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    Liberals in the Church

    Yep. That's why it's not useful, and even hurtful, to talk to/about individuals using group identities. Jordan Peterson talks about this a lot.
  2. anatess2

    Liberals in the Church

    One thing I learn about politics - Republicans don't always know what the Republican Party stands for... same for Democrats and the Democrat Party.
  3. Shoulda worn that mask... 😂
  4. That's OLD NEWS. WHO came out with an update from contact tracing data. And no, this is not an endorsement of government-imposed contact tracing.
  5. The virtue signaling is thick on this one... It's sad to see how much the quality of your posts have declined.
  6. No. What's the difference between 200,000 deaths and 200,001 deaths? None. "Give me liberty or give me death" - someone famous. "Those who give up liberty for safety will have neither liberty nor safety" - another someone famous. "“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." - another one also famous.
  7. And this is EXACTLY WHY people should not cede power to government.
  8. This is not a valid reason to expand government authority. And masks are a tool to commit anonymous armed robbery, symbols of white supremacy, antifa-terrorists, female oppression, etc. etc. In any case, masks are covered under freedom of expression - something that the government is supposed to not infringe. Still not a valid reason for government infringement of liberty. Not a valid reason for government infringement of liberty. That's what they've been saying for the past 4 months. Yet, it seems like there is more effort to pressure people to hand draconian power to government rather than pressure government to approve medical protocols to help reduce ER and ventilator needs. Depends on what problem you are trying to solve and what problems you are willing to ignore... and this is just masks... can you imagine when the CDC approves a vaccine?
  9. Well, that's the thing... places like California are making statewide ordinances that are designed for the urban centers mandated to non-urban dwellers. So, urban backyards in California are mask-zones which now applies to non-urban dwellers. This is another issue with government mandates.
  10. Are you really debating the detail of what constitutes public places?
  11. My 84-year-old aunt is having a "we're not talking to each other" fight with my 80-year-old mother. My 80-year-old mother is telling my 84-year-old aunt who flew to the USA all the way from the Philippines last March just to end up stuck in an apartment in LA to stop asking people to visit. My aunt has been calling everybody because she wants to visit them. Everybody in my family refused her visit except me. I even told her I'll buy her ticket. So now nobody is talking to me either. This is why I told her I'll buy her ticket... this is what she tearfully said to me - "I am 84 years old. I can die in my sleep tomorrow. I don't want to die cowering in an apartment. I want to spend everyday of what's left in my life to personally connect with my family and touch everybody's faces. I'd rather visit you and die of covid rather than die peacefully in my sleep not having the chance to see your children except for 1 week when they were little." Of course I said yes. Infection rate in my city - 2,000. Infection rate in LA - 80,000. I work from home, my husband works from home, my son is a fisherman - if you're within 25 feet of a fisherman, you're too close. We don't have the virus. We all live by Faith in God, continuing to do good things, rather than Fear of Death. No brainer. My entire family, led by my mother (her only living sibling), pressured her to stop our plans. My mother told me - "If she dies of covid visiting you, You are guilty of murder." So she went home to the Philippines yesterday - flying through multiple airplanes and multiple airports in multiple infected cities - never having visited anybody. I thought to myself, "If she dies before she gets a chance to see my children, I will do everything in my power to have her temple work done over the objections of my mother and her children."
  12. Same difference. Because, you're having a government forcing EVERYBODY - even those who don't carry the virus and can't possibly spread it - to wear one. There are so many assumptions that the government is making here. 1.) Everybody is a carrier. 2.) Masks are required to stop viral spread regardless of other methods exercised. 3.) Any mask - including non N95 standard ones - can stop viral spread. 4.) Masks can improve societal health more than it hurts... and the main thing - 5.) Stopping viral spread among a healthy population is the best way to deal with a viral pandemic.
  13. anatess2

    The "Say Nice Things About America" Thread

    They've come a looooong way from the age of the war of the monarchs. Speaking of monarchs... there's a lot of talk that the American princess is gonna be the end of the royals or at least the royalists. What's your take on it?
  14. anatess2

    The "Say Nice Things About America" Thread

    The plane fact that you can be prosecuted for Hate Speech, whereby "hate" is defined by government, means you do not have freedom of speech. You have government-indulged speech. And yes, I'm very familiar with Count Dankula.
  15. anatess2

    Reverse Boycott

    Yeay, capitalism. Chik-Fil-A
  16. The basic disagreement is on handing over your right to wear or not wear whatever you please to the government - local, state, or federal. There is ZERO difference between mandating that someone wear a mask for whatever reason to mandating someone wear a hijab for whatever reason. The reason is irrelevant. The right to what people wear or not wear rests on the people and cannot be infringed. The most libertarian of us already believe that the mandate for people to not be naked in public is already an infringement citing nudity in Europe as having more liberty. Going much more beyond that is an expansion of government powers that carries more risk than utility. It is the responsibility of every individual to take care, or not, of your health. That responsibility SHOULD NOT be handed over to the government. Someone's fear of death is not a reason for the government to arrest someone else for their choice to prevent covid spread mask-free.
  17. anatess2

    The "Say Nice Things About America" Thread

    Scott, you're not getting the point. In Denmark, as well as in Britain, having no law against a specific form of expression does not mean your right to express in such a manner is inalienable to you. It simply means the government indulged your manner of expression. Just the basic fact that the Danish (as well as the UK) government can make laws to punish you for it already proves the matter. Canadian laws are similar in structure to British and Danish law. The government of Canada has displayed that not only can it ban the speech of Canadians, it can FORCE Canadians to speak in a manner the government sees fit. This is a paradigm totally opposite of the American paradigm.
  18. anatess2

    The "Say Nice Things About America" Thread

    I will give you a perfect example. Tommy Robinson. You can say all you want that the UK government gets its mandate to govern from the people. The fact still remains, the common Brit's freedom to speak is an indulgence given to you by the government to which it can take away.
  19. Kanye for President. Getting vilified and lied about just like Trump was... He is speaking Malcolm X when he talked about Harriett Tubman... the media, of course, reports a soundbite deliberately out of context. Fake News gonna Fake.
  20. I have a hard time understanding rap lyrics so I only like a very few of them because the repetitive beats just get boring after a while. I listened to Kanye's new song and I didn't get it until Knowles talked about it here and I went... whoa!
  21. Oh... about wiping out aisles... Walmart AND Winn-Dixie got wiped out of Goya products which, admittedly, is the reason I went to 3 Winn-Dixies and 2 Walmarts... looking for the Goya empanada wrappers. There's a big hole where the Goya wrappers were... I've never seen them run out! And guess what else... I couldn't find a single appliance store in 3 counties that has freezers in stock.
  22. anatess2

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Well... theaters are still closed, which really sucks. But we've been streaming a lot. Extraction - loved this (rated R for violence). Old Guard - overall didn't like it (rated R for violence). Artemis Fowl - disappointing My Spy - didn't like it Charlie's Angels (with that Twilight girl) - it was so bad, my husband and I quit watching not even 30 minutes into it
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    3 years already. Whoa.
  24. anatess2

    who is the jerk, him or me?

    Stop being a jerk. You can't control your spouse. You can only control yourself. So you can't stop him from being a jerk, you can only stop yourself from being a jerk. Do things because you love your spouse. Don't do things because you want your spouse to do it back to you. If you want to rub your spouse's back, rub it. If you don't want to rub your spouse's back, don't. Don't do it because you expect him to rub yours right back and don't refuse to do it because you want to punish him for not rubbing your back. Then, starting right now... get a notebook and pen and write down at least 3 things every single day that your spouse did that you appreciate. Three things. Every. Single. Day.
  25. Interesting thing in Florida. So, we don't have a statewide mask mandate but we have mayors that issue mask mandates in some cities. Walmart came out and said they are going to enforce mask mandate in all their stores. Winn-Dixie came out and said they are not going to enforce mask mandate in all their stores to avoid conflict between their employees and their customers. Interestingly, I just happened to go to two Super Walmarts and 3 Winn-Dixies the past few days. Walmart customers in the mask-mandated city has mostly maskless customers even as they said they're enforcing masks. Walmart also has those "this way/wrong way" aisle markers that most people are ignoring. Winn-Dixie, on the other hand, had mostly masked customers even after stating they're not enforcing masks. There was one Winn-Dixie where I didn't see a single person without a mask except for the Winn-Dixie employee gathering the carts at the parking lot. This is the kind of stuff, we data analysts itch to get to the bottom of.