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  1. clwnuke

    Depression - What are we to do?

    Thank you to all who have shared your intimate personal struggles in these areas! When I was a youth and teenager I could not see or understand how many people around me were struggling in some way or another. Adults, other teens, children. I didn't know how hard their world's could be. Please forgive me for any of my thoughtless actions that may have contributed to yours or anyone else's personal struggles. I will be forever grateful that the Lord chose in His infinite mercy to give me experiences with some of my own children going from incredible to incapacitated, straight A to nothing, calm to out of control, and to have worked closely with extended family members who struggled with addiction - not to get high, but to escape the darkness of every day life. It took me a long time to see but my eyes were opened, my heart was softened, my love stretched, my temper exposed, my judgement of others pruned to a nub, and my faith in Christ's Atonement deepened.
  2. clwnuke

    Depression - What are we to do?

    Agreed. And in some cases it's a combination of both where they don't recognize their actual problems, but use a false/self diagnosis of a different problem as a crutch to avoid some uncomfortable challenges and responsibilities of life. Unfortunately our society, our mental health support services, social services, and our Church are not equipped to deal with even a fraction of the mental illness and addiction needs out there. Temporary help abounds, but under the guise of maintaining their "freedom" we often end up creating more problems in the long run than we are solving IMHO.
  3. clwnuke

    Matthew 11:29 - 30

    After many years of pondering I've come to believe that Christ's yoke was His Atonement. It was something only He could do. Hence, I interpret this verse to mean that if I will take His Atonement upon myself (i.e. change and seek forgiveness), and learn of His love for me, that I will indeed find rest for my soul. And I have, many times. He freely forgives, so His yoke and burden have been easy and light for me. Along your thought-line above, I would say that in my life things have been far easier when I have kept the commandments without hesitation or concern, than when I did not. Life is hard. But when I have striven to faithfully follow the Lord's plan for me, those difficulties have seemed to melt away as either unimportant or unworthy of more of my time and concern. Good luck on your talk!
  4. clwnuke

    Depression - What are we to do?

    It still is. If we could view many of our human faults through the lens of empathy and understanding that mental illness requires, we would find our life ministering efforts more effective and our character more godly and charitable.
  5. clwnuke

    Celestial Room

    My 2cents - Help kids understand that in spiritual things we are all equally capable. It is only in temporal things that unfairness is the rule. Help them learn from God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. His Spirit and Wisdom is available to all without cost or prejudice. This talk is one of my favorites to help people understand these principles better: Stand Forever: Lawrence E. Corbridge, BYU Speeches Last of all, I learned the virtues of thrift store shopping as an early teen. It made my meager teenage paychecks go a lot further. Later, when I was dating my wife she complemented a piece of clothing I was wearing and when I told her what a deal I scored at the thrift store on it she recoiled and said "Ew!" But I promised her a life of poverty and I've delivered, so she is an avid thrift store shopper now too 👍
  6. In Church or work I've always had great relations with anyone who's bothered to tell me that they are gay. If anyone has ever introduced themselves to me by announcing that they are gay or indicating that they struggle with same-sex attraction I usually reply with something like "Oh, you struggle with same-sex attraction? I can relate, I struggle with opposite-sex attraction!". I believe it's important for them to know that I don't define them by their struggles, and there's no need for them or anyone else to announce them. We can just become great Gospel friends and put our shoulders to the wheel together. Just my 2 cents.
  7. clwnuke

    Original Mission

    Hey, I'm not sure what foreign country your missionary was originally assigned to, but several of them opened up briefly and then shut down very soon after due to changes in COVID infection rates. Some were only open for a few weeks. Case in point - Japan. Some re-assigned missionaries were sent back during a brief interval but many were not able to return. As others have mentioned, in your missionaries case it is most likely also related to the use of anti-depressants. That's standard missionary department policy. Per HIPPA preventing them from telling you medical information- missionaries are adults so technically mom and dad do not have a "right" to information about anything. However, HIPPA does allow for your children to authorize and request that you be informed about all medical treatment. Our son and daughter both expressly authorized us to receive that information and it was subsequently provided to us. Also on a personal note, our daughter returned home from her foreign South Pacific mission after becoming depressed some years ago. Despite her early return she looks back with gratitude. And we have a son who served 9 months in a foreign mission until COVID forced him to return. He is attending BYU while he waits to return to his mission, but if the country remains closed for too much longer he will probably choose to be reassigned. We can relate to your anxieties. Thank you and your son for serving the Lord Jesus Christ with all your hearts❤️. He is the Master Coach, and we all perform better when we invest completely into His game plan for our lives.
  8. clwnuke

    President Nelson vaccinated

    Orson Pratt
  9. clwnuke

    President Nelson vaccinated

    As a follow on - I feel the most empathy for those don't want a COVID vaccine whose workplaces are requiring vaccination. I anticipate that my own workplace will soon require one despite numerous assurances to the contrary over the past year. Even in that scenario, I believe I will be able to have a reasonable accommodation made to allow me to wait until the Covaxin vaccine is available. I would feel more comfortable with that choice if I'm ultimately required to get one. If I have to wear masks while others don't until Covaxin is available, that's OK with me.
  10. clwnuke

    President Nelson vaccinated

    I suppose my whole point is that the choice not to vaccinate is not in "conflict" with Church leaders. The First Presidencies statement includes this: Individuals are responsible to make their own decisions about vaccination. So people who exercise their judgment and choose not to receive a COVID vaccine are not in conflict with their direction IMHO.
  11. clwnuke

    President Nelson vaccinated

    That's where I draw the line 😜!
  12. clwnuke

    President Nelson vaccinated

    @estradling75 very good example of following the Spirit while striving to do the right thing. Thank you for sharing!
  13. clwnuke

    President Nelson vaccinated

    @JohnsonJones have you considered that many of us who made our decisions to not receive mRNA spike protein vaccines under emergency use authorizations made those decisions long before President Nelson spoke on the subject? And have you also considered that many of us regularly exercise and maintain good health habits, have worn our masks, have continued to take, or started to take vitamin D, have avoided large groups and visits with family, have used disinfectant religiously (no pun intended), etc., And don't these things count toward "Do[ing] all [we] can to bring COVID numbers down in your area so that your temple opportunities can increase."? While I respect your viewpoint, I do not understand your seemingly singular focus on interpreting President Nelson's recommendation for vaccination as a mandate that divides the faithful from the goats. I respectfully ask some questions to ponder - 1. Do we need to get the same exact vaccine as President Nelson in order to be exactly obedient? Surely to be fully obedient we would need to take no other COVID vaccine other than the one he took right? Or is there room for interpretation on which vaccine to receive and when to receive it? 2. Since President Nelson did not specify which COVID vaccine to receive, is it OK if those people who have already contracted COVID and enjoy a natural vaccinated state with active antibodies to not receive an additional vaccine? Or is there room for interpretation in this example as well? 3. Are people that have significant co-morbidities such as obesity, but who get a COVID shot, more obedient that the healthy person who chooses not to get a COVID shot at this time? Or is there room for interpretation in this example too? I love President Nelson, and I am so grateful for all he has done in his lifetime to serve Jesus Christ and His Church. I'm grateful he has spoken on this issue, even if I have chosen to patiently wait. I respect his medical career and knowledge and I feel from a public relations standpoint that he has absolutely done the right thing. But I also have no doubt that if we sat down and discussed the matter together he would completely and lovingly respect my choice. Will I be able to serve another foreign mission without the COVID shot? Not presently. But it's OK if I serve state-side. Is it possible that Church policy may change and I will no longer be able to serve in the Temple without having the COVID vaccine? Yes, it's possible. And if that happens I will serve in other places. And is it possible that this may all go away just like the original SARS virus did and we go back to normal and COVID vaccines are no longer required? Of course, so I'm not sure why we need to panic, criticize, or goad others into our viewpoints. In 2000 my younger brother died from leukemia. I watched him suffer through long, intense, and grueling pain for many months prior to his graduation from this life. He made a personal choice to receive those treatments despite a very small chance of success. I would have chosen differently, and yet both decisions would have been right. Imagine that?
  14. clwnuke

    President Nelson vaccinated

    I respect your sentiment, but I also think that we should not underestimate the importance of medical self-direction. One of the blessings of the new Saints books is the candid recording of some of the disagreements within the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve. The members of the Twelve have never been expected to stop thinking for themselves just because the President has an opinion on a matter. In fact, in many cases the Presidency chose not to act on matters for many months because of division among the Apostles, often waiting long periods for just one person to change their mind. I believe the Lord is just as patient with us when we don't agree on a recommendation from the President of the Church. It was not given as a commandment, and just as the Word of Wisdom did not carry that status for many years, this also does not and don't pretend that it does. Some may choose to act now, others may choose not to act at all, and some may be like my brother-in-law. He had full COVID three months ago, and chose to get the vaccine anyway. The first shot had only minor complications, but the second put him in the hospital with life-threatening complications. Justifiably, he does not intend to receive any further booster shots. Is he now a reprobate and apostate for his stance? Let's be careful to limit our judgement to our circle of responsibility and respect that others have that same agency.
  15. clwnuke

    President Nelson vaccinated

    I'm not an anti-vaxxer, in fact I had a great conversation with my doctor as I was receiving the second of my shingles vaccines a few weeks ago. He asked if I wanted to sign up for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine (before the short ban)? I replied no thank you. He continued on trying over and over to convince me that it was safe. I kept politely saying no thank you. Finally, I told him that I have monetarily invested in specific vaccine development efforts in my life and in each case it took nearly a decade to even get to the point of possible approval and financial return. I said that I preferred to wait some additional time and had no fear of contracting COVID as I am not in any high risk group. He was polite, but you could see in his eyes that he thought I was a kook. On a different vein, the new COVID vaccine requirement for foreign missionaries appears to have caused quite a stir in the mormonworld last week. The Church even had to turn off their Facebook comments. One important piece of information that is not widely known is that a traditional "inactivated virus" vaccine called COVAXIN that does not use mRNA spike proteins will likely be available in the US in the next few months. It will also be under EUA, but it may be a preferable alternative for those who wish to go on a foreign Church mission and don't want to receive the current mRNA vaccines.