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  1. dprh

    Spiritual Bypassing

    I like the last section, Tips and Tricks. It's true that emotions aren't good or bad, that negative thoughts and feelings (can) serve a purpose, and uncomfortable feelings are often a sign that there's something wrong and something needs to change. The end also admits that spirituality can be a positive force and has physical and mental health benefits. What I got out of the article (not necessarily what it was trying to say) is that I can do better at looking deeper, not just using 'it happened for a reason' as a band aid to try to help me or someone else feel better.
  2. dprh

    The election

    Random sidenote. I just listened to Pres. Nelson's video on Gratitude. Near the 3:45 mark he says he's found it's better to count our blessings than recount our problems. The way he was talking as he said "recount" with just a slight pause afterward, I thought he was going to talk about the presidential votes Maybe I've been a little too focused on politics.
  3. dprh

    Trump 2024?

    So they would have representation. Seems only fair. If I want something changed, I've got Senators and Congresspersons I can write to.
  4. dprh

    Trump 2024?

    Wikipedia shows 5.7 Puerto Ricans live Stateside. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stateside_Puerto_Ricans
  5. dprh

    Clear Communication, Sometimes LESS Clear

    Expectations can limit communication.
  6. dprh

    The election

    I may be reading that linked article wrong. But it looks like it's about dead people being registered to vote, not that there were actually votes cast in their name.
  7. Whoa! I was going through my old posts and found this from last October! Crazy how close I came
  8. dprh

    Baptism of the Holy Ghost?

    My personal belief is that the Holy Ghost is an office that has been held by multiple beings, Michael being the first. When he received his body, it was filled by another pre-mortal spirit, maybe Enoch. So yes, I think each person who has filled that role will be born physically and receive all the ordinances they need.
  9. Our ward went to weekly meetings two Sundays ago. They are Zooming them for anyone who wants to stay at home. They turn it off while they bless and pass the sacrament. We're still allowed to perform the sacrament at home if we aren't attending in person. My family meets with my parents who are in our ward, with my brother's family who is in another stake. My dad is very high-risk. He had multiple pulmonary emboli about a year ago. We're going to keep meeting with them until he feels he can go back.
  10. dprh

    Biden Corruption Emails

    I voted for Gary Johnson 2016. After COVID, I realized I'm not near the libertarian I thought I was. I'm putting none of the above this time around.
  11. dprh

    Sacrament Talk

    In my experience, it's depends mostly on the bishop. Some like to be more hands on, while others don't. That usually filters down to the councilors. I'm sure you'll do great.
  12. I miss that guy.😥
  13. dprh

    Conference October 3-4, 2020

    I don't understand what you're pointing to. This was quoted under the section "Are you willing to let God prevail in your life?" “Let me be clear, brothers and sisters, any discrimination because of race is morally wrong and contrary to God’s plan of happiness for His children. It is also contrary to His very purpose of the gathering.”
  14. dprh

    Who Was that Rich Man?

    I don't see any attack in Traveler's posts.
  15. As I was studying this weeks chapters, I noticed something I never have before. After all the destruction, in chapters 9 and 10, the voice of the Lord is heard throughout the land, talking about the destruction, the persecution of the prophets and saints, and that they need to repent. That wasn't new to me, but then I compared it to the voice the people heard in chapter 11. I don't know how many talks and lessons it's been pointed out that it took the people three times to understand. This didn't seem to be a problem in 9 and 10. I wondered why. My first thought was that in the darkness, they didn't have any distractions. Not being able to see might have helped them be more open to listening. Second, this voice wasn't described as small voice. The Lord seemed to use a different volume, if not a whole different method, to communicate in the earlier chapters than in 11. Third, having just gone through the destruction, they were shocked and probably looking to God very fervently for safety and relief. A few years ago, I noticed something between chapters 8 and 10. In 8:5, it says that the destruction all started in the first month, fourth day, the beginning of the 34th year. In 10:18, Mormon says that he'll show us that at the end of the 34th year that the Nephites were spared and had great favor. Usually, when people talk about Jesus visiting the Nephites, they seem to think it was within days of His ascension (40-43 days after the destruction). But it seems to me that it would have been at least 9 months afterward. So maybe the people, while looking weren't as in tune as they had been right after all the destruction.