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  1. By the way folks, I started the video at the end of the LDS presentation. In the 30 min before y'all started watching, she made the legal, moral, and common-sense cases for why the temple should be allowed, and also pre-addressed many of the opposing points. If anyone is actually thinking the opposing lady's presentation is going without substantive consideration or refutation, just start the video earlier. This is the first time I've sat through a long video like this, but it's my understanding that no matter where we try to put a temple, people will show up to oppose and present arguments. For that matter, whenever any human tries to do anything in any neighborhood or town or city, there will be opposition.
  2. Just a reminder that consuming a lot of chocolate could give you Dunlap syndrome. If you're not careful, you'll look down and realize your belly dunlap over your beltline.
  3. Your current ward can easily pull your records to where you live. There's no need for your old bishop to do anything. And when it comes to updating membership records, there's more "haven't gotten to it yet" than there is "won't". It's sort of an odd accusation - why would your old bishop be refusing to move your records to your new ward?
  4. Oh - and don't forget: It's truly amazing. Apologetics with a sense of humor.
  5. Nah, it's more like they're watching our political debates.
  6. I used AI to help write my last sacrament meeting talk. Talk was on repentance. The prompt was something like: "Write a poem about an LDS churchgoer who is attending sacrament meeting, and wondering if his sins are so extensive that he doesn't belong there." I looked up the church handbook policy section names for a list of sins, and told it to make sure all of them were covered in the poem. It spat out 7-8 stanzas, I took the best 4, applied some minor edits, added some of my own stuff, and read it at the conclusion of my talk. In 25+ years of giving talks in church, I've never had so many people approach me afterwards to thank me for the talk. Several people asked me for a copy of the poem. I told maybe 4-5 folks that ChatGPT had written the poem, and I had only applied minor edits. Reactions ranged from vague disinterest, to wonder and awe, to worry that I had done something wrong and they might need to keep an eye on me. I've used it as a google backup and topical research tool. I can't say it's better than google at finding sources, but it certainly finds different, often better, sources and summarizes them. @mikbone and I also used it to argue back and forth here on this board about some obscure topic that wasn't really important to either of us. Just for the experience.
  7. Hm. Ok, I don't know much about what this means. Isn't the president pretty much a hand-selected figurehead by the people who actually rule Iran?
  8. Not everybody gets excited about local government stuff, and fewer yet are willing to watch an hour of YouTube on it. But for those who are - here's a link to the LVPC meeting where we sought zoning for our upcoming temple in LV. Thing starts an hour earlier than this link, but here's where it starts getting interesting:
  9. Yeesh - I thought French counting was bad. (language starting around 3:10)
  10. No, but I know why Norway started putting barcodes on their military seafaring vessels. (It was so they could Scandinavian.) I'll show myself out, thanks.
  11. Oh, everyone has a bias, even the Snopes people. But the best sources say "here's what I think, and here's why I think it". Snopes does that. It says "true" or "false", and then lists it's sources. It's why I said we'd have to look at Snopes' track record on how it treats stories from the left and the right, to see if one gets better treatment than the other, or one side's sources are more believed than the other.
  12. Agreed, and very much agreed. I don't think there's any doubt she was a child victim of some kind. But a lot of people victimize children, not just dads. There's also relatives and neighbors and priests and teachers. Jump to dad all you want, but keep in mind it's a jump, and not everyone is going to make that jump. In the diary pages, she's specifically trying to figure out what happened to her, and writing down what occurs to her. "was I molested. I think so - I can't remember specifics but I do remember trauma" Man. If I had a nickel for every personal story I've heard that involves that as part of the journey. Trauma does things to brains and memories. Some victims need to come to grips with never being able to trust the validity or truth of certain memories. One thing that startled me when I learned it: You don't get over or heal from PTSD. It doesn't end. Where alcoholics have their "Been sober X years" chips, PTSD has a checklist entitled "the successful resolution of trauma". You'll always carry the trauma, it'll always be written into you as a part of you. But if you get the trauma resolved, then you can do things like have friends and keep jobs and get married and have a good life. BTW, if anyone thinks life is too nice, the sky too sunny, and you want to know more about abuse survivors, I can recommend this book: Miss America by Day: Lessons Learned from Ultimate Betrayals and Unconditional Love. You can get stronger and wiser by bearing the truths found in this book, but make no mistake, it won't be an easy journey to that strength and wisdom.
  13. Ok, that's fine, but her diary entry doesn't say her father sexualized her - that's a leap you're making, not the diary. It might well be true, or even likely, but I wouldn't call it damning. I'm probably just parsing words here. It's a minor point in the overall news - Biden's daughter said dad showered with her. The number of people who say otherwise, are watching their evidence crumble away.
  14. I don't understand your "and sexualized" part, or your question. What, exactly do you find damning besides the statement about showering? And who, exactly does it damn?
  15. Ashley's diary pages hit the news right before the last election, and was immediately crushed as right wing lies and fake news. The last decade saw us grappling with the increase of lies and fabrications taking root in our consciousness and media stories. CNN and other network sources were coming to be seen as full of clickbait and outrage pr0n. Half of us were trying to figure out where to go to find true things, the other half of us was turning such things into clubs to be wielded against the other side. Snopes seems to have always tried hard to present the truth and be trustworthy, although there were always specific articles that enraged one group or another. I haven't followed this particular story, but it looks like Snopes jumped on the "this is fake" bandwagon (or maybe just listed it as "unverified"), but recently has come to accept that it's a real thing. I always find it a useful exercise to discover bias. I haven't looked at Snopes, but it's a worthwhile endeavor to see how they treated [Steele Dossier/Hunter's Laptop/Trump's Election Fraud Claims/COVID stories pushing alternate theories/J6 stories/dirt on Black Lives Matter leaders or movement/Protest or Riot coverage/News of consequences of Defunding Cops], and seeing if there's a detectable bias.
  16. Oof. Just looked up Ashley Biden. I'm sad to hear about her trials and struggles. I'm sad to hear that her diary was stolen and sold and you can read parts online. I'm close to several people who have experienced sexual abuse as children. I've watched them bear lifelong scars, go through PTSD journeys. I've watched them get unrighteously judged by ignorant folks and people pushing agendas. They've had guilt and shame, both appropriate and inappropriate, and no shortage of struggles with mental health. You haven't seen tragic, until you've witnessed a traumatized girl going through additional trauma of trying to remember and talk about what happened to her. After reading the "relevant pages" of Ashley's diary, I recognize them. They are familiar. They are a coping mechanism, an attempt to move through trauma, an attempt to make sense of insane things. Anyway, since her diaries are gonna be pushed as hard as possible by people who want Biden to lose, might as well understand what's actually in them. If you're gonna push a narrative, or defend against one, you best have your facts straight. She also mentions overhearing her parents having sex.
  17. Is quantum computing technology going to reset this scale somehow? I'm not geeky enough to guess, but if I had to pretend to be a geek, I'd guess maybe it'll slow the # of transistors, because you only need a fraction of qbits to do a billion times more than regular bits, or something.
  18. Me too. The fear comes not from having there be fewer humans replacing the old ones, but from the consequences of such things. Slowing or negative economic growth, societies that end up not being able to continue to exist, the negative radical change that can come.
  19. I worked for a candy store for 5-6 years. There are hundreds of types of chocolate, and dozens of "high-end". Lots of combinations of dark/light, % butterfat, % cacao. And yes, the final texture can change based on how it's melted/tempered/cooled.
  20. Maybe. But we would never have had rainbow air if Trump had won.
  21. You're correct, it's a universal human conundrum. One with which we must all answer for ourselves. I did my first 25 years a cynic, but then my wife eventually won me over to the other side. The secret is to not beat yourself up over things that are outside of your control.
  23. Yes, but is she dimpled? Seriously though, my cousin named one of his kids Reagan.
  24. Most of my public school teachers were really good at managing groups of children. Some were good at teaching.