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  1. dprh

    Simpler Vocabulary

    It seems to me that the point of having a vocabulary is to be able to communicate ones thoughts to others. If she's unable to do that, then her vocabulary might need to expand. Just in a different direction than most peoples.
  2. dprh

    King Kong vs. Godzilla

  3. dprh

    President Nelson vaccinated

    To be fair, I said I didn't see where it was implied. His article definitely implies the vaccine pushed some high-risk people over the edge.
  4. dprh

    President Nelson vaccinated

    In all the links shared on this thread, I don't see anything that states or shows that the vaccine caused a death. That might be what some people take away from them, but I don't see it explicitly stated, or even really implied.
  5. dprh

    Mother butting in

    It does seem like she's crossing boundaries. I'd reply something along the lines as "Mom, I sustain my church leaders. And my friends will do whatever they want, regardless of the example I set."
  6. dprh

    The Shame of Elder Renlund

    I'm not understanding what the issue is. How is the analogy stigmatizing and divisive?
  7. dprh


    https://www.news18.com/news/buzz/us-capitol-violence-deer-suit-man-viral-3255641.html It seems Viking hat man has been identified. He's from Arizona, probably associated with QAnon, not BLM.
  8. dprh

    Watch the Republic Die, LIVE

    I think you linked the wrong video
  9. dprh

    I have been deceived

    Oh, wow! Now if that isn't the most (colonial) American thing I've ever seen
  10. dprh

    I have been deceived

    I don't recall having ever sung that song in any meeting, so I wouldn't miss it if it was taken out. It does seem like an odd choice to include in the hymn book.
  11. dprh

    Church Zoom accounts

    I'm not sure how it's set up, but our ward uses Zoom to broadcast to Youtube. That way participants can't talk and interrupt the meeting. Every week, the ward clerk sends an email with the link and the meeting information. It's worked very well for us.
  12. dprh

    Was Jesus married

    Maybe not yet, but hopefully there will be more than hundreds. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/scriptures/dc-testament/dc/132?lang=eng
  13. dprh


    I know those songs, and can sing along if they're playing. But those songs don't seem built for caroling . They are more complex and longer than the songs that are popular with the people I've caroled with.
  14. dprh

    Christmas Star

    We were able to see it from our backyard. The kids were more interested than I thought they would be. I took these with my Pixel3. Thanks for all the pictures!
  15. dprh

    Your Favorite Netflix Series

    Yeah, Chang did Blackface, but they called him out on it and I thought it was done in a way that wasn't offensive. But as a white man, I'm not going to make that call for others.