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  1. FWIW, Classifying a taser as a deadly weapon makes about as much sense as classifying pepper spray or handcuffs as deadly weapons. Also FWIW, I've been tased by cops before. It was a demonstration of the nonlethal stuff they have, and I jumped at the chance to be on the business end of a live demonstration. The cop asked me how many seconds of juice I wanted. I asked him how many seconds he went through in his training - he said three seconds. In one of my not-most-mature moments, I proudly asked for four seconds. I had someone take a video of the thing - yep, there I am, managing to yell "NoMore NoMore NoMore" three times in that last second. It was a singular experience. I didn't know what I thought of such things before the demonstration. It made me a huge fan of tasers in the hands of law enforcement. I'd much rather be tazed and cuffed, than wrestled or beaten and cuffed, or even pepper sprayed and cuffed.
  2. NeuroTypical

    Ignorance is sad, but stupid is unfixable

    Wow. Some folks will never learn until they get hurt, some folks won't even learn after they get hurt. I try to teach my kids - just assume that everything you say online is seen by security, the news media, your malevolent stalker, and your worst enemy.
  3. NeuroTypical

    BoM Is Abolitionist

    Yep. And folks are quick to jump on language Joseph and Brigham and others used during the time, and some of the ideas they proposed. Folks don't get that slavery was a hot topic since the founding of our nation, and everyone and their dog had an opinion on what to do about it. The young nation would have to change, and there were many ideas about what to do with slaves. Keep them? Free them? Send them to reservations? Send them back to Africa? Educate them? Joseph was suggesting the Americans should end slavery, transport the slaves back to from where they (or their ancestors) were stolen and sold, set them up with some money and supplies, and an apology. (I'm not sure if the word 'reparations' had been invented yet, but the notion was there.) America went with another solution - civil war and half a million dead to free the slaves, then 150 years of racial tension and strife and struggle still happening today.
  4. NeuroTypical

    Church has issued a statement on Covid-19

    Good source for the usefulness of mask wearing:
  5. NeuroTypical

    Protecting the temple

    It seemed to fit best, in that this area has been home to umpteen discussions about how to prepare, and what to prepare for, and now, here is a big event that puts preparations into play.
  6. NeuroTypical

    Protecting the temple

    The defensive reaction is in the aftermath of this story. (Careful watching the video, has bad language, and, well, a protester shooting into an SUV trying to make it through a blockade of protesters.
  7. NeuroTypical

    Protecting the temple

    (Not to be confused with the far more spiritually-minded thread Temples and Protection on the Gospel discussion forum...) My cool Uncle Randy tells me he's with a bunch of armed citizens, protecting the temple from protesters. This reminds me of the Tongans who protected one of the California temples when the backlash from Prop 8 was at it's height. Heck, it reminds me of the "Whittling and whistling brigade" that formed in Nauvoo when folks were showing up threatening to kill Joseph Smith.
  8. "I support peaceful demonstrations, the CHOP has become lawless and brutal. Four shootings -- two fatal -- robberies, assaults, violence and countless property crimes have occurred in this several block area." - Seattle Police Chief
  9. Thing is, that photo was taken in 2017. It's just how dude eats his lunch.
  10. Can't bring myself to laugh at some of the graffiti:
  11. Please enlighten me. What destination got reached because of the vehicle-formerly-known-as CHAZ/CHOP? (And dumb it down a bit please, I ain't the brightest bulb.)
  12. I cancelled a trip in March, and we're waiting to give High School graduate daughter some sort of fun vacation trip thing, because of COVID-19. Mamma and I are not old, but we both have nasty preexisting health conditions.
  13. Dude tracks the rise of the concept of Mao's "political correctness", with the rise of it in the western world. He's not comparing Mao at his height (or depth) with US today, he's comparing Mao's early developing years with the US today.
  14. Empowered victims in search of an oppressor to destroy, absolutely MUST have an oppressor to destroy. They will find one, even if it means finding one in their own ranks. Denver AM talk radio guy who reads a lot of history, keeps pointing out similarities with stuff like this, to the rise of Mao, and the last days of the 3rd Reich. In WWII Germany, as the Russians were literally days, even hours away from the bunker, one of Hitler's most trusted generals (also his brother-in-law) defected. They caught him, and Hitler had him executed.
  15. So, I'm hearing CHOP is basically done for. The protesters are leaving, not many are left. The sensible reason for this, would be that guy's death, plus the lawsuits against the govt from the businessowners (for not providing govt services), plus the lawsuits against the govt from the occupiers (ironically, also for not providing government services). Word on the street, however, says something different. I hear from people who know people, that 6-8000 various motorcycle gang members were about to have an impromptu Sturgis in downtown Seattle this weekend, and just that rumor was enough to get most of 'em to scatter like, well, like Seattle hipsters running from biker gangs. (Ordinarily I wouldn't repeat crap I just hear from people, but I've heard it from three different unrelated directions.) Anyone else hearing anything? You don't find stuff like this in google news sorces.