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  1. Anddenex

    Gays and the church

    I'm honestly not sure why, when we have the light and knowledge we do (what has been revealed to the Church collectively), this is really such a hard argument. I'm not sure why "homosexuality" is some how put into a different category than the sin of adultery. One could easily say, who is an adulterer, that they received a revelation that God made them that way. They are both a sin of desire and predisposition. The natural man, even taking it from an evolved species, has always (in the primate species) not been monogamous. Yet, we are commanded to be with only one woman, and if we step out that is sin. Do you feel the same way about adulterers as you do homosexuals? If a unrepentant adulterer, were coming to Church (and we all knew he/she was unrepentant) how close would you keep that individual to your spouse? How tolerant would you be when he decides to sit by your spouse or try to visit your spouse when you are not home? These are general questions, not particularly pointed in your direction. The adulterer could easily say, and it would be more true, that he was born that way. Yet, being born a certain way doesn't disregard the commandments of God. Remember, God accepts all his children for who they are. He has even prepared a place for all his children who choose to live according to "who they are" (naturally) rather than according to who they are spiritually. God accepts his sons and daughters who live a life fit for the Telestial kingdom. God accepts his sons and daughters who want to live a life only for Terrestrial glory. What God is hoping and trying is that we rise above the natural man, and return once again to live with him. Sadly, our world's society and acceptance is making something gray that is actually black and white, or as the scriptures say, that which we can tell as the daylight at noon day from the dark night.
  2. Anddenex

    Gays and the church

    Hmmm...that interesting, what year was that? JUST KIDDING!!
  3. Anddenex

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    If true mental illness, then yes, if a person needs time to recover, recuperate, then yes. At the same time, a person is being employed for a job. If they aren't performing their job, then sadly a hard discussion needs to happen between the employer and employee. I think there are always exceptions, thus I also provided "true" mental illness.
  4. Anddenex

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    Understood, and this is one area we will probably have more disagreement with and that is OK. I recognize the idea of not being able to choose (it's valid); however, as a "private" home owner who chooses to rent there are laws against prohibiting or not renting to individuals who drink and smoke (I know smoke for sure, drinking maybe not but I believe it is accurate). Smoking and drinking are personal choices that we have laws against that you can't discriminate, which makes sense. In the beginning, when going through Loan Officer training and trying to understand all the laws in place. I used to think you should be able to deny renting to smokers and drinkers due to personal choice. Then, as I thought more about it, worse case scenario, if everyone who rented denied smokers and drinkers a place to live they would be homeless and that would not be just, nor right. In that light, knowing my own mind, the law against that is good and right. No matter what freedoms we think we have we don't have the right/freedom to deny someone a place of shelter for their personal choice of smoking and drinkings. I don't see this any different with the concept of being vaxxed and employment. Its the same category/principle. A person needs a job to provide for himself/herself and family. If every place of employment (as with renting a private home) decided to not employ that would cause a person the inability to do what is one of the most important options in our day -- providing. It would be unjust and not right.
  5. Anddenex

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    I don't find anything wrong with "policies". For example, if you have tested positive for [insert sickness] the policy is to stay home until better. Dress and grooming are all policies that anyone can adhere to and it doesn't require anything "into" the body. My brother-in-law is a Oral Surgeon. Part of the policy is if you have tattoos on the arms you have to wear long sleeves. I wouldn't agree though with a policy/mandate/rule that said you can't be hired if you have a tattoo. I'm against any rule/mandate/law that specifies something I have to do to mine own body in order to stay employed or work there. I may not agree with tattoos but it would be unjust as a business employer to fire someone over a tattoo. Or vice versa, an employer saying to current employee base if you don't get a tattoo of our company brand symbol you will be fired by this date. I understand there are outliers to almost anything, as I am speaking in general.
  6. Anddenex

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    Yes, you have heard of anti-discrimination clauses right? Is a employer able to not employ a gay person just because they are gay? No. Does an employer have the freedom not to employ women because they are women? Or will there be a lawsuit where the employer will pay out for the discrimination? The same way an employer is not able to make a decision and demand knowledge if you have an STD and if you do he/she is not able to say sorry you can't be employed here. The same way, if you rent your house you can't say to someone who drinks or smokes that you can't rent my house because you drink or smoke -- although it is your "private" home. The same way a loan officer is not able to say to a Latino, or someone of a different culture, I can't serve you because you are [insert culture], but if I do I will charge you 2% more for the cost of the loan. If a business, private, had the freedom you say to serve none of these laws would exist. If you agree that an employer has the freedom to not employ a gay person because they are gay, or any of the above scenarios are OK and should not be regulated by law, then I will acquiesce my thoughts -- pertaining to your thoughts -- because you are consistent.
  7. Anddenex

    Gays and the church

    No, it isn't wrong to push back; however, I would say the push back would be more a support. These are the last days, and according to prophecy we will live in a time where individuals are lovers of the flesh and themselves. This is why there are so many voices against truth. I would say it is totally acceptable to encourage someone to stay strong; however, expect the natural man response of attack. No different, than the Adversary's wailing and gnashing of teeth. I hope we aren't in a time where members are feeling they are better off outside of the Church. That could only come from the Adversary's heart and mind. I personally think, we are concerned for our own welfare, or we simply don't want a fight. I used to comment more on Facebook, but received more backlash, and so now I stop. Not because I don't care, but I don't want to deal with people who want to fight and call names. Satan isn't going to win in the end. So, I think the best way for us to stick up is to simply live the gospel, and if we are asked for our thoughts to share them honestly and boldly without apology. If it is a open forum, I will typically avoid (unless a forum like that that is geared toward the Church) in order to avoid the hate from people who always say "its about love."
  8. Anddenex

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    Well, now you at least know one person NT.
  9. Anddenex

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    Not really, you sure a baker could not sell or open their doors to black or latino persons? How long do you think that will last? The baker doesn't have anything under him saying he has to bake a cake with a theme, the same way a jewish baker could deny making a cake theme, "The Holocaust never happened." I don't think the baker has the right to deny someone who is homosexual to purchase a cake, just as you can't deny a black person access to a bus or tell them where they have to sit. So, no, Lol. A business should not be able to deny employ to a person who isn't vaxxed, just as a business is not able to deny service/employ if they are a certain color. Its stupid, and only people with control and power issues would do so, as we see with our great President.
  10. Anddenex

    Gays and the church

    Sadly, we live in a time where this trial will be one of the hardest to bear, because of so many opposing voices that tell you to "sin" rather than keep your covenants (even members of your faith -- which is the saddest part). I don't believe there is really anything you could say, but love him. Ultimately, salvation is an individual choice. I hope he can avert the "finger of scorn" from the Great and Spacious building and continue to live according to the gospel truths.
  11. Anddenex

    God and theories of physics

    I'm inline with @laronius in the sense that whatever theory comes closest to, or is inline with, things as they really are is the approach that is more likely to be inline with God's powers and dominion. @MrShorty has pointed out, which I used to be inline with the concept of "being subject to" but I'm not sure about that anymore. For example, am I subject to the Law of Chastity (acted upon) when I know it true and I would never act outside of it (agent unto oneself). I'm of the nature now that they are complimentary. God understand the laws of the universe at the finest detail. Not only that, but for some reason, as with the priesthood God can command the elements to act. The question then, as with water to wine, when God commanded I would specify there was nothing magic about it, but that God commanded and the elements then worked their way through according to the natural laws that would compose wine. This inline with the notion that every miracle performed has been accomplished through laws we do not yet understand.
  12. Anddenex

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    On a further note, not vaccinated, look at where some nations are starting to debate: The ignorance is still getting worse.
  13. Anddenex

    For Fun: Stocking A Library

    The Giver The Count of Monte Cristo (All other Classic Books) 1984 The Chronicles of Prydain Good to Great Immanuel Kant's books
  14. Anddenex

    Repetition of Testimony

    Is what is "strange" hearing the words "I know" and then what they know? I'm personally not fond of the statement, "I know the Church is true," because what does that actually mean. In comparison to "I know Joseph Smith was a prophet," is pretty specific and easily defined. The only time this causes any form of puzzlement is when a child says "I know" -- especially if they are parroting mom or dads words given to them in their ear. I'm grateful for the leaders of the Church requesting members to teach children testimony at home if they are not able to speak for themselves. At the same time, "I know" that the lord speaks to little children with his voice. If that term of speech bothers someone, then they need to check within themselves. In the beginning, when I started sharing my testimony I didn't like using the words "I know", but in time I recognized the main purpose of the Holy Ghost and that is to testify of truth that we might "know". The scriptures are clear and plain, "that you may know by the power of the Holy Ghost..." When Jesus asked the apostles who he was and we come to Peter's response the Lord responded, "Blessed art thou...for flesh and blood" hath not revealed this to you, but the Father which is in Heaven. The Lord praised/blessed Peter for his witness. At this point, Peter could have and did testify that he "knew" who Christ was -- does that bother in any way your Pentecostal upbringing? Honest question. At the same time, I can understand -- from the outside -- why some would say it could appear cultish due to our modern philosophy and other teachings that we are unable "to know" anything. Here are some talks that I like on this topic: 1. 2. 3.
  15. Anddenex

    Speculation - What is next?

    This is the one that concerns me the most. In the beginning of 2021 I read an article that estimated one to possibly two million deaths as a result of the supply chains and people in specific areas not getting access to food that they have been used to receiving. I hope this will be more alarmist than factual.