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  1. Backroads

    The COVID thread

    Husband is considered essential. I'm teaching from home, but originally planned on filing for unemployment since my contract is up if I don't score another position. Seems awkward now. I'm paid up through August, so I'm tempted to just wait and see.
  2. Backroads

    Help starting a garden.

    I obsessively compost. I think this is the only way I have a garden. I usually grow tomatoes, squash, peas, and beans with success.
  3. Backroads

    Health Care Solutions

    I see good points of where a free market health care system would ignore those who can't afford it but... I can't help but think free market would also include stuff that is, at least virtually, free. People will see a need for free healthcare in some situations and I'd bet they'd find a way to make it work for them. Tax breaks. Bragging rights. I'm not smart enough to explain any concrete ideas, but I'd be willing to bet it would happen.
  4. To begin, we are not at this point. We both are still employed (technically, yours truly was told she was getting dropped due to low enrollment, a month ago, haven't seen paperwork yet, but anyway is covered through the summer.) However, with all the talk these days of "did you save enough for emergencies?" got me thinking. My daughter's meds cost more in a month than I make in a year. In your 30 day-3 month-6-month-what have you emergency fund stash, do you factor in the coat of COBRA or other insurance?
  5. I have no problem with people expressing their particular payment system for tithing, or the logic/emotions used to reach said conclusions. But I do find myself bothered by a need to find and declare rules, even admittedly unofficial rules. @Just_A_Guy mentioned a certain increase of blessings that come from truly following the Lord. I certainly won't argue with that (and your post and thoughts were lovely). The principle is what is and is presently defined as it is. I think those willingly trying to build the kingdom will receive blessings as JAG described. But I don't think "tithing based on X financial calculations" will receive more/less blessings based on such calculations alone.
  6. Ran into a tithing discussion on Facebook, and to my surprise a repeated comment rubbed me the wrong way. The question began with just what income/increase/services/returns/social security/investments are we supposed to pay tithing on? (Cue Backroads: finances are soooo booorrrrrring). Now, because of the bore that is finances, I would never judge another's interpretation of tithing. However, every other person was chiming in with the cutesey chant of "do you want gross blessings or net blessings?" And for some reason, it drove me bonkers. It made it sound tithing was not a commandment but a... Blessing grab. As I currently understand it, there is no official accountant-approved calculation for determining one's 10% increase tithe, just a 10% determined between one and the Lord. I do not doubt the miracles and blessings associated with tithing, but I don't know if I'm comfortable with the notion of "net/gross blessings".
  7. Backroads

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Watched "The Aeronauts" last night on Amazon. Fairly simple plot, but satisfyingly thrilling.
  8. Backroads

    Financial Whistleblower

    Never, sir. Never too young.
  9. Backroads

    Financial Whistleblower

    I gotta say, and this may reveal personal issues in my own adulting, but I actually haven't read the articles. I tried to be responsible enough to read summaries and such but in truth... Boring. Ah, man. Finances. So... Boring... I watch my family budget and our investments and try to be responsible enough but I really hate it and don't understand why we can't just go live off the land and sell the zucchini we grow or something because I hate finances. And I just don't understand why I need to care about any of us this. If the cold dispassionate tax folks do their fair thing I will heed whatever punishment or lack thereof they give the Church. But why must I get up in arms because I don't want to!
  10. Backroads

    Essential Oils, Do they work?

    Well, darn it, how can I get some of this soap?
  11. Backroads

    Essential Oils, Do they work?

    That's so pretty!
  12. Backroads

    Essential Oils, Do they work?

    While I respect anatess' privacy, I'm disappointed. I have a weird obsession with soap.
  13. Backroads

    Guaranteed Income Supplement

    I suppose part of me buys into the rather sci-fi notion that perhaps one day when automation becomes an even far greater system something akin to universal basic income might be the natural evolution. Another part of me figures this is a better idea than many current welfare systems. A bit more honest, we are just going to flat out admit we're handing out money. And then another part of me gets the creepy crawlies.
  14. Backroads

    Essential Oils, Do they work?

    I feel there's a snappy Christmas tune in there somewhere...
  15. Backroads

    Essential Oils, Do they work?

    I dabble. I own a small box of them. I think they smell good. I may have used some on general aromatherapy advice. Do they work? Sure, I'll accept the anecdotes here and there. I like the idea of them working. Funnily enough, the more out there and "woo" the claim (i.e., this will open this meridian to new experiences) the more at peace I am with the claim ("well, I wouldn't know where to begin the science on that, so okay") It's the more medical claims I get iffy over (are you sure this will effectively treat a UTI?) I don't buy from oil MLMs, largely because of the price, a bit because some MLM folks be crazy, and also because I know a few people who actually fill the bottles at Young Living and doTerra and the intense purity claim doesn't exist. I'll order good oils elsewhere for a fraction of the price, thanks. So, they have no power in making big medical claims for their companies, it seems most trained aromatherapists lack strong preferences for companies and would be the ones to consult medically anyway. It you want to sell for a hobby, that's fine, but it usually takes intense work and intense luck to make significant money in such companies. I also wouldn't buy from MLM companies if price is a concern, you can get fine oils for much cheaper at your local health food store.