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  1. prisonchaplain

    Conference October 3-4, 2020

    I'm thinking more along the lines of "LDS culture" or "LDS event" vs. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints culture/event. Then again, I could just say, "Oh, you's a thing." I'm sure most will get my meaning.
  2. prisonchaplain

    Conference October 3-4, 2020

    As a noun, I understand the desire for the full name, rather than the common slang form--especially since the latter is so often used by opponents. However, when it comes to the adjective, will I still be respectful if I use "LDS?"
  3. prisonchaplain

    Should POTUS/Senate push through SCOTUS judge?

    In a fascinating Wall Street Journal article, the author said that the mistake of 2016 was that the GOP bothered trying to justify their actions. Obama's choice was not nominated because he did not have the votes. Now, Trump does. It really is pure politics, and always has been. Now the Democrats are threatening to pack SCOTUS, to make Washington DC and Puerto Rico states, etc. They will anyway. For them the Constitution is a living, breathing document--meant to be bent to their will. Personally, I remember when the SCOTUS nominations became nasty. Robert Bork was "borked" by the Democrats for his ideology. It was the first time. We've never recovered. There is no high ground left to take.
  4. prisonchaplain

    Baptism of the Holy Ghost?

    In Joseph Smith's era the above was true--very much so. However, your church's first prophet brought something to light--praying to receive a Holy Spirit witness--a burning in the bosom. LDS speak of being impressed by the Spirit. Indeed, the Bible says the Holy Spirit will convict us. We think of conviction as relating to sin, but He also gives us conviction--a strong sense of what is true. Of course, for Pentecostals/Charismatics the Holy Spirit brings spiritual power. On an intuitive level, many view the Heavenly Father as that traditional, strong, somewhat distant authority figure, who always seemed right. The Son, Jesus, is our brother, our example, even, on some level, our friend. The Holy Spirit though is an internal, intimate sense of God's presence. He is a Comforter, a guide, and most certainly, an assurance.
  5. Fair enough. I suspect that there is less caution and purity messaging in our college/career groups vs. our jr/sr high ones. So, perhaps more discretion is allowed. Still, modesty and opposition to fornication are counter-culture values we share.
  6. prisonchaplain

    Netflix’s upcoming underage twerking movie - “Cuties”

    You are blessed and highly favored.
  7. prisonchaplain

    Baptism of the Holy Ghost?

    I looked as hard as I could in the OP, based on the headline, for the phrase, "with the initial physical evidence of speaking in tongues," and then realized, alas, that I was sorely mistaken.
  8. prisonchaplain

    Should POTUS/Senate push through SCOTUS judge?

    I don't represent the GOP, so I get to be more blunt. The secular fundamentalists hate America's undercurrent of Judeo-Christian morality with a passion. They desire to force our private colleges to house gay partners. They would use the force of law to compel us to provide professional services (cakes and flowers, etc.) for sacrilegious marriage sacraments. They would declare unfit for public office any who take their faith serious enough to be, for example, pro-life. The dogma lives loudly in us indeed. us hypocrites all you want, we're putting as many of our judges in as we can, while we can. Your election term may be coming, but pardon us for defensively prepping.
  9. I grew up in a non-Christian home, but attended a church with a conservative approach to these matters. Given today's non-marrying culture, I wonder if these "touch/kiss lightly" standards apply as stringently to those in their mid-20s as they do to the teens they were meant for? In broader culture many are not marrying until they are near-30. Some of these are converting. They are more mature, but we can all be carried away by lust. the dating rules change as the youngsters become less young?
  10. I'm torn, but thinking that any semblance of decency, respect and cooperation between opposing sides is gone . Many religious leaders are expecting persecution, either following November's election, or a few years later. At least having one more judge in place will delay some of the trials/tribulations to come. :::sigh:::
  11. prisonchaplain

    How bad might the 2020 elections be for religious liberty?

    When it comes to prophecies and revelation, the example of the Apostle Paul resonates. Through spiritual giftings Paul is told that if he continues towards Rome he'll end up in chains and experience much suffering. As a result of these utterances the brothers and sisters urge him not to go. Paul first endorses the prophetic words. They are from God. Nevertheless, he believes he's also received his commission to indeed go to Rome. So, the prophecies were true, but how to respond remained the question. At this point, the congregation resorts to practicality and caution. Paul has already received his revelation, and chooses to follow through with what the Lord has given him, though with greater spiritual preparation for the hardships to come. Likewise, end times prophesies point to both spiritual awakening and trials/tribulations. We do well to prepare both for the harvesting of souls and for troubles. Then again, if prayers, supplications, and devotion can spare a generation from judgment I'm all-in.
  12. prisonchaplain

    Freedom, Family, and The Gospel

    You are wildly correct.
  13. prisonchaplain

    Freedom, Family, and The Gospel

    Anyone want to hazard a guess as to where this comes from? "We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable."
  14. "Religious Liberty" is a cover for racist and homophobic policies. Membership in pro-life groups, such as the Knights of Columbus, are cause for rejection from government jobs. Old writings that favor religious institutions over individuals expressing pro-LGBT opinions are also disqualifiers, demands that religious institutions of higher learning provide LGBT housing on campus, prosecution against religious entities that refuse to offer same-sex wedding accommodation, etc. All of these trial balloons have already been floated. Should the election this year turn in a certain direction just how bad might it become for people of faith--especially those of us with traditional sexual mores?
  15. prisonchaplain

    Becoming like God

    I appreciate the drive to convert our understanding of God into enhanced righteousness (actionable change). I do. Yet, and maybe it's the liberal arts leaning in me, there has to be a spiritual benefit to seeking a greater understanding of God, whether I can translate it into deeds or not. In other words, just knowing God a little bit more is an act of holiness in and of itself. :::Sigh::: then again, I'm the guy who believes that the Agricultural Science graduate gets a little bit more out of farming than the high school drop out who does it the way dad did--even if the resultant profits are the same.