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  1. Let's go even backwards... Brigham Young? Joseph Smith? Peter? David? Moses? The broken vessel is the one that gets reshaped in the potter's hand. We, therefore, must all be broken. When it comes to leadership, therefore, it is not about whether the leader is broken. They all are. It all comes to picking and choosing which sin matters in the leadership role one is to carry. And in that - we all have our different opinions on the matter in the same way that people choose who to work for, who to work with, who to hire, who to let their kids be friends with, etc. etc. If you had every person's lives on public catalogue the same way Trump's life is, it would be interesting to see which of the people in the church would immediately lose their callings.
  2. Then all you will have left of the Bible is Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. There surely won't be a restoration. And it's cute that NOW you have a broken vessel leading the GOP and NOT before. That surely is a testament to the unchecked power of journalists.
  3. No. My question was - What is not honorable about the Zelensky phone call since you used it to affirm Trump's dishonorability in the case of Ivana.
  4. I'm not much interested in divorce court battles. I'm more about the Zelensky call accusation.
  5. anatess2

    The COVID thread

    On the contrary... this is exactly what Tesla engineers do... seemingly nothing. Musk got tired of driving in rush hour traffic once so he said to his engineers, a tunnel superhighway would be nice... so the engineers started digging a hole. When asked what they were doing, they said... well, if we want to see if a tunnel superhighway is feasible we first have to dig a hole.
  6. But wait! There's more! 3/20 CNN Politics: Trump peddles unsubstantiated hope in dark times I'm tempted to post videos of Acosta, Diamond,, getting the Trump smackdown at the daily pressers...
  7. Just their superfluous population? Au contraire.... Feb 7 on CNN Health: The US coronavirus travel ban could backfire. Here's how Oh, what 24 days can do... CNN restricting employee travel amid coronavirus outbreak
  8. Ivana's side is in the court docs. Trump's side is in his book Art of the Comeback. Between those 2 is the truth. I don't have a problem skewering Trump for character flaws. I have a problem with skewering Trump with made-up accusations.
  9. I know I shouldn't push for it - especially since the statement led to a "not gonna vote for Biden" non-endorsement (which makes me happy) - but... it is rankling in my head and I got nothing better to do... This is your statement - "No reading of this brings me to the conclusion that the then Mr. Trump behaved honorably. In the last four years there are also multiple incidents, including the phone call that led to his House impeachment, that were less than honorable." You used the Zelensky phone call as further proof on top of the Ivana incident that Trump is not honorable. So, I'm wondering if you're saying that the Ivana incident is a nothing-burger in the same manner as the Zelensky phone call being a nothing-burger.
  10. Wow! What a shock! No no... not that JJ loves CNN, we all know that. But he was able to express that love in an inch of space on my monitor! Just pulling your leg, JJ.
  11. Your assertion is that Trump - not anybody else - did not act honorably in his phone call to Zelensky. I'm asking what about the phone call is not honorable.
  12. His name is Eric Ciaramella. Dunno how that phone call gave that impression. Diplomatic negotiations IS haggling. What is not dignified or honorable about it? And what hampered the US image about it?
  13. Conceded. You need proof that Obama blamed the Benghazi incident to a riot caused by a YouTube video? Now compare those 2 lies mentioned above.
  14. What exactly do you think is not honorable about the phone call with Zelensky?
  15. ISIS was nobody before Obama. That statement has a clear context. It's the exact same thing when people say IBM invented the PC. They did not. We (at least we in technology) understand what people in technology mean when they say IBM invented the PC even if PC-tech predates IBM.