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  1. NeuroTypical

    The COVID thread

    Fun story of Tesla engineers with nothing better to do, R&Ding ventilators with car parts. Around 1:00, you see a bench of test equipment, including stuff that my company makes.
  2. NeuroTypical

    The Benedictine Option

    I've never heard the term before today. But I've been acquainted for decades with the notion that America is an empire, showing signs of doing what every single waning empire in recorded human history has always done, without exception. I've always taken comfort in the fact that Turkey, Spain, Rome, Greece, and Britain still exist, and citizens of their former empires often fail to realize they'd fallen until their children's children started writing history books. As a guy who reads a lot of post-apocalypse fiction, it helps me not stress about my kids so much. Still need to see how we saints are going to help when the constitution hangs by a thread, and other similar foretold stuff.
  3. Fair enough. Trump has certainly said time and time again he'd release his tax returns. Not all of his statements were couched in vague language/probablies/shoulds/etc. Here's a Trump tax return:
  4. BZZZZZZT! You lose ten points for that. And I'm adding a new rule: Unalterable truth of the universe #3 that you must accept in order to have your opinions taken seriously: Understand the burden of proof. If you level an accusation, it's on you to prove it. It's not on others to disprove it. When someone does what you just did, it does the exact opposite of persuade. It makes people who do it, look like they're just spouting unsubstantiated nonsense. Come on Scott. I assume you'd like to have an impact with your opinions. You think your points are valid, you'd like others to see how valid they are too, right? You need to be more like Darth Vader: So make with the source. Do more than say "trump said X", show us where. Link the tweet. Cite the source. Otherwise, you're basically giving us all good reason to just dismiss anything you have to say on the subject. On some forums, when someone can't/won't cite a source, it's cause for moderator action. (Not this one, I'm just sharing because it really is that universally-understood a concept.)
  5. Ok. Two charts side by side. The second day of General Conference, and today: I added a "General Conference" line. County went up at the same rate. State went up by less than it has, continuing what is hopefully the start of a positive trend. See you on Friday, the day of the worldwide fast!
  6. Solution: 1- Deeply, deeply internalize those two unalterable truths I mentioned before. 2- Do your own research and your own thinking. 3- Gather stories from a wide variety of sources. Assume "the truth" lies to the left of the right sources, and to the right of the left sources. Assume there are vast quantities of relevant facts you are not being told. 4- Learn to gauge how right, and how left, the various sources are. It's like trying to gauge the wind in golf, you know how much you correct for the wind in order to sink the ball. 5- Follow the money, think about how a claim impacts an election. 6- Develop the ability to tell which billy goat is talking to you.
  7. Me too. But if I don't see a dip in deaths the day of, or day after, I won't be concluding that we're not righteous enough or something like that. Stand by for updated charts.
  8. Yeah, I'm with doing it the hard way. We should all be naturally suspicious of all sources who purport to tell us the truth, and present their comparison between two sides as accurate. So you've hung with Politifact since the Bush administration, and you figure it presents an accurate reality? They call that confirmation bias. Unalterable truth of the universe #1 that you must accept in order to have your opinions taken seriously: There is no such thing as zero bias. Everyone, every organization has a bias. Unalterable truth of the universe #2 that you must accept in order to have your opinions taken seriously: We all have confirmation bias. We all tend to give greater weight to the source that tells us what we already believe. It's a human thing, and unless you strive to be aware of it working in yourself, you can't be a persuasive voice, you're only a mouthpiece for whatever opinions you happen to have.
  9. Deal. I'm keeping score in Colorado. Here's the daily death chart, up to the day of conference. (Blue line is statewide, red line is my county.) CO daily death toll, counting backwards from today: 14, 15, 14, 17, 11 I'll post an update later today to see if we get a "sudden drop off" - that would mean less than 14 deaths. I'll post another update the day after our Friday fast, to see what happens then. Full disclosure: I've seen genuine miracles in my life that have come about through prayer and priesthood blessings. I've heard a hundred faith-promoting-stories that could be chance, or could be divine intervention. I'm guessing God will not alter the laws of physics and biology and viral population spread factors because the world unites in prayer, but I'd be very much happy to learn I've guessed wrong. Having you see your inclination realized through hard data would make me happy. Again, I have personally witnessed and experienced miracles. It's just that I've learned that when I expect God's blessings to be dramatically and undeniably shown in ways that I expect, I've pretty much always been disappointed. Can't really be disappointed in God, much better lesson is to be disappointed in myself for setting up a hoop for God to jump through.
  10. NeuroTypical

    I'm so excited!

    I don't see I don't see anything wrong with crosses either. My faith chooses to focus on the resurrection, rather than the atonement. That doesn't mean there's something wrong with the atonement.
  11. Pop up ad at the CNN homepage: (yes, this is a joke)
  12. I’ve been watching chunks of the daily covid press briefings, for weeks now. Some things I have noticed: - 70 to 80% of the stuff he says, his supportive, empathetic, useful, relevant, and not reported by any media outlet anywhere. I don’t frequent fact checking sites, but I wonder how much of it is actually fact checked, since it’s so unarguable. - I can’t begin to express how comforting it is to see this on multiple occasions: Young Media Reporter: “We have all these reports of governors not doing it right. Why don’t you just make them do what’s right?” Trump: “ Well, for starters, we have this thing called the constitution…” I am paraphrasing, but not really, I’m getting it pretty close to the exact words that are being said. Again, find those exchanges in your fact check site. - I also watch the occasional press conference from the governor of New York, and my own governor. Both very very very liberal. And again, 70 to 80% of the stuff they say is the same stuff that Trump is saying. There is so much less division between our politicians right now, then you will ever hear about reading the news. Vort, The only disagreement I have with you, is that “main stream media”, is not main stream anymore. They are falling in relevance. The sensationalistic elements of CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and all the rest, or more closely related to the back alley quick trick turning prostitutes, then legitimate news outlets. And every day, 1000 more millennials figure that out, because they have the light of Christ, and a few brain cells to rub together. And it’s that obvious.
  13. NeuroTypical

    I'm so excited!

    I don't know either, I can only guess. My best guess comes from what I know about organizational messaging and managing change. In the secular/corporate world, when a business needs to adopt any sort of organizationwide change from the status quo, you need two things. You need all levels of management, starting at the very top, to give voice to the change. And you need the worker bees to see the point and be willing to adopt and run with the change. If you are missing one of those, your change effort will fail. So, at least from an earthly understanding of how organizations enact change, if the new logo hadn't gotten senior leadership to announce it, it probably wouldn't have enough teeth to succeed. (So yeah - I don't know either. My explanation from the secular world seems to be missing something, but it's the best I've got.)
  14. NeuroTypical

    I'm so excited!

    Ooh! And a red one!