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  1. prisonchaplain

    Temples And Protection

    The first. Jesus is sometimes referred to as prophet, priest and king. The fulfillment, though, came on the Day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended upon the church. God's Spirit now abiding in me.
  2. prisonchaplain

    SCOTUS rules for Religious Institutions TWICE today

    YES! I'm hoping this decision will filter down to Gordon College, which let a professor go for organizing an LGBT protest at the school, despite signing contracting that included her agreeing with and incorporating into instruction the Evangelical school's doctrines and core values. Lower courts have ruled that the college cannot treat its professors as ministers--the very stuff the Our Lady of Guadalupe School v. Morrissey-Berru addressed.
  3. prisonchaplain

    Temples And Protection

    I checked my Fire Bible, since the study notes are mostly provided by Pentecostal professors. For Mt 27:51 it references Ex. 26:33 and largely agrees that there is now a way opened into the presence of God--breaking down the separation between God and sinful humanity. Before only the high priest could come into God's presence, and only under strict circumstances. Now that the veil is torn all surrendered souls have full access to God the Father, thanks to Jesus sacrifice.
  4. prisonchaplain

    Is This the Work of History Revisionists on George Washington?

    My first thought when I hear "city on a hill" is Israel. God commanded his people to be that shining light that would draw people to Him. Jesus similarly said we are to be salt and light--a city on a hill. I suspect most LDS have this in mind when they labor to create hard-working, clean, low-crime communities wherever they reside--especially in concentrated numbers. I'm not sure Winthrop was trying to make a point by not mentioning Jesus' name in abundance. He simply focused on Jesus' words for this homily. Jesus' name can be used a lot or a little. My desire is simply that it be used well.
  5. prisonchaplain

    Ignorance is sad, but stupid is unfixable

    As a side note, I am convinced that those who end up in the outer darkness (or hell) would prefer no other venue. They set their hearts against the Godhead, and aim for an eternal place that is apart.
  6. prisonchaplain

    Ignorance is sad, but stupid is unfixable

    If Mr. Smith chooses to promote LGBT rights, and seeks out a professional job he's qualified for, more power to him. This is America. If he promotes his horrible behavior towards the Chik-Fil-A workers as noble and just, and hopes to bankroll that boorishness with book deals and career enhancement, I frankly hope that doesn't go well. I hope I'm reasonable, hope-filled, and at least somewhat Christlike in this.
  7. prisonchaplain

    Ignorance is sad, but stupid is unfixable

    I'm all for redemption. However, our faith traditions agree on this point: such requires repentance. Apparently, Mr. Smith doubled-down on his behavior by portraying himself as a martyr.
  8. prisonchaplain

    Ignorance is sad, but stupid is unfixable

    I work in a profession dedicated to the notion that a one-time bad decision can have lifelong implications. A good portion of me hopes that the Chik-Fil-A dude gets his life back. I am curious, though, as to how long it took for him to truly understand (if he ever did) the error of his way. answer--by the man and author himself: So much for any sympathy or empathy . . . :::sigh:::
  9. prisonchaplain

    OK what happens after judgement? kind of a corny question

    Okay, my perspective, as an outsider, probably is quite ignorant. However, I somehow got the impression that all three kingdoms were...well...heavenly realms. So, I imagine that the terrestrial kingdom is exponentially better than the telestial one, and that the celestial kingdom is exponentially better than the terrestrial one, but that even the telestial kingdom is better than our current state--perhaps, again, exponentially so. In other words, it's all good, all challenging, all Heavenly Father (through His Son or Spirit) allowing us to develop to our personal bests. It may well be that telestial living would seem pathetic to one accustomed to the higher realms. However, it is likely the most appropriate and balanced for those who will reside there. I doubt anyone will be bored--even in the outer darkness. [Now, let the faithful fill in the huge gaps I just left behind...]
  10. prisonchaplain

    Ignorance is sad, but stupid is unfixable

    I'm remembering the guy who participated in an organized LGBT messes with Chick Fil-A day. All LGBT and allies were encouraged to go through the drive-through at a Chick Fil-A and order water. This fellow decided to confront the 17-year-old minor, working the drive-through, berating her for working for such an evil, homophobic company. The worker remained professional throughout, repeatedly saying that she recognized that people had varying political views, but that she was happy to serve him water on this day, and hoped the rest of it would be pleasant. Apparently believing he had successfully educated the young lady, this guy posts a video of the encounter on YouTube--never realizing just how much of a jerk he came across as being. Turns out he was a VP in a pretty prestigious company. Was. Within a day he was fired. He didn't represent their values, you see. In the mean time, the minor got to appear on some pretty cool talk shows, and kept her professionalism--taught by Chick Fil-A--throughout them all. The private company's firing of the jerk was its exercise of free speech. We're never protected from embarrassing our employers.
  11. prisonchaplain

    Brigham Young statue vandalized

    My reaction to mobs tearing down religious icons? If I am not careful I can become angry enough to lose my sanctification! Then there are the liberal suits egging them on—thinking this will help them win in November. 😠
  12. prisonchaplain

    Sabbath Worship from Home

    I'll give it a try--hopefully some time this week. It appears to be on YouTube.
  13. prisonchaplain

    LDS Church donates to Utah Pride Center

    For members I suppose the question is what benefit Heavenly Father has in mind by directing the prophets to take this course of action. As an outsider, I suppose I am non-plussed by it. Some "allies" are probably thrilled, and some Fundamentalists are probably alarmed, and feel vindicated in their antagonism. Personally, my greatest concern is not with any secular pride center, but with those Christians who are attempting to make their churches and denominations "inclusive."
  14. prisonchaplain

    Book of Mormon white supremacy??

    Note just to @MormonGator: You do realize that @Vort can take this post and cut and paste to any future disagreements you might have, right???
  15. prisonchaplain

    Title IX Believe the Victim or the Perpetrator?

    Okay, I get this. The debate respecting Title IX is over whether allegations of sexual misconduct—especially on college campuses—should be treated as other offenses in which the accused has the presumption of innocence or, as the Obama administration instituted: whether accusers should get the presumption of being truthful while the accused is treated as already guilty, and given no opportunity to defend himself, lest the victim be re-traumatized. I was arguing for the accused to retain the presumption of innocence. It sounds like you agree. Yes?