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  1. I'm hearing rumors that a negative Covid test was required for entry. While I believe there is a ton of "all is well in Zion" going on, I think your perspective is off.
  2. Oh yea, the meth use by the German army is surprisingly an unknown to most people.
  3. While I think Trump was a good President, I hope he does not run again, or loses to a quality opponent in a primary. I do not think a second term with him at the helm would be good for the country. We are wayyyyy to polarized at this point for him to be President again.
  4. Every school has its bad fans. They should be dealt with accordingly and the rest of the fanbase not castigated for the bad ones.
  5. Progression between kingdoms will never equal everyone out. If I make it to the Celestial Kingdom and @Just_A_Guy makes it to the telestial kingdom, but we both receive the gift of eternal progression, JAG will eventually achieve the Celestial Kingdom, but will never catch up to me as I have also continued to progress. I have no problem with the idea of progression between kingdoms. I still am shooting for the top as it is in my best interests.
  6. Hmmm, I would have guessed Britney Fox more your style.
  7. Two of @LDSGator's favorite bands.
  8. My condolences to the UK.
  9. My favorite picture of the queen.
  10. I've always viewed it as a temper tantrum.
  11. Come play in the thin air with us sometime.
  12. Yeah I saw the trailer a while back. Hard pass.