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  1. prisonchaplain

    Epstein Suicided

    Wait...I thought members understood that they were under a special covenant with God to observe the WoW, and would never expect non-members to avoid coffee/tea. Now I'm a bit nervous. ☕
  2. prisonchaplain

    "Far and few between"—are you kidding me?

    I believe the phrase originated with us boomers, not the young. They may not even use it. Does it not mean you will only encounter such a thing a few times and those encounters will be far apart?
  3. IMHO most reasonably educated people have a very vague knowledge of faith traditions other than their own. Sometimes even within a faith tradition there is some incredible ignorance. Post-modernism de-emphasizes doctrine, so that many church members can't explain who God is or what makes them believe they are "saved." They know God loves them and they feel intimate with the Spirit, though. Work to do....for sure!
  4. Oops... ah well, 68% isn’t so bad either. 😏
  5. @Snow I'll take that 70% and run!.Butch Cassidy was a name I heard somewhere and threw out. A few of the wrong answers were similar educated guesses that missed. I credit a good number of my correct answers (including the halfies) to this site. The BoM movies was a bit of help, as well. Again, I suspect that members would probably score somewhat higher than average on a general religion knowledge quiz, and that suggestions of tunnel vision hurled your way would likely be more true for many other faith traditions.
  6. prisonchaplain

    Is Everybody Still Calling Us Mormons?

    I'm not sure which is worse...getting called Mormons or what happens to me. "Hey chaplain, what church are you from?" "This is a service for all Christians, but my church is Assemblies of God." "What's that?" Somebody else in the chapel answers, "Don't worry about it. It's Christians. Non-denominational or something." At this point I am thinking that if I mention the word Pentecostal they will wonder what kind of obscure theological term I just employed. So . . .
  7. I knew Nibley was a writer of non-fiction, but had to look him up to remember that he was an avid apologist for the faith.
  8. @prisonchaplain, I would invite you (and any other non-LDS folks) to try these questions and see what you get. And let me know if you think it is a fair comparison to the original questions. Here are my answers/guesses: 1. LDS missionaries. 2. LDS 3. Jesus' bearing the weight of the world's sin in the Garden of Gethsemane. 4. They're inspired by God. 5. No choices in quote. 6. The money that would have been spent on the meal is to be given for missions. 7. Remembering sacrifices of first generation members. 8. Can't remember--too long since I saw the BoM movie. 9. LDS. 10. New York. 11. Prayer to receive the Holy Ghost. 12. Saturday sundown. 13. Believes BoM is inspired, but allows women priests and perceives the early LDS hierarchy to have some different authorized leaders. 14. A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 15. A Godhead of three persons who are united in purpose. 16. Doctrine & Covenants. 17. Roughly 16 million. 18. LDS--especially in the southern part. 19. Joseph Smith's first wife. 20. LDS (and Judaism). 21. A man and woman's marriage becomes eternal. 22. Jefferson County, Missouri is where Jesus is expected to return. 23. 80%. 24. Salvation into heavenly kingdoms is by grace, through Jesus Christ. Placement within the three kingdoms comes in consideration of what we do in this life, based on our knowledge and effort. The Celestial Kingdom is mostly reserved for LDS who undergo and observe sacraments and covenants. 25. First President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 26. The lowest of the three heavenly kingdoms. 27. Brigham Young. 28. No consumption of alcohol, 'hot drinks' (coffee & tea) or tobacco. 29. A member who does not regularly attend church or faithfully observe covenants. 30. 8 million. 31. Butch Cassidy. 32. LDS -- often performed by young people.
  9. I believe I do know many of the correct answers, but your point is well taken. I'm not just here a fair amount, but, as a chaplain, I am expected to know some basics about most faith groups. I suspect that most non-members would get less than half right. The OP threw me, because I seem to remember a recent post suggesting that LDS tend to be better than many other faith groups on this matter. That is, LDS members tend to know more about other people's religions vs. other faith groups. This made sense to me given the high number of members who have served missions in areas that are predominantly of another religion.
  10. prisonchaplain

    Thoughts on Westminster College SLC

    The oldest ended up not choosing any of the schools we visited together--nor any her high school took her to (state schools). She's starting at Grand Canyon University, in AZ, in a couple of weeks. It's broadly Evangelical, and yes, they threw a nice scholarship package her way. A man plans his ways but the Lord directs his steps. (Prov. 16:9)
  11. prisonchaplain

    Thoughts on Westminster College SLC

    I believe tuition + room/board are just shy of $40K. Without submitting any application or test scores, they are offering $22K a year minimum in scholarship money. That brings the school below our state institutions. My church just started with the 50% off tuition scholarships--but only for ministry majors. :::sigh:::
  12. My 2nd daughter received a mailer from Westminster College, in Salt Lake City, with a pretty generous scholarship offer. It looks like a small, private, classy little school. However, what do I know...I'm in Seattle. Anyone have any thoughts, impressions, sage counsel about this place?
  13. Trump is highlighting white resentment against political correctness. He's intentionally kicking over race taboos so that his base will say, "I could see myself saying that--even believing it--and I'm sick of being told I'm guilty of racist thought crimes." IMHO he does this stuff on purpose, believing it will help his election prospects. If he's petty, that's secondary.
  14. My own little committee-of-one conclusion on the matter: gate-keeping is becoming less of a thing for most Christians. Our most conservative (such an imprecise word!) factions continue to employ with glee, but most could care less. You hear it here too--the weariness, the deep we really need another "who's a real Christian" string? And yet . . . we all want to be respected. Ironically, my restorationist movement went through some of the same phases. Our first-generation Pentecostal pioneers were arrested (practicing medicine without a license), pelted with fruit and rotten eggs, tarred and feathered, etc. (colorful, but your history is more so). Our second generation wore the 'suffering for Jesus' chip on shoulder, with lots of gate-keeping rules to show that we were truly holier than thou. Then we had our offshoots (mainly Oneness Pentecostals), who adopted some heretical views, yet appeared more Pentecostal than we. Ultimately, we sought and gained respectability by joining the NAE and building up accredited universities and seminaries. The solution I like is exemplified in sites like It's seen in the 'convicted conversations' LDS professors are having with Evangelical ones. Most effectively, it's found in the respectful friendships that LDS build with non-members. Maybe the better battle would be to fight to be considered "Christ-like" rather than Christian. If someone calls me Christ-like, but does not consider me Christian, It would probably go like this: "I gotta admit, you are the most Christ-like person I know. Sorry, your beliefs keep me from calling you Christian, but you're still cool by me." Maybe that's good enough.
  15. Gate-keeping, excluding--don't these really just reflect the negative side of definition? When we make a word--especially one that labels a group--by necessity some will not belong. The meaning of the word tells us who fits and who does not. So, who is qualified to define? Catholics would say that scriptures, church tradition, and church hierarchy all have a part. Most Protestants would say that any definition must be rooted in scripture. Beyond that, it really is a "thunderdome" situation: whichever group is attempting a definition will itself be judged as authoritative or not. The "Christian Anti-Cult Squad" (all 8 members!) would have very little sway outside the three families that belong. The Catholic Church and the various large, multi-denominational associations more so. And again, my caveat that those outside any authority's definition always reserve the right to say, "You are wrong and we are right." On the whole alt-right and alt-left, whatever I might call you it won't be "alt-Christian." Just can't go there. :-)