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  1. Traveler

    Think about it...

    As I understand the ratio of goods (containers) coming to the USA as opposed to leaving the USA is about 10 to 1. There is a gross trade imbalance that effects the smooth flow of trade. But there are so many concerns - the last time there was this kind of a trade imbalance with China it lead to war and the toppling of many nations and the introduction of a world wide drug cartel (during the 1700's and 1800's). I spent the last 4 decades of my working life as a automation and supply chain expert - during which I saw the minimizing of warehouse (storage) and the maximizing of just-in-time supply chain operations. One of the major factors fueling just-in-time solutions was government taxing of inventories. One of the project I worked on was the design and building of the army automated distribution center in Pennsylvania (near 3 mile island) called the Easter Distribution Center. This distribution center has become the primary distribution center for all military operations and contains a very large operation which is 40 archers under one roof. What is being left out of the news is that with the disruption of the supply chain that war supplies are in grave danger along with everything else. There are some war ordinance supplies that are warehoused but most items stored are less than a month - food stored for the military is less than a week. For all the problems this supply chain problem is causing the private sector I would have us all remember that this is effecting the security of our nation and our national defense. It is my opinion that as much as this has become a problem - that there is potential for a much worse problem. The only organization that I know that has been stockpiling needed supplies is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There is an exception with individuals (preppers) that have been stockpiling. However, humanitarian efforts has depleted church storages. I suspect the next level in this chaos will be armed guards for distributions of goods - as scarcity of items become increasingly worse. I honestly did not think that when supply chain operations became disrupted that the problems would become so wide spread so rapidly. And that both political parties would be fiddling while "Rome" burned. We will see as winter takes center stage - if shortages become more critical and live threatening. The Traveler
  2. Traveler


    Thanks for your response @mikbone I am not sure if I have seen these episodes - I could not link to them from here - I may have seen them. It has been known for the beginning of the BB theory that there are problems with the Big Band theory. The initial problem is all the energy at a singular point of singularity. There is no sign of any residual to whatever contained the singularity. One interesting theory that had traction for a while is that the Big Bang occurred as the result of a 11 dimensional universe collapse. The problem with this theory is where did an 11 dimensional universe come from in the first place. This is similar to the argument concerning creation by G-d. It is not a origin solution because where did the 11 dimensional universe (or G-d) come from - both of which create a bigger (more complex) problem of explanation. The reason the Big Bang is still around is because it is the best explanation we have which is best explained by your quote: "We don’t know. We got nothing. Well we got something. It’s tough... It’s tough.” -- If anyone is interested in pursuing a discussion about the Big Bang - I would personally very much enjoy listening to other LDS viewpoints. Since my youth I have been disappointed with the general omission in science of the effects of intelligence - which I believe is especially in play at the quantum level of physics. Which all goes back to your quote. But back to neutrinos. There is something called the "Uncertainty principle" that is referenced a lot concerning quantum particles. Neutrinos are such a problem and I think that the uncertainty principle plays a big role with neutrinos. The problem is that neutrinos appear to travel at the speed of light but they also exhibit characteristics of mass. Our physics (standard model) says that both cannot be true. And so it is assumed that neutrinos travel some small (almost inconceivable) amount less than the speed of light and also contain some small (almost inconceivable) amount of mass. I speculate that if we consider that neutrinos are traveling at the speed of light we will not be able to detect mass and if we consider the characteristics of mass we cannot include that the particle travels at the speed of light. It is very interesting that neutrinos are released when a star goes super nova but then regardless of how far away the super nova occurs - the spike in neutrinos will reach us before the light of the super nova. This means that neutrinos cannot travel less than the speed of light. But the flavor of neutrinos (which changes with time) has changed. It is believed that at the speed of light time stops so a neutrino should not experience anything related to time change. What I find most interesting is the theory that neutrinos are a type of "Dark Matter". The Traveler
  3. Traveler

    Website bug?

    I listen to Pandora and do not have that problem concerning this website - but from time to time it will momentarily stop at this and many other websites. I seldom listen from my phone. I suspect that there is a problem with bandwidth between your phone and the cell tower it is using. This should not be the problem if you are connected to a WiFi. Music, video and text all use different bandwidth which adds when multitasking. If you are in a heavy use area; the added bandwidth to connect to the site could cause a pause or short disconnect to adjust. But then, because you have a Chinese phone you may be experiencing sabotage based on your particular race. 😨 The Traveler
  4. There are many point in your post to deal with. Most of them are terms that I do not think are well defined. For example unclean and I will deal first with this concept that no unclean thing can be in the presents of G-d. You made a partial reference to a child. We know that without accountability that children are "clean" and therefore can be in the presents of G-d. Another problem is sin. Scripture tells us that sin is a transgression of the Law. But without accountability there is no Law. Another term you use is free agency - this is not the same as free will but is a power or ability that is granted to us from G-d. The Power of Agency is dependent on knowledge. Knowledge and Agency are obtained through covenant. Knowledge (which is the light of truth) is only obtained by covenant and power of the Light of Christ. Another problem you have is the concept that 1/3 of The Father's children were cast out with Lucifer. The scriptures that provide this information tell is that it was a third part not 1/3. The ancient world did not have the mathematical foundation to understand fractions. What we should understand is that the Kingdom of Heaven was divided into 3 parts - there is no revelation that tells us that the parts were equal parts. The final point I will make in this post has to do with what is righteousness as opposed to what is wickedness. The righteous are those that make and keep covenants with G-d. The Wicked are those that oppose and break their covenants with G-d. As we understand the pre-existence we understand that we were taught light and truth while in the presents of G-d. We know from the Pearl of Great Price that at least 2 groups are identified. The first are called the Nobel and Great and the others are those that rebelled against the Law of Heaven and were cast out. I believe we can assume that the third group are those that entered into covenant but were not "Nobel and Great". It is also important to note that following the flood of Noah that mankind on earth were divided into 3 groups - represented by the 3 sons of Noah - and so we have the covenant, the Gentiles and the infidels (or covenant breakers). We can also note that in the resurrection that the judgment will divide mankind once again into 3 kingdoms of Glory. The Traveler
  5. Traveler

    This seems so uncomfortable

    I am of the same mind of C.S. Lewis in this matter. No one goes to hell. But a lot, willingly invite hell in. The Traveler
  6. Traveler

    Am extremely important question

    It is my experience that all miracles are not equally viewed, experienced and understood by all present. I believe (have experienced) that two individuals standing side by side seeing and hearing the same event experience it differently - all this is in accordance to the Holy Ghost (the spirit) working within them. I have also had miracles (spiritual experiences) that were not fully understood for years later. I am not an expert in miracles but I am a student of miracles. I would suggest that any miracle is useless to anyone that does not realize that it is a miracle. I believe the words Jesus used is that they have eyes and see not and ears that hear not. I have pondered why miracles are seldom if not ever empirical and easily verifiable. I have come in part, to the conclusion, that the truth and light of G-d can only be realized through the Holy Ghost which contrary to so much of what we mortals learn is more than empirical. In other words that there is divine truth in that which is empirical and there is always an empirical witness of truth but there is more to truth and light than just the empirical. All truth is realized through the Holy Ghost (including that which is empirical) but those that receive a greater portion or influence the Holy Spirit realize and experience more or greater light and truth. I believe this is one reason we ought to witness and testify (as the Holy Spirit inspires) to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. That as marvelous as babies speaking - there are even greater manifestations of light and truth in these last days - a part of which were witnessed (spoken of) by prophets of G-d just a few weeks ago. The Traveler
  7. Traveler


    Not sure if anyone is even interested but some odd things are happening with new discoveries in science. For example; for the Big Bang theory to have any creditability there had to be a brief period of "inflation" where the Universe expanded faster than the speed of light. Among the problems are that there are many super massive Black Holes. These objects are so massive and some have been around for so long there is no answer to how they could come into existence. In an effort to explain some of the things being discovered there are lots of theories being circulated. It is like we have entered an era where there is so much contradiction and confusion that anyone with a scientist title can make up anything and it appears as creditable as anything else. But a new theory is being developed that does make some sense and could change everything - even more than quantum physics, relativity and the standard module all combined. This new theory involves neutrinos and that neutrinos are the key to alternate forms or kinds of matter that we lump into the category we call "Dark Matter". To understand here is a little background. Before nuclear energy was harnessed scientist were studying particle decay. As a heavy atom decayed there were particles and energy given off but there was a problem. All the matter and energy that existed before the decay did not add up to all the matter and energy that existed after the decay. There was no explanation for this loss and it violated the very foundation of physics. There was no explanation until someone stated the obvious and suggest a new kind of particle that we do not know about was given off. A particle that once released did not react with anything so we could not detect it. Some strange kind of neutral particle - thus the Latin for neutral or neutrino. There was a lot of debate if neutrinos were real because no one could find any. That wasn't until a scientist had a simple idea. The idea was that using the decay of more heavy atoms we could fire neutrinos into a much lighter field of atoms and reverse the decay and detect the new rebuilt lighter atom that we knew how to find. The concept was brilliant but when the experiment was ran - only 1/3 of the expected neutrinos were realized. Fast forward and it turns out there are 3 flavors of neutrinos and only one will react as expected but over time as the neutrino travels (it travels at the speed of light) it alternates between the 3 flavors and it has mass but not much - here is the calculation for it mass: m < 0.120 eV (< 2.14 × 10−37 kg). This is such small mass there is currently no know way to detect it. This is why neutrinos can pass completely through just about anything without being detected. Neutrinos behave differently than any other kind of matter/energy that exist. That is until someone suggested that there may be other kinds of neutrino like particles that are not zinging through the universe at the speed of light but have neutral charge and react only at the sub atomic levels (strong and weak atomic forces) and gravity. And that this matter or kind of matter is what the dark matter stuff is. Now things are starting to literally come together - things like very old supermassive Black Holes and even simple stars like our sun. All we need now is the discovery of this alternate flavor(s) of neutrino kind of matter. There is a race by physicists involved to be the first and become famous. But I wonder and ponder that with such a discovery will also reveal G-d and how he is connected to keeping all things together for existence in our universe. Scripture tells us that all things testify of (prove) G-d. Maybe, just maybe, neutrinos are a new key that will not only change what we know about science but religion as well. The Traveler
  8. Traveler

    This seems so uncomfortable

    For you or them? The Traveler
  9. Traveler

    What Thinkest Thou of My Food Storage? Bad or Good?

    I agree - I was raised in a city, Provo, Utah. We raised rabbits and chickens for much of our meet that was supplemented with hunted venison. We did all the butchering ourselves. One side effect showed up while I was in the military where swearing was quite common. I had a discussion with a sergeant about using more accurate words. As an example, I suggested when you are upset with someone that is not performing - calling them a "sewer scum sucking capon" is a better use of vocabulary. But he did not know what a capon was. I responded that such vocabulary then has extra benefit. First because of their ignorance - thus they do not know what your are talking about and second - by time they look it up, it is too late for them to defend themselves. So you get to embarrass them twice. The Traveler
  10. I guess I left out the point - seldom did I or my siblings stay out after 10 and it was by our choice. On special occasions like the jr. prom it was not uncommon, at least for me, to fall asleep - especially if I sat down for a minute. The Traveler
  11. In the USA we live on the shoulders of our forefathers that lade the foundation of liberty and freedom that we enjoy - which is unique in history; except for perhaps periods in the Book of Mormon. But the Book of Mormon does not come to us through preserved history but rather through divine restoration. So what I figure is that for brief moments and with divine intervention we have something that is the polar opposite of what we see in history. The Traveler
  12. The more we study history the more we discover contradiction in human behavior. We currently live in a unique time and place that is like a polar opposite to the historical human nature. The Traveler
  13. Traveler

    Am extremely important question

    I first pondered this question when I was on my mission. I sought an answer through fasting and prayer but did not receive an answer. But eventually (many years later) the answer did come when I had the opportunity to be in the Celestial room of the temple during a temple dedication. I saw and heard that which is forbidden to be expressed or written. I can say that it is forbidden by the spirit such that any effort to express does not explain or convey at all what happened. Such can only be experienced or understood exclusively by the spirit. At that time I was impressed by the spirit that my initial prayer (that I had forgotten all about) was answered. The Traveler
  14. In the home I grew up in - there really was not a curfew but the normal time to get up in the morning was 5 am. My parents were not into talking and explaining things. If I was ever out late dad would think it was necessary to get everybody up at 3 am saying that it was necessary to get everything done. We all knew the reason we were all awaken early is because someone was out late - so it became the job of all the siblings to do all the talking to convince the one standout to make a change. My parents were very much of the idea that I should choose my path in life which meant dealing with the consequences and requirements. When I turned 8 I was required to use my own money for personal things and my parents were not into paying "allowance". My father owned several businesses where we could work but he paid us less than anyone else. The Traveler
  15. I think we are on the same somewhat page. I am inclined to think that love and charity are deliberate choices. Like so many other things we improve and understand our choices through practice. That love and charity are outward (not inward) personal actions that involve service and sacrifice. However, I think that for me; where the misunderstanding takes place is what part mercy and compassion play. To be honest, I lack mercy and compassion for bad choices others make - anyway so it seems. Sometimes I see humor in bad choices. I think this is the process with the routine of many stand-up comedians. Mostly I do not dare to say anything to someone making obvious bad choices and sometimes it is most difficult not to let my laughter show. The Traveler