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  1. NightSG

    Guaranteed Income Supplement

    The sore loser speaks.
  2. NightSG

    Guaranteed Income Supplement

    This, and this is the reason I favor eliminating cash welfare. I have no problem with feeding the hungry by giving them food, but I've known too many people that, given $20 when they were broke and hungry, would get fast food and cigarettes and be broke and hungry again the next day. Make Humanitarian Daily Rations available to all citizens and legal residents one per person per day, (allowing weekly or monthly stocking up as well) regardless of income, and eliminate all other food aid. 2400 calories a day is plenty for anyone who isn't working a heavy labor job. Offer extra HDRs or upgrade to MREs for $1 each for those who are working. For housing, offer vouchers for temporary aid (keeping those having temporary setbacks from losing a house or apartment for 6-12 months max unless on legitimate disability - don't get me started on how I'd reform disability) and barracks-style housing for longer term. There are much better ways to help those in need than just handing them money and expecting them to use it well.
  3. NightSG

    Impeachment witch hunt.

    I'm hoping that eventually people will start to say "shut up about how your opponent is worse and start telling us why you're worth voting for." Partisan impeachment attempts on a President who's eligible for another term are pretty much the pinnacle of mudslinging efforts.
  4. I dunno; body slamming somebody in a dry baptismal font just doesn't seem like it needs a whole lot of training. Maybe one focused lesson at the dojo.
  5. NightSG

    Would you list a mission on a resume?

    Yeah, I've been trying to make it clear to the roommate that the only essential oils I believe in are made by Mobil, Birchwood-Casey and Break-Free.
  6. NightSG

    Would you list a mission on a resume?

    "Spent two years continuously trying to sell Jesus. Still have Him. Same for garage full of doTerra."
  7. NightSG

    Worship in a different church

    I've made the mistake of going to a few of the rock band services. So far, I've only heard two types of lyrics; awful theology, and so incredibly bland that it would be hard to fit bad theology in. As in "sin is bad, Jesus is good" was pretty much the total depth. Now get a pianist or organist who's well versed in New Orleans jazz and a Cokesbury hymnal, and it's going to be a great service.
  8. "This is my rifle, this is my gun..."
  9. I think I'm going to show up to Sacrament Meeting naked, and when the faithless heathens complain, I'll just cite Matthew 6:28-30. If God didn't approve, He would clothe me as He sees fit.
  10. How is it that only oblivious imbeciles can be armed, while unarmed ushers have superhuman awareness and speed?
  11. That's still way beyond any goals I've set. The jump from Olympic to half-IM is huge.
  12. And just to resurrect the thread for a personal brag, I managed 5k in under 45 minutes last night for the first time since the early 90s. Looks like I'm on track to be ready for next year's triathlon season. With a little luck, I might even be in shape to try Olympic distance. And while my hip isn't happy about it, that's manageable, and my knees, which were the limiting factor all this time, aren't even sore.
  13. Several now-dead heroes have tried that in various shootings. A fair number of trained soldiers tried it at Fort Hood. None succeeded.
  14. If God wants you to have a home and food, God is more than capable of providing those things. Where is your faith?
  15. Haven't had the chance to ask the DA lately, but as best I can recall, all the firearms stolen around here this year have been from cars.