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  1. mirkwood

    Are members in your area: Awake or Asleep?

    15-20% awake. Yep, get your preps in.
  2. mirkwood

    Sacrament Talk

    I've had it both ways.
  3. mirkwood

    Biden Corruption Emails

    They said the same about Hillary. Why? I would say because the leftist media lies to pursue their leftist agenda.
  4. mirkwood

    Biden Corruption Emails

    But still good to call them out instead of saying nothing.
  5. mirkwood

    Biden Corruption Emails

    I voted Trump 2016 and I'm voting Trump 2020.
  6. mirkwood

    It is time...

  7. mirkwood

    It is time...

  8. mirkwood

    COVID update

    I just copied it from FB. Now I'm wondering if I should google translate it...
  9. mirkwood

    It is time...

  10. mirkwood

    It is time...

    Hahaha...and since I'm here in the thread.
  11. mirkwood

    It is time...

  12. mirkwood

    It is time...

  13. mirkwood

    It is time...

    Trying to get banned?