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  1. anatess2

    Ceasefire in Turkey-Syria

    Uhm... he said a lot more than that. He said Trump's Syrian policy is a bloodstain on the annals of American History. I'll find the video... Here ya go:
  2. anatess2

    Ceasefire in Turkey-Syria

    The point of the whole post was to show that Trump's position has merit - makes sense. You can disagree with it but it has merit. Romney has shown and continue to show that he gives Trump's decisions - domestic or foreign - ZERO merit. There are only 2 reasons I can think of for this position - Romney is stupid... or Romney has a personal stake on the matter.
  3. anatess2

    Ceasefire in Turkey-Syria

    Things you probably didn't think of: 1.) Turkey is a NATO ally. In a fight between Russia/Syria and Turkey, the US and the rest of NATO has the responsibility to side with Turkey. 2.) Turkey has a history with the Kurds (PKK) trying to oust Turkish government. 3.) Turkey has been trying to negotiate a safe zone in northern Syria throughout the Syrian Civil War but the US would not agree to it because the Kurds (YPG) wanted northern Syria and they were helping the US' efforts for a Syrian regime change against Assad (I'm gonna share my thoughts on this below). In Turkey's eyes YPG and PKK are the same group and they don't want any of them controlling northern Syria. For the US, PKK is a terrorist group but YPG is not and hence Turkey and US cannot see eye to eye on the matter. 4.) The effort to depose Assad failed. YPG refused to enter into negotiations with Russia-backed Assad. Syrian Defense Forces (Assad's military) started creeping into northern Syria occupied by YPG (Obama's red line that the US couldn't keep). Turkey, once again tried to get the US to agree to a safe zone in northern Syria free of ISIS, YPG or SDF control but the US (Trump this time) will only agree to ISIS-free. Trump's Syria foreign policy position is - the US will crush ISIS and then Syria (Assad or the rebel Governorate controlling Aleppo) and Turkey can fight their own war over their own borders - the US will not get themselves involved in border disputes or civil wars. 5.) Contrary to Fake News reports, the US and NATO was notified of Turkey's imminent attack on SDF forces in Northern Syria before Trump withdrew US forces. This is now Turkey vs Russia/Syria. Trump decided to respect Turkey as a NATO member and removed all US soldiers out of harms way while at the same time issuing a warning to Edrogan to not be foolish and that the US is willing to impose crippling economic sanctions just like they did when Edrogan refused to release the priest. It would be majorly stupid for US forces to fight against a NATO ally without a declaration of war that only Congress can make. Turkey went ahead with the attack on SDF so Trump sent Pompeo and Pence to knock some sense into Edrogan - which caused Edrogan to order a ceasefire. Now, if Romney was smart, he would have waited until Trump's foreign policy methods - which is not a secret by any means, it's one of the main reasons he won the election after all - played out THEN condemned it if it failed in spectacular fashion - which, as of right now, hasn't. This is what Ted Cruz and the rest of the non-RINO non-warhawk Republicans who supported Bush's wars did. They acknowledged that this is the mandate of the American people and if there's a way to deliver it successfully, then let the President give it a try even as they are skeptical. Instead, Romney showed that he thinks Trump's foreign policy position has zero merit - which makes him either stupid or has a personal stake in the continuation of US presence in the region. Also - the IA's position on Syria is highly suspect as they were the ones that gave Bush the advice on Hussein's possession of weapons of mass destruction that has now been exposed as false. *** On the regime change efforts: This is part of the Arab Spring that has turned into an Arab Winter... at first, when Obama took over Bush's foreign policy, everybody was jumping up and down and praising the Arab Spring complete with Nobel Peace Price - Democracy in the Middle East at last... or so they thought. What Obama and Hillary/Kerry were actually doing was eliminating heads of states to hand the Middle East to the Muslim Brotherhood. They got Egypt, they got Libya, they failed to get Syria. And Egypt was able to stop Morsi and flip that quickly. The US HAS TO GET OUT of that region. They've been making a big mess out of that part of the planet. Lots of people in high places made big money out of it - from oil to heroin to precious gems/metals and gun running. Trump's election gives the rest of the world hope that the US will finally have a clear sensible foreign policy based on people's lives instead of the riches they can get out of the area.
  4. anatess2

    Anne Sacoolas

    Well, @Jamie123, the Dunn's just nuked their one and slim chance of getting Sacoolas to face justice. You don't attack Trump like that, especially after he does something for you when he didn't need to, and get him to work for your side.
  5. anatess2

    Ceasefire in Turkey-Syria

    This is from the perspective that the USA has the moral right to redistribute the world outside their borders to whoever they like because they have unopposable might. I, for one, am happy the US finally quit thinking that way.
  6. anatess2

    Ceasefire in Turkey-Syria

    You forgot Code Pink! That was the group that made me cringe the most.
  7. anatess2

    Anne Sacoolas

    Same here Jamie123. I like a good discussion even if we're on different sides of the fence... and I can even honestly say that I like it better if I'm talking to somebody from a different perspective because it expands my noggin. It's like playing tennis - my game gets better when I'm pitting myself against somebody who makes me work for every stroke.
  8. Ha ha. Now James is saying to think about ramifications when he had no problem dissing his own President. Sorry, James. You're not the voice of reason on this one nor anything politics.
  9. anatess2

    Anne Sacoolas

    Dunno why it's making you angry. We all agree that the right thing for Sacoolas to do is to face the music. Where you're getting angry is you're thinking it's all Trump's fault somehow.
  10. anatess2

    Clarified temple recommend questions

    They're not the same question.
  11. anatess2

    Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

    This is very Catholic - focus on the don'ts.... it is so much better to focus on the do's.
  12. anatess2

    Anne Sacoolas

    I very much doubt the UK has a bargaining chip big enough to extradite Sacoolas... the chances of the US needing Sacoolas to build a case against UK nationals/agents for the 2016 election is slim to none. The chances of the US needing Sacoolas to get a favorable economic trade agreement post-Brexit is nil. The chances of Boris wanting to upset the cart over Sacoolas is nil, especially when the UK can't be brought to care about the victims of migrants. But, if they were in a position to bring Sacoolas to justice, they wouldn't need to revise extradition agreements. They simply negotiate. Which reminds me of the case of the journalist that was suspected of having been killed by the Saudi prince... now THAT has tons of negotiating chips... unfortunately, the chips went against the journalist too and not even the media mayhem could get anything done about it.
  13. anatess2

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Joker. Again. Okay, I took my eldest son this time. He loved it. After the movie, we had a long talk about it and we both came up with several theories on what the story meant in the Batman universe and then we started talking about what it meant for us in real life... loooooong discussion. So, now I'm going to say... this is an awesome movie. It has sooo many layers to it such that my son and I can talk non-stop about it for hours.
  14. anatess2

    Anne Sacoolas

    The Brits don't need to change existing extradition treaties. They simply need to negotiate an extradition with the US. These negotiations are seldom publicized so we don't know if the Brits are working with the US on it. If they really want Sacoolas, they can give up their docs on the UK collusion on the 2016 election and she's theirs... although, the way Barr is running things, they probably already have the UK collusion docs...
  15. anatess2

    Anne Sacoolas

    Ok, I'll make the fix even clearer for you.