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  1. dprh


    Welcome. I hope you find what you need.
  2. This comment makes me wonder what you think the Patriarchal Order is. We should establish that before we can answer your question.
  3. dprh

    What's the last book you read?

    That is something I've never said about a Brandon Sanderson book I'm currently re-reading Card's Ender's Shadow series. I just started Shadow Puppets.
  4. dprh

    Membership in the Church

    I agree. Losing those blessings was difficult to see while I wasn't living my covenants. I was, unworthily, partaking of the sacrament, serving in callings, etc. It helped ease my guilty conscious. But now I'm on a path of repentance, I have felt the Spirit stronger and more often than I have in decades even though I no longer have the Gift of the Holy Ghost.
  5. dprh

    Dealing with trauma

    That sounds rough. I don't have any real tips or suggestions, but I hope you can find a way to get past the trauma. 🤗
  6. I apologize. I was too quick and insincere in that post.
  7. Quoted for context. You said She lied in her response. The only thing she said in response to the bishop was I don't see a lie in there, unless she is not writing her true thoughts that she is rebellious. Which would require mind-reading to know. Her contention is not that the Bishop is trying to find rebellion. her issue is that women wearing pants are seen as rebellion. Do you see the difference. I don't think the author would mind if the bishop knew a member was a supporter of Ordain Women and asked specifically about that. For your last quote, when I read it, I focused more on the part you ellipsed. She isn't supported or against the pants movement. Her call was that we would react differently if it happens again. Thank you for the suggestion of developing my critical reading skills. I will try to do that better in the future. I've said before, that I am not the best at communicating my thoughts and this thread has helped me exercise that skill (or lack thereof). Since we're giving helpful tips, I'd suggest that you try to be less condescending in your posts.
  8. I quoted it. You claimed that the author lied when she told her bishop that she wasn't rebelling when she wore pants. That she apparently lied in response will condemn her, but the bishop did his due diligence and is blameless.
  9. I know most don't, but at least one person seems to.
  10. That she apparently lied in response will condemn her, but the bishop did his due diligence and is blameless. And yours aren't?
  11. I agree with everything in your post, except that it seems to insinuate that women in pants are not in their Sunday best. Is that what you are trying to say?
  12. You could say something along the lines as. I'm so glad you are coming to church. Typically this ward I go to is for people under 30. I'm happy to invite and bring you to the activities, but I think you're children would be best served if they could attend a family ward with you where there would be a primary with kids their age.
  13. Growing up, we had stake sports in Henderson. But they stopped in the late 90's. From what I hear it was because of pervasive unsportsmanlike conduct. I liked the dances in Vegas. They are still doing those, but it doesn't seem like they are as often.
  14. I have two personal issues with sports. First, I can't stand people yelling at the referees. It really gets on my nerves. They are just people too, and usually they do a great job. I'd hate to have 20k people watching me do my job and yelling at me every time I don't do something perfectly. This just means I don't attend many pro/college level events. Second is the tribalism that can accompany sports fandom. I cannot understand hating another person simply because they root for a rival team. It does not compute with me. I'm not saying everyone, or even most sports fans fall into these. But enough of them do that I've decided not to invest my time and interest in them.