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  1. clwnuke

    New Handbook

    Two thoughts after reading all the posts: 1. Are people too hard on themselves? In my experience they usually are. But perhaps that is one reason why every knee will bow and confess that Jesus is the Christ? After seeing ourselves as "the vilest of sinners" it will amaze us when He bestows infinite amounts of undeserved mercy and grace upon us. His love will be deep enough to drive all of us to our knees in humble gratefulness. 2. In my interactions with senior Church leaders I have often seen them solicit candid and open thoughts about many topics addressed in the Handbook. When the First Presidency and the Apostles meet to discuss matters they are candid and often have different views on policies and procedures. They carefully and cordially work toward a consensus and then move forward in a united manner. I think we can support their decisions while still pondering all these things in our hearts. Curiosity is a God-given trait that helps us understand many principles over time. Speaking of gratefulness - a big Thank You! to and everyone who makes this Forum possible. Your work is wonderful 👍
  2. clwnuke

    If the Earth were hit by a comet...

    I think your assumptions are correct, otherwise we would need to account for the position of the moon and the velocity of the ripped-away half-earth and comet and whether they would collide.., But assuming that we ignore all that I think you would see the moon drift away since its current velocity, momentum, and centripetal force would exceed that of the newly reduced gravitational force of the earth. But hey, I wasn't the kid getting an A in physics and it is 2AM so I'm probably wrong.
  3. As I read more and more articles about the shaming, cancelling, and outright harassment of people and groups who believe in traditional morality, I wonder how long it will be until employers and governments start requiring employees and citizens to renounce their "hateful" religious or moral beliefs as a condition for employment, professional licenses, or access to public institutions? I can easily see scenarios in the near future where activists start going to HR departments and making the case that the mere presence of a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the office creates a hostile environment because of their anti-LGBTQ beliefs. Or that they can't be in a position of leadership because they inherently discriminate against LGBTQ people due to their religious beliefs (unconscious bias). It seems to me that the conditions are rapidly ripening for the fulfillment of D&C 45:68 "And it shall come to pass among the wicked, that every man that will not take his sword against his neighbor must needs flee unto Zion for safety." As the adversary works furiously to socially and economically isolate those who refuse to bow to his mammon and sin, I can more clearly see why we need a home based Gospel, and why we must hasten the gathering of Israel. How long will it be until it won't be safe to attend church because you'll be harassed or 'outed' in social media? How long until local governments start echoing those who already say that church buildings are tax cheating fortresses of hate and start shutting them down?
  4. My understanding is that children BIC are considered to be sealed to their father and mother individually, in the same manner as children who were not BIC are sealed to parents individually later in the Temple. So even if the marriage covenant ends, the children who were BIC are still considered sealed to both parents. I know that I don't fully understand the meaning of "being sealed" yet. Technically I am sealed to six women right now - my mother, my wife, and my four daughters, as well as to three men - my father, and my two sons. I often ponder this wonderful doctrine and one day hope to understand all the blessings associated with it.
  5. clwnuke

    Playing with opposite gender--primary age

    I'm just so surprised that you have even let your daughter know that boys exist. Shouldn't that wait until they are like 24 or something???
  6. @dddd It's always interesting to me how sometimes we can differ from the majority in our opinions, and I do in this case. As a former High Councilor that had responsibility for working with the YSA and Single Adult programs in a stake, I think it was always an important responsibility for everyone involved to help maintain the Church designated age and divorce policy restrictions. Of course you can't force her to stop attending, but neither can the Bishop without calling police officers to remove her. Rather than expecting the Bishop to take care of all the "dirty work" which really isn't dirty work at all, I'm glad you attempted to help the Bishop out by lovingly suggesting to her that the ward is actually intended for those 18-30. If more help is needed, you can ask the High Councilor over the YSA ward, or other Senior couples who may be called to help the YSA ward, or by referring the matter to the Relief Society President or Elder's Quorum President. Handbook 2 is pretty clear: "Membership in a young single adult ward is temporary. Leaders help young single adults prepare to return to a conventional ward when they marry or reach age 31." The age and divorce restrictions are wise church policies based on many years of experience. YSA wards change constantly and the Bishop does not have the time to evaluate and police all these matters himself. The members need to help self-police the policies similar to how the youth help maintain the church standards at church dances. It is always more effective for youth to caution other youth rather than leaders or adults. At a minimum, I suggest you gently and lovingly decline to offer her future rides and be straightforward and honest why - because she shouldn't be attending the YSA ward. She may find another ride and attend, and you can still greet her warmly when she does. But I think she will respect you for doing what you know to be right. People say you avoid a ton of drama when you don't tell people the truth, but in my experience that's not correct. You simply create more drama and shift it to someone else who has to deal with it all eventually. I think that's why I loved living on the East Coast (New Jersey), people were straight up with no hidden agendas. Blunt and honest was a refreshing change from my West Coast upbringing. As for membership records, the Church does not typically move YSA records into the YSA ward in local stakes so that may not even be an issue. They do when you go off to college or something similar and then attend a YSA ward. In any case, as one who had the opportunity to ask many people to attend their proper YSA, SA, and home wards (or not to attend at all until after their divorces were final) I respect that I'm in the minority on this one and wish you luck!
  7. Good to meet you DontaeBynes! I don't think you would have conflict if you didn't already have a spiritual influence guiding you in the right direction. Continue to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost and I think you will be alright. IMHO it really doesn't matter that you think this young lady is wonderful, the decision is yours. Latter-Day Saint women ARE wonderful so avoiding their powerful influence is like trying not to notice the beauty of flowers in a well cared for garden. Don't let the adversary keep you from the truth because of your current concerns. I'm certain the Lord is working miracles to help you and His plan for sharing the Gospel intended to have others influence us for good. Join us in serving the Lord, we need you and the Lord wants you!
  8. clwnuke

    Emotional affair and children

    No it isn't. Heavenly Father's goal is to have ALL His children return home - including you. Once we return home and have a full understanding of our Eternal nature and the Savior's love, the suffering your children (may) experience in this life will pale in comparison to the sadness they will feel if you can not join them in the Celestial kingdom. Remember the joy over one soul that repents? You are that one soul at this time. Any price that may be paid today on earth (marriage, husband, children) will be swallowed up in joy and forgiveness in heaven. So, do what you need to do with humility and a broken heart. Tell your husband you need to tell him a story, and he will have to tell you how it ends. As a couple, you may or may not choose to share this with your children. But whatever happens, make and stick to a commitment to confess to your Bishop and repent while you patiently and meekly endure all things. It's ALWAYS worth it.
  9. My wife and I thought that maybe the General Conference would be broadcast from Palmyra, NY however the hotel rates in the area don't appear too extravagant at this point so probably not. Our other thought was that maybe multiple worldwide General Conferences could be held? It will be interesting to see, but the more important matter is the Saint's spiritual preparation for the Conference. That's where President Nelson's main concern seems IMHO.
  10. clwnuke

    Women and children as witnesses

    I should have been more specific to say that I have never been opposed to Sisters receiving callings to the Priesthood, should the Lord ever choose to make a change in that respect.
  11. clwnuke

    Women and children as witnesses

    If you think about all the procedures and policies that exist in the Church that have no particular scriptural requirements, there is still a great deal of room for adjustments. Perhaps Sisters will soon be able to serve as APs, Zone Leaders, or District Leaders on missions? As for me, I trust the Lord's timetable and direction in these matters through His authorized servants, but I've always told my wife that it would be wonderful if we could one day bless our children together 👫, and I would love to see wives sitting with their husbands (or visa-versa) on the stands at church and General Conference.
  12. clwnuke

    Women and children as witnesses

    As a Baptistry coordinator, Ward Mission leader, and a former Ordinance worker I'm thrilled with this announcement!
  13. clwnuke

    ThirdHour makes a video, apparently.

    I love it! I'm grateful for Third Hour since I have an uncontrollable interest in everything. Well done to the creators. I admire talent in those areas!
  14. clwnuke

    Would you list a mission on a resume?

    I recently participated in a practice interview for an intern in our company who wants to eventually apply for a full-time position. His resume listed a vague volunteer opportunity in Sweden for two years. I quickly ascertained that he was LDS in the interview and later asked him why he did not list his mission openly. He said that others in the company has advised him not to do so because of the discrimination that might occur. IMHO I don't think people are afraid that you will "preach the gospel", I think there is flat-out bias against LDS people, especially in states like CA. I wouldn't be surprised that in the future religious people who don't share the current views on gay marriage and gender will be legally discriminated against because companies will say that our mere presence makes for a hostile work environment. In that sense, our views on morality could eventually make us unemployable. Those who refuse to fly the rainbow flag will effectively be marked. Hmmm, now where have I read scriptures about that???? Personally, I have always listed it and have never been shy about my faith, but I think that I grew up in a different era. However, I often post on Linkedin, and I recently posted about my mission in Japan and how much it taught me about business. It had a picture of me and my wife in front of the Sacramento temple with my son who was heading out on his own mission to Fiji. That post received almost fifty times as many views as my normal boring business posts. Go figure.
  15. As I listened to the 48-minute video it reminded me of why my wife and I decided to home-school. Both of us had been public schooled, but we wanted something different for our family. We called it: "Learning is a Lifestyle" and that became our philosophy and motto. Everywhere we went, and everything we did was an opportunity to learn. The classroom never ended. It was very successful and our children have grown into hard working well-rounded adults. Academically most of them earned full-ride scholarships to college so it worked well in that area too. If I were to name this new program I would call it "Gospel Learning is a Lifestyle" and it would have fit into our home learning philosophy perfectly. When our kids were young we would often have family home evening five, six, or seven days a week. The one thing we wanted was a home-based seminary program that we could use, but because we didn't live in a remote area the Church would not allow us to use the existing home curriculum for seminary. It seems to me that the natural extension of this new home-centered, church supported Gospel program would be making the seminary program home-based as well. It would be a major change but I guess we will see. I taught Seminary and I loved it, but it is definitely a major disruption to family life in the mornings. So, bottom-line is that I am super excited for this program because it fits perfectly into my views on life and education!