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Found 6 results

  1. I am Kat and I'm 23. I've been active in the church for 7 months now, despite a few slip ups. I've sworn in anger here and there, I've masturbated out of anger and frustration at least 4 times after my repentance and re-activity (went cold turkey on the sex for that to work of course) and I'm an avid self-harmer/anger management wannabe. I assume I have a problem/addiction because it does affect everyday life. I feel like such a pervert, these thoughts I get in my head to do with sex or having sex with my future husband. I do it way too much and I don't know if it's normal or not. I feel like I'm going crazy and every time I get a sexual urge I get really angry, I hit myself, cut myself, the works. When none of that pain works, I masturbate with means to hurt myself down there too. It just makes me SO mad! This happens every 1-2 months. I've repented through prayer, been happy and fine for 5 weeks, then BAM. Depression hits. Getting married soon has sort of awoken and heightened those senses once more that I thought I had long suppressed. Simply going cold turkey and never speaking of sex again isn't the way forward if I am to have sex again once I'm married. I was actually worried at one point that I wasn't sexually attracted to my fiancé. Longer story made shorter, I feel like I'm going insane, for real. Sex is everywhere and me getting married and getting to have sex is amazing, but it's also really worrying if I become a sex addict. I live in the UK, so the recovery program isn't as big here that I'm aware of. I fear that if I go to Bishop now, do the whole repentance thing again I won't be able to attend my temple prep classes in order to be sealed in the temple after our civil marriage (as is done in the UK). There is just too much pressure on everything and I'm going to lose it sometime soon. I feel it's enough to pray and to repent that way, even though I fall down every so often I don't feel horrible enough to speak with Bishop. I really don't know what to do. I feel like smashing my head through a table. If I feel that it's not worth talking to Bishop, does that mean I feel that it's not an important sin to repent of or that I'm trying to justify it in some way? The answer I'm looking for is that I can overcome this myself and with the help of my future husband and we can come up with ways of keeping a chaste mind even after we're married.
  2. What a great conference. Obviously pornography and sexual addiction remain a huge problem. It is imperative to help people understand what is going on mentally with pornography addiction. If you want to help a pornography addict or need help yourself, understanding the addiction is crucial. An addicts brain has learned to use pornography as a survival mechanism. Learn more at Understand the Affects of Pornography on the Brain It is crucial to get this information out to everyone.
  3. With the latest understanding of how the human brain functions, we are ready to take the next step in the evolution of addiction treatment. The tools that have been developed are powerful and can increase the speed of change. We now understand how to increase the motivation and desire to change through neural reconditioning and consistent daily practice. For those who struggle with addiction issues, deep neural connections at the unconscious level are driving behavior. These neural connections can be changed is now sure. The brain is constantly changing and will continue to do so throughout life. You can read more on the Pornography & Sexual Addiction Group within this forum
  4. I do post about other things but pornography and sexual addiction is affecting everyone, some realize it others do not. We recently had a comment from a young lady that was appalled that her daughter, 16 years of age. Has been viewing porn sent by her friends to cell phones. I know you might have heard about this but I am afraid to many parents are sticking their head in the sand and thinking, "my child wont do that." The correct statement should be, " I hope my child does not do this." Talk with your children! Make sure they no the dangers of pornography. Make sure you realize the dangers of pornography. It is affecting more and more people daily. Once IT, the addict voice has taken hold, a lot of people give up hope. There have been several that think they are lost, forgotten and there is no way that Heavenly Father could love them. This is the farthest thing from the truth. Understand, Heavenly Father loves all of his children. ALL! Don't give up hope. Continue to pray and you will be guided to the tools and education that will help you. This is how I feel about the InnerGold system. I have been asked what is my role with InnerGold. I am someone that has seen pornography affect my own family and now it is my goal and mission to help as many people as possible. My " JOB " is branding and marketing. Helping companies succeed. When a friend of mine was telling me about InnerGold, I could not believe it. I have been praying for something that could help people and he told me. This has been the only program that has helped him. This individual like many others have gone through the 12 steps and was starting to feel like they were a lost cause. That is when he was introduced to InnerGold. I feel it part of my role in helping others to let people know about the InnerGold program. Pornography is affecting everyone, world-wide, old, young, male, female, teenagers and children I was blown away when I heard about this 16 year old. She was a straight A student going active in church, active in mutual, active in extra curricular activities. It is affecting everyone. It is your right and your place to ask questions. When you get the answers, follow-up with love. Read the article we published about helping ecclesiastical leaders treating pornography and sexual addiction. This will help parents, friends, family and loved ones provide help and counsel the right way. We don't want to yell, scream throw a fit. Keep your cool and address it properly. InnerGold.
  5. A year and a half ago I overcame an addiction to pornography and masturbation, the addiction had lasted over a year long. I overcame the addiction having no problems from the day I saw my bishop, and I was then ordained a priest, I was truly repentant and forgiven. I haven't had any problems since then, I am much more mature now and understand things much better than when I first ran into the problems. I am very active in the church, read my scriptures every day, say my prayers, go to church, but I admit I haven't really felt the spirit super strong lately, but I hadn't done anything wrong. I haven't had temptations of any sort until tonight. I was working on a school research project, but was very distracted on other websites. I was started to watch a video about how bad the pornography industry was, but it lead me, after hours on the computer, to watch some videos talking about sex, though I never watched any sexual acts. Continuing on I eventually looked at some nude photos of a woman. I didn't masturbate exactly, I left my clothes on, but it led to the same result if you know what i'm saying. I feel horrible that I slipped up, I want to go on a mission, I want to have a relationship with my savior, but at the same time my mind is craving to see more. I've overcome this before, and I haven't started watching pornography again. I know I can overcome it, but the urge is very strong. I guess a large reason i'm here is just to let out my feelings. But I ask for any advice.?? And I plan to see my bishop soon, when I first recovered from pornography I didn't have to tell my parents, this seems to be the standard, I'm hoping that since this was a minimal slip up it will be easy to recover from.
  6. New to and was referred by a friend. I have seen pornography and sexual addiction take the toll on many friends and family so I have made it my mission to help people with these issues. I know that we all have talents that can bless the lives of others. I was called to serve a mission in Michigan. I was bummed! I wanted to go foreign. However, after going there I was blessed with the opportunity of touching the lives of many people because of my talents. I am so grateful my Heavenly Father was so much wiser than I was. Those same talents have brought me to a program helping addicts called, InnerGold. It is literally helping people throughout the world. Dubai, Ghana, throughout Europe, China, etc.. It is absolutely wonderful! The InnerGold system was written by Gordon S. Bruin. It was written after many late nights. He would try to go to sleep but couldn't. He would get up write what was in his head and then he could go to sleep. He has a testimony all his own about how he has written the manual. He wrote the manual with the focus of changing the world one person at a time. I have seen this program work miracles and that is why I have joined to champion the cause to help people long-term overcome their addictions. The Gospel is true! It has blessed my life in so many ways I could not count them. I know that there are people out there who are struggling with addiction and they have counseled with their ecclesiastical leaders and professionals but are not getting the help they need. Therefore, they think they are alone. They are not alone. Heavenly Father loves all of us, despite our follies but he has provided people with talents that can help. Don't ever give up! You can do it! We are all brothers and sisters.