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  1. It is my impression that we are in the last-days. We do not have to guess as much as we need to be aware of the warnings of prophets. When I was young, strange encounters were just a LG thing. I developed a theory that the primary (only) cause of homosexuality was masturbation. Like Jacob in the Book of Mormon – because of the tenderness of the Latter-day Saints I do not intend to discuss these problems in detail. Only to caution the tendency of the “natural man” for pleasure. I believe the problems today to have advanced to be products of masturbation mixed with pornography. My theory is that the more individuals learn to pleasure themselves, the less they will have to deal with the hassle of other’s personalities and quirks. The more selfish individuals become the more dealing with others is a hassle, and the more dealing with others is a hassle, the more individuals are susceptible to violence. The result is that LGBTQ+ will inevitably turn violently on itself – especially for those that find violence as a outlet for pleasure. Thus, I believe societies with tendencies towards LGBTQ+ or support of LGBTQ+ will inevitably violently destroy themselves. What concerns me the most about such violent self-destruction is that innocent children will suffer first and the most. As I understand the closing events of the Last-days – that the societies of man will be divided into two groups. One is symbolically represented by Zion and the other symbolically represented by Babylon. I had thought that the war between good and evil would take place between these two possibilities. I currently think that there will be war everywhere. But only in Zion will anyone find peace with one another while they yet must deal with those that hate Zion. The Traveler
  2. I believe I agree with @Jersey Boy and @Carborendum . It is not the resurrection itself for which anyone would be disappointed (since we all shouted for joy over the announcement of the Plan of Salvation or Plan of Happiness). It is the part of the resurrection where we present ourselves and the exercise of our agency before G-d to conclude our part in G-d’s plan. As I understand, the resurrection and our judgement are one in the same in that we are resurrected to our glory that resulted from that judgement. The Traveler
  3. It was suggested by a Russian scientist that we can determine the advancement (intelligence) of a civilization (galactic species?) by its ability to utilize resources (technology). For example, the ability to communicate via text (outside of presents) demonstrates a certain level of intelligence. There are many intelligent species on this earth (for example slime mold) but none with the technological advancement to communicate via written text. My observation is that for all that we have discovered in this universe – there is nothing to prove intelligent life beyond our own. I would add the religious assumption that our life is tightly linked to G-d in that we are made in the Image of G-d – male and female. If someone is wondering if they should be insulted by any of this thinking – My only response is how such a person compares themselves (and their use of technology) to other lifeforms they encounter (with the emphasis on extraterrestrial life forms). If they do not know of any other extraterrestrial life forms, then the discussion is mute. As a side note – I would define stupid, not as the opposite of intelligence but rather the inclination to ignore whatever intelligence one has achieved and deliberately select the unintelligent possibility. I believe the only occurrence that I have experienced concerning this is with individuals within my own species. I would not include anyone on this forum in such a category. I would be very shocked to learn that anyone on this forum would so classify themselves. The Traveler
  4. @Jamie123 does have a point. There seems to be so much conflicting information lately that our models of the universe are having problems. One very important premise is that the universe is isotropic. Well, it is, and it isn’t – sort of. In effort to resolve discrepancies it has been determined that about 95% of our universe is made up of Dark Energy and Dark Matter. It appears that this dark stuff is not consistent. I find it quite interesting that a theory gaining traction is that the universe itself is kind of a living thing with intelligence. It is my perception that when the Messiah returns that the knowledge of the universe will be opened up and made known – like the opening of a scroll or book. That the inconsistencies of our evolving understanding will be resolved. I believe what is currently being manifested and the acceleration of our knowledge of things is a sign of the times. I would add that it is quite astonishing to me that with all that we are learning and the information available – that the most simple observable things about humanity that we have easy access to everyday and that has been known for millennia (such as reproduction and sustainability of our species) is being needlessly confused with stuff that is utter nonsense. And the excuse is that we should not hurt the feelings of those being the most confused. It is rather interesting to me what we are willing to sacrifice on the alters of the g-ds we worship. The Traveler
  5. That would depend on how you see yourself in comparison to other species here on earth. The Traveler
  6. We have information from Voyager 1 and 2. Here is a fun link to NASA (note that the Cosmic ray detection system is still operating.) The Traveler
  7. Books are an interesting and valuable commodity. I would say that of all my material possessions, I covet them the most. However, I am not sealed to any of my books and I have no plan to take them with me when I finish my travels and return home. The Traveler
  8. Live here on earth is very abundant. So abundant that perhaps our understanding of life in this universe is skewed beyond realistic possibilities. The Drake Equation would indicate that intelligent life is so abundant that we should have discovered intelligent life already. Currently, it is roughly believed that life will exist anywhere it is possible. This is how things seem to pile up here on earth. I am of a different thought – Earth is extremely rare, perhaps even a statistical improbability. There are 4 planets in our solar system that could harbor life in the Goldilocks zone from the sun – that is according to the theories we have concerning life. But life as we know it only exists on our earth. But even on earth life is not easy. Every organism must struggle unceasingly for survival. Over 99% of the species of life that have evolved on earth are now extinct. Intelligent life is even rarer. As an intelligent species we have barely evolved literacy and yet it is widely circulated and believed that our intelligent species on earth will likely destroy itself (and perhaps lots of other life) within the next 15 years. The point here is that even on this planet life as we know it is very fragile. But there is even more. Earth is unusually oriented for life as we know it. It is relatively abundant in heavy elements beginning with carbon all the way through plutonium. These elements are only created (as far as we know) when a star goes supernova. Because of the half life of very heavy elements, we know that the earth could not have been created here in our solar system. The best explanation is that the earth was created somewhere closer to the interior of the Milky Way Galaxy and then very quickly flung out to be captured by our sun. But that is somewhat of a stretch because of the near circular orbit of the earth around the sun. Recent discoveries point to more uncertainties for life. Our sun gives off powerful solar winds. There is not a clear indication of how our earth was set up with a magnetic sphere protecting the earth from the sun’s powerful solar winds. Never-the-less the solar winds are necessary for life to exist even though it is because of the solar winds that the other planets in the Goldilocks zone have lost their atmosphere and the water they were created with. But beyond the reaches of our solar system, beyond the Oort cloud and the Kuiper belt and into deep space there is deadly cosmic (gamma) radiation. In addition, our solar system is traveling at a high rate of speed into this cosmos. At the outer edge of our solar system that is a war going on with that cosmos and the solar winds are our front-line soldiers keeping the gamma rays from destroying the DNA of every living thing on earth. It does not look like the Drake Equation takes all that is necessary into account. If there is intelligent life anywhere else in our universe – statistically it will not be anything like life here on earth. There is no way for life as we know it to evolve anywhere else – the universe is far to hostel. Both for any possible generation of life as well as the evolution of such life. Thus, the technology of any such intelligent life will be indistinguishable from magic or divine miracles. If we are to continue to survive and evolve we are completely dependent of the intelligence that engineered this extremely slim probable opportunity. Hopefully such intelligence is a merciful G-d because if it is not then we are doomed along with all our hope and potential. The Traveler
  9. There has never been a Palestinian State. The Middle East has always been multicultural. One would think that those trying to live there would figure out how to get along with other cultures. Having visited Israel – I was amazed with how many religions are tied to the area. The only place I discovered would not allow an established secondary religious worship facility was anywhere under Palestinian authority. I have also visited Vatican City and I experienced that no one enters that city without permission and crossing a check point – It is was not easier than passing check points in Isarel. The Traveler
  10. Once, while I was visiting a Mexican family, I was served a tostada for dinner with a fired egg (over easy) on top. I loved it. However, my wife has this thing with fried eggs (especially over easy) and will not allow it in our home, when she is home. So, I only get this treat when I am home alone. The Traveler
  11. Recently in the news two Illegals from Jordon attempted to get on a military base in Virginia. There are several things that bother me about this news story. First – as I understand the release was a bit of a mistake because a local reporter got the story out. It was not discovered by national news outlets or released by our government. Because the illegals involved had no weapons or means to threaten anyone on the base – we are being told that there is nothing to be concerned about. I do not believe this for a second. When I was in the army, the enlisted stationed at the bases withing country were not allowed to have weapons except for designated training or assignments (like the rifle range training or qualification). This means that other than MP's – no one is armed. None MP gate guards are not armed. This is different than what takes place in a war time theater zone. It is my impression that our current presidential leadership (president being directly over the military) is somewhat asleep at the wheel. What I believe is taking place is intelligence gathering to determine protocols at military entry gates for possible intrusions. Granted it has been a while since I was in the military and back then the concentration was combat centered rather the DEI. I was trained that gathered intelligence has a short shelf life. Thus, the primary reason to gather intelligence is most likely for an eminent plan of action. I am pondering that the security of the average citizen of this nation is currently at greater risk than ever before in our nation’s history. It may be possible that correcting the threat we are now experiencing will be problematic if corrective actions are not taken before our next election. All because we are too politically divided and the politics, especially of one particular party, seems to be supportive of insurgent elements imbedded in our society – from our borders to our educational institutions. The Traveler
  12. I am not a qualified respondent to this question. I tried to follow this stuff for a while, but the problem is (as near as I understand) that we do not have functioning quantum hardware yet. That such efforts are not done with quantum tech but with common tech, super computers running in virtual mode. What I have gathered about the hardware is that there are problems with quantum entanglement yet to be solved. I do not know where things stand currently but the last I read was that in theory the concepts are promising but we are not there yet. What advancements that are taking place are limited and thus very niche orientated. As to Moore’s Law in general – who knows where that will go next. Microchips (wafers) are not dependent on single wired transistors as they were once understood – by definition a single transistor has a on or off charge flow which is the basis of current binary computer hardware. Currently chips are a little more complex – I am not so sure I understand the basic wafer reticle circuit representation anymore (I have been professionally out of the loop for about 5 years – more than that for these specifics). I think we still have a way to go before we reach the dead end with what we can put on a wafer. But there is a caveat. If we ever get a super massive solar flair pointed at our little planet – we will not have any chip hardware left working (with some specific exceptions). And it will take a while to replace everything all at once because silicon fabs, themselves, rely heavily on microchips for microchip fabrication. We know how we got here so it is a question of finding a place where we can start over. The Traveler
  13. I do not know if I would like the book or not. Perhaps I should purchase and use it first. Often, I do not like pre-marked text like this because it may preset my impressions of interlacing Chiasms. I had several copies of scriptures in my library. But my wife thinks I am somewhat of a hoarder, and she does not understand why I want several copies of the same thing. Years ago, she purged about half my library. The problem was that it was years before I realized things were missing. Living without the books did not seem to change much of anything. Thus, I decided that the lost books were not really that important. The Traveler
  14. You and I are somewhat similar. For me, everything has to be logical, or I cannot relate. Math and physics are logical. When reading, I look at a sentence or paragraph and pull out the logic. Often when I am reading aloud, I will leave words out or change some words. This seems to upset lots of people that are about phonics. I skip over lots of stuff, especially in novels when the author likes to write in misdirection. I have given up on Stephen King because all he does is misdirection. What I do not relate to – I ask questions. In college I would pre-read the chapter then ask questions in class to resolve what I did not understand. My goal was to complete the homework during class. I admit to being somewhat of a troublemaker – especially for professors that wrote the textbook and forced all the students to purchase their own copy and would update the additions to prevent purchasing used textbooks. When I found errors in our current lesson, I would ask the professor to explain the step with the error to see how quickly they could figure out there was a problem. Just like good teachers challenge the best students – I believed that good students challenge the best teachers. I learn the best when I am able to ask lots of questions. I used to think everybody was like me or should be. What I have learned is that I am the odd one that is different and that I am the one most likely to cause the communication difficulty. What I have learned is that the best teams have different types – each doing what they do best. I believe I could work very well with you. You seem to be very good at things that I am not so good at. The Traveler Insulting to who? Teachers or engineers? The Traveler
  15. Not sure I understand this. Growing up math and physics were the only things in school that I was good at doing. I did have one class in college (math) that I would never have learned (passed) without my professor. I think, for me, being an apprentice for a profession would have been far more efficient. I have always thought of a college degree as a piece of paper that would guarantee that I could learn and do whatever my profession required – that in reality – stuff I could have done without going to college. I would be interested – what about college; made such a big difference for you? The Traveler