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  1. Because these things don't make it to CNN:
  2. anatess2

    The Next World Order and Social Justice

    And even at that, their Democratic Socialist experiments are failing as they become more and more culturally diverse.
  3. anatess2

    Men as Providers

    Honesty is found in the natural world. Having pets and a pond with a forest beyond as a backyard shows the honesty in gender differences. We have 4 ball pythons, 1 female, 3 males... the difference in biology and roles are palpable. We have dogs, chickens, birds, turtles, fish... and then we have the wild stuff - Red Cardinals feeding on the feeder, Carolina Wrens building a nest on our ceiling fans, etc. etc.
  4. Secretary of State? Or Chief of Staff? 2 totally different things. The Chief of Staff problem is not as much about the criminal investigations, etc. etc. mentioned in the article. It is much to do with trying to run a staff to support a President who has no down-time. He doesn't need a Chief of Staff. He needs CHIEFS of Staff running on 8-hour shifts 24/7. Canseco can take the morning shift... setting up the exercise routine and the meal planning for the day.
  5. anatess2

    Age Change Announcement

    Hah. They haven't had a Ben Shapiro in that area then.
  6. anatess2

    Reaction to change

    Most people have no problem with change if the change has an understood purpose. Changing for the sake of changing (without purpose) and changing for a disagreeable purpose will encounter max resistance. This is where I am with these changes. I have no problem with changing. I have a major problem about not understanding one bit what God's purpose is for the change. I haven't gotten answers to my prayers for the change when new ones come along throwing more confusion into the mix. It has made me very resistant. "Accept and move forward" is not a good idea in my opinion. It grows a big tree with very weak roots. But I do have a firm testimony that God leads this Church, therefore, I continue to persevere to find the answers to my questions on purpose.
  7. anatess2

    Age Change Announcement

    So... a Priest graduates into YSA in January too? Or is that still has to be 18?
  8. anatess2

    The Next World Order and Social Justice

    @2ndRateMind, before you can solve the poverty problems of the world, you first have to solve the poverty problems in your backyard. As Jordan B. Peterson would say, "Clean Your Room". So, here's a Real Life video of a nomad. He doesn't have money but he is not poor, he is a nomad by choice. The first objective to solving poverty is to know what being poor means and knowing that it has not much to do with the amount of money one has. In this video below, he told the story of the poor people he met on his nomadic journey. Now, I want you to provide a viable solution to each of these cases he mentions. Although the nomad in the video does not have money, he is not the one that needs help. Rather, he's the one finding ways to help. 1.) A meth addict and a meth lab (and all other homeless addicts living in national forests). Addiction is self-inflicted. 2.) A couple with a child who are fighting rendering themselves homeless. Family break-up self-inflicted. 3.) A homeless elderly woman without a single family to call for help facing a medical emergency. Where is her family? - Interestingly, she was helped by another nomad without money who is not poor. 4.) People who choose to be homeless because they refuse to change the habits that rendered them homeless. This includes a man in his 70's who takes baths in alligator infested rivers for lack of better options. These people are all American living in the United States of America. So, what is your solution to all of these? Do you think giving them money will solve these self-inflicted problems? Do you think the answer to a meth addict running a meth lab empowering other meth addicts is to take away the money from rich people and give all the meth addicts money?
  9. Ok. I think I got confused because you said, "I see Clinton the same way I see Trump". I'm actually still confused as to what you mean by this because you used "I" not "in general".
  10. Okay, I think I understand this statement. I'm not sure how this relates to the fairness of the comparison between Trump and Clinton.
  11. I don't understand that comment. Bill Clinton is a rapist. That's fact, not bias. Trump is a rapist because Ivana said it in the middle of an altercation to which she recanted... that would be subject to bias.
  12. Trump is no saint and his celebrity lifestyle does not preclude infidelity. But Trump is not a rapist. Bill Clinton is a rapist. Those are two very different things. There are commentators that criticize Trump when he deserves it and there are commentators that are NeverTrump. They exist in conservative, liberal, independent, libertarian, progressive, etc. etc. sides of the political arena.
  13. anatess2

    Investigator Question

    My answer: I do not believe that a just and loving God would condemn a person to eternal darkness who is diligently, honestly, and humbly following his understanding of what God desires in the service of God and his fellowmen. That goes for myself and the person asking the question.