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    Tolerance vs inclusion.

    I know why the Church is doing it but I think it can be confusing/taken the wrong way. I'm not sure what you're saying here. Why is the Church doing ... what? What can be taken the wrong way? What is it "really" saying? vs. How would some people take it that would be incorrect?
  2. Nonsense. I'm outraged all the time, and I make it all the way to afternoon tea before I have my first stroke of the day. Oh, wait. You weren't talking about golf? Dang it.
  3. Carborendum

    COVID Office Chic

    I have noticed that my mode of dress is completely re-engineered due to home office virtual meetings. Shirt, Tie, and Sweatpants. The virtual meetings require the shirt and tie. But I just like wearing sweats. They're really comfy. So, anyone else changing their mode of dress because of recent events?
  4. I'm not sure of your intent here. Do you mean that in two weeks, CRT will be all but forgotten? Or just that "yet another thing" will be the hot topic?
  5. Carborendum

    I think I need to see a therapist...

    Point made. Well, he IS a bear of very little brain.
  6. Carborendum

    I think I need to see a therapist...

    The painter forgot the comma. Then so did the guy behind him. Ironic.
  7. These are the definitions as given in the articles. And this is about as good as it gets. These definitions can actually have some beneficial educational applications. And I'd applaud it if that were the way it is applied. The reality of how it has been applied is somewhat different. 1) I believe that the history of this country certainly shows rampant examples of systemic racism. I don't know if anyone could disagree with that statement if one knows history. 2) I believe that we've made HUGE strides in eliminating these vestiges from our legal system. I don't know if anyone could disagree with that statement if one knows history. 3) I believe we cannot completely get rid of ANY stupid behavior (yes, racism is stupid. I said it.) among humanity just like we cannot completely get rid of crime. We keep it to a minimum and do the best we can to deal with the minimum, just deal with it as best we can. Question: Are we about as good as any flawed, mortal system is ever going to get? ??? The reason why we can't give clear definitions of what it would look like in schools is that it has indeed been applied differently from location to location and from teacher to teacher. There really isn't any clear definition. It is just the "general idea" that "systemic racism exists". The "what do we do about that" is left out of "official definitions" because part of the strategy of implementation is to allow the imagination to run wild. And that is where things can get weird depending on the specifics of policy and the notions of teachers and other individuals. It could be as simple as "raising awareness" and let people know, "No, belittling someone because of their race is not acceptable" to "kill any white person you see in your neighborhood" (yes, that has happened because of CRT). With that wide range, one would think that people should be responsible for their own interpretations. Yes. But it is interesting how much people have their interpretations "steered" by people who don't say much. What do you think is the likely emotional response to people being told "There is nothing you can do. This oppression will always be over your head. And THOSE guys are responsible"? If you teach it so that someone absolutely believes that, what is the natural reaction? No manipulation there.
  8. Carborendum

    Victory Garden

    Since I'd been talking about my garden on another thread, I thought I'd share some of my garden with y'all. Here is my watermelon patch. These are my two watermelon plants. If they produce well, then I'm going to expand it to four or five next year. For scale, those are 4x8x16 concrete blocks between the two plants. These are the flowers that have developed. They are all male flowers. They're supposed to precede the female flowers by about a week. It has been two weeks since the first male flower and still no female flowers. I'm beginning to get worried. Here is one of my blueberry bushes. This is the third growing season. Producing lots of berries for such a sparse plant. i need to work on getting the branches to be fuller. Here is a shot of the corn bed, the 2nd blueberry bush, and the gourd plant. The corn bed is 4x8. The gourd bed is 4x4. And here is the cucumber bed (4x8). We just put up the trellis with cattle panel and T-Posts. On the back end of the bed is a zucchini plant. You can see the difference in leaves if you look real close.
  9. Carborendum

    Victory Garden

    It looks like I'm about a month behind on everything. My first flowers appeared nearly a month later than they did last year. I still haven't seen any female flowers yet. My one early plant had several things going on which hampered its growth. So, it is later than they one I planted in April. My latest plants simply won't be producing this year. They're due to harvest in early October. I don't know how they will do that late in the year. I'll leave them in and see what happens. And this experiment I did with the bags of mulch appears to be failing. If only I had more time. I'm so busy right now. Next year, I hope to get it right.
  10. Carborendum

    Encouraging Temple recommend renewals?

    The same time any others would who cry "Lord, Lord" who never knew the Savior. You seem to misunderstand what the recommend really is about. In the end, it is a piece of paper. It isn't just the paper. it is what is honestly completed in order to receive such. (Think of it like other important pieces of paper - like a diploma or a license or certification). Any physical item or act is only a representation of something spiritual. But as mortal beings, we need physical reminders of the spiritual. That is why we see the importance of something physical. Not because of the physicality of the item, but because of what it means to have done what the Lord wants us to do. Only then can we become what he wants us to become.
  11. Carborendum

    Full and complete lesson on modesty?

    Hmm. I hadn't seen that one. But, yea, verily. Such strains do portray the wisdom of which I spake.
  12. Carborendum

    Tolerance vs inclusion.

    It's all about arguing through grey into the black.
  13. Carborendum

    Fallacy question

    Deflecting Nit-Picking Red Herring Reification (180). Strawman Moving the goal posts
  14. Carborendum

    Supreme Court rules in favor of Catholic group

    Still, it's better than a 9-0 opinion the other way.
  15. Carborendum

    Full and complete lesson on modesty?

    I'm sure you and your English degree are aware that there is a vocal minority of fans of the Bard who say that Romeo and Juliet was supposed to be a comedy (in modern terms) because of how ridiculous the plot actually is. Two teenagers immediately fall in love at first sight. And even though they are completely loyal to their family names, Juliet pronounces within an hour "My greatest love sprung from my greatest hate." In the DiCaprio version, I loved the friar's delivery of the line. "Young men's love lies not in their hearts, but in their... eyes." No, in real life, such a situation would not come out of the blue. It comes from years of disrespecting parental opinion. Really, there was love, affection, devotion, loyalty, and obedience to family and parent. But because our eyes make us fall in love, BOOM, I want only what makes my parents upset, and want to drop him as soon as my parents approve... Hmm... Yeah, that doesn't happen with most of us. My one son whom I call my mini-me is the one who openly says that he tends to not want to do something if I'm encouraging him to do it. And it has been many years coming. But even then, he doesn't change his mind on something because I agree with him. But if he's still in the process of considering...
  16. Carborendum

    Full and complete lesson on modesty?

    I've heard of this happening -- usually in jokes. This is the first I've heard of it working in real life. It would not work in my family.
  17. Carborendum

    Full and complete lesson on modesty?

    Thank you for clarifying your position. I think we're pretty close on this. It's just the old argument. 1: I see clouds in the sky. 2: I see blue skies. 1: Yes, but there are clouds up there. 2: Yeah, but there's blue behind them. 1: Why are you saying it isn't cloudy? You can clearly see clouds. 2: I see the too. But the blue... That said: I think women do dress to tempt men, but not in the way you think. It is several steps removed. But if we're going to be intellectually honest, the fundamental driving force is that we want to impress the opposite sex. Women dress because they want to feel pretty. They want to impress other women. Got it. 100% understand. My wife even tells me this is so. No argument. Why is it important for them to "feel pretty"? Why is it important to them to "impress other women"? It is so that they can show they are a "better specimen". Think about what animals do? Both males and females of any species do things to make themselves compete with others in the mating game. Why is that important to be a better specimen? So, they can attract a better mate. It isn't conscious. It isn't the immediate thing on people's minds. But I think that the Puritanical attitude towards sex has blinded us to the fact that, yes, human beings do have the same instincts that any other animals have. The only thing is that we can choose to push against that. Actually achieving control over it is another story. So, if you were her mother, what would you say to her if she came home with that costume and raved about how cool it was? Would you even consider what I've just described above? Would you be concerned about how the YM would ogle her the entire evening? Would you just encourage her to go ahead and wear it?
  18. Carborendum

    Full and complete lesson on modesty?

    Not at all. My roommate just played lout music ALL THE TIME. And when I asked him to turn it down, he said,"That's just how I play my music, dude. I'm not doing it to irritate you." It seemed to make no difference that he'd do it at 1:00 am while most people try to sleep. Just because they aren't doing it to tempt, doesn't mean that it doesn't affect those around them. It's the same for mask wearing (I wasn't the first one to bring it up). I really do have a breathing problem. It is difficult for me to wear a mask. But if someone I'm dealing with feels uncomfortable and asks politely, I am going to do my best to wear a mask in their presence out of courtesy. And there really is no reason for me to wear one when I'm already immune. But they still feel uncomfortable. I love kim chee. So does my family. So we're good. But when my wife was pregnant, she couldn't stand the smell. So, during those times, I made an effort to not indulge. And most guests don't like it either. So, I make an effort to not have kim chee when guests are over. We all NEED to go to the bathroom. We have to expose ourselves to do so. But we're not trying to flash anyone. We just need to do it. Does that mean that there shouldn't be privies to do the deed? Can't we just have a toilet in the middle of the office? I want to have sex with my wife. One could say that we're SUPPOSED to have sex. But do we do it in front of people? We're not trying to be provocative. We're just doing what married people do. A certain young woman in an old ward decided to dress as Black Widow for Halloween. The costume was of thinner material than ScarJo's outfit. It made it cheaper, and more available to the masses. It also made the outfit extremely form fitting and... you get the idea. She was just wearing it because it was a "cool costume". Do you think the YM in the ward simply said,"Hey, cool outfit." and then moved on? No, nearly every young man in the ward was gathered around her wherever she went. Remember, I still think it is 100% the young men's fault for not controlling themselves. They should have done the decent thing and simply said, "Hey, cool outfit," then moved on. That was on them. But did she really do nothing wrong? I'd say she did. She was being immodest. The thing here is that there seems to be undue "blame" on the boys for not controlling themselves. And, again, they should be blamed for THEIR actions and maybe even REactions. But your position seems to be of one that says that the "standards of modest dress" is something we shouldn't be teaching. It is as if this is NOT a sin at all. There is NOTHING wrong with being immodest in one's dress while in public. I disagree. There is something wrong with the boys not being able to control their reactions. So, we DO teach that principle to the YM. Trust me, we teach it a LOT. And there seems to be NO push back on the need to teach it. There is also something wrong with women who like to dress sexy and provocative only to hide behind the notion of "freedom of dress" (for lack of another term). Should we not be teaching this principle? No, girls, go ahead and walk around in a mono-kini to school and it is totally the boys' fault for looking at you while at school. (And I'd dare say, most of the girls would be looking too... albeit for a different reason.)
  19. Carborendum

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    District Court Judge allows a child rapist to go free after 180 days - even when prosecution recommended 15 years. Same judge requires parents to get a vaccine to see their kids in the middle of a divorce proceeding.
  20. I knew it. I KNEW you were pure evil. But seriously folks... Since we're already in the middle of a threadjack, I'll submit the following... I was talking about teaching the gospel. And you were talking about living the gospel. Don't they go hand in hand? You can't truly teach it without living it. And it is hard to live the gospel without preaching it as well. The Savior gave this directive pretty imperatively -- even if it is only...
  21. Carborendum

    Full and complete lesson on modesty?

    This is 100% true. I don't think anyone here has said anything to the contrary. If I lose my temper it is 100% my responsibility that I didn't keep a lid on it. If someone eases me, taunts me, and harrasses me to no end, even using racial slurs that would make my wife blush, and I lose my temper, it is still 100% my fault for losing my temper. But do we think the one taunting me did nothing wrong?
  22. Well...
  23. I was looking at it from a completely different perspective. It isn't a matter of how good or bad the world is TODAY. It isn't a matter of if the world is improving or worsening. It is that the world could fall in a major way from ANY height within a single generation if the lessons of the gospel are not carried on from parents to children. At any moment we're only one generation away from complete collapse. People have been saying "the end is near" for thousands of years. We have scriptures that quote the Lord saying,"I am nigh, even at the gates." I don't think this is intended to mean a chronological closeness to some pre-set date. I think it is a warning that if we do not continue teaching and living righteous principles, it could all come crashing down at ANY time. From a practical sense, we're probably not going to see 99% of a single generation all falling away when 99% of the previous generation was stalwart and true. But the warning is there to help remind us of our duty TODAY. Teach the children the way path they should walk... I have my own impression of today's rising generation. But they are my own, and not a prophecy of what is to come. What I can say is that whatever forces are pushing us one way, I see some holdouts that are pushing the other way. And just like the story of the soldiers in the foxhole at Normandy Beach, they don't realize just how widespread the resistance is. We have hope.
  24. You think we're that far away? We're so used to civilization that we cannot fathom that we're on a knife's edge, always one generation from the abyss.
  25. I guess my gaydar was a bit more accurate than others. I heard some of his songs. Sounded nice. But once I saw him in an interview, I thought, "Is he gay?" Seriously. It was the first question that popped into my head. And it's not like I'm constantly wondering that about everyone I ever see. It just came into my head all on its own. No judgment included. He just seemed like it -as much as when I look at someone and immediately determine if they are male or female.