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  1. LDSGator

    GKR Karate (Again!)

    TKD-Taekwando. Korean martial art Go-Kan-Ryu Karate. Japanese martial art. Hope this helps a bit.
  2. I’m not his judge either. However, I can say with virtual certainty that you are correct about his eternal place. One of the reasons I’m not an atheist is that I can’t believe that Mussolini goes to the same place in the afterlife as those doctors who treat Ebola on the frontlines in Africa do.
  3. It’s not cold, it’s totally understandable. I have sympathy for anyone in a dark mental place, but sympathy only goes so far. And it stops when someone decides to kill people. Mentally ill doesn’t mean “unable to comprehend right from wrong.”
  4. LDSGator

    GKR Karate (Again!)

    TKD black belt here. I know very little about GKR Karate, but I studied Ed Parker karate for about three years. One thing all martial artists seem have in common is the ability to whine and play victim. Taekwando does this. Karate does this. Krav Maga does this. I have yet to meet a practitioner in any style who doesn’t play the persecuted victim card. “No one likes my style.” “They say it doesn’t work in real life.” “Poor me.” It’s the martial arts equal to “No one likes me, everyone hates me I think I’ll go eat worms.” Sorry bro, but it’s a huge pet peeve of mine to hear this in the combat sports world. And I hear it all the time. Just let it go, enjoy your style and let the haters hate. They are almost always out of shape pork chops who lack the backbone to do what we do. Most practitioners of martial arts have great respect for others, no matter what style they do. A good sign of a phony os when they badmouth other styles. Just let it go. @Jamie123-One more thing. My beloved TKD does this too. We’re not innocent either.
  5. It’s just so sad. School shootings are rare, but it’s heartbreaking of course. Our human minds are simple. We like easy answers, good guys and bad guys. With issues like this there are no easy answers.
  6. That’s how @NeuroTypical got me hooked on drugs.
  7. I like him already. Send me the link in private via Facebook. That’s great, and I’m super happy that works for you-not kidding, it is my prayer that all of us here stay safe. Now, let’s convince those who have never ever seen a gun in real life, have no experience with them, and don’t like them to do the same. I’m not being mean, just asking a practical, real life question. Muffy from exclusive suburban Boston will not be convinced to carry a .45 while she teaches ethnic studies. When her school gets shot up, do you think the anti gunners are going to just give up? No, they are going to do the same things, and the cycle will repeat itself. I’m glad that you are who you are @Backroads. You know I have nothing but love for you. I also own two handguns and several long guns. I’m no expert though. All self taught, and yes, everyone here knows way more about guns than I ever will know, or in all honesty care to know. But I still am highly skeptical that arming teachers will help.
  8. I actually agree with you for the most part, I’m just not naive. Like I mentioned above (I edited it, sorry) your average teacher lacks the desire, time and talent to become Dirty Harry. We all know that you can’t become an expert marksman in two weeks of training. Arming teachers makes second amendment advocates (and again I’m one of them) feel good, but it’ll do very little in the long run. Not to mention that when teacher X becomes distracted or over powered little Johnny Psycopath can now have full access to a nice, shiny toy to go kill people with.
  9. Oh. Because for some of us, it seems at the very least-a little weird- that yesterday one side was screaming about teachers being incapable of choosing what to teach, but today that same side wants to give them AK-47’s. “False equivalences” or not, that line of thinking can confuse stupid people like me. After all, I wouldn’t want to arm people who I thought were “groomers” who target children. I’m as pro second amendment as they get, but I’m not naive or blind. Arming teachers will do nothing if we don’t address mental health. Especially because most teachers almost certainly lack the will and talent to become competent enough with a firearm to actually protect anyone. They are teachers, not Navy Seals.
  10. I don’t fully understand the “arm teachers” movement. Apparently teachers aren’t trusted to teach children (we’ve had this discussion in society very recently), but are trusted to protect them with guns?
  11. Ironically, that’s sort of what Trump did. His supporters, especially the hardcore ones, were absolutely “angry”. I don’t know them well enough to say they were “hurting”.
  12. LDSGator

    Random thought: witness protection

    These are all great questions, but remember that most people who enter witness protection aren’t innocent bystanders but mostly criminals. I’m not saying the don’t deserve a second chance, they absolutely do, but you’d be amazed how many people in the witness protection program engage in criminal activity again. Yes, they have every right to be forgiven and welcomed into the church. But when you see their face in the news for robbing a bank or embezzling dirty money, don’t be surprised.
  13. LDSGator

    Hurricane Season is near

    Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Love it.