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  1. When I start the process and review openly with G-d what I have done - wonderful just does not come to mind. In my youth there were a few times I had to go to my father and confess what I has done (hopefully before he found out from other sources). It is the more difficult with my Father in Heaven. Neither ever said, "I warned you and told you so". But they had and I we all knew it - weather it was said or not. I would much rather say, "I am not going into specifics - but please forgive me of all my sins and fix everything (so I don't have to think about it). The Traveler
  2. Oh @Vort do you not realize how scary that would be in the eternal scheme of things? Especially to those of us with things still to be repented of? The Traveler
  3. In my youth, in my journal I wrote that I had discovered that the worst part of sin isn't the sin or even the consequences - the worst part comes when I realize how wrong and damaging is the sin and go through the process of repenting. To accommodate this understanding I have altered a quote from Alma, "Wickedness never was happiness but it was fun while it lasted." I must also admit that I am quite perplexed when someone talks about how wonderful repentance is. When repentance is done with - then the universe is wonderful and all is aligned but for me repentance has always been more painful than committing the sin. So much so that I wonder if some just pretend and do not really repent just to avoid the hassle, pain, suffering and trauma of it. The easy part for me has always been the sin - the hard part has always been repentance. When someone says that repentance is easy and no big thing - I wonder, "Are you still tempted to commit the sin? Maybe you are not quite committed enough to repent of it and determine not to ever do anything even like that again." And it is not just putting myself through the process; it is also realizing what I put Christ through. And so, for me, I find the big dramatic sin more likely to focus on and go through the whole process. But the little insignificant sins - as stupid as it sounds - are much harder to come to grips with and convince myself that even such a little sin is worth the hassle of repententing and being done with it. The Traveler
  4. Just a little thought. Isaiah suggested we learn line upon line upon line and precept upon precept upon precept. Many times when we think of translations we think of words but the reality is that we ought to think about concepts - or even the entire context of concept. It is my theory that divine revelation (including translations) transcends even words and phrases (text). Therefore the words and phrases by themselves are insufficient as Jesus perhaps referenced in his parable of the sower. For me personally, I have discovered solutions to very complex engineering problems while reading scripture that seemingly had nothing to do with the problem. I could give a specific example but I am concerned that in so doing it would create such a tangent that the intended "understanding" would be obscured. The Traveler
  5. Going back to the doctrine of polygamy and racial limitations for those receiving the priesthood. Both doctrines were taught Biblically in past generations. This was almost touched on when it was discussed in the video that we believe in a restoration of all things. My question to my evangelical friends - without specific revelation to change the doctrine why do they not practice what the Bible teaches? Why are women allowed to speak at church? Why was a woman asking the questions? I was impressed that they talked about looking to similarities rather than what and why there are differences. Even though they could not resist the temptation when it suited them to point out differences. Most realize that differences are what makes anything interesting. For me - it is not just a difference but why. If someone cannot consistently explain differences - I personally believe they do themselves a disservice. The guy touched on this idea when he stated he was a Calvinists but in so declaring was forced to admit that there are flaws in Calvinist thinking. But then the reasons for polygamy and priesthood limitations changes are also likely because of flaws and misunderstanding of the truth of such ordinances. The Traveler
  6. Traveler

    7 years for 9 grams of pot

    Having visited Russia myself - no one accidentally smuggles pot into Russia. Of all the countries I have visited; obtaining a visa from the Russian government is the most exhausting, time consuming and difficult. I would provide and exaggerated symbolic reference and say it would be like climbing to the top of mount Everest accidentally. Perhaps the only thing more naive, stupid and silly than trying to smuggle pot into Russia would be to write an article about it with so little research to continue along the idea that the smuggling was an accident. But Fox news may have intended the byline and article to be sarcastic but reading the article appears that Fox just printed what they were told by the family. That heads of state are now involved - means to me that since Russia holds the winning cards that concessions will be sought before there is a chance of release. Most likely money; but in diplomatic circles one never knows - and since this has become a world news event the amount of money and concessions will be increased. There are rocks smarter than this??? The Traveler
  7. Traveler

    Divine identity of Jesus

    I believe your question is a well thought out and deep question. May I begin by pointing out that when divine information is given to mankind in our fallen state that on the surface there is a great deal of ambiguity. For example we are told to worship G-d and love our fellow man. But these thoughts and words are hardly descriptive enough to settle all differences of opinions that could and do arise to clearly define either worship of G-d or love of our fellow man. I would bring a couple of thoughts and ideas to bear. Up until the time of Joseph Smith all that we in our day knew of either G-d or Jesus was what was left to us in what remained of the Holy Scriptures. As an amiture student of history I have studied the science of manuscripts. The Bible scriptures are considered pure information given from G-d to holy prophets prepared and sent by G-d for the purpose of informing us of divine and spiritual things. But in the science of manuscripts there are two kinds of originals. The first is called an "autograph". An autograph is any manuscript written by the individual or their chosen scribe from which the manuscript originated. The second type of original is called an "autogram". This is a manuscript copied directly from an autograph by someone other that the creator of an autograph during the lifetime of the originator. As wonderful as the Bible is there are no original manuscripts. If we were to apply the standards of our own law - there are no first hand accounts (originals) to give witness of G-d or his Son, Jesus the Christ. By definition, religious tradition has left the Judeo - Christian societies with nothing but obscured witnesses of G-d and his Son. As a result and testament of the obscurities there are thousands of "Churches" all claiming trueful doctrine of G-d and his Son, Jesus the Christ. History is replete with such obscurities that arguments over truthfulness in religion has not displayed just attitudes of hate but even wars destroying millions of religious faithful - each side claiming they understand G-d and Christ better than the other. Isaiah correctly pointed out that G-d is obscured from man - not by doctrine but by three other divine elements: I list Isaiah's witness of such obscurity First - by transgression of the law. Second by changing the ordinances and Third by breaking the everlasting covenant. Now concerning what is the meaning of Jesus being the only begotten of G-d the Father. Much of what was understood anciently concerning "Kingdoms" has been lost in our modern era. The begotten of the supreme Suzerain of ancient Kingdoms - and I would point out that G-d does govern the universe as his kingdom over which he is the supreme Suzerain is the heir of the supreme Suzerain - has become obscured in our modern era. The meaning is that Jesus Christ and only Jesus Christ is the only authorized, anointed (or Messiah) and ordained heir of G-d the Father. That Jesus is the only mediator with the Father authorized to speak in his name. Since Jesus is G-d, appointed mediator by the Father, he alone can speak in the Father's name. But Jesus has commanded many to take upon them his G-dly name and speak for him (but not the Father). Jesus authorized and ordained his heirs to speak for him and called them his Apostles - which also means witnesses. Because of obscurity of truth many have usurped divine authority in the very characteristic of Satan and claim to speak for the Father. I would point out that the title of Pope means father. This means that many religious leaders have commited divine treason in claiming they speak for the Father usurping his only begotten. Though this is only a piece of truth for which much more could be spoken - hopefully this introduction understanding will rest with you why there must be a restoration to prepare for when Christ will return again and establish his reign of peace for 1,000 years. The Traveler
  8. Traveler

    Daughter got her mission call

    Good for you both - I am convinced there is no greater preparation for a mission than a willingness, desire and determination to pay for it yourself. I have never heard of someone that financed their mission to ever fall away (though it is possible that there is such an exception.) My best companions and the most serious and dedicated missionaries I have known - paid for their missions. The blessings for such a sacrifice will follow for the rest of one's life and include profound assistance with spouse and family. The Traveler
  9. Traveler

    Thank God for Dallin H. Oaks

    There has never before been a first presidency like our current presidency. Beyond spiritual gifts, these prophets (Apostles) are well educated and extremely smart by world standards. Pres Nelson was a world leading heart surgeon and help develop the most advanced life saving surgical procedures that are still being used. Pres Oaks is one of the nation's leading legal minds and a former member of the Utah Supreme Court. Pres Eyring is the son of a world renowned scientist and well versed in science himself. They are also humble husbands and fathers dedicated to families. I do not believe that there has ever been such educated and smart leaders in the eyes of the world in G-d's earthly kingdom since the fall. Please do not think that I discount the great spiritual giants that G-d has called in various ages, dispensations and in our own time, however, I do not doubt but that G-d and placed our presidency at the head of his church and kingdom at this time without specific reason for their talents and recognized abilities. Regardless of whatever criticisms various individuals or organizations may pose - they cannot claim any better educated leaders than what leads the church they try to criticize. To argue that our presidency is intellectually lacking or any way inferior to them and their leaders or scholars is obviously the dribble of fools. What better quiet witness could there be that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not a fringe cult of fools. The Traveler
  10. Traveler

    Impeach Trump

    I agree a lot with what Trump says. Generally my problem with Republicans is that they say good and right things but do bad and wrong things. In general it appears to me Democrats say bad and wrong things and do bad and wrong things - but at least they are somewhat honest with their intents. I would say the worse problem in our government is out of control spending. Spending is still out of control under Trump. One interesting statement from Ben S in the video was "law without virtue is tyranny". I do not think Ben intended it so - but that statement applies to Trump as much as many of the Democratic Candidates. But then the statements pretty much sums up politicians. I believe the one person of all that is in the political arena that I can say I would support for president is Ben Carson. The Traveler
  11. Traveler

    Is this valve open or closed?

    @Sunday21 A couple of notes: You indicated that this is to an outside garden hose. The copper elbow just above the valve has blue and white. This is a characteristic of a poor solder joint. I agree with @Iggy that the blue plastic pipe ought to be replaced. I am concerned that your plumbing is loose and supported only by the piping - also there are stables that will cause corrosion if they ever even touch your copper plumbing. You may want to think about anchoring and protecting your plumbing. Your picture does not indicate the condition of your plumbing to your outside water faucet. That needs to be caulked and sealed. If you winterize your outside faucet make sure you drain the water (relieve the pressure) from you interior valve to your outside faucet. This can be done by opening your valve with your hose detached. You may also think about some insolation to maintain heat in winter and cool in summer inside your house. The Traveler
  12. Traveler

    Impeach Trump

    And @Mores I thought I would add a youtube video by a conservative (Ben Shapiro). Thought this appears to be pointed directly about what he calls collectivism - not just socialism as a problem of government rule. I agree with his notion that liberty must be used to pursue virtue in order for right to be preserved. Let me be clear about what is collectivism - it is giving and expecting our rulers government to solve our social problems rather than to be responsible ourselves for our social virtues. And that we must not only expect our leaders to be virtuous but we must hold them to that account. I know it is quite long but I hope those you all enjoy it. The Traveler
  13. I would make two suggestions: 1. Pretend that you have been called to give a 15 minute talk on a subject of your choice. Start preparing now to do exactly what you would do to get ready for your conference talk. Write out our talk - make as many drafts as you think necessary. During the sessions of conference you may find it interesting how many talks presented during the sessions touch on your material and quote the same scriptures. 2. The Thursday before conference - fast and pray with and for our general authorities. They will be gathering for a preparatory fast and testimony meeting that Thursday and you can spiritually join with them. The Traveler
  14. When I was a youth - it was difficult to attend at the tabernacle - which was the only way to watch conference. Often we would listen to October Saturday conference sessions via portable radio somewhere in the mountains while deer hunting. We would hurry home to attend the priesthood session at the local tabernacle - there were times we would be late and come still dressed in our hunting attire as many others that were late and also so dressed. BYU was the first to offer a broadcast (in black and white) of the priesthood session when I was a student. Then when raising my own family we would have to go to a stake center (while I was living outside of Utah) to enjoy live conference sessions. When we moved to Washington state I installed a side band into my stereo system and we were able to listen to conference at home. (I could also get BYU sports on the side band). Thanks for the reminder of how things have changed - for the better. The Traveler
  15. Traveler

    Impeach Trump

    First I will apologize. I never intended to imply that any political party - current or past is without flaws. We all know the evils of Hitler - very few remember why he rose to power and why he had the support he did and how he used and beguiled people. To quote Shakespeare, "The evil that men do lives after them but the good of often interred with their bones." I was raised in a Republican family. My father (a good and honest man) was deeply involved (though he never held an elective office) in the Republican party. I was taught by my father to always be a Republican and to vote straight party. He was convinced that the ONLY way to have representation in government was through a political party. He is quite right! And I proved it to be so. If a citizen were to contact their representative about an issue within the law and if there was a motion before the legislative body - the average everyday citizen will be ignored or worse believed to be a "radical" or nut job coming out of the blue on just about any issue. They will not have much of an influence. However, if my father was to call his representative, he would be immediately recognized because of his position within the party. He would then explain that if some motion was to pass or fail or some wording to persist or be removed they would not have his support in the next election - he would remind them of the money he raised and controlled for them in the last election. When my father spoke to his representative - they listened - regardless of all else. Money influences politics. When I lived in the state of Washington - I got involved in politics but I did not have the financial resources of my father. I was a volunteer for the PTA - called the PTSA in Washington; to be a lobbyist for the state of Washington PTA. I also coordinated with our federal lobbyists. Unlike many other lobbyists the PTA does not have a lot of money to spend but is one of the most powerful lobbyist organizations. When I contacted a legislator (especially one that was resisting a bill we supported) I would explain (sometimes provide) exactly what we wanted in the bill and that we wanted their support. If they continued resistance within 30 minutes of their official opposition their office would be flooded with over 20,000 phone calls and that a campaign to contact their entire district would be put into place and they would be noted as against education (which was death to a politician). I would say this - the year that I was a lobbyists - the first 10 bills to pass in the state of Washington and become laws were the bills put together by the PTSA. There are influences in politics that are greater than money. Though I once considered myself a Republican - I will not be associated with that party - nor the Democrats. I no longer work with or support the PTA lobby (state or national). This is not because I cannot find common political philosophy - it is because I believe all such organization have been penetrated by a very evil and collective force. This force is not about issues - it is not dogmatic. It is all about power and the few that would have it. I believe it is the struggle we see in the Book of Mormon between righteous people and their liberties and freedoms and the filthy underbelly in their society that opposes liberties and freedoms. I have previously posted that the Delano family's wealth (connected to president FDR) came from membership in the world's most powerful drug cartel that was instrumental in bringing down the Qing Dynasty in China which caused the rise of Communist dictatorship in China. I have no doubt but that drugs (among other factors) influence both parties, but especially the Democratic party; into the issues at our southern border. I am quite sure that our educational system has also been heavily influenced. It is not uncommon for college students to demonstrate against "free speech" - usually labeled as hate speech. But I want the reader to think about the twisted thinking involved with a demonstration against freedom of unpopular speech. I did support Trump in 2016, especially his platform to drain the swamp. However, the more I watch the methods of Trump the more he looks like a alpa swamp predator trying to take over and run the swamp. The Traveler