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  1. @Carborendum Gene therapy is a medical field which focuses on the scientific (artificial) genetic modification of cells to produce a therapeutic effect or the treatment of disease. It cannot be gene therapy, by definition, if it is a natural process of healthy humans. It is only gene therapy when it is artificially produced. The mRNA procedure produced as a lab experiment meets the criteria of gene therapy and because there is no part of a virus involved, by definition, it is not a vaccine. I realize that precise terms carry connotations that can affect public impressions – never the less it is political pandering and not truth and honesty (seems to me) that seems to be driving the narrative concerning COVID. I will respond to your previous post in more detail later. The Traveler
  2. It is my opinion that the primary reason G-d will step in and stop evil is to preserve innocent children from suffering abuse from adults. The Book of Enoch said that the reason for the flood was for two reasons. First - that children were conceived for corrupt purposes and second that the order of marriage was changed. If we apply this to a specific city – I guess we could ask if there were at least 10 people that would not abuse children for their own desire and pleasure and allow (respect) marriage according to G-d’s law (between a man and a woman). The Traveler
  3. Most people have an idea what was going on in Sodom – just by its name but according to Hugh Nibley Gomorrah was up to something quite different. They wanted to tax and charge all people in their city for using things that G-d provided – like rain, sunshine and stuff that grew wild or came from the wilderness. A number of years ago Utah had a surplus of monies and sought suggestions. I wrote my suggestion that perhaps the state should repeal either the flood or drought tax. The Traveler
  4. It was explained to me that a vaccine employs the method of introducing a weakened version of the virus to assist the immune system in “learning” how to disable a virus without the risk of a introducing a capable virus. Gene therapy is a method of genetically alternating the host to reproduce the message RNA that is created in a host that was immune to the virus. Though I am not an expert concerning how a virus operates – but it is obvious to me that the gene therapy method skips the natural immune system step of T-cell involvement that then triggers cells to “broadcast” the needed mRNA proteins. What little I understand of the immune system it seems logical that the “vaccine” method of involving T-cells is more likely to be effective against variants. And that the gene therapy method would produce the exact same mRNA for all variants. It also seems to me that for a virus that kills by cytokine storm, that the more mRNA variations of proteins that are produced to combat each new versions of the vaccine makes the host more vulnerable cytokine storm – but this is my own logic. I would like to see data from trials - but it is my understanding that the virus has not been around long enough - but if someone wants to test this on themselves - I do not think it is up to me prevent such expermentation. The Traveler
  5. I believe that there is another word for this "presents" - it is called charisma. I believe that there are two types - one is what I call the "show and tell". These are the great salesman that can sell ice to an eskimo in the dead of winter. The other type is the Clark Kent – superman type. You never know who they are until there is an event that no one else seems to handle and then they suddenly change; and surprise – they accomplish the task. I grew up with a father that was the second type – so I know it well. I will give one example. My brothers and I skied with our dad for years – until he retired and decided to take up skiing competitively racing. Within two years he was ranked 2nd in the nation for seniors over 65 and was the only ranked senior skier that was not a previous professional. The Traveler
  6. We should be very careful about what record profits represent. One of the largest costs of providing petroleum products is in research and development of new drilling sites. In essence 90% of research and development of new drilling sites have been shut down. The problem is – and most conservatives do not seem to understand this problem – that the most profitable drilling (which is a type and kind of mining) is associated with fracking. This equipment is expensive to operate and maintain but is being mothballed which is expensive but even worse much more expensive to un-mothball – plus the highly skilled workers needed to operate the equipment have moved on. Executives that I have talked to in the petroleum industry (both gasoline and natural gas) have told me that even with the so called record profits that to restore the petroleum industry to pre-mothball levels will use up all the profits and require additional subsidies. In addition, because of mothballing equipment and losing the skilled labor force that it would currently take 10 or more years to restore the industry. All this causes me to wonder what would happen if in the next couple of years we ended up in a war with Russia and/or China - how could we possibly even feed our own citizen population? The Traveler
  7. When there is a direct connection between those mandating the experimental gene therapy and those making money producing the experiment - that is not capitalism - it is cronyism at a foundation of a corrupt government. It is akin (the same kind of thing) to government mandated religion. For a better explanation I recommend the book “Capitalism and Freedom” by the world acclaimed and Nobel prize winning economist, Milton Friedman. The Traveler
  8. For one thing the polio vaccine was never made political, there was no evidence that it was man made, was fully transparent to criticism, completed all the trials before being open to the public, was never released to the public as an experiment, there was no known reliable cure and despite all the danger of polio it was never mandated. To my knowledge – no one who had contracted polio and recovered was called a murder if they refused the vaccine. And lastly the eventer was not made a billionaire for his efforts. The Traveler
  9. Thanks for your response. I do not see or understand why someone that is not at risk should be vaxxed (especially forced to have experimental gene therapy by mandate). I can understand why certain vaccines ought to be required because of society risk. For example, the polio vaccine was required for children but not for adults because healthy adults were not at risk. This vaccine requirement for children ended polio until illegal immigration of children has once again created risk of polio for children in the USA. Like you I am somewhat concerned with the spread of misinformation (lies) – such as - that the gene therapy is a cure for COVID once someone is infected. Or that T-cell immunity against COVID is not as good as the experminental gene therapy and that therefore experimental gene therapy must be required for everyone. The Traveler
  10. I am of the mind that we have created a generation in the USA that is anti-work and believes that it is wrong and unethical to work. I suggest that this is a byproduct of Child Labor Laws that have gone way too far thinking to protect children. As a result, children have nothing else to do and nothing to accomplish in their life beyond video games and internet influencing. Many think it is draconian and cruel to prohibit students in K-12 from using their personal devices while attending school classes. I suggest that children as young as 8 are capable of doing work – not the work of an adult but work and learning to work. Children are permitted to work in the entertainment industry – why not allow limited work with responsible adult supervision? I realize that I am an old guy from a very different time – but my first paying job (not home chorus) was when I was 8 years old. I was expected to purchase my close and help pay for vacations. As I got older, I delivered newspapers, pricked fruit and vegetables, sold door to door, did grunt work for construction and various industrial companies. I became a certified welder in high school (extracurricular) to support myself through college and also earned a scholarship. I have a student rental in Provo that caters to BYU students and I am amazed how many of them have never had a paying job in their entire life. They have gone on a mission with someone else paying and are going to college without having ever worked in their life – using grants and loans to pay for school. There are couples getting married and neither the husband nor wife have ever had a paying job. I think we should teach everyone that has a right to vote that work is desirable and noble. That not working is bad and unhelpful to everyone – both the individual and for society. The Traveler
  11. One of the problems is that proper terms are not being used. Technically the COVID shot is not a vaccine but rather gene mRNA therapy. The therapy is technically experimental. In an emergency of a global pandemic – I believe the gene mRNA therapy is genius but let’s be clear it is NOT a COVID cure once a person has COVID. Some people do not want to be experimented with (their body their choice – without affecting any other human body) and would rather wait for clinical trials to be completed and proven (including long term) – especially in light that the global pandemic seems to currently have diminishing effect. Perhaps this thread should be linked to the “Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)” thread in “Current Events”. The Traveler
  12. Just a note - from a 4-year seminary grad. In my youth it was possible to take 2 seminary classes one year in high school (in Utah). I thought Germany was where I should be called so I studied German and spoke it quite well. Two of my best friends served in Germany and years later I spoke better German than them. I was called to the North Wester States Mission (Washington, Oregon and Idaho). I had one transfer on my mission that it would have been a shorter trip to go home. The L-rd will place you where he wants you and you will be better for it. I would not have ended up in my life profession had I not served; not just in my mission but in the areas I was called and with the companions and other missionaries I served with. Back when I served (55 years ago) we memorized 6 decisions and 270 scriptures. My first companion was a native American that could not memorize and was unable to quote a single scripture or any part of any discussion. He was considered a poor missionary and somewhat of a failure – he only had a few months left of his mission. I entered the mission with all decisions and the 270 scriptures memorized. I had been in the army for 2 years (with a special release to serve a mission and an opportunity to attend West Point – which I turned down – I had other scholarship offers). This companion was one of the most spiritual individuals I have ever known and had a humbling impact on my life. Together we baptized many college students in Moscow Idaho and Pulman Washington. He could touch their hearts and I could touch their minds and we were perfect together. More than anyone else he help me recover from the military and mission when finished I went back to “civilization”. Thanks for posting and special thanks for being a convert and choosing to serve a mission. The Traveler
  13. A couple of notes - also for @SpiritDragon First for #3. Anciently Gog was a land much to the north of Israel that would be more in line with Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and only a very little part of southern Russia near eastern Ukraine. Magog was the king of Gog. If a single country is to be named, it is most likely Georgia. Obviously this is symbolic of something other than a current modern country. Second for #’s 6 & 7. There is a possibility that the city of Enoch and associated temple as well as Melchizedek and associated city of Salem and temple will all be restored – which could be the prophetic temple referenced as the Missouri Temple and Jerusalem Temple which could be brought back as they were taken which would negate the need to build and dedicate new temples. The Traveler
  14. There is a lot of water now under the bridge of the COVID pandemic and the so called vaccine. There has been an abundance of misinformation. I thought it may be a good time to review this topic. First – the technical term should not be vaccine but rather gene therapy. This is because mRNA (message RNA) is genetically created for the body to respond to the COVID virus. It is my understanding that mRNA is not in itself immunity. If this is accurate all the talk about the “vaccine” stopping the virus in its tracks – was false misinformation. This is why those having the “vaccine(s)” can still get the virus and pass the virus on to others. The initial theory of the “vaccine” (gene therapy) was to give the immune system (that had not been exposed to the virus) a head start. I believe that this concept is genius in slowing down both the spread of the virus and it effects. But there are (or should be) obvious problems. The first is that the “vaccine(s)” are not all that effective in those with natural immunity – especially those that contacted and defeated the virus and retain T-cell immunity. And second it is not a cure nor a solution for individuals that are at high risk for the virus but those with high risk can definently benefit – which is only about 10% of the population. Logic should indicate that a vaccine mandate would be both unnecessary and counterproductive – simply because the majority of society would not benefit from it. The second great problem of misinformation comes from our CDC not pursuing a cure that could be effective once someone became sick with COVID. Why would the CDC not pursue a cure? The answer is funding. The “vaccine(s) could only be pursued with government funding as long as there was a national emergency. If there is a (known) possible cure it would of necessity end the national emergency. This is where large amounts of money can corrupt both science and good judgment. One of the first things we learned about COVID is that it kills by what is (in technical terms) called a “cytokine storm”. When was the last time anyone heard the term cytokine storm even being mentioned in association to COVID? Now I will ask a question that the CDC is just starting to admit it initially answered incorrectly. The question is – what is the difference between dying of COVID and dying with COVID? There are a lot of problems with this because many people will die of complications only because they have the COVID virus but not from a cytokine storm. One way we can statistically deal with this question is to compare the total death rate before COVID with the death rate during COVID. Statistically things can get skewed because of lockdowns and other possibilities. Not because lockdown slow the virus but because lockdowns can diminish death by accident. But we do have data to consider. Now I would present another problem – previously I talked about emergency government funding being cut off for research if there was a cure for the virus. Early on president Trump contracted the virus before there was a vaccine and he touted that he was cured by hydroxychloroquine. If hydroxychloroquine was and effective cure – why would the medical community reject it? Especially our CDC? One possible reason is because hydroxychloroquine is cheap and all the research money would disappear overnight. Big pharma would lose its current biggest cash cow. I am not toting Fox News (because of their bias) but on the Tucker Carlson program dated Jan 26th he played a tape of a Pfizer executive bragging about how the company is using progressive evolution (orthogenesis) – which Dr. Fauchi insisted is not “gain of function” to accelerate the virus as a means of making lots more money. This is most troubling because our medical profession could be taking advantage of the virus to make more money and use a crisis (possibly a man made virus that the CDC and big pharma helped create) for their benefit. But I wanted to talk about hydroxychloroquine as a possible cure. Hydroxychloroquine is used for a couple of things. One of the things is treating exaggerated immune responses which is exactly what a cytokine storm is. For decades hydroxychloroquine has been used as a treatment for Lupus to treat overactive immune responses causing a form of arthritis. The CDC and the entire medical profession has declared hydroxychloroquine safe for treatment with minimal side effects. But the CDC and associated doctors say that hydroxychloroquine is actually dangerous and should not be used for COVID???? Is hydroxychloroquine dangerous are safe for exaggerated immune responses???? I suggest that the millions of those individuals being treated for Lupus with hydroxychloroquine could be used as a study to see how they faired in the COVID pandemic compared to the rest of society. I cannot find any study to indicate anything one way or the other. I wonder why this research has never been done? I am not a medical professional – I am not an expert. I am a scientist, and I am capable of research and asking questions. I would be most interested in knowing answers to my questions – especially from experts in the medical field. Thanks for reading this long post The Traveler
  15. One thing I have learned about religion is that ten devout religious individuals can read through all the scriptures available and become convinced in 10 vastly different dogmas (doctrines) are the one and only truth that must be observed to go to heaven and be with G-d. Obviously all or at least nine are incorrect and lying to themselves. At the last supper when Christ informed his beloved apostles that there was one among them that would betray him – what was the response. Not a single one thought it was Judas because he believe incorrect doctrine. Rather they all considered their own error. I am inclined to think G-d will not judge who qualifies for what. I believe in agency and that we will determine a kingdom of our own choice – that no one will be forced according to someone else’s desires, not even G-d’s. I believe this is precisely what the war in heaven was about – taking away agency and forcing acceptance upon everyone according to the whim of one or a few. I am convinced that no one will want to participate for eternity in a “glory” contrary to their liking. That the only ones ending up in whatever kingdom (or hell) are those that desired so. I have no problem with anyone that desires to be in heaven with G-d be so granted. I believe that all the talk about kingdoms, heaven, glories and such is to determine for ourselves where and what we desire to strive for. Not for figuring out (judging and condemning) others as we would decide to any degree where anyone else ought to be forced accept for themselves. The Traveler