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  1. Anddenex

    Sharing and learning about personal revelation

    Yes, in my previous response I provided the following verse from the KJV,:
  2. Excellent counsel as received from Elder Bednar:
  3. Anddenex

    Sharing and learning about personal revelation

    The scripture provided, I would think, is better understood with the verse before it, "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ." The verse you share reads as, "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." In both verses of scripture the word "transformed" is used. How would a man (who is not an apostle) "transform" himself into an apostle? How then does Satan (who is not an angel of light -- better said glory) "transform" himself into an angel of light? Why then does anyone pretend to be something they are not? Notice the words in Moses experience when the Devil appears before him as an angel of light, "Moses, son of man, worship me." Isn't the answer obvious?
  4. Anddenex

    Help from our leaders...

    I personally think what President Nelson said on June 1st was sufficient regarding all hate, prejudice, and racists action: The Church group you are speaking of will one day have to realize the following verse of scripture, "But this much I can tell you, that if ye do not watch yourselves, and your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds...," as they kick against the pricks. I would agree, I find membership complaints about "how racist the Church is" to be disappointing. I wouldn't be surprised if there is "racism" in the Church, but the Church is not racist. Reminds me of the Book of Mormon and how we were informed that the Church began to act in the pride and then the author corrects himself saying (paraphrazed), "Better said, it is not the Church but those who profess to belong to the Church that are exercising pride." As long as their is "pride" we will continue to experience some form of disunity, which will create scenarios as described from Church related groups. Even here on Third Hour the Church can never satisfy their prejudice (which I suppose is a little ironic). Religious hobbies or political hobbies will result in what you have described with people, "looking for racism." I would agree pertaining to the Church, sadly I am sure there are members who have experienced racism in the Church, or what they would consider racist. We can't ignore that also.
  5. Anddenex

    Help from our leaders...

    This is the crux. If they say too much how then will we learn to trust in the Spirit (God's mind, voice, and will). What I see are brethren who are more than ever teaching by principle and action to govern ourselves through the principles that have already been given. Let us not return to a time where the people wished for a "king" who would tell them how to live, rather than the people learning for themselves through guided principles by the power of the Holy Spirit. And to be frank, this is how we end "fear." The more we have the Spirit of the Lord, the more we know it, the less we will fear because we know the voice, mind, and heart of Him who has all power and authority.
  6. Thank you for pointing out something very important regarding emotional state and the Spirit. I do not remember where I read it but it was from a church leader who said something to this nature, "Tears are not evidence of the spirit; although, tears can represent a strong emotional bond to an experience that was given by the Spirit. It is not the Spirit." The message continued with learning to control our emotions so that our message can be clear and understood. I had a friend in college who believed "emotion" and the "Spirit" were tied together, emotion and Spirit were one. That is dangerous. We were discussing four states: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. He said there are only three states, "mental, physical, and spiritual." I would say this is what you are referencing when people combine emotion and Spirit as interchangeable truths (one in the same). Our scriptures though create a conundrum as we find in Doctrine and Covenants 9: 8-9. As to my experience, this is where my friend and others combine spirit and emotion = burning in the bosom (an emotion). This is why I prefer Doctrine and Covenants 8: 2-3 because I have never felt the burning in the bosom but I have definitely experienced communication -- pure intelligence -- speaking directly to my mind and heart.
  7. Anddenex

    Help from our leaders...

    The direction we are receiving from Church headquarters has been done very well and has been sufficient. True, there is a lot of angst between church members regarding specific recommendations. I would say "fear" is a lot of the reason behind it. Even locally where I live, I am amazed at how different people respond and how quick people are to judge. This I feel will happen the majority of the time when events are more fuliginous leaving it open to subjective interpretation. I personally find masks to be unhelpful. How often do I see a person touching their mask (even myself)? I have also no problem following the given counsel. What type of reassurance are you thinking?
  8. Anddenex

    Sharing and learning about personal revelation

    Thanks for the addition; however, I am not sure I would consider that as "interfering" with hearing the voice of the Lord and receiving personal revelation. For example: 1) When Christ was upon the earth he was visited by an angel of light (even the devil) himself. Did this cause any interference with receiving revelation from the Father, or knowing his father's voice? No. 2) When Moses received a marvelous vision immediately afterward he was visited by an angel of light, Satan. Moses had this to say to this angel of light, "Who art thou? For behold, I am a son of God, in the similitude of his Only Begotten; and where is thy glory, that I should worship thee?" When an individual has seen true glory, it is easier to recognize an angel of light from a messenger of God. Unless of course, someone truly believes there are only angels of light (deceivers) and no messengers from God ever sent (i.e. Gabriel announcing Christ's birth and many other experiences in our scriptures), then maybe there is a valid point. In either of these scenarios, the angel of light (devil) did not interfere with hearing the voice of the Lord. This would go into a different category.
  9. Anddenex

    I never thought Richard Dawkins was stupid.

    That is why I said according to my experience with Sam Harris he never truly tried to understand the religious point of view, and why I mentioned it has been some time since I have heard anything from him. I was only specifying that my experience was different with yours, not that you said anything incorrectly.
  10. Anddenex

    I never thought Richard Dawkins was stupid.

    Richard Dawkins (as well as Steven Hitchens) are/were smart man according to the natural man. They are those who are ever learning but never coming to a knowledge of the truth (which is the irony of someone who talks about the importance of "what is true"). The scriptures describe these men more as "fools" rather than stupid. They have convinced themselves of their own wisdom, and you can't change the mind or heart that is stiff necked and uncircumcised. A man who talks about the importance of evidence while sharing an opinion (not a truth) to validate his own belief is double minded, or hypocritical. I would say your experience with Sam Harris is different than mine. He has been around a long time, and I haven't heard anything from him for some time (so I openly admit maybe he has changed), but his understanding of religion was pretty poor (even the basics of Christian doctrine).
  11. Interested, but I might be in the Uintas.
  12. Yes, anxiety is able to be complimentary with faith depending on the definition you use for anxiety (as has been pointed out by @Carborendum). I also like how Jacob later says the following (Jacob 4:18), "Behold, my beloved brethren, I will unfold this mystery unto you; if I do not, by any means, get shaken from my firmness in the Spirit, and stumble because of my over anxiety for you." (emphasis mine). Over anxiety is what I would consider heightened mental awareness where it entertains an increase in worry (the mind is no longer still). Anxiety is a strength when it stems from a sincere earnest desire to build up the kingdom of God, or to serve our fellow brothers and sisters. As an individual that struggled with an over anxious personality I was grateful to know that my anxiety was not the issue, but when I allowed myself to become over anxious. It took me 4 years to overcome a level of over anxiety through the atonement. Little by little the Lord showed me how to strengthen this weakness.
  13. Anddenex

    Return to Church Guidelines

    After reading the new guidelines for sacrament meetings I think I am good to wait until things return to normal. All the new guidelines will cause the experience to be less fulfilling and more cumbersome.
  14. The Book of Mormon when they first landed appears to back this up. Just look at how quickly the Book of Mormon numbers increased. It is said that the American Indians were anywhere from 8 to 112 million population size (they were hunters, gatherers, and traders). We know of two people (family groups) who were on the American continent. We know the Nephites spread north and south. Although, to be fair, there could have been populations that didn't increase very quickly, but you are talking about 6K to 7K years. Not just a hundred years. So, population increase isn't just something that happened within 1200 years ago. Jaredites were 3000 years ago or more and there numbers doubled. They would have been hunters, gatherers, and probably traders. The American Indians, have been around a long time (assuming we are considering the American Indians as those who traveled to America around 10,000 BC). Their population (added to by Jaredites, Mulekites, and Nephites) is estimated to have been anywhere from 8 million to 112 million (and I would assume the population didn't begin in the millions when they traveled here). It doesn't appear you are suffering from presentism as others have suggested. This appears to be steady population growth long before 1200 years ago. The interesting thing also, depending on which population growth one accepts (8 million or 112 million) that was also after all the wars and death (up to Columbus). Mayans themselves were around 4000 years ago with a steady population growth that was first estimated at 5 million (from whatever number they started with) with new discovery of potentially 10-15 million. That appears to be steady population growth (not presentism).
  15. Dinosaurs are relatively recent in the geologic timeline. For sure, 66 million years ago is relatively recent. OK. Crocodiles said to have lived and survive 200 million years ago. Fairly recent? OK. Show us any animal even as complex as a dinosaur in the Cambrian or Pre cambrian. Moot. Again, not evidence for macro-evolution without conjecture. I assume you seem to forget the common phrase "Absence of evidence is not evidence for absence," which is what your argument is specifying here (and an animal as complex as a dinosaur is irrelevant, it just needs to be more complex). Then you must be assuming that we have found all the fossils we will and no other fossils will be found or discovered. I will wait. Also, from our previous conversations, it seems that you don't understand things like viruses, DNA, etc. So nice, the insults from Scott begin, as a result of your inability to prove your point you decide to make a jab. Great tactic Scott. I don't think you understand viruses, DNA, etc... either. You are welcome to believe as you would like, and you can make insults to make yourself feel better. Ah, the feckless nature of humans, when they didn't prove their point they have to make jab in hopes to feel better about themselves. Seeing you are unable to engage without jabs and insults, I see no further need to have any more responses.