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  1. prisonchaplain

    Pro-Gun, Anti-Gun, and One Church

    I'm probably just gun-shy (pun intended) after watching a documentary about Sanctuary Church (PA). The spiritual leader is one of Rev. Moon, Sunmyung's (Unification Church) sons. He wears a camo-suit, and insists "the rod of iron" in the Bible means rifles. His parishioners attend church with their rods of iron, while wearing 'crowns' made out of bullets. Personally...I'm a gun rights guy. Can't shoot, I'm thankful for those that aim and shoot well and righteous.
  2. prisonchaplain

    Oberlin College Verdict

    I agree with everything @Mores and @estradling75 say. They are 100% correct. In a sane world their arguments would be a firewall against those with anti-religious vendettas. Then again, in a sane world I would have believed those who said we faith folks should not worry about gay marriage. After all, they would never attempt to force us to participate--never force our bakers, photographers and florists to provide services to such events. Churches are being counseled to no-longer rent out their buildings for the weddings of non-members, lest they be forced to do so for gay marriages (once they place themselves in the marketplace . . . ). So, our world is no longer quite sane. Thus, my concern. Hopefully, I'm just gun-shy, Oberlin can pay the bakers the millions they deserve, and we won't have to battle those who want to litigate against entire churches because of the actions of one or a few.
  3. prisonchaplain

    Pro-Gun, Anti-Gun, and One Church

    @The Folk Prophet government may try to take away our guns, or control them, or register users, etc. It may also try to take away worship rights. Both of these are Bill of Rights issues. One goes to the heart of our faith. The other...well, the majority of members of both of our churches live in lands that control guns to a far greater extent than we experience here. That may be foolish, bad, unwise, and it may create a less safe environment for the faithful. However, government attacks on worship would be a direct assault, and only the most obtuse and anti-religious would balk at spiritual leaders publicly and vehemently opposing such intrusions. Maybe I am naive, but I just cannot see the gun debate being a matter of spiritual life or death. On the other hand, I would not be at all surprised if some voters choose to be "single issue" over the matter.
  4. prisonchaplain

    Pro-Gun, Anti-Gun, and One Church

    Things can be "truly" political without being "only" political. I am thankful that both of our churches allow us to determine God's wisdom on this matter, rather than declaring/proclaiming for all how that wisdom will look inside the balloting booth.
  5. prisonchaplain

    Pro-Gun, Anti-Gun, and One Church

    If I were inclined to support gun control, I might point out that the Bill of Rights wisely protected guns, but not bullets. So, how about bullet control, huh? huh? Hey! And this is why @prisonchaplain should stick to religion.
  6. prisonchaplain

    Pro-Gun, Anti-Gun, and One Church

    Gun rights vs. control is one of those issues that truly is political. Chances are that churches and religious leaders which choose to weigh in on the issue from a spiritual angle happen to work in communities that have a consensus on the issue. For the other 98% of us keeping the church focused on Jesus, and allowing members to discern for themselves on the matter would seem to be the wisest course.
  7. prisonchaplain

    Bible Jokes (the Nice Kind) :)

    There are a boatload of silly ones: Where's baseball mentioned in the Bible? IN THE BIG-INNING Where's tennis mentioned? JOSEPH SERVED IN PHAROAH'S COURT Who was the shortest prophet? KNEE-HIGH-MIAH How many of each animal did Moses take on the ark with him? NONE...MOSES TOOK NONE What are the five history books of the New Testament? MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE, JOHN & ACTS (BIOGRAPHY IS HISTORY) ETC.
  8. prisonchaplain

    Oberlin College Verdict

    I don't know that I like the precedent of holding institutions liable for the actions of individual members/adherents (see where I fear this is going?), but if it must be, there is no more deserving target than Oberlin.
  9. Here I was...already to get excited and say, "Finally, an "NIV-style" version of the BoM." Ah well, I guess I can go back and reread the "OG" (catch 14-year old is teaching me adolescent-speak).
  10. prisonchaplain

    National Popular Vote -- Predictions

    Several states are attempting to bypass the Constitution by voting in this popular vote pact. However, I believe all the states doing so are already heavily blue. So, unless they can reach 270 electoral votes, or they can draw in some red and "purple" states, this movement will probably fade after a couple more election cycles.
  11. I will say that the typical church response to The Book of Mormon, the Musical, earned props from the general public. Advertising on the programs, combined with a heavy missionary presence outside of all the venues--those responses were both humorous and laudable. Thick skin is confident evangelism.
  12. prisonchaplain

    Matt 24

    I've heard that most of those general, natural/human disaster signs in Matthew 24 are like birth pangs. We've always had them, but they will gradually grow more and more common and more and more severe. That Christianity is now over 2 billion strong, that China has over 100 million Christians, that the African continent is more than 50% Christian, and that Wycliffe Translators say that portions of the Bible will be available in every written language on earth within a generation...these do lead me to agree--Jesus will return soon.
  13. prisonchaplain

    Hi my name is Abram

    There's a rumor going around that Oral Roberts is a hold-out . . .
  14. Now I am wondering if "vain repetitions" are those offered to false gods (the prophets of Baal come to mind)? Then again, maybe they are repeated prayers for that which we know full well God will not/should not give us ...
  15. prisonchaplain

    Anti-abortion bill in Alabama

    The bill will prevent many abortions from happening. How much is debatable, but a remarkable number of U.S. citizens are heavily influenced by what is legal. Consider gay marriage. Before SCOTUS said it was enshrined in our Constitution roughly 2/3rds opposed it. After the decision, within an incredibly few years that number has reversed. Since this bill is at the state level, and culture/media oppose it, the number of abortions stopped will likely be less dramatic. Nevertheless, there should be a significant drop.