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Found 14 results

  1. It's articles like this: that make me thankful I live in a country that is both democratic and one with a Constitution, laws, and certain unalienable rights. As my title suggests, it's easy to load a question so that the obvious answer...the 'woke' answer...gets chosen, even though our higher laws protect the alleged sexual villain. To put it simply, when a college student accuses another of molestation, abuse or rape the accused--the alleged perpetrator--is supposed to get the presumption of innocence. The accuser has the burden of proof. I learned this in high school debate. Ironically, the so-called liberals opposing the reversion of Title IX to this standard are embracing a lynch mob mentality. Then again, most of the accused are male . . .
  2. I'm confused on this topic. I married my wife in the temple but then we divorced a number of years later. I believe we would still have our eternal marriage in place since the civil divorce is not a divorce of the eternal marriage. The divorce was not because of any adultery or anything like that, basically a lack of communication. If we were still attempting to revive the relationship after a divorce and have not been with anyone else, would sex with each other be a sin? I understand that it is okay for Catholics to have sex with their former spouses after a civil divorce as long as they haven't been with anyone else. How does this work for Mormons?
  3. LDS and Evangelical doctrinal statements often sound similar, but never quite line up. On the other hand, our morals, ethics, and social issue stances frequently align perfectly. A group of Evangelicals released a statement on sexuality, that more or less re-affirms biblical moral standards. The press has ignored such pronouncements in the past, but pounced this time. Here's the link: Compare this with my fellowship's 2014 statement: I'm sure the Southern Baptists have put out something similar, and feel safe in opining that LDS have too.
  4. Looking for input from the forum from both men & women (over the age of 18 and preferably married or been married). Little background, my wife and I are members and have been involved with a marriage seminar for the last 15 years, so we are well versed in dealing with marriage and relationship issues. Our Bishop has approached us about teaching a marriage class that is outside the normal information the church has released (Strengthening Marriage, Strengthening Marriage & Family). He is wanting us to put together a class that teaches real tools and information that help couples with communication, conflict resolution, forgiveness, sex & intimacy etc. Class has started and going very well but we are needing some unbiased LDS input. One of the things we want to discuss in class is sex & intimacy. We have some ideas but want to see if were on track. From an LDS standpoint, what questions would you want answered or information would you want to learn about with your spouse in this class regarding sex & intimacy to improve your relationship?
  5. I'm dating a girl right now and have been for about a month. Things have been for the most part good and we have a ton of similarities that surprised me. My problem is that well we both have pasts, hers is just a bit darker than mine. She was completely inactive for a few years and in the past few months has gotten back into the church. She has really good intentions but is taking things kind of slow in the repentance process. She hasn't gone to the bishop for the drinking, drugs, and sex of this inactive period. For me, I've never had sex but close i guess but I repented of all that. Now though it just gives me the worst feeling in the world whenever I hear of something shes done in the past. I get that nothing will make her a virgin again so if we got married then it would be my first time and not her but it is just so hard for me to get over. How could I deal with possibly being compared to or reminding her of past boys... I never thought I would be with someone with this history and even falling in love with them. I just would like some advice on how to get over something that is as big to me as this.
  6. I live in the Kingdom of Seahawks. There are more “12th-Man” flags than there are American ones. Seattle deserves to enjoy a good sports team now and then—we’ve had so many heartbreaks. Still, it almost seems cultish to walk into Starbucks, Target, or even some banks, and see the staff wearing the same uniforms. During the late 80s I taught in Asia. The government was a military dictatorship at the time. To counter cries for freedom and democracy leaders employed a “3-S policy.” They made sports, screen and sex (red light districts) readily accessible. Keep people entertained, they figured, and they won’t revolt. Of course poorer countries have relied on government-subsidized alcohol for generations. Even the turmoil over sex and gender identity causes me to wonder if we are missing the deepest meanings of life. If I am who I sleep with, or I am how I feel psychologically about my gender—if these matters constitute my core identity, then self-fulfillment remains the highest order. What if God really made us? What if our Creator loves us? What if He has plans for us? Does it matter? Are we too distracted to notice or care? Good games are great! Our intimate relationships connect us with love—the highest good. Movies can be powerful and meaningful. However, true joy comes from God. He is love. Life’s ultimate meaning is to reconcile with Him and discover his good plans for our lives.
  7. My daughter is thinking of being a psychologist. We are encouraging her. However, one area of concern is the integration of religious faith and this field. Historically, there is the perception that psychology is at odds with religion. The issue of sexual orientation and identity has highlighted this concern--especially with APA's rejection of reparative therapies. Things are not always as they seem. APA is realizing that a psychology vs. conservative religion dichotomy was developing--and that such should not be the case. A break through seems to have developed with APA's endorsement of the SIT (Sexual Identity Therapy) framework. In essence, it recognizes that some clients find their religious identity to be more important than their sexual orientation, and that shunting their sexuality to the side, to live celibately, or even eventually, to live in a mixed-orientation marriage, can be ethical and beneficial. Is anyone familiar with the SIT framework? One of the best known psychologists using it is Dr. Warren Throckmorton (Grove City College).
  8. In the Garden of Eden, before Adam and Eve took the forbidden fruit, they were in perfect relationship with God. They had dominion, or control, over the Earth. Nothing in creation controlled them. Not drugs, not alcohol (the gateway drug), not food--not even sex. If we are saved, redeemed, born again, then, by God's grace, let us return to our place of dominion. Let us be free from all created bondage!
  9. When I am asked what I would do if I discovered that I was predominantly attracted to the same sex my quick answer is, "I'd be celibate." What else is there? I wouldn't enter into a relationship that I could not give myself passionately towards. LIkewise, I wouldn't enter one that violated God's commands. And, at least for traditional Christians, there is a long history of those who chose to be celibate so they could fully dedicate themselves to God's work. Turns out that this course of action is more controversial than I thought. LBGT folk and some Christians are uncomfortable because celibacy denies the goal of those who want LBGT to be fully who they are and fully able to engage in church life on the one hand, and it suggests that desires cannot be corrected on the other. I still embrace this as the most likely course of successful action for a commited believer who is same-sex attracted.
  10. I've been thinking dark thoughts of late. Since California's public university system is de-recognizing student clubs that discriminate on the basis of religion (i.e. they stipulate that leaders of the club actually affirm specific religious doctrines), and since Gordon College was recently asked by its regional accrediting agency to officially explain its policy of requiring staff and students to adhere to sexual abstinence outside of heterosexual marriage (ahem, this appears discriminatory on the face of it...), me wonders where these trends are leading? 1. Will chaplains become extinct? It's easy to imagine a plaintiff suing a government agency for paying--with their tax dollars--to employ clergy who teach that their lifestyle (gender identity) is sin. 2. Will religious schools who have moral/spiritual codes of conduct lose their accreditation, since they have institutionalized their discriminatory beliefs? I hope everyone realizes that I oppose and abhor these ideas. Yet, they seem to be the logical conclusion to the trends we're seeing.
  11. I guess I've never really had a healthy, righteous relationship with a member of the opposite sex. Ever since I moved away for college things have gone even further downhill. (I don't mean to encourage anyone to be like me because I have not been good/happy.. so I hope bringing up this subject isn't against the rules. if it is, srry!) Sinning over the last year has been a slippery slope. I'm worried because I've developed an indifferent attitude. I've met with my bishop in the YSA ward. I do love the church and believe in it. I just don't know if I have or can get the will to change. I'll be completely honest- I like getting attention. My issues are in not keeping the word of wisdom or the law of chastity. The thing is, I know I can't go on like this forever. I don't know how to end friendships that aren't the best to keep. Also I got depressed when I had the morning after pill in a way.. Like I know it is not a good idea to have a child in my situation, but I still felt sad for some reason. How do I get the will to change? How do I break off friendships? Any suggestions? Thanks!!!
  12. I got a handjob from a girl. I am a priest. What will by bishop say, besides "goodbye Temple recommend?"
  13. I have sinned in the past with my last boyfriend. Things that I try to forget now and have repented for and such. Now I have this incredible guy. He's exactly what I always wanted in a guy and we've only really just started dating, but things are going really well. He doesn't know about my past sins, but he told me he broke up with a girl because she had "gotten frisky" with her last boyfriend (not actually had sex, and neither had I) so he couldn't bear the thought of her comparing him with her ex and felt like she was unfaithful to him even when she didn't know him. He also said he'd rather not know about stuff like that. "Ignorance is bliss". So I feel like crap, obviously. I mean, I totally forgive myself, but I feel like I can NEVER tell him about what stuff I've done in my past now. So when you're married, can you keep a secret like that forever? And does it matter? The funny thing is that he has way more relaxed boundaries than I do as far as dating. I keep my boundaries super tight now after discovering how quickly one can fall into temptation. But with his past girlfriends, he has had them in his bedroom in his bed to cuddle, and makes out a lot, and doesn't care about curfew (we're at a church school so this is all against the honor code). He just doesn't understand how easily people fall, and the power of the atonement I guess. I mean, I'm actually a really great person. I don't consider myself a slut at all. I just messed up and I totally admit that. Do you think he would be right to dump me if I would ever tell him that I had some sort of sexual experiences already with someone that's not him? Is that reason to not marry someone over? I really want to marry him because he's seriously amazing. Such a sweet guy. Do you think I can hold that secret for the rest of my life?
  14. Letting everyone know! Please let all your Bishops, Stake Presidents, Seventies, family, friends et. know. I am so excited. InnerGold is going to be presenting about pornography and sexual addiction, in June, so still a little ways out but we want to get the ball rolling. It is not to sell their services, No! It is to help give ecclesiastical leaders instruction on how to handle someone addicted Pornography and Sex. Most leaders, counselors don't handle treatment of addiction the correct way. A lot of the time they tell you to just STOP, if an addict could they would. Nonetheless, the person walks out feeling good because they have just confessed. However, deep down the addicts brain is going into survival mode and essentially causing it to panic. The addicts brain has been trained to use pornography/sex to cope with Boredom, Loneliness, Anger, Stress and being Tired. The brain (specifically the limbic system, survival portion of the brain) starts saying no, no you can't do that, how will I help you to relax? We hope to give ecclesiastical leaders the training they need to start really helping people overcome this addiction. This is a huge battle and it is getting greater and greater so InnerGold is going to be very aggressive about education. P.S. This training will be for all denominations so if you know someone, please let them know. P.P.S The location, time will be announced later.