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  1. NightSG

    Star Trek fan theory

    You have to admit, though, the tailoring on her bodysuit was impressive. With her build, anything not perfectly fitted would have looked awful. Interesting side note, Julia Nickson got the rather awful distinction of being one of the few to appear on TNG with a completely non tailored uniform. They hadn't taken into account that she'd be 8 months pregnant by the time they filmed Arsenal of Freedom, so they had to grab a bigger one and safety pin it up everywhere but the belly.
  2. NightSG

    Star Trek fan theory

    I get the impression Starfleet XO is sort of like Texas Lieutenant Governor; plenty of power and more freedom to act, because you still get to kick the really tough stuff up the ladder to someone else.
  3. NightSG

    Why the focus on the man's skin color?

    Sort of strikes me as a really hamfisted "I ain't racist, some of my best friends is [insert racial epithet here]."
  4. It's called a limited lifespan; I'm 43, and don't expect to be around long enough to list off all the reasons TFP is wrong, much less everybody else.
  5. NightSG

    Mass Shootings

    Clearly you've never had my ex wife's chicken casserole.
  6. I'm rather more surprised that any don't; making agreement upon the basic content of the decree a sworn statement in court seems pretty reasonable in light of the paperwork and procedure requirements for marriage.
  7. Saw this one repeatedly with the local ward; they'd do open houses and other "invite the community" type things and wonder why they only ever saw the same couple dozen people who showed up for the snacks and then vanished. Only two people in the entire ward had ever participated in anything other churches hosted. The only one I could sort of chalk up to time conflict is the Methodist Blue Christmas service, which is generally on a Monday evening, but even then, I'd think giving thanks for the lives and memories of those who won't be at Christmas dinner is a fine FHE activity.
  8. NightSG

    Mass Shootings

    The part I'd think someone might win isn't that the burgers are bad for you; that's common knowledge. The salads are presented as an inherently obviously healthier alternative, but in reality, they're worse than the burgers.
  9. NightSG

    Mass Shootings

    Imagine if the Unabomber had been looking for maximum body count instead of targeting a few specific people. Worse, imagine if he'd been willing to be a martyr as long as he took enough others with him. Given that he actually got his stuff to work reliably, I'm sure it would have been a bloodbath if that's what he'd wanted. Boston Marathon could easily have been a dozen bombs instead of just two. Plenty of other times, the bombers' incompetence was all that saved a lot of people; the Columbine shooters, for example, didn't get any of their bombs to work, or the death toll there likely would have been much higher. So yes, I'd rather the bad guys focus on their guns to the neglect of more effective mass casualty weapons. Most of them seem to practice with video games that give them unrealistic expectations and low skill there.
  10. NightSG

    Mass Shootings

    Wikipedia, but of course the sources are linked:
  11. NightSG

    Mass Shootings

    Generally, yes, hence the (limited) ability to interbreed with horses. But really; nobody even demanded registration of the deadliest single weapon in the world up to that point? I mean, three guys with rifles barely managed to match the body count of one Japanese guy with a gas can, and nobody is calling for tighter restrictions on gas cans.
  12. NightSG

    Mass Shootings

    Anybody care to comment on why there's not one mention of equine mandible regulation anywhere in Judges?
  13. NightSG

    Mass Shootings

    I doubt we had more, simply because production rates far exceed obsolescence, but any 14 year old kid with the money could mail order a rifle from Sears. And Tyson didn't even mention the 300,000 deaths a year from obesity and sedentary lifestyle related causes. Where are the protests to regulate HFCS and McDonald's salads that have more calories than their burgers?
  14. NightSG

    Mass Shootings

    Might as well include masturbation in the rape statistics, then.