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  1. What I have to tell myself every day until the hurricane hits. and if anyone can send more Hershey’s bars, thanks.
  2. It’s mostly the snowbirds and really new residents that are going crazy. For the rest of us, this ain’t our first rodeo.
  3. It’s too early to tell now but as of five hours ago, direct hit. Again though, it’s still too early and it’s expected to get weaker.
  4. Our local Publix is still stocked quite well. It’s gasoline that I’m concerned about
  5. Some of these people (The Queen) died of natural causes. It’s sort of hard in this world to live forever. Several years (2016ish) ago a ton of people died near the end of the year. It’s not a grand conspiracy-all men are mortal.
  6. For the record, Poison will always be one of my favorite bands. Same with Kiss. So I do like some hair bands. No apologies.
  7. I didn’t think the Pacific Northwest was that passionate about sports. When I think of sports crazy areas in the country I think of the Boston-NYC-Philly-DC megalopolis and college football in the south.
  8. Florida has a ton of rude fans and sadly, we have had some horrible people actually on the team. 😞
  9. The Oregon fans chanting what they did was classless. Disappointed in them. 😞
  10. It’s actually Winger, genius. 🤪
  11. Where did you get that picture?! Those are private!!!!
  12. The first bishop I ever met (a wonderful man, btw) just openly handed me a package of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups at our first meeting. To this day I’d still charge a machine gun for that guy.
  13. I obviously don’t know the details nor have I asked every person on earth, but generally speaking the stereotype is that religion attracts more women then men. The reason we laugh at jokes about uber religious church moms like the one Dana Carvey played is because they are so easy to relate to.
  14. Yup. Speaking of the Stuarts why did Charles pick Charles III as his royal name? Charles Ist got his head chopped off and Charles II also came super close to it
  15. Growing up Catholic we were always told that women were more virtuous and men were…well, basically garbage. I remember a bishop (Catholic rough equal to Stake President) ranting about men will corrupt women and it’s up to women only to keep their virtue. With pearls like that it’s no wonder they can’t keep people in the pews. It’s nonsense of course. Anyone who thinks that way has never seen women tease one another into eating disorders or emotionally manipulate men. We’re all grub worms here. I knew of one guy who was an EQ president who thought that way-that men are less moral-but no one was listening so it was irrelevant.
  16. We’re praying for your country my friend.
  17. The Queen of England might be nearing the end. I’m no expert in math ( @Vort, I might need your help with this, you are far far better at math than I am) but I assume that the majority of the people in the world alive today have never seen someone else on the throne. Huge historical event.
  18. I’ve never hunted in my life, and I don’t know anyone who does, so I apologize for the ignorance of this question-One animal allowed your family to eat for six months? Just very surprised.
  19. So, this happened. Very proud Gator fan right now. This is why I love college sports. Both fanbases walked away with more respect for one another after the game. On a personal note, two great charities also benefited.
  20. No argument there. Georgia looked unstoppable against Oregon. I think towards the end Oregon was just glad to get out of there alive!
  21. Don’t we go out there next year? And @JohnsonJones-we can’t forget about your boys. You guys flat out punched Oregon in the mouth. You could have beat them if I was the starting quarterback!