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  1. Yes - if he was not a Senator he would not have been so compensated. Do you think this 6 mansions are a compensation for his intellect or non governmental experiences? The Traveler
  2. Traveler

    Progression between kingdoms?

    No one else? Sounds a lot like determinism. I am under the impression that the plan of salvation has as its primary and over arching principle - Agency! And that Jesus Christ is our advocate and savior. So my question is - Who decides what kingdom - who make the choice - man or G-d? The Traveler
  3. Traveler

    Fasting - some questions

    I would add two more 5. The designated fast Sunday (usually the first Sunday of the month) all members are encouraged to donate for the poor (mostly in their area) what they did not eat or a cash or other equivalent. So this worship is rooted in remembering the poor and needy and making a sacrifice in their behalf. As a parent I greatly appreciated the opportunity of reminding (teaching) my children (when they were young a living at home) when they complained of being hungry during the monthly fast of children that spend day after day - hungry and that they had an opportunity to not just make a gift but to understand what such a gift means to them. 6. Included with the fast worship - members come to church and share their personal spiritual experiences and testimonies of Christ; influenced because of their fast. The Traveler
  4. Which is why I used the word - compensate. The Traveler
  5. Traveler

    Racial Error in Come Follow Me Manual

    I think it was Brigham Young that said, "Only a fool would be offended when no offence was intended - but it is takes a greater fool to be offended when an offence is intended." In Brigham's day they did not use the term snowflake - it had not been invented yet. I think you can easy substitute snowflake where Brigham said fool. The Traveler
  6. I am of the mind that it is not just the trinity - that somewhere in Christian history there has been a schism over every possible Christian doctrine that has ever existed. The Traveler
  7. Traveler

    Fasting - some questions

    I have heard many stories that if you will just open up the Book of Mormon and read - that you will get the answer to your question. So I know this guy - it seemed that everything was going wrong in his life. He lost his job and was having difficulty finding another job. So he could not make his house payment, his car payment, his boat payment, his credit card payments, and just about every other payment. His wife got tired of him not making payments and not getting another job so she moved out and threatened divorce. His kids hated him because he could not buy them anything they wanted - he was unhappy and asked we what he should do. I told him to just open up the Book of Mormon and read. About a week later he had a new car, was able to keep his house, his wife came back and he was able to buy his kids stuff so they were happy. It was like magic. I could not resist so I asked what scripture did he turn to. He said he opened up the Book of Mormon and it said - "Chapter 11". Okay - I am sorry. I am sure a lot of people are serious about problems but I could not resist this little bit of sick humor. (PS. the story is not true) - please, everybody, do not get mad. The Traveler
  8. Traveler

    Fasting - some questions

    @dahlia I would suggest that the primary element of a fast is physical discipline for a spiritual purpose. You may consider a special diet for your fast. For example you could abstain from sugars and carbs. You could also limit your portions. Again the purpose of a fast is spiritual - It is my personal opinion that putting yourself at physical risk is not spiritual. So if someone is sick or injured - they should not fast (abstain) with the same methods as thought they were healthy. I would also suggest that during a fast that it is good to also abstain from other worldly things besides food. For example one could consider abstaining from various entertainments and recreations. Anyway - the fast is an act of discipline (similar to a Sabbath celebration) and not just going without but also much greater effort of doing specifically that which draws one closer to G-d. The Traveler
  9. One would think that the more someone is compensated - the less they would disappoint or at least they ought to make a profound effort not to disappoint. But it does seem (with very few and rare exception) that the more someone is compensated - the greater they disappoint - and the less they seem to care about how badly they disappoint. I ponder if we would not be much better off if the pay and benefits of politicians was no more than our military. The Traveler
  10. Traveler

    Book of Mormon – Videos and Movies

    This is not about the movie - but about paintings - including the famous Arnold Friberg painting. The particular character - Abinadi; is always depicted as a old guy. I have pondered this and I think there is a subconscious intent that because he is put to death - old guys are more expendable and easier to sacrifice. And so I have wondered if it would modify how we think of Abinadi and his sacrifice had he been much younger - with young wife and small children - especially an infant child - all left behind to fulfill a call. BTW it was not uncommon in the early church of this dispensation for men in their 20's and 30's to be called on missions (Mormon Battalion) not knowing if they would see their young wife or children again. And the stripling warriors - I calculate that they were perhaps 13. So the next time you see deacons passing the sacrament in your ward - think of how parents would feel about sending them off to war -- and their chances of surviving. It is said that we stand on the shoulders of great ancestors and heritage. I wonder how our generation will be remembered? Anyway some thoughts. The Traveler
  11. Traveler

    Winners and Losers

    I have noticed that often news commentators will give their winners and losers of the recent past – and then a short comment why. I thought this could be interesting for forum opinions. And so I will start and others can add or comment as they will. The winner – Vladimir Putin: He does not have to do a thing and he will disrupt, not just our elections but our entire country (unless the Democrats win every possible election). He can pretend or just play along and get credit for all kinds of things he has not even thought of yet. If he does anything – the best possibility is to get caught – that will cause more problems than any secret covert operation and give him much more international prestige and power. The losers: - The left wing politically minded Americans – especially minorities. For every reason that they think they are being screwed by this country (no one of their demographic to represent them) – they are being screwed by all their presidential candidates. Secondary loser: Ali Khameni – For all the obvious reasons. The Traveler
  12. Traveler

    Book of Mormon – Videos and Movies

    Since you are well traveled - in busy traffic areas - if someone is saying what other's do not like to hear -- they will be ignored. Places and formats of forms where ideas are intended to be exchanged - are quite different. Even on this forum - say something that someone does not like and you will get a lot of attention - much more than if you say something they like. Very few (like zero) artists seem to understand a form from an artistic point of view - I say this even as a son of an artist. I had discussions with my father who would say that artwork is not a historical depiction but rather a symbolic reference intended to create more feelings from the viewers than to display practical events. I would argue with my dad that accuracy can be as powerful or more so than artistic license. His response to me was always - okay, then you create the art. That is not going to happen - I cannot take even an identifiable picture of much more than my finger. The Traveler
  13. Traveler

    Revelation- How does it REALLY work?

    I am one that dated a lot but managed to screw up most social stuff I was involved with - with the one exception of marriage. One thing I have learned about revelation - the easier it is to receive a revelation - the more difficult it will be to live up to it. I would make a suggestion about your daughter. I have some apartments in Provo that I rent to mostly BYU male college students. I have one very impressive student (guy) that is completing his PHD in electrical engineering this year. He is an RM, an athletic (cyclist) and I have known him as a tenant for a few years (you learn a lot about a person when you rent a living space to them). He is leaving BYU without his MRS. He is a typical engineer - which is problematic for many young ladies that like guys good at putting on a romantic show. If your inspired daughter is smart enough to get along with an engineering mind - this guy has offers that would allow living in very upscale places just about any where in the USA. The Traveler
  14. For me - most of my ancestors were still in Europe during this time - One that was here was a white slave. All talk I have heard concerning reparations for descendants of slaves are out of control raciest because the only cash is for African races. Most citizens of the USA are descended from emigrants and more than 90% of emigrants came after this time period. I am willing to bet that your share of the cash component will not even be a fraction of what you will lose because of your involvement in Social Security. But what the hay - if you could purchase a candy bar - that in my youth cost 5 cents - you will be so much better off in life. 😎 The Traveler
  15. There is no one still alive in Canada or the USA that was involved back then - What is the point of an apology and to who??? The Traveler