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  1. NightSG

    Eat Your Heart Out, Tony Stark

    Oooh; we can call it G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate.
  2. And here we have an excellent example of dedicating learning time to things that don't matter; if the Articles were randomly renumbered, would it impact the way one lives them in the slightest? It's right up there with spending more time memorizing dates than gaining a deeper understanding the significance of what happened on those dates.
  3. NightSG


    Look into commute/utility riding. It's easier to get the miles in if you're also getting something done at the same time, plus outfitting a decent bike for it opens up your options a lot. My commuter needed very little extra stuff to prep for a couple of overnight camping trips, and aside from the trailer, a lot of it stayed as commute gear afterward. Current job hasn't really left me much time to do anything worth posting, but this goes over some of my gear and one overnight camping trip. The small panniers on the front in the fully loaded pics are big enough to hold two 2-liter soda bottles each, and the large ones are twice as big. The trailer holds roughly as much as all four panniers, with the added benefit of being easier to strap even more stuff on top of its bag, or just get silly without the bag. Walk the hills if you have to, but every time you get off to walk, note a spot 20-50 feet farther on and make it your goal to ride that far next time. If you're riding that route daily, you'll surprise yourself with how soon you're pedaling the whole trip.
  4. NightSG

    Favorite April 2019 Conference Moments?

    Because his powerful message makes you want to seek forgiveness for your unclean thoughts and ways?
  5. NightSG

    Favorite April 2019 Conference Moments?

    Yeah, Nelson may have just been waiting until after the Sabbath to admit he's been Jewish all along. I mean, have you ever actually seen him eat a cheeseburger?
  6. Can I still hold out hope that they'll announce revelation banning cheap toilet paper from all Church buildings?
  7. NightSG

    Favorite April 2019 Conference Moments?

    Knowing that somewhere off camera, Uchtdorf is listening to that list of names and feeling great comfort that he's no longer stuck having to pronounce them all.
  8. Ok hackers, forge up some records and get PC on the Conference speakers list so he can start this.
  9. NightSG

    Why Vintage Computing?

    I actually passed my Extra radio license and a college math test with slide rules when my calculators had dead batteries.
  10. Dodge and block. Nothing is more infuriating to someone that really wants to punch you than not being able to. Yeah, not having the ability to send them to outer darkness does make it harder.
  11. Evacuate a Walmart, maybe?
  12. Full immersion makes it so much harder.
  13. NightSG

    Why Vintage Computing?

    Good for messing with people too. My K&E is in the living room, I have a Pickett in my room, and a cheap plastic 6" simplex in the visor pocket in the car for quick calculations. Odd part about the 48G, though, was that for less complex calculations, somehow keying them in RPN would somehow trigger me to do them in my head and I'd write down the correct answer without ever looking at the screen.
  14. NightSG

    Why Vintage Computing?

    Every now and then you can catch a really good deal on eBay, but what I'd like is a true 48G in every way except USB rechargeable. They do tend to eat the AAAs pretty quick. Fortunately, there are reliable alternatives.
  15. NightSG

    Why Vintage Computing?

    Really? I'm currently ignoring the Xubuntu software updater sitting in the task bar telling me they screwed something up yet again, because I know if I let it update today it'll be back tomorrow to tell me today's was yet another screwup. I've dumped more than one app I otherwise quite liked because they insisted on turning notifications back on at every update. Don't get me started on their idiotic "oh, you bumped the screen, and now we're going to berate you for not carpooling 4 miles to your 4AM shift."