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  1. NeuroTypical

    Population Control

    Humans think they have any say in the matter. Gaia the earth mother (or whatever) has been addressing this serious issue in her/its own way since the 1960's. Leave her/it alone and let her/it do her/its work.
  2. NeuroTypical

    Nonbeliever's questions about your faith

    Yep, the basic deal is you can't renew covenants you haven't made, so a non-member partaking isn't really binding themselves to anything. But if partaking of the sacrament helps some visitor feel closer to God, good on 'em. Kind of like how we are ok offering the sacrament to our unbaptized kiddos.
  3. NeuroTypical

    New Zealand Prime Minister

    Well, I do have one good thing to say about her. She got the whole "I refuse to utter the name of the killer" thing right. Rule #1: Deny evil what it seeks. Now somebody please tell CNN.
  4. NeuroTypical

    Internet No Longer Open

    Sounds like we clueless children need a "How to walk down dark alleys in the bad part of town at 2am for Dummies" book, but for the darkweb.
  5. NeuroTypical

    Electoral College

    Pretty dang decent historical treatment of the subject:
  6. NeuroTypical

    Irony - Answered Prayers

    God knows what's best for our refining journey in mortality, and sometimes enduring hardship is better for us than living in a state of reduced anxiety and bountiful employment. Part of our mortal experience is to be "impacted greatly" in various ways. Another thing to think about, is perhaps God chose to answer both prayers by doing nothing with either set of Managers, and just left the state of their hearts up to them. Finally, heaven help me from ever basing my testimony on whether I get fired by saints or not.
  7. NeuroTypical

    Internet No Longer Open

    I am not an expert in such things. But I do know that I'm 2 days into a 5 day download - 600 gigabytes of my weird music. It's taking so long, because I turn down the dl speed when my family is at home, so they don't gripe about the internet being slow.
  8. Full confession - I once chose to fail a class in college rather than turn in a required essay, because I did not respect the professor who had assigned the topic. (I would hope that's the most extreme example of my zealously idealistic college dumbness, but it's possible there are other examples I've just repressed or forgotten.) I came to college a brainless idiot, full of dumb reactionary ideas based on my own feelings and what sounded good at the time. I'd like to think I left college a slightly less brainless idiot.
  9. Another article by 3H's own New Media study-er intern who brought us Black LDS History: A Crash Course. People get to show up all zealous and idealistic in college. It's a great place to get some of that tempered with a touch of reality. We can only hope it's working.
  10. "1. Amazon After a recent backlash against the company, this one may not come as a huge surprise. The company prohibits the sale of explicit pornography, but NCOSE argues that many of the products found on the site, including on Amazon Prime and the Kindle e-reader, promote child pornography and sexual commodification of women." lol
  11. NeuroTypical

    Electoral College

    Oh, I don't know about your school, but you do seem to have been mis-taught on this one thing. The number of electors in each state is the sum of its U.S. senators and its U.S. representatives. If it was only about long distances and bad telegraph technology, and not (at least partially) about more populous vs. less populous states, then the # of electors would have been a percentage of the population. So go look up Miss Krankkypantz and demand a better answer from her.
  12. NeuroTypical

    Same-Sex Issues

    I always thought "risible" meant someone was so mad they were about to get up out of their chair and come at you. Then I looked it up. The mid-90's had me doing that a lot.
  13. NeuroTypical

    Electoral College

    Yep, it's pretty easy to understand. Wanna have a country? You have to find a way to give lower-population-states a say in the government. Otherwise, like, what's in it for them? Utah, for example, has better things to do than be ruled by a country where it has absolutely no say in federal matters. So folks grappled with that issue, and built the Electoral College into the Constitution. It's there for a reason.
  14. NeuroTypical

    Nonbeliever's questions about your faith

    I figure the distinction is a bit more important than folks sometimes realize. An individual can partake of three types sealings: sealed to parent, sealed to child, sealed to spouse. I've read accounts that in the early years of the church when temples and sealings were becoming a thing, there were other types happening, that didn't last long. Unrelated men getting sealed to Joseph Smith after his death, that sort of thing. So yeah, we often hear about Joseph's marriages, but we're not exactly sure if the word applies as we understand it. Joseph was sealed. Probably married to some? Were the sealings/marriages consumated? Maybe? Lots of question marks there. DNA researcher Dr. Ugo Perego has done a lot of research trying to identify offspring of Joseph's polygamous sealings. Sometimes DNA science can't tell us anything, but sometimes it can provide conclusive evidence one way or the other. And Dr. Perego has been able to prove multiple children did NOT come from Joseph. He has yet tested a viable candidate and found a biological relationship. (Last time he was in the news was 2016, I think.)