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  1. Backroads

    Failure to launch

    Before my grandma downsized into one of those trendy retirement communities all the old folks are into these days, her basement was a revolving door of grandkids and their families. We were there for the better part of a year ourselves. Yes, it was free. Yes, my grandma received companionship and chores and in our case home cooking. So perhaps it was bad on our end. But the arrangements we were always... Temporary. These were college students, or grandkids between things. While I can respect and appreciate a truly multigenerational home, I worry about ones where the balance is off.
  2. Backroads

    Failure to launch

    This is rather our concern, that we will have to care for her if she never picks up these skills.
  3. Backroads

    New 007

    ... I actually haven't seen a Bond film... Ever.
  4. I like the idea of sports. I like the concept of baseball. I'm glad sports exist. Can't stand to watch them.
  5. Backroads

    Failure to launch

    I realize this can be a sensitive subject and is of course highly dependent on culture and circumstance. But I'm starting to get concerned about my sister and my parents. My sister is 30 years old and still lives at home. For cultural perspective, this is a white middle-class suburban American family. Everyone else was out of the house in their early twenties at the latest. For circumstances, my sister is employed full-time in a job that requires a college degree and earns decent money. Though she suffers from mild depression, I don't think she is unable to take care of herself (again, manages to hold down a full-time professional job). I don't think she pays rent, but she is otherwise quite helpful to the household. Apparently she doesn't save much at all, but enjoys traveling/partying/the fun life. For years, I didn't care one way or the other. Didn't affect me none and the like. But for some reason, and perhaps it's the big 3-0, I can't help but wonder when this become odd. My siblings, while telling ourselves and each other it's none of our business, are starting to get concerned. Because she's not saving, not paying rent, etc., we don't think she is learning a lot of normal adult skills. My parents have also off-handedly mentioned a few times she is affecting their ability to do various things. So, while I don't really want to be told that it's not my concern because I know that (though I probably deserve to be told that anyway), I find myself wondering how long it is appropriate to live at home, at the expense of not doing all that much adulting.
  6. It may have actually been a fellow/lady here, but I recall someone once bringing up "Doctor Who", a show that had its original long-running incarnation back in the 60s, I believe. If you are unaware, the show follows the adventures of a virtually-immortal time-traveling alien who is very old. And yet, only now in the recent edges of time suddenly everyone is LGTBQ.
  7. Backroads

    A Modesty Article that is going around.

    I'd say that there's a point where someone aroused by reasonably modest clothing should take responsibility. Speak candidly to those close to them. Limit their venturing into society. Seek counsel and therapy.
  8. But isn't the point to have someone down the line eventually selling to those outside the company? If recruiting is the ideal, who actually sells the product?
  9. Sure, but one critique I've seen is convincing people to stockpile. One doesn't care if their recruits sell, just that they order.
  10. And then when they fail, they're often treated horribly, as they "just didn't work hard enough".
  11. Backroads

    Opt out of endowments?

    My grandmother joined the church when she married my grandfather because it's what was done. Neither were particularly active. They were never sealed while both lived. My grandmother attended enough meetings, to be social and it was a nice church. She was in her early 70s before she received the endowment. She was ready with a far greater testimony. Her daughters took her through. You may have those who aren't interested and you may have those interested but not yet ready. While I hope it doesn't become the latest trend to wait for worldly reasons rather than being mindful of one day receiving, it's all about being ready.
  12. We had the lesson. Had some MLM bashing. Nature of the companies bad or not, I am rather skeptical of them. I've seen too many horror stories. Know someone who lost their home. Know several people who signed up to be stay-at-home moms, yet kids live at daycare while moms spend all waking hours working the biz. I think their culture contributes to mom-shaming. You're bad if you work outside the home, you're bad if you stay at home but don't contribute. One friend is beating herself up because her business didn't bring financial success. I also associate them with prosperity gospel. "We are doing the Lord's work" "God wants me to be successful and rich". "I will show the world how God financially blesses me" Some even delve into idol worship. Ignore your family's needs while teaching them to look forward and value some vague future financial dream. Recently I've seen a trend of culling FB friends to those only celebrating your business. And of course the guilting of people to help one reach a goal. I also am privy to a situation where a woman quit her MLM but is now being harassed by her upline in her ward. Ah, you say, but not everyone is like that. No, but I think the culture of these easily gets toxic. As @anatess2 said, some business non-talents cause the problems, but wow, a lot of recruiters spread lore of "it's easy!"
  13. Backroads

    Really? The world is coming to this?

    A legacy of "eh"
  14. Backroads

    Really? The world is coming to this?

    Saw the movie in college. It was okay.
  15. Backroads

    Hanging garments outside to line dry

    I doubt Gramps was mistaken. Just that apparently other unofficial counsel was once given?