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  1. NeuroTypical

    Baldwin, gun safety, freedoms and responsibilities

    I have a very simple principle guiding my thoughts on the subject. There is no such thing as a gun accident. Only gun negligence. Owning, holding, handling a firearm carries with it a responsibility. And people either live up to that responsibility or they don't. Any negligent discharge, whether it does harm or not, is the fault of at least one human, sometimes more. Whether Baldwin is totally to blame, partially to blame, or blameless, doesn't alter the type of dead the victim finds herself. The person or people who share the blame, will carry that truth with them for the rest of their lives.
  2. Plenty of solutions/ideas/tips/tricks are only a google away.
  3. Stellar stuff, Mirkwood. Impressive and well-thought out talk. I'm both enthused and sobered that your SP is taking it so seriously.
  4. NeuroTypical

    Neuro's seitch for fremen fanboys

    I am ashamed, but it'll be next month before I get to see the thing. I thought it was telling that before it had even opened in the US or Europe, it already turned a profit.
  5. NeuroTypical

    LDS Trivia and Puzzles Game Sessions

    I think this is really cool, even though I've never been able to make it so far.
  6. NeuroTypical

    Positive Impressions In The Media?

    More of this:
  7. NeuroTypical

    Winter is coming

    Remember folks, the power goes out in freezing weather, you gotta shut off the water and open all the faucets. Frozen burst pipes can get dang expensive and messy to fix.
  8. NeuroTypical

    Winter is coming

    Goodbye, 20 year old food storage. We had high hopes for using you last year, but you were not toilet paper.
  9. NeuroTypical

    Think about it...

    Yeah, I pretty much agree with you there. No matter how good of a case can be made, "ouch that hurt" sometimes just ends up winning the day. Fortunately for us, the modus operandi for new viruses, is they get to mutating into less harmful and deadly forms over time. My personal amount of "done with this" is directly tied to how many vaccinated people are overloading our hospitals and morgues with their COVID-related things. Once I read this article, it dawned on me it's probably not happening anywhere, at least not in the US. And at the end of the day, we're all descended from humans who survived the Spanish flu. It was a foregone conclusion from the beginning with 'rona that this story would eventually end up with a similar ending. The only question was how much misery and despair and stuff we'd have to endure before it dropped off our radars.
  10. I'm glad for the change. I've always thought "disfellowshipment" was an awkward term, because in practice, it meant "brother so-and-so is going through a hard time, so we're all going to go out of our way to love bomb him 24/7 so he knows he's loved".
  11. NeuroTypical

    BYU confuses LGBT discussion by offering data

    This is fascinating.
  12. As I sort through my opinions on this article, one thought that rises to the top is "we ain't Catholics".
  13. Interesting article from a month ago:
  14. NeuroTypical


    Which religious tradition will fold first?
  15. NeuroTypical

    Think about it...

    The church has also been stockpiling ownership of operating farms for quite a while now. I've been wondering why, I truly hope this thread isn't the answer to that question.