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  1. prisonchaplain

    Prisonchaplain's lesson on Judas--warning against gossip

    The speculation that Judas may have been sympathetic to the Zealots--possibly even providing finance--is plausible. My understanding is that Korean 'gangs' from the early 19th-century were huge supporters of the resistance movement against the Japanese occupation. It's probable that criminal elements frequently support patriotic movements.
  2. prisonchaplain

    Trump 2024?

    I understand that several former South Korean presidents and political leaders ended up in jail. The nation believes that this shows the maturity and nobility of their system--that the powerful must answer for their crimes. I'm not sure which route is wiser. I suspect that political bluster about "lock 'em up!'" sans actual retribution is the wiser course.
  3. prisonchaplain

    Trump 2024?

    On election fraud...I suspect there were some shenanigans. Did they rise to the level of titling the election? Doubtful. America showed itself to be a passionately moderate nation. The Proud Boys and Antifa both had hay days. The end result is that Green New Deal, Socialism, Free college tuition, and SCOTUS-packing were roundly rejected. Political Correctness and Cancel Culture were too. HOWEVER, so was white grievance, nativism, free trade (where USA allows free imports but pays high taxes on exports), and globalist military adventurism. Biden and Romney best represent our grounding. Those of us on the LEFT and RIGHT will continue to tug, but the true resistance will always come from the center.
  4. prisonchaplain

    Trump 2024?

    If the GOP keeps the senate job #1 will be to reject the most unpopular and radical Democratic proposals--packing SCOTUS, Green New Deal, and other grand socialism-like schemes. I suspect that Biden is not big on those anyway, thus my theorizing that he could potentially do a lot in his moderate lane. Without a GOP president, the senate won't have a long to-do list, just a do-not one.
  5. prisonchaplain

    Trump 2024?

    During the campaign there were many conservatives who suspected this. DJT seemed to believe it, thus his jarring behavior during the first debate. Now that Biden is President-Elect, most conservative are praying for his health and wellbeing every day, considering who is waiting in the wings.
  6. prisonchaplain

    Trump 2024?

    Okay. I'm going to hijack my own thread. If I'm Biden, I am super powerful. My instincts are middle-of-the-road. I got the House and 48 Democrat senators. With moderate proposals I can win over 2-6 Republican ones, if not more. I can enact common sense immigration reform, more criminal justice reform, a lime green new deal, and perhaps one or two other bills. Come 2022 the normal midterm trouncing would be neutered (some kind of "stay the steady course" campaign), and 2024 will be a great year for me, if I'm up to it, or some moderate anointed by me (read: not Harris). I know. I'm too optimistic. Life can't get that good. :::sigh:::
  7. prisonchaplain

    Trump 2024?

    I'm wondering if the "Trump 2024" theory is something put out there to appease his hardcore supporters. Neither the current President, nor the VP, will end up the nominee in 2024, imho. If they do, as @Midwest LDS says, they will lose. I hope it does not take that loss for the GOP to shake itself loose. On the other hand, so much good was accomplished in the past 4-years. Reagan will always be my style-and-speech hero, but DJT did get the business done.
  8. prisonchaplain

    Trump 2024?

    The above analysis seems to dismiss the current turmoil about election fraud. Is it a fake controversy, or will the drama simply fade, regardless of validity?
  9. prisonchaplain

    Trump 2024?

    One of the theories floating around is that President Trump is convincing his base that they are an aggrieved party, and that this election was stolen. He may know he could not have won, but is preparing for 2024. He'll still be younger than Biden and he can run on a Let's Take This Back & Finish the Job! message. Excited? Hopeful? Dreading? Not in a million years? …
  10. prisonchaplain

    What's the difference?

    Thank you, @Just_A_Guy. We Pentecostals use a similar analogy when speaking of the importance of Spirit-baptism. Yes, one is born again--saved--without having experienced the baptism in the Holy Spirit (which we believe is accompanied by speaking/praying/praising in tongues). However, it's like a lumber jack choosing between an ax and a chainsaw. Both will do the work, but one is much more effective. So, if we are to witness to the ends of the earth then being baptized with the Holy Spirit empowers us to do so much more proficiently. So, the analogies are great and clear. Further, it is certainly true that those who practice the LDS faith would almost always make fantastic traditional Christians.
  11. prisonchaplain

    What's the difference?

    @Carborendum, thank you. "Excellent recovery," as they say. Of course, I believe there are traditional answers and discussion points to all of these. BUT, there is no doubt that people are finding answers, fulfillment, "Now I get it!" etc. in your church. To use the first AoF as an example, there is no question but that the traditional churches have struggled with describing the nature of God from the time of Christ until now. Indeed, Jesus claim to be the Son of God is a big part of why he was opposed--at least theologically. The appeal of the LDS Godhead on one side, and of modalism on the other (Jesus is God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost--United Pentecostal Church) both attest to the dilemma. Ironically, those that struggle are quite often the ones who are the most hungry to know God in deeper ways. So again, I appreciate your answers!
  12. prisonchaplain

    What's the difference?

    You point out something important. Those who grow up in church come to value certain traditions. When the preacher gets loud, and there are many 'amens' the people will often say, "The Holy Ghost was really present today." For some, who experienced more contemplative traditions, the experience of holy silence may feel like the kiss of God. You suggest that these feelings/sensations are not the Holy Ghost. I wonder. To use an objective example, if a Muslim--raised in the belief that Jesus Christ was a prophet of Allah--has a dream in which Jesus tells him/her that he really is the Messiah--is it not the Holy Ghost that then draws the dreamer to repentance? He's not LDS. He's not even Christian. Yet . . . Could it not be that the Holy Ghost is presenr in all encounters in which a truth drives us towards Heavenly Father?
  13. prisonchaplain

    What's the difference?

    It's interesting that you start with foreknowledge. Traditionally, the discussion was between pre-destination (Calvin) and free will (Armnius). Calvinists asked how God could be all-powerful if his creation were allowed to defy him. Free will advocates responded that God is all-powerful because he foreknows everything. It was God's will to let us be free. So, the foreknowledge position was a means for free will advocates to defend the doctrine of free will against the accusation that it somehow diminished God's power and authority. If he knows and wills that we be free to disobey then his power is not diminished. As for God not being a respecter of persons, I found a great illustration of this during my tour of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple in Langley, B.C. The guide showed us the men's locker/changing room, and pointed out that bankers and car mechanics change into the same white clothes. All are made equal in the temple. God is no respecter of persons. That truth does not restrict God from granting us free will. He may look to the banker and the mechanic with the same love and justice. He is not a distinguisher of persons--especially based on human social structures. However, He certainly will judge the just and the unjust, the repentant and the unrepentant. He will do so in pure justice, we believe, because each soul has been allowed the liberty to love or rebel.
  14. prisonchaplain

    What's the difference?

    This still begs the joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because the D&C, which is only recognized as scripture by the church, says that this church is the only true one. So, how did you come to believe that the D&C is God's word?
  15. prisonchaplain

    What's the difference?

    This is a worthy discussion. Jewish believers interpret New Testament writings in light of their scriptures, and claim to see discrepancies. They know the Hebrew scriptures are inspired by God, and so insist that any claimed revelations from God comport with their interpretation of their existing scriptures. Christians interpret the Old Testament in light of the New Testament, because we are convinced that it's all inspired of God, and that the New Testament completes the old. The latter revelation is allowed to inform the previous revelation. HOWEVER, we are not certain about the latter-day revelations your church. So, we do as the Jewish rabbis, and interpret them in light of the already-revealed words of God. We know the Bible is inspired of God, and so figure any revelations that come afterwards will comport with them. If we knew these latter-day words were also God's words--that they were/are scripture, then we would likely allow them to "complete" the New Testament.