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  1. Hello! I have been writing a missionary who has been out in the field for a little over 11 months now. He will be a year long missionary this next July, and I've been trying to come up with some encouraging quotes and notes to send to him since it will be his one year mark. I'm not exactly sure what to say. I have a lot of general conference quotes, and some scriptures, but I can't think of anything for me to say. Each letter, I always end it the same with "Stay safe and keep up the good work!" and I'm trying to add more encouraging things to say in this letter. What would be some good things to include?
  2. I'm currently writing to a missionary who's been out in the field for about 10 months now, and I've run out of words of encouragement to say. I always keep the e-mails positive and uplifting and I always try to end it with a recent spiritual experience if I can. I'm also in a group e-mail, and I receive his mission updates every so often, so I leave a comment or say something about that and leave encouraging things with that, but I always end up saying the same words of encouragement at the end which are "stay safe and keep up the good work." At first it would end with "Hope all is well," and then I changed it to stay safe. In e-mails and letters before I've expressed how I'm really glad he's chosen to go on a mission, and I want to say other encouraging words along those lines, but I don't want to wear it out or say it too much. What other words of encouragement could I use? I'm thinking about writing in my next letter something like this: I don't want to say this too much because I feel like it'd lose it's meaning. Just remember this with this letter and all the letters I have written and all the letters I've yet to write. (and then I'd put in that I'm seriously proud of him for serving a mission and I'm really happy he's serving a mission and wants to serve a mission) but I don't want to seem too romantic with it. Does it seem romantic?
  3. I've been friends with this one guy for almost 4 years now. He and I have been dating off and on for about 2 years, and we're both the same age. Last February, I took him to my school's winter formal, and when I dropped him off at his house, he told me how he felt about me, and I could tell he has a big crush. I didn't know how to respond though I am crushing on him big time, (have been since I've known him just about) but I had his mission in mind so I didn't really take action or tell him that I felt the same way. Between that night and now, he has gotten his mission call, and he's going on his mission in June, so about 2 to 3 months from now, and I wanna sit down with him and tell him my feelings and that I feel the same way, but I don't know if 2 to 3 months before his mission would be the right call. I don't wanna make any promises with him about dating in the future or anything, just tell him how I feel cause it's gonna bother me until I tell him. What would be the right thing to do?
  4. Backstory: this guy (Elder) who I have a crush on is currently on his mission. He's finally out in the field now after a month of being the MTC (Missionary Training Center) and I can send him care packages now. When he was in the MTC, he was in the MTC in Mexico City, and I didn't think it would get to him on time if I sent him a care package. Elder is serving in the U.S. and I have looked up on Pinterest for ideas of care packages to send. I have written a question about this before, but this is a more direct question because most of the care packages contain chocolate, and cookies, and Elder is lactose intolerant. I have come up with a few ideas of food to send him which are: Beef Jerky Dehydrated Fruit Clif bars (maybe?) Snickerdoodles (He likes snickerdoodles) And Chocolate Fudge Pop Tarts (his favorite flavor) Before I send him any food, I might check with his family to see what would be okay to send. I wanna send him some food, but maybe some useful things that could help him while he's on his mission (unless food is the only thing that Missionaries prefer).
  5. So, there's these neuro drinks that have a bunch of different flavors. There's the sonic (that gives you energy), bliss, and I think sleep is one of them too. I've had them every so often, and I usually have the sonics because that gives me more energy and I'm able to be more focused. I don't have them everyday, but I just got one of them from the grocery store this morning, and it wasn't until now that I looked at the ingredients. One of the ingredients it L-Theanine (L-TeaActive), so I looked it up. It said that L-Theanine is an ingredient in tea that comes from the tea-leaf, and I was wondering that since that's in it, it might be against the word of wisdom (the word of wisdom is where members of the LDS church are encouraged not to drink tea, coffee, beer, or anything that can take away our free agency). Are the Neuro drinks against the word of wisdom?
  6. Shoot. Sorry. I thought it was recent.
  7. I'm currently experiencing this right now. I've been born into the church and I'm 17. I was at my last Girls' Camp, and I anonymously wrote a spiritual question to the Stake Presidents (like they do every year, but this time I actually had a question) and I decided to take that chance to write a question asking what one should do if they are starting to crush on someone who is preparing to go on their mission. They said that you shouldn't prevent him from going on his mission, because if he has a desire to go, you should let him go. You definitely don't want to write "i miss you" or "wish you were here" at the end of the letters because that will make him miss home, and will make it harder for his mission. The Stake President that answered this invited his wife, and his wife actually waited for him when he went on his mission! They met each other about 2-4 months before he went on his mission, they wrote back and forth, and they ended up getting married once he finished his 2 years. My missionary has been out for barely a month, and I've kind of gotten a grasp on some things. E-mail is much faster and efficient if he's out of the US. With hand-written letters, there's a 50/50 chance he'll get it. There's a reason why it's called "snail mail" because it takes really long to get there. It might take your missionary a while to read it, and his P-day is probably chalked full of stuff he needs to get done, and activities. One of the answers that I got from a past question was that if a missionary has free time, the high priority is to sleep, and not read a letter from home. I've also found with writing letters, you don't want to be romanticy~it's better to be supportive and encouraging. I also found this talk about writing to missionaries called "Missionary Mail" that helped me out a LOT: Best of luck to you! Hope this helps! :)
  8. Short story- there's a guy I really like who's currently on his mission (a mission is where a young man at the age of 18 who has already graduated high school devotes 2 years of his life to preaching and teaching the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. All young men in the LDS church are expected to go on a mission if they are worthy and choose to do so). He's only been on his mission for barely a month now. I wrote him a letter a few days after he got to the Mexico City MTC (Missionary Training Center except in Mexico City, it's called CCM). I just wrote some encouraging words, and left him with an inspiring scripture that applied to serving a mission. I paid for the stamp that was needed to send the letter, and I sent it, but I'm not sure if he's gotten it yet because he hasn't written me back. I've talked to my parents about this, and they said to not worry about him sending me a letter back because each day for him at the MTC until he goes into the field is completely filled from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to bed. My parents also said to continue sending him encouraging words, and scriptures I find that will keep his morale up. His parents also had a piece of paper at his mission farewell before he went on his mission that people could put their e-mails on and get weekly updates about his mission, and I put my e-mail on that list, so I know I shouldn't worry about a direct response from him, but I was wondering if missionaries usually write back to those who write them first whether it be by paper or by e-mail. Do missionaries usually reply to paper letters after they leave the MTC and are in the field, and they've gotten used to the routine? Would it be better if I e-mailed him instead of writing letters? Thanks!
  9. I wish I could call him my boyfriend. If he were my boyfriend, I would totally bring it up with him. He said he doesn't want to call anyone his girlfriend until after his mission, but the way he acts around me makes it seem like we're boyfriend and girlfriend. Plus with the mission, he doesn't turn 18 until this August, and he's still got senior year to deal with.
  10. Modest Prom is an annual church dance that my stake holds. It's usually held around the same time as Prom in most schools, and it's there for those who can't go to prom or don't want to go to their school prom.
  11. First off, I'm sorry, but this has a lot of backstory: There's this guy who I have known since freshmen year (for those who have seen my past questions, this guy is not the same one that is on his mission). He is a huge baseball fan (and he plays baseball at his school), and he is LDS, and super sweet. If there was one word I could describe him, it would be a goofball. He and I are going into our Senior year. The first date that he and I went on was the very first date that I'd ever been on (I waited till I was 16 to date (for those who don't know, the youth in the LDS church are encouraged to wait to date until they are 16 or older)). He took me to his house after getting food through the drive-thru, we watched Sixth Sense, and went to his friends Halloween party (the date was on Halloween). After that first date, he and I went on 2 other dates. I had him over to my house to watch a movie, and then the next one, we went to Dave & Buster's and then he took me to the New Year's Eve Stake Dance. After these first few dates, I felt like everything was going really well between him and I, but then he started acting a little flaky. I had texted him and invited him to come to my house on MLK day in January, and I was hoping to ask him to my school's Winter Semi-formal dance. I didn't tell him that I would be asking him if he'd be able to come to my house for me to ask him to the dance, so I told him we'd watch a movie or something. He said, "Yeah. That sounds like fun!", but when the day came, the plans changed, and I texted him asking if he'd want to see Star Wars Episode 7 at this really nice theatre at noon, but he didn't respond. He didn't bother to text me or say why he couldn't respond. He went MIA until the day before Modest Prom when he messaged me over snapchat. One of the cute things he does is begin a conversation with me by responding to my snapchat story, so that's what he did the day before Modest Prom. I thought he'd be asking me to Modest Prom last minute, but that didn't happen. When I got to Modest Prom, I noticed him from time to time in the crowded hallway, and he'd tap my shoulder, and when I turned around, he would keep walking down the hallway. It was that the whole night, and then he and I slow-danced for one song. Some time went by, and he texted me asking about the Nauvoo trip that my stake had gotten back from. (I had posted a photo collage on Instagram and he saw it and liked it). That same day he talked to me, there was a stake dance in Norman that I thought there was no way he'd be there, but he was there! He wasn't there by himself though, he was there with a few of his church friends (none of them were girls though). We quietly made eye contact the whole night, and we danced for a song. After I'd gotten home from the dance, he texted me saying that he had a fun time and wanted to go on a date with me before he went to California for work for the rest of the summer. I said I'd be up for it, and we had plans to go on a double date the week before he left for California. I was excited to go with him, but then the day before, he texted me and said "something came up" and he couldn't do the double date. He apologized a lot, too. Before we even went out on our first date, he told me that he doesn't want to call anyone his girlfriend until he gets home from his mission (for those who don't know, a mission is when an 18-year old boy devotes 2 years of his life to teaching and preaching the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). I have this fact about him memorized, but I don't want to hang out with him if he's going to constantly be canceling plans with me, and getting my hopes up, and then hurting my feelings again in the end. How do I nicely confront him about this? Or should I confront him about this? Should I just leave it to his mission to get him into committing to others? (if that makes sense?) I'm not looking into turning to this guy now that Elder is on his mission, but I have this strange feeling he's going to want to hang out with me more this next year, and I'm not entirely sure of what to do.
  12. One of the policies on this website is to explain doctrine that Non-LDS Members might not understand. I wrote it for both people who are members and aren't members.
  13. I'm asking those who have already been on a mission what things they received that they enjoyed receiving from home, and just how to send a care package because I'm only 17, and I've never sent a care package before.
  14. So, the guy who I have had a crush on for a while (for internet safety, let's call him Elder since missionaries are always called "Elder (Insert last name)") is going to be going to the MTC on July 19th. I left him with two short and sweet notes (one of them was a letter I wrote before today that said "it was great getting to know him the past few years, serve valiantly" and "I'm gonna write you, you should write back". The other note was "I've enjoyed getting to know you and I can't wait to get to know the Elder you through letters and e-mails"). He hasn't been set apart yet, and thankfully~ I got one last hug from him before he was set apart. ((To be set apart is to be officially designated as a missionary.)) Anyways, I'm hoping to send him a care package once he's out of the MTC, and he's in the mission field (Mission Training Center--It's where missionaries go before they officially go out into the area they've been called to to learn the language of the land, the rules of the area they've been called to, etc). The place where Elder is going to is California (Modesto, California I believe), and so far I have two gifts that I think he might enjoy or need: A big Nalgene water bottle (A whopping total of 32 ounces) A card game like Phase 10 or something similar to that (or even a simple deck of cards to play if him and his companion have down time, and are completely prepared for all the lessons that they need to give, and appointments they have assigned) I've done some research so far as what to put in a care package, and one of the things that stood out to me was that whatever you give your missionary, you should give to your missionary's companion(s) because you don't know the circumstances of your missionary's companion. As said by Deseret News, "Sending a package with items for both missionaries will do great things for companionship morale and for your missionary’s figure" ( So, what do you all think? Would buying Elder and his companion a big Nalgene water bottle and a deck of cards be good to send him? What others things could I send him to help him be a good missionary? What things do missionaries enjoy receiving from home in care packages?
  15. I no longer let her borrow my car. It was only during Sophomore year, but once I found out she wasn't using it to get paint anymore, I put a stop to her borrowing my car.