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  1. NeedleinA

    Doctrine and Covenants 7: 5 - 6

    Take your own advice and read it all and then decide for yourself. Also, there is a story in the Bible that might help, it is about Jonah.
  2. NeedleinA

    Lorax Political?

    Admittedly I do not know what these books sold for before recent events but I did take notice of what they are selling for now. Here is what I see on Ebay this morning:
  3. Here they come Part 2, with brand new t-shirts.
  4. NeedleinA

    Texas Ends Shut Down

    AND Mississippi also ditches the face diapers.
  5. NeedleinA

    Texas Ends Shut Down

    Rock on! Lets go America. Which state will be next?
  6. NeedleinA

    27 years ago today. Gone but never forgotten.

    Sad events all around. I did take some... 'minor' comfort... in reading he was single.
  7. NeedleinA

    Charity: Feeling jaded on charity

    @askandanswer I enjoyed your comment above and on the surface it feels 'correctish'. On the flip side, when speaking about capable people, do you think there is a point where: 1. You are actually hurting someone vs. helping them? If every time I need help, rather than help myself, I simply call others to solve and fix it for me... am I hurting myself? Is it actually showing 'love' or 'more love' to that person by not solving their problem(s), but allowing them to stand up an solve it themselves? Thus finding confidence, drive, goal setting, etc. in themselves 2. Your time, energy & effort might be better used elsewhere? Just some thoughts.
  8. NeedleinA

    Charity: Feeling jaded on charity

    I'm in the same boat. My only issue is I won't continue to do service if they have already 'burned' that service bridge. I find myself willing to help those who need service or help in an unusual situation/circumstance: death in the family, recently laid off, surgery, covid dinners, elderly, disabled. I find myself unwilling to help those who continually need service or help but are simply too lazy or cheap to help themselves. <---- these make me sour inside as well. So in an effort to not sour all service, I avoid the latter.
  9. NeedleinA

    I think I just lost my kid in the Church

    Fair enough.
  10. NeedleinA


    Someone posted this picture under the caption: "SciENcE !!!" Hope all is well for you and the family @Carborendum
  11. NeedleinA

    Adult Child of Record

    Does your son live in Colorado and have a ward clerk that looks like?:
  12. NeedleinA

    Blue Ponds in Utah Desert

    That was a fun and super interesting video.
  13. NeedleinA

    Adult Child of Record

    I thought creating a separate head of household was done only if a Bishop directed it to be so. Are you saying the new head of household is automatic at 18 (like @Carborendum was asking, 'magically') or is created if the Bishop says to do so. Thx