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  1. It has been a few months since I did an endowment session. Are these changes in the last few months, or are we referring to the last set of changes?
  2. mirkwood


    Ohhhhh.....the Dresden Files is one of my favorite series. I was not able to get into Codex Alera and gave up after trying a couple different times.
  3. Declining the Covid flu shot is not anti-vax, yet people continue to promote that idea. They. Are. Idiots.
  4. I have a friend who is very high in the administrative side of a very large hospital "chain" who spoke of "doctored" numbers and money when I asked about this topic.
  5. Keenan Anderson died four (4) hours later in the hospital. If the taser killed him it sure took a long time. I'm more inclined to believe his drug use caused his death.
  6. That is a good one. There are plenty of quotes telling the membership to put food storage into their homes. Most are willfully ignoring that counsel. They WILL rue the day...
  7. Heh, heh, heh...hurts doesn't it? Here is me being tased in training.
  8. Something is better than nothing. 3 days ain't gonna cut it either.
  9. I'm still unvaxxed and unafraid. I had covid at least twice, probably several more times. Around exposure number six or seven at work we all quit tracking how often. I would guess I easily clear a hundred exposures that I know of while working. Only reason I didn't go to work when I tested positive was the mandatory quarantines that outlasted my symptoms by days. Worst symptom? A weird headache for a day or so and one of the times for about 7-10 days I got winded easily. That completely went away after about 2-3 weeks back at the gym. I think there was a lot of shady business going on with the whole thing.
  10. I watch this stuff all the time. Stocks are low and prices generally are high. If you (the general you) have waited til now to start....well, start, but you are in a bad place and better get after it while you still can.