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  1. While I've been doing a lot of doomsday predicting lately, I thought I'd try to balance it with the other side. I heard the warnings and promises which the Prophet had spoken about. But I was so focused on the challenge of overcoming the world that I failed to listen to the counsel about "Finding rest". I really hope all of us can take the time to go over his entire talk. I was going to try to clarify or rephrase in my own words. But his words are perfect. I can't improve upon them. His explanation is clear. I can't improve upon it. How I wish I would have paid more attention to the rest of his talk a couple weeks ago. Please PLEASE listen to his talk again. In the coming years, I don't know if there will be anything more important to help us through the dark times ahead.
  2. Well, it seems you haven't taken into account the killoquad redundant molochortz ramostadt differential. Then you'd need to calculate the bilateral kellolakterals of the differential elements of the sinewave. If you include the isophilavial constant in the complex heisenberg formula for the pheromantral function denominator, then you'd realize that your premise is a bit off. See if you can take those into account and get back to me.
  3. PREFACE: I know if I don't say this up front, people will say how stupid this is because of the existence of exceptions. But that is what I believe they are -- exceptions. So, I'm asking for your indulgence to consider the spirit of my words here. Pres Nelson's parting words about miracles indicates that he knows what is going to happen. To most, this might sound encouraging. And it was meant to be. But another side of me looks to that with some trepidation because... Miracles tend not to happen until the Lord's people are in dire straights. Moses was fleeing Pharaoh. And the waters parted. The priests of Baal had nearly the entire population under their thumb. Fire came down from heaven to burn up the drenched altar. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were being thrown into the furnace. They were divinely saved. Ammon... He was just plain awesome. Let's face it. I've also learned that we tend to get "smaller" miracles when we are in "1st World" dire straights. This past couple of weeks, I've been wrestling with a project that was a little out of my league. It is a project I'd usually need some help on. But the people who were going to help me bailed out in the middle of the project. The project was delayed so far that the client was calling me to yell at me an threaten me. I've never had that happen before. While I say my general prayers for general "good spiritual, physical, & emotional health," this past week I was coming down to the wire. And there was still stuff I did not understand. This was the first time in my professional career that I was praying for Divine help to know what to do. I prayed several times a day for this. Each time I came across something that just wouldn't work, I would normally have to think about it for days because it was such unfamiliar work. I'd eventually figure it out. But it would take many iterations of trial and error to get to the right answer. But during this time when I was praying so earnestly for help, I was getting insights. I clearly saw paths forward and solutions to difficult problems. They came to me as quickly as if I'd been doing it for years. I was reminded of Pres Nelson's description of the special heart surgery method he was spiritually taught to do. It was exactly like that. If I did not have the background I did, I may not have understood the instruction. But I did understand. And when I applied it, the math worked out beautifully. If some are saying that things are getting too bad for us to handle, I think we're whining too much. Things have been worse in the past. And they will get worse in the future. But with the worse things in the future will also come blessing and miracles. One thing I've learned in my personal life is that the worse the trial, the more I learn and the more purified I become. And WHEN the Lord blesses me afterword, I realize He's been blessing me throughout the trial as well. It sounds something like Footprints in the Sand -- but not quite. He DIDN'T carry me. That was the whole point. Maybe it is just semantics or a certain point of view. But I feel like I was given a new heart. When I normally would have given up, I kept going. When I normally would have admitted "I simply can't do this" I didn't. I forged ahead having faith that the Lord would somehow give me strength and wisdom. I even invoked the promises of the word of wisdom in my prayers. I needed hidden treasures of knowledge. And He gave them to me. This is one major reason that we go through trials. We do come to depend on Him during those trials. We're humbled. We learn to pray like never before. And we see miracles like never before. So, if we're expecting to see Biblical type miracles happen, be prepared for the most dire trials we've ever experienced. I pray I'm prepared. May we all be so. Aside: Yes, I believe this will either be the last or the penultimate Conference we'll see Pres Nelson in. Either he will pass on fairly soon, or he will be bed-ridden. We won't be seeing much of him in public for a while. He's been in the Lord's service as an apostle for 38 years. He's earned his rest in the Lord. And just as Moses did not cross the Jordan, Pres Nelson will not be here to see the fulfillment of the Tigris and Euphrates drying up (I believe it to have a figurative meaning. Whether it happens literally at the same time -- either way, it doesn't matter).
  4. First Kanye, now this. Wow. So, this is really happening. Sad thing is that Chase has actually been more pro-free market than other banks. They were still a pretty tough corporation (even with my income and 800+ credit score, I couldn't get a mortgage through them.) But they operated as a "big corporation", not "the beast". I wouldn't be surprised if we see an about-face like Paypal soon. But maybe not. I was really thinking this would proceed a lot more slowly (frog in a pot). But we'll see over the course of the next few years if it is going to be accelerated or not. As for the mark of the beast... Yes, I think it will be TPTB taking over the banking system and demanding that we behave certain ways or else we will have no money, no way to get paid for services, no way to transfer money. Just hang in there for the next four years and we'll see if this is really it or not. I believe it will be evident by 2026. Sign "watchers", not sign seekers.
  5. So, the experiment continues. It now seems to be a race between the weather and the growth of the melons. This first image is of the melon I've been watching since it was about the size of a pickle. For scale, my shoe is about a foot long. Now, you may not be able to see both of the melons in this next photo. The big one (which my foot is pointing towards) is actually bigger than the one pictured above. But I only noticed it a couple of days ago. The second melon is almost entirely camouflaged to the left of my foot. It is about the size of a REALLY large cucumber. So far, the weather is holding out. I thought that the sub 60 deg nights would cause damage or at least stunted growth. But so far so good. I'm treating the plant with two doses of Miracle-gro each week at a more diluted concentration than instructed. I'm just hoping it will grow enough before Halloween. I'm guessing that we'll have sub-80 deg highs by then. Something happened while people were cleaning up. I lost all my seeds. So, if I don't get a plant with viable seeds this season, I will have to order new ones at that jacked up price. Ugh.
  6. They said enough if you were reading carefully.
  7. I thought it was because Jeannie forgot to turn off the water.
  8. Read it. You'll be glad you did.
  9. The main bridge to the Crimea has been damaged. Interesting thing here is that the bombers made the same mistake as the first attack on the WTC. In fact, that same mistake was made when they did the second attack that eventually caused the towers to fall. It was only by unintended consequences that the towers actually fell. Based on what is visible in the available images/videos that bridge is not in all that bad a condition (the automobile bridge is broken, but the rail bridge is still easily repairable). If they knew what they were doing it would have been a much bigger deal. But there was a lot that was obscured. So, the damage may be greater than it appears. Reports say that this was not an act by the Ukrainian government/military, but of ordinary citizens committing vandalism against the Russians. I guess we'll find out if that is true in time to come.
  10. With the state of big tech nowadays, do you really trust them to make a reasonable judgment about what is false? inaccurate? or misleading? Nothing to see here. There is no Mark of the Beast.
  11. As I listened to his talk again, I was surprised by the following: 1. The title of his talk is "Put On Thy Strength, O Zion." 2. He specifically talked about the M.O. of parables. 3. Then he gave the following instruction. I think it is human nature to interpret messages from the receiver's viewpoint. And, certainly, they will be based on some principles that the receiver deems to be righteous and reasonable. But he specifically points out that the message in the parable is not supposed to be open to any interpretation to arrive at any conclusion even if it may be a true and virtuous principle. I am reluctant to beat a dead horse, but he's basically telling us that we shouldn't create God in our image. We need to remember our responsibility to reflect His image. To do so, we must pray. We must ask, seek, and knock. A Divine parable has a Divine message. His ways are not our ways. We don't interpret the meaning to be something based on our wisdom. We need to search for the wisdom the Lord wishes to impart to us. So, what does it mean? The title of the talk is a huge clue. What is incomplete here is that the full verse is: Remember that the vestment we wear are rightly called "The Garment of the Holy Priesthood." But, I do agree that this is incomplete. It is only a "first reading" message; there is more. The physical is supposed to remind us of the spiritual. The garment reminds us of covenants. It is through obedience to covenants that we are clothed with priesthood power. (Note that this is for both men and women). Now couple that with Pres Nelson's remarks... I think it is still about the temple. But the temple is much more than we give it credit for. We should have much greater appreciation for it. For those who have not yet gone to the temple, it should be a high priority to get there. For those already endowed, we should be going back as often as we can.
  12. His warning is more meaningful than you may think. While it is always desirable to have the constant influence of the Holy Ghost, we usually find time that allows for repentance and a road back to the Lord. In a time not too far distant, we will find ourselves in a world where we make one slip up and we're caught up in a whirlwind that doesn't let us rest long enough to repent or get our bearings enough to find our way back to the Lord.
  13. The question is getting to the point of: Is this a hill worth dying on? I remember an episode of "All in the Family" where Archie was talking to a woman with a very strong Mexican accent. Archie: Will you give that to me? Woman: First say "pliss". Archie: Well, how about "please"? Woman: Meh, close enough.
  14. There is a very important part of Ezek 37 which most Latter-day Saints ignore because we tend to focus on the Stick of Judah and the Stick of Joseph/Ephraim. Sectarians focus on the other parts ignoring the "sticks". Only by looking at both of them together can we see what the chapter is really about.
  15. For those who don't know what the Petrodollar is, you're not alone. It is not a unit of currency. It is essentially a "trade deal." And it is about to change in a big way. The unit of currency is the Greenback. The "deal" is that: The US would buy a huge portion of all our oil from OPEC. OPEC would demand that ANY country who buys oil from them would do so with US dollars. We would purposefully diminish our development of oil refining from our own lands. Most of what we extract from our own lands would be sold to other countries. We would not refine it ourselves. I believe (not sure) that Mexico and Canada have similar deals with us. This deal ensured the dollar's supremacy for decades regardless of how much money we've been printing over the years. No matter how many loans we took from the Fed. No matter how irresponsible we've been financially. And Europe can virtue signal all they want. But they have almost as much of an oil fixation as the US. Now Saudi is leading the OPEC nations in cozying up to Russia and a few others to form OPEC+. At the same time China is divesting itself of the US dollar and calling on its own "Federal Reserve" analog to print more Chinese currency (Yuan/Renminbi). OPEC+ alone has about 90% of all proven reserves. And it is this time that Biden chooses to drain our strategic petroleum reserves? Couple that with the runaway spending of this administration, and a blank check to support Ukraine in their fight against Russia... This is not giving me a whole lot of warm fuzzies about the future of the US dollar.
  16. I'm afraid that things will get worse before they get better. That is always the way of the Lord. "Days"? Yes and no. We now have access to a clearer line of communication with Heaven than we've experienced for much of this dispensation since the pioneer days. But we need to learn how to connect with it. As more and more people learn how, the miracles will start to flow.
  17. I know with certainty that He has protected me on a few occasions because the methods in each case were clearly miraculous. But I've wondered for years: Why? Why protect me and not others? One occasion was because of my size, I was in danger when others were not. Another occasion was when I was the only one exposed to the danger. But a third occasion was where many were injured, at least one person that I know of died. Why was I protected when others weren't? I've wondered why the people of Ammonihah were not spared, while Elisha showed his assistant an entire host of heavenly legions that were protecting them. The answer only came after many years. God really does have a plan for each of us. And with all the lines of cause-and-effect interweaving into an infinite web of interaction, only He can truly comprehend the overall "why" of it. That is why we tend to think of it as random. For me, I learned that I have been preserved for a specific mission. But just like His admonition to Joseph Smith, if I failed to perform that mission I would be cut off and He'd find someone else. It seems that He felt I was up to the task. No matter how ineptly I fulfilled my missions, I still fulfilled them. That was good enough. There were certain things I had to do in order to prepare me for later missions. And some of them included danger. I was place in danger to learn certain things. But I was protected so I could use that "training" in my later missions. The Lord had a different plan for others. And only He knows what they were. Now, as I'm getting older, children are leaving the nest; I'm not able to work the long hours that I have in the past; my bones & joints are beginning to show their age. I'm beginning to feel like I've done all that I'm supposed to do. I am ready to be done. But I'm not all that old. And I am still able to do "some" things. I can still provide a living for my family. A few of them are still minors. My wife is now working outside the home for the first time since we started having children. So, I'm just cruising along waiting for grandchildren in the next few years. And I hope to do some more repenting before I go. If the Lord still has more in mind for me as he did my wife's great-grandmother, I will try to fulfill that. But if He's done with me, I'm fine being one of the victims of Ammonihah. My missions complete, my family raised in the right way of the Lord. I've done my best to live up to my covenants. And as poorly as I've done so, I've continued to repent. I really do look forward to grandkids.
  18. The Florida Disaster Relief Fund has just crossed $20 Million.
  19. LOL. The name is the same. The difference is the method of Romanization. The Korean Ministry of Culture's method (previously developed by the Ministry of Education) uses the "B" as the transliteration for the letter ㅂ in all cases. The system used more internationally (the McCune Reischauer System) uses the "P" for this case, and sometimes a "B" in other cases. The reason is that the Korean letter ㅂ is not exactly a "b" or a "p". It is something in between. (The letter ㅍ OTOH, is a highly explosive "p", and is always transliterated as a "p". This is NOT the letter used in the spelling of Pusan.) "Busan" is what the western ear would interpret when the name is said if the mouth began in an open position (usually a vowel or taking a breath through the mouth before speaking). "Pusan" is what the western ear would hear if the mouth begins in a closed position. But this is not a hard and fast rule. Some Koreans simply favor the "p" or "b" sounds individually. So, it is difficult to nail it down. In more familiar terms, it is similar to how a Spanish speaker seems to get their "b" and "v" mixed up. They don't get it mixed up. Their sound is the same for both letters. I still spell it "Pusan" because that is how I've been doing it for decades. Why change now?
  20. The Coal Miner's Daughter.
  21. Meh... who knows? I'm preparing for my lesson next month where we cover Daniel. And the linguistic analysis is very interesting regarding "garments" in Daniel. So, that was on my mind. When I first heard the talk, I was thinking about sectarians who insist that baptism isn't required for salvation. Whether it is or not, the rebellious attitude towards NOT being baptized will certainly disqualify you. Then I read the actual parable. Reading the actual parable and having the thoughts of Daniel in my mind, I couldn't help but see the parallels to the temple. At that point, it sure seemed clear to me. Regardless, I hold my temple garments to be sacred. What Bednar was referring to? Who knows?
  22. Yes, the comment was specifically talking about invoking the name of Yahweh. It is not used even once in all of Esther or S of S.