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Found 19 results

  1. I'm a medical marijuana patient and LDS. I have a close friend who recently return from his mission staying with me for 2 weeks. I grow my own medicine to avoid using channels that could have illegal activity. Please keep in mind its legal in my state. Well my dilemma is, I need to be able to tend to my plants (water-heat-light adjustment-nutrients) at least once a day. I have a whole room dedicated to my indoor vegetable garden and cannabis plants. The scent of a cannabis plant is strong and noticeable so if I were to enter the room the house would smell of it for around 10 min. should I just sit down with him and explain the situation? I'm worried he might be offended or disturbed by the idea. Please send me some opinions quickly. Its day 2 of him being here and its becoming very difficult. thanks.
  2. My friend, Rockford, and I agreed to start a YouTube channel called "Words on the Rocks" where we talk about the wonders of dating as a Mormon millennial living the YSA life. "Young Single Adult" and asked people to comment on our facebook page their worst date stories. We picked two and reenacted the one typical to what it's like when members get set up on dates with nonmembers. some can be really fun; a nice way to reconnect with old friends or meet new people. This women didn't realize the two men she encountered had a reputation for breaking the law! The video is very low budget, but fun to watch. Our other videos talk about the creepers we encounter in the dating world, as well as cliques in singles wards. Check it out!
  3. Growing up in an Evanglical-Pentecostal church, I loved hearing conversion stories. Christians who had left some dead, false spirituality for new life in Christ were thrilling to hear from. They might talk about hypocrisy, or meaningless rituals, or realizing that what they had been doing was empty and unfulfilling. I imagine that LDS often have these same stories to share. In the past couple of weeks the seriousness of such stories hit me hard. A dear friend and fellow clergy has resigned his calling, and is converting to Catholicism. While I agree with the decades-old assessment (on the Catholic side) that we are really just "separated brethren," it still hurts. So, what I would appreciate reading are posts from those who have converted from another faith. Of course, you should bear your testimony. However, to the extent that is comfortable on an internet forum, it would help to hear about the struggles over doctrine, over close ones who are still in the former religions who feel betrayed, etc. What I realize is that conversion is seldom short, sweet, and without heartache. For those brave souls willing, I really hope to learn from your stories.
  4. I have had this "friend" for the past few years of high school. This friendship didn't actually start until I was a Sophomore. During my Freshman year, this girl who was in the grade above me would immediately go to me once she entered the high school before school started. I would be there earlier because of seminary (seminary is a class that is completely optional, but highly encouraged for high schoolers. Seminary is held as early as 5:30 and as late as 6:15). She and I kind of talked during my Freshman year, but we didn't really do anything. I did go to her house maybe once or twice before a big football game. Sophomore year, I could feel like she was trying to really use me. I felt like her slave in a way. I got my license Sophomore year after March, and she was constantly trying to take MY car out to lunch (my school let's us take our cars out to lunch, but the Sophomores can't take our cars. It's something that only the upperclassmen can do). Her excuse was that she had to get paint for a retirement home that the service club needed, and I found out that she was actually getting just lunch after the 2nd or 3rd time that she went out. My dad eventually found out because he was putting my next year's enrollment into my car, but my car wasn't there, so after freaking out thinking that he'd take away my license, I told my dad about it, and he told me simply to not lend my car out to other people. Junior year, I was truly her slave. I constantly with her whenever there was a break, and whenever lunch was. In September, she broke her left calf playing softball, so she had to ride on a scooter the entire time, and I ended up being the one to get doors for her, and carry her bags for her (sometimes). She was also in the fall school musical, and she'd been working on it during the summer. Our drama teacher who is in charge of the musical productions at my school kicked her out of the musical (and she's not even looking into music after high school! She wants to go into criminal investigation) and she started crying like someone broke her other leg. I can see why our drama teacher kicked her out though- the past musicals she's auditioned for, she either dropped out because she didn't get the role she wanted, or because she said empty threats of dropping out, but she just sucked it up and stayed in her small part. Towards the end of this past school year, she started to try and tell me the "phrases that guys use and what they mean" as a way to keep me protected. while she's in college. I kindly told her I don't want to know about that kind of stuff because I'm a Mormon and I always will be a Mormon, but she was insistent. Whenever she drove in my car, she always took the aux cord and played the dirtiest music on her playlist with the windows rolled down, and everytime, I was about to say "I have a BYU sticker on the back of my car right now, and I probably look like a hypocrite to other people who know what BYU means" but i didn't say it. When I was going to go to Prom, I told her I might not go because the guy I was going to take went to Jerusalem to see his older sister who is studying abroad there, and she started freaking out and said "Come for the pictures!" I ended up taking a Sophomore girl since the Sophomores aren't able to go by themselves and they need an upperclassmen to ask them in order to go, but I would not have gone if it weren't for my "friend" constantly pushing me about it. And when I told her that my guy was in Jerusalem, so I didn't want to go, she exploded pretty much saying "You need to date other guys" "You can't have your heart set on one guy", and when I told her that I'm only dating LDS guys, she didn't agree with that. She said all of this 5 minutes before Chorus started (we're both in chorus) and I started bawling, so she and I stepped out and she had to explain herself a little more. Currently, she just got back from a 3 month cruise, and she's going back to me again, and talking to me again. I really don't want to hang out with her anymore because she's not helping me grow at all, and I actually felt better when she wasn't with me. I've been able to grow stronger, and stand a little taller without her, and I know that the friendship between her and I can't continue under these circumstances. She needs to accept the fact that I'm a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and there are certain rules and standards that I want to live by. How do I get my point across to her that our friendship can't go on if she's doing these kind of things?
  5. So... A long time ago... I made some dear friends... There's a long story to it but I won't bother getting into that. It's not relevant right now. The problem is, these friends, although great people, have led me to do some sexual things with them outside of marriage. Luckily nothing TOO bad. But it's wrong. And it's definitely keeping me from getting close to my Heavenly Father and going on my Mission. But in order to repent fully from all this... I greatly fear that... I will have to say goodbye permanently to my friends I'm doing these things with. And deep emotional attachments have developed with us. And even further, these friends are, of course, not LDS, so they probably won't understand if I try to explain why I have to do this. So now, because of my sheer idiocy in giving in to these sexual things, I need to decide now between God or them... I want to choose God but it's so very hard to bring myself to say goodbye to them after all we've experienced together. In fact, I haven't been able to do it yet at all. I don't want to hurt them... They're nice people who don't deserve it. And if I say goodbye permanently, I know it will hurt them so much... I don't want to leave them. But I KNOW this church is true. There is no doubt. Well, I guess there is SOME doubt as anyone will have obviously or else having faith would be impossible as you would have a sure knowledge then. But you know what I mean I'm sure. Please, any help, advice, or encouragement at all would be greatly appreciated. Even criticism. I don't care. It's perfectly fine. I just badly need to talk about this at least with people who are LDS too. Who understand the gravity of all this.
  6. The most cliched posts come alive when they happen to us! Thanksgiving Day, on the interstate, headed to my mother's with an SUV full of family, and one of our tires blows out. I calmly pull over, as we are about 100 ft from an exit, so there's a nice shoulder. Tow truck arrives to take the SUV, friends arrive to take us home, and we still make it to Mommy's. Angels protected us from accident and death, and even got us "home for the holidays." God. is. good!
  7. Hello everyone! New to this site. Just recently started getting more involved with online forums and being that I'm Mormon, it was nice to find this one. Look forward to chatting with and getting to know others who share my same faith! My name is Robert or Rob. I'm 24 from small town Ohio. Near Columbus. I enjoy meeting new people,spending time with family, tennis,volleyball, movies,going out to eat..walks,camping all fun. Laid back and get along with just about everyone. But anyway, hello everyone! ☺
  8. I guess I've never really had a healthy, righteous relationship with a member of the opposite sex. Ever since I moved away for college things have gone even further downhill. (I don't mean to encourage anyone to be like me because I have not been good/happy.. so I hope bringing up this subject isn't against the rules. if it is, srry!) Sinning over the last year has been a slippery slope. I'm worried because I've developed an indifferent attitude. I've met with my bishop in the YSA ward. I do love the church and believe in it. I just don't know if I have or can get the will to change. I'll be completely honest- I like getting attention. My issues are in not keeping the word of wisdom or the law of chastity. The thing is, I know I can't go on like this forever. I don't know how to end friendships that aren't the best to keep. Also I got depressed when I had the morning after pill in a way.. Like I know it is not a good idea to have a child in my situation, but I still felt sad for some reason. How do I get the will to change? How do I break off friendships? Any suggestions? Thanks!!!
  9. Hi everyone, I am technically a member of the Church. I haven't attended in a long time. I no longer live a worthy life. For whatever reason yesterday I decided to browse and watched President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's 'Of Regrets and Resolutions'. I have tried to quit smoking many times and failed. His talk has inspired me to try yet again. I don't have any real life support for this, so I was hoping maybe this is a place I can post about my efforts and feel some support, even from strangers. I have never not believed in the message of the Church since the moment I heard it, even though my life has taken me so very far away since then. I can't even begin to think about all the things I would need to do to make things right so I'm just going to focus on this one thing until I can manage the others. If these kinds of threads are frowned upon or prohibited, please delete or move it with my apologies.
  10. Hi. I'll be frank, I am looking for a true eternal companion. The last one was ex'ed from the church (just leave it at that). In the mean time, I am looking for some friends to chat with. I am sealed to my 4 children who live with me full time. So, I don't have a lot of time to go to singles functions...and honestly, the same people week after week, month after month...people who are still emotionally in high school. Can we just all grow up! I deal with teenagers every day, I don't want to deal with them at activities of SINGLE ADULTS. Yet, this has given me a great perspective...that many problems in our wards can be solved by being adults and conducting ourselves like adults and not like teenagers in adult bodies. They make comedies about things like that, but in real life it's not funny and so many people get hurt. I like Shakespeare, theatre, music, singing, dancing, concerts, gardening, camping (with tents in a camp ground), hiking, biking...that's just the start. So, if you're an adult or trying hard to be one, lets chat.
  11. When our current HT made his first contact with our family it was a quick calll on July 29 wanting to drop by on the 30th, we had family commitments that day so it was a no go. We tried to set somthing up for August never happend. In September my wife was hospitalized for a couple of days, Brother G. made a herculean effort to come visit us once she came home, we had a very nice warm visit. Come time for the October visit, the last tuesday of the month as seems to be his day to visit, was one of my bad days that month we were low on funds I was out of enough cash to cover my pain pillls, I was in pain and not at my normal level of functionalbility. Bro G, being an ER Resident was able to pick up on it, was able to help pinpoint what was going on. Was able to explain to me things I have known all along but not able to come to grips with, help me set some timley goals to complete to help me and my family move forward. His kids and Wife have also adopted us and we have been to thier homr fpr dinner, thier 5 year old has expressed desire to have hs hair styled like my 15 year olds. What I am trying to say the Lords programs work for everyone, this is the second time in my life when a HT has reached out to me and began to pull up and help me feel whole once again. Home Teaching works when we are senstive enough to truly listen to the spirit as to what are families may need than not be afraid no matter how strange it may seem.
  12. So I have been friends with this girl for a while now. Her name is Sarah, and in the months that we have known each other, we have become really close friends and I have developed great love and trust in her. I really respect her especially for her morals that are extremely similar to the church. She is a non-member and we have had many discussions about the gospel. I've told her about the plan of salvation and resurrection. She asked me if it bothers me that she isn't really into religion and stuff and it really doesn't bother me. I just told her that I would love nothing more than to share my happiness with her. She really respected that. I really want to share the gospel with her, but I definitely don't want to shove it down here throat. I just want to know what I can do besides carry on with our friendship. When is it a good time to give her a book of mormon. I love her a lot and I really want to share the gospel with her. She has such great potential. What can I do?
  13. I'm going to confess a sin to my Bishop, and I anticipate he will ask me to not pass/partake of the sacrament, pray in public, home teach, etc. (Just the basic temporary "punishments"). The problem is my ward has a very small youth group and an even smaller young men's group. We have just enough to serve the sacrament, but usually someone is sick so we have an adult come, but it is apparent who wasn't there and we always ask "why could you not serve today, we needed you?" If I stop passing the sacrament suddenly for a few weeks my friends and priesthood leaders will ask why...How do I maintain my privacy (since it is not there business) without making the situation uncomfortable? For instance, if someone asks me "why haven't you passed the sacrament or helped us prepare for the past 3 weeks? You need to get on top of that!" What do I say? Another thing I'm worried about- Sunday School and Priesthood session...What if I am called to say an opening/closing prayer? If I decline my friends will become suspicious since I NEVER decline. My friends will think less of me, too. Second, in Priesthood our leaders do NOT take no for an answer. If I say I don't want to when I am called on then they will persist. What do I do? Please help me, any suggestions, anything at all. I'm open minded. I want to fully repent and be pure, but I don't want to experience a rough process.
  14. Dear readers, okay i have a really hard time reciving answers. i have a friend who has had conversations with the spirit, where as i dont get anything. and its really hard. each time i really feel like i am going to be answered i really belive that somthing will happen a feeling or someone says somthing perfectly, or even just a scripture screams out the answer and then nothing. and each time its harder and harder to psych my self up. but i do and i do belive that i will get an answer i just need some help. so i am writing this tread to see if i see an inspired reply and i could use some encouragement as well as maybe some advise as to what i should do better or different. ive been to the temple and got a blessing in the past 2 days. i have been reading my scriptures and praying every day. a few months ago i belive i recived my answer. in fact it is the only time i have ever felt like i have gotten an answer while praying and that "feeling" overcame me. problem is i only told a few ppl and they all said that not only was that answer wrong but that i wouldnt have gotten that as an answer. that it was just what i wanted. and i have seriously been wondering if thats true. then while praying it hit me. you've gotten your answer. then the blessing i got is making me re-consider. and i want to do what the lord wants me to do bc i know things will turn out right if i do what he wants me to do. i just need to know what that is bc i have been getting so many mixed signals. and there are some eternal things that i have to decide between. i hope this is enough infprmation. if i need to later i will give more. i am sealing this thread with a prayer and begging for help. -confused
  15. Ok I have two job potentials. Would ya'll pray for me that I would get the best one for me. I believe that to be the one close by... But trust me... I can use all the brownie points I could use... so If you think I've ever done something nice...hehehe... you know... maybe use that as leverage? hehehe Just kidding but first interview (local) is Wed at 10am. I will be fasting this weekend along with my sister and a very close friend. Anyone wanna join me? Anyone who knows my life knows it has kinda gone down the drain since ya'll first met me.... need some positives. Thanks. Hey maybe I could start one of those email chain letter thingys? hehe.
  16. Hello Everyone, My name is Ginger. I am a single mother of two children. 8 & 14, at this time, however, next year they will be older. I am a professional freelance writer, I work from home and today is one of my chosen days off. I figured that I'd look around to see what type of LDS websites were out there and found all ya'll! I joined the church in 1979, when I was 19 years old. The sister missionaries began teaching me on a Monday and I was baptized that next Thursday. For seven years, the church was my whole life... Then something happened, it is called Gossip and it must obviously took a down-hill race. I was confused and terribly hurt by the telling of things that were not true to begin with. I walked away and no one, no other members ever came to even see about me or talk to me. Not my home teachers, visiting teachers or friends, not a single person came... That was 1986. Things have been hard, but they have always been hard. However, I do know that the church itself is true and all the prophets are ordained of our Heavenly Father. I do believe that the teachings of the church are true no matter how weak individual humans may be... It's been awhile, but I'm on my way back. So, now here I am... Please, Be good too me, as I always do my best to always be good to others and my heart is terribly broken... Ginger
  17. So I had a friend for about 7 years. Then she started a website that turned into a blog. We are no longer friends for many reasons, however, I feel really bad for her. 1) One day when we had arranged for me to go visit her, she informed me that she decided she preferred internet friends to face-to-face friends, since she could look so much better. She told me she sounds smarter and can stop and think before she says anything offensive...she does have a problem with offending people verbally. 2) After this meeting/visit with her, everything started to slide. She put everything before all of her real friends for her internet life. I actually read on her site and the site of her hometown where she referred to me (not using my name) in a negative way. Her story wasn't true, but fit the blog and site postings, so she just made something up to get pity and belong. 3) She has offended many people in her ward to where she decided the town had a problem and recently moved. 4) The last time I spoke to her, she talked about how embarrassing it is if people in her ward knew of her "real" life. She openly admits that she personifies her life and that of her husband's and kids' as something near perfection. In actuality, her oldest has little or nothing to do with her. She is considered "shallow." 5) Part of her problem offending people is that she believes in order to judge right from wrong, we need to judge people. This was a new concept for her when I last spoke to her a few years ago. She is so selfish and conceited now. She portrays herself even online as above everyone and their menial problems. She brags about money (who knows if she really has it?)The last time I saw her she ran from me, since she wasn't put together properly. I see her around and never approach her now. I don't know what to say, except I haven't spoken to her in a few years, and I think she has really lost it. I know she isn't truly happy, although she'd never admit it. She has lost all of her friends, including her oldest and her fellow ward members. In the new town she moved to I think it is just a matter of time before she offends everyone again or before they see that she is faking her life. Anyway, I thought I'd share this, because somehow I feel like I let her down in that I couldn't pull her from understanding that judging is wrong, and lying is wrong. And real friends are worth a lifetime of happiness.
  18. Hi!, Let me introduce myself. My name is Trey Abbe and I represent, America's Incredible Pizza Company. We are currently looking at building a facility in Salt Lake City, UT. My boss has asked me to ask Mormons/Christians/etc. alike and find out if you, "the people", feel that a Family Entertainment Center like America's Incredible Pizza Company sounds like a place for you and your families to go and have an Incredible time! Go to Incredible Pizza Company - Enjoy our huge all-you-can-eat buffet, indoor Go-Kart Races, Bumper Cars, Route 66 Mini Golf, a huge video game arcade with prizes, Bowling, and more! to find out all about us! Please dig in and give me your honest opinions. Let me know...If your not a resident of Salt Lake City, UT; please feel free to leave your comments as well, but include your state! Who knows maybe will even build one there! Thanks!! Trey Abbe Director of Website Solutions America's Incredible Pizza Company [email protected]
  19. I'm Kelley! I'm from Springfield, Missouri, but I'm going to be going to school in Dubuque, Iowa. University of Dubuque to be exact, go Spartans! Just looking for more friends, especially if your in Dubuque as well since I know NO ONE there. Let's chat!