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  1. Anddenex

    What is Zion in the modern church?

    What is Zion in real terms? I am not sure what you mean by "in real terms" so my answer is according to my knowledge and understanding. Zion is a place where if you see a man in the distance far away you see a brother. If you see a woman in the distance far away you see a sister. No other description is necessary: black, white, bond, free, etc... We are all the sons and daughters of God. There are no rich, no poor. People do not define themselves by the "perceived" success they have received by their own merits. They realize there success is a blessing from God who is the giver of all things. It will be a place where people are willing to live at the least Terrestrial laws. It will be a place where people actually by their works honor God (not just with their lips). The first commandment will be first and the second commandment will be second. They will not be inverted. How do we build Zion throughout the church in today's world? By small and simple means that are acted upon daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. By truly honoring the first and great commandment. It can only be built by a people who are willing to forsake the great and spacious building and the things of this world. Are you a catalyst for Zion in your home, in your ward, and in your stake? I would like to think so. There are aspects of Zion in our home and probably aspects of Zion that can be worked on. Which stake of the church will step forward and be an example of Zion for the rest of church to follow? There will not be one stake that will step forward and be an example by which the rest of the Church will follow. The Lord's kingdom is not built this way. It will be the result of many stakes acting in a Zion way. Or better said, it will be bishops and wards that truly begin to act in charity toward all their brethren, and it will be ward members who stop their rebellion and turn back to God and trust in him, not their own mind, heart, and will.
  2. I am not sure we can call your fact check a fact check and accept it as reality. We can post whatever we want as evidence, but when our evidence is in fact shown to be biased is our "fact check" then dismantled? A friend of mine presented an article that showed media biased and represented all the outlets who were more neutral, right, and left biased. What I found most interesting is all the media outlets that were more centered (I guess we can call them "centrists") were in fact not centrists. The media fact article was indeed biased toward the left but did not show any bias toward the right. I would have agreed with their right leaning media positions (at least most of them). So, if our article/evidence is biased, is it even an accurate article or point to share it as a truth?
  3. Anddenex

    Art of the First Vision

    I think this is still my favorite:
  4. Anddenex

    Sharing and learning about personal revelation

    Abraham 1: 2, 1 Nephi 10: 17, 1 Nephi 11: 1-6, and Doctrine and Covenants 8: 2-3. I personally believe that we as members have made hearing/receiving personal revelation more confusing than it is. The Lord speaks to all of us the same way (the fruits may be different). From scripture these are the ways communication from heaven is received: 1) Holy Ghost (most common) 2) Visions and Dreams 3) Instruction from ministering angels (even the Son) What interferes with hearing the voice of the Lord and receiving revelation: 1) Pride > I want my will received rather than hear what the Lord is trying to tell me 2) Sin > An unwillingness to give up sins (Lamoni's father was willing to give up "all" his sins to know God) 3) Mental state, which can correlate with #1
  5. Anddenex

    I'm so excited!

    And to simply add to this, many people died on a cross. There were also false Christs and false prophets. It wasn't the cross that solidified who Christ was, it was his resurrection. The resurrection, He who triumphed OVER death that the GRAVE hath no STING, is the ultimate sign that the atonement was wrought. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. The cross is the symbolism of death (Adam). The resurrection is the symbol/sign of life (Christ).
  6. Anddenex

    I'm so excited!

    I am excited for this conference in the same light and manner I have been looking forward to all previous general conferences since 1995. We will hear the voice of the Lord through his servants (prophets, apostles, seers, and revelators). What a wonderful day and age we live in.
  7. The only change I would make to this is adding "theory" to "Doctrine" as I would say most theory stems from the doctrine not necessarily just the principles. Easy example: Doctrine = Heavenly Mother > Theory 1 > Theory 2 > Theory 3
  8. Anddenex

    Deconstructing a Testimony

    You bring up an excellent example of why the statement of "I believe in history and facts" is misleading. To some degree all human beings live by faith whether or not they want to admit it. They are even, in faith, accepting the interpretation of the history and facts they accept. How often has science used the same "facts" to update their current belief on something, or better said, how often is a theory updated (which was previously considered an error of logical or rational) when new evidence emerges?
  9. Anddenex

    BYU classroom lecture

    Nope, not confused at all. How did this jump to excommunication for breaking the law of chastity with holding hands and kissing? I believe we both recognize there are varying degrees of breaking the law of chastity. That is OK, you can disagree, but it doesn't change what is supported by God, and what has strictly been forbidden by Him. Homosexual acts of any kind, romantic, are a sin. Yes, we permit (or better said God permits) the act of holding hands and kissing between heterosexuals as good as this leads to proper union between ordained marriages. I am honestly not sure how anyone would think that two men or two women romantically kissing isn't breaking the law of chastity.
  10. Anddenex

    BYU classroom lecture

    The key term here is "romantically" holding hands. Do I really need to go any further than that? If so, one is sanctioned by God, the other is not. One is ordained and supported by God, the other is not.
  11. Anddenex

    The gathering of Israel

    This goes back to the whole idea of an apostasy, either the apostasy did occur or did not occur. If the apostasy did occur then when you teach people about Jesus Christ you are helping people to know about him, but not to join His Church. You are helping them join a church that teaches about Jesus Christ, and that is a good thing. If the apostasy did occur the Book of Mormon is a keystone to the restoration of Jesus Christ's Church, which is now gathering Israel and the heritage of each member is known as they are revealed what heritage (tribe) they are from. Thus we have a literal gathering of the House of Israel. The Book of Mormon, as a witness to Christ and his work and glory, people read and come to join His Church. Thus the statement, if there were no Book of Mormon there would be no restoration of Christ's Church and thus no gathering.
  12. Anddenex

    Deconstructing a Testimony

    Unfortunatley things are not as simple as it seems. This is one aspect I think this is more due to the natural man desires rather than the gospel. A visiting general authority during stake training provided the following statement (paraphrazed), "The Lord provided answer to our prayers simple enough that a newly baptized 8 year-old is able to accomplish it." I have pondered his statement for a long time now. In mine own family, I only have one child who has struggled with finding answers to his prayers (while young, under 10 years old). As my children have aged I noticed my oldest who would easily receive answers to his prayers while a young boy (who has received experiences I have not yet received) struggled in his late teen years to find answers (I see this same change with my oldest daughter). What changed? The Lord or my son? I would say it was my son. The Lord also said, "My yoke is easy, and my burden is light." I would say part of the difficulty created in life is our unwillingness to fully "yoke" with Christ. I would daresay that the more fully we "yoke" ourself with Christ, walk his path (rather than be the bull who yokes and then constantly tries to turn his head his own way), and follow his lead it would be as simple as it seems. The Lord simplified the gospel and becoming more like him to three principles: faith, hope, and charity leads all humankind to do good things. If we ponder anyone who has decided to remove themselves from the Church, the Lord's gospel, we can easily see that this has resulted from a loss in faith and hope, or a loss of charity (e.g. On Facebook I read from a sister, "I hate Oaks, I am done with this Church). Is it not simple then brother because the Lord, or because we make something harder than it actually is? What good is having all the answers if we cant recognize and solve the problems. I think this is the just of it. We don't have ALL the answers. We don't have ALL the solutions. But what we have is sufficient for everyone of God's sons and daughter to "hold fast" to the rod of iron. Or as Nephi said, "I do not know the meaning of all things." Or, applied to today, "I don't have all the answers, nor do I have all the solutions." But I do know the Lord, "loveth his children" and "I know in whom I have trusted." Sadly some members do not like the simple answer, "Keep the faith, continue to have faith." It is a simple answer and a simple solution that will keep the sons and daughters of God faithful until the Lord, in his due time and timing, sheds forth more light. But we can't expect the Lord to provide us with more light and knowledge if we are having a hard time collectively to keep what has already been revealed. (e.g. The simple concept of ministering and yet how many of us are actually serving with a more genuine love and care for our brothers and sisters?)
  13. Anddenex

    Deconstructing a Testimony

    Some items of importance pertaining to your thoughts: 1) Matthew 5: 48, "Be ye therefore perfect...." isn't a cultural standard but a standard which "THE Christ" established. Who then also said to the Nephites, "Therefore I would that ye should be perfect even as I...," which has been followed up with, "Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am." 2) Home centered, Church supported has always been the case. This is nothing new. We as parents were never to rely "solely" on the Church to teach our children. Church has always been the "support" for our teaching never the center. Look to the Doctrine and Covenants and read and review who comes under condemnation if they do not teach their children. Note, it isn't the Church. All members already could have already been having their own gospel centered study at home long before the change. We had a sister in our ward who couldn't attend Church but would study the scriptures, study the manuals, and have her own home gospel centered study. 3) "This is a church of progression, you cant sit and be stagnant" > This is a principle of truth. It is the "choice" (moral agency) of members to decided what either brings them closer to Christ or to remove them away. If a principle of truth causes someone to move away from the Lord's gospel and his Church it has nothing to do with the culture of the Church. 4) The tone from our apostles and prophets have always been "Do your best." Back in 1979, long before what you call a change, a book was printed titled, "Be your Best Self." The whole point of the book is our best is good enough to the Lord. The book covers sermons from Elder Monson. The problem in our culture is that a lot of people excuse their laziness as their best. Our perfection has always been taught by the prophets and apostles is through Christ -- no one else. The counsel and tone hasn't changed, "Do your best" and your "best is good enough." If you can quote any prophet or apostle who has ever said your best isn't good enough I would love to read it. Caveat, we aren't talking about the concept in scripture of "unprofitable servants." Even when we do our best, we still need Christ and are indebted unto him. 5) Following Christ means doing what he asked us to do. That means being worthy (by personal moral agency) to fulfill and partake of all aspects in the gospel. Christ is the who said, "take up your cross and follow me." The Church is simply moving us forward to do what has already been taught.
  14. Anddenex

    All foreign missionaries coming home?

    I could be wrong, but that looks like a reunion of a missionary who just returned home.
  15. Anddenex

    All foreign missionaries coming home?

    My son is coming home from Mexico this week, either Tuesday or Wednesday, but that can change. He should be reassigned though and sent back out.