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Found 8 results

  1. As someone who has been investigating the church for just over a year and a half, I've found it very hard to find out anything outside of Doctrine and Scripture about what it's truly like to become a member, not so much the being a member after baptism etc. I'm lucky enough to have a friend who is a life long member and has answered every question I've had. Ive found it really difficult to connect with all the missionaries as it's a very foreign concept to me to be "put with" people I don't know but who are assigned to be my friends. I also have difficulty because even though I'm a girl, I've never had many girl friends, I've always got along better with boys and find it really hard to connect with the sisters or any girls in general, so much so that I felt anxious every time I saw them in a Church and had an anxious breakdown when I had a lesson alone with them as it felt like I was cornered and being pushed towards baptism that I definitely wasn't ready for, I was holding back tears the entire meeting. It really made me feel like I didn't want to go any further and felt it pushed my confidence down. If I hadn't had my friend, I would never have gone back. I know for certain that if I'd been on my own and looking in to joining the Church, I wouldn't have even got as far as the front door if I'd been left to be led there and guided by missionaries. I'm always amazed how people have gone on the journey this route as its so alien to me. It would be really useful to have some resources from new converts or current investigators as to how they are coping with everything. My biggest hang up is baptism, I just don't know how I'm ever going to reach it. I'm absolutely terrified at the thought of the ceremony, having people look at me, being a focus, it fills me with dread but I so want the gift of the Holy Spirit I would gain from it
  2. Hello All! I've been perusing a few topics here and folks on this forum seem very genuine and polite for the most part which is refreshing. I've been interested in the LDS community for some time and no doubt because I have surrounded myself with LDS members but it truly has seemed coincedental and random. In all regards, the LDS Members I have met, have been very kind, welcoming, and engaging. I am in no way saying perfect but I do think many practicing Mormons will allow go the extra mile to help others. I must admit some of my "best friends" are Mormon. LOL! I must say that I am an individual who loves to help others, feels that there is "something" Higher than us to which we need to contribute...its not just all about the NOW. However, I am currently not an LDS, but more of a general non practicing Catholic. Throughout the last couple of decades, I've been drawn to LDS community. Here in American we are very blessed that we can investigate a new religion to which we may not had born without being killed--AMEN-- but I want to ask folks here: For converts to the Mormon Religion, are converts looked as "tainted" or not "real" LDS. because we were not born into the religion? I read some articles saying that people who are not "real LDS" are never really accepted, is this true? To me, spreading the gospel and the Book of Mormon is exactly what it's all about. Someone who is 30, 40, 50, 60, ..... something and finally accepts Christ and the Book of Mormon is celebrated rather than looked down upon. Am I incorrect? Next month I shall go to The Local LDS Church with new LDS friends, and I'm really looking forward to it, looking forward to learning about Christ, meeting new people, and how I can help others. Thanks for any comments! Kind regards to all! Peace and blessings!
  3. So I'm 25 and joined the Church just over a year ago. I'm the first of my family, so a lot of my personal battles are getting these two worlds to mesh. 6 weeks ago I started dating another member and we've really struck it off. We're already talking about getting married to each other. Once upon a time, I would have run screaming from such a relationship, but now I'm not scared. Now it feels right. I know it's relatively common in the church for people to meet, date, and propose in 6 months or less (which I swore wasn't going to be me but well here we are...) but it's not common outside the Church. I'm already having nonmembers express their concern for me. What have you done in similar situations? What can I say to assuage their concerns?
  4. Tune in for the latest and greatest. IM WANTING SOME ADVICE. I find myself everyday wanting to rely more on Jesus Christ in all my doings. I really want to take my testimony of Him to the next "LEVEL" so to speak... yet wondering if I could find more ideas. Or maybe I'm looking beyond the mark? I feel like I have the basis of a strong testimony of Him and I ask you all, "HOW DO YOU strengthen your testimony of Him? What do you do that takes your relationship with him and deepens it?" Please share your feelings.
  5. Hi I'm SilverLight I found this place while looking for religious forums and thought I would give it a shot. I like to learn about different things and decided this place would be interesting to look into. I look forward to talk with you all at some point.
  6. Hi, I'm new here and looking forward to meeting you all.
  7. Hello everyone! New to this site. Just recently started getting more involved with online forums and being that I'm Mormon, it was nice to find this one. Look forward to chatting with and getting to know others who share my same faith! My name is Robert or Rob. I'm 24 from small town Ohio. Near Columbus. I enjoy meeting new people,spending time with family, tennis,volleyball, movies,going out to eat..walks,camping all fun. Laid back and get along with just about everyone. But anyway, hello everyone! ☺
  8. Hi!! I've been a member of the LDS churchmy entire life and I recenly started an LDS instagram account. Please go follow me on instagram for awesome quotes, funny memes, and other nice stuff!!! @happy_lds_quotes