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  1. Whoops, was supposed to quote this one instead. apparently my computer skills are not above 4th grade either.
  2. One of the homeschooling families at the dojang are fundamentalist Christians. Not an insult, their words. Their kids are polite, deeply religious and can barely read above a 4th grade level. One is 17 the other is 14.
  3. Understand. Glad it worked out for you, and I’m with you in forgetting high school chemistry, but I’m not a functional adult. At all.
  4. Lol. I want to like home schooling more than I do. I hated high school and I have zero love for teachers unions. Still though, I have concerns.
  5. Thanks, appreciate your response. Like I’ve said before, my only experience for years with home schoolers was awful. The poor girl was, in her own words “in a prison”. It’s more complicated and sadder than that of course. Also, in the dojang we’ve had a few home schoolers come and go. One I wouldn’t trust with a cat-and I hate cats. But most are fairly normal.
  6. @NeuroTypical-in your view, how many homeschoolers are humble (for lack of a better word) enough to admit what they don’t know? I’m not being funny here, but generally speaking just being a parent doesn't mean you’ve mastered high school chemistry.
  7. We’ve had the issue here for awhile, I guess.
  8. No. It’s because there is no evidence “early deaths” are increasing at all. Much less coming from vaccines. But if anti vaxxers cared about evidence in the first place, they wouldn’t be anti vaxxers. So they’ll just make this up and believe it too.
  9. True, but let’s not talk about a “red wave” yet up there. In 2021 his party gained five seats.
  10. Or it’s because he’s the prime minister of a large country and security is generally very tight around them.
  11. Yes, and those people are almost always wrong. They want to blame the covid vaccine because it fits their narrative and it’s their way of feeing validated. Sort of like how people in 2020 would blame Covid for the death of an 88 year old who smoked four packs day. Same play, different actors.
  12. Oh, amen. Welfare is immoral when people I disagree with get it, but when my buddies get it it’s crucial for the survival of the country.