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  1. On a number of occasion I have been at a place of worship and been lost in far away thoughts because the speaker was redundant and boring. And then my wife whispers in my ear that she if filled with the spirit and overcome by the speaker and feeling of love. I have often pondered how it is that two individuals sitting next to each other - that one is so inspired and uplifted and the other remains empty. In the pre-existence a third part, while in the very presents of G-d, remained uninspired while others were elated and overcome and shouted for joy. I think the results of our experiences are in line with where our heart, might, mind and strength is centered. The Traveler
  2. Traveler

    A Parable of the Justice League

    How do you think this plays with the parable of Jesus and the idea that a corrupt tree cannot produce good fruit or a good tree produce corrupt fruit - that by their fruits you shall know them? The Traveler
  3. How to respond??? I am not a person that has emotional attachment with things. My car (that I purchased new) is almost 30 years old - which is a bit of a problem for who ever is behind the many phone calls I get to renew my vehicle warranty. I do not lock my car mostly because I doubt anyone would think to steal my car with all else that is available. I also prefer that none of my windows are broken for the purpose of some cheep item inside. I have zero desire to purchase a new car. I do not carry any cash and almost never have. I do not like money and I find no joy in carrying around money. Things require care and I do not want to spend my time worrying and carrying about and for things. My skis, bicycle and guitar are all important to me but easily replaced. I do admit that I have things for convenience and to have them stolen would be inconvenient. The point is - I am not driven by things. I have speculated that the City of Enoch may not have been full of "things" worthy to be stolen. I do not think it was the fashion capitol for anything of the world. I doubt that the City of Enoch was a place to hook up at some bar for a one night stand. Most likely the City of Enoch was not a "happening" place for any worldly thinker - so I think the types your are thinking of or worried about would most likely look for "greener" pastures. It may seem contrary to scripture but I do not think righteous people are about trying to figure out a way to get rid of the corrupt lesser desirables from among their midst. Rather I see the desires to be exclusive, protectively locked up behind walls and gates separate from others to be foreign to a kind, loving compassionate Saint of G-d. Perhaps there is such a thing as pure evil that will seek to do harm to all and anything good - it is just that I have not yet encountered such among any person I have encountered. I have plenty to be worried about concerning my own transgressions as to be convinced that rather than to use up all my spiritual reserves that others are not up to Celestial possibilities - that I need to first convince myself to repent - but with the hope that in such repentance - I am not alone. The Traveler
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    Why is taco seasoning so bad?

    I thought I would add that ingredients, methods and attitude matter as much as seasoning (thought seasoning is also considered ingredients). It is interesting to me that one can find the basic recipes or chain restaurants on the internet. However, not all hamburger is created equally - the same applies to produce. A good restaurant will purchase a class better of ingredients than what is usually made available at the average neighborhood grocery store. Some of the best cooks I know - prefer growing their own ingredients and spices rather than relying on the services of industries of mass distribution. I would much prefer to eat a home cooked meal - especially if meat is involved. The problem for me is the time needed to prepare a meal properly sometimes is not worth it - so eating out is more a matter of convenience than the best of taste. I also mentioned that attitude can contribute to taste - I do not completely understand why but I have discovered that when back packing into wilderness areas - everything I cook seems to taste much better than when cooked in the convenience of our home - especially if fish is involved. Interesting as well - whenever I am on a long distance bicycle ride (100+ miles) whatever I eat tastes wonderful. The Traveler
  5. I wonder - but am not completely convinced that you may be "barking up the wrong tree". Here is some of my thinking. In the pre-existence heaven was divided into 3 basic groups of spirits. Then here in mortality, the 3 sons of Noah symbolically represent 3 divisions of mankind. Finely in the resurrection the children of mortality are essentially, once again, divided into 3 degrees of glory. There is an assumption that the 3 degrees of glory are in 3 different places. That there will be a dimensional separation of the more righteous from the rest. As I have said - I am not convinced that is the case. In essence that in eternity there are no walls or gates that physically force the separation of eternal beings any more than there are physical barriers to keep the unworthy from attending church. In essence the only reason keeping the unworthy away or at a distance is their agency and choice not to fellowship with the glorified eternal Saints. I tend to think that the societies of heaven are not so different than what we experience here on earth. That it is the more righteous that will continue to be involved in the acts of loving service and sacrifice. So I wonder if the acts of perfected worship and being in the service of others will be conducted by those of Celestial nature mostly toward those of lessor glory. The Traveler
  6. I love it that individuals like yourself think outside the box. As I have studied astrophysics (especially theoretical physics); I have come to the conclusion that the universe is quite different than most non-scientific minds envision it. We tend to think of life as we mortals experience it. I wonder if mortal life like us even exists beyond the tiny confines our seemingly infinitely unique little planet. Far from being a engine encouraging life like us - the universe is extremely hostile to mortal type life in every way possible. I speculate that earth was divinely and uniquely created specific for mortal life - which cannot exist anywhere else in this universe without extreme care and constant oversight - and even then; a mortal life duration is almost non-existent in the terms of space-time flow of our universe. Even scripture seems to indicate that mortal life is hardly a shadow of reality. The Bohr atom I studied in college is now hardly even an adoration of today's models. We now study a fast field of sub-atomic particles and have invented a new physics of quantum mechanics in an effort to describe and explain what we are discovering over the last 150 years. And as to our physical nature - we are more a symbiont collections of living things than we are a single organism. The living cells within us are more comprised of variant DNA than that which uniquely identifies us. It is unlikely that there is even a single cell of our adult body that has remained in tact from when we were born. I wonder how much of what we currently think we are is even that much of what we really are. I think perhaps, this existence is but a small partial reflection of what we really are - and the knowledge we have acquired to get us to here. The Traveler
  7. Are your referencing our genetic or physiological sexual identity or the wildest far reaching's of our acquired imaginations of mortality? The Traveler
  8. Some of my experiences have been almost the opposite. Especially while I was in the military - once I made it known that I lived the Word Of Wisdom as a form of religious worship; my non member comrades would expect and make sure that I remain faithful. Whereas many members are much less tolerant of mistakes - especially of the mistakes of those in leadership positions. The Traveler
  9. The reason I posted in that manner is because many interpret an "ease of burden" as being a life of less difficulty. I know of a number of individuals that have left the church thinking it has failed them. The served a mission, married in the temple, read their scriptures daily and pray often - and yet their marriage failed them. They are not necessarily bitter but feel that because they were "faithful" that they should have (by right) been blessed. Most commonly it seems that they reject the law of chastity thinking that they can find the happiness they lost through less commitment and more "freedom". They quit going to church and associating with "active" members because they seem to feel that they are being judged. I wonder if this reaction is itself an act of judgment (condemnation) to justify something they know is wrong and thus a type of gas lightening. The Traveler
  10. I do not know of anything worthwhile or outstanding that accomplished from following an easy path. I initially thought that if I married a righteous lady (righteous meaning one that covenants with G-d) that marriage and raising a family would be easy. The only think I think is easier is that there is someone willing to suffer together with me through all our trials and that there is someone that is willing to put up with me and the weirdness that comes from the personality of an engineer. I do think there is something good that comes from living by faith in G-d in a community of faith. Not because the road or trials are less difficult - but of a certainty it is worth it. Even if there is not that much of a greater reward in the next life I can say, from my experiences - it has definitely been worth it. The Traveler
  11. I am surprised that there are not more - considering a promise of $2,000 stimulus per person for anyone the makes it in. The Traveler
  12. Traveler

    True and Living

    I put this thread in the topic of General Discussion for a purpose and a reason. Often in religion we speak of the "True and Living" G-d. What is meant by "True and Living"? As we ponder what True and Living means my question is -- If there is really a True and Living G-d such that there is an advantage in this life to believe in "The One and Only" "True and Living G-d"; how can it be that any one could worship that "One and Only True and Living G-d" and NOT believe that there is a "One and Only True and Living" Church of G-d through which we can "know" and "worship" him?
  13. @Suzie I have pondered under what circumstances I would destroy property and with the use of force take another person's life. As a young 17 year old I pondered and struggled with these thoughts through a long night while in the military having just received orders that would take me into Vietnam during a time of war the following day. I believe there is a fine line that divides standing to protect freedom and liberty and fighting against freedoms and liberties. I would not be so bold as to attempt to tell anyone where that line must be drawn but only to say that I personally have the greatest of respect for those that stand before that line as I did while in the military and those officers (police) that do so each and every day that our society may have some semblance of peace. To be honest - having been there and pondered taking the life of other human beings - I realize that those that stand there are not so different from myself, with flaws and mistakes and a propensity to strike back in anger when sufficiently provoked. I came away from my military experience with the determination that I would rather suffer and die myself than to be the means of brining suffering and death to others but I would if necessary and the only possibility. I do not know how this country can move forward as the "United States" - without a willingness to listen to those with whom we disagree without hate and rage and a willingness to sacrifice something ourselves. The Traveler
  14. I have pondered what it means to be taken up. In the opening chapters of the Book of Revelation we read a witness of one who was called John that was "Called Up". A review of his witness may assist you in your musing on such a matter. The Traveler
  15. I believe this is a great topic for study. Anciently the meaning of righteous was someone that covenants with G-d. Here are some of my thoughts: - The home teacher that had the greatest impact on my family was a guy to took special interest in our children. He sometimes came to their sporting events or competitions. Every Sunday he would talk to the kids about their sports or anything they were doing prior to sacrament meeting - rather then sitting in his pew reverently. - I have always been concerned with temple recommend interviews when I am asked if I am worthy to be at the temple. One of the main reasons I personally attend the temple is to become more spiritually in tune (more worthy to be there). Attending the temple - at least for me - is part of a repentance process and an effort to become more closer to being worthy to be in the presents of the Father and the Son. - When I lived in Maryland working for the Defense Department - I was the only member in Anti Submarine Warfare division at the Naval Base where I worked. I also worked for a company in Utah where most were LDS and was a lead engineer on projects where all the engineers were worthy LDS. To be honest - I felt to be more of a instrument used by G-d when I was the only member. Sometimes spiritual strength comes of necessity. The big problem in being in Maryland is being so far from family - but this was also a blessing. My wife and I had only been married for 3 years when we moved to Maryland where we had no friends or family - we became close having to rely on each other. It was perhaps our greatest challenge and blessing and made our family very strong and united. It is my personal belief that those that focus on their individual spirituality and worthiness - do so not understanding their covenants with G-d. The first covenant with G-d is a turning from individual self righteousness to the care and love of others. To morn with those that morn and comfort those in need of comfort. Something I struggle with - weather I am in the midst of the saints are alone myself. But it does seem there is more opportunity to morn with those the morn and comfort those in need of comfort in the wilderness seeking out and looking for the one lost sheep than safely in the fold with the 99. The Traveler
  16. Finally - something enjoyable to listen to from a political leader. Thansk The Traveler
  17. Traveler

    Temple Clothing Bags

    If you cannot find the bag fitted with the hook as you desire - you could add your own with a combination carabiner and j-hook. The Traveler
  18. I look at "Sunday Best" as one's Sabbath Covenant to G-d. The Traveler
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    A close look at history; there was a great apostasy in the church and many that incited the mob were previous members that fell away. But what is most interesting to me is that all the suffering inflicted on the Saints prepared them for leaving the USA into the west. Despite the hardships of the westward movement - the Saints were led away to a place of safety while the nation fell into a bitter civil war - the worst conflict this nation has been involved in - so far. Sometimes I think history repeats itself. The Traveler
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    It has long been my understanding that in the Last-days the world would be divided. It is my personal opinion that the division would be in three parts. This diving into 3 parts is mirrored in the pre-existence, the world after the flood of Noah and again in the resurrection. Two of the 3 parts will turn against each other. Only one part will remain above the bitterness to be valiant and exercise great faith in the plan of G-d. I wonder if social media is a tool of those that rely on the arm of the flesh that will be replaced by spiritual means for those of the covenant. And so I ask - what are our prophets recommending? The Traveler
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    I listened very carefully to your supplied video of Trump and heard no call for any violence. Would you provide that time into the video so I know what you are talking about. BTW, I do recall a Hollywood type posting a picture of them with the severed head of Trump - I do not recall twitter or anyone else suggesting her accounts or freedom of speech be withheld. The Traveler
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    I am concerned. I never liked Trump. I do not know very many people that think he is a wonderful example of humanity. For me, there are two dominate genre types of people that I do not trust and in this order: Career politicians and corporate moguls. Often, I think of adding a third and perhaps a forth - media celebrities and royals. I will be open concerning my opinion, bias and prejudice. I distrust these genre types because I believe that they are dishonest in that they present themselves as beneficial to society when for the most part (according to my opinion) they are parasitic and do more harm and destruction than any lasting benefit. In short (my bias) they take as much as they can and give as little as they determine they must. At this point I want to add another thought - it begins with the deliberate act of what is affectionately known as "GAS LIGHTENING". In case someone does not know what I mean by this term - it is shifting or diverting blame for what one person does onto someone else. Again - I believe this most about the genre types that I do not trust because I believe they often try to get around the direct principles of freedom, liberty and justice with "gas lightening". I believe it was Shakespeare in his play "King Lear" that the King goes incognito among his troupes as they prepare for battle and becomes involved in a classic debate in the argument of who is more responsible for the horrors of war - the leader (King) or those that carry our his orders. It is the object of freedom, liberty and justice for each and every individual to be 100% responsible for their deeds and acts. A free people stand responsible for their own deeds and acts and also they expect others to hold themselves responsible for their deeds and acts. As I have personally observed the events of this last year unfold and I am most concerned that for all the lawlessness that I have observed - there is little or no accountability - first to those that have committed crimes and those that have encouraged crimes. Now, I want to say something about the last election. I live in Utah and I cast my ballet for the last election here in Utah. I did not see any election or voting ill regularities here. But to be honest - I did not look for any. I have in the past and I know for a fact when I have been involved I have observed gross election and voting ill regularities. I have attempted to bring the knowledge of such violations before the public in the past but have faced bitter opposition both from public news outlets and governmental law enforcement agencies. In short I faced more threats from both than those that committed the actual violations. I believe that civil war will eventually result when opposing elements of a society are no longer willing to listen to the concerns of another element of that same society. Trump has exposed a number of concerns that underpin our society - that I believe need to be exposed. This exposure is in our trade policies, immigration policies, foreign affairs, domestic health care, taxation, and many other elements - that I personally believe need to be brought before the public and debated openly and without discrimination. And to be honest - it appears to me that the areas of our society most controlled by Democrats (or those that identify themselves as political liberals) are the most involved in gas lightening and objection to keeping our society based upon maintaining freedom, liberty and justice. The Traveler
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    Lehi and the twelve visitors

    I will attempt an answer. To the First: Egypt was the center of ancient Western Civilization. We know that Lehi was a wealthy individual. Most likely his wealth came from trade which would give him connections in Egypt. As you are referencing the first chapter of first Nephi you may be surprised to note that Nephi's writing definitely has roots in ancient Egypt. Nephi opens his writing with a classic Egyptian Colophon made famous from the Bremer-Rhind Papyrus. This becomes a striking testimony of the Book of Mormon's origins and truthfulness because this ancient Egyptian Colophon was not know at the time Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon. Along this same line - Egyptians would close their remarks with phrases like "And thus it is" or "And so it is". Nephi uses the closing of "And thus it is, Amen" - which demonstrates a most interesting blending of ancient Egyptian and Hebrew. As to the second reference of 12 heavenly beings. In this we find poetic symbolism very similar to the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Because the Apostles chosen by Christ are vessels bringing truths of heaven they are symbolically represented as 12 heavenly beings. Because of the symbolism we are not to think of them individually but as a quorum of 12 - distinct to that which is ordained of G-d and not man. Thinking in terms of their individual names is pointless to the revelation. In the Bible the Apostles are referenced as the "foundation" of the religious structure built by Christ and thus a means to identify the true and living church or structure of G-d. To be differentiated from the counterfeit strictures built up by men (including well meaning men). The Traveler
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    This year is starting out badly. I expected it to be so but with different players igniting the fuses. I thought that liberals would take down our capitol but it turns out to be the conservatives. Apparently what has happening really has not been about politics. I am convinced a solution will not come from a political party or political leadership. The Traveler
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    I have retired - but one thing I have learned by my many years of work (in the field of automation) is that when things go wrong in a complex system - the only way to "fix" it and make things get running again requires very accurate and complete, to the most minute detail, understanding of what, where, when and how things went wrong. There are problems gathering data especially when the cause is ambiguous. It is not uncommon to think that the problem has been discovered when in reality one has only discovered a symptom and not a cause. There is also a unintentional effort to shift blame. A simple way of putting this shift of blame problem is software types thinking the root of the problem is hardware and the hardware types thinking the root of the problem is software. Then there is the matter of process. I was working with a Japanese robot when a storm caused a power outage and an uncontrolled shut down of everything in the plant. The Japanese robot was intergraded into some very complex processes that completely lost is brains in the shutdown which took days to get back on line. But the Japanese would not accept any responsibility for their robot's failure to come back on line - they kept saying we should not allow a uncontrolled shutdown. They simply could not understand any recovery processes outside of a controlled shutdown - which BTW took up to a few hours to complete. It is surprising that very few people understand cascading problems from the seemingly simple to catastrophic failure. There is a motion picture titled "Passengers" that high lights such a problem. Fixing anything but the root cause will not avoid catastrophic failure. I believe @Just_A_Guyhas suggested that we are approaching catastrophic failure of our system of government, culture and society. I define such a catastrophic failure as a civil war. Having been enlisted in the military during a war - I have experience with war. The best possible outcome of war is the loss of many of the best and brightest of that society that wins - the war. The society that looses a war is lost and will never again exist as it was before. The other problem with war is picking which side you are willing to die defending. That will at least allow you a choice of who will kill you and for what. The Traveler