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  1. mirkwood

    Mother butting in

    Heh. I always say that 8% tithing will solve any bad ideas of me in leadership...that and my speaking in "tongues" (how I speak at work sometimes.)
  2. mirkwood

    Backdoor Gun Control

    The prices went back down when the massive run on .22 ended. Prices even went back to normal, though it took longer. My last .22 purchase was for $0.04 about two years ago. The prices will go back down again when supply catches up with the demand AND people stop panic buying at any price. Practice 9 mm (ball) should never cost you more then $0.30 and even then, you should be closer to $0.20. If you are shooting hollow points for practice, send some my way, you must be super rich. My last .223/5.56 purchase (March 2020) was for $0.40 and I was irritated at that price, but I also knew it would get higher for at least a year and I knew I was shooting all summer. I often shoot 500-1000 rounds a summer. Prior to that I generally paid $0.24-28. .308 I've been happy to pay under $1.00 at any time. I missed some last month for $0.77 because I was slow in completing an order and it sold out. @Carborendum you can still practice without ammo. 90% of my practice is dry fire. I have a target set up at about 10 yards in my basement. Each day before work I practice several draw strokes and 10 trigger pulls, normal shooting stance. I switch to my off hand and do 6 trigger pulls support hand only. Next I do 10 trigger pulls with my off hand, supported by strong hand (i.e. I shoot with my other hand normally.) Next I do 4 trigger pulls practicing a hostage shot. Most days I will close to about 6 yards and do another 6-10 at a much smaller circle on the target, just for the extra trigger pulls. 30 trigger pulls 4 times a week = 120 trigger pulls a week = 480 trigger pulls a month. It takes 50 rounds (trigger pulls) to maintain whatever skill level you have achieved. Yea, it is not as much fun, but it is very effective training. Just remember to fanatically make sure that gun is unloaded before you start a dry fire drill.
  3. mirkwood

    Backdoor Gun Control

    I have no problem finding the ammo. I’m unwilling to pay the The current prices.
  4. mirkwood

    Backdoor Gun Control

    Ammo pricing Is out of control right now. Stores should be spanked for price gouging. I currently need to buy some more 9 mm and it is 3 to 4 times the normal cost. I won’t pay those prices. I haven’t bought any ammo since March 2020. This has been going on for about a year and some say that it could be 2 to 3 years before we see normal price ranges. I’m hearing rumors that the problem now is due to a primer shortage.
  5. mirkwood

    President Nelson vaccinated

    Today is day 10. Still no symptoms for any of us. Life will go back to normal tomorrow.
  6. mirkwood

    Mother butting in

    She needs to be told to butt out. Nicely if you choose, but do it.
  7. I highly doubt that the incoming administration has any intention of fixing immigration. I hope I'm wrong, but I won't hold my breath.
  8. mirkwood

    President Nelson vaccinated

    I'm still not getting it. As a side note, we are at day 7 of our family's exposure and nobody has symptoms.
  9. mirkwood

    The Shame of Elder Renlund

    I'm more like J Golden Kimball.
  10. mirkwood


    I have a feeling if I click that link it's going to be a Justin Bieber video...or KISS (nod to our absent friend Mormongator.) You can not trick me like that Mr. Attorney.
  11. Pretty much. The media is the propaganda wing of the left.
  12. mirkwood

    Watch the Republic Die, LIVE

    Uh, you know my username is a forest where the Dark Lord hid in his tower as he gathered his power?
  13. mirkwood

    Pres Nelson: Gathering Israel

    Next you’ll be telling us what hymns we shouldn’t sing.