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Found 1 result

  1. I have had this "friend" for the past few years of high school. This friendship didn't actually start until I was a Sophomore. During my Freshman year, this girl who was in the grade above me would immediately go to me once she entered the high school before school started. I would be there earlier because of seminary (seminary is a class that is completely optional, but highly encouraged for high schoolers. Seminary is held as early as 5:30 and as late as 6:15). She and I kind of talked during my Freshman year, but we didn't really do anything. I did go to her house maybe once or twice before a big football game. Sophomore year, I could feel like she was trying to really use me. I felt like her slave in a way. I got my license Sophomore year after March, and she was constantly trying to take MY car out to lunch (my school let's us take our cars out to lunch, but the Sophomores can't take our cars. It's something that only the upperclassmen can do). Her excuse was that she had to get paint for a retirement home that the service club needed, and I found out that she was actually getting just lunch after the 2nd or 3rd time that she went out. My dad eventually found out because he was putting my next year's enrollment into my car, but my car wasn't there, so after freaking out thinking that he'd take away my license, I told my dad about it, and he told me simply to not lend my car out to other people. Junior year, I was truly her slave. I constantly with her whenever there was a break, and whenever lunch was. In September, she broke her left calf playing softball, so she had to ride on a scooter the entire time, and I ended up being the one to get doors for her, and carry her bags for her (sometimes). She was also in the fall school musical, and she'd been working on it during the summer. Our drama teacher who is in charge of the musical productions at my school kicked her out of the musical (and she's not even looking into music after high school! She wants to go into criminal investigation) and she started crying like someone broke her other leg. I can see why our drama teacher kicked her out though- the past musicals she's auditioned for, she either dropped out because she didn't get the role she wanted, or because she said empty threats of dropping out, but she just sucked it up and stayed in her small part. Towards the end of this past school year, she started to try and tell me the "phrases that guys use and what they mean" as a way to keep me protected. while she's in college. I kindly told her I don't want to know about that kind of stuff because I'm a Mormon and I always will be a Mormon, but she was insistent. Whenever she drove in my car, she always took the aux cord and played the dirtiest music on her playlist with the windows rolled down, and everytime, I was about to say "I have a BYU sticker on the back of my car right now, and I probably look like a hypocrite to other people who know what BYU means" but i didn't say it. When I was going to go to Prom, I told her I might not go because the guy I was going to take went to Jerusalem to see his older sister who is studying abroad there, and she started freaking out and said "Come for the pictures!" I ended up taking a Sophomore girl since the Sophomores aren't able to go by themselves and they need an upperclassmen to ask them in order to go, but I would not have gone if it weren't for my "friend" constantly pushing me about it. And when I told her that my guy was in Jerusalem, so I didn't want to go, she exploded pretty much saying "You need to date other guys" "You can't have your heart set on one guy", and when I told her that I'm only dating LDS guys, she didn't agree with that. She said all of this 5 minutes before Chorus started (we're both in chorus) and I started bawling, so she and I stepped out and she had to explain herself a little more. Currently, she just got back from a 3 month cruise, and she's going back to me again, and talking to me again. I really don't want to hang out with her anymore because she's not helping me grow at all, and I actually felt better when she wasn't with me. I've been able to grow stronger, and stand a little taller without her, and I know that the friendship between her and I can't continue under these circumstances. She needs to accept the fact that I'm a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and there are certain rules and standards that I want to live by. How do I get my point across to her that our friendship can't go on if she's doing these kind of things?