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  1. I do not believe such a scripture exists (If I am wrong I would be most glad to learn otherwise). I do not think D&C 88:32 applies beyond a single individual. As far as a public celebration for anyone other than the Celestial Kingdom - I am skeptical of any celebration other than Satan and his followers - and I doubt that even they would celebrate except for those of whom they would have gained power over. If anything those that fail to make and keep covenants (loyal to G-d in every way) I see only regret - except the the individual exercising their agency. The Traveler
  2. Traveler


    I read this link (which states it is opinion and not legal president) and I am not sure it applies at all. I am not a legal expert but in my simple citizen trying to understand law; this particular case looks more to support states rights for opting out of federal vaccine mandates. As I understood the Supreme Court upheld that the states have the right to regulate in favor of any particular state (not federal) public health. In the case presented it was the State of Massachusetts. I also found this quote most interesting: Also this clearly states that the mandate is up the the legislature (not the courts or the executive branch) to create the mandate. In addition we know that the current vaccine does not prevent COVID or that it is the " BEST" means of protecting public health - especially since the virus has mitigated risk based on health threats that already exist in the public. Again I am just a citizen asking questions that I believe should be answered before any government agency (especially federal agency) assumes power to act with compulsions against citizens. The Traveler
  3. It is my understanding that Senator Harry Reid is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in "Good" standing. The Traveler
  4. Traveler

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    Unless government funding is involved. The Traveler
  5. Traveler


    Is any one else confused over the response to government mandates issued by the Supreme Court??? First I would point out that the decisions were not slam dunks of agreement of constitutional law. Also the decisions were directly aligned with government funding. In essence we are told that the government can mandate anything when federal funding in involved. Perhaps someone like @Just_A_Guy can explain this funding trumps citizen rights and freedom. We do not have a health care system entirely funded by the Government and yet the government is able to mandate behavior for private individuals that do not receive government funding just because the government has a potation of health care funding. Is anyone else concerned? The Traveler
  6. Traveler

    7%. Oy.

    I felt to respond - because I am a little confused how anyone can love either of our political parties. But I would like to point out why Sanders became rich. Running for political office is a great way to become rich - but running for president is much better way to invest. When someone buys broadcast time for advertising (including political advertising) the usual 20% of the advertising purchase goes to the broker that represented the advertising sell. So if a politician purchases 20 million in advertising - the broker takes home 4 million. Sanders set his wife up as his media advertising broker (something most running for political office do - including republicans). The first time Sanders ran for president he spent close to 80 million in media advertising. This is the reason his house hold suddenly became quite rich and could afford multiple expensive homes (needed for a tax break). This is why someone like Sanders - who has no chance of ever being elected is so willing to run for president. This is why and how career politicians are bought and sold by campaign donations. It is also why such politicians release their tax filings for themselves and not for who ever is their media advertising broker. This is all why I suspect that rich politicians (many which are Dem. and Rep.) support polities that coincide with the interests of drug cartels rather than any US citizens not involved in the illegal drugs (and other such industries - including sex trafficking - which is really another name for human salve trading) . But the OP of this thread is about inflation. I am not an economist but I follow Milton Freeman (a 1976 recipient of the Nobel prize in economics) He clearly taught that inflation comes from a number of governmental efforts - which included money supply, government spending and below market value interest. He also said that inflation has a 2 year delay cycle. This means that Biden has very little to do with current inflation. Rather it is the government reaction to COVID under the Trump administration. The problem is that Biden is doing every thing wrong in dealing with inflation. We have another at least another year before we will feel the effect of what Biden and the Democrats unleased as economic policy last year. I am thinking that they are banking on the mid-term election before the next round of inflation hits. I am thinking this is a gross oversite and that we will experience economic woes beyond anything this country has seen in the past. I can go into great deal why I think so - but the summarize it is because I worked in automation and robotics in manufacturing and I am well schooled in supply chain problems and their effect on the economy. There are no supply reservoirs. I do not see any recovery possible or anyone taking steps that will correct supply chain problems. It is not so much that I think I know so much - because we have never been in such a position that I can see anywhere in history. Maybe something magic will happen - but I do not believe in magic. One possibility is that we will learn to live without things that are so common until now. But I do not see families trying to live with one car and one phone - let alone a year without sugar or some other food commodes. We expect fresh fruit and vegies regardless of the season. I suspect that when we get to the spirit world we will have some very interesting stories to tell concerning the times and season we will soon be seeing. It will likely seem like the last-days are actually upon us - or so it will seem. Maybe? The Traveler
  7. Traveler

    The unclean

    It is good to hear from you - Hope all is well with you and your family. I believe the particular OP and question deals with those that fail to make and keep covenants with G-d. In our current state we are cast out of G-d presents. That is the meaning of the fall. We are not in outer darkness but we are subject to the powers and darkness of Satan. I believe this exposure allows us to exercise "Agency" of light or darkness. This is a time of probation where we learn before we stand before G-d to declare our Agency. The Traveler
  8. Traveler

    The unclean

    There are a few things and not just one symbolism we are dealing with concerning the Ark of the Covenant and the "Mercy Seat" or as often thought in modern times - the "FINAL" judgment of G-d. I think the first symbol reference anciently compared to modern times is the emphasis anciently in the primary element of last judgment of G-d is mercy. It seems to me that the primary element thought of in modern religions is condemnation and not mercy. I am impressed that the scriptures on this matter are speaking to us about us rather than speaking to us about others. The Ark of the Covenant (to me) is about G-d and his COVENANT and not about our "personal" relationship with G-d - that is unless our personal relationship with G-d is completely defined by keeping G-d's covenant. It is my understanding that the mercy seat is symbolic of G-d at his throne. So as we envision the mercy seat and the cherubim we are to imagine ourselves standing before G-d at the final judgment of G-d. @prisonchaplain made a brief reference above. But here we stand having completed what the scriptures call the days of our probation. I see this much like our current courts of Law. The judge is before us. On his (not ours) right hand is our Cherub advocate. On the left hand of the judge is our accuser. Note that a title of Christ is the advocate and one of the classic titles of Satan is the accuser. These things are symbolic of the mercy seat in relationship to how G-d sits before us at the final judgment. I believe also that the ancient temple was designed to teach the children of Israel about the probation and preparation (covenants) for our standing before G-d. It is interesting to me that you quote from Exodus chapter 25 and in particular verse 20. You asked about the symbolism of faces. I believe this is similar to the symbolism of meeting someone face to face. Thus I believe the faces of the cherubim are symbolic of a confrontation between your advocate and your accuser. But there is something else in this verse. In a personal conversation with a Jewish Rabbi I was told that an alternate reading (alternate reading means a possible valid translation of the ancient Hebrew) that the translation of “and their faces shall look one to another” could read “the two brothers shall face each other”. Another reference on this matter see Hebrews chapter 9 - make particular note of verse 5. The reason I bring this up is because many religious critics of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are concerned that if G-d is the Father of our spirits that such would make Christ and Satan brothers. So I think that the answer to your question about the symbolism of faces is that of meeting someone face to face and not so much the characters of a face. I am of the impression that gold is symbolic of divine power and appointment and follows the symbolism that the streets of Heaven and the gates of Heaven are gold – also when Jesus was born one of the gifts presented was gold. One last point about @prisonchaplain’s note about the unclean. I am of the impression that such things are not so we can know the class of those that will not make it to heaven but rather a warning to should take individually to heart to insure that when we finish our probation we are clean and pure – able to be in the presents of G-d and not cast off forever because even after being washed clean by the Atonement of Christ we choose to be unclean and in some way not one with G-d in the same manner that Christ is one with the Father. In other words we choose not to be a G-d of love, compassion, light, truth and power in the likeness of the Father or as the Pharisees did not want to be “Christ like”. The Traveler
  9. Traveler

    God and theories of physics

    This thread references a topic that is of interest to me. But I would like to take this discussion in a slightly different direction but first I believe we need to set the table a bit for such a discussion. The first problem we have is understanding science. In a forum like this (religious) it seems that many are trying to define science from a "outside" position. In essence - outside of science looking in. I look at science as a means of explanation. The foundation of science is a structure by which if we follow we will all come to the exact same conclusion. To illustrate lets look at gravity. There are principles of gravity that if we follow in the study of mass of physical objects - we will all come to the exact same conclusion. It is interesting to me that in order to clearly define and demonstrate these principles of gravity - we need to rely greatly on the "theory" of mathematics. Please note that I used the phrase "theory of mathematics". Before we get too deep I wanted to point out that it is possible to use theoretic constructs to prove what we know as absolute laws of physics. The method of science is not so much to know something as it is a means to demonstrate your understanding such that others can follow and come to the same exact conclusions. In short the primary purpose of science is a method of repeatable discovery. The more we can repeat a discovery the more we can understand the truth of it. The problem is that in "real world" applications - we keep finding exceptions. Our society of science has labeled ideas attempting to deal with exceptions as theoretical science or theoretical physics. Something has been happening over the last 200 years of so. As an intelligent society we have been discovering more and more exceptions to things we thought were exact. As we look out into our galaxy and universe we have discovered that we can only clearly define about 5% of what is going on. 95% appears to be exceptions. So we take what we know and try to explain ideas (that make some sense) towards the vast array of ever increasing exceptions. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that the religious community has dealt very poorly with the discovery of exceptions. Sadly even some of our LDS Apostles have said some things about these scientific exceptions that have been demonstrated to be inaccurate. Others in the religious community that dislike LDS theology have blown such things way out of context while themselves dealing with such scientific exceptions even more ridiculously. There are lots of quite ridiculous ideas about scientific exceptions we are facing as a society. We ought to trend towards the "best" or most viable ideas and less towards anything that can be demonstrated to have almost no reasonable applications. But humans tend to be overly narcissistic and want everything to match their "beliefs" rather than a willingness to sacrifice something of themselves for truth. With the above background - lets take a little journey together. Following World War II our earthly scientific societies started to turn from the technologies of war towards the ever increasing scientific exceptions. One of the areas of focus started searching our galaxy and universe of other intelligent civilizations. The more we looked - to the astonishment of the best of our thinkers - the more we could not find any evidence of another intelligent society beyond our little planet. In the 70's a Russian scientist had, what I think is a very important idea about advancing civilizations. Using his name this scientist came up with the idea of the "Kardashev Scale of Civilizations". His theory is that we can measure the level of advancement of a civilization by the combination of it technology and their ability (via their technology) to harness energy. A level I civilization can harness the energy of a planet (about 10^15 watts). A level II civilization can harness the energy of a star (about 10^26 watts). A level III civilization can harness the energy of a galaxy which is about 10 billion times that of a class II civilization. Some have attempted to define more levels but it is my opinion that such thinking does not really add anything to the initial concept. If anyone wants to have some fun - Google "Kardashev Scale of Civilizations" and compare your LDS understanding of Kingdoms to the scale of civilization - I would personally be interested in your impressions. So here are a couple of ideas: The first is that with all our scientific thinking about the 95% of our universe that is currently an exception we are looking without any effort to realize any influence of intelligence. The second is that here on earth we are a level 0 civilization. We can only think and make up stuff about what something more intelligent would look like and behave. What is interesting to me is that we tend to think that any civilization more intelligent and advance than our own is most likely malevolent. May I propose something - If we are to advance our social intelligence and develop more powerful technologies - we need to develop better laws and social constructs such that we become more "united" (compassionate and kind) towards one another. If we cannot solve our religious differences - we will implode on ourselves before we can even reach a level I society and our so called intelligence and technology will all be for not and our society will be no more significant than that of an ant hill at best. The Traveler
  10. - Sleeping -- In most cases I sleep until I wake up. If something is critical I am more concerned about getting to bed than waking up. - playing games -- I like playing physical games. I have great difficulty with games of chance. - Studying religious topics -- I love studying anything religious, scientific, political or social. Most such writing is not well founded in logic. Most religious material quotes about 1% of related scripture and lots of opinions (but only the opinions that agree with the intended premise) - very little raw data (historical or research). One exception was Hugh Nibley. I usually avoid currently written stuff and tend towards stuff that has remained reverent for at least 50 years. It is interesting that 99% of the climate stuff from 50 years ago was concerned about triggering a new ice age. As per religious arguments (Christian) almost all arguments (controversies) are logically referenced in the Gospel of John with Jesus Christ dealing with the Scribes and Pharisees. A favorite scripture about religious things is Ecclesiastes chapter 1: It is called the New Testament but all things testified of in the New Testament were testified of in previous ancient texts. It seems to me that whatever a person can religiously fantasize they can justify somewhere in Biblical scripture. The Traveler
  11. You are a much better man than me. The Traveler
  12. I never competed in the usual team sports beyond church ball - but back in the 60's I was on a softball team that won the all church wide tournament - but it was not because of me. I do have a bronze in armature competition for skiing and cycling. Currently cycling is a little bit of a disappointment - for the over 70 (I am 75) there is a guy that is 80 that always beats me and after my accident last year my wife has insisted that I quit competition. Since I love her more than competing it looks like I am left with skiing and cycling for pleasure. As for support for college teams - I have always been somewhat of a BYU fan. Across all sports that BY U competes in - accumulatively they are ranked in the top 10 - but the football team laid and egg in their bowl game. In basketball we lost our two centers for the season and thus struggle with national caliber teams. Even professional teams struggle. There is only one champion so there the other 31 teams will disappoint their fans (some more than others). And the team that is the champion will disappoint their fans more over the next 10 years than win championships. So unless you enjoy routing for a looser (which I don't) reality will bring more disappointment than the joys of bragging rights. But @LDSGator is right about lesson learned through sports. For example - in the ancient Grease Olympic games, the title of those officiating the competition to make sure everything was fair was cheaters. That term has a most interesting evolution in the longest existing sports on this planet. Sometimes I wonder if sport competition bring less love and compassion towards the best of competitors. The Traveler
  13. I have learned - that if sports is something that brings happiness depending on who wins or who loses - you will spend most of your life unhappy. The Traveler
  14. Traveler

    Kyle Rittenhouse

    Those that are most fixed - do you have any inclination why they think so? What is the most common denominator? I am wondering how your experiences align with mine. For example, what kind of work or labor were they involved in doing? Especially in their youth? The Traveler The Traveler
  15. Traveler

    Kyle Rittenhouse

    I bolded part of your text - Are you saying from your experience that (ALL) woke individuals have misplaced compassion? In my communications with other - often I find that when someone makes a definitive statement about others that it is most often more about them than "the others" or that when I attempt to drill down - they really do not know all that much what they are talking about. But when I ask question to better understand their view they get upset at both me and the question. There are always exceptions and I fine the exceptions to be the most interesting. I am beginning to think that divine compassion for other is really more about the ability to change our opinions about someone else (including understanding their opinion) than it is to be able to fix them. The few "woke" individuals I have encountered are somewhat ignorant and interestingly have never been in the military are a close to someone in the military that has seen combat (or someone who serves as a policeman). I would really like to talk to someone woke in the pentagon or any leadership of our military. The Traveler