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  1. Self-assurance. Self-confidence. Experienced. "I remember when this happened ..." --these are all examples of "righteous pride." Ambition is considered positive in American culture--especially in the business world. Perhaps pride, as condemned in scripture, is similar to many sins--hard to define, but we know it when we encounter it. I was once condemned for having two cars. Never mind that one was over 10-years old, and the other was a very basic Toyota Corolla. To the person condemning me, it was arrogance and consumerism to the extreme (he was from a poor country). The idea of saying pleased rather than proud of is a healthy reminder. However, we do best to focus on our own walk, and pray, like David did 3,000 years ago: Search my heart, O God, and see if there be any unclean way in me.
  2. National Review is good for conservative commentary and insights. What I like about the WSJ is that it's news section is rated as moderate, while its editorial section is moderately conservative. It hasn't joined the Trump Train, but still leans into a pro-America, pro-free enterprise perspective. It's faith friendly, though not specifically religious. I just searched and found out that The Weekly Standard still exists (editor = Bill Krystol). It's conservative, but I'm sure Trump would label it Globalist. I always remember one colleague saying that I cheated when it came to news because I read (rather than listen/watch). 😉
  3. I generally go to the Wall Street Journal, but sometimes read the Federalist, New York Post, and Real Clear Politics. What better source(s) do you have in mind?
  4. If we were looking at a repeat of Trump's first four years, this would be easy. A super majority SCOTUS. Excellent. The problem is that we have our judges and Trump presents as an isolationist. Further, he's driven away some of his most redeeming supporters (Pence and Barr--remember that BOP was under the DOJ during Barr's tenure--he was a solid leader). I support Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan--I'm not sure Trump will. Biden's weak--but at least he's on board. Harris? All bets are off with her. BUT Trump is an isolationist and a protectionist. He also seems to feed the worst elements--both his supporters and his enemies. Those 80% of us in between just watch in horror.
  5. It's bad enough voting for the least of two evils, this year it's the least scary. 🤷‍♀️
  6. I hated voting for Trump in 2016 and 2020. For reasons outlined by @JohnsonJonesI might not be able to do it this time. If I vote for Biden it'll be my first Democrat vote for President since I began voting (previous millenium). God is good. This election is tough.
  7. I don't necessarily argue with this. However, I remember the saying, "The favorite doesn't always win but it's still the best bet." Those who give themselves over to the discipline of formal study have a higher chance of exhibiting intelligence than those who won't.
  8. Amen. "Every member a missionary." Every disciple a representative of his/her Master. If a lost soul is to encounter Jesus it will often be through us.
  9. i heard a podcast today of a fellow saying Trump is actually a big Ukraine supporter who said that Putin never should have been allowed to invade Ukraine. The point of the podcaster was to urge Republicans to support Ukraine now so that Trump would have a better hand when Trump was elected. I'm not sure how much of that is true, but I'll look into it. Either way, I hope the Republicans take his counsel.
  10. I was really hoping NO LABELS would put someone up. Right now, my hope is Haley--buy even she is beyond a long shot. Still, it's great to know that sanity like the ASP exists.
  11. It helps that my congregation can't vote. Also, I cut my teeth on federal workers not being allowed to associate politics with work (even though I'm with the state now). Plus this year my current thought is a curmudgeonly pox on both candidates.
  12. Those who succeed in walking in holiness and offer lives and voices that praise Jesus--all while being cautious about finding fault--such folk are likely to bring many along on their coat tails.
  13. The Democrats are becoming the Republicans. Who wants to support Ukraine? Israel? Who's attacking Anti-Communists for not loving America (Tucker Carlson)? Next thing you know, Democrats will be demonstrating to RE-fund the police. When they do, I may switch parties.
  14. Who needs Putin when we have Tucker--claiming that anyone who support Ukraine doesn't love America and wants Tucker's kids to die in combat.
  15. I have a fantasy that involves Trump, Biden and CONTROL-ALT-DELETE. Then I wake up to a Dystopian world in which these two are the main candidates for POTUS. I used to call myself a conservative. Now I am moderately so. I really haven't changed, but the world and the Republicans have. For example, I believe that the US should support Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. We should counter Chinese ambitions. I used to be considered a bit of a hawk and an anti-communist. Now, Trump and Tucker label me a globalist and say that folks like me (well, Ben Shapiro to be honest) don't love America. Of course, the alternative is Biden and Harris. So, I'm at a loss. Any counsel?