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  1. You mean CV75, not JJ. That's why I mentioned Salvation because if the Plan is for all of us to be Exalted, then it will be called the Plan of Exaltation. This is a hinge-point in the discussion between grace and works. ALL of us will be saved. That is the Plan of Salvation. It's not that the Plan is for all of us to be Exalted and those who don't reach that goal is a deviation of the Plan.
  2. anatess2

    How do epidemics/pandemics stop?

    People are just trying to find something else to panic about so they won't have to deal with this anymore.
  3. anatess2

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Dolittle Robert Downey was incomprehensible in this movie. Okay okay, so I'm Filipino and have a terrible time with accents but I'm usually good with most UK accents even the Yorkshire and cockney ones. But I can't make out most of Downey's words.
  4. anatess2

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Bad Boys for Life - Rated R The bad guy is super cool! I really really like him. This is his first big gig so I hope he appears on more action movies in the future! The rest of the movie was ok, nothing special. The scriptwriters decided to mention 4chan as something the cops would monitor for terrorist activity and I'm like... hah hah... It seems like they're setting the thing up for another sequel with the new guy replacing Martin Lawrence.
  5. anatess2

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    1917 I'm not big on war movies. This was ok. I can't tell you much without giving the thing away but it ruined the movie for me that some guy didn't make it.
  6. Ok. I'm really not sure what we're talking about anymore. My little "equation" was a response to the statement ALL mankind are going to be exalted.
  7. anatess2

    Comprehensive Sex Education Beginning in Kindergarten?!

    It's not just LDS teens. The cultural shift is happening in the iGen. The hyper-sexualized culture became the main culture so that the reverent, chaste culture became the counter-culture. Kids scoffing at Twitch are now in the position of the punk rock counter-culture of our day. They're now the cool kids that stand out from the masses that get noticed in a cool way. Even the rainbow alphabet is becoming the mainstream and those scoffing at the rainbow sjw's are becoming the cool kids such that the cool gay kids are now scoffing at the rainbow sjw's too.
  8. anatess2

    Comprehensive Sex Education Beginning in Kindergarten?!

    And this is the thing... we can't really judge other families as having no methods. Is the crackhead down the street bringing their sugar daddy of the night home where their children sleep not a method? I say the kid learning about sex from the sounds through the wall is a smaller problem than the mother being a crackhead and bringing sugar daddies home. Government sex education can't fix that family nor that child. I say LDS missionaries have a much better chance of bringing that family to function.
  9. anatess2

    Fasting - some questions

    I'm packing it up. You just won the internet for the day.
  10. anatess2

    Exciting news about CNN!

    This is bugging me... it's not "bipartisanship". It's "partisanship". Even if there's only two parties (there aren't just two), it's still called "partisanship" - that act of putting one party over reason. Bipartisanship means - cooperation between 2 parties. I couldn't care less what party you're affiliated with. It doesn't change the fact that your statement was PARTISAN - putting party over reason, unreasonably blaming one party for things other parties are just as culpable. I'm not American. American political parties hold no meaning for me. Only political actions do. Irrelevant. You engaged in partisan commentary. You should stop contradicting your non-partisan claims with partisan statements. Stop projecting. I don't have to jump to any conclusions when your statement bears proof of my criticism. Let me remind you of your statement. This ⬇️ is a partisan statement.
  11. Don't underestimate the power of males to directly mimic the movements and visage of females. Much harder for females to mimic movements and visage of males when muscle growth and strength is required - lifts are an integral part of ballroom dance. And Dancing with the Stars proves every week that being the leader/follower in the dance is not gender specific. Blaire, pictured below, is male:
  12. This does not conflict with the Trinity concept.
  13. anatess2

    Comprehensive Sex Education Beginning in Kindergarten?!

    No. Just because some families have different methods of raising their kids doesn't mean all those kids will become addicted to porn.