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  1. anatess2

    CFM 6/9 to 6/15

    No it doesn't help. What you're doing here is coming up with your own (or your Muslim friends) interpretation of what is Sharia Law and telling people who ARE living under Sharia Law - they're not really living Sharia. THAT doesn't make any sense. How about you go to the Bansangmoro in the Philippines and explain to them why they're not really ruled by Sharia Law so there's no reason why they should not just live under Philippine Law.
  2. But this is what the thread is about. It is about Addiction, not trauma on its own. This is what I'm trying to say. It is not trauma that is the key to breaking addiction. In my cousins' case - it was breaking them out of the pushers' target list. And yes, it would have been best if they didn't become friends with the pusher in the first place. Choose your friends wisely!
  3. anatess2

    Is there any hope for us?

    Is there any hope for you? Depends on WHAT HAS CHANGED between 5 years ago and now. If you're the exact same person now as you were then, or she's the same person now that she was then, then no. There's no hope for you. You need to grow, mature, learn what it means to LOVE somebody (hint: it has not much to do with whether the girl likes your or not), then you'll have hope.
  4. anatess2

    CFM 6/9 to 6/15

    That doesn't make any sense. Just because only 4 out of the 12 Saudi licensed Banks tout themselves as Islamic doesn't mean Saudi Arabia is not a country ruled by Sharia Law in the same sense that just because Baptists don't have priesthood keys doesn't mean they're not Christian. It is not you and me that decide if the Saudis are Sharia or not. It is THE SAUDIS. Saudi Arabia states they are Sharia. Who are we to say they're not?
  5. Okay, let me break this down what you said... You're saying that my cousins may have trauma. Which would also mean that ANYBODY including my siblings may have trauma. So how is this a foundation for them becoming drug addicts while we are not? So you're saying, they have trauma that my siblings do not have that's why they're addicts and we are not. Now, I can DEFINITELY say that is not true because my siblings and I have been through trauma (myself specifically) - that is why I stated that my cousins do not have trauma any more than we do. So, their being addicts is not founded on their trauma. I will guarantee you, and even my cousins say this, they are drug addicts because of this guy they hung out with who was a drug pusher that my parents specifically barred us from associating with. Getting them out of addiction is not through digging up trauma. It is a matter of getting them detox'd then keeping them away from the drug pushers who are quite relentless in their pursuit of customers. Because once you've had drugs it doesn't take much to bring you back... you had a bad day at work? Easy prey for pushers. You are bored? Easy prey for pushers. It doesn't require trauma to get you there.
  6. anatess2

    How is the Economy?

    No, I have not. Diversity is not strength. UNITY of VALUES among a diverse group of people - especially that which is centered on Christ - is where the strength lies... that's how you approach Zion and become ready for the full application of the law of consecration.
  7. I have 3 cousins who were practically my brothers and sisters, we were that close, who were drug addcits. The husband of one of those cousins also became a drug addict. If there was trauma in their lives, it wouldn't be anything worse than the trauma in my brothers and sisters lives. No, they didn't become drug addicts because of trauma. They became drug addicts because they became friends with drug pushers. I have another cousin, not as close. 1 of 7 kids in the family. If he had trauma, it wouldn't be anything the other 6 children wouldn't experience. He got into drugs through one of his classmates. He put on a cape and jumped to his death from his 2nd story room's window thinking he's superman. I have several more in my family that got into drugs - all because of who they hung out with. This is the problem in the Philippines. These are not traumatized kids. These are kids with a culture of strong friendships that drug pushers infiltrate.
  8. Didn't read the article, just the opening paragraph. I found this to be another one of those articles written for style and forgetting reverence so I couldn't open the article to read it. When talking about our Heavenly Father, we should not talk about him as to speak for Him on what He will and will not do in the work of individual salvation. For example, "Heavenly Father doesn't wave a magic wand to..." . We don't speak of Our Heavenly Father and put limitations on Him. Rather, we speak of Heavenly Father as the creator of all things and if it is His will to wave a magic wand in the work of salvation, it is not for us to limit Him and say He won't. I understand the thought the writer was trying to portray - that God doesn't simply grant us what we pray for because we wished for it. But saying, "He wants us to Help Ourselves" is missing the mark. The proper statement is - He wants us to align our will to His such that what we pray for and desire is what God wills for us.
  9. anatess2

    How is the Economy?

    My theory was - Red cities prosper, become big, attract a giant population then turn Blue. Then people start leaving the big cities to go to not-so-big cities like Denver and then turn THAT blue. This is also why Democrats are vehemently against closing the border. Those are the people going into prosperous red cities and turning them blue - like Dallas. And the reference to Brigham Young is disingenuous. It is VERY VERY different to have something owned by a uni-culture - like a Church - than a government, especially as they promote "diversity".
  10. Yep. I think I'm right. You're approaching those things as "chores" you have to do for your child. Before, it wasn't a chore to read to him when you came home, it was a "mom bonding thing". A chore is something you do because it has to be done, especially ones you do while wishing you were doing something else. So, here's my advice - don't do those things "for your child" (chore). Do those things "with your child" (living). So, if you're not in the mood for duplo, don't do duplo (I would be pulling my hair out too if I have to play duplo!). Do something you'd rather do - like read him your law books (yes, you can do this - they like listening to your voice) or you can do whatever you're interested in doing at the time while your son is playing duplo. You can even take him shopping instead or go visit friends. Whatever you'd rather do - that's why it was a concern when you told @Mores, your life is just work. It's no fun for your family if all you'd rather do is work. So when you said - and family.... doing what? This is why other kids are very beneficial to a child's development and a mother's sanity. A kid will need peer play and not just with-mom things. You can have other kids stimulate your kid with "kid things" like playing duplo and you can stimulate your brain with adult things as you supervise the play - like reading case files... whatever floats your boat. That's why being a "Stay at Home Mom" (this is such a misnomer) is so much better than being a "Career Mom". You just have the freedom to do soooooo many different things as a SAHM that you can't do as a Career Mom simply by the fact that your career requires you to be working instead of doing whatever it is you want to do at any time. And then - you get to do all those things with your kid.
  11. Okay, I think I'm just not understanding you (or you're not understanding me). "Taking time off work to care for him' does not make you not see "caring for him full-time" as a chore. So, what exactly do you mean when you say "caring for him". What is it that you're doing that you find boring?
  12. What do you mean "lots of children running around". There's lots of children running around everywhere including Parks, Malls, Churches, even McDonald's. And homes. I don't understand why this is a restriction for you.
  13. anatess2

    How is the Economy?

    So, just another evidence to my proposed trend of Red cities becoming rich, and turning into blue cities: @Scott, the future of Denver.
  14. anatess2

    CFM 6/9 to 6/15

    Not sure what you mean by this. Saudi Arabia's entire criminal law is Sharia and there is no codified secular civil law (e.g. marriage, inheritance, property ownership, etc.), so judges use their interpretation of Sharia to adjudicate those cases too. Countries such as Qatar and Oman based their Constitutions on Sharia while countries such as Iraq base their Civil Law on Sharia - this is similar to the US Constitution being based on Judeo-Christianity. There are states within countries (including the Philippines) that operate under Sharia Law. For example, many autonomous regions of the Philippines have Sharia Courts, independent of the Philippine Constitution but are running under the Philippine Supreme Court. Non-muslims in the area may request adjudication in a non-Sharia court only if there are no muslim party in the case. Nigeria, with a fast growing Christian population, have several states that are adjudicated under Sharia Law, etc. etc.