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  1. anatess2

    Christ was Crucified on Thursday

    Right. I was just replying to your statement that the Friday crucifixion "doesn't quite fulfill the prophecies". It does. And the OP's alternate reading also does.
  2. You can't get away from State oversight because the purpose of Public Schooling in the first place is to guarantee that your voting public can read and understand your laws. If you're going to take the fully Libertarian view of - the State has zero oversight on whether my kid actually passed 3rd grade when he applied for a job flipping burgers at McDonald's - then sure, you can take that position. I disagree with that under the principle that if the State allows people to vote, then I want some assurance that these people are educated enough to understand what they're voting for. And especially if we're talking about your desire for tax credit. I wouldn't want people taking tax credit for 12 years in home schools when after 12 years we have zero idea if that kid spent the last 12 years doing nothing else but playing Fornite.
  3. anatess2

    Christ was Crucified on Thursday

    3 days in the Tomb in the olden days doesn't mean 72-hours in the tomb. 1 hour before sundown is considered THAT day. 1 hour after sundown is considered the next day... so anything that happened 2 hours after the first event that happened 1 hour before sundown is the 2nd day. Make sense? So, one hour after the next sundown would be the 3rd day. In any case... WHEN Jesus was laid in the tomb and arose is not really important, so Thursday or Friday doesn't matter. What matters is that he rose again on the 3rd day to fulfill his atoning mission.
  4. anatess2


    Sis here.
  5. Why would you think that? You don't want the state to fund your home school? I thought home schoolers are all yay for that thing. At least they do here in Florida.
  6. Well, if we're going to do blue vs red... Most blue states only have a few highly-populated counties that are Blue. The rest of the counties are Red. And blue places like the Silicon Valley have highly educated parents educated by other states. Anyway, these correlations are idiotic. Just as idiotic as crime-ridden cities are Democrats. Hello, Vermont.
  7. It is in Florida. We've had School Choice since I've been looking for schools. My oldest is graduating senior year in a few weeks, so at least 12 years now. How it works - we have the Public School Magnet Program - that is, if you don't want to go to the neighborhood school, you can apply for the Magnet School of your choice. Magnet Schools have specific "specialization" - for example, the Montessori. Neighborhood Schools can be Magnet Schools (like our neighborhood school is an Agriculture magnet), but there are also pure Magnet Schools (you have to pass certain criteria to enter) like the Arts School (have to pass auditions). Charter Schools, Virtual Schools (Florida accredited online school, used a lot by the RV-lifers), Paced Schools (the school has a flexible schedule - used a lot by Military and those that end up staying in a hospital and not in school for months at a time or those with sensory overload problems), and Home Schools are all part of the Magnet Program. The Magnet Program curriculum is set by the school itself but you have to pass certain regulations - yearly standardized testing from grades 3-12 in Math, Science, Lang Arts, and History to be marked in the School System as a certain grade level and eventually earn a diploma from the State complete with official transcript. So, a lot of home schoolers and the Montessori don't do Grades (for GPA scores), so for these cases, the State uses the standardized test grade for your transcript to use for qualification into the Step Up program (you get State funding for your home school) and eventually the Bright Futures Scholarship (funded by the Florida Lotto) that gives you 120 credit-hours worth of free college at the current Community College rate. If you want to go to a non-Community State school, you just have to pay for the difference. You can't use Bright Futures out of State. Magnet Schools can also compete in State Sports and Competitions and join a neighborhood school sports/academic team or jROTC if they so desire. So, a few years back, this system received a big blow when Common Core became law. All the Magnets including the Home School has to teach Common Core to be in the Public School System! That led a lot of home schoolers and charters to get out of the public school system. It took us years to fight that beast off but we finally eliminated the stupid thing this year. That's one big reason Jeb! couldn't get a grip in Florida in the 2016 elections. Betsy DeVos had a big part in the design of the Florida School System. Florida was very happy to have her up there on the Federal Dep Ed. She helped us get rid of Common Core. Florida, of course, has terrible schools as well. There's a lot of them even such that we don't score well in State by State ratings. These schools get consistent F rating due to poor standardized test results, poor graduation rates, poor literacy rates, etc. A few years back, the State decided to pull funding out of these failed schools and move funding to charters to encourage the F school engaged teachers/students to open a charter. Parents went protesting and everything. It was a mess. I agreed with the State but many people thought it was making the students in those schools even more deprived or something. I still believe pulling money instead of pouring money into F schools is the better route.
  8. Yes, you've said this a lot too. You live in Seattle. This is what you see. They're a bunch of regressive leftists. This is not always true for the rest of America. Education is still largely State Run even as the Feds try to make themselves bigger and bigger. But the fact that Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education is a glaring contrary point to your broad brush claim. Betsy DeVos is one of the main reasons Home Schooling is a part of the Florida Public Education System.
  9. Modern Feminism is not a branch of the Public School System root. If you want to look at the roots here it is - Cultural Marxism.
  10. I disagree. It is not the Public School System that does this nor encourage this. It is CULTURE that does. And it is not the Public School System that created that Culture. It is the Modern Feminist Movement. Proof - the difference in Public School Education between Washington State and Florida.
  11. I'd assume the opposite also, right? That the worst Home Schooled child is not better off than the worst Public Schooled kid? I don't know how it is in other States but in Florida, the Home School is part of Public School. The parents report to the School Board and their records kept. They can even join Public School sports. So regardless of whether a kid is in Public School or Home School, the level of oversight would be the same - The School Board and the neglectful parent are all on the hook on the record. Your example about kids who only attend school for gangs is not possible in Florida. They'd be kicked out of Public School and sent to either Charter or one of the levels of Juvie. Standardized Testing is one thing I hate about Public School.
  12. That's not apples to apples. Because it's not the method of teaching that is the correlation. Parental Involvement or Student Aptitude is. Therefore, saying it is Homeschooling that tends to produce Constitutionally respectful kids is tantamount to Fake News. The Headline Correction would be: "Children with Parents Involved in their Education tend to have a greater understanding and respect for the Constitution than those who don't". But even then, unless I see statistics, I'm not quite sure that is correct. Because, there are a lot of parents who don't understand nor respect the Constitution and I'm going to posit they litter both Parental-involved education in Public School and Home School.
  13. Yes. Some tools are better than others. Money is just one of a myriad of choices. If that quest for Money is going to cause you to sacrifice other Purposes, then you're going to have to weigh whether it is better to use another tool that doesn't involve that specific quest for Money or doesn't involve Money at all which could also mean sacrifice. So basically, you could end up sacrificing something else for another. That's why the focus is on the Purpose. What are you Sacrificing and is it worth it?
  14. anatess2

    Oh Yeah, I Knew That. A Rant

    There was a time in my family that I banned the response, "I know.". That rule lasted a few years - from the time the kids were about 5 years old to when they got baptized. It was like my kids are too impatient for the answer so they say I know to stop me from talking. Hah hah. But in ROTJ - it wasn't that Vader didn't want Luke to turn to the dark side. Rather, he wants Luke to join him in his quest to rule the galaxy as "Father and son". When Luke gave in to the urge, Vader blocked him because Luke was not emotionally ready to join him. His loyalty was still with his friends and so killing Palpatine wouldn't have started his journey to Vader's side in the same manner that his killing of Dooku started his journey to Palpatine (he already trusted Palpatine). When Palpatine tried to kill Luke, Vader realized his salvation (bringing balance to the force) was not in ruling the galaxy. His salvation was in saving his son. - - - - Okay, okay, so these thoughts did not originate from me. I read the book. Anyway, that's another reason Episode 9 is going to suck if that was Palpatine laughing in the end. The survival of Palpatine is going to mess with that established balance in the end of ROTJ which is the legacy of Anakin as prophesied.
  15. anatess2

    Why we still have Democrats

    Oh get a room, you two!