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  1. Traveler

    President Nelson vaccinated

    Before I had the shot I specifically asked my doctor for information. In the course of our discussion I was informed of the difference between a vaccine and gene therapy. I asked why the shot is called a vaccine and not gene therapy - he had no answer but was of the opinion that public may not respond well if the shot was called gene therapy. On the other hand I have learned that with many subjects there are individuals that will not take any information seriously that does not support their premise. The problem with COVID is that there are so many sources - it would hardly matter what one's source is. But in this case - if you have information that the shot is, by medical definition, a vaccine and not the result of gene therapy research and is actually not gene therapy - I would be most interested in how you came by such an opinion. The Traveler
  2. Traveler

    President Nelson vaccinated

    I did not intend to single anyone out but rather join in the discussion the two of you were having and to include anyone else interested. From my own experience with COVID-19 there were 3 days between when I was infected before I knew I had been infected - during which time I spent with others and could have passed on the virus though I had no symptoms. But I did not. My immune system works quite well. In the last few years the sickest I have been was when I received the second singles shot and was quite sick for 24 hours. I am of the mind that my skiing (in winter) and cycling (the rest of the year) has something to do with not getting sick. I believe that healthy individuals that are active and eat intelligently seldom get sick and when they do - it is seldom severer. I believe such healthy individuals are less likely to spread something even during a pandemic. At least that would explain why I did not spread COVID-19. From the data - the shot is 95% effective - which means that those most at risk can still get sick even if they have the shot and since a large % of those that contract the virus will never show symptoms and are less likely to spread the virus than those that develop symptoms. It is my understanding that the worse the symptoms the more likely that the virus will be spread. This would mean that the greatest efforts should be made in contract tracing those with symptoms. It was my intent not to get the shot; mainly because I was infected, showed no symptoms and recovered. However, my wife was in tears when I had a chance and did not get the shot and did not. Her sister convinced her that I was putting myself, my beloved wife and everybody else in critical danger for not getting the shot. There are things more important to me than my opinion and in some cases - even my desires. I did it for my wife. The truth is that I so not mind sacrificing for others. For me it is kind of like Joseph Smith Jr. giving himself up before he was murdered. I believe that everyone has a right to choice - even when their choices are sick and wrong - but in the case of you @LDSGator- I do not believe such your choices in this manner are something for which I ought to have personal concerns. As far as I can determine - you both made the correct choice. There are some things that the medical profession is very good at doing - but more and more I am coming to understand that freedom only comes with responsibility. Thus if someone relinquishes their responsibility for their own health (and I could make a long list of things people deliberately do compromise their health) to someone or something else - That is their real choice with whatever consequences that will be. But it is no longer their choice. The Traveler
  3. Traveler

    President Nelson vaccinated

    I am unconcerned with who has or has not received the shot(s) - as long as it is their choice. I am somewhat concerned with the logic that anyone ought to be treated so that someone else will not get sick. Or that people that are known to not have an illness or not having been exposed should/must be quarantined to stop a disease from spreading. As I understand - if you have antibodies - you should not get the shot(s) - I do not know why anyone should assume or think otherwise otherwise???? The Traveler
  4. Traveler

    President Nelson vaccinated

    Yes the shot is technically gene therapy and not a vaccine - I was informed that vaccines contain weakened or otherwise diminished virous that triggers the immune system.
  5. Traveler

    President Nelson vaccinated

    @mirkwood, @LDSGator and others. Though it is not yet clearly stated by the CDC not all need or ought to be given the COVID-19 shot. I say shot rather than vaccine because technically the COVID-19 vaccines are not vaccines. In addition individuals that already have antibodies - should not receive the shot - the data is that it is more likely to cause the individual harm than to add additional immunity. At this point - individuals should be tested for the antibody before receiving the shot. But in this highly politicalized society - the CDC and our political leaders has shown to be unreliable. Politicians because they are ignorant and the CDC and other doctors working for and with the government have shown to be more concerned with politics that the public health. The Traveler
  6. Traveler

    President Nelson vaccinated

    Some thought about your post. 1. I am sorry but being in deep kim chee is an expression that does not convey a good condition. However, at least for me, there are less desirable things to eat than kiim chee but not that long of a list. 2. I was once sent to a meeting with some very important Koreans. A once trusted friend and return missionary from Korea told me that a most proper greeting with a Korean (especially a lady) was a phrase "Po po hap she da". I am sure my spelling is wrong and I may have the pronunciation off bit (it was a few years ago). Anyway some of the men laughed and not a single lady wanted to sit anywhere near me. 3. Historically almost everybody is aware of the sins of Sodom but the sins of Gomorrah are somewhat of a historical mystery. According to some scholars the sins of Gomorrah was varying use and living taxes (taxing any and all things of possible value). Varying taxes mean that some were required to pay more than others and in some circumstances certain privileged individuals were exempt. I personally believe that the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah are about societies stance on the divine covenant of marriage and the concept of who pays taxes and who benefits (by design all of society or certain demographics) from taxes or monies collected for a society. 4. Most measure or see the end of times in terms of wickedness but I think the greater signs are in the righteousness of the Saints and the blessings that come to them. The Traveler
  7. Traveler

    Original Mission

    Some thought - I thought that I would go to Germany on my fulltime mission. I took classes in German to prepare. I was called to the North Western States mission that included Boise Idaho. While in Boise I became close to a Bishop and Stake President that have had a profound effect not just on my mission but on the rest of my life. If this had been the only relevant experience of my mission - it would have been all worth it but it wasn't. For the last 6 months of my mission I was sent to what was considered the very bottom area and district of the Mission. In many ways it was a nightmare. But for me it was the perfect place to conclude my call as a missionary. I will not go into all the details but my last companion and I experienced many profound miracles. We also and some fun and some very funny things happen. It is hard to say it was the best part of my mission - there were so many. A while back I was looking at the placement of our galaxy in the supercluster to which it belongs and then to where our solar system resides in our galaxy. The second image did not quite turn out as I hoped for this forum. The red dot in the first image is where our galaxy is located. In the second image our galaxy sits at the outer edge of a spiral arm. Anyway I think this all fits with the hymn "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go": The Traveler
  8. Traveler

    Beware your “Mormon Therapist”

    Why would anyone want this for their life's accomplishment and legacy? I listened to a commentary the other day about "First Responders". The commentary was very critical in thinking of police, firemen and medics as "first responders". The essence of the commentary was - like it or not your are the first responder to everything that goes on around you and how you respond is the first response to all your experiences both concerning yourself and those you encounter. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we have a stunning example in Christ and especially in his teaching us through the parable of the "Good Samaritan". I am convinced that the "best therapy" is to trust G-d by making and keeping covenants with him. I believe when we covenant with G-d that we will seek to learn from the best sources available to us. Then as we study all things out in our minds we can call upon G-d to testify to us through the gift and power of the Holy Ghost. Obviously those that have not received the Gift of the Holy Ghost by divine order of ordinance and covenant are at a great disadvantage. The Traveler
  9. Traveler

    Matthew 11:29 - 30

    It is my impression that you have slightly missed the mark equating the yoke of Christ to the Atonement; by looking at a result rather than the cause. I would suggest that the yoke of Christ is Charity as defined as the pure love of Christ. With this focus - all else seem (at least to me) to make much more sense - especially the concept of finding "rest for your soul". When we love others our burdens will be light and how we treat them will be easy - including and especially keeping the commandments and I would add even the choice to suffer and sacrifice one's life for others. The Traveler
  10. Traveler

    War in the Middle East

    Just wondering - are the events in the Middle East bringing the world closer to war? As I understand the escalation of conflict on the Islamic side comes primarily from Hamas which is funded (ideologically and economically) by Iran - which should indicate elements of political influence within our own government and political society. In short it is an Iranian proxy war - beginning in Israel with some indications from demonstrations to have influence on our government as an ally of Israel . It would appear that our country's new administration is being tested or believed to be weak by the leaders in Iran. I do not know how we can have an intelligent discussion about anything associated with the Middle East without realizing political differences in the USA. Maybe all this is according to prophesy and a sign and wonder specific to the Last-days. Any suggestion of what will become of this? The Traveler
  11. Traveler

    No more taxes for $400k and under

    Before I begin - I would explain how the term "loophole" came about. During Medieval times castles were built and designed as fortifications against invasions. Mostly we now see the main entrance to the castle as a drawbridge over a mote with iron bars that can be lowered at the entrance. But there was a common practice that has been somewhat forgotten. Many castles has an entrance that ran parallel to the castle walls. This gave the defenders a line where they could defend the castle. The main entrance opened up with a 90 degree turn to the left into a courtyard. This 90 degree turn to the left was called the loophole. It was built and designed to open up and become wider from the initial point on entry to the final opening to the courtyard. This design gave advantage to the defenders of the castle because most fighters were right handed. So the attackers would have there weapon to a far side and the defenders would have their weapon to their near side of the battle. In addition the design allowed the defenders to bring more defenders than attackers to the point of the battle. So a loophole is, in essence, a design that allows an advantage to those for which, by design, certain individuals or groups are purposefully given an advantage. It is my personal opinion that since taxes were invented - so have loopholes against the taxes. I would make another distinction concerning taxes and place them into three categories: The first are what I call direct upfront taxes. There are the taxes that everyone sees like income taxes and sales taxes. The second category are indirect or hidden taxes. Mostly this comes in the form of business and corporate taxes. It is estimated when a consumer purchases a product that for ever dollar they spend - 2 cents goes from raw product - 12 cents for value added costs. This leaves about 86 cents that is divided on average of 43 cents for advertisement and middle man expenses and 43 cents for hidden corporate and business taxes. I would point out two things about "hidden" taxes. Without question they are the most repressive taxes ever invented - which means that they have the greatest economic effect on those less able to pay. I personally believe these to be the most evil and corrupt taxes and an indication of secret combinations at work within a government. The second point about hidden taxes is that they are usually the primary means of actual tax dollars that finance the government. The third class of taxes is what I call phantom taxes. these are the costs applied to citizens because of government actions. Examples of this taxation are government deficit spending that is currently approaching 30 trillion dollars. Other examples are property damage caused by demonstrations (or riots - whichever term suits the reader best), illegal immigration, public education failures and other supposed government mistakes. Sadly the worse part of corruption in governments is the ever increasing costs of inefficiencies. A point I would make about taxes (in the USA) is that no program in our government can exist without taxing the middle class. I realize there is a lot of political rhetoric that many citizens blinded by political bias believe that taxes can be extracted in large enough quantity by other economic classes. All that I can say is that such ignorance, if allowed to continue, will end individual liberties and freedoms. Be assured - any tax that does not specifically benefit the middle class will weaken or destroy our society. -- PERIOD -- Back to the concept of loopholes. It is my belief that those that do not take advantages of tax loopholes are directly or indirectly contributing to corruption in our government. Those of us that do are also contributing to corruption within our government. My hope in our government at this point of my life is that upcoming generations will be smarter than mine but it seems that I am greatly mistaken. I see no hope in the current evolution of either of our primary political parties. Lastly - I hope my post does not violate anyone's understanding of forum rules for which I have not intent. The Traveler
  12. Traveler

    Commercial Racism

    Take a wild guess. Who has been randomly attacking Asians in every report we've heard of in the past month? And the other lady at the membership desk was the same. I have witnessed that Hollywood and most media outlets would have the world think that the prejudice in the USA against Asians is primarily from White Supremist. I would be interested if there has been any violence by any white supremist group recorded against any Asian in the last 20 years in the USA. The question that I have is why is the truth (if such is the case) is being distorted? How can anyone benefit? Especially those of any particular race that disapprove of a certain race - why not admit such publicly and own up to their opinion? But worse yet - why divert and blame someone else? I am well aware that perhaps the worst prejudice of modern history was presented to the world by the White Supremist of the Nazi movement - but I would remind the world that the Nazi's were close allies with Japan in WWII. I am beginning to think this era (or generation) of history in the USA will be recorded in history - not as a WOKE era of enlightenment but an era of stupidity and ignorance. For the record - having traveled in my work to a number of Asian countries - I personally find Asians to be one of the world's kindest and accommodating places on earth. I do realize and experienced some racial situations but I found in general that Asians as a culture treat others with respect and kindness - even when they do not like them. I am sorry for your experience with the dark side of our culture. The Traveler
  13. Traveler

    mass shootings

    When it comes to mass shooting - I wonder how unique every case may be and if it is possible that a cocktail of drugs thought to be "safe" can produce unsafe results. In particular I wonder if cannabis or some other drug used with safe drugs plays a role. Without releasing data for research - we will never know. But in the meantime I would suggest anyone on a prescribed regiment, avoid any and all recreational experimentation with whatever drug that might be available in today markets. The Traveler
  14. Traveler

    mass shootings

    The problem is that there are well over 500 chemical compounds found in mj. Some are labeled as phytocannabinoids and are known to be psychoactive. Not all the compounds are created equal and if you talk to an expert, such compounds can have various effects in different hosts - in addition the effects can be modified if used in connection to other drugs. I have not seen any research data on mj in association with other drugs. This is a good indication that the effect can vary greatly with lots of possible "bad" effects. To answer your question about encourage or foster. I would point out that our society has dismissed all morality such that the only remaining definition of "wrong" is something that is not only just illegal but heavily prosecuted. There are so many variations with 500+ chemical compounds in correspondence with possible mixtures of both illegal and legal drugs it is impossible to know of specific deadly combinations. I am suggesting that HIPPA regulations be lifted in all cases of mass shooting to see if there are any possible correlations to specific drugs and their combinations. I am most concerned with mj because it is presented as a "harmless" drug that really does not hurt anyone - much safer than alcohol (for example). I am suggesting that we really do not know such to be accurate. I agree that it can be likely that mj plays little or no role - but I am suggesting that until we know what we do not know how can the FDA sanction legal use any of a psychoactive drug for recreational use? The Traveler
  15. Traveler

    mass shootings

    I worked with an engineer some years ago. He had been a virtual chain marijuana user. I watch him detartrate over several years. I believe he may have used other drugs as well though he was adamant that it was only marijuana. I watched him become paranoid and unable to function. Though he was not violent (while I knew him) we was very fearful that the world was going to end and he would be killed. I was sure he lost connection to reality when he tried to convince me he could fly. The last I heard from him was after he had disappeared for several months (not showing up to work among other things). He called me from Hawaii where he was living as homeless and asked me to get his car before those trying to kill him got it. I honestly do not know that mj is the cause but at the same time I believe that in leu of all factors; paranoia can be a factor in violence - especially if the person takes themselves out willingly. But we will never know because HIPPA will not allow the release of medical (including psychological) conditions - even when gross crimes like mass shootings take place. But I do find it interesting that Colorado (that legally fosters mj) has more problems that most other places. What I am suggesting is that there is a possibility that there is something more critical than access to fire arms that may be at play - I would like access to the data - I especially believe such data should not be excluded in a court of law - beyond under the influence - we should know the history of use. Not just of mj but the full scope and history of both prescription and recreational drugs at play. The Traveler