction.
  7. mikbone

    Positive Impressions In The Media?

    I think we should take like a billion dollars and hire some A-list Hollywood actors and directors to do the Book of Mormon on the big screen. You know that it is a better story than DUNE. BTW - going to watch DUNE right now.
  8. mikbone

    Doctrine Fallout

    In our extended family chat group, I expressed my curmudgeon position on the most recent Official Church Announcement. Boy, did it open a can of worms! Some of the family are Utah residents who participated in the LDS Church early in their lives, including missionary service, Church-supported Colleges, Temple Marriage etc. Anyway, one family quietly left the church and no longer choose to partake of any church activities (although they will show up to farewells, wedding receptions, etc). From what I gather, they believe in Christ but no longer have faith in the leadership of the Church due to various reasons - word of wisdom, not believing in modern-day revelation (polygamy, priesthood racism, The Family: A proclamation to the world, etc.). And I get the sense that they feel persecuted by neighbors and family members because they left the church. Anyway, my brother's response was pretty harsh. "Ok, so what I'm hearing is you guys no longer believe in prophets (as I no longer do). I've said to my wife many times over the last 10 years that the leadership really never says anything that is relevant to today or ever come out and say anything that could hurt someone's feelings or go against political thoughts. ... So one of the very few times it happens, you guys say it is optional. ... You either follow or don't. I chose not to follow because I no longer believe in prophets." I won't go over the rest of the conversation but my position was the following which I hope he respected. I am a lowly human less than the dust of the earth. If I had to rate my exactness with following the prophet (and thus God) it ain't all that good. I asked my wife to help me with some of the following percentages just to have transparency. Principle - Percentage of compliance Thou shall not commit murder - 100% Ten Commandments as listed in Exodus - 96% Ten Commandments as explained by Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount - 18% Home Teaching - 10-15% Word of Wisdom - 95% ( 100% on EtOH, tobacco, coffee, tea. But I'm on a Keto diet thus I'm out of compliance with the eat meat sparingly, and I'm overweight). Temple Attendance - About once a year. COVID Announcement - 100% (I'm scheduled to get the vaccine, and wear the mask because I have been bullied into doing so by my employer. And I know that social distancing is always a possibility), 5% (if following the spirit of the urging). How much do I consider myself a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? 100% Do I believe that the Prophet and Apostles are guided by the Lord our Savior? 100% Do I realize that the General Authorities are men and thus less than the dust of the Earth - just like me and everybody else? 100% I wish that my brother could return to the fold. And that he would feel welcome.
  9. mikbone

    Doctrine Fallout

    Just about to finish the audiobook that he self narrated. I liked quite a few of the studies and data that he quoted. He is probably the first person that I have listed to who is a complete and total atheist though… Social Psychologist - what a crazy field of study. He probably could have used the terms elephant and rider as well as 90% chimp and 10% bee a few hundred more times though. It wasn’t time wasted but don’t think it will help. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Yeah, that is a theory. I don't think it is widely accepted though. Current understanding leads us to believe that the Universe will end as a cold empty place.
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    When we talk about the big bang and the origin of man / God, we are on a pretty sandy foundation both scientifically and doctrinally. Dark matter and Dark energy can easily be categorized as immaterial matter. And since God is a Kardashev 6 type being, He can manipulate space, time, energy, matter & created the multiverse. Some scientists theorize that life and the universe as we know it are just an impressive computer simulation. If that is so (and I think that it is an tempting idea to perceive the plan of salvation as a simulation) then there is no way that we would be able to discern god with our physical eyes... Well this is hard to say. From the above picture, the artist is demonstrating the beginning of the universe as we know it as a nebulous cloudy something or other. We just ldon’t know what it was. Due to our scientific limitations, we cannot predict the state of the universe prior to 10 -43 seconds. We just don't know. We lack the math to unite: General Relativity (our understanding of gravity) & Quantum mechanics (which best describes our understanding of the strong nuclear, weak nuclear, and electromagnetic forces). We are trying to understand a theoretical Grand unified theory GUT (the combination of the strong, weak, and electromagnetic forces into a single force) which we haven't yet. And understanding a singularity would require us to comprend the so called Theory of Everything ToE - which would allow us to unite Gravity with the GUT. There are some Latter-Day Saints (count me as one) whom believe that we (spirit children of Elohim) predate the known universe. The following quote is from Joseph Smith's April 7, 1844 general conference talk. And Abraham 3: 24 clearly states that we assisted Jehovah in the creation of at least this Earth, more likely the Milky Way Galaxy, or even possibly the entire Universe. I love that the temple narrative uses the term "matter unorganized." I like to think of a singularity as matter unorganized. Oh this hasnt stopped them from trying. And this is just a 7 min clip that I looked up. There is an entire episode on what happened before the big bang. It gets crazy.
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    Not necessarily. The statement is: D&C 93:29 Man was also in the beginning with God. Intelligence, or the light of truth, was not created or made, neither indeed can be. Joseph Smith was not talking about matter as we know it. He was talking about either the intelligence or spirit of man - neither of which can science either detect or care to acknowledge. And from Einstein’s theory E=mc^2 we know that energy and matter are interchangeable. Regardless, from the BB theory. We theorize that in the beginning, all matter and energy was compressed into a singularity - state of infinite density. So matter and energy were already there. What was created was space.
  13. mikbone

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/southwest-fllght-cancellations-pilots-association-president/ https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/10/13/politics/tsa-covid-vaccinated-employees-deadline/index.html Darn COVID. I’d hate to be traveling now…
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    Watch Secret Lives of Neutrinos • 2021 • episode "S9E8" • How the Universe Works One of my favorite TV productions. And the following quote from the same production (one of my top 10 favorite science quotes) is from Paul M. Sutter discussing the theory of inflation and particularly why it stopped inflating. “We don’t know. We got nothing. Well we got something. It’s tough... It’s tough.” These 2 episodes shouldn’t be missed.
  15. mikbone

    Mark 4 - The Parable of the Sower

    This is my favorite part of the parable! The fowls can be a welcome assistant instead of an adversary. You never know what will happen with your testimony. And if I were a Mission President, I would share the following with my missionaries on a routine basis. The sower sows where he will. And sometimes the seeds may pass on the wayside, and that's OK. Occasionally, when the birds devour the seeds, they do not digest them completely. Eventually, the bird will fly away and deposit the partially digested seed onto a healthy location with some fertilizer and that seed will take root in a new location that had never previously had that species of plant. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/1988/01/i-will-not-burn-the-book?lang=eng The above is a perfect example. When Brother Francesca found the Book of Mormon it had been partially digested, "because the cover and frontispiece had been stripped off."
  16. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/general-conference/1992/04/doors-of-death?lang=eng
  17. mikbone

    Doctrine and Covenants 76:24

    Elohim created the Spirits of Men. Jesus Christ created the Earth and the physical tabernacle of Man. Due to sin, we are separated from God. But, Chris’t Atonement allows us to be purified and “spiritually reborn” so we can be reunited with God again.
  18. mikbone

    Holy Spirit of Promise

    In this instance, I would lean toward 3 Ne 18: 28-29 as my guide, instead of McConkie's entry in Mormon Doctrine. All I'm saying is that sometimes we oversimplify and take terms that are written in the scriptures and use them in a way that was not intended. For example, we were on vacation yesterday and we saw the most beautiful sunset. But the term sunset is a misnomer. The sun does not set or rise. The Earth rotates. No doubt those terms pre-date Copernicus (referencing the geocentric model), we just use them because they are convenient. But they are erroneous. Likewise, one of my favorite NASA pictures is called Earthrise. But if we had a base on the Moon you would never see Earth rise. The near side of the Moon is always pointed at the Earth. So if you were on the Moon you would see the Earth hung up in the same spot in the sky every day (but you would be able to watch the earth rotate). I do acknowledge D&C 132:7, but I read it as follows. Blessings from the Lord are conditional, requiring: 1) covenant, contract, bond, obligation, oath, vow, performances, expectations (ordinance) 2) Sealing power of the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit of promise. 3) Performed by one who is anointed. If the ordinance does not fulfill all of the above, it is null and void.
  19. I think that there might be a misconception within the minds of some saints about this term. Bruce R. McConkie wrote: From his interpretation, I think that some have cast doubts upon the veracity of their ordinances. I don't think the scriptures that discuss the Holy Spirit of Promise actually justify McConkies's simplification. And I don't think that it benefits anyone to judge the ratification process of ordinances based upon perceived deception, unworthiness, etc. If it did, boy howdy there would be a huge problem within the church. I am positive that many current priesthood holders can trace their line of authority thru elders that were unworthy during the time of confirmation or ordination.
  20. mikbone

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    In my hometown about 20 nurses (who we had been calling health care heroes) refused to get the vaccine and have been escorted off the hospital premise. We then had to call in help from the National Guard and the news outlets are saying that the national guard were called in due to the delta variant bump in cases (instead of the imposed loss of staff). https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/oct/04/national-guard-california-hospitals-covid /face palm
  21. mikbone

    Holy Spirit of Promise

    My point is that McConkie took a term found in the scriptures and redefined it to fit his needs. If you read the 5 verses in the scriptures that contain the term Holy Spirit of Promise, they don’t really support his definition. The first doesn't even have reference to an ordinance The second is about Baptism The third I like the most - is relating that faithful saints receive the same promise that was given to the disciples - that of eternal life, the Celestial Kingdom and the Church of the Firstborn. The fourth is about Patriarchial blessings. The fifth is about how all vows etc. that are not performed correctly, without authority, or without the Holy Ghost are not binding. The fact that we use the term to point out that so and so’s ordinance (or our own in a moment of despair) was non-binding is tragic.
  22. mikbone

    Conference Ready?!

    My daughter was a missionary @ Temple Square and got home just over a year ago (and already married). She related that this week was always a big week for the sisters in the mission there. They were extra busy and had to have everything just right. During the week, you would hear their warcry often - Conference Ready! I love October conference. The autumn is so refreshing, especially after a literally burning hot fire season. We will be making our signature lasagna. And hope that we can welcome the spirit into our home. Wonder if we will get the new Hymnal or anything else even more exciting.