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  1. NeedleinA

    The election

    Arizona State Legislature hearing happening now.
  2. NeedleinA

    Okay...which one of you Utahns put this up??

    BLM is out in the Utah desert now. Grrrrreat! Is there anything those guys won't destroy? 😂
  3. NeedleinA

    The election

    This is why I'm glad that people like Powell are out there chasing the 'truth' regardless of who it affects.
  4. NeedleinA

    The election

    You are spot on with your post. 1. Time is not on the Trump Legal Team's side right now and the fraudsters know it, in fact they are banking on it. This isn't just a "catch us if you can", it is a "catch us if you can by the deadline". With those deadlines in place, you have to throw your limited resources where you can make an impact 'now', not later. 2. I absolutely agree, a bipartisan committee would be great. Let the findings take us where they may. This is the path that Sidney Powell is pursuing right now. Republican/Democrat, left/right, she and her team are going after the truth no matter who it burns. She is focused on the long game. 3. Cowardice is the word that has swept over many Republicans & Republican leadership right now. This election is theirs to lose OR it is theirs to win if they will simply step up to the plate like those in PA are attempting to do now.
  5. NeedleinA

    The election

    Voter fraud doesn't need to be a nationwide or even statewide effort to affect the election. It only needs to be done just 'enough' to beat the projections. In addition it only needs to be done in just the right places i.e. specific counties in swing states. There is no reason to commit fraud in states you were already expected to easily win. There is also no reason to commit fraud in states you were never ever going to win as this could be the red flag that alerts others to you. The best thefts/frauds are the ones where the victims never realized the crime ever took place. According to the PA legislature hearings this past week, what was once a carefully planned attempt to commit fraud in that state, turned into a last minute panicked, desperate and careless rush to compensate for a Trump landslide. In their panicked rush, the fraudsters sloppily left not only crumbs of their fraudulent ways but rather left giant loaves of bread. The proof that the Trump Legal Team offered doesn't refer to minor fraud, it was primarily huge last minute fraud that affected 100,000's of votes and easily the PA results. I watched all 3+ hrs of the hearings. I didn't want the media's take on it, I wanted to hear it for myself. If someone could watch the PA hearings and then still cry that no evidence exists... well then no amount of proof will ever satisfy that person.
  6. NeedleinA

    Liberal Ideas Creeping In

    @Gomezaddams51 I've never heard the Church promote laziness over finding a job before. I have heard them teach about starting a family over finding a job. Elder Joseph Anderson
  7. NeedleinA

    Make the Forums Great Again

    So are we saying we are allowed to disagree, take a stand but just make sure we use a nice tone while doing so? Seems fair to me. Back to politics I go!😆
  8. NeedleinA

    The election

    Again, in the spirit of honestly not trying to contend... until this thing is actually over... it isn't over.
  9. NeedleinA

    The election

    Not looking for a fight or to hurt feelings. Just saying, this election sure isn't over. Arizona will be holding a legislature hearing on Nov 30th & Michigan holding one on Dec 1st.
  10. NeedleinA

    Tithing Settlement

    The Church's answer: I would say participating in your tithing settlement should be expected. Like other things in the Church, there are unfortunately members who chose not to do it... to their own detriment. I particularly enjoy it for the teaching moments it gives our family, but I do it because I want to declare to the Lord's judge (Bishop) that I'm trying to do my best to live that commandment. Lastly. One of the temple recommend questions is: Tithing settlement is a good reminder to keep us on course for being able to enter the temple as well.
  11. NeedleinA

    Make the Forums Great Again

    1. Curious, approximately how long ago was "back then"? Inquiring to see if the concerns that triggered recent events around here are unique to nowadays or if they are simply issues that rear their head in periodic waves do to the nature of being a discussion board? 2. Good point. 3. Good point also.
  12. NeedleinA

    Make the Forums Great Again

    So, is the take away to solving forum harmony and member retention: Step 1. Don't disagree (causes strife?) Step 2. Don't take a stand Step 3. Don't bicker. (I'm on board with and can do better in this dept.) What do we do when members view "standing up" & "bickering" as synonymous? What do we do if members simply view differing opinions as an attack? What if a differing opinion is shared by the perceived majority, should they be expected to change their position for the harmonious benefit of the minority? or vice versa? Is this really a "disagreement/taking a stand" issue OR does this just boil down to a "I don't like the way you talked to me" issue?
  13. NeedleinA

    Make the Forums Great Again

    I would suggest that there are many of us who are in the same boat. Someone, at some point needs to stand against the evils of the world and at other times the torch needs to be passed off to others to provide us some relief. I understand your reasons for needing to step away, I do. I commend you for your efforts while you were here, it didn't fall entirely on deaf ears. There are many, many good people here committed to taking a stand.
  14. NeedleinA

    Make the Forums Great Again

    A couple of thoughts through the eyes of having been a moderator for many years on a different, totally unrelated forum: This issue is definitely not unique to Thirdhour. Forums in general are experiencing this dwindling regardless of how well they are run. Other social media platforms are simply gobbling up users. Mega tech giants with huge budgets are aggressively competing for the same user's attention. Unfortunately, the forums of yesteryear may never return despite anyone's best efforts. Sidenote: I would suspect that if we did a survey we would find that most users here today are age 40+. This tends to be the demographic of most forum formatted sites. Users, on the other forum, would try to make this claim as well, "the moderators said such and such...". I see the moderators as 'users' of the site with opinions, just like the rest of us. In addition to being a user and with almost zero fanfare or appreciation, they volunteer their time and energy into making the site better. There are many users who want to relegate moderators down to mere rule enforcement and limit their opinions to zero, unless of course it favors their own. I've been here for 5 years now and have never seen anything from a moderator that I would call toxic. They have always been polite and professional while either giving their opinions or reminding me personally of the site rules. I'll admit, this past year has been particularly hard and I personally have taken a way more serious tone myself. With covid, elections, job insecurities, etc. it has simply been a more serious time in life. As serious topics on the forum arise, serious and passionate opinions flow. When those passionate opinions collide with equally passionate opposing opinions, there is the potential for less harmony. I've both dished it out and received it. I can do better on my end. I'll agree with JAG:
  15. NeedleinA

    The election

    2006 - on CNN. Smartmatic machines from Venezuela, etc. Here is a video you won't find readily available.