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  1. I was watching a video and one of the commentators said it looked like Rudolph kicked him in the crotch. He definitely went after his helmet. Rudolph should also be facing punishment for his actions.
  2. You should join them for a session. Even if it is 5th Edition (most likely) and not the superior 1st or 2nd Edtions. The game is a lot of fun. When people who are unfamiliar ask me what it is like I usually ask if they have read/seen The Hobbit/LOTR. Just about everyone has. I tell them you are playing out the movie, but you get to make the characters up and decide what exactly they do.
  3. mirkwood

    Lakers continued

    The Jazz have become a fun team to watch again. I'm looking forward to a successful season this year.
  4. That you have created one of the greatest stretches of imagination in the church that I have seen in quite some time. Seeing as you have such a great imagination, want to play? Sidenote: my players will continue their exploration of level 4 of Undermountain Friday night. Creative problem solving, social interaction, communication skills and some light math will ensue...along with chips, soda and probably some candy. Oh...and some really lame jokes are likely to be told too...such is nerdom.
  5. mirkwood

    What LGBTQ+ hath wrot

    Why are you donating to the campaigns of Bernie Sanders AND Elizabeth Warren?
  6. mirkwood

    What LGBTQ+ hath wrot

    I'm seeing it in other forums and interwebs places I visit.
  7. mirkwood

    What LGBTQ+ hath wrot

    You are saying the church can apostasize...again... If that is what you believe, you believe something different than the LDS church. Individuals may fall away, but not the church. If that is what you are trying to say, you need to be more clear.
  8. mirkwood

    What LGBTQ+ hath wrot

    Sorry, you believe in a different church/gospel/doctrine then the LDS church.
  9. mirkwood

    What LGBTQ+ hath wrot

    The apostasy has already occurred...and then Joseph Smith helped restore the fullness. There is no second apostasy. If you believe there is, you believe in a different church/gospel.
  10. mirkwood

    What LGBTQ+ hath wrot

    We won't go down this path as a church, so it is a moot point in reality.
  11. mirkwood

    What LGBTQ+ hath wrot

    Fixed that for you. Some think/act that way. Very few members I know will blindly follow.