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  1. All legit points, as usual. How does ticketing for GC work?
  2. My first in depth conversation with an LDS missionary was via Facebook.
  3. Just fine my friend, thank you for asking. It was expected to be a direct hit but we didn't even lose power. I’d love to say God saved us-but there are far more holy men out there than me, and they lost everything.
  4. I’m certainly no expert, but Indonesia is like 80% Islamic. Are there any other temples in heavily Islamic countries?
  5. Okay. So, why the low attendance then? I’m confident that GC can draw far better below 50% for attendance. Heck I’d go if I was in Utah
  6. It does, but you have to remember that LDS constantly have to deal with people who ask questions like yours. The questioners almost always think they possess great knowledge and can “educate” those foolish LDS members. So, yes, it can be forgiven if some LDS don’t want to engage with you. Even if your intentions are noble.
  7. Friends, if you have members from Orlando-Jacksonville, check on them. Lots of chaos around here.
  8. What I have to tell myself every day until the hurricane hits. and if anyone can send more Hershey’s bars, thanks.
  9. It’s mostly the snowbirds and really new residents that are going crazy. For the rest of us, this ain’t our first rodeo.
  10. It’s too early to tell now but as of five hours ago, direct hit. Again though, it’s still too early and it’s expected to get weaker.
  11. Our local Publix is still stocked quite well. It’s gasoline that I’m concerned about
  12. Some of these people (The Queen) died of natural causes. It’s sort of hard in this world to live forever. Several years (2016ish) ago a ton of people died near the end of the year. It’s not a grand conspiracy-all men are mortal.
  13. For the record, Poison will always be one of my favorite bands. Same with Kiss. So I do like some hair bands. No apologies.
  14. I didn’t think the Pacific Northwest was that passionate about sports. When I think of sports crazy areas in the country I think of the Boston-NYC-Philly-DC megalopolis and college football in the south.