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  1. Traveler

    The Purpose of Life: To Learn to Love

    I once calculated that the universe has existed for about 13 billion years. This means that as spirits we have been around for a long time. If we look at just the time since the universe was created and think of a foot being like 1,000 years then we have been in existence for about the distance from Salt Lake City to Los Angles California. The 70 years you are talking about would be about (not quite) one and a half inches. So if you are on a journey from Salt Lake City, Utah to LA - what would possibly change your arrival in the last inch and a half of your journey? I would also point out that there are millions of soles that die as infants before accountability or any possibility of even being exposed to the love of which you are speaking. It is my understanding that the experience of death is the experience of evil and to experience the Atonement is the experience of good - both of which are spoken of in scripture as the purpose of morality. I agree than only those that have the Love of Christ (charity) will obtain the Celestial Kingdom. Also keep in mind that the plan of salvation is for all G-d's children that accepted that plan in the pre-existence - not all of G-d's children that become mortal will be Celestial. That such things can only be completed by faithfulness in the pre-existence, in mortality and in the spirit world after this life. Our learning of love extends beyond this life but no one - not a single sole will have any opportunity to perfect the love of Christ that does not experience morality - which all (without any exceptions) will obtain a body and experience the good from the evil. The Traveler
  2. Traveler

    Bering Straight Migration

    Many years ago I had a discussion (argument) with a minister of a particular Christian sect concerning DNA research and that such science disproves the Book of Mormon. The question my accuser refused to answer was why he insisted on exclusively using only those elements of science that disproves the Bible as criticism of the Book of Mormon? The Traveler
  3. Traveler

    The Purpose of Life: To Learn to Love

    I think @romans8 has a point. Love is the first learned trait of a being of light and intelligence - which is obtainable as a spirit in the pre-existence (examples Jesus, the Son) and the Holy Ghost). This leaves the primary focus of mortal life to obtain a physical body and to learn by experience the good from the evil. Those that did not properly learn (discipline) the first lesson of love in the pre-existence were unable to have (excluded from) a mortal experience. The Traveler
  4. Traveler

    "For I gave them to another"

    I have pondered why in scripture when two brothers have contended for the birthright from their father that it always went to the younger (second); never the oldest "first" born? The Traveler
  5. Traveler

    Homecoming -- Not Homecoming -- Talk

    I think it would be interesting to record a mission farewell talk and their homecoming talk and then to listen to both the second following the first just to experience the difference. The Traveler
  6. Traveler

    Secret Combinations

    Is there any students of the Book of Mormon that doubts the proclivity of evidence of politicians that are connected to and protecting the activities of "Secret Combinations? The Traveler
  7. Traveler

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    I am still not sure how this works. As I understand HIPPA was created during what was called the AIDS pandemic to prevent discrimination against anyone with AIDS. The other thing I do not understand is why there is discrimination against anyone with natural immunity to COVID-19 that does not want the risk of taking the shot(s). As I understand such are no more risk than someone fully treated for COVID-19. What kind of science would back forced treatment for anyone with immunity??? I am yet to see any such official statement from either the CDC or Mr. Fauci (that seems to know a lot more about the studies of the COVID-19 virous than he is willing to openly admit). The Traveler
  8. Traveler

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    I posted the following earlier: Okay I looked up the HIPPA Rules and found the following: Then a few paragraphs below I found the following: In other words HIPPA Rules do include disclosure of immunization records to schools. You appear to be correct - every school in the country has broken the law. I am somewhat surprised that no one has figured this out yet. Note that businesses cannot access personal records for employment and I think the airlines have a problem as well. HIPPA was initially passed to protect those that had the AID virus - which BTW was at the time listed as a pandemic. It looks like when the law was made that there was not a lot of foresight. The Traveler
  9. Traveler

    CRT - Why this guy is right and wrong

    I have been pondering this subject for some time. First let me clarify that in no way do I support Critical Race Theory. I believe even a 10 year old with an IQ above room temperature would realize that even the arguments for CRT are so badly thought out that such thinking defeats itself and proves the theory false. Of course every adult has a responsibility and obligation to protect little children. I remained convinced that the best (only effective) way to protect anyone from false and dark claims is with truth. I am of the opinion that home schooling children as the cure to CRT is like trying to plug one critical hole in a dam with 20 critical holes, cracks and other issues. I do not think such will be effective for solving the current or the coming problems - not even close. Let me turn to a story in the Book of Mormon. We have all read about the "Stripling Warriors". I think we underestimate children armed with truth and divine virtue. According to my calculations the stripling warriors were deacon age. Think of sending the deacons in your ward into a battle against trained, aged and experienced counterparts!!! I dare say that few would even consider facing such a foe themselves. I find it interesting that the success of the stripling warriors was not from what they learned from their fathers - but rather from their mothers. I have often pondered why under such circumstance such a comment was made. I grew up in the 50's and 60's. Pornography was not easy to come by in my youth - but I was aware of it as much as my parents attempted to isolate it from me. When it did show up it was because some kid found it hidden in his father's stash of such stuff. Today such stuff comes much easier to children. I honestly do not believe you can raise a child to the age of 18 without exposure to pornography - or worse things. Currently there are children that are seeking medical gender changing treatments by age 9. I do not think this is coming only through public schools. I believe that the most successful way to teach anyone anything is through mentoring. I believe the most effective mentoring a parent can provide for their children to protect them against critical race theory (or whatever else is coming next) is to include them in their compassionate service of others. The Traveler
  10. Traveler

    CRT - Why this guy is right and wrong

    I do not disagree. But if you will I have a questions about your statement, "I do not tolerate filthy language"? This has always been an issue for me - especially when I was young and in the army - I objected to filthy language. You can imagine how that went. But now that I am a grand parent how do I deal with filthy language with my grandchildren (some are young and unaccountable) when their parents approve of it? The Traveler
  11. I admit complete ignorance to Catholic traditions which are very confusing and illogical to me. As near as I can tell, neither Jesus, while he was alive nor during the lives of any of his apostles; during their era ever conversed in Latin except to the Romans (Gentiles). The pure tradition of G-d communicating to man for thousands of years was in Hebrew; not Latin???????? And in our time we have discovered that the Latin versions of scriptures (contrary to traditions arising in the Dark Ages) are not the most accurate text - even by the admission of the most prominent Catholic scholars. The Traveler
  12. Traveler

    CRT - Why this guy is right and wrong

    Perhaps you are correct - I am not trying so much to argue a point as I am attempting to understand how you have arrived at your conclusions. Especially what you have considered and are willing to consider and most important of all - why? My questions are pointed such that I can gain insight into your thinking process. In this case - I struggle with principles of agency and am curious how others deal with things I have not completely resolved. I wonder how to deal with others teaching children (especially my own - including grandchildren whose parents have gone astray) principles that are contrary to what I understand and believe. Do my questions upset you? If they do I apologize - it was not my intent. The Traveler
  13. Traveler

    CRT - Why this guy is right and wrong

    I am attempting to be clear - As I understand; Satan's primary plan was to take away our agency. G-d's plan was to grant us agency. It appears to me that making a choice for others is Satan's plan. Sometime I am not sure exactly how to know when we infringe on the agency of others. If it is clear to you - I would appreciate the clarification. I have my own view of things - but I wonder if in trying to put a point a cross or question something unclear to me becomes an affront to someone else's agency. I am of the impression that if our children are "forced" to learn any subject - is it not the force that is contrary to agency? How do we teach small children any principle (good or evil) without infringing on their agency? I think the answer is - at least in part - in D&C 121. As parents we are accountable before G-d for our mistakes in teaching our children. Perhaps our greatest mistake is not so much a mistake as it is a willingness to consider what our mistakes may be? The Traveler
  14. Traveler

    Stopping Gun Violence

    You do realize that if you hold to such an opinion that the current political climate will label you as a racist? But I will not! I was reading an article about most dangerous species to humans. The #1 most dangerous predator species, by far, that threatens the human species is the human species itself. According to @NeedleinAit appears that the most likely human to end someone's life is that someone themselves? The Traveler
  15. Traveler

    CRT - Why this guy is right and wrong

    Can you give me any examples in history where teachers did not inject (to some degree) any of their personal values? I strongly believe that if you can find such a system's control over teachers that such a system would be much worse the our currently flawed system. I am more concerned over options available than I am that any particular option is flawed. I will admit that as a student - for most of my educational life - I loved to try to ask questions that would embarrass of frustrate my teachers. The carried over into college - especially with professors that required specific text books - I loved to find flaws or contradictions in the text and ask why the professors wrote or supported such flaws? If they protected such flaws - I sought out other professors. What is taught in other countries, states, communities or homes - I believe is the right or problem of such communities and homes. If someone has a teacher for their child that problematic for them - then as long as there are legal options - let them follow such options of their choice. If their country does not have such options then I believe that the 12th Article of Faith is the best course for the Saints of G-d. The Traveler