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  1. It is true, the number of jobs that offer them are shrinking. It's important that when you do find one, you gather all the resources you need to land the position. However what you say IS true and you have to keep your eyes and ears open for them.
  2. Who cares if they wear pants. If their local leader tells them it's okay then whatever. I don't remember the last time being bothered by a sister wearing pants. I honestly don't even remember seeing someone wearing pants... like ever. Being of Jewish descent I sometimes like to grow out my locks and beard. I think it is interesting how temple workers and missionaries can't wear beards or longer hair (as males). Especially since there are a ton of paintings with the Lord WEARING A BEARD. They asked us not to, so I am going to just comply. If I ever get asked to serve in the Temple I will make sure I am within the standards. I could make a stink out of and ask them to ask the Lord to change His mind BUT I am just not that interested. It's not a big deal to ME.
  3. I would recommend going big and getting a job with a company that offers a pension plan. That's if you don't want to run your own successful business. If a 401k is all you got then do your best to save more on the side. You can do Roth IRAs or some other form of investing. Put your money to work for you. Even with a pension you can look for ways to grow your money that is low risk.
  4. Oh my goodness. I can only imagine the hardship she will go through if she decides to take on a child on her own. If postpartum depression kicks in that baby is done for. I find it very hard to believe that she can't successfully be courted, YET wants to take on the responsibility of motherhood. Maybe take one step at a time. I understand that it can be frustrating being alone but I am sure she can find a mate if she changes up whatever she is doing now.
  5. @AkaPatience Hi, the answer is easy NO, he isn't worthy and if he blesses anything it will based off the faith of those being blessed to have the miracle work. He needs to go to the Bishop and make things right. Good on you for being your husband's keeper.
  6. Oh my goodness. Some of the sisters on this site are so addicted they are still here saying Mormonhub isn't social media x_x
  7. While I believe there are devils I also believe a lot of people are just choosing to be wicked. To blame (not saying this is you) the majority of bad choices on the sons of perdition is almost insulting. We are choosing to be wicked just as on the flip side when people are good we call them righteous. We don't mention the holy angels that protect them and influence them. I think people are just giving up and sin is easier than being righteous it seems. In this case marriage is starting to seem undesirable among the wicked, as wicked people also seem to let each other down.
  8. Something weird is happening to our men. I imagine you are from the US? I am interested to see what this conference will bring.
  9. The church has not defined a specific set of workout activities that you can or cannot take them off. My Bishop told me I could take them off during sports. I asked him if I could keep them on and he said "of course". You accusing me of being misleading is inappropriate and you owe me an apology.
  10. I understand that you are talking about emotional connection. I am referring to lusting after a woman's body; whether you want to be emotionally connected to her has nothing to do with you looking at her flesh and masturbating. It is still lusting.
  11. That's random. Are you saying I am angry or are you saying it is severe?
  12. Approved by church leaders. You are not breaking your covenants by removing during exercise.
  13. I am pretty sure he said it was a form of adultery of the heart. I'd have to pull up the scripture