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  1. NeuroTypical

    Could be hard year for fires in California

    February, 2019: November, 2019: Trump Tweets November'19: August 21, 2020:
  2. Just a quick scan indicates 18 is red, 17 is blue, and 16 is green. Unless I'm missing something?
  3. I'm not sure what this map represents. This is a chart of age of consent by state. I thought it valid to both the topic of Cuties, and the sub-discussion happening in this thread.
  4. NeuroTypical

    Should POTUS/Senate push through SCOTUS judge?

    RBJ is also on record. The Blaze: Here's what Ruth Bader Ginsburg said about voting on Supreme Court nominations in election year
  5. NeuroTypical

    Should POTUS/Senate push through SCOTUS judge?

    Good National Review article on the history of such things.
  6. NeuroTypical


    Make sure you pay tithing on it.
  7. NeuroTypical

    COVID update

    I think about what COVID means to me. Personally, my family was already 80% reclusive before the pandemic, other than working from home, wearing masks, and not going to movies, little has changed. Both kids are in school. I've had two shots of the vaccine - part of the Moderna phase 3 trial. My cousin's wife survived COVID, with some permanent lung damage that'll be with her for life. My boss' kid managed to shut down her entire elementary school class because she sneezed in the classroom, now they're all in the 2nd week of self-quarantining. Other than that, I don't have any personal stories. My county is doing well. At the start of this thing, my county led Colorado, and Colorado was one of the fastest growing. Now, we get around 30-40 new cases daily, with few deaths. 165 deaths total. My state is doing ok. 3-400 new cases daily, still few deaths. CO hasn't hit 2k dead yet - the number seems in no hurry to reach that milestone. Comfortable 3% hospital bed use. The country is coming down off the 2nd wave. Somewhere between 700-1000 dying every day it's like an extra flu in the country. I'm guessing cold weather and return to school will kick off the third wave - I bet we're going back up in 2 weeks. My planet continues to grapple with the global pandemic. Somewhere between 200k-500k new cases per day, somewhere between 4-8000 deaths per day. This thing won't kill us, but it is absolutely a noticable blip on the human's usual death rate. Everyone's got a chart, everyone's got an opinion, I'm not sure if we'll know how bad this was/is, for another year or more. Some charts look like this, which tell a story of how bad it is: Some charts look like this, and tell a story about how it's relatively not very bad at all:
  8. NeuroTypical

    Singing in Church

    I think this study is what placed "singing at church during COVID" on everyone's radar: - "High SARS-CoV-2 Attack Rate Following Exposure at a Choir Practice — Skagit County, Washington, March 2020" Poo-poo it all you want, but it seems reasonable to ask people to at least understand what they're poo-poo-ing. It's good to have a working knowledge of human rights and the constitution. But folks without at least a basic understanding of "emitters" and "superemitters", and the relationship of droplet formation and loudness/volume, would seem to be at a disadvantage when trying to form a relevant opinion - because the lawfulness of a public health order is only half the story.
  9. NeuroTypical

    Halloween Cancelled?

    Our usual Halloween stuff: - Trunk or treat at the ward: Most likely not going to happen. - Everyone at work dressing up their cubes and everyone's spouses and wives walk the halls: Absolutely not going to happen - 85% of us were sent home to work remotely. - "Boo at the Zoo" - Looks like this will still be happening, with reduced admittance. - Any other random thing that comes along: I wouldn't be surprised if nothing else comes along. Chipotle free burrito for everyone who comes in costume? Maybe not this year.
  10. This issue is making some news. USA Today: State attorneys general ask Netflix to pull controversial 'Cuties' as director defends 'feminist' film (Ohio, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas) Senator Ted Cruz "sent a letter calling on @TheJusticeDept to investigate whether Netflix, its executives, or the filmmakers violated any federal laws against the production and distribution of child pornography." US Senator from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard says Cuties "will certainly whet the appetite of pedophiles & help fuel the child sex trafficking trade." And points out "1 in 4 victims of trafficking are children. It happened to my friend's 13 year old daughter. Netflix, you are now complicit." The Washington Post attacks Cruz and defends Cuties. I think I did the right thing by canceling my family's Netflix account.
  11. It's always good to have relevant data and perspective. 2020: And just to stay on topic, someone paid the parents of an eleven year old to twerk it up in Cuties.
  12. Well, the 'visible outside pressure' is shown in this chart of US opinion over time: Folks who oppose SSM have been in the minority for a decade now, and the gap grows wider every year. Last decade, it was about who will be a pioneer and break new ground with a gay character. Now, it's a simple matter of following the money and knowing your audience. And the majority of today's kids know this or that gay couple, so (as the argument goes), with a desire to have a show be representative of a child's world, there's no more reason to exclude a gay couple, than there is reason to exclude a minority couple, or a divorced character, or what have you. The obvious answer to "Sexuality has no place in elementary school programming", is "what, you think depicting a heterosexual married couple is 'sexuality'? What's the matter with you?"
  13. NeuroTypical

    Getting Out of a Business Partnership

    I just got through with mediating a dispute between my 16 yr old and her mom. So forgive me if I sound like I'm talking to a teenager. A "Deal" is an important thing. Unfortunately, the world is full of people who get together and make deals, and both of them walk away with a different understanding of what the deal actually is. Sometimes, one of the people walks away not even understanding the other person thinks they have a deal. Friendships are great, business dealings need to be dealt from a position of the absence of trust. If you can't hash out something that can be written down and signed, something binding in court should there be a disagreement, then there shouldn't be a business deal. So yeah, you guys have a different understanding of what was agreed to in the past. You're about to sink money into something. Get things put down on paper, or no more deals. You can offer use of your shed as a gesture to preserve the friendship, or you can give him a date to be out. It's a common thing for friendships to weaken or fall apart based on misunderstandings about business deals. It's less common to have a friendship be maintained through a business deal.
  14. Well, Disney, and pretty much all the rest of children's programming out there, has basically normalized same sex marriage and will have the occasional (sometimes the spotlighted) gay character. I wouldn't call that so much as pushing an agenda, as following the money. Majority of same-sex acceptance in the country happened more than a decade ago. Now there's something wrong with you if you don't have a gay character. Other than that, Disney is about as center-left as anyone else.