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  1. Books are an interesting and valuable commodity. I would say that of all my material possessions, I covet them the most. However, I am not sealed to any of my books and I have no plan to take them with me when I finish my travels and return home. The Traveler
  2. Live here on earth is very abundant. So abundant that perhaps our understanding of life in this universe is skewed beyond realistic possibilities. The Drake Equation would indicate that intelligent life is so abundant that we should have discovered intelligent life already. Currently, it is roughly believed that life will exist anywhere it is possible. This is how things seem to pile up here on earth. I am of a different thought – Earth is extremely rare, perhaps even a statistical improbability. There are 4 planets in our solar system that could harbor life in the Goldilocks zone from the sun – that is according to the theories we have concerning life. But life as we know it only exists on our earth. But even on earth life is not easy. Every organism must struggle unceasingly for survival. Over 99% of the species of life that have evolved on earth are now extinct. Intelligent life is even rarer. As an intelligent species we have barely evolved literacy and yet it is widely circulated and believed that our intelligent species on earth will likely destroy itself (and perhaps lots of other life) within the next 15 years. The point here is that even on this planet life as we know it is very fragile. But there is even more. Earth is unusually oriented for life as we know it. It is relatively abundant in heavy elements beginning with carbon all the way through plutonium. These elements are only created (as far as we know) when a star goes supernova. Because of the half life of very heavy elements, we know that the earth could not have been created here in our solar system. The best explanation is that the earth was created somewhere closer to the interior of the Milky Way Galaxy and then very quickly flung out to be captured by our sun. But that is somewhat of a stretch because of the near circular orbit of the earth around the sun. Recent discoveries point to more uncertainties for life. Our sun gives off powerful solar winds. There is not a clear indication of how our earth was set up with a magnetic sphere protecting the earth from the sun’s powerful solar winds. Never-the-less the solar winds are necessary for life to exist even though it is because of the solar winds that the other planets in the Goldilocks zone have lost their atmosphere and the water they were created with. But beyond the reaches of our solar system, beyond the Oort cloud and the Kuiper belt and into deep space there is deadly cosmic (gamma) radiation. In addition, our solar system is traveling at a high rate of speed into this cosmos. At the outer edge of our solar system that is a war going on with that cosmos and the solar winds are our front-line soldiers keeping the gamma rays from destroying the DNA of every living thing on earth. It does not look like the Drake Equation takes all that is necessary into account. If there is intelligent life anywhere else in our universe – statistically it will not be anything like life here on earth. There is no way for life as we know it to evolve anywhere else – the universe is far to hostel. Both for any possible generation of life as well as the evolution of such life. Thus, the technology of any such intelligent life will be indistinguishable from magic or divine miracles. If we are to continue to survive and evolve we are completely dependent of the intelligence that engineered this extremely slim probable opportunity. Hopefully such intelligence is a merciful G-d because if it is not then we are doomed along with all our hope and potential. The Traveler
  3. There has never been a Palestinian State. The Middle East has always been multicultural. One would think that those trying to live there would figure out how to get along with other cultures. Having visited Israel – I was amazed with how many religions are tied to the area. The only place I discovered would not allow an established secondary religious worship facility was anywhere under Palestinian authority. I have also visited Vatican City and I experienced that no one enters that city without permission and crossing a check point – It is was not easier than passing check points in Isarel. The Traveler
  4. Once, while I was visiting a Mexican family, I was served a tostada for dinner with a fired egg (over easy) on top. I loved it. However, my wife has this thing with fried eggs (especially over easy) and will not allow it in our home, when she is home. So, I only get this treat when I am home alone. The Traveler
  5. Recently in the news two Illegals from Jordon attempted to get on a military base in Virginia. There are several things that bother me about this news story. First – as I understand the release was a bit of a mistake because a local reporter got the story out. It was not discovered by national news outlets or released by our government. Because the illegals involved had no weapons or means to threaten anyone on the base – we are being told that there is nothing to be concerned about. I do not believe this for a second. When I was in the army, the enlisted stationed at the bases withing country were not allowed to have weapons except for designated training or assignments (like the rifle range training or qualification). This means that other than MP's – no one is armed. None MP gate guards are not armed. This is different than what takes place in a war time theater zone. It is my impression that our current presidential leadership (president being directly over the military) is somewhat asleep at the wheel. What I believe is taking place is intelligence gathering to determine protocols at military entry gates for possible intrusions. Granted it has been a while since I was in the military and back then the concentration was combat centered rather the DEI. I was trained that gathered intelligence has a short shelf life. Thus, the primary reason to gather intelligence is most likely for an eminent plan of action. I am pondering that the security of the average citizen of this nation is currently at greater risk than ever before in our nation’s history. It may be possible that correcting the threat we are now experiencing will be problematic if corrective actions are not taken before our next election. All because we are too politically divided and the politics, especially of one particular party, seems to be supportive of insurgent elements imbedded in our society – from our borders to our educational institutions. The Traveler
  6. I am not a qualified respondent to this question. I tried to follow this stuff for a while, but the problem is (as near as I understand) that we do not have functioning quantum hardware yet. That such efforts are not done with quantum tech but with common tech, super computers running in virtual mode. What I have gathered about the hardware is that there are problems with quantum entanglement yet to be solved. I do not know where things stand currently but the last I read was that in theory the concepts are promising but we are not there yet. What advancements that are taking place are limited and thus very niche orientated. As to Moore’s Law in general – who knows where that will go next. Microchips (wafers) are not dependent on single wired transistors as they were once understood – by definition a single transistor has a on or off charge flow which is the basis of current binary computer hardware. Currently chips are a little more complex – I am not so sure I understand the basic wafer reticle circuit representation anymore (I have been professionally out of the loop for about 5 years – more than that for these specifics). I think we still have a way to go before we reach the dead end with what we can put on a wafer. But there is a caveat. If we ever get a super massive solar flair pointed at our little planet – we will not have any chip hardware left working (with some specific exceptions). And it will take a while to replace everything all at once because silicon fabs, themselves, rely heavily on microchips for microchip fabrication. We know how we got here so it is a question of finding a place where we can start over. The Traveler
  7. I do not know if I would like the book or not. Perhaps I should purchase and use it first. Often, I do not like pre-marked text like this because it may preset my impressions of interlacing Chiasms. I had several copies of scriptures in my library. But my wife thinks I am somewhat of a hoarder, and she does not understand why I want several copies of the same thing. Years ago, she purged about half my library. The problem was that it was years before I realized things were missing. Living without the books did not seem to change much of anything. Thus, I decided that the lost books were not really that important. The Traveler
  8. You and I are somewhat similar. For me, everything has to be logical, or I cannot relate. Math and physics are logical. When reading, I look at a sentence or paragraph and pull out the logic. Often when I am reading aloud, I will leave words out or change some words. This seems to upset lots of people that are about phonics. I skip over lots of stuff, especially in novels when the author likes to write in misdirection. I have given up on Stephen King because all he does is misdirection. What I do not relate to – I ask questions. In college I would pre-read the chapter then ask questions in class to resolve what I did not understand. My goal was to complete the homework during class. I admit to being somewhat of a troublemaker – especially for professors that wrote the textbook and forced all the students to purchase their own copy and would update the additions to prevent purchasing used textbooks. When I found errors in our current lesson, I would ask the professor to explain the step with the error to see how quickly they could figure out there was a problem. Just like good teachers challenge the best students – I believed that good students challenge the best teachers. I learn the best when I am able to ask lots of questions. I used to think everybody was like me or should be. What I have learned is that I am the odd one that is different and that I am the one most likely to cause the communication difficulty. What I have learned is that the best teams have different types – each doing what they do best. I believe I could work very well with you. You seem to be very good at things that I am not so good at. The Traveler Insulting to who? Teachers or engineers? The Traveler
  9. Not sure I understand this. Growing up math and physics were the only things in school that I was good at doing. I did have one class in college (math) that I would never have learned (passed) without my professor. I think, for me, being an apprentice for a profession would have been far more efficient. I have always thought of a college degree as a piece of paper that would guarantee that I could learn and do whatever my profession required – that in reality – stuff I could have done without going to college. I would be interested – what about college; made such a big difference for you? The Traveler
  10. I have heard rumors or ideas that those of higher glory will or can visit the places of lessor glory but not so much the other way around. When we use the term “place”, I am not quite sure what that means. Maybe like here on earth. There are many levels of conventional glory that could be close by – like in the same neighborhood or even household. There are many people that are uncomfortable attending church and especially being worthy and regular temple worshipers. And yes, sometime those of such different worship glory live together in the same homes. Families that are “sealed” for eternity – maybe of different glory? And still sealed? I do not know – rather I am speculating. I am not sure what the benefit would be to be separated to different areas (super clusters, galaxies or planets) of the universe by glory. I personally like variety. The Traveler
  11. I ran across this YouTube about BYU and thought it was interesting. I grew up in Provo and personally knew several professors. In high school I dated sever daughters of professors. Professors were just other people to me. I was never afraid to talk to a professor or even offer criticism. I have also thought that (especially college) is about connections between both the professors and high achieving students. To be honest, many of my connections over the years have gone off the rails. And yet many remain. Because of connections at school – it came naturally to establish connections at work and in some small way here on the forum. I offer this video for those with a different attitude about education. The Traveler
  12. I have a somewhat different view for what it is worth. I do agree that Lucifer fell and left heaven. I do not know how much of that was forced and how much of his leaving was somewhat voluntary. But there was something else. When Adam fell all of mankind fell with him. The scriptures say that as in Adam all die. There are two deaths – one is physical the other is a spiritual death. The spiritual death is in essence being cast out of heaven (the Father’s presents). The person we call Jesus Christ or Jehovah became the mediator with the Father over all those exiled from heaven. Thus, Lucifer left heaven in one occurrence and in another mankind also fell – suffering a spiritual death. In Job when Satan came before the thrown of G-d – that was the thrown of Jehovah and not the Father. I have some to speculate that Satan will go through an additional exile at the end of time known as the final judgement. At the final judgment he will fulfill his role as the accuser. Until then he will have access (all though with perhaps some limitations) to all those the reside in the first fallen state – which I speculate involve some spirits still in the pre-existence as well as those in the spirit world awaiting the final judgment. Going back to our original thought – beings of light are not comfortable in places given to darkness. Likewise, beings of darkness are not comfortable in places of light and truth. I believe this to be an element of our Agency. The Traveler
  13. I have had troubles dealing with the book of Job and this interface with Satan. It is my understanding that the book of Job is the earliest scripture to categorize the individual Satan by name and a unique entity. It would seem that other early references were more symbolic than direct reference. It had been my understanding that Satan (previously known as Lucifer) was forced to leave heaven and never return. That his fallen state was fixed. I have concluded that like many things in scripture there is more to what is being said than what is being said. It does not appear to me that Satan was summoned. Or that if he was summoned that he was against the summons. He seems to show up with a previously determined agenda and was allowed to pursue his agenda as an affront towards G-d and that G-d willfully capitulates. I mitigate this epoch in scripture to be more symbolic than factual. In short there is much more deep below the surface to this. It is for this reason, to see how you and others of the forum have dealt with a seemingly paradox of Satan making bargains before G-d that will affect the souls of man. And that man is without any resemblance of agency or any choice in the matter. But now we are getting deep into LDS doctrine concerning the pre-existence and the roll of agency and how that plays into our mortal journey of travelers in a strange land. The Traveler
  14. Later in scripture we see Satan coming before the thrown of G-d to make deals concerning Job. I am not an expert but I wonder if it is just that Satan does not like hanging around all that much in places where G-d and his covenant people are firmly established in righteousness – upholding the law, maintaining the ordinances and keeping the covenants. The Traveler
  15. Perhaps I should have been more clear. I do not think it harms the righteous to weep over or because of the wicked. The Traveler
  16. Can you give me an example (since we are thinking of the pre-existence) it may have to be theoretical. I am a little confused - I am under the impression that following the path of righteousness brings lasting (eternal) joy. The sorrow for the wicked is unfulling and benefits no one - so it is temporary and unsustained. The Traveler
  17. My worse teachers were when I was in college (BYU). And also some of my best were at BYU (Hugh Nibley, Dr. Hall and Dr Harrison). I had one of the most meaningful discussions with a high school teacher that told me, “If I make the test and homework really hard there will always be some that will do well and some that will fail. If I make the tests and homework super easy there will still be some that will do well and some that will fail. It should be no surprise that in both cases it is always the same that do well and the same that fail. I have learned that my best efforts are always in pushing the best students to be better.” I discovered in jr. high school that if a teacher thought I was smart that they would work much harder to successfully teach me. If they thought I was rather stupid, they were hardly interested in any kind of extended effort to teach me anything. Mostly, students learn best from the teacher they like but I came to believe that my best effort as a student ought to be to convince the teacher that of all the students they had, that they liked me the most. Most of this I discovered from a Sunday School teacher at church that became one of my greatest examples of Christ and that love is the greatest motivator of the best teachers – and students as well. The Traveler
  18. Quoting from my personal scripture concerning Satan: “For behold this is the work and glory of Satan – to bring to pass the immorality and infernal life of man”. The Traveler
  19. It is ironic that when I was in college thinking about what profession I would pursue – my first choice was to become a teacher. There was a movie titled “To Sir With Love”. There was a theme song by the same name as the movie that was popular at the time that had convinced me that teaching youth was the most noble profession that I could pursue. The standards to become a teacher were quite high and I failed to meet the standards. I am dyslectic – some are more dyslectic than me, but my problem is that I cannot spell worth a darn – I cannot read phonetically either. Because I failed remedial spelling 3 semesters in a row, I was kicked out of the education (teaching) department and was forced to become an engineer. I had also considered teaching Seminary but had to have a teaching certification. I was quite disappointed. As I read through this thread, I am very disappointed with the attitudes towards teachers. I had some poor teachers, but the vast majority of my teachers has a strong influence for good in my life. I had one teacher that I am sure hated me – but looking back now, it was mostly my fault. And that teacher did add to my benefit in life. Currently I have 3 good people I know and am close to that are teachers in our public schools. Hearing their comments about parents and the problems parents are causing in education is quite different than where the blame is headed on this forum. Recently a student here in Utah (Davis county) committed suicide. The student was one of what is currently referred to as a ferry (identifying as an animal). Other students were making fun (bullying by some definitions) and the teacher was not doing anything about it. It is important to note that the so-called bullying was not taking place in the class room. But because the teacher did not support the student in the classroom the school district was sued by the parents, the teacher fired and convicted of a crime – sentenced to probation. Teachers are not wealthy, and this has destroyed the teacher. This single case has every teacher in the state (including my 3 friends) scared to death. All three are close to retirement and losing their pensions would be financially devastating for them. Perhaps the most devasting element out of all this is that the teachers I know feel abandoned and left out on a limb to die by society that they intended to serve through their profession choice. I forget who said it but all that evil needs to succeed is for good people to do nothing. The Traveler
  20. Thank you all for your input. I expected more negative comments – but let me proceed with things so far. I am thinking that the really rich and wealthy of eternity are the more glorious. In section 11 of the D&C we are told that “he that hath eternal life is rich.” It is my understanding that the reference to “eternal life” is not the resurrected immortal living for ever but rather those that are Celestial. That eternal is a reference to our eternal Father – so it is a life like his. This is a way of saying that Celestial beings are rich. But the Celestial way of thinking is not about hording one’s wealth. My impression that is Lucifer’s reason for wanting Glory. Rather the Celestial rich dedicate all their wealth for the benefit of others. I thought about this for a while, and I do not think that Celestial individuals only care about those that are Celestial. They help the poor. That would mean that they maintain those of lessor or no Glory. Because of the attitudes of Satan towards the Father and the Son – it is my impression that he is very jealous and covetous of their wealth (Glory). But because he is fully dependent upon the grace and kindness of those that are Celestial – he is forced to be obedient to their commands. I have wondered why Satan obeys the Father and Son – even though reluctantly. He and all that are not Celestial have no choice. Perhaps this can give insights into the war in heaven. Since there was no pain, suffering or even death – what then would be the weapons. What would be the chains that would bind the wicked. A couple of ideas here. First – wickedness would not be defined by what someone does to others – because there is nothing they could do to harm others. Wickedness would be the harm that they do to themselves. The only harm that they could do to themselves is refuse to be obedient to the laws, ordinances and covenants – especially the Celestial laws, ordinances and covenants. Their acts of war would be to attempt to convince others to be disobedient to the laws, ordinances and covenants. The scripture descriptions of this is to tempt others to become miserable like unto them. The second idea is that righteous would be defined as someone that is obedient to the laws, ordinances and covenants. Therefore, the weapons of the Celestial or righteous in fighting the eternal war between good and evil – is the light of truth. This is why the war in heaven is still being fought and what is the means of the fighting. This means that repentance is not so much about getting past or forgiven of sin as it is about embracing light and truth and being obedient to the laws, ordinances and covenants. We have had some discussion on this forum about the one and only true Church. This is why believing in the one and only true G-d involves one faith, one hope and one baptism. This is why the Saints of G-d are willing to do the work in the temples for the dead – despite that many of those that died without the law, ordinances and covenants will remain in their wickedness by the exercise of their agency. It is the kind of thing that divine Celestial beings do with their riches. Thanks for reading – and for input. The Traveler
  21. Really --- I have to have a facebook account to access this??? Not worth it. The Traveler
  22. Recently I was having a discussion with my brother, and he introduced to me an idea that I had not thought much about – divine currency. Because currency is closely associated with the economy – I thought defining economy would be a good place to start. Among the definitions of economy – I would project that economy is, in essence, the practices, discourses and expressions associated with the production, use and management of resources (copied from Wikipedia). The word from scripture that seems to deal with G-d and his overseeing of resources is, in scripture, the term “Glory”. In the councils of our pre-existence, it seems that the focus of Lucifer was on two principles or things. One was the empowering of individuals with agency (Lucifer strongly opposed this) and the second was that Lucifer wanted G-d’s glory. I have understood that Lucifer intended to utilize G-d’s glory to take over heaven and place himself as the supreme Suzerain of the Kingdom of Heaven. With G-d’s glory Lucifer would oversee, manage and control all the resources of the universe – both physical and spiritual. Here in mortality and on earth – our currency (wealth) is associated only with physical stuff like silver and gold. But silver and gold is such a limited commodity that we use the glory of our government to print and distribute dollars – which are guaranteed by our government rather than actual gold and silver. If our government loses its glory the money will be worthless. It would seem that anyone with unlimited access to dollars has the ability (power) to do purty much whatever they want. I am still in the process of thinking this through – any input would be appreciated. Anyone willing to discuss with me and deal with questions would make me very happy. If you have better ideas – it would be better than gold. The Traveler
  23. If I were king of the world and could dictate education – I would consider monitoring a false misleading issue. The first thing I would do with education is make the teachers the highest paid individuals in the education system. More than any administrator regardless of the level – especially at the college level. However, the pay of teachers would be incentive based. The more students that performed at grade level or better the more the teacher would be paid. The teacher would have complete control over the classroom and curriculum methodology – also including if there is monitoring and if desired which students are monitored. If a teacher did not want a student – no argument or discussion - the teacher could remove the student from the classroom at any time for any reason. The one caveat would be that teachers could receive bonuses for dealing with previously determined problem students. Second – I would do away with the letter grading system. All subjects would be pass/fail. However, grading would be with a caveat. Advanced students could be placed (recommended by the teacher and accepted by the student) in advanced courses with a higher standard of passing. Third - I would have uniforms for students according to their birth gender and grade or advanced placement. In addition to uniforms – I would require uniform hair styles and grooming – advanced students and upper grades would have slight increases in freedoms for hair and grooming styles. Fourth – Parents would have just enough control to remove their kid from any teacher’s class – but would require a teacher’s consent if requesting their child be in a specific class. If a regular class could not be found for a specific (problem?) child – they would be assigned to specialized teachers for problem students. During the time the children were in the specialized classes the parents would be required to either pay a monthly fee or provide service. If necessary – by law – extreme problem students would be placed in 24/7 military schools. I am thinking that I would give students in foster care to roll in specialized military schools (not the problem military schools) that would allow them to opt out of foster care. The Traveler