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  1. It might be one of the most relatable stories about caring for the poor and needy out there. Joseph Smith loved it, and it's been a favorite of the saints ever since. Plus:
  2. In the Barbie movie, the dad was reduced down to the guy who did some of the driving, and did Duolingo so he could better bond with his hispanic wife and her daughter. He meant well.
  3. See that everyone? Australia needs members! Go move there instead of Colorado - then they can have their temple!
  4. I stayed in Canada for 6 weeks for some corporate training once, and we stayed in a mostly-empty Canadian military base that was partially leased out to my company. Before the internet made things easy, so I was calling up the local ward leadership to ask about services and location. The bishop was so excited to hear where I was, he seemed to have the same problem as @Ironhold, with hundreds of students/soldiers on the rolls, but nobody came to church and nobody knew if they were real or not. He was sad to hear I was an American only there for corporate training and had nothing to do with the base.
  5. Here in sunny Colorado Springs, we've been growing for 20 years and show no sign of stopping. My original ward boundaries are now home to 2 stakes and a dozen or more wards. A while back I was talking to a guy who had lived in the same house, but ended up in 3-4 different wards because of all the boundary shifts due to growth. Most of it is people moving here, but also in my ward we've had 3 baptisms already this year. All y'all with shrinking membership, maybe stop sending them to us?
  6. Interesting stuff. We're tinkering with how it's been done in the US and Canada, and we're standardizing things across the whole earth.
  7. I'd like to comfort myself with tales of how weird or fringe or troubled or problematic folks associated with this production are. But I'm afraid the story of it's acceptance by the culture overwhelms any relief I might feel at Vivziepop's controversy. The YouTube pilot has 99 million views and counting, 78% RT and 84% Viewers at Rotten Tomatoes, 7.8 at IMDB. It's an indication of how many folks out there lack any sort of Christian worldview or respect for those who have one.
  8. Yeah, once again, the Bee reflects reality. The show is called "Hazbin Hotel", season 1 fresh out on Amazon Prime. Most of the story takes place in hell, but the angels are the bad guys. Our heroine, daughter of Lucifer Morningstar, and her girlfriend Vaggie, on their quest to find a way for sinners to be rehabilitated and allowed into Heaven, via her Hotel. What's currently happening is Heaven's yearly assault, where the angels come down and massacre wayward souls due to Hell's overpopulation. The angels don't want anything to do with her nefarious plot. I am sad, because I absolutely love whimsical eclectic animated shows with catchy songs, but I'm so turned off by the plot and worldbuilding, I am unable to enjoy it. Songs by Parry Gripp (we raised our kids on his songs). I'm a fan of several of the voice actors. The animation is unique. The characters are instantly relatable. And I can't for the life of me find a way to enjoy the show, because it's entire reason for existing is to call good evil, and evil good. I've been known to wade through a manure pile in order to find a precious gem, but this is simply too much. (Mikbone's playlist, however, is top notch! Grabbing it now.)
  9. I had that, and I lost it. My old childhood friend and I were so happy to have found each other on facebook and were gleefully solving all the world's problems by battling it out and arguing online. Dude was disabled former military, who married a lady who transitioned apparently. Then COVID lockdowns and social strife occurred, and my buddy's PTSD kicked in, the conversations got so personal for him he just turned nasty. No more arguing online with the opposite side of the fence. It's one of the reasons I'm glad you're here, PP.
  10. Also, all of these links:
  11. I’ve never served in the armed forces, but I’ve worked at jobs where your coworkers would rather be anywhere else. I’m not saying everyone has to be 100% every day, that’s not reality. But it’s a real morale killer to be with people day in and day out who are only going through the motions or worse, clearly don’t want to be there. I can’t imagine what it’s like if your very life depends on someone like the coworkers I’m describing I guess I should have clarified my thoughts more. It's nice that our government doesn't take our dumbest people, those least-able to advocate for themselves, and train them to act as cannon fodder and run into enemy machine gun fire. There are countless examples throughout human history where nations do exactly that. (Since long before machine guns existed.) Wasn't thinking about morale, was thinking about crimes against humanity.
  12. It's worth noting that you have to take the military ASVAB test to enter military service. And if you don't score high enough, you won't be joining military service. The ASVAB is roughly equivalent to an IQ test, so you roughly need an IQ of 83 or higher to join the military. Maybe the most widely-known event was Muhammad Ali scoring a 78, and not entering military service. "I said I was the greatest, not the smartest." It's a flawed and imperfect process, of course, but not a total failure at only letting people fight and die for our country who can actually choose to do so, rather than just following orders to stand in a line and sign your name and get on a bus.
  13. "The mission of the United States military is to kill people and break things. Anything else is a distraction." - Rush Limbaugh (Holy crap do I miss that guy more every day.)
  14. Yes, well, I'd warrant the fear of Disney lawyers is low on this topic. It ain't stopping anyone from cashing in. I got this for Christmas last year:
  15. There's a bear or three within 10 miles of my house. I hear about them once every few years, loping across the street from one garbage can to another. They seem nice enough. Also, Milne's Winnie The Poo fell out of copyright protection the other year, giving rise all sorts of money grab rebrands, including a horror film.