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  1. When I was a ward clerk, I learned that bishops have access to a global church database that is exclusive to bishops (and probably certain stake leadership callings, I would imagine). I assume that’s what our relative, who is a bishop, was using. And there are several reasons that would necessitate the need for bishops to have access to this information. For one, as you already mentioned, if someone was a pedophile, had their name removed, and then tried to rejoin through a different ward and stake, it would be important to know to protect the ward. There are also times bishops must contact a member’s relative in an emergency, or a member’s ex-spouse for a sealing cancellation. The purpose of the database isn’t necessarily for those for whom they have stewardship over, but, rather, to help serve those under their stewardship.
  2. To make a long story short, I have a in-law who recently claimed to have left the church. If it turns out to be true, it wouldn’t be a total surprise, but the problem with this particular individual is that he has a history of making things up to get attention. Another member of the family, who is a bishop of a different ward and stake than the one this individual attends, said that he tried searching him on the church’s database to confirm if it were really true that he left the Church, but was not able to find his name. However, I find it odd that nothing would come up at all during a search, even if someone had their name removed. So, my question is, when a bishop does a search for a member of a different ward and stake, but that individual requested to have their name removed from the membership records, what do bishops see? Does the search really come up empty or does it indicate they are a former member, wished not to be contacted, et cetera?
  3. I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing with my own kids. They still live at home, don’t have jobs, and always expect us to cook dinner. As such, I’ve been tempted to start charging them rent. But because they’re only 9 and 7, I can’t get my wife onboard with the idea.
  4. It was also based on the naive assumption that there wouldn’t be voter fraud this time around, which, of course, we know there was.
  5. It’s amazing to me how many Latter-day Saints don’t understand this.
  6. That was the same impression I had. He is 96 years old, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise.
  7. Same here. It’s also the same for my kids. The only difference is that the teachers send out a list of supplies for us to buy, whereas, when I was a kid, we just kind of assumed what we would need.
  8. In my experience, “handing over our burdens” doesn’t necessarily mean we stop worrying about it, but that once we have done our part in resolving our burdens, we can turn it over to the Lord and trust that He will handle the rest.
  9. No, but I’ve driven through there if that counts.
  10. Yes, you can. We decided on Nauvoo, as it was roughly half the distance between where our parents lived. And, of course, the historical significance made it all the more enticing. *I also just realized I misspelled Nauvoo in my previous post. Shame on me. 🙄
  11. Navoo is great. My wife and I were sealed in the Navoo Temple 12 years ago this month. We haven’t had a chance to go back and visit since then, but hope to soon.
  12. I’m against all those points, including background checks. “Shall not be infringed” was put there for an important reason.
  13. I disagree. There is nothing Trump could have done to close the divide, as the Democrats simply don’t want it. The reason the there is such a divide is because division is what the left thrives on. The other reason is because the right and left in America no longer are two opposing sides with the same goal. The right wants to save the United States and protect our constitution. The left wants to destroy the United States, shred the constitution, take down all of our traditions and values, and everything that made this nation great, and turn it into a third world country. Personally, the fact that Trump made Jokes about the left, and called them out for their ridiculous antics and ideas, is something I really liked about him. I thought it was about time we had someone in Office who was willing to call it like it was, and pull no punches. No more of this “touchy/feely, reach across the aisle” garbage. He was dealing with a party of petulant children, and he treated them as such.