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  1. Bring it up again the week of and I'll look at my schedule.
  2. mirkwood

    Tyranny of the State

    No you are not alone. There is some real nuttiness going on out there.
  3. mirkwood

    Return to Church Guidelines

    Well...ummmm...I would never do that in my ward.
  4. mirkwood

    Celebrity Doppelganger

    No, I'm the one with the goatee.
  5. mirkwood

    Celebrity Doppelganger

    Eric is primarily known as the lead singer of Blue Öyster Cult. He is the one with the sunglasses.
  6. mirkwood

    Return to Church Guidelines

    Guns scare me. So do masks. People with guns and masks really scare me.
  7. mirkwood

    Celebrity Doppelganger

    Me and Eric Bloom.
  8. I clicked to check on who to ban.
  9. mirkwood

    The Slow Return to "Normal"

    I didn't see my option, so I added it.
  10. mirkwood

    Celebrity Doppelganger

    Yea, because you look a whole lot more like this.
  11. mirkwood

    Interesting COVID-19 numbers from Southern Utah

    In years to come, looking back, this is what we will probably say was the correct choice. This is socialism in action (well, not the paying of debt part.)
  12. I looked at the MMB page on occasion. It seemed mostly to be people who wanted to jump up and down in histrionics over the church.