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  1. This is great to hear! Try taking him to nursery next week and see how it goes.
  2. anatess2

    Not opening priesthood with prayer

    No idea what you're saying here, Wade. You were mixing my OPINION with my EMOTION. When I said, "this is not about ME", it was in response to you referencing how I FEEL about the lack of opening prayer (anxious or otherwise, which would be about ME) rather than WHY there is no opening prayer (reason for it being eliminated - which is not about ME). I made an OPINION that not having opening prayer doesn't make sense. Now, if you still don't get that, I don't know how else to explain it. If you're referencing to the Opening Exercises being eliminated which eliminated the Opening Prayer, that doesn't make sense. Because Opening Prayer can stand alone without Opening Exercises. As a matter of fact, I don't even consider Opening Prayer part of Opening Exercises. I use all caps interchangeably with bold. There's no point in "shouting" on written format. You raise your voice in oral communication in the same manner you use bold in written communication - to emphasize words. Shouting, is different from emphasizing words (resonant) as it has the connotation of negative emotions... like you would say a mother is shouting at her son but you wouldn't say a Baptist preacher is shouting at his congregation. In written format, the negative emotion is expressed through the choice of words and not the size of letters. And because I'm Filipino with English not my first language, a lot of times people read a negative emotion into my choice of words that I did not intend. The all-caps shouting internet "rule" is for all-capsing every single word of your paragraph and not just certain words on a sentence.
  3. anatess2

    Best SOTU in living memory

    Yes, facts are neutral. That's why, in a society where FREEDOM is the natural order, you legislate by facts and not by emotion. Government is a controlling body - it regulates freedom. It shouldn't be designed by emotion. Government should be RESTRICTED to facts so that the people can be free to express their emotions.
  4. anatess2

    Best SOTU in living memory

    Qualify gun violence and qualify Great. Do you consider people killing themselves using a firearm gun violence? Do you consider people accidentally discharging firearms as gun violence? What would you consider Great? Because if you take out suicide and accidental discharges and other deaths/injuries caused by firearms that are not of criminal intent, you slash the rate down by 2/3. Robotic firing squad? So, lethal injection is not enough, it has to be robotic firing squad? Dead is dead, I thought. How about multiple cases of poison violence? How about multiple cases of blunt instrument violence? How about multiple cases of domestic abuse violence? What special criminal super power do you have to have to garner the super villain retribution dispenser, the robotic firing squad?
  5. anatess2

    Not opening priesthood with prayer

    Vort, it would be great if you can answer these questions: 1.) Why do we not open SS/RS-EQ with prayer anymore? 2.) Why do we close Sacrament Meeting with prayer instead of leaving the closing prayer to the end of overall services? Yes, saying, because the Brethren said so if there's no other answer is an okay answer.
  6. anatess2

    Not opening priesthood with prayer

    My dear Wade. Of course it doesn't make sense TO ME. This is a discussion forum, not a university lecture. Everything I write is my own opinion unless I state facts. Now, since it made sense to YOU, it would have been nice for you to explain to us poor, unenlightened folks what sense it makes.
  7. anatess2

    Not opening priesthood with prayer

    Can't answer the question, I see. Well, I can't possibly find any sense from someone who doesn't even know what sense it is supposed to make.
  8. That's not how it came off in this thread. You can't "tell off" a 17-month old child. Discipline is not about "telling off". It's about teaching. The student is the disciple... discipline - disciple. The only problem with the expectation of when he is a bit older is that... things you learn early becomes a part of you. So, you might end up having to correct bad habits when you're finally ready to instill discipline. So it might be that when you think things would become easier, it became harder. Because it is always harder to correct a learned behavior than to teach new behavior.
  9. anatess2

    Not opening priesthood with prayer

    I just completely find this unbelievable. I'm sure that if you think about this some more you'll realize you know exactly why we have opening prayer in Priesthood/RS/SS. So, I'm going to pose the question to you. I'm sure you have been asked to say the opening prayer in Priesthood/SS before. When you were asked and you said those prayers, did you not know what value your prayer added to the meeting and what purpose it served? Did you not know what you were supposed to pray for?
  10. anatess2

    Not opening priesthood with prayer

    Uhmm... really? You completely missed the point I was trying to make that... it wasn't just there for no other reason than that it was just there??? Now THAT's the tragedy and why my point is going whoosh over your head. Seriously, dude? You don't know why there's such a thing as an opening prayer? The OP has angst. I don't. But then, we didn't lose opening prayer in Primary. And like I said, it's sad to me that you don't know why there's an opening prayer. And that's my point. I don't find discontinuing opening prayer just to save time a an acceptable reason in light of the reason for it being there in the first place.
  11. anatess2

    Not opening priesthood with prayer

    For the same reason that having an opening prayer makes sense. Yes. But it's there for a reason. And it's not to "waste time". Therefore, taking it out to "save time" does not make sense. If it doesn't, we wouldn't have had it in the first place. We don't just do opening prayer because... well, I don't know for whatever else reason but to improve the quality of the meeting. If that's not the reason, then tell me, why was it there?
  12. There you go. You weren't "naturally obedient" after all. Your mom has your dad to thank for it. And now look at how you talk so kindly about your mom and not as kindly about your dad, when your dad was the one that did the hard work of instilling character in you. And now you're wanting to inflict the same tragedy on your husband. Well, you got 2 choices - 1.) continue to spend only 1 hour a day on your own child, 2.) put your foot down and take full responsibility for motherhood in whatever way you can do so. All that has to do with upbringing. Every child has different personalities that impacts their reaction to how one is raised. That's why parenting is specific to the child. What works for one child doesn't always work for another. Your parent's disciplinary method worked on you, it didn't work for your sister. But to say, the child just naturally behaves himself is delusion.
  13. anatess2

    Best SOTU in living memory

    That's a fictional show. There are all kinds of documentaries about this. This is a snapshot of one of them: