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  1. NeedleinA

    Testimony Meetings

    Agreed. While others need to hear our testimonies, it is equally if not more vital for the person actually bearing it. We all need the strengthening affects that come from bearing our testimonies. Spencer W. Kimball:
  2. NeedleinA

    Why the focus on the man's skin color?

  3. NeedleinA

    Why the focus on the man's skin color?

    FYI: (to clarify in even easier baby steps for some) My post using nationality was, and still is, in direct response to other's (above) observations of projecting a international church. If we feel the need to demonstrate to the world that we are a international church, well... then show it like we did in Desert News, "without the need to identify skin color". Boggled in life? Perhaps try re-reading, pausing and digesting first. Methinks some people actually enjoy the attention of being professionally boggled by others. Almost like they relish in pulling out their own hair and thrive on the drama?
  4. NeedleinA

    Why the focus on the man's skin color?

    What point are you trying to get at?
  5. NeedleinA

    Why the focus on the man's skin color?

    above I stated... potential = potential I then gave 2 other potential clues beside nationality. At no point did I state, "Mexico = people of color". Those are your words, as well as your twisted interpretation of what I actually said.
  6. NeedleinA

    Why the focus on the man's skin color?

    Interesting, I don't know anyone who just assumes that? I do know people who use it as potential clue though.
  7. NeedleinA

    Topics for Ministering Letters?

    1. Not a letter but rather: a personal invitation to: Ward Activity, Book Club, Sister get together outside of church, etc. 2. Not a letter, but rather did: Did you know the Church has wonderful videos you can watch online, Bible videos, Mormon Messages, quick pick me up videos. Provide some links. 3. Simply share a story about 'you' personally. Something special in your life. Send a picture of you. Maybe one of you and your family. Hi 'this is me'. Just a couple of thoughts. Good luck and thanks for serving.
  8. NeedleinA

    Why the focus on the man's skin color?

    I agree with @Emmanuel Goldstein. Actually a very lame and disappointing title to an otherwise nice article on Bro. Garcia. Here are some potential clues without having to say "person of color": Born in Mexico... His name Ignacio Garcia... Oh, and of course his picture... Having to spoonfeed readers a "person of color" PR piece... I had hoped we were above the need to do that. In case I didn't mention it before, it is lame. Here is a better way, IMO, to illustrate the point without the need to identify skin color as a selling point: This is outdated now, 10/18. I believe we are now over 50% mark in international GAs based on 2019 callings.
  9. You should not. You were not in those meetings. At best, you are receiving a watered down version of the events, if even that. You honestly don't know what the Bishop, High Council or Stake President really said to them. If at any point you are concerned for the safety/immediate danger of your LS or their child, then I would cross the bridge of confidence and speak with your parents. If we are talking about sins and the fact that your BIL disgusts you, that is not a danger related item and perhaps not your place to step in. Similar to the Bishop, you may not be aware, but perhaps your LS has already told your parents certain aspects of BILs behavior/past without your knowledge. If you learn of new grievous sins that would affect his standing in the Church or put others in danger, you can voice those concerns directly to his current Bishop with or without your LS's permission. Even if your LS doesn't want protection from said actions, we should feel obligated to step in and do our part to protect other innocent members of the Church. Very well said JAG.
  10. NeedleinA

    A New Tienanmen Square? But on a country level.

    This was a bummer... IKEA strikes again.
  11. NeedleinA

    Scripture help

    Please do share.
  12. NeedleinA

    Scripture help

    1/2hr later I still have no idea and only managed to frustrate myself in the process... (pulls last 3 hairs from his head) Sorry no help here Pam.
  13. NeedleinA

    Looking for a talk (or article)

    I'm sorry that I can't be of help finding the article, but I would be interested in reading it once it is found. Please post a link to it if/when you find it. Thanks