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  1. Traveler

    Police Powers: UK vs. US

    I would clarify something by personal experience. While I was serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, my companion and I stumbled into an FBI stakeout under very suspicious circumstance. We were arrested (finger printed) as the prime suspects in an FBI investigation of a multiple murder and bank robbery. We were interrogated and released but tailed for 3 days and then debriefed and finally cleared - I know this because of the debriefing. About 6 years later, after completing my mission and finishing college I applied for "special" security clearance to do classified military contract work for the US government. My particular security clearance required a deep background check and if there was any suspicion of criminal activity I would not have been cleared. I am not sure where you obtain your information that arrest records by themselves are a problem - especially concerning employment. The Traveler
  2. The ancient definition or reference to someone that is righteous is the same as what was meant by a Saint of G-d. These terms are intended to designate someone that covenants with G-d. The reason that we should worship at the temples are to establish and renew covenants and to become more instructed in our covenants and how to better apply them in our lives - especially while we are away from the temple. There are three specific blessings that come through covenants - These blessing were explained to Abraham and are sometimes called the Abrahamic covenant. #1. A promised Land. This also refers to exaltation (citizenship in the eternal kingdom of G-d) both now and specifically after we die. #2. Protection from our enemies. This is specific to our enemies becoming the enemies of G-d. Our prime enemy is death so this is a promise to be delivered from death. #3. Enduring seed. This also refers to everlasting life. It is important to realize that marriage is both a covenant with G-d and a means of eternal life - both in mortality and after we die but are resurrected. In the lectures on Faith - Joseph Smith taught that even if an army came upon a covenant Saint of the City of Enoch - that such a covenant Saint could call down fire from heaven or move mountains - and so the Saints of G-d (Zion) were feared by the world. As the world become more violent and chaotic - it is obvious that only the Saints of G-d will endure. The mistake is in thinking that the Saints will not suffer. The promise is that regardless of what becomes of their mortal flesh - all the blessings of the covenant will be fulfilled. This is why the righteous need not fear. It is also why the enemies of G-d fear the Saints of G-d. Whatever they do the the Saints of G-d - the Saints (Zion) will suffer it and be victorious over them. The Traveler
  3. Traveler

    Satan's First Lie

    One principle to understand about Satanic lies is that many such Satanic lies are counterfeit truths. I would have all readers think on the concept of counterfeit - because a counterfeit is contrived and created to look like and seam like the original article but is not. The original article and example of G-d is G-d the Father and his Son Jesus the Christ. A counterfeit G-d may have some seemingly important characteristics but something is lacking or missing. It is not enough to know good from evil to be a G-d - an agency eternal choice of good is required. It would be unjust to Damn Satan and his followers forever to outer darkness for being evil - not knowing good from evil. They know good from evil but unlike our G-d that is good - they have chosen evil. Choosing to partake of the fruit did not in its self qualify Adam and Eve for the divine title of G-d --- Obviously it was a lie as are all things contributed by Satan. The Traveler
  4. Traveler

    Satan's First Lie

    I almost do not know where to begin to address @Anddenex's concern in starting this thread. There are many threads in the tapestry of Satan's lies. For example: some will say that Satan will tell 9 truths to disguise a cleaver lie. The problem with this statement is that Satan is incapable of truth. All such so called truths attributed to Satan are lies. But lets go back to the Eden epoch. I believe that the Eden epoch addresses a number of principles that many seem to miss. I am going to dive into this - only near the surface but with some principles that may seem below the surface because of the spirituality of certain principles. First off the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is not necessarily forbidden. It is defined as forbidden because of the warning G-d gives when he forbids Adam and Eve to partake. A warning that death will occur. The death spoken of was the fall of mankind. One of the reasons that the fall of man was spoken of as death is the surrender of agency - not a loss of all agency but a surrender of agency to circumstance - specifically being exiled from the light, intelligence and the very spirit of G-d. Note this statement from @Anddenex: The first lie here in the quote is a denial of the Fall. It pretends that G-d forced our condition upon us and that in so doing; that what we do is because of G-d and is not nor can be our fault or mistake. This is one of my primary objections to those that argue for homosexuality. That being the argument that humans are not intelligent beings capable of choices specific to their destiny. This is what I call a surrender of agency. But even more - this is not a surrender of agency to G-d as it may appear with the argument that, "I am who I am because G-d created me as I am" - but rather it is a surrender of agency to Satan that has convinced them that they have no choice in the matter and therefor must do or follow as Satan and not G-d leads and directs. I want to say a little here that comes to us through science and the theory of evolution as explained in part by Darwin. I would point to a particular term or concept of evolution called "Survival of the Fittest". This concept does not mean just to exist another day - it also applies directly to those individuals within a species that will pass on their genetic material - those that pass on their genetic material are those that are fit to survive. By the very definition of evolution and the principle of survival of the fittest - the entire LGBTQ movement and purpose is eliminated from being fit and passing on their genetic material and participating in evolution. Why would anyone choose to be "unfit"? And then proclaim it is as valid as being "fit"? Especially if they believe in evolution? I would correct @Anddenex on one small point - When one makes a choice to separate themselves from the light and truth of G-d - it is not a matter of where such will lead or what it to become of it. The light, intelligence and truth of G-d cannot and will not reside in unclean temples and the choice to separate from G-d defiles our mortal temple and renders it unclean. What is true is that unless we repent we will remain in the awful state of being defiled and separated from G-d - including his light and intelligence which is the END OF OUR AGENCY!!! by surrender - and a type of death that takes place immediately. The Traveler
  5. Hi Traveler

    I understand that Elder Richard Maynes was closely involved in a business that specialised in industrial automation and I know that's where you spent most of your working life. Are you related to him?

    1. Traveler


      Not that I know.  My father had 13 siblings and my mother had 8.  I have over 100 first cousins and there are now two additional generations - in some cases 3 generations.  Going  back to my great grand parents and their parents and I have a lot of relatives.   I have two brothers also involved in industrial automation - one has a photographic memory.  I will check with him and get back with you.


      The Traveler

  6. Traveler

    Neil Peart

    The link was to several offerings. There is a lot of talent. The drummer is awesome. I cannot dispute. I can listen for a while. But I am a harmonic junkie. I marvel at the simplistic complexity of the harmonic triad and find jazz progressions most to my individual liking. For me it is difficult to concentrate through harmonic dissidents. Thanks The Traveler
  7. Traveler

    Celebrity Doppelganger

    It was not so much that the Vikings were more notorious than anyone else - generally kidnapping slaves (and wives) is what historically maintained genetic diversity and why many scientists believe that there is neanderthal DNA in some current human populations. As a side note - Does anyone know the ancient Biblical difference between a wife and a concubine? Answer - Wives were considered more noble because they came to the marriage with a dowry - which by law if the marriage ended or was broken must be returned to her. However, I have learned by experience that this particular fact should not be discussed in depth with one's current wife - as defined and understood by modern laws and standards. The Traveler
  8. Traveler

    The Oedipus Complex

    @Jamie123 You do know that the most complete definition of a Freudian slip is - when you say one thing but you mean your mother. The Traveler
  9. Traveler

    Neil Peart

    I had no idea what this thread was about. I listened to @mirkwood's link. Sorry folks I find little enjoyment in the musical expression. My impression was music for someone lost and struggling with the experience of life. There were time when the music caught me but I found the general theme (especially from the vocals) sad and depressing. Can someone help me with what I am missing? The Traveler
  10. Traveler

    Liberals in the Church

    When it comes to labels - I do not know what I am. Not knowing how I fit into labels often causes we to wonder how it is that others have been able to resolve such things for themselves. I have had major disagreements with dissenters of our church. I have also had major disagreements with various stake presidents, bishops and others that were called to give me direction according to the order of the priesthood. As G-d is my witness I have also had major disagreements with my parents and my beloved wife. In fact I believe that I can honestly say I have had some disagreements with everybody I know - I have even had some confusion and disagreements with myself. In my prayers, there are times I have challenged the wisdom of the G-d I worship. I am trying to figure out all the things I ought to repent of. This idea of disagreements - is causing me to wonder about disagreeing with disagreeing. Here are some thoughts which can spark more disagreements: #1. I am tempted to dislike anyone with whom I disagree - but worse --- I am more tempted to dislike anyone that disagrees with me. I wish I could just apologize and move on but I have discovered that often my critics will disagree with my apology. I am sure it is for the same reason that I disagree with certain others insincere apologizes. #2. I am convinced that most disagreements are the result of misunderstandings. #3. I tend to believe that the overwhelming causes of misunderstandings are the other person's fault. #4. I believe a lot of disagreements are the result differing points of view or perspectives. This creates arguments where no one know what is going on in the disagreements. These kind of disagreements can be humorous for anyone on the outside and quite bitter for those on the inside. #5. On extremely rare occasions there are disagreements where two people understand each other and actually disagree. For myself - I can best mitigate a disagreement I have with someone if they will explain their logic by which they came to their conclusion. But this is most difficult because it seems that very few that disagree with me care why. In religious disagreements often "Faith" is played like a trump card such that those that do not so think are evil and lack faith in G-d and that any attempts to employ logic or sense; is the natural man that should be cast off. I wonder if such is more emotional than intelligent light of truth or spiritual. But what worries me the most is that because we are fallen - we are in a state outside of G-d's justice, grace, his light and and his understanding --- Which means that in all disagreements - I have fault and need repentance. How can I repent when I am sure I am right? I find part of the answer in realizing that repenting is seeing from a different point of view. The Traveler
  11. Traveler

    Taking Odds on the Election

    Some day we must get together and share some old engineering war stories. My favorite happened when I was working for Boeing Military and Space. The Air Force had a project (from a different contractor) that was in deep trouble. They came to Boeing for help. I had worked with an engineer on a couple of projects, He was off the charts brilliant (certified genus) but also off the charts eccentric. He was charged with putting together a "tiger team" to audit the project and determine what was needed to complete it. He, myself and 3 other engineers were selected by him. I must say this was back in the day when there was kind of a unwritten rule that certain engineers could wear anything they wanted to work. However, for our initial meeting with the Air Force brass we were require to wear a coat and tie - something my friend hated. I think he was born in a hippy commune and never knew who was his parents - anyway he had really strange social skills - even for an engineer. The day of the meeting he was wearing his only coat, tie and dress shirt (etc) and seem unusually excited about his outfit. For the first few hours we were debriefed on the project and the problems were outlined. Then came the time for my buddy to respond with initial impressions. He jumped on top of the conference room table while saying - "This sounds like a job for --" he tore open his shirt to display a superman tee shirt - "for Super Engineers". After we got the Air Force brass calmed down we outlined the real approach. Eventually we took over the project and completed it. After the initial meeting my buddy told we that he has always wanted to do that. I thanked him for having me along to watch. The Traveler
  12. Traveler

    Taking Odds on the Election

    Unless someone raises an environmental concern 😉 The Traveler
  13. Traveler

    Taking Odds on the Election

    I was on a R&D team the designed a automated guided vehicle (AGV) to replace fork trucks in factories. Disney thought it to be a great addition to one of their "rides". Sometime people find applications for our stuff beyond any design specifications. Because I know the design limitations - I am scared to death of that particular ride. Of course we added a ton of stuff for safety - but I know too much. The Traveler
  14. Traveler

    Apartment Hunting

    If you think the perfect girl friend is not worth it - I think I know of at least one reason why you do not have one. 😎 The Traveler
  15. Traveler

    Taking Odds on the Election

    There is no science to budget. Whenever I was asked about cost - I would say that the project could be done correctly, on time and cheep and that since they were in charge - they get to pick two of whatever is the most important to them. The Traveler