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  1. One of these days I should relate to you the saga of Ms. PhD living in government housing with her "this is never how I would allow one of my employees to do a 2nd grade math concept!"
  2. Ooh, this is a good question. Most of the ones I'd be likely to complain and vent about are the ones I view to have chips on their shoulders. Oh, you crazies who expect too much from the opposite camp. But I also think there's a lot of legitimate philosophical differences in how to approach school where people are determined to get their views heard. People are frustrated.
  3. In fairness, a good number of teachers in my circle (colleagues plus others) tend to blame parents for a lot of youth issues even as parents blame teachers when there's likely destructive forces outside either realm.
  4. In theory I'm with you, but I honestly don't know how to make that happen beyond the obviously bad teachers. I think @Traveler has some good ideas, but even then I can think of too many exceptions (we'd have to scrap IDEA and other laws to even start). I fear the complexity would be a hard road to travel. And I don't mean to mean this defend-the-teachers, just that this is another thing I see parents getting up in arms about, plus the number of administrators needed to arrange and implement all these standards.
  5. Ooh, I definitely see mob mentality happening. I believe that the minor years are a nice time to, if one must, make all the mistakes without major consequences. But recordings could affect it.
  6. I think that's something kids would adjust to. The question is if we are okay with them being watched Big Brother style.
  7. We had it as part of a fireside event at Scout camp. Same program for years. I love it. I associate it with trying to get my guys organized as we manuevered canoes, tiki torches, and worked with the flaming arrow people.
  8. I tagged along to the Taylor Swift concert movie. I owned like two of her early albums, but pretty much ignored her over the past decade. I admit I get the appeal. This past week I discovered I may like Pink.
  9. Apparently they have to turn on some sort of machine and technically it leads to some building on said planet.
  10. I discovered one I admittedly haven't finished yet, but my husband did and says it's awesome, despite being cancelled after the first season. Night Sky. Sissy Spacek and J. K. Simmons happen to have a tunnel in their shed that leads to another planet. And there's weird cultish secret societies and the tragic realities of aging.
  11. Ooh, look who's fancy and snobbish with media.
  12. Ooh, look who's fancy and snobbish with media.
  13. I can't recall when I got bored. There was a lot of loyalty/habit going on with that show.