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Found 18 results

  1. Hey Everyone. I'm new to this site, but wanted to share the light of Christ wherever I can, so here is the link to my three most recent podcasts Have a great day everyone! 6 Month Interactive Anniversary Episode - Christ's Atonement Episode 48 - Bridget Cook Burch - Spiritual Gifts Episode 49 - David Warwick returns to talk about the Blessings of Zion
  2. To summarize the story: A judge ruled that the governor's (Oregon) extension of a 28-day executive order by 60-days was null and void since she did not get consent from the state legislature. Further, the judge seemed to agree with many of the plaintiff's contentions--mostly from churches. I first read this in the Epoch Times, a conservative publication. So, I checked to see if the mainstream media had suppressed the story or not. To my positive amazement, both Time and ABC News reported on it. Here's the ABC version: So...were the churches bad actors, protecting their church budgets by threatening members and the community at large with rampant spreading of COVID-19, or were they religious liberty guardians, assuring that the balance between free exercise of religion and state emergency powers be maintained with great care?
  3. I am grateful to God for the freedoms I enjoy and for His hand in establishing the great land I call home. I am grateful to those who fight to preserve our freedoms, and for the brave men who this day in 1776 prepared the Declaration of Independence and declared unequivocally that our rights come from God. I hope and pray our constitution and freedoms will be maintained in the way the Lord intended when established by His power. God bless America!
  4. The attached link is to an article that has the US joining countries like North Korea and Saudi Arabia, for engaging in religious persecution. The organization notes, towards the end, that Americans face less danger than in most overseas countries, but earns its place on the list due to the rapid decline in liberty--especially in practicing faith in the public square. 2016 Hall of Shame Report.pdf this report over-done? Do we dare protest religious persecution and run the risk of "crying wolf?" On the other hand, is the trend mentioned a serious concern? AND, will the change in government reverse, or even slow down the direction?
  5. The linked article basically has these LDS Hillary supporters arguing that Trump's anti-Islam rhetoric and his sexist speech and behavior towards women go against LDS values. Thoughts? BTW, is the "Mormon" label being revived? We have this group. Then there's the recent change in this site's brand...
  6. On LinkedIn and Facebook I published the following: Chaplains are the front-line defenders of religious freedom. We love and live the First Amendment--our first freedom. Some are questioning the value of this cherished spiritual liberty. Some even say it is a cover for bigotry. As a Pentecostal preacher who freely hands prayer rugs to Muslims, meditation mats to Buddhists, and "Parenting Without God" books to Humanists, I reject that analysis. We facilitate the faith of others, and thus invest in our own right to worship God in spirit and in truth. May America never jettison its most precious pact with religious freedom. Then noticed that what I wrote was Kinda similar to this: Articles of Faith #11: We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.
  7. Some here followed the case of Chaplain Wes Modder, who was accused of being insensitive and intolerant in his spiritual counsel to LBGT service people. His commanding officer had requested he be "discharged with cause." The Navy disapproved the request.
  8. I just did a google of "religious freedom" and found that many secular pundits and groups frame our First Freedom as bigotry. They say that the sexual mores common to traditional practices of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam--indeed most religions--is hatred and bigotry--incompatible with enlightened, inclusive America. I love this quote: America did not create religious freedom. Religious freedom created America. Any effort to weaken or jettison the free exercise of religion should be deemed politically incorrect, and unworthy of response. An attack on the First Amendment is unAmerican.
  9. I have a question regarding our roles as "agents unto ourselves". If we have complete free agency as humans, and must be tested to see if we will always choose the right in all the crazy and hectic scenarios that life will throw at us, then how does God protect us? What is his role in our lives? And how can the verses found in Matthew 6:25-34 be applicable in our lives? In those verses, Christ states we should take no thought for what's to come tomorrow, from what we eat to what we wear...but if you feel that you are being met with crazy challenges in life but you have agency of how we should deal with our cllenges, then what is God doing to guide us to a great life?
  10. America was founded, and is united, by our dedication to freedom. Pilgrim's fled religious persecution, and sought a society in which they could worship God according to the dictate's of their conscience. Today some argue freedom of religion is too costly. They say it hurts other groups, and allows hatred and bigotry. Too many Americans shed blood, for us to give in to such division. God sent Jesus to free us from sin--to set captives free. Those who would attempt to suppress faith in their name of their own freedom fall for Satan's ruse. "Take the fruit and you will be like God, knowing good from evil."
  11. It seems absurd, but if the Supreme Court rules that marriage is a Constitutional right then the IRS may deny tax-exempt status to schools that refuse to offer same-sex housing, just as it did to Bob Jones University in 1983, for denying housing to interracial married couples.
  12. American society has concluded that bigotry and discrimination cannot happen in the public square. Further, it is quickly reaching the place where gender orientation is protected the same as race. One possible conclusion the courts may make (I'm not agree or disagree--just predicting): 1. A business (not a church or other house of worship, but church-run ones would be included) cannot be allowed to refuse product or service to customers on the basis of protected categories. So, certainly no denying business because, "I don't serve Pagans, LBGT, or races I don't agree with/like." 2. On the issue of LBGT weddings it may end up depending on the venue and the officiant. If the wedding is secular (Justice of the Peace offciates), then a religiously-oriented vendor might be required to provide services/products. If the wedding is religious, but is not of the same religion as the vendor, then the vendor may be required to provide services/products. HOWEVER, if the wedding is religious, and is of the same religion as the vendor, then the vendor may be able to claim RFRA protection. Why? Let me provide an example. I bake cakes, and I belong to an A/G (or LDS) church. An LBGT couple comes to my shop and says they are having a wedding over at the Methodist Church, and could I bake a cake for them. I say I will not, because, as a Christian, I believe the Bible prohibits same-sex marriages. Since this wedding is happening in a Christian church, I find the ceremony to be profane and sacrilegious. Kill me or jail me, but I will not be a part of it! I could see a judge siding with the defendant. His/her religious belief and practice would be substantially burdened forced participation. The government does not have a compelling interest in forcing that. There are other sources for cakes. Even if the wedding party had to ship one in, that would be less of a burden than requiring a religious person to engage in what s/he views as a corruption of a sacrament. THOUGHTS?
  13. According to the linked article, the group that is most hostile towards conservative Christians are progressive, white, and educated. The attitudes expressed, put kindly, are that conservative Christians are fine, if they keep their religion in their houses of worship, and in their homes. Keep it out of the public square, and out of our faces. We don't want to discriminate against you per se. However, we support California's public university "all-comers" policy--that prohibits clubs from restricting membership or leadership positions based on religion. They also support restrictions on religious freedom, if doing so seems to mean an overall good for society (yeah, it's okay to bankrupt the baker that won't serve a gay wedding). The article seems spot on to me. I just hate to give into the same feeling of victimhood that ends up making us appear weak and oppressed. Thought the facts are true, does this kind of thinking drive us towards a bunker mentality? I still believe engaging the culture is preferable to circling the wagons.
  14. Lake Worth, Florida is now requiring business licenses, and is using secret investigators to check on "underground churches."
  15. I just recently moved from Southern Utah to South East Idaho to become part of an Executive Team for a thriving company. Originally from Los Angeles, CA., I was fortunate to meet and fall in love with a wonderful girl whom I married. Laura and I have 3 amazing children who are a very big part of our lives. Over the last several years Laura and I have become even more deliberate about teaching our children who they are, who they can become and who God knows them to be. This is no small thing, as we are faced with many challenges from day-to-day which constantly fight against that which we know to be true. However, it is in how we choose to view these challenges that makes all of the difference in the world, for ourselves, our children and for those around us. I firmly believe that productive goals and ambitions are motivating and important in a person’s life and we as a family set them together. It is important to note that in order to set and reach any worthwhile endeavor we must first establish our pattern, a guide of principles that allows us to remain on course. One of my greatest passions is understanding and protecting principles of freedom and liberty. This is not only essential to individual growth and prosperity, but also vital in building any successful community however large or small. I have found through personal experience that adhering to principles, life is no longer left to chance. The Founding Fathers knew and understood these principles and a dear friend of mine and I have outlined them quite simply as The 12 Principles of Liberty. My wife and I continue to educate our children and those around us on these principles in how we live, continually striving each day to improve. As an avid reader and student of the Founding Fathers, I have come to love and appreciates the freedoms, liberties and opportunities that are available to all men and women. In addition to religious and civic responsibilities throughout my history, I have sought to cultivate a strong “Can Do, Will Do” attitude. I firmly hold to the belief that every individual is important and within them contain great achievement once their unique abilities are unlocked and developed. It is this philosophy and mindset that drives us as a family to stretch yet even further. The Lord has blessed me with specific talents and unique abilities which are undeniably creative in their nature. As an artist, designer, teacher, songwriter, and poet, it’s my life experiences I leverage which foster an environment for creative thinking and innovation. This affords the wonderful opportunity to connect with individuals from all walks of life for the sole purpose of lifting those around us over whom we have influence. I’ve been fortunate to accomplish many things in my life. But my greatest accomplishment was being smart enough to recognize that my future bride would change my life for the better, and now I just work to live worthy of the blessing she truly is. There is so much more I could say about my family and the incredible gift they are, and through my posts I am sure you will come to understand why I feel the way I do, but I hope this gives you a bit of insight into who I am. Joe Olivas __________________________________________________ Not generating enough leads? 50+ Leads/Day for YOUR Business! Free Weekly Training: Click Here
  16. April 6th, 2011 IN THE AGE OF COMMUNICATION, Why are we not able to vote on such non-critical issues as whether or not to allow veterans 50% disabled or above their base privileges back so they can shop at the commissary and PX? This legislation has been on the docket for YEARS with no significant action, along with THOUSANDS of other important, but non-critical issues. We have cell phones, the internet, and free public access to the latter, so why is it that we don't have an app on our mobile devices, or a government website we can visit where there is a list of domestic issues to vote on as citizens? Instead of remaining silent in the vacuum of leadership, we would like the ability to cast our votes on issues of national importance. For instance: Obamacare is of vital national importance, but a non-critical domestic issue that the public should immediately be allowed to vote on, since the Government is making those DEMANDS upon the public itself. Why not create an action date on measures and bills, say a year or two, and if the bills do NOT involve national security or foreign policy, and they've just been gathering dust, then allow WE THE PEOPLE to vote in cases where our elected officials have FAILED TO ACT. We have been an exceptional people because of our ability to reign in our indolent or runaway governments. If the government isn't doing its job or can't come to a decision, don't shut down the government, OPEN THE VOTE TO THE PEOPLE! Western government MUST evolve or perish.
  17. I've been registered on this site since Dec-2008. I've mostly just browsed through some of the discussions, haven't posted until now. I live in Utah, active in the Church. Served a mission in Haiti (2001-2002). I love the gospel. I love studying doctrine. Along with the many great truths within our scriptures, I am grateful for the many teachings of the Lord's prophets that allowed me to understand what the scriptures mean in Ether 8: 18-26 (and specifically the commandment to "awake to a sense of your awful situation"). After learning these things I was inspired to create a website, Home*-*LDS Prophets, America, Freedom, Liberty, Constitution, Mormon Politics to provide a resource for people to learn what the Prophets and Apostles have said about America, Freedom and the Constitution, in accordance with Ezra Taft Benson's counsel: "Second, We must learn the principles of the Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers. Have we read the Federalist papers? Are we reading the Constitution and pondering it? Are we aware of its principles? Are we abiding by these principles and teaching them to others? Could we defend the Constitution? Can we recognize when a law is constitutionally unsound? Do we know what the prophets have said about the Constitution and the threats to it? . . .
  18. The Book of Mormon and Freedom Video on YouTube Click the image below to watch my latest video creation featuring inspiring quotes from Gordon B. Hinckley, Ezra Taft Benson and L. Tom Perry...