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  1. Traveler

    Why we still have Democrats

    We need two parties in the USA so that competing evil forces of secret combinations can destroy each other. The hope is - that as long as they say nasty things about each other that they will leave the majority of citizens (that are non political) alone. Sadly it does not quite work that way - whoever is in power or striving to have the power wants to control everybody. The Traveler
  2. Traveler

    Ethics: what's the point?

    I think you may be looking at this backwards and upside down. The real reason for vagueness is so we can apply the specifics to ourselves (where we know all the parameters) and can come to exact conclusions. But realize that we do not nor can we ever know all the parameters in others behavior. The first great point of ethics is to govern one's own behavior. The second great point is to teach others by example. It is not ethical to expect other to not follow your example. What is absolute about ethics is that there are precise well defined rules - if you as an individual , ever make an exception for yourself - for whatever reason - that becomes the new more precise absolute rule that defines your ethics - or absence of ethics in your behavior. The Traveler
  3. I am thinking that we see keys (types and shadows) of the past and future in the present. See Ecc 1:9-11 Seeing how we receive and magnify callings - plus all that I understand of agency. I believe we choose not just to follow but how and to what extent. I believe I chose my wife. I do not believe G-d left me out of the loop to determine how I would serve in mortality. I believe G-d wants his children invested. I believe even the name of the church implies the will of G-d. First the church is called “The Church of Jesus Christ” – because Jesus is the chief corner stone. But the Church also has “of Latter-day Saints” as part of its name. I believe because we have a part and say in things. We sustain our leaders and all things are done by councils starting with the great council in the Pre-existence. I think Satan is the one the provides a editorship. G-d works his will through councils and agency. The Traveler
  4. Traveler

    Ethics: what's the point?

    I believe they are vague so we mortals can always have room and incentive to improve or excuse not to and that is in part what we call agency. The Traveler
  5. I believe this thread touches on a number of core principles in the Plan of Salvation. I believe the single biggest conundrum is that we only have empirical evidence of a very small part of the plan of salvation - that is the events between birth and death. Paul makes this point in saying that we see through a "glass" darkly. The whole or complete truth is beyond our scrutiny, observation and knowledge. We only have a shadow at best of our pre-existence and what will take place after death. Revelation concerning our pre-existence and after death existence, I believe by design is vague. Thus the first great principle that we live by in mortality is faith. And only faith in Christ can lead to salvation - but from my personal observations - only a small minority of mortals are aware of Christ and the fullness of Christ. This means that our portion of faith in Christ must propel us through our mortal journey. We must seek for that which is better than what we currently possess. I believe this is the great key and secret of seeking after Christ by faith. Some principles I believe to be true: #1. All things were and are known from the beginning to the end. Isaiah 46:10 tells us that not only does G-d know all things – but that he does not keep secrets but reveals truth as a “light shining in the darkness”. #2. Agency. There are many debates concerning agency. I like to think I have a handle on the concept but I have realized that my concepts differ somewhat from others concerning agency. But I do not believe we can observe or understand agency in mortality by observing our circumstances between birth and death. I believe that to understand agency we must have a belief in a pre-existence and an existence that continues after we die. I believe the exercise of agency in the pre-existence will have direct effects on our mortal experience – and that the exercise of agency in mortality will have direct effects on our post mortal experience. I would now say something about our mortal experience. As an engineer I design and implement changes in complex industrial manufacturing systems. I have experience and have learned the principle of testing before putting critical changes into production. Almost always I am not testing to determine to reject any change. In essence I test to determine if the change is ready for operations – and what needs “tweaking” to get something ready. I have learned that most testing – of necessity – needs to focus at what I will call the extreme boundaries of operational requirements. For example, if a particular robot is capable of producing 100 widgets – what happens when it is scheduled to produce 101 widgets? Or what happens when the time is increased – will the robot continue to produce 100 widgets over many consecutive intervals? Producing one widget is also a test but not one that will indicate if the robot is ready for production. I believe the greatest tests of mortality will center around just a few requirements that I believe need to be tested to extremes before we are ready for production (being one with G-d). One battery of test will center around pride. Another battery of test will center around anger management. A third I am sure will center around marriage, chastity, sexual purity and a man and a woman becoming one flesh. Surely there are more but I will stop here because of this thread. For anyone walking around in mortality thinking they have “finished” their mortal testing and have passed – my only response is – you are an idiot and are failing the pride battery of tests. I could say something similar concerning anger management and of course marriage and sex. Concerning marriage and sex – Jesus once said concerning those whose sins are obvious – let those without sin cast the first stones at the sinners. I would like very much to cast stones at those that sin or fail the tests I think I have passed. But that is a failure of the pride battery of testing. But I will say this. There is a principle in the plan of salvation called sacrifice. In order to past the battery of tests for marriage and sex – sacrifice is necessary. For most (perhaps all) sacrifice is the single most important principle. Christ is the example of sacrifice when he said, “Not my will but thy will be done.” (Referring to the will of G-d the Father). I am convinced that no one will pass the battery of marriage and sex tests unless they willingly sacrifice their individual sexual will and become a saint willing to complete (including sexually) their spouse. And a spouse for a man is a woman and for a woman is a man. The Traveler
  6. Traveler

    8 Reasons Gasoline Prices Are Going Up in America

    I was raised a republican - my father was a prominent and influential party member. But I fell out of favor because of corruption in the republican party (both in Utah and Maryland). I joined the Democratic Party and you are so right about nightmares and you could add migraines. Ending my membership in the democratic party ended my nightmares and migraines. I can now honestly blame all the nations problems on just about everybody else and how they vote. Other that being able to blame republicans and democrats for everything there is no advantage in being a libertarian - except for the being able to sleep at night thing and the occasional attempts to explain my politics to family and inlaws. The Traveler
  7. Traveler

    8 Reasons Gasoline Prices Are Going Up in America

    You could always become a Republican and dream that everything will always eventually turn out to be alright - as long as we keep the government out of it. Or be ultra extreme like me and become a libertarian. The Traveler
  8. Traveler

    8 Reasons Gasoline Prices Are Going Up in America

    For most of my working travel - I commuted on a bicycle. For many years I commuted 25 miles one way. With the heavy traffic I added about an hour a day in commute time but since I did not have to exercise (because I have a desk job) commuting by bicycle saved me time, money and significantly improved my health. Any area of high density travel should have public transportation. It should be part of our infrastructure as much as a freeway is - and if properly designed would be even faster and cheaper for everyone. I believe that using public transportation or commuting by bicycle (especially bicycle 😎) should have tax incentives - if we as an nation are serious about pollution. The Traveler
  9. Traveler

    8 Reasons Gasoline Prices Are Going Up in America

    There are indication that hydrocarbons (what we call fossil fuels) are very renewable. There are even advertisements of generating fossil fuels with algae - we already use corn but that just is not as advertised - yet. The Traveler
  10. Traveler

    8 Reasons Gasoline Prices Are Going Up in America

    @Mores @unixknight and others. Do not hold your breath waiting for new refineries. Federal (including environmental) regulations make new refineries impossible. This is not all bad - living next to (in the neighborhood of) a refinery is a death sentence. With the pressure of the "Green new Deal" do not bet your paycheck (money) on gas prices going down in the long run. I am not advocating the Green new Deal - which would be a dawn of another "Dark Ages" but we do need to rethink a few things. We need to break the habit of running around with one person in a car - it should be the great exception not the rule. Freeways should have 4 HOV lanes and one LOV (low occupancy vehicle) lane. Here is a thought and political argument for revealing current political stupidity. The one ever increasing factor to pollution (climate change) that is never actually politically addressed is population growth. In the USA the single most contribution to population growth is immigration - including both legal and illegal. It is foolish and stupid to attempt or pursue any "Green Deal" and ignore illegal immigration. We cannot have "Greenness" and massive population growth fueled by ever increasing immigration - unless of course we eliminate (significantly) already existing populations. Anyone, especially politicians, that support both greenness and increased immigration (especially illegal immigration) are outright lying about what they know or are trying to accomplish. Just from the standpoint of pollution (and climate change if that is important to you) - there should not be even one person illegally in this country. Politically - believing in (or thinking of) doing something about climate change (or any pollution for that matter) and living in (supporting in any way) a sanctuary city or concept friendly to illegal immigration is proof that you are too stupid to vote or participate in any political arena. (please note the last paragraph is not directed towards @Mores or @unixknight) The Traveler
  11. Traveler

    13 Rules of Success

    For me, in my youth, mathematics was like a game that I could win. Two things in high school changed everything. #1. I met someone a lot better than me and suddenly a competitive nature drove me to be much better. #2. I had a teacher that in a single statement changed my outlook not just of math but the entire universe. He said, "Mathematics is a flawless perfect language." It was revelation to me and like a liahona that has continued to guide me spiritually and physically. It is impossible to speak mathematics correctly (grammatically) and lie or be lied to. Moroni chapter 10 speaks of "spiritual gifts". I am convinced that mathematics is a spiritual gift. I use to think everyone should appreciate and love mathematics but I have learned that we all have spiritual gifts that when realized make every human a genus through which the light of Christ can shine and unfold all the secrets of the universe. It is easy for me to think I am smart because of my spiritual gift but I have been humbled by so many others that have different spiritual gifts that see, understand and show thing that I do not connect to with my gift and thus seem like mystical magic to me. My wife has no mathematical (scientific) aptitude (I mean like zero, zip nada) but has other spiritual gifts so much greater than mine. I am inclined to categorize spiritual gifts (universal spiritual and physical magic) into 3 great pillars of spiritual insight and power. Of course one is mathematics - It is a great key to understand and predicting the future of the physical universe. Another is music. It is a great key of comfort and peace and a means of worship (of good or evil). Music includes rhythm and order and the means of harmony and balance. The third and greatest spiritual gift is love. I wish I had a better word because of what is done in English to the word "love" - if we say charity and the pure love of Christ we can comprehend a little better. But pure love is the joy and power of deep relationships through which we and those we love are transformed into G-ds and through which all other gifts are unified and made whole. The Traveler
  12. Traveler

    13 Rules of Success

    This is applicable of a lot more than money - for example: It also applies to time. Nothing of importance has ever been accomplished in any endeavor without discipline. The Traveler
  13. Traveler

    13 Rules of Success

    I have decided that if someone does not enjoy, cherish and passionately love whatever it is they think they are doing or trying to accomplish - they will ultimately fail at it. The Traveler
  14. Traveler

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Burned Down

    I was there last year. I have two thoughts. First; is that those that saw the sacred nature of what the building symbolized - It is a sad day and I mourn with them. Second - those that thought it was a historical structure to be exploited (which seem to be a majority of those there when I visited) - I am not as sympathetic. The Traveler
  15. Traveler

    13 Rules of Success

    How about just Two: #1. Do lots of really brilliant and intelligent things. #2. Don't do anything foolish or stupid. The Traveler