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  1. Yes, newspeak is quite prevalent in our society today. All we have to do is look closely to the removal or simple change of words to mean something different, or to simply remove the orthodox meaning of the intended word change. Then, look at how this will ultimately change the outcome of anything and all that encompasses that word. A movie I loved in high school was the movie "Swing Kids"! What I discovered, many years later, is how the main concept of 1984 is in this movie. As I read 1984 I constantly was reminded of this movie (not surprising seeing the content of the movie). Then you begin to realize the main focus of any change will always include the teaching/instruction of the upcoming generation. What words you can or can not say, rather than understanding free speech and what that entails and "actually" does not entail. Give a group specific rights without punishment, even if their deeds should be punished. The most recent riots are a good example of this.
  2. The main point of the analogy, at least in my perception, is the final relationship between iron and wood, "One will become damaged, while the other will become dull." In contrast if both are iron it depends on how the iron is used. The final relationship between iron and iron can also be, "One will become damaged, while the other will become dull." However, if iron and iron are used properly (not against each other), then one can easily sharpen their tool. The danger of any analogy or metaphor is to get caught up in the multiple nuances of potential meaning rather than simply paying attention to the intention of the analogy. For example, I have seen individuals get caught up with the widow's mite. Some have said, "Well, it was only two mites! It's easy to give 100% when you have very little." Although true, this subsequently disregards what the Lord was teaching, because the widow could have easily said also, "I don't have anything to give, what I have I need for one last meal and then die." BUT she didn't, she gave what she had knowing she would probably die anyway without money to buy food. This minister could actually believe exactly what you are saying with regards to marriage and divorce; although, his analogy does have weight in such a circumstance. I have a family member, and I also know of others, who have left the Church. My family member, should have remained strong rather than weak minded. If a spouse is threatening divorce, or becomes a source of "damage" that would ultimately "dull" your love for the Lord, in that case, take matters to the Lord and remember the first and great commandment is to "love" God first. How a person chooses to do that, is between them and the Lord, and we also know from scripture that "love" can hide a multitude of sins. In some cases, it is the love of the spouse (faithful spouse) that returns lost ones back to the gospel. I watched a young lady of five kids cry due to the damage now being caused by her husband who was leaving the Church. She eventually left the Church also and now her kids will grow up without the gospel. In that case, as an outsider, I would have said the better choice would have been to let him leave, and then do her best to raise her posterity in righteousness. We can't force anyone, nor anyone's mind, but we do have control of our own destiny (the choices we make every day) and our testimony. I'm sorry you find yourself in such a difficult scenario, and with everything else you have shared pertaining to health. With my family member, we will in this case liken him unto iron. He continually seeks to find fault with the Church. Anything he can wrest, make an offender for a word/phrase, he is doing so. In this case, he is constantly swinging the iron to chop down the trunk (wood) of any other faithful believer. You know the type, they have their own phrase -- mocking words -- toward faithful believing members of the Church. They throw out the word "Mormon" with disrespect to continue to try to prove a point while asking that others love them and show respect. I don't have any problem being around him; however, if he wants to swing the axe constantly rather than be mutually beneficial, then I don't care about being around him. He is simply "dulling" his ability to listen and hear the Holy Ghost. He is "damaging" others so that he may feel more justified in his decisions now. The Lord has also made it clear that if your eye offends you, pluck it out. There is only so much "damage" to accept and receive before you simply say, I'm OK with not being around him. I won't forsake him. If he wants to come around, call, etc... my hand is always outstretched toward friendship and brotherly love, but if he wants to only swing the axe -- I'm OK to not even provide the option until he is willing to do what he demands from others -- be respectful and kind.
  3. As the Lord is the truth, the way, and the life I love when a truth is explained in a different way from a different faith with respect for the Lord:
  4. I don't have an account so can't view it, but reading other articles that seems to be the correct event. Another sad day.
  5. Has anyone seen The New York Times post, I'm unable to find it, with a rainbow banner or flag with bullet holes? I'm trying to see what post, article, a family member is calling out from The New York Times. I can't find anything representing this online. It's intriguing to me when some people leave the Church how -- all of a sudden -- they know everything. They even know what Christ would say, what Christ would do, how Christ would act, etc...while the whole time acting unlike Christ themselves. Want to see the article myself, as I can't trust what is now written, as it is just another diatribe against the Church and its leaders.
  6. Great question, and something to really think about. We all learn line upon line and grace for grace. In that sense, our faith can grow or our faith can diminish. In all the experiences in our scripture the story that always draws my attention for this type of question is the Lord, the apostles, the boat, and a storm. In light of their fear, and we could easily justify the "fear" of a raging storm, the Lord said the following, "O ye of little faith." And this wasn't the only time the Lord said these words to his disciples. If we can have little faith, then we can have more faith than just a little. Strong faith vs weak faith is often discovered in our trials and temptations. No matter the temptation or trial the Lord remained faithful to his purpose -- the will of the Father. In some experiences we can see where our faith is stronger and in other experiences we can see where our faith is weak. The Lord has said, if miracles have ceased then faith has ceased. That is probably another good indicator of strong or weak, little or a lot of faith.
  7. We need to enact an assault weapons ban to get weapons of war off America’s streets. This quote, is highly disingenuous, and it represents the dishonesty of politicians' at its finest. The concept of "weapons of war" leaves the statement open to every gun in the stores, which ultimately allows for the removal of the 2nd Amendment, or simply removing "shall not be infringed." Every gun from a .22 caliber pistol/rifle and higher are "weapons of war". The .22LR suppressed High Standard pistols were widely used in the Cold and Second world wars. The Colt M4, another .22 rifle was used also in war, and is still issued to the US Army. All hunting rifles. All muzzle loaders can be "weapons of war." And we will have useful idiots who simply go along giving up the rights they have, and which were instilled for their protection from tyrannical and dictator ploys by people who desire power and control.
  8. Depends on the callings. If you have 4 callings that are only one Sunday a month, then adding another calling that is only one Sunday a month doesn't seem to be a heavy load. In other cases, 1 calling is sufficient and you shouldn't add anymore, and there shouldn't be any expectation from the leaders to add another. If you have a significant calling and the leaders are adding more on to you, then the leaders need to go back and read the Handbook more carefully. As to whether or not you accept another calling, that is between you and the Lord. Once you have one calling any other calling results in what you can truly handle. If I have one calling and am offered another my first thought will be, am I in a position to accept another calling? What is my work load? My concern here is that you say you can't work. If you have funds that allows you not to work, then great! If not, then you need to ask to be released from 4 callings, say no to the new one, and find a job so you can be self-reliant. Politely let leadership know, that you are overwhelmed and that you have other priorities that need to be accepted. Again, this is between you and the Lord. I'm just a random brother on the internet.
  9. No, why should I? What happened in Germany is called "history" do you think it is insulting to talk about history and to learn from history so we don't repeat the same mistakes? What happened in Russia (Stalin) is history, do you think it is insulting to learn from Russian history and to recognize when another Stalin is rising, or a group of people like Stalin are rising? What happened in any other country or civilization when a tyranny thrives is "history", is history now insulting to learn from and prevent the same mistakes?
  10. Nope, it was a general statement. The Nazi's didn't take power in one day, it was over time with micro changes that were supported by the people, by businesses, etc... There has been no leader that changed a government, that did it in one day. It has always been through micro changes with a supporting group -- that group will be business, that group will be parties, that group will be every day citizens who just blindly accept paths that lead down it -- we are already heading down it. Comparisons are one of the ways we learn -- objective and experience. It is very telling when immigrants that come from tyrannical governments begin to highlight aspects -- comparison -- of what is done and how they control their denizens. When we discount it, how long then will it take to become just another nation that loses what it originally had? And I'm not bothered at all by people who think comparisons with tyrannical regimes is bad or is taboo, that only aids in the reality of it happening again. Similar to the woke ideology, if you aren't a woman you can't speak about abortion, if you do your a misogynist. Recognizing aspects that are a reality, calling it out, like the North Korean immigrant is how we prevent it.
  11. Already heading down that dark path -- and why shouldn't those freedoms be abridged -- if others can be abridged and you are OK with it, why not others? Are we going to realize what has been lost sooner, or be like the Germans who found out to late? If you are OK with some abridgements, what makes then your opinion on what others shouldn't be abridged as valid? What if someone disagrees and then it is abridged? Will you stand for it? What I have noticed is that individuals who make excuses for one thing will make excuses just as easily for another as long as they can justify the decision logically and rationally. Look at the riots as a perfect example, and hearing people "justify" the actions. We live in a world where calling a woman a woman and a man a man is now hate speech an exciting violence. Yes, already down this dark path dear brother where good is evil and evil is good. We will sadly see more of this as time passes on, as God begins to make the dark deeds apparent to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.
  12. Mindblown, NBA is not a government entity? Dang I was taught the wrong thing in school! Columbia University, government or private?
  13. This is the only part I would have a different opinion with as a result of actually speaking with anti-Mormons, and how these anti-Mormons have used this. Mormon, represents a group of people, its teachings, and its organization. This group has a leader. If the leader -- President Young -- had authorized the attack, then the statement "The Mormons murdered a bunch of people in the Mountain Meadows Massacre" is factually correct. When a "Mormon" decided to do something on his own accord the statement no longer is factually correct because it wasn't "The Mormons" it was an individual who belonged to the Mormon Church that acted outside of its teachings and against its leader. Let me clarify, when I used to engage in debate/argument on YouTube with anti-Mormons and those I wouldn't consider anti but didn't agree with the Church I came across an interesting post/comment, "I hate the Mormons! The Mormons raped my friend"! In the same light, this isn't factually correct. To say "The Mormons" you are tying the comment to the Church, it's beliefs, its people as a whole organization. In both cases this is an individual or individuals who professed to belong to the Church but did not abide by it's teachings. So, if someone says, "The Mormons...." I will definitely consider that person "anti" depending on the scenario. They are seeking to paint a small group of individuals as the whole Church -- which isn't factually accurate. A different example. In high school a friend of mine was gunned down by a black gang -- drive by shooting. If I started using this as a tool to show how "bad" black people are -- then yes -- a person has every right to consider me "anti" black. Especially if I said, "The blacks killed my friend." Factually this is incorrect. He may have been killed by a number of black man, but it wasn't "The blacks" who killed my friend. I'm likening a small group or individual to a whole population, which would be factually incorrect and wrong to do.
  14. This is another YouTube video that highlights what is happening also with Kyrie. I have seen few videos from this woman. and what she has shared is very interesting. If sincere, and I can't say otherwise, when someone from North Korea points out ideologies that are prevalent in America -- resembling a communist country -- it is a little concerning.
  15. The language is the part of the point, as it mimics nicely our current president.