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  1. Just finished reading the ThirdHour article: What this Family Therapist and Film Critic Thinks about Cuties on Netflix which I thought was well put together. Especially enjoyed the following:
  2. To clarify, what "practice" are you specifically referring to? I was under the impression that your stumbling block was: So is your concern: 1. They were "married off" at a young age? or 2. They were "married off" at a young age into polygamy?
  3. Elder Oaks shared the following regarding 'presentism':
  4. NeedleinA

    Singing in Church

    It came from the combined agreement/consensus of the 5 area stake presidents and the area 70.
  5. NeedleinA

    Singing in Church

    C = I've been there before. Then it is usually followed by some degree of frustration for allowing myself to be embarrassed.
  6. NeedleinA

    Singing in Church

    D. Wishing it would have been B but having chosen A or C instead.
  7. NeedleinA

    Getting Out of a Business Partnership

    If I were in this position, I would consider these recent events to be a blessing. Meaning, now is the time to bail. To have such a fundamental difference of business perspective and a major ownership blindside, he is doing you a favor by dropping these bombs on you now... before you put up 50% of the money. Good person or not, his success or not, helping others or not... your obligation is to you and your family first. If he is willing to drop bombs on you after years of working on this, he will do it again and again. Kindly invite him to remove his stuff from your shed by "x" deadline. Leaving his stuff in your shed is bad idea for a variety of reasons.
  8. NeedleinA

    Singing in Church

    B Our ward just had a munch and mingle after church for about 20 minutes. It was nice to say the least.
  9. NeedleinA

    Push for Utah to mandate statewide mask wearing

    Also Just checking the trigger level of the thread thus far.
  10. NeedleinA

    Push for Utah to mandate statewide mask wearing

    "Told"? What does "told" mean? They 'encouraged' you OR they dropped the hammer and made masks an absolute requirement to enter Church meetinghouses in Utah? If they dropped the hammer, then members trying to enter meetinghouses without masks would/could/should be turned away... right? This means a high risk person should be able to enter the meetinghouse without concern since everyone inside would have their mandated masks on - correct? @person0 shared some great information with you, information that should have actually helped you.
  11. NeedleinA

    Push for Utah to mandate statewide mask wearing

    What kind of message are high-risk people sending by voluntarily placing themselves in potential danger by attending Church right now? If they are that high-risk, then stay home. Don't place yourself in that high degree of potential danger if you are worried about it. In our area, Phase 1 Guidelines state: Stay at home and keep doing "Come Follow Me".
  12. NeedleinA

    hello - church beliefs

    @romans8 Since the "keystone to our religion" is the Book of Mormon, and Book of Mormon is vital to learning about "this Church"... here is a promise from God that should be helpful in your learning process. This promise is given to anyone, yourself included. It is found in Moroni 10:3-5 Here are some highlights, lets say some necessary steps in order to learn for yourself if the Book of Mormon is true. I notice you have a variety of questions posted elsewhere on the forum. These same steps/requirements can be applied to any gospel learning: Step 1: Have a sincere heart Step 2: Have real intent Step 3: Have faith in Christ Step 4: Ask God if these things are true I've seen, met and taught individuals who unfortunately want to gloss over these steps, rather wholeheartedly just ignore the necessity of a "Sincere heart" or "Real intent" for example. I met with a Pastor from another faith once. His goal was to prove those LDS missionaries wrong, he told us as much. In front of us he instantly decided to pray to God and ask if the Book of Mormon was true. Immediately after his 15 second prayer and without skipping a beat, he launched into, "See nothing happened, I felt nothing, you guys and your book are wrong". While he did ask of God (I suppose), it was abundantly clear that he did so without a sincere heart or real intent. His goal wasn't to honestly seek out the truth, he just wanted to pick a fight under the guise of honest learning. More often than not, those who willing exclude the above steps find that they are simply spinning their wheels as they seek answers from man rather than God. Sincere questions are typically responded to with sincere answers. I also invite you to follow the above steps as you sincerely learn more about the Church.
  13. NeedleinA

    Police Reform

    I was pulled over about a year or so ago for also going significantly faster than the speed limit... it was my fault. I received a ticket with the option of going to a STOP class. I said almost nothing to the police officer, complied, got my ticket and thanked him and wished him well on his day. My older son, entire family was in the car, said, "Dad, you just thanked the officer for giving you a ticket?". I said, "Yes I did. I was wrong, he was right. I deserved it and he was doing his job. Everyone showed respect, it is a two way street". I did go to my 3.5 hour long STOP class... long snooze fest but that was probably part of the lesson learned - hah!