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  1. mirkwood

    Am I the [jerk]?

    Let me know if we are jerks or not.
  2. I always find the narrative on this one interesting. The police get blamed for this one regularly. We are not mental health professionals. It is NOT illegal to be mentally unstable. You can not be arrested and prosecuted when you have not committed a crime. I repeat. It is NOT illegal to be mentally unstable. Mental health issues are an area I don't think we are doing a very good job with in society as a whole. Not sure how we fix that though.
  3. Three or more victims = mass shooting per US statistical studies. So if you have a domestic and a husband shoots his wife, her new boyfriend and the son who intervened, we have a new "mass shooting." Gang members do a drive by shooting on their rivals, hit four people. Another "mass shooting." Neighbor dispute turns violent. The neighbor grabs his gun to get his revenge and shoots the neighboring husband, wife, son, his visiting girlfriend and the cousin over for dinner. We have a new "mass shooting." The left loves to manipulate shooting statistics.
  4. Sure let teachers carry guns. Make them take some shooting classes as a requirement. Make them take some tactical classes as a requirement. Trust me, it will weed most of the "wannabes" out.
  5. Larry is a fantastic author. He's a pretty nice guy too. I met him a couple of times during his gun shop owner days. Here is the referenced article: An Opinion on Gun Control, repost | Monster Hunter Nation
  6. Of course he does. Good heavens, let families grieve without the political posturing.
  7. mirkwood

    Year supply anyone?

    There are so many quotes like the one above, yet we will still see the parable of the ten virgins play out right in front of us amongst the members of the church.
  8. mirkwood

    Year supply anyone?

    8% tithing will eliminate from the pool.
  9. mirkwood

    Year supply anyone?

    Basically what my SP said Thursday in Bishop's Training (I was invited to talk about food storage, I'm not a bishop.)
  10. mirkwood

    Year supply anyone?

    There are a variety of reasons for that mentality within the church. I am fortunate to have leaders, including my SP who know the doctrine and there will be no "pooling of the food."
  11. mirkwood

    Year supply anyone?

    Correct, nor is it the plan. We are expected to take care of our own families. That is the doctrine. Some don't like it, but it is a fact. Elder James E. Faust said, “The Church cannot be expected to provide for every one of its millions of members in case of public or personal disaster.”
  12. mirkwood

    Year supply anyone?

    Easy Preparedness (preppercop.blogspot.com)
  13. mirkwood

    Like In The Days of Noah

    The mental calisthenics it took to go from I don't want to take a flu shot to apostate behavior and stoning the prophets surely has left you with some pulled muscles. This is so far from rational that I don't even begin to know what to say.
  14. mirkwood

    Like In The Days of Noah

    They told us to make our own decision. They updated the Handbook to say the same. I think to say otherwise is straining at gnats.