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  1. Backroads

    How close should extended family be?

    What's said is that some of the stuff Marnie says makes a lot of sense. Lest I sound like a total nutcase, a lot of this wanderlust has nothing to do with family, more like the adventure of living in a new place. Just would like to daydream about this without guilt.
  2. I think he memorized it English while waiting for the waiter at the restaurant the night before.
  3. My husband stressed about memorizing the prayer, having only baptized people in the Spanish language. Apparently there is now some screen with the words on it, now?
  4. Backroads

    How close should extended family be?

    I have lived for times in both Idaho and Washington. We've only lived in Utah as a couple. I think our most recent "moving dream" was Montana.
  5. Backroads

    How close should extended family be?

    I love this notion and truly seems an ideal worth valuing and working towards.
  6. Backroads

    How close should extended family be?

    Warning: This turns into a lot. Despite the atrocity that is the Utah housing market, Husband and I, both separately, have often felt the notion to move. It's a conversation that comes up and now and then. At this time, no serious actions have been made, but it's a thing. We happened to mention it in earshot of my parents once. They were both upset, with my mother later contacting me and begging me not to move. We live a couple of blocks from my parents and, while it certainly has its perks, there are some issues. To jump right into a major thing, my mother has expressed the concept multiple time that she is Grandmother and therefore running the family. In the best of things, she loves having very regular (think weekly to biweekly) gettogethers. She loves having the kids and grandkids over at her house. Again, at it's best, her desire is to have a nice, close-knit family. When it's not at its best, it's kind of suffocating. A brother and a sister live over an hour away, and this has never sat right with her. She likes being in the know and, honestly, butting into marriages. I've worked at putting up some boundaries with her, which largely have worked, but I don't know if she fully understands or likes them yet. At its worst, I don't always feel like an independent adult, but someone who gave her grandkids for photographs to share with her friends. While in many ways I recognize the perks and good times of being so close to family, I often am jealous of those who live farther away from their family of origin. I think having a close extended family is a good thing, but at what point does the extended family overshadow the family a husband and wife have built?
  7. And a random question: Why 24 hours? Not a criticism, just a qustion. Is that significant in and of itself? Just a handy measurement rule of thumb?
  8. So I did try some fasting this week. It went generally very well. However, I did notice something of the motherly variety. I am currently nursing my baby, and according to the interweb, a fast from food for a day or two shouldn't have any significant impact on breastmilk, as long as I avoided dehydration. So, I continued to drink water. I did, however, go over a day (maybe 36 hours?) and it actually did seem to impact my milk supply. My baby is eating solids and stuff, so not a huge deal, but now I'm curious as to what's going on.
  9. I confess we've used the link if the baby is still napping... Usually one caretaker stays home to watch the link, the other takes the non-napping children. Going to church is exciting for us because our new building after a boundary change is the one across the street from us rather than the one down the block.
  10. A question regarding fasting in difficult circumstances... When I get really upset, I tend to shut down in some areas. I'm neither hungry nor thirsty, I have to force myself through daily task, etc. Regarding the first example, I make myself eat and drink a bit, figuring some nourishment might do me good. But this thread has me wondering if I should just go with it. Seek heavenly comfort, turn it into a fast.
  11. I just texted my husband to ask if he has the prayer memorized.
  12. We have some local number maximum, and my ancitipated count is well under that, and I have a few-inlaws that will be driving a couple of hours, so I figure the nice thing to do is feed them. My mom sends me pictures of really fancy baptism cakes. But I am the anti-cute.
  13. So I think I'm driving the Primary crazy. The thing right now is that the family is in charge of the baptismal program, with the Primary and bishopric filling in for anything if needed. But, dang, the last two baptisms I attended was this drawn-out thing from my niece in their itty-bitty ranching country ward and my other niece's quick-and-dirty (made clean?) Zoom baptism that also doubled as a baby blessing. I have no idea what a typical child baptism looks likes. Like, when do we do whatever talk/musical number? How many talks are we supposed to have? Is someone supposed to play the piano at some point? What do we do while my child changes? When is my child supposed to get changed into the jumpsuit? Husband sees nothing past baptising the child in question and can't figure out why I was asking our friend for her chicken salad recipe (we're allowed to gather a bit in our vicinity), so he's no help. What exactly happens during the timeframe of the baptism events?! (And if you feel up to giving me suggestions, please note that I am the anti-cute. I don't need frills, I just need something socially acceptable and non-awkward).
  14. Backroads

    President Nelson vaccinated

    Of course not. But I do think the Church needed to clarify its stance.
  15. Backroads

    President Nelson vaccinated

    It's my personal random thoughts that this is, at least in small part, a stand in what sometimes seems like a heck of a lot of vaccine confusion. Similar in tone with from when the church made a stand against energy healing, etc. I have witnessed a subset of church members who are very much into natural healing to the point it's a religion in itself. I've seen church members condemning those who do vaccinate, stating they're praying the church bans vaccines, etc. A small group, to be sure, but it's out there.