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  1. anatess2

    Is it really coming to this?

    And that is because you are a prisoner to Political Correctness. You are a player in victimhood Olympics your art of speech is subject to someone else's victimhood claim to offense. You are like the Democrats who think - "you did not vote to give food, shelter, and healthcare to poor people, you must not care about poor people" regardless of the work you have done to promote and uplift poor people. You are more concerned of "how it looks" rather than "how it is". You are the perfect example of somebody who cannot see the ugly truth because you're offended by its ugliness so you'd rather have the pretty lies. And you keep on saying things like "does not care about any collateral damage done" or "getting revenge on those he wants" - completely baseless accusations.
  2. There are false gods and there's the one true God. Irrelevant. Not in the way you use the word embryo. The problem with your questions and your positing of henotheism is you confuse God with Persons in the Godhead. So let me post the last sentence to the Testimony of Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon: And the honor be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, which is one God. Amen.
  3. Trinitarians and Hindus are completely different. Trinity and Trimurti are not comparable. Trinitarians do not believe in any way at all that the Trinity are 3 separate individual deities with different attitudes, etc. The Trinity is One God. The Trimutri is 3 gods. The Trinity is not 3 Beings united by a universal constant. The Trinity is One Entity.
  4. This is actually nail-on-the-head comment. Attractiveness is one of those talents God gives us. There are many facets to it - physical display is just one of them. Attractiveness has to have substance beyond the physical display (very correctly stated that it is tied to the appearance of health and longevity) because physical display is only there to initiate attention - something of more substance keeps that attention like one's ability to express oneself, personality and character, moral grounding, intelligence, skillful ability to gain resources, strength to stand up against adversity and protect others from adversity, etc. all contribute to Attractiveness. Like any God-given talent, we are commanded to work at magnifying them to become useful in God's purpose. So, if one is gifted in one area - say Physical Attribute - it doesn't mean you don't have to work at other areas. You may be able to catch someone's attention by simply walking into a room but keeping that attention is another matter (e.g. she was pretty until she spoke...). Likewise - if one is gifted with eloquence, physical appearance can still be worked at among all other facets that contribute to Attractiveness. Attractiveness, when wielded for God's purposes, increases one's ability to keep people's attention to gain influence, not just for finding eternal companions. It is a great asset for everyday missionaries.
  5. anatess2

    Is it really coming to this?

    You made my point EXACTLY. This is the reason Trump pushes back. But then, when he does, you whine that he's too mean or he's ending civil discourse or whatever. You have zero realization that civil discourse ended long time ago and political correctness took its place - uncivil discourse hiding behind pretty words. The only difference between me calling somebody "Pocahontas" versus "He's going to put you back in chains" is... one is true, the other one is false.
  6. anatess2

    Worst Case Scenario: NATO?

    None of this has anything to do with the economic defense strategies of Trump that brought North Korea to the peace table, got Mexico and other countries to stem the tide of illegal migrants on the southern border, got European alliances to put up for their own defense, balanced the power between Turkey and Kurds in Syrian Kurdistan, and checked the power of China... all without starting or escalating war. Good and evil will not be fought as Israel vs Palestine. Good and evil is being fought right now as we speak and has been for a decade in the unstemmed cultural migration across all of the Christian nations of Europe.
  7. Not quite. Neither the original story nor the Disney adaptation talks of Cendrillon/Cinderella as a beauty prior to the godmother casting the spell. And neither the original story nor the Disney adaptation talks of the step sisters as physically ugly but daughters who took after the meanness of their mother. And the physical attributes of all the courtiers going after the prince's affections were not depicted as ugly either. The end of the spell brought Cinderella back to plainness such that the prince was not able to identify her without her shoes and so he had to see her stripped of her physical accouterments and recognize the person within that captivated him at the ball above all other courtiers.
  8. anatess2

    Miracle Not Understood???

    It's a miracle because we have the full context of the situation understood through the Biblical account. If I do not have the full context of the situation, I wouldn't be able to tell if it is a miracle or an illusion. The first tell for me to not think it is a miracle is - it has no purpose.
  9. anatess2

    Worst Case Scenario: NATO?

    @Traveler, mark this post. I am going to predict that regardless of whether or not Trump manages to dismantle the deep state, his Presidency will become the template for a shift in western ideals of warfare - where war is won not by putting soldiers for pawns but through economic arsenal as the pawns and soldiers merely the structure that provides the foundation from which economic warfare stands.
  10. How many “wallflower” stories does it take for people to understand physical beauty is skin deep and that cinderella got the prince?
  11. anatess2

    Impeach This...

    I trust Trump to preside over the country more than Romney by a large margin. And I have zero fear of telling Trump exactly what I think just like all the other people, including Romney, that blasts him on a daily basis who continue to live and breathe in liberty and tell falsehoods about him and still get his endorsement to win a Senate seat. MSM continue to give 90% negative coverage, Hollywood and Late Night Shows continue to mock him, and Congress continue to harrass him every single day with impunity. You are living in clown world in your head born from Trump Derangement. And by the way, Epstein didn’t kill himself, Seth Rich didn’t die from a robbery, and Trump didn’t kill either of them nor anyone else.
  12. anatess2

    Is it really coming to this?

    As my GenZ sons always remind me... The internet makes you think a lot of people are saying the same things... when it's just 5 guys in their mother's basement eating tendies telling you what everybody else thinks. And yes, if you're going to let the 5 guys say things without pushback... that's how you end up with Drag Queen Story Hour teaching your little kids in the public library.
  13. What'd they do this time?
  14. anatess2

    Why Eternal Progression?

    Yes, it is really depressing. And when I was young, I used to think that - If only I could get to America, I will be very happy. Then I got to America. If only I could make $15/hr I would be very happy. Then I got $15/hr. If only I could buy a house... then I did... etc. etc. I was young and stupid. But then I grew out of that phase. I now have a 3,000 sq ft house that I enjoy but I'm facing the reality of my children leaving the house and I realize that the house is not what makes me happy it's the people in it. So, now I'm trying to convince my husband that we need a 2-year plan of building a towable house so we can go wherever the kids are and not worry about their wives kicking us out of their house. My father's teaching now makes complete sense - my father lived his life such that if the house burns down, the very first thing he is saving after the wife and kids is his address book. He has this very important book that has the names, addresses, and phone numbers of every single person he knows - he keeps in touch with all of them and visits them whenever he can. That was his life - he connects with people. So, he went to Houston so I visited him, he took me downtown and rode the public bus there and when I got on the bus, the driver greeted him by name and asked, "so this is the programmer?".... the bus driver not only knew my dad by name he knew about all my dad's children... My dad lived his life at peace and content because he loved and was loved.
  15. anatess2

    Impeach This...

    I guess you didn't watch the video. That's ok.