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    Random thought: witness protection

    I have some insight into this -- but backwards. No, they wouldn't be done twice. But I'm not exactly sure what is done. So, what is the insight? While I was on my mission, my dad was ward mission leader. And my mom was a stake missionary. During that time, the missionaries came across an elderly couple who seemed to be golden investigators. As they were being interviewed by the district leader, something came up about their legal names or something like that. Whatever the detail was, it came out that they were in WITSEC. So, my dad contacted the stake president. The missionaries contacted their mission president. And this couple was given a number to call in Salt Lake. Then ... "something" happened. No one seems to know what. My parents don't know (edit: my mom has since passed away, so she probably knows now). The bishop did not know. The stake president did not know. And I didn't have the opportunity to ask the missionaries or the mission president. So, I really don't know what happened. But there was some sort of process. My guess is that they just needed to make sure that they weren't previously baptized or excommunicated under a different name. There would have been no purpose in keeping both their birth name and their new identity on the records. First, that would be stupid dangerous for anyone in WITSEC. Second, I was adopted. And my church records have no mention of my birth name. I've known it since I was a child and still mention it when it comes up in conversation. But my Church records say nothing about it. If a current Saint becomes involved in something that requires WITSEC, then I'd guess that they would transfer the records under the new name somehow. But it would make genealogy a pain.
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    Like In The Days of Noah

    The bolded portion stood out to me in this passage recently. From what we read in Genesis, there was no warning, no building up phase with calamities in society. One day was sunny skies. The next day was the Deluge. But with the Second Coming, we have signs of the times. There is a build up. MAJOR CALAMITIES, and we're still celebrating, marrying and giving in marriage. A commonly accepted timeframe for Noah to build the ark was 120 years (this value is debated). It has been 202 years since the First Vision. It has been 192 years since the founding of the Church. All other significant events in between. All during this time, we've seen calamities and signs of the times that have been dismissed as a false alarm. I wonder if they were. I wonder if we're just making merry as in the Days of Noah. We may not know the day nor the hour of the Second Coming. But I tend to think that just because our lifespans are so short, we don't fully appreciate that we truly are in the last days.
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    2000 Mules

    My conclusion at the bottom may surprise all of you. It had ONE thing that was clear and convincing. Apart from that, I was kind of disappointed with it. A LOT of it was just filler to make it long enough that people to feel like they got their money's worth. Well, that didn't work with me. It had only ONE thing that was substantive. And it should have been clear and convincing evidence to anyone who looks at it with an open mind. But the naysayers will write it off as biased and propaganda regardless of how scientifically it was derived. It really was convincing. Everything else was just a rehash, filler, and commentary. Pretty much worthless. For those who don't know, it is a documentary by Dinesh D'Souza about how people were hired "mules" to deliver mail-out ballots to the drop-boxes. There was an orchestrated effort to collect as many ballots from individuals as possible for a short stop at bases of operation where they were they were "processed". SO WHAT WAS THE IMPORTANT PART? True the Vote collected data from GPS tracking through cell phones. Such information is available to the public with special request forms. Over a petabyte of data showed that a person would go out of their way to multiple drop box locations and then back to a base of operations. Then make another sortie out to another set of boxes... There is NO REASON for anyone to do that other than to deliver many batches of ballots. And that is illegal in most states to protect against this very action. But just making it illegal doesn't mean people won't do it. When they screened out for possible false positives, they found approximately 2000 such mules in the battleground states. And based on surveillance videos collected in conjunction with the cell phone data, they were able to approximate the number of ballots that were dropped at each location. Over 300,000 ballots were delivered in this manner. And based on the cell data, it was enough to turn the election. Remember that several states were given to Biden by only a few thousand votes. There were just enough ballots in three states. And there were PLENTY of them in one of the states (IIRC, it was either Michigan or Pennsylvania). A couple of states showed that the deficit for Trump was too great. So, Biden would have gotten those states even if they didn't cheat. CRITICISMS AND REBUTTAL: There were simply not enough ballots to make a difference.* The operation stayed under the radar by limiting the number of ballots dropped each time. So, no single drop was deemed significant. No one had any idea that there were thousands of mules carrying "just a few" ballots each at each location. No one had any idea that any single mule would carry to upwards of 20 locations in states where they did not reside. This was biased and obviously not dependable data. The data was sound. The data was analyzed well and generously screened for false positives. But the interpretation of the data was biased. BOTTOM LINE - MY TAKE: (This may surprise you). * The math they used to determine which states "would" have gone to Trump was accurate. But the philosophy used was deficient. They assumed that there was NO cheating on the part of the Republicans. I'm not so naïve as to believe Republicans don't engage in cheating as well. They just don't do it as well or as wide-spread.** When taking into account a reasonable guess for the level of Republican cheating, most of the states were not swung because of this. A couple states, yes. But that wasn't enough. The other states were so close that the states would probably still have gone to Biden. ** The reason why I believe Democrats do it more is because of the methodologies that the film depicted. Republicans simply don't have that infrastructure. Democrats do. A large part of this was based on mail-out ballots being widespread. Democrats have been screaming for more of them. Republicans have been trying to shut them down. I didn't memorize all the numbers. So, if you want to do an analysis yourself, go ahead and see the movie. But based on my memory, I was seeing that the few states where Trump "won" by a bare majority the night before, and "lost" by a bare majority the morning after, it was simply not enough.
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    Hurricane Season is near

    Yup, that's a concern. I may be without power again for a few days this summer. I'll be sure to fill up my water tanks (I'm on a well). For others in the gulf area: Prep your 72-hr kits. Don't wait until the night before the forecast. If you live in Houston, you should already have a kit. Just top it off before the season starts. Fill up your bathtubs with water the night before the hurricanes are forecasted. This will give you water for toilets. I have a well, so with no power, there is no water. But what many aren't aware of is that the water you receive from the MUD is pumped (with electricity). So, your water will also be affected by a widespread power outage. As you get soda from the store, don't throw away the bottles. These are probably the best vessels for storing water that are cheap and readily available. Wash them thoroughly, fill with water, and let it sit out in the sun for a full day. This will kill all the bacteria that are prone to UV (which is most of them). Chlorine is also an option. DO NOT USE BROMINE for drinking water. Chlorine will also prevent algae and similar life-forms. UV will feed it. Get a battery backup / battery extender for your cell phone. Have a 2.5 to 5 gallon gas jug filled for each vehicle that you may be using during the emergency. My family if planning to visit Nauvoo during hurricane season. So, we're getting a house-sitter for that week. We are acutely aware of this sort of thing because the house is in the 500 yr flood plain. This basically means that with a 100 yr storm, we see flooding (1" of more) around the house during the actual downpour. But by the time the storm is over, the "shoreline" is a couple hundred feet away from the house. So, I'm going to stock up on mosquito spray.
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    Year supply anyone?

    I remember that there was a great push during the 70s stagflation era. And my parents were scared as chicken feathers. When the prosperity of the Reagan era came, people made fun of Mormons and their doomsday mentality. Around 1998 or so, Pres. Hinckley gave an address wherein he went over the seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. Right around seven years later, we saw the beginnings of the Great Recession. Many people listened and got their food storage, and saved up as much money as possible to carry them through the recession. Although we all made it through, some made it through without having to get on the dole or use the Bishop's storehouse. Others lived quite peacefully and were able to do with a lower paying job because they had enough savings to carry them through until the times of plenty. I remember a news magazine show (perhaps 60 Minutes) that did an article on the Church's welfare system. And they made a particular point to ask why the Church itself had such a large storage itself. The representative said that it was "just in case". In case of what? "Whatever may happen". The interviewer/commentator then told the audience that what he wasn't saying was that Mormons are actually preparing for the calamities before the Second Coming. I think they were wrong. There is no way that a church as small as ours will have the facilities to feed the population of the Church, much less the entire world. During Obama's Presidency, I remember people hoarding ammunition and buying guns in record numbers because he was doing his best to outlaw guns and ammo. At the same time, people noticed the economy was recovering. One guy (self-described former Mormon) got onto a prepper forum I frequented and offered up his whole food supply for sale. He had kept it for a while after leaving the Church because times were still tough and he was worried. But when things got better, he declared "What a waste!" Prior to the pandemic, we realized things were going "a little too well." So, we checked our inventory and got what we thought we needed to complete the storage for our growing family. The pandemic hit. And we were glad we had stocked up. A sister in the ward was becoming an empty nester. And she still had some wheat she wanted to unload in the middle of the pandemic. So, she had some way of making just a little money to get her over a financial hump. We bought all that she wanted to unload at the time.
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    Well, I've got a fourth prediction after looking again at patterns. I had said there would be some kind of global event that would shock the world prior to announcing an end to the pandemic. The Ukraine War began shortly thereafter. I predicted the recession. This was pretty dang obvious to most who are paying attention. But I'm predicting bad economic times (from late 2024 to early 2026 for recovery). We'll see how that turns out. I predict that the GOP will win a BARE majority that is small enough that the more liberal Republicans could vote for liberal policies and nullify the GOP majority in the house. The Senate will be the same. We'll see in about 6 months. This is not so obvious since most people are predicting a shellacking of the Dems. I don't think it will be. I do believe that there will be a lot more local and state changes in parties. We'll see. Here is my next prediction: The following three things are going to be interconnected. Biden will not complete his term as President. Either he will be removed (impeachment/25th Amendment) or he will not survive (assassination, natural causes) or he will simply resign due to health. Something will happen. He will not complete his 4 years. Harris, of course, will take over. But she will not be re-elected. A huge change will occur around the time of my predicted economic recovery date. I don't know what form it will take. It could be a war. It could be a civil war. It could be an economic crash, the likes of which we've never seen before. It could be famine. It could be a crime spree worse than the BLM protests of recent years. It could be something like the Ministry of Truth being more over-reaching than they ever expected. But it will change the landscape of the USA as we know it. Notice that I've predicted recovery around the same time as this "huge change" that also included the possibility of the economic crash. It is interesting. But when a MAJOR national/global even occurs, it can throw out the pattern that was used to predict the recovery date. We'll see what that change is in a few years. We probably won't have this board any more. But it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Stay close to the stakes of Zion.
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    I just realized something. About my big prediction for 2025 (+/-)... The signs point to "Something Big". But there is no reason it has to be a bad something. I guess I projected. It will be a reshaping. But who's to say whether it is good or bad? And as life's vicisitudes go, it is usually a bad thing that sparks something much better.
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    Like In The Days of Noah

    Ok, so this thread went in a different direction than I had intended. So... I'll go with the flow. I'm not so concerned about all the small signs. The reason is that these small signs will repeat themselves for each generation. And they'll get worse and worse. Two categories of reactions tend to occur: 1. People JUMP and say "LOOK!!! It was prophesied." Then comes the reality that the sign was a false positive. 2. People just become complacent because it's just like 100s of times before. The first group needs to calm down a bit. The small signs are not sure fire signals. They're "reminders" to keep us on the path. They remind us just how fragile society is. Those who become complacent have more need of repentance. They believe they are beyond reminding. They may even be past feeling. They know all, and simply don't humble themselves before the Lord and have no fear of God. (God-fearing in the classic sense). So, the first thing is to look for the small signs as reminders to keep on the path. They are also reminders of how the Lord provides this magnificent society for us. People don't. Look how easily it can come to a grinding halt when people do things without God in their hearts. We always look to the Lord on a daily basis for our daily bread, not society. This has always been true from the Garden of Eden and will be true all the way till the last battle. The BIG SIGNS: There really is only one that makes any difference: Two prophets (i.e. apostles) will miraculously hold back the armies of the anti-Christ. When that happens, we'll know it is upon us. The problem with this is that there will be a whole lot more that happens before that time, and it won't be pretty. So, in the end, we can worry about all sorts of things with the Second Coming. But the whole point of giving us these prophecies is to remind us to stay close to the Lord and stay close to the stakes of Zion. WHY STAKES?" I don't know. But I have a guess. I am guessing that a lot of communication lines will be broken. We may not have access to our Church Leadership -- at least, not with the convenience we have today. So, the stakes will be our "sect" of Mormonism (if I can coin a phrase). A stake tends to be just large enough (around 1000 to 2000 people) to be able to create quite a capable community with a variety of skills. And the Saints will not be alone. We are the one organized religion that people will seek out: People know that we have a reputation for preparedness. They know that we believe in the principles set forth in the Constitution. They know that (despite our doctrinal differences) we believe in Christian Virtues that should be disseminated throughout society. They know about our "Mormon Helping Hands" (despite the name change) and that we are about the most organized church in the world as far as every-day people doing every-day jobs and having every-day lives also being prepared and organized to handle disasters, help the needy, etc. Yes, they will seek us out. And we will be happy to have such allies. At that point, we won't be worried about doctrinal differences. We'll be worried about who's on the Lord's side, or the Anti-Christ's side. And most people will know that we're NOT on the side of the Anti-Christ. I even had an encounter with a self-described "recovering Mormon". And he told me that even though he thinks we're a cult, if the shellac hits the fan, he'd be looking for the nearest Mormon church and hope to find shelter from the "zombie apocalypse" as he put it.
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    It appears Roe Vs. Wade is about to be overturned.

    Also see: Note that both the websites I posted, consider themselves to be liberal.
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    It appears Roe Vs. Wade is about to be overturned.

    To dial it down for those looking for percentages (in descending order) Completely elective (just another method of contraception) accounts for 75% of all abortions. Economic/Social accounts for 20% (I have no idea what social means in this context, and I question economic). 1.7% for psychological health of mother 1.5% for physical health of the mother. 1% Severe fetal deformity/abnormality 0.3% Mother's life is endangered 0.1% Rape 0.01% Incest Depending on where people draw the line of "justification", most conservatives would either be for 4.6% of current abortions to less than 1/2% of current abortions. I believe most conservative Christians would place it around the 1% - 2% range. The reasoning behind Roe v. Wade was essentially that because of less than 1% justification, abortion should be legal in ALL cases. (I'm under the impression that the RvW decision was made primarily based on rape, and that mother's life or incest was also considered, but the other reasons at the time of the decision were not part of the argument. Please let me know if I'm wrong.) Reported Legal Abortions by Race of Women Who Obtained Abortion by the State of Occurrence Timeframe: 2019 Location White Black Other Hispanic Total United States 33% 38% 7% 21% 100% Alabama 30% 62% 2% 5% 100% Alaska 49% 7% 40% 4% 100% Arizona 38% 11% 10% 41% 100% Arkansas 44% 47% 2% 7% 100% California NR NR NR NR NR Colorado NR NR NR NR NR Connecticut 37% 33% 6% 24% 100% Delaware 43% 42% 4% 12% 100% District of Columbia 19% 53% 12% 16% 100% Florida 31% 35% 5% 30% 100% Georgia 21% 65% 5% 9% 100% Hawaii NR NR NR NR NR Idaho 68% 3% 5% 25% 100% Illinois NR NR NR NR NR Indiana 52% 32% 8% 9% 100% Iowa NR NR NR NR NR Kansas 54% 24% 8% 14% 100% Kentucky 56% 34% 4% 7% 100% Louisiana NR NR NR NR NR Maine NR NR NR NR NR Maryland NR NR NR NR NR Massachusetts NR NR NR NR NR Michigan 40% 52% 5% 4% 100% Minnesota 47% 28% 15% 10% 100% Mississippi 20% 74% 4% 3% 100% Missouri NR NR NR NR NR Montana 83% NR 9% NR NR Nebraska NR NR NR NR NR Nevada 37% 18% 12% 33% 100% New Hampshire NR NR NR NR NR New Jersey 27% 39% 17% 18% 100% New Mexico 28% 5% 11% 56% 100% New York NR NR NR NR NR North Carolina 32% 49% 8% 13% 102% North Dakota NR NR NR NR NR Ohio NR NR NR NR NR Oklahoma NR NR NR NR NR Oregon NR NR NR NR NR Pennsylvania NR NR NR NR NR Rhode Island NR NR NR NR NR South Carolina 49% 39% 5% 8% 100% South Dakota 63% 11% 17% 10% 100% Tennessee 39% 51% 4% 6% 100% Texas 26% 28% 7% 39% 100% Utah 60% 5% 8% 27% 100% Vermont 90% 4% 4% 3% 100% Virginia 34% 46% 11% 10% 100% Washington NR NR NR NR NR West Virginia 83% 13% NR NR NR Wisconsin NR NR NR NR NR Wyoming 61% NR NR 29% 89%
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    Inspiring Story of Non-Abortion Doctors can say that a baby will be born brain dead to encourage abortion. But they are not always right. This baby will be singing the praises of his pro-life parents all his life.
  12. General Authorities have said that the exact mechanism of how/why the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ satisfied the demands of justice is incomprehensible to man in our current state. So, we can't explain it with words. But it can only be understood through the Holy Spirit. Sacrifice has always meant giving up something we value for something we'd value even more. In that sense, that is always part of the fundamental principles of choice and agency. The results/consequences of our choices are natural consequences of what we value.
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    Like In The Days of Noah

    It was bound to happen at some point. I've got some amazing stories from my missionaries. Some depressing, some inspiring. But it is all saying about what we'd expect. There are still some of His sheep out there waiting to hear the word. But there are fewer and fewer of them. I'm also seeing a lot more people getting woke and getting inactive. If this trend is so aligned, one wonders if there is a correlation.
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    Baby Formula Shortage

    So, from a variety of sources (so take the accuracy for what it is) this is what I've gathered on the baby formula shortage: 1. There were a few (one source says 4) babies who came down with some serious ailment. 2. The only common factor "seemed" to be the formula they ate. 3. The Feds inspected the Abbott factory and discovered a similar type of bacteria in their processing equipment. So, they shut Abbott down. 4. Abbott alone makes almost half of the formula used in the US. 5. Abbott shut down and cleaned the factory. They provided an announcement letter stating so just last week. 6. The Feds won't be back by to inspect for another couple of weeks. Interesting points. 1. While there were "similar" bacteria found in the plant, The particular strains found in the plant were NOT pathenogenic. They were NOT the same strains found in the affected infants. It was shut down anyway. 2. Pallets of formula are being procured by the Biden administration to supply the infants of illegal aliens at the border. 3. Border Patrol is required to provide that formula by law. 4. Feds are NOT required to keep the Abbott plant open. Nor are they required to switch their schedule inspect Abbott any earlier than previously scheduled. 5. If all goes well, the formula shortage will be over in a month. I wonder how many babies will die by then. Racial implications: 1. The great majority of formula users are poor minorities. 2. The great majority of abortions are performed on poor minorities.
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    Russia-Ukraine conflict

    Update on CARE: When I donated to the cause, I thought it was odd that nothing in the documentation said anything about it being earmarked for Ukraine or paying for ammo. Nothing. The other day, I got a mailing from CARE that said that because of my donation, environmental causes around the world have benefited. Now, I'm on a mailing list for other environmental causes. Wonderful. So, I guess there really is no way to help the people of Ukraine in any meaningful way.
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    Baby Formula Shortage Wow. We agree on something. How about that. Wrong. They didn't mess up. The inspectors did. There was nothing wrong with the formula they made. But because FOUR babies in the entire country had an illness, the entire plant was shut down because the inspectors made a bad assumption. Wrong. Abbott just issued the all clear. And they're waiting for the ok from the FDA. Yeah, that was already a foregone conclusion. They just need to issue the ok for Abbott to begin production again. They're waiting. So, for a problem that the government created almost out of thin air, they will then take the credit for fixing the non-existent problem. So, like a politician.
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    Like In The Days of Noah

    People ignore what they want to ignore. I think we need to ask ourselves the question "of all the counsel that the Prophet has given, what am I ignoring?" If we're following the counsel "individuals are responsible for their own decisions..." we need to know what all the considerations are for making an informed decision. If we've gone through the process of seeking out all their counsel on a topic Prayerfully considering where we sit in relationship to those topics Prayerfully seeking the guidance of the Spirit for our individual situations Making our final decision based on that counsel and the guidance of the Spirit Then we've done exactly what the Lord expects us to do. For others to accuse us of doing otherwise (just because we came up with a different answer) is unrighteous judgment. Every situation, every person/family will have different variables in their lives. We will be held accountable to the Lord in how faithfully we sought out His will for us individually. And just as people will ignore what they will ignore, they will also judge when they shouldn't.
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    The recession appears to have begun. Look at those patterns. The recession has been talked about for the past few months. It is now here. We're at the threshold. All the ups and downs before were for a myriad of reasons. Now, they are culminating. We'll see a pattern very similar to the 70s.
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    I would laugh if it weren't so tragic. I can hold a glimmer of hope that things will turn around before the end of June. It will prove him right and me wrong. And I'll be happy with that.
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    Mid-term election Predictions

    I hereby predict that the Dems will lose seats in the House. But it will be so close a call that the "Majority Party" is up for grabs. I predict that GOP will gain enough seats in the senate to technically have the Majority. But there will still be enough swing votes (Murkowski, Romney, Cheney, Collins,etc.) that any left leaning bill will still be up for grabs. But not a single right leaning bill will pass. Best case scenario for GOP is continual deadlock for the next two years. And some time soon after the election, Democrats will finally make a decision on whether they hate Kamala more or are afraid of the harm biden will do to the party. They may go woke and decide it's worth the political points to have the first black woman in the oval office (if they can define woman, or if they decide she's light enough to accuse her of wearing blackface). So far it looks like they're just going to let it ride.
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    So, I just learned that a couple of weeks ago, (shortly after I began this thread) Jerome Powell (Fed Chair) has said that the economy is strong and "there is NOTHING to indicate that it is vulnerable to a recession." Nothing? We're already 75% of the way to a recession by the technical definition. But nothing to indicate we're vulnerable to a recession? SMH. I guess I should just tell everyone to ignore me because I'm not a financial advisor or finance expert. If the Fed Chair is saying there's not going to be a recession...
  22. Carborendum

    Mid-term election Predictions

    OK, now I KNOW the GOP will NOT take back the house.
  23. Carborendum

    Tree of Life

    I'm trying to help you understand something that is not right in your paradigm. You ask why the tree existed at all. It didn't. You say you understand it is symbolic (which it was) but then you discuss it as if it were real (which it wasn't). You can't mix a non-existent literal thing with the symbolic meaning and come up with a consistent understanding. The tree existed (symbolically) because that was part of the plan. It never existed literally. You may find it easier to understand if you fully acknowledge that fact.
  24. Carborendum

    Tree of Life

    I find it difficult to believe there were literal trees that had these purported effects. So, yeah, it is obviously symbolic. So, what does the symbolism help us understand? As @Anddenex pointed out, there is the model of opposition in all things. The model of the Garden is that of our state of innocence that began in pre-mortality and extended on until we became accountable on earth. The turbulent time after partaking of the fruit and expulsion can be analogous to adolescence. During our state of innocence we already have full access to the redeeming power of God (access to Eternal Life). The sins of little children are swallowed up in Christ. If we partook during that time, it wouldn't have any meaning to us. Once we lose our innocence we are continually given choices opposing each other -- between good and evil (life/death). 3 Ne 26:5 Alma 32 1 Ne 14:7 Alma 41:5 As we choose evil, we must be baptized by water (Cherubim) and fire (Flaming Sword) to access that power -- the power of the Atonement of Christ. Being expelled from the Garden is symbolic. It is not that we're "forced" out. It is as natural as the aging process. It simply "happens". And while we are cursed, we're given a way out. It is not that the Tree of Life is now forbidden. We are now required to put ourselves under covenants and remain true to those covenants in order to access the power. Additionally, as cyclical as life is, I'd say this process repeats itself over and over again in our lives. Each time we sin, each time we repent.