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  1. Uhmm. Yeah... Kinda like: "When orcs are near."
  2. Carborendum

    Backdoor Gun Control

    Where? Heck, I'll drive to New England and buy a truck load and come home with it at that price.
  3. Carborendum

    The Lord commands Lehi and Nephi

    Nephi is referring to two commandments (commands, orders, instructions, tasks to complete...): 1) When they left Jerusalem in the first place, the Lord told them to leave all their wealth behind. They were to only take provisions with them into the wilderness. 2) Now they've been told to obtain the brass plates from Laban.
  4. Carborendum

    Backdoor Gun Control

    It's been "a reaction" for over a year now. Government WILL "regulate" (i.e. - forbid/ban/crush) enough of the gun and ammunition market that it will always be higher. Before Obama took office I could buy 125 grain 9mm for around 50 c/rd. Sometimes cheaper. With Obama, prices rose to $1/rd. People said it was a "reaction". And it was. But it never went down. Now this is "just a reaction" and up to $2/rd. It is just a reaction. But it won't be going down any time soon -- as in -- EVER.
  5. Carborendum

    Backdoor Gun Control

    How do you know this isn't the "new normal"? I've got plenty of rifle rounds. But we're low enough on 9mm that we can't to the range for practice. My son and I are proficient enough that we can be "accurate enough" if the need arises. But we won't be able to get any better without practice.
  6. Carborendum

    Temple Lot

    So, actual survey markers endured. Interesting. What I was talking about was something like this: What I saw had writing on each square to indicate what type of building was supposed to be there. But this version seems to only indicate farmland. I wish this image was detailed enough to make out the writing. I've been doing enough indexing lately that I could read just about any cursive. But it has to at least stand up to magnificaiton. And this doesn't. Most LDS city layouts are at least based on a 1/2 mile grid (Major streets at 1 mile, intermediates at 1/2 mile). That would make this layout a WHOLE lot bigger than the current grassy area. But I notice that the central row is a bit taller than the other rows. That indicates something special along that line. This gives room for the idea that the temple proper may be built there, but perhaps a different, but still important building will be placed on the top of the hill.
  7. Carborendum

    3 Nephi 9 Repetition

    I guess I can see that. But it seems to be fairly weak. I suppose it won't hurt to look at it that way. But I'm not really getting the warm fuzzies about it.
  8. Carborendum

    Temple Lot

    I certainly hope you will. And could you have him throw in a jar of kim chi as a signing bonus? Dang it all! You get my hopes up and then you crash them to pieces.
  9. Carborendum

    Temple Lot

    Much like how BYU is a collection of "temples of learning." That's an interesting take. But it may very well be like BYU. The classrooms were used as chapels on Sundays. Maybe what you term to be "generic temples" are actually temples that will be used for other purposes as well. I wish I could find that city layout again. There is no way that it could fit in that small plot. He had something else in mind. But I'm thinking that without actual dimensions on the paper, a lot of things were misinterpreted. Joseph received the image in a vision. But I don't think he had dimensions laid out. It may very well be that the small lot was for what we might term "the temple proper" and other buildings were support roles for the temple. But I see something much more complete. Can a city be designed to have all the regular operations of civil society AND convert the vast majority of those residences, offices, stores, factories, etc. to temples and churches during "off hours"? I believe it can. But each building would have to be designed for such multi-purpose functionality in mind. We still need to consider the concepts of "dedication" and "consecration" of these buildings. Can this be worked with? If the Lord wills it, there must be a way. But that's a big "IF". My primary question in the OP is: if the Saints were forced to leave the area, how do we know if this is the same lot? Was there a legal description that we still have? Supposedly the CoC owns the land. Did they have the original metes and bounds survey record? Do they have the original legal description? If, as @NeedleinA says, the early Saints didn't own the land, I don't know how they could have a record of it. It had to have been purchased at a later date (after the extermination order was considered obsolete). If a considerable time passed, how do we know it is the same location?
  10. Carborendum

    Why is taco seasoning so bad?

  11. Carborendum

    3 Nephi 9 Repetition

    Could you please illustrate (i.e. provide the parallel line structure) the chiasmus? The link you provided was AFTER the verses @BeccaKirstynlisted. And the central point was in verse 18. I've tried including verses in Chapter 10. I can't detect the structure. And the author of the site you linked did not seem to agree with you. So, where is the chiasmus for Becca's verses?
  12. Carborendum

    Youth Fireside - Sinking Titanic

    So, what does he say in the book?
  13. Carborendum

    Temple Lot

    Wow, that looks like one of those mega-stake centers I've heard about. It's supposedly two stake centers built back-to-back. So, that area you have labelled as "Temple Lot." It's the green area, right? That is west of the CoC temple. If I'm understanding this correctly, the CoC temple is in the wrong spot. I'm still hoping that the "real" historical stone location is unknown and we're going to build uphill a bit.
  14. Carborendum

    Why is taco seasoning so bad?

    RECIPES! RECIPES! RECIPES! RECIPES! RECIPES! RECIPES! RECIPES! Soooo... uhmmm.... just how would we get to know that neighbor of yours...? Asking for a friend.