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  1. NeuroTypical

    Are LGBT Activists Religious Bigots?

    Meh. Not interesting in calling people names. "Bigot" is about as useful as "homophobe". I grew up with a kid, who is now one of my favorite Facebook arguing buddies. He married a woman who now goes by the name George, apparently there is some surgery involved too. He certainly has no love for the restored Church, and made a public post about resigning within hours of hearing about how we won't baptize his kids. He posts occasionally about the (perceived) harm he sees coming from my church, but I wouldn't call him a religious bigot. He adopted a noble internet practice. When arguing a point that will tend to ruffle feathers, he will then post a cute fuzzy animal baby. Sometimes when he's really working himself up for a good rant, he'll start with a bunch of them. The effort to preserve the relationship while arguing strenuously? That's admirable.
  2. NeuroTypical

    Thanks, anti-vax movement...

    Point in Unixknight's favor:
  3. NeuroTypical

    Thanks, anti-vax movement...

    Again, a fair answer. So, looking for logical consistencies here. 1- You'd prefer not to eat at a restaurant where the staff didn't wash their hands after using the restroom. Chance of it impacting your health, quite close to zero. 2- You'd prefer [insert your answer here] around people who don't vaccinate their children against measles. "One of the most contagious infections and can live for up to two hours in the airspace where an infected person breathed". Chance of it impacting your health, also quite close to zero, but with more serious negatives possible if it does. I'd like to hear your libertarian answer.
  4. NeuroTypical

    Thanks, anti-vax movement...

    Ok, but that's not what I'm asking. I'm asking you, how do you personally feel about your restaurant staff not washing their hands after using the bathroom? Don't care? Would report violations? If you saw it happening enough would you stop going there?
  5. NeuroTypical

    Thanks, anti-vax movement...

    So, how do you feel about your restaurant staff not washing their hands after using the bathroom?
  6. NeuroTypical

    Thanks, anti-vax movement... I'm sure it will take some funerals before some folks will consider that maybe a tiny risk of usually-minor reaction for everyone, is better than burying children. When I'm emperor of the world, anyone who spends more than two brain cells arguing with something like this, will be subject to summary noogies, to be administered by a trained ape. Anyone who uses the word "autism" in their argument, will get triple the noogies.
  7. NeuroTypical

    Who is your Favourite Dave McCave?

    Yay Dr. Seuss! There's a (possibly not apocryphal) story about his younger years when he tried to draw nudes, but "I could never get their knees to bend right." Regardless, I owe him big, because of his doctrate-level thesis on the restored gospel understanding of the doctrine of agency, which I read to my daughters at an early age:
  8. NeuroTypical

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    Sick or injured, yep, big stumbling block. This has shown up in every single new burst of enthusiasm I've had. For some reason, my left calf has hurt for 4 days straight. I don't think I injured it exercising, more like stretching too hard when asleep at 3am. And yet here I am - missing a week of elliptical and jumprope and walking around the building - 3 bits of my exercise backbone. Have faith bro. Eating better will reap benefits. Get well and get back to moving around, and you'll get there.
  9. I'm always humbled when walking into any random police station, and seeing their wall of fallen. In my various jobs in the public sector, there has been maybe one workplace related death several decades ago. But it's not the same thing - my job is to run away to safety, while their job is to run towards the danger to help. Big difference - one that wins over 90% of the critics' moral arguments.
  10. NeuroTypical

    So... Solo. The Han Solo Movie. The.... yeah.

    Yep. The going notion that I adopt, is Disney paid $500 mil for StarWars, and $3500 mil to get Lucas to agree to stay the crap away from it forever.
  11. NeuroTypical

    Why the Fight Over the Wall Matters

    That doesn't sound like "illegal". It sounds like an invasion. Yup, illegal immigration is an invasion. We invaded Mexico. And those south of the border are invading the US. I couldn't have said it better myself. Worth noting that the US and Mexico were at war in part to settle borders, in part to deal with immigration. And the resolution of the war didn't really resolve how immigration was going to be handled. Mexico had a surplus of people, and the US had vast tracts of empty land and a need to fill it's frontier. The war's end basically left the illegal immigration issue with sort of a mutual decision to not decide. Also worth noting, that when two nations are at war over what's allowed and what isn't, you sort of do things an injustice calling them "Illegal". Finally, it's most worth noting that when things get bad enough over immigration and legal/illegal disagreements, sometimes we go to war and start killing each other as a way to settle things.
  12. NeuroTypical

    Why the Fight Over the Wall Matters

    Why not all four?
  13. NeuroTypical

    Why the Fight Over the Wall Matters

    Around 77 nations have walls of varying span, construction, and purpose. We think of the now-defunct Berlin Wall, and the tourist attraction Great Wall of China, and of course the ongoing wall issues between Israel and the West Bank. But if we're going to be serious about talking walls, we should at least be familiar with these too: India's wall between them and Bangladesh - 1,700-mile barbed wire fence to curb immigration and smuggling, and block migrants India's 450-mile barrier with Pakistan — militarized, to keep out militants. Northern Ireland built 'peace walls' in 1969. As stuff improves, there are plans to demolish all of it by 2023. France has a mile-long wall at Calais, funded by the UK, put there to prevent migrants from accessing the Channel Tunnel that connects Britain to continental Europe. Morocco has a 1,700-mile sand wall, fortified and surrounded by millions of land mines, built in 1975 between it and Western Sahara. Spain has 20-foot high concrete barriers to wall off Spanish-administered Melilla and Ceuta, against African migrants. Saudi Arabia built a 550-mile-long wall with Iraq in 2014, to keep out Islamic State militants. Turkey has a wall/buffer zone running between the part of Nicosia run by Turkey, and the part run by Greece. It happens, people. For good reasons.
  14. NeuroTypical

    So... Solo. The Han Solo Movie. The.... yeah.

    Yep, this is a common thread through lots of fandoms. Another gold standard for a growing artist/content creator, is their stuff gets good enough that they get a Cease & Desist order from the show's lawyers. You'd think the creators would take it as a badge of honor instead of a kick in the teeth, but hey, artists always suffer.
  15. NeuroTypical

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    Food with artistic qualities! Love it! I took this picture of my lunch once. Was totally surprised at my ability to take a decent photo. Who knew lunch could be sexy?