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Found 15 results

  1. California's State Assembly very recently passed Resolution 99, which condemns any efforts at 'conversion therapy' for LGBT folk. The tone and thrust of the resolution targets religious leaders, accusing them/us of bigotry. In essence government is passing resolutions condemning faith communities for the morals we practice within our church/ward/synagogue/mosque walls. In a similar vein, one of our two major political parties declared by formal resolution that religious liberty has been used to promote bigotry and homophobia. I'm not so bothered when pundits, commentators, liberals and progressives talk this way. However, when government formalizing hatred of particular Christian views, and when political parties believe they will win by opposing First Amendment freedoms...well, I hope I'm right about the Rapture. See the actual bill: Enter ACR99 in the Bill Number search engine.
  2. I don't know what to do. We have a temple marriage, going on 10 yrs. We have two young kids. It's just for the past several months especially I feel like I don't love my spouse anymore. I don't hate them; it's like being good friends with your roommate. I feel happier when it's just me and the kids. When they're around I feel indifferent, resentment, or irritated. I feel guilty about feeling this way. I've tried spending time with them without the kids, I've expressed frustration at working and still doing both the all the child-rearing, housework, and yardwork, while he only works and sleeps. It's been that way for the entire relationship. I do all the house while he will occasionally help (and feels proud for cleaning once a month), I do all the yardwork because he "has allergies" (I do too), I take care of the vehicles, bills, doctors, school. The only thing he does with the kids is watch a show or do a video game. We've talked about this before, and nothing ever changes or the change is temporary. Adding in the mix: I have depression and anxiety and he has ADD. Recently, he has done laundry and dishes for a week, and then expected everything to change and for me to want to be with him, got upset when I didn't want to. I haven't told him that I can't say "I love you" back because I don't feel honest saying it. I don't want to hurt him. I don't want to hurt the kids. I feel obligated to stay for my kid's sake, for my husband's feelings, for the church culture. I would be extremely embarrassed to mention this to the bishop. I don't really know him or feel comfortable around him. Part of me feels empty and not wanting to work on the marriage. What would you do?
  3. I have grown up in the church, served a mission and married in the temple. When I was 12 my dad sexually abused me. Now I'm in my 40's and the past that I buried has come to light and I have had a tough year as I've been dealing with this. A year ago I started antidepressants. I have met with my bishop and have been seeing a counselor. Sometimes I have felt like I've improved but lately I'm struggling again. I continue attending church but my heart hasn't been in it. I feel like the medication takes away my ability to feel the spirit. It's hard to keep doing everything when you haven't felt the spirit in so long. I feel deserted by heavenly father. I am confused and am questioning the truthfulness of the gospel. I feel like I've lost my testimony but I don't want to continue on like this. What can I do?
  4. There is a powerful dialogue near the beginning of Silence of the Lambs. Clarice is a young, pretty FBI agent from Behavioral Sciences (i.e. she has a B.A. in Psychology). Dr. Hannibal Lector is a psychiatrist, a serial killer, and a cannibal (i.e. he would eat parts of his victims). During her initial visit Clarice tries to get Dr. Lector to take a psychological assessment. He despises psychology as pseudo-science. So, he says to her (my paraphrase): You've read my file. You've seen what I have done, and why I did it [simply for my own enjoyment]. Clarice nods. He continues: You can't bring yourself to call it evil, can you? The devil swiped evil from our vocabulary. Now, post-modern society has filed a charge against God. Their claim is that hell is immoral, cruel, and mean. Many Christians are caught flat-footed by this allegation. For centuries the fear of hell drove many into the Kingdom. Suddenly, this doctrine has become a seeming albatross. Even C.S. Lewis said he detested the doctrine of hell--though, he admitted, his opinion of it mattered not, if the teaching was true. There is an element amongst younger clergy that also struggle--some even denying--against the idea of an eternal hell that is literal, physical punishment. One well-known TV evangelist was asked why he doesn't talk about hell. Without denying the doctrine, he responded that he was called to build up, not tear down. That sounds good, but I suppose it means that those of us who teach the whole counsel of God are guilty of tearing down. Without evil hell makes no sense. Rather than defend the doctrine of hell, we must needs revive the doctrine of evil. Opposition to God's reality, role, authority, and love is not a mental disorder, a result of various traumas, nor a genetically predetermined outcome. It is evil. After the final judgment the eternal kingdom will contain no evil. Hell will. So, what says the board? Am I right? Partially? What of the lower kingdoms--will they contain lesser evils, or will all of the kingdoms be sin-free?
  5. Some here followed the case of Chaplain Wes Modder, who was accused of being insensitive and intolerant in his spiritual counsel to LBGT service people. His commanding officer had requested he be "discharged with cause." The Navy disapproved the request.
  6. I saw this and started praying for the chaplain and his family. What are we coming to?
  7. I absolutely love my job. On a regular basis, I have the privilege of watching marriages change for the better in a matter of a couple of months. Seeing couples experience joy after feeling deep sorrow, or connecting again after being distant is truly rewarding.
  8. My husband recently confided in me that he was sexually abused as a very young child. Having young children myself, this obviously breaks my heart. He repressed memories his whole life from the time the event happened to just recently, in the last couple of years, when something triggered his terrible memories and they resurfaced. He has had a life of ups and downs but, in general, since we've been married (7 years), we have been a normal, happy, LDS family. In telling me about these horrible events from his childhood, and in an effort to be totally honest with me, he also confided in me that he struggles with a need to seek approval and attention from women, as a result of his abuse. Because of this, he shared with me that a couple of years ago, he made a mistake and kissed another woman at a student business conference while he was still in college. It happened right after these terrible memories from his childhood resurfaced and he said it was a very low time for him. This is obviously heart wrenching for me and very difficult to hear, but I appreciated him coming clean to me. He has been seeing a (non-LDS) therapist for about two years, and I haven't seen any improvement in how he feels about himself or his life. He says that he feels that his life has been full of mistakes and disappointing people, and that there's a deep empty dark hole inside of him that only gets bigger with time. I am unsure what to do or how I am supposed to feel. I have gone through the wide range of emotions, from shock, to sadness, to grief, to sympathy, to worry, to anger, etc. I love him so much and don't want our marriage to end, but he admitted to me that he can't guarantee it won't happen again, and doesn't feel as if he can be "fixed" or happy again. His testimony has obviously taken a hit from all of this, and while mine is strong, I feel like I can't MAKE him repent, or talk to the bishop. I think it is overwhelming to him to think about opening up to someone else since there is so much to share and most of it is pretty heartbreaking. I honestly can't tell if I have felt comforted from all of the praying and fasting I have been doing, or just numb from all of the emotions I am going through. Does anyone have any advice for me? What my role is in all of this? I go between feeling bad for myself and the grief that he has caused me, to really feeling for him, because I know his heart and his intentions, and he truly is a wonderful husband and father. He has just struggled these last couple of years. We are active at church, but I truly believe he is just going through the emotions to keep me happy and keep our family together. I feel like I need help. I don't know where to turn. Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can give me. Has anyone else been through anything similar? Is there hope for us?
  9. SO here is my story and im really seeking advice.. HELP So I have been married for 1 yr not in the temple.. my wife and I have had problems and have been extremely close to divorce.. We go to church we met with our bishop and he wants to get us in temple prep classes and I am ok with that. BUT I am very very confused with the marriage.. I dont feel that my heart is 100% in it anymore.. I do love my wife and I would never want to hurt her and thats why I am soo confused on what to do.. What i dont want to happen is for us to get sealed and my heart not be 100% there still.. SOMEONE HELP ME OUT WITH SOME EDUCATED ADVICE I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT adding info- I realize there is alot of missing info here. kind of hard to post our whole relationship here.. BUT- our relationship problems have seemed to decrease. we still argue and bicker and each other almost everyday.. We dont hold good conversations anymore.. we want different things in life career wise now. I had to get a diff job and we have to move from st george to salt lake. we have alot of things that have not been taken care of... it really just seems like an interest thing.. i feel ive lost interest and attraction on some level. But i love her family i couldnt wish for better inlaws. idk what else to say feel free to ask me other questions!
  10. The word "cult" itself is explosive, particular with groups to whom the pejorative has been directed. Add to that words like "deprogramming" and the concern heightens even more. And yet, there are parents who believe their adult children have been "programmed," by religious cults, and who employ, at costs ranging from $2000 to $10,000+, to have their loved ones freed from the alleged brainwashing. The groups claim to be very effective, but such efforts have also been surrounded with controversy. See: Langone, Michael: "Deprogramming, Exit Counseling, and Ethics: Clarifying the Confusion" - Cult Observer 10(4), 1993
  11. With the latest understanding of how the human brain functions, we are ready to take the next step in the evolution of addiction treatment. The tools that have been developed are powerful and can increase the speed of change. We now understand how to increase the motivation and desire to change through neural reconditioning and consistent daily practice. For those who struggle with addiction issues, deep neural connections at the unconscious level are driving behavior. These neural connections can be changed is now sure. The brain is constantly changing and will continue to do so throughout life. You can read more on the Pornography & Sexual Addiction Group within this forum
  12. I do post about other things but pornography and sexual addiction is affecting everyone, some realize it others do not. We recently had a comment from a young lady that was appalled that her daughter, 16 years of age. Has been viewing porn sent by her friends to cell phones. I know you might have heard about this but I am afraid to many parents are sticking their head in the sand and thinking, "my child wont do that." The correct statement should be, " I hope my child does not do this." Talk with your children! Make sure they no the dangers of pornography. Make sure you realize the dangers of pornography. It is affecting more and more people daily. Once IT, the addict voice has taken hold, a lot of people give up hope. There have been several that think they are lost, forgotten and there is no way that Heavenly Father could love them. This is the farthest thing from the truth. Understand, Heavenly Father loves all of his children. ALL! Don't give up hope. Continue to pray and you will be guided to the tools and education that will help you. This is how I feel about the InnerGold system. I have been asked what is my role with InnerGold. I am someone that has seen pornography affect my own family and now it is my goal and mission to help as many people as possible. My " JOB " is branding and marketing. Helping companies succeed. When a friend of mine was telling me about InnerGold, I could not believe it. I have been praying for something that could help people and he told me. This has been the only program that has helped him. This individual like many others have gone through the 12 steps and was starting to feel like they were a lost cause. That is when he was introduced to InnerGold. I feel it part of my role in helping others to let people know about the InnerGold program. Pornography is affecting everyone, world-wide, old, young, male, female, teenagers and children I was blown away when I heard about this 16 year old. She was a straight A student going active in church, active in mutual, active in extra curricular activities. It is affecting everyone. It is your right and your place to ask questions. When you get the answers, follow-up with love. Read the article we published about helping ecclesiastical leaders treating pornography and sexual addiction. This will help parents, friends, family and loved ones provide help and counsel the right way. We don't want to yell, scream throw a fit. Keep your cool and address it properly. InnerGold.
  13. Letting everyone know! Please let all your Bishops, Stake Presidents, Seventies, family, friends et. know. I am so excited. InnerGold is going to be presenting about pornography and sexual addiction, in June, so still a little ways out but we want to get the ball rolling. It is not to sell their services, No! It is to help give ecclesiastical leaders instruction on how to handle someone addicted Pornography and Sex. Most leaders, counselors don't handle treatment of addiction the correct way. A lot of the time they tell you to just STOP, if an addict could they would. Nonetheless, the person walks out feeling good because they have just confessed. However, deep down the addicts brain is going into survival mode and essentially causing it to panic. The addicts brain has been trained to use pornography/sex to cope with Boredom, Loneliness, Anger, Stress and being Tired. The brain (specifically the limbic system, survival portion of the brain) starts saying no, no you can't do that, how will I help you to relax? We hope to give ecclesiastical leaders the training they need to start really helping people overcome this addiction. This is a huge battle and it is getting greater and greater so InnerGold is going to be very aggressive about education. P.S. This training will be for all denominations so if you know someone, please let them know. P.P.S The location, time will be announced later.
  14. New to and was referred by a friend. I have seen pornography and sexual addiction take the toll on many friends and family so I have made it my mission to help people with these issues. I know that we all have talents that can bless the lives of others. I was called to serve a mission in Michigan. I was bummed! I wanted to go foreign. However, after going there I was blessed with the opportunity of touching the lives of many people because of my talents. I am so grateful my Heavenly Father was so much wiser than I was. Those same talents have brought me to a program helping addicts called, InnerGold. It is literally helping people throughout the world. Dubai, Ghana, throughout Europe, China, etc.. It is absolutely wonderful! The InnerGold system was written by Gordon S. Bruin. It was written after many late nights. He would try to go to sleep but couldn't. He would get up write what was in his head and then he could go to sleep. He has a testimony all his own about how he has written the manual. He wrote the manual with the focus of changing the world one person at a time. I have seen this program work miracles and that is why I have joined to champion the cause to help people long-term overcome their addictions. The Gospel is true! It has blessed my life in so many ways I could not count them. I know that there are people out there who are struggling with addiction and they have counseled with their ecclesiastical leaders and professionals but are not getting the help they need. Therefore, they think they are alone. They are not alone. Heavenly Father loves all of us, despite our follies but he has provided people with talents that can help. Don't ever give up! You can do it! We are all brothers and sisters.