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  1. NightSG

    Saying sorry

    "Excuse me sir."
  2. NightSG

    BYU-I Don’t

    Not hard enough; I've been dumped a few times.
  3. Hyundai says 3,750 miles for severe service conditions, and 7,500 for normal driving. That means a total of five changes for her 35,000 miles. And yet miraculously it's the same stuff Tractor Supply carries. Because you're not bothering to specify a brand so they're using either Pennzoil or a store brand likely made by Pennzoil. "For free" is the same lie socialism uses, and their check is to find anything else they can overcharge you for.
  4. That shouldn't have needed anything but oil changes and tires by that mileage. Maybe front brake pads depending on how you drive. 3+ maintenance sessions a year is wasting money. I've put over 200,000 miles on a used car that already had 120,000 when I bought it without that much maintenance.
  5. NightSG

    AOC & Ted Cruz Agree!!!

    While we're at it, can we ban lawyers from becoming lawmakers? That's like giving auto body guys diplomatic immunity and demolition derby cars. Stop letting lawyers write laws and you remove the incentive to make them so ridiculously worded that even parking ordinances need professional interpretation.
  6. OBDII has been standardized since 1996. I use the same $14 reader and $6 app with my 2002 Ford that I got for my 1997 Saturn. Also works fine on my roommate's 2012 Toyota and my old boss's 2018 Dodge.
  7. Fords have a unique repair philosophy. It's sort of like trying to nail soup to the ceiling.
  8. NightSG

    Fun thought on Urim and Thummim/Seer Stones

    As i recall, they were able to transfer knowledge of a maze from one rat to another. They couldn't, however, decode or encode information, so only a direct (and apparently pretty accurate) copy was possible. So if you want to share your PhD classes with someone, they'll also get all your showers, toilet sessions, etc. for that time period, and if anything is wrong it can't be edited as part of the process. I don't remember if it was cumulative though; that would be the real benefit. If you could just continue to load in new data without losing the old, you could find out what it takes to truly max out a human brain.
  9. In 65 years they will have lost 195% of their ability to generate power. Might want to toss them by year 33. Of course, that assumes no serious hail between now and then, too.
  10. NightSG

    Soda Tax Simply Didn't Go Far Enough

    We used a burn pit and it got plenty hot to melt down pretty much everything that didn't burn. Glass could still be recycled as large lumps, but aluminum tended to oxidize too much. With a forge burning waste motor oil, it's fairly easy to cast piles of soda cans into ingots. Depending on current prices it's sometimes worth it.
  11. NightSG

    1 in 4 Women have abortions

    What if a woman is uncomfortable because you look like her rapist? Should we execute you? You're certainly no less guilty than the baby. And there are always morning after pills. Cheap, easy to get and no appointment needed.
  12. NightSG

    Rich Young Man

    Might not want to recommend others follow my lead. After going from roughly $3500 in savings to over $8000 in debt and a jail term because I couldn't afford to pay several tickets incurred as a result of being broke, I told the bishop precisely where he could stick that calling. In fact, after I noticed him turning off his hearing aid, I might have set a record for least appropriate language used in his office. He got the general idea, though.
  13. NightSG

    Soda Tax Simply Didn't Go Far Enough

    Or just refusing to strain at that gnat.
  14. I did have one person ask me how I kept it to only two. But he also mistook my ex fiance for my ex wife. If I'd married her in our prime like I should have, we'd probably have had at least a baseball team worth of kids pretty quickly.