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  1. Pres. R. asked twice in the last couple of years and was told no to boundary changes. He said it would be the next SP's problem.
  2. You may have noticed our ward has gotten smaller. We are pretty close to branch numbers that attend.
  3. Best song on the album is track 1 side 2.
  4. Both my kids like Rush. My oldest says they are his favorite band.
  5. One of those rare perfect albums.
  6. Legal immigration. If we need to reform some laws on how that works, I'm okay with that. What is going on now is unacceptable. There are terrorists that have used our current "not really a border policy" to enter our country. If you think they do not have ulterior motives you are an idiot.
  7. This is speaking as if the missionary were the victim. For argument sake, let's say it also applies as being a witness. That would be the missionary's choice, not the church leader.
  8. Pretty sure you won't find anything in the Church Handbook of Instructions to support his position of not involving the missionaries in a criminal investigation due to some rule or policy of the church.
  9. To be quite blunt it sounds like some local leaders are overstepping their roles/authority and imposing rules that do not exist.
  10. Suspend? No. Cheat? Yes. I would argue they already are with the attempts to keep Trump off the ballot.
  11. disavow: deny any responsibility or support for
  12. Played again last night. Lots of trolls, evil treants, weird plants and ghouls.