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  1. As we, and the rest of the world, face many uncertainties related to COVID-19 I particularly found comfort in the following comments provided to us during General Conference: When vs. If. Elder Uchtdorf said... something to investigators of the Church to come visit with us in our homes once COVID has passed. My notes were sloppy at this point, I'm sure someone else can provide the exact quote later once the transcripts actually come out. Either way...I definitely found peace from the talks given in General Conference.
  2. NeedleinA

    The COVID thread

    @Just_A_Guy Every time I click this thread, to see an unread new post, the above CNN image pops up as the OP on page 1. Perhaps it is just me, but I see this guy multiple times a day as this thread evolves.
  3. NeedleinA

    The COVID thread

    Has anyone ever seen this guy before? or Do you feel like you have seen this officer and his morning coffee about a 1,000 times now? I feel we should know his name and a little background on guy by now.
  4. NeedleinA

    LDS Missionary arrested

    Mormon 4:5
  5. NeedleinA

    LDS Missionary arrested

    I attempted to give you one last benefit of the doubt, sadly to no avail. As a son of God, you have undoubtedly received blessings, talents and skills from our Father in Heaven, I don't need to know you to understand and know him. The praise you mistakenly perceived for yourself, was for him. Unfortunately, without skipping a beat... you launched right back into your tirade. Explain to me. Prove to me. Justify it to me. Show me. If you were sincere then sure, but you're not, so... no thanks. You are being met with the same lack of success here. There are other forums online that will appreciate your repetitive closed loop negative posts. Hint: The land of Thirdhour isn't one of them. Regrettably, you are correct Vort. His intentions are clearer than ever, he has hardened his heart.
  6. NeedleinA

    LDS Missionary arrested

    @mrmarket ^^^^ this is exactly the type of post I previously referenced, as part of your posting modus operandi . It is bad enough that the individual in the OP is around, but your continual need to then dredge up other bad examples while then attempting to fling mud at the Church or Church leadership... why? Why have you chosen this path for yourself? Why this need to define yourself this way? You have skills. You have been blessed by our Father in Heaven. You have some semblance to a member of the Church, yet you are way too eager to use your talents for the negative. I believe you could do better, much better. Have a heart to heart with yourself, sooner than later and ask: "Are my actions, my comments helping others or hurting others?" "In my eagerness to toss out the sensational morsel have I lifted up or brought others down today?" "Did my comments strengthen or weaken someone's testimony?" Option 1: If you are continually doing this out of ignorance, then there is hope that you will see the error in your ways. Option 2: If you are doing this to be malicious, then shed the sheep's clothing already and state your real intentions for being here. I'm hoping for Option 1, this is why I've taken the time to share my concern with you.
  7. Bummer. Even all the Chinese DMG $ can't float them, I'm surprised. My wife told me the Bloodshot movie is online, I believe today it comes out. Suppose with theaters closed down, direct to digital is their only hope for most movies right now.
  8. He also did it back in 2016 at (4:30)
  9. NeedleinA

    Prayer: when you don't want to ask

    No matter what @Jane_Doe , hang in there. You have always offered up support to countless others here. Sometimes it is hard to swallow our own advice at times. You've got this.
  10. The Doctrine & Covenants is not for sale, sorry. 😉
  11. Hah. I just got mine back from CGC about a month ago. 7.5 grade might get me 3 large pizzas. This is what happens when as a teenager you actually read your comics and then think they are still going to be worth money = not.
  12. NeedleinA

    All foreign missionaries coming home?

    Spoke to a real good friend today. He was on a cruise ship over in Europe that wasn't allowed into any ports. Romney was able to convince the French to allow it into port. He worked out a flight to bring back as many Americans as possible. My friend was one of them. I know at least one person who is extremely grateful for Romney's efforts right now.
  13. NeedleinA

    All foreign missionaries coming home?

    Thanks for sharing. It puts a unique perspective on "when there is a will there is a way" and the Lord will provide.
  14. NeedleinA

    Corona Just Killed My Job

    Probably many of the same takeaways that you might have too. A couple: 1. Share and train each other in finances (even if you are the mother of 7 kids, you should know the household finances well enough to take over). 2. Have a death plan in place, in advance (where, what, how, etc.) 3. Have a designated appointee, not suffering from the sudden trauma, step in to help guide and make sound decisions.
  15. NeedleinA

    Financial Whistleblower

    I received a PM here this morning, from an admirer (wink), suggesting that I might be (while inadvertently) spreading Anti-Mormon talking points with the above sentiment. So... along those lines, please allow me to further clarify: 1. The Church has their financial reserves. 2. Some individuals will face hard times. 3. Those individuals will approach the Church for assistance. 4. The Church is prepared for rainy days via their financial reserves. Reserves that, among other things, can continue to pay the salaries of Church employees, say for example full time beef ranchers and citrus growers. 5. Now they (the Church) can "continue" to have the ability to help others during their rainy day. The church has the ability to maintain: electricity in their canneries, gas to their trucks, wages for employees that produce/bring resources to those in need. As individuals face mounting bills; fast offerings, bishop's storehouse, etc. remain the avenue to seek relief. "Now they (the Church) have the ability to help others during their rainy day" VS. "Now they (the Church) will use their financial reserves to start paying everyone's bills during this rainy day". Two different thoughts, the latter is not what I wrote nor my intended sentiment. Thanks morning PM.